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Nifty - Bestiality - A Boy For A Boar - Pregnant For A Boar

Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2011 17:57:34 +0200
From: Karl Chaosian <>
Subject: Pregnant for a boar (beast, f/pig)

Entropico's Eroticos (c) 2011
This text file contains sexually explicit material and could be offensive.
If you do not wish to read this       type of literature, or you are under age:

Story Title: "Pregnant for a boar"
Story Code: (beast, preg, f/pig)

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NOTE: This story is a prequel to the "A boy for a boar".

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Olga woke up feeling terribly. It would be yet another bad day. How
could it all have happened to her?

She was 36. For last 10 year she was living on a small farm, usually
alone. She knew she was not a pretty girl, being always small and
chubby. After reaching 30 she become fat. Fortunately, the nature gave
her not only jelly belly but also impressive tits and large -- but
still voluptuous -- ass. But it was her tits what dragged attention to
her. Some men considered them ultimately arousing, despite the big
belly swelling beneath.

When she was younger, she used to hang around the men. Olga definitely
was not a shy girl. She loved sex and always looked for more. However,
she never engaged in more stable relationship. Maybe it was because
her open attitude to sex. Men loved their girlfriend lusty and
nymhomaniac but they also wanted they wifes to be by-the-book. Or
maybe it was all about her size. It was nice to fuck such an oversized
body from time to time (especially if you had a crush on BBW girls),
but having a girfriend like this would cause a jokes for you friends.

After passing the magical barrier of 30 y.o. she realized she is alone
with no perspectives of marriage. And when she became even more fat,
the men seem to lose interest in her. Moving to a farm was a well
considered decision. At least she will not be meeting all those happy
kissing pairs on the streets and the constant questions "When the hell
you get married?" will stop.

For four years she lived rather lone life. Daily chores and evening
relax in front of the TV set filled all the time. As for sexual side,
she must have been relying to frequent masturbation. She gathered an
impressive collection of dildos, most of which were used daily.

All had changed when she decided to offer her farm for holiday stay.
At frist it seemed to be a good decision -- Olga's budget significantly
improved and she had someone to talk to. But soon in appeared it also
had some more implications on her life. One of her visitors was a
handsome young guy named Igor. He stayed at her farm for a week, then
came back for another. And another.

Surprisingly, Olga quickly found herself adored by him. He was teasing
her with elegant words and nice, but inexpensive gifts. She could not
find a reason for this. She was more than ten years older than him and
fat and Igor was a well-favored guy. Damn, she could be easily taken
for his mother. But she did not care and easily succumbed to his
advances. She felt like a woman again.

They become lovers. She quickly found him inexperienced, but took the
opportunity to teach them how to properly please a woman. His
incompetence was somehow erotic. It was like she was making love to
her son. Perverted but hot. Really hot.

When the holidays have ended, Igor did not leave. He stayed at her
farm and took his time making a passionate love to her, but Olga
quickly realized the darker side of her lover. He was lazy and
indolent. He never participated in the daily chores. He used her car
and spent her money on alcohol, clothes and cigarettes. But she
balanced the pros and contras for this relationship and did not ask
him to leave. At least, her bed was no so empty.

Two years later, Olga became pregnant. She was shocked. They used
condoms during fertile days, but evidently one of the rubbers failed.
When her first period did not occur, she thought she had some hormone
problems. But then, the morning sickness appeared and she made a test.
The result was positive. She was going to have a baby.

She made a delicious supper and placed candles and wines on the table
to make the moment very special. Then, she announced to Igor that he
will be a father. To her total shock, he did not share her happiness.
Instead, he smiled ironically and only asked if her belly would be
even larger. How did he dare! They quarreled all the night and finally
it ended when he hit her face. "Look at yourself! You are old, ugly
woman and now you will resemble a fat pig more than ever!" he
exclaimed she rushed outside the room crying. They went to sleep

In the morning, Olga did not found a trace of her lover. He left the
farm, taking all the money he found. She also found a note: "I am
taking the car, you will find it at the railway station. I am pissed
off and I am finally leaving you (which I should have done weeks ago).
I hate your constant babbling about farm living, your fat ass and your
fucking attitude to life. I am too young to live with an old sow. Kiss
my ass. Bye. And by the way: my real name is not Igor. You wont find
me, so dont even bother to try."

She was furious. How could she be so blind? How could she love him?
She was desperate, but she did not had a clue what to do. Seek for
him? Not a chance. She wanted to forget him and claim he did not
exist. She gathered all his things he did not took with him, put them
into a large pile and set a fire.

Since that day, every day when she woke up she recited curses for him.
"Damn Igor, you fucking bastard, I piss you off from my memory".
However, there was one thing that linked Olga to him and could not be
removed so easily. Their child.

At first she considered the abortion, but it was too late. Moreover,
Olga had developed the plan of revenge. She cannot harm Igor? OK. She
will avenge herself on his child.

Days passed and become weeks. Weeks become months. Olga was still
trying to forget about Igor, but a part of him was still growing in
her womb. Her belly enlarged to obscene size and her tits swell with
milk. Olga did not want to be a mother. She knew that this baby
growing in her womb was a small Igor. She hated it. She even did not
check the sex of her child at the doctor.

The only thing she missed about Igor was their fucking. Daily
masturbation was not satisfactory. She was constantly fantasizing
about a real man. A real man with steel hard cock who would fuck her
and spray his cum inside her as if that would cleanse her cunt from
Igor. From his child. She dreamed of a man who would fill her womb
with his own sperm making the baby his. But she knew no man would
place interest in a mature, fat, pregnant women living lonely on the
farm. To make it even worse, when the belly grow enormous it become
difficult to do the everyday duties.

This day Olga woke up late. She was tired and her back ached. She knew
why -- the weight of her normal paunch summed up with her pregnancy to
a serious burden. She rubbed it with her hand. It raised over her like
a mountain. She reached further, to her slit. She murmured quietly,
when her fingers touched her vulva. The delicate skin responded
immediately. She liked to be shaved down there, even though it was
more and more difficult to do it. A short moan escaped from her mouth
when she opened her cunt with a wet sound. She was horny but she knew
she must first do the farm duties.

Olga sighed and stopped rubbing her swollen lips. Damn, it must wait
some time... She left the bed and put some clothes over her oversized
body. She would quickly feed the animals and go back to get her
morning orgasm. Fortunately her farm consisted only of a few pigs and

She filled the large bucket with corn and went into the barn. The pigs
grunted loudly at her. Firstly, she poured the pulp to the sows. They
needed it, because two of them were pregnant. Olga stared to their
swollen bellies and thought that right now she looks almost like one
of them. Then she moved to the separate stall where she kept Max, her
medalist stud boar. She opened the door and slid in, taking a
half-filled bucket with her.

Suddenly the gigantic pig grunted and dashed to her, almost knocking
her to the ground. She stepped back laughing nervously and trying to
stop him. He did not pull back, though. Olga felt his large snout
bucking her, aiming at her large belly. She pushed him down only, but
succeeded only for a moment. Moreover, he was able to get under her
dress and when raised his head, he went under the material. The wet,
seeking snout reached her private parts. She wore no underpants and
her cunt was exposed to his wet nose. Olga gasped with surprise. This
damn animal was clearly attracted by her scent emitting from her
vagina. The boar was sniffing loudly, inhaling her aroma and grunting
with satisfaction. Shit! He was trying to touch her cunt with his
snout. And Olga realized that to her utter dismay, her body reacted! A
wave of hot arousal rushed through her body. Fuck! This pig was making
her horny! She shouldn't go there so quickly after she pleasured

With all her strength, she pushed him back and flee the stall. She
closed the door and looked inside, panting loudly and trying to relax.
He was trying to put his nose in the gaps of the wooden wall, sniffing
for her. Fuck! He was after her... Olga was shocked. This boar was
aroused by her. He would mount her if only she allowed that. She could
not repel this strange thought from her mind. She was sexy to him. He
wanted to fuck her. Impale her with his prick. Fill her cunt...

She sighed and looked at him. He was a large animal. Heavy built. So...
masculine. Her gaze moved to his back and wend down tracing the
curving line of his buttocks. Two large balls were dangling there. So
big. So full. She almost fell the urge to fuck, that filled the pig's
brain. Her own body was responding to that, too. And suddenly she made
her decision.

She started to slowly unbutton her dress, looking directly into his eyes.

"So...? You want a new sow? Those two you knocked up are not enough
for you? You... want another one?" Olga started to tease him as he was
a man "What makes you so horny? My scent? My pussy? Or maybe you like
your girls being pregnant?"

Her own words made her even hotter. She was teasing a male pig. A
boar. And she was wet only from thinking about him.

"Yes, handsome. I am pregnant. I have a big round belly and large tits
just for you. They are full of delicious milk because I carry a baby
in me. Would like to fuck two human beings at one time? Would you like
to stick your piggy prick deep inside my cunt and spray your hot jism
inside? Do you want to cum on my baby still in my womb?"

She slowly raised her arms and removed her dress. Provocatively.
Inspiringly. Now, she was totally naked and the scent from her soaking
pussy spread without barrier. She put her hand on the her lips,
opening them teasingly in front of the boar.

"Yes, honey. It is for you. The man who was fucking it recently proved
to be a pig himself, so I think it is quite right to have you here.
And think about the bonus -- your cum will mark me yours. And the baby
inside, too. We will be your fuck toys..."

She count not resist her arousal any longer. She opened the door and
slid in. The boar darted towards her, and Olga instinctively knew what
to do, as if she was doing it with him for years. She quickly fell on
her knees and turn her ass to him. This provocative move was more than
an invitation to the sex-crazed boar. He jumped on her back mounted
her without delay.

She grunted under his weight but pressed back to him, aching for his
cock. She felt the wet, slimy shape on her leg. Like a snake, it
twisted seeking the entrance to her cunt.

"Yes... do it... Stick it in me... she begged him Fuck me, you pig. Fuck
your big, pregnant girl like she deserves. Give me your cum..."

She heard his squealing grunts just above her head. His front legs
grasped her tight. She fear for a moment for the baby, but immediately
she cast it aside. It was Igor's child and it deserved humiliation.

"Yes, you fucking pig, use me. I want it deeper. I want it more. Fuck
this baby inside me. Give this little bastard a proper cum bath. Let
it swim in your hot sperm."

She raised her back and pushed back. Right now she was not a woman.
She was an animal, craving for sex. Her mind was filled with only one
desire: to breed. To offer the soaking cunt to the male pig. She
imagined herself -- crouching on the dirty floor, offering her plump
roundness of her voluptuous body for him, begging for his paddy rod.
And he fulfilled her needs. He pressed her down with all his beastial
might, drilling her with the swirling cock.

"Yes... yesssss.. fuck me hard... fuck me like this..." she shouted "I
want to feel it deeper. Fill me with your cum. Make your big, human
sow even more pregnant. Do it now. Do iiiiiiiiiiiitttttt!"

She climaxed and clenched her vaginal muscles on his drilling rod
forcing him to come with her. The boar shrieked loudly and darted
forward with one powerful thrust. Olga felt his prick ramming her
insides and finally the boar cum in her.

"Yesssss I feel it, you fucking dirty pig. I feel your babymaker flood!"

Wave after wave the sperm flew in her. It was like a volcano, like a
unlimited hose. He pumped her like a ballon with his potent sperm. For
a moment she thought all her belly is filled with his seed. Finally,
after a countless jets, he stopped. Something more thick was injected
in her. It was a jelly part of his spunk, a slimy plug designed to
seal precious cum inside her.

At last, he stopped. He grunted with pleasure and slide down from her
back. She sighed with a relief. Some of the cum leaked from her, but
most was still safely concealed. She realized she was panting loudly
from immense orgasm. Damn, that was fantastic. Olga felt like a horny

She fell down, completely exhausted. Her whole body was trembling with
the last waves of her orgasm. She placed a hand on her big, pregnant
belly. She knew, that the immense pleasure the boar gave her, reached
the immature baby deep in her womb. The baby and the mother, linked by
a natural bond shared the orgasm. She smiled to herself. The first
ecstasy in the baby's life was delivered by a horny male pig.

She rub her swollen labia with her fingers. She felt the sperm soaking
her legs and gathered the remains carefully trying to put them inside.
She loved the thought, that she embraced millions of boar's sperm
cells in the protective shell of her vagina.

She smiled to herself - if she would be delivering right now, the baby
would be totally cum bathed, even before reaching the outside.
Surprisingly, this idea was really arousing to her. What if...? She
sighed, it was not this day. But this gave her another idea. She
thought about her baby, raised as a small piglet. She would have two
sows for nursing, as their term approached quickly. The kid would be
just one of the sucking shoats. And of course she would teach the kid
to live a pig's way. Sometimes she would visit the stall, where Igor's
son or her daughter will be a part of the stock. She looked to the

"Did you liked fucking a woman? You should, because you will do it
daily, starting from now. And I have another award just for you. Would
you like to have a human piglet totally at your disposal? You would
stick your hot rod inside it anytime you would like it. Just think of
this... Would you rather prefer to fuck a boy or a girl? No, don't
answer now. You will have some time to decide. Now, you have more
important task to do. You shall prove your potency again"

She raised to her knees again and moved her dripping cunt towards the
boar. The animal did not waste a moment and soon they both were
engaged in a noisy fucking marathon.

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