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Nifty - Bestiality - Calf Loves To Suck

Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2012 00:03:20 -0600
Subject: Calf Loves to Suck

This story is pure fiction. If this type of content offends you or you are
under the age of 18 don't read it.

Author's Note: This story is the property of the author. It can be
downloaded for personal reading, pleasure, or posted anywhere so long as
you include my name and email.

Copyright 2012 November, All rights reserved.

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       "That'a boy! Right there....just keep sucking." Whispered Jim as he
was having his cock sucked by a calf. The calf took all of Jims cock,
deep-throating him. The calf's tongue swirled all around the delicious
cock, desperately trying to get milk out of it. Jim's hips were thrusting
into the calf's mouth, face fucking the young calf. "Goddamn my wife can't
suck this good!" thought Jim. Jim's throbbing cock was glistening in the
sun, drowning in the calf's saliva. The calf just kept sucking harder and
harder, enjoying every second of Jim's juicy cock. Finally, Jim felt his
knees buckle and couldn't hold it any longer. "Alright boy, here's your
reward!" Jim shot his big load down the calf's throat, and it sucked like
never before as it was coming out. You could hear the gulps of the calf
swallowing his delicious sperm. Jim pulled his dick out and cleaned himself
up. As Jim was leaving the barn, he noticed the calf had been following him
out. "What's wrong boy? You still thirsty?" petting him on the head. "Maybe
he needs more protein?" he thought. After this experience, he didn't want
to touch his wife, she just couldn't compare to the calf. Jim started
thinking about inviting his friends over to get sucked off by the eager
calf. He got on the phone and made the arrangements for 3 other people to
come over and get sucked off. Steve was the youngest at 20, then Jeff who
was 30, lastly was Joe who was 48, same age as Jim. He needed to figure out
a way to talk them all into a calf sucking them. The next day, the 3 guys
arrived at the house. Jim brought them back to the barn to show them his
new calf. No one was impressed. "Why did you bring us back here to see
barn animals?" asked Steve. Jim smiled, then took out his big dick and
waved it in front of the calf. The calf licked it a few times, then started
taking the whole dick in its mouth. The 3 guys stood there with their
mouths open. "Well damn feel good?" asked Jeff curiously.
"Feels like ecstasy. This calf is better than my wife!" Jim saw Steve's
bulge and knew he had him. "Wanna get a closer look Steve?" "Good
lord...can't believe Im turned on...but yes I would like a better view"
Steve said instantly. Jim put his hand on Steve's head and lowered him next
to his big cock in the calfs mouth. The calf was sucking away,
deepthroating as usual with saliva dripping everywhere. Jim was thrusting
away at the calf, and the calf was happily taking it. "You want a taste?"
Jim asked. Steve looked up with a big smile. Jim pulled out his saliva
soaked gorgeous cock and stuck it in Steve's face. Without hesitation, he
started sucking Jim's cock, tasting the saliva drenched dick. Steve was in
heaven, sucking away at his big, delicious cock. After a few minutes, the
calf came up to Jim and tried to lick his dick while Steve was sucking. Jim
pulled out his cock and let the calf have it. "Sorry Steve, but the calf
needs all the protein he can get." The calf sucked and sucked, until
finally Jim busted his big load down the calfs throat again. "Anyone else
wanna try?" All 3 guys pulled out their dicks almost instantly. "Im first!"
laughed Joe. "Fill him up Joe!" cheered Jim. Joe put his dick in the calf's
face, and the calf opened wide and took his dick. "Oh my God!" yelled Joe
as the calf's soft and wet tongue went all around his dick. After about a
minute of furiously sucking, Joe finally unloaded in the calf's mouth, and
he slurped it all down, every last drop. Joe fell to his knees, but the
calf was still thirsty. Alright Steve and Jeff, your turns! "I don't know
Jim, I've been taking these pills to increase my sperm count by triple, it
might be too much for the calf, let Jeff go first and then if he's still
thirsty, I'll give it to him." Suggested Steve. Joe stepped up to the calf
and instantly, it swallowed his dick whole. The calf slurped away very
loudly, bobbing up and down Jeff's dick, lapping his whole dick with his
huge tongue. It wasn't even a minute until he busted all in his mouth, and
the calf gladly swallowed it. Still thirsty, it went up to Steve and
started lightly butting him. "He wants that sperm Steve! How much can it be
anyway?" said Jim. "Alright, hes gonna be all filled up after me" laughed
Steve. He pulled out his dick and the calf started sucking. "Good lord!
Can't believe how good this feels, not gonna last too much longer!" he
yelled. The calf swiftly bobbed up and down his dick faster than ever
before, completely deepthroating Steve. Steve took his left hand and held
the calf under his chin and placed his right head on top of his head and
started thrusting down the calf's throat. After a few minutes of face
fucking the calf, he buckled down, closed his eyes and finally unloaded his
massive amount of sperm in the calf's mouth. The calf stopped bobbing and
moved down to the head of Steve's cock and sucked even harder, gulping it
all down. Sperm was spewing out the sides of the calf's mouth, swallowing
as much sperm as it could. The calf was loving every second of it, finally
quenching its thirst and getting all that protein. It was better than his
mother's milk; the calf had earned this reward. After about 10 seconds of
unloading sperm into the calf's mouth, Steve was yelling at the immense
orgasm he was having. Finally, after about 20 seconds of unloading sperm
into the calf's eager mouth, it finally stopped and he ran out. The calf
stopped sucking and walked away satisfied. "...woah, my god that was a lot
of sperm Steve." "Told ya Jim, but I think your calf enjoyed it!" "My god
that was amazing! We gotta start doing this everyday!"
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Nifty - Bestiality - Calf Loves To Suck