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Nifty - Bestiality - Canine Convenience - Canine Convenience 1

Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 21:56:51 +0000
From: Michael Powell <>
Subject: Canine Convenience - Bestiality Story.

The following story depicts oral relations between two 16 year old boys and
a dog, if such material could be considered illegal in your state/province,
please do not read any further. If this kind of story is likely to disturb
you, please read no further. E-mail thoughts welcome -

It all began at a friend's party, it wasn't really a huge affair, just a
group of 16 year olds from school gathering together on a cold Saturday
night for beers and a couple of spliffs. We were outside in my friend James'
summer house which was built further down his rear garden backing onto empty
fields, we used this to save creating trouble for his parents in the house,
they were pretty oblivious to what we were doing in there anyway.

After a few hours everyone was suitably drunk/stoned to the point where
no-one was particularly aware of what they were doing. The party contained
about 8 guys and no girls so there was no chance of any action, a shame
seeing as I hadn't even jacked off in a few days and I was in serious need
of relief! I discovered that I desperately needed to piss so I announced
both loudly and drunkenly that I was going to the toilet.

"I don't really want my parents to smell the weed on you so just go round
the back of the summer house" James announced so outside I went to piss in
the cold, something I wasn't particularly happy about. I walked slightly out
of view of the windows (the rear of the house contained no windows but I
wasn't particularly inclined to walk all the way around in the freezing cold
and pitch black darkness). No sooner had I freed my 6 inch cock from my
trousers, the family dog came bounding up to me and began sniffing around my
crotch. At first I told the dog in no uncertain terms to fuck off but as he
continued his sniffing, the alcohol in my body told me so see how far he'd

I quickly pulled the foreskin of my cock right back and held it towards the
dog. He sniffed it for a second before laying a big wet lick right across my
dick, grazing my pee slit with his big wet tongue. Electricity flowed
through my body, I'd never felt anything like it before but I knew it was
free, available now and would expect nothing back! I walked quickly towards
the back of the house, figuring I had about a minute before anyone even
noticed I was gone, not for one second did I consider that I was obtaining
pleasure from a dog! As I got round the corner I was pleased to see the dog
following me, I once again pulled back my foreskin and allowed the dog full
access to my dick. He sniffed around a little more and began to take little
licks all around my purple head. Within literally a second I was totally
hard and at the mercy of this animal's tongue. My head pulsated as the
canine relentlessly licked away at it, filling me with pleasure. I realised
that I needed a few minutes worth of this action to gain a full climax and
decided to return to the summer house as even drunken guys seeing their
friend get his dick licked by a dog would be horrified! The dog began to
pull away slightly anyway so I started putting my hard on back into my
trousers. Just as I began to slide my foreskin back over the head, the dog
moved back in and began licking once again on my head, I had to have more
and slid it back for one last pleasure. This happened constantly for about a
minute until I finally found the will to put the dick back into my trousers,

I returned to the house and carried on partying until I noticed my friend
Lee disappear out of the door, apparently also searching for somewhere to
piss. I kept one eye on the window and was intrigued to see the dog return
and begin to sniff and Lee's crotch as well, I couldn't see what he was
doing as his back was to me but all of a sudden he zipped up his pants and
walked behind the house, out of view with the dog close behind. I couldn't
believe it, perhaps I was normal after all! I informed James quickly that I
really had to shit and that I had to go into the house, thus excusing myself
again, this time for longer than before.

I quickly crept around the other side of the summer house and was glad to
see that Lee had turned around, as I did, and had his back to me. I heard
his pant zip go down and watched intently as his floppy dick, probably about
5 inches emerged from his pants. Immediately the dog began to sniff and over
his penis and immediately licked it all over, he had left his foreskin
covering his dick and it was obvious by his lengthening tool that he was
enjoying what was going on. The dog however, had different ideas about Lee's
dick and nuzzled at the skin, attempting to get to the head itself. Lee was
beginning to groan quietly and pulled back the foreskin to expose his full
head. It was then quickly apparent that the dog enjoyed the taste of head as
he began furiously lapping at Lee's now rock hard dick. With no signs of
slowing, Lee began to moan more and more and eventually almost dropped to
his knees before cum began to pump steadily from his rock hard cock hitting
the dog mainly on the tongue but partially hitting the floor as well. The
sudden bout of fluid caused to dog to lap more and more thus intensifying
Lee's pleasure. This was especially visible as he fell against the wall of
the house, totally spent.

I noticed him trying to gather his thoughts so I made my quick exit round
into the summer house with a bulging dick and the knowledge that I had to
get myself some of that before I left. Lee came back looking extremely
dishevelled seconds later and I could only laugh at his expression. I
decided to bide my time until everyone was beginning to settle down to
sleep. Sadly, about three hours past and by the time everyone settled down I
was beginning to have second thoughts. As everyone fell into a drunken
slumber I decided that seeing as I needed to pee anyway I'd go out and see
what happened whilst I was out there.

I walked out of the door quietly and round to the back where I could see no
sign of the dog. I felt fairly disappointed so pulled out my dick to take a
piss and even contemplate jacking off to relieve the tension. As I peed I
suddenly heard the panting of a dog to my right side, I looked quickly right
and was pleased to see the dog walking towards me. I stood totally still and
almost cried with delight as he began to quickly lap his big tongue all over
my attentive penis as the last of my piss dribbled away and the cold night
breeze pulled my dick even further to attention. I lost myself in the moment
from then on as the dog took care of my tensions, licking faithfully around
my aching member. Before long I was up against the wall of the summer house,
with my arms by my side and my dick standing by its own accord as it's best
friend worked it into a frenzy. After a few minutes of unadulterated
pleasure I felt all of my tension building to a greater level, my breathing
increased and finally I blasted a good 20 seconds of continual cum all over
the teeth and tongue of my charge-free bitch.

My dick eventually went limp once again but the canine continued his assault
on my poor member, I noticed that at the same time as this was going on the
poor unreleased dog was moving his now erect doggy dick around as though he
were willing an orgasm on himself. I felt sorry for the little creature and
realised that although he had now dealt out three free blowjobs and had been
cummed on twice, he had received nothing in return. I bent slowly down and
took his dick in between three of my fingers. He immediately panted louder
and began thrusting into my fingers. I realised then that I was now on
demend and I wanted to have a little fun. As he remained stationary I lay
under him bringing my head level with the red dick. I slowly stuck out my
tongue and touched the tip of his penis, immediately he yelped and began
faster thrusting once again. I began to time my darting tongue to his
thrusts to give him the slightest touches. He may not have the ability to
suck but if I had to put up with the slow licking then so could he!

After 10 minutes of teasing he was now in a frenzy, humping anything he
could get to, I decided it was then time to put the poor thing out of its
misery and closed my lips completely around his dick, he began humping my
mouth faster and faster as I swirled my tongue all around it. In a matter of
seconds my mouth was filled to the point of overflow with his sticky cum. I
swallowed as much as I could before moving slowly away from his cock. I
dusted myself off and allowed the tired creature a few more loving licks of
my now rock hard penis before helping him manually as I jacked off in time
to his exhausted lapping to bring myself to another climax. I gave him a pat
on the head and crept back into the summer house, satisfied and just about
ready for sleep.
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