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Nifty - Bestiality - Dad Son Dog - Dad Son Dog 1

Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2012 16:57:01 -0800 (PST)
From: Tague Micheals <>
Subject: Dad Son Dog

I have no knowledge of any of this story being true. It does depict graphic
sex between a man and his son and their dogs. If this is distasteful to
you, illegal in your area or you are underage then it is best that you
leave now before your parts harden up. For those who enjoy this sort of
thing then read on and jack off.

A second chapter is already in the making. Yes, in the beginning of this
chapter I allude to a sexual scene that will be in the second chapter.


~~~~~~~~~~~              ~~~~~~~~~~              ~~~~~~~~~~              ~~~~~~~~~~~


I watched as he got into position, the fingers on his right hand holding
his rock hard cock pointed downward to the target, his other hand holding a
leg out of the way. His beautiful, blemish free face was a mask of
concentration, complete focus on the task. His cock was as beautiful as his
face, pale and lined with blue veins. His foreskin was fully retracted, the
end of his cock almost a glowing red from the blood that was trapped
there. He was just shy of 7 inches long which was pretty darn big for a
13-1/2 year old boy.

"Gonna be just like his old man," I again thought to myself since I looked
just like that when I was his age. I hadn't had any more hair that he did
either, the light colored hairs at the base of his cock a small and still
sparse patch of fuzz. His medium sized balls were completely hairless as
well and I know that because my neither my fingers nor my tongue had never
detected any when I was working on those smooth pale eggs.

I watched intently as my boy, my pride and joy, touched his cock head to
the dog's swollen vulva. I was kneeling at her head, gently holding her
still. Tati didn't like being on her back but she would stay there, doing
her doggy duty while my son bred her, sliding every inch of his favorite
boyhood toy into her warm pussy. Tati was in heat which made her much more
amenable to Nicky's probing and eventual fucking. I watched as his cock
head disappeared inside the hairy folds and he took his hand away and
placed it on the floor alongside of the dog then did the same with his left
hand. Nicky adjusted his body to keep Tati's legs back then slid every inch
of his throbbing hard cock into the warmth of her body. I heard him sigh as
he bottomed out inside of her then leaned forward so that his body rested
just above hers and kept her in place.

I got up and moved to the other end as my boy started to actually fuck the
dog and stared longingly at the sight of his slender little ass as it moved
up and down, revealing his tight puckered hole then hiding it again as he
drove his cock deep inside the dog. His sac hung low, the orbs resting
against her asshole when he was all the way inside of her then swinging
freely when he was out. I quickly lubed up my cock then smeared Nicky's
asshole with the stuff and stuck a finger in there to loosen him up a
little bit.

This was going to be the first time that I'd fucked my beautiful young son
while he fucked the dog and my belly was a jumbled mass of anxiety over
it. I'd fucked Nicky before, many times, and my son had fucked me as well,
driving his boy boner in and out of my hungry asshole with wild abandon. In
the four months that my son and I had been having sex we'd both learned a
great deal about each other and it only enhanced our mutual love.

It had started when I heard low moans coming from my sons' bedroom one
afternoon. I'd gotten home from work much earlier than usual and clearly,
Nicky wasn't expecting me since his bedroom door was slightly ajar. When I
peeked through the crack I could see my male Rottweiler standing sideways
to me. Nick's body was facing away from me as well and he didn't have a
stitch of clothing on. His feet were flat on the floor and his legs spread
so I clearly saw the crack of his slender little butt as well as his
hairless sac as it hung down resting against his body. He was resting on
one elbow up underneath Taita's belly, holding the dogs' meaty hard red
cock down and licking the tip. I watched him open wide and place his mouth
over it and begin to suck it, his hand reached down to grasp onto his cock
and hold it upright while he jacked off. I was quite pleased with the size
of the boys' cock, glad that he had inherited that from me.

I watched as he let go of his cock and reached back up and stroked Taita's
furry sheath, jacking the dog off, and in a moment the big black and brown
body began to hump, fucking my son's mouth. My dick was hard as a rock as I
watched my beautiful boy, knowing well the pleasure he was feeling because
I'd been into dogs since I was his age. I'd gone through the same little
games, jacking the dog then progressing to sucking the dogs' cock, having
the dog lick my balls and my hole then finally having my dog fuck me. Oh
the thrill when my German Shepard had finally mounted me and fucked the
living shit out of my 13 year old hole, making me his bitch. My dog had
knotted me that first time and ripped my poor little pooter so that it hurt
to shit for a good week and I wondered briefly if my son had experienced
the pleasure of being fucked by a dog. I guessed not but it was only a

"Come on Taita, sperm for me," Nicky moaned, his usually high pitched voice
now deeper with lust. "Squirt your doggie sperm on my face Taita,' he said
to the humping dog. Nicky's cock was lying there on his belly unattended so
I quietly pushed the door open and slipped inside. Taita looked at me but
he was too far up in his doggy fog of hotness to come greet me and Nick was
so busy he didn't have a clue that I'd come into his room. I got on my
knees next to my son and reached over and took hold of his stone hard young
cock which caused him to jerk.

"Keep going Nicky, make him cum on your face," That said I leaned down and
took my son's cock in my mouth and began sucking him. To his credit my son
went back to what he was doing and in a moment the dog began squirting his
watery sperm onto my sons pale smooth face. Nicky quickly put his mouth
over the spurting flesh and in that moment he began cumming too. I felt his
cock thicken in my mouth then the warmth of young sperm oozing onto my
tongue. Nicky tried to move his hips, trying to fuck my mouth. I was
surprised at the amount of cum the boy made, a tablespoon of boy honey at

Taita was finally finished and in typical dog fashion pulled away from my
son who simply lie back on the carpet and reveled in the afterglow of his
teenage sperming. When he started to squirm from the sensitivity I let go,
ripped open my pants and shoved them along with my underwear down below my
balls. Nick stared at 9 plus inches of rock hard man dick that was hanging
in the air above his hip. I grabbed hold of my cock and began stroking it
roughly and in only a moment began cumming. I made a fairly decent amount
of sperm and the stuff shot out and landed on my son's flat belly, 4 good
jets of the thick white goo, before I started to ooze. Even the globs that
oozed out were large floating in a great deal of liquid and it all fell out
onto Nicky's belly and in his pale pubic hair. My son watched it all, his
eyes still half closed in lust, and his mouth hanging open. When the pump
finally stopped I dragged my seeping cock head across my sons' flesh and
that finally got a small grin out of him.

I sat back on my haunches, letting my breathing come back under control. "I
guess I'm not in trouble huh dad," he said and I shook my head.

"No reason to be and hopefully you're okay with the way things ended."

"Fuck yeah dad, that was fucking awesome hot," Typically, under normal
circumstances I wouldn't allow that kind of language but this was atypical
and the circumstances were far from normal.

"I thought so too son." I gave it a pause then said, "But I think we need
to talk about this." He nodded his head. I stood up and pulled my clothing
back into place and told him to go clean up and I'd order Pizza for
dinner. I got a positive response out of that. He stood up and headed
toward the bathroom, his hard young cock bobbing in the air. He stopped and
turned then bent over and put his lips to mine and kissed me. Nicky and I
had kissed on the mouth all of his life so it wasn't unusual except for the
fact that it lasted much longer and had passion to it. As he walked away
from me I admired his tiny little ass and wondered briefly if my son would
let me fuck him. I hadn't really considered it before then but knowing that
the boy might just share my own deviant nature brought that incestual
thought to the forefront of my brain.


Christ I was so fucking hot, so fucking hot to cum that I didn't hear my
dad come into my room. I really wanted our dog Taita to cum on me or in my
mouth. What I wanted was for the dog to fuck me but I wasn't quite ready to
try that. I knew that I would be soon though. I had started messing with my
friend Adams' dog a few weeks before when Adam jacked the dog off in front
of me. Adam and I had been playing with each other and sucking each others'
dicks for a while by then so doing his dog wasn't a huge surprise for me,
although I'd never have guessed it before we did it. I'd licked and sucked
the dog's cock too and found it weird feeling but hot as hell.

Adam love playing with my dick because it was way bigger than his and I was
uncircumcised, a rarity among the boys I knew. My friend Zach loved it
too. All we'd done was suck each other and jack each other off but all 3 of
us were interested in fucking, especially Zach. Every time he and I did
sexy together he talked about it. I was open to the idea, both fucking him
and getting fucked. What I really wanted more than anything though was to
get fucked by my dad.

My dad is probably the hottest guy I know. He's like 6 feet tall and built
like a wrestler but without a lick of fat on his body no hair except where
it was spose to be. His hair is still blonde although not as blonde as mine
is, and he has the most amazing blue eyes I've ever seen. I hadn't seen his
dick since I was little but I remembered it being a massive hunk of flesh
that hung between his legs. I'd seen in many times in his underwear and the
bulge in his briefs made my belly tingle, especially since I was 11 and had
started growing down there. He hadn't seen me naked either but I wanted him
to. I wanted him to see that his little boy was growing into a big boy. I
wanted him to praise me, look at my naked body and want me as much as I
wanted him. I too wore briefs around the house mostly, hoping that he'd say
something or stare at me but he didn't really. I mean, he looked but that
was it. I tried to catch him naked in his bathroom or have him see me in
the bathroom but it just didn't seem to work. I figured that if I wanted
him to see me I would just have to have some good reason to stand in front
of him naked.

Having my dad find me with Taita, seeing me all naked and young boy hard
had worked out well and because I'd been looking for a way to make it
happen, when he took hold of my dick I jumped from surprise, not because
he'd caught me or anything. My belly was jammed full of butterflies and
when I felt his mouth on my cock, sucking me off, I knew that my world was
going to change. Cumming in my dad's mouth while Taita cummed in mine and
on my face had to be the best cum I'd ever had. And then the big bonus;
seeing my dad's rock hard cock and watching him shoot his sperm on me. I
could practically have shot my cum out again right then and there.

I felt proud when I stood up to go clean off. Proud to show my daddy that I
was a growing boy and hoping that he'd want me, want to keep doing things
with me. That was why I went back and kissed him hard on the mouth, to let
him know I was okay with everything and that I wanted more.


I went into my room and changed then called a local pizzeria and ordered a
large, heavy on the meat pizza. I was sitting in my chair in the living
room when Nick came in from the hallway and as he approached I admired him
all over again.

My boy was about 5'6 give or take and if not quite rail thin then pretty
darned close. Nick was a natural blonde but he had dyed his hair black, for
whatever reason, which only seemed to make his already pale face even more
so. His hair was cut in a ragged sort of look that was shorter above his
left eye and went dramatically long on the right side so that is hung over
his eye. The edges were a ragged cut as well without discernible lines and
hung below the front of left ear but was cut so it barely grazed the top of
the ear and grazed the top of the right one. I didn't get it but then, I
didn't have to. He was wearing a pair of black Levi's with narrow straight
legs that only enhanced his thinness. The belt at his waist was wide and
similar to a Sam Browne belt but was covered in little silver circles about
the size of a dime. His torso was covered in a black t-shirt that said Pink
Pink Pink in progressively larger font from the top to the bottom and his
feet were clad in lime green high top tennis shoes. He wore dark
neckerchiefs wrapped around each wrist like a wrist band. I hesitated to
use the word goth; probably something called emo or something. I wasn't
really up on the jargon of the day.

Nick and I had always been able to talk so I was a little surprised when he
flopped down on the sofa and said, "What should we talk about dad?" I
couldn't help but shoot him a look that questioned his brain capacity.

"Well gosh Nicky, I don't know. How about me finding you underneath Taita
and licking his dick? How about me sucking you off then jacking off on your
naked body? I think any of those topics is a great place to start."

"You don't have to be sarcastic dad," he said, somewhat imperiously I might
add, but he was right so I nodded my head in agreement.

"Alright, how about how long have you been playing games with Taita?" Nicky
shrugged his shoulders and said maybe a couple of weeks. I asked what had
brought it on and what all had he done with Taita. He said that a friend of
his had told him about messing around with own his dog, how interesting it
had been jacking his dog off and confided that he'd also sucked his dog's
cock. It wouldn't do but Nicky had to try it so the two boys played with
the dog in his friend's bedroom after school one day. One thing led to
another and Nicky tried it with Taita, who seemed to approve of it.

"I've sucked him off a couple of times and he's washed my butt hole for me,
which feels pretty good." I could only nod my head.

"And with other boys? Have you done anything with them?" Again, Nicky
nodded his head and said that they'd jacked each other off and sucked each
other and had been for at least 6 months.

"My friend Zach wants to try fucking but I think he's more interested in
getting fucked. He's willing to let Adam's dog fuck him but hasn't tried it
yet." Throughout the discussion Nicky's demeanor could best be described as
reporting. His affect was neutral and tone of voice pretty much flat.

"What are your thoughts about me sucking you; letting you cum in my mouth?
Are you okay with that?" My boy got a huge shit eating grin on his smooth
pale face and finally looked me in the eyes.

"Fuck yeah dad; you're hot. Even my friends think so and have talked about
doing stuff with you, especially Zach. And now that I know how huge a cock
you have Zack is really gonna want to do stuff with you. And besides, you
suck cock way better than any of my friends." I was fairly well shocked by
those statements. He wasn't finished.

"How do you feel about that dad; doing stuff with Zach; with any of my
friends?" My cock starting to thicken told me exactly how I felt about it.

"I think the important question is how do you feel about it son." Nicky
didn't hesitate.

"It would be hot dad. I don't mind at all." He paused for a split second
then added, "As long as I get to play with you too." I had to think on that
for a moment then asked if he was sure, especially the part about playing
with him. Nick stood up and came over to the chair I was sitting in and sat
sideways on my lap, something he hadn't done for some time. He put his arms
around my neck.

"I'm mega sure dad." My son leaned down and put his mouth against mine and
kissed me, leaving no doubt in my mind that he was dead on balls positive
about having sex with me. My hand had automatically gone to his outer hip
and side when he sat down and after breaking the kiss he reached down and
took hold of it then placed it on his crotch. My boy was hard as stone
under his jeans.

"What does that tell you dad?" I moved my hand up and tugged at Nicky's
belt and since it wasn't a simple task he helped me, getting it undone
along with his waist unsnapped and unzipped. I slipped my hand inside the
flaps and of course immediately ran into his engorged boy cock, wrapping my
fingers around it in reflex. My son sighed heavily and let his head rest
against mine. His hand slipped down onto the front of my jeans and gently
rubbed on the hardened tube. I managed to work his hard cock out through
the fly hole of his boxers and stroked him, reveling in the warmth and
firmness of his young flesh. It had been years since I'd been with a boy on
a regular basis, the last one being one of Nicky's babysitters when he was
10 or so years old. Damn had that kid been a hottie. There had been a few
encounters with the sons of a good friend of mine who also allowed me to
spend time with his dogs, but that's another story.

"Stand up son," I said, gently encouraging my boy to get off my lap. As
soon as he was in front of me I moved to the front of the cushion, pulled
him forward and tugged his jeans and underwear down to his knees; admired
his adolescent beauty for a moment then pulled his cock down and put my
mouth over it and began sucking him off. I put my hands on his tiny little
butt, amazed that each hand could contain one cheek. I pulled him to me and
he immediately began moving his hips, fucking my mouth. It didn't last too
long before Nicky stopped.

"Fuck dad you're gonna make me cum and I really want to suck your cock
bad." He pulled away from me and dropped to his knees, his hands busy at
the front of my jeans. Unlike my son, getting into my jeans was simple and
once they were undone I lifted my butt off the chair so he could get my
clothing down to my ankles. I let my legs splay apart giving my son
complete access to all that made me male.

"I've been wanting to suck your cock for a long time dad," he said, his
otherwise high pitched voice considerably lower. "Fuck your balls are huge
too,' he said, admiring and hefting my nuts. He pulled my cock toward his
face as he raised up on his knees and a moment later my son was giving me
the first of many blow jobs. It wasn't the best I'd ever had but no blow
job is really bad. Nicky gave it a good try though and had a lot of
enthusiasm. He bobbed his head up and down in my lap and I wondered how
long this was going to last; not the blow job itself but the sexual
involvement with my barely 13 year old son.

Nick finally stopped, stating that his mouth got sore. He started to get up
then leaned forward and lay against me, his rock hard cock pressing against
mine, and planted his lips against mine and kissed me with a fury, pushing
his tongue into my mouth to battle with mine. My hands were all over his
back and onto his butt kneading the flesh, pulling his cheeks open to give
his hole some fresh air. When he finally backed off Nick's eyes were barely

"Fuck dad let's naked and do this stuff." I almost commented on the amount
of "fucks" he used but didn't. Instead I proceeded to kick my jeans and
briefs off. Nicky quickly did the same and stood before me in all of his
naked young teenage boy glory. Nicky's torso was flat although his belly
was slightly rounded where it sloped into his pubic bone. The creases of
his hips created a perfect V that culminated in his boy stuff, one of which
was standing tall and proud and the other in a loose hang.

"I love your fucking body Nicky," I said in a husky voice and slid off of
the chair onto my knees then gently pulled his hand so that he dropped to
his knees and we fell prone on the carpet wrapped in each other's arms and
once again kissing with a vengeance. You'd have thought we were long lost
lovers considering the passion and as I think about it that may have been
the case for my son. I'd never really entertained having sex with Nicky; a
few of his friends, yes, but not Nicky. I was getting ready to suggest that
one of us flip around the other way so we could each other at the same time
when the doorbell rang. Fuck! I'd forgotten about the pizza.

We fell away from each other and I quickly tugged my jeans on then went to
the door while Nicky ran into the kitchen out of view. The delivery boy was
an adorably cute 16 year old who smiled knowingly at my half naked body,
his eyes lingering on my crotch and the lump of my hard on.

"Party sir," he asked with a grin.

"You have no idea," I responded immediately, "Come on by when you get off
work?" He said he might just do that as I handed him a 20 and some 1's,
tipping him big. As soon as I closed the door I unsnapped my jeans and
noticed that the fly was wide open and the flesh of my cock fairly
visible. I figured that if the kid actually did come by he wouldn't be
surprised and finding out he was going to be with a man. I let my jeans
drop as I walked, kicking them and heading toward the dining room
table. Nicky came out of the kitchen with plates in one hand and a beer in
the other, his still fully hardened cock bobbing in the air like a blind
mans' cane, much as mine had. Nicky was right along side me as I opened the
box, his hand resting in the small of my back then on my butt.

"Fuck dad you've got a nice butt," he said, rubbing the flesh. "You've got
a nice everything. I'm serious, you really are hot." I kissed my son then
got us both a slice of Pizza.


I decided to play it cool when talking with my dad and also decided that
I'd be completely honest with him and hopefully have the chance to tell him
how I felt, that I wanted to be with him and play sexy. It didn't start off
real well and I had to thumb him when he got sarcastic but after that it
couldn't have gone better. I was thrilled when he asked me what I'd thought
about his sucking my dick and my cumming in his mouth. Sitting on his lap
them giving him a full face press said more than words could have. I was
hard from the start and showing him and having him feel me up had been fun.

Sucking his cock had been great but I thought that laying on him, both of
us naked and our hard cock side by side while we kissed had been the
best. Being held by my dad was the best feeling in the world but being
naked and hard at the same time was over the top for me. If we had stayed
like that for more than a minute I would have cum again right on him. By
the time we managed to get on the floor I was ready to spread my legs and
have him fuck me right then and there on the carpet. Get on the carpet we
did and, wrapped in each others arms, he kissed with a passion that I'd
never felt before. I had gotten hot but not like I was right then. We were
just getting ready to turn so we could suck each other and the doorbell
rang. Fuck!

Dad got up and tugged on his jeans and I ran into the kitchen to hide but
also to get plates and at the last minute a beer. Dad had let me drink a
little beer before and I figured that right then was a great time to try it
again. I walked back into the dining room as my dad was headed toward me,
unsnapping his jeans and letting them fall as he walked so that when he got
to the table he was naked, and still half hard. God I want him so badly.

My dad didn't say a word about the beer just popped the top and took a swig
before handing me the bottle. A moment later we were sitting down and
gobbling pizza.

"Have you ever done anything with a dog dad," I asked him. He seemed to
think about that for a second then nodded his head. I asked him to tell me
about and he did. His first time with a dog had been when he was 14 and
like me had started with jacking off, then sucking and finally having the
dog fuck him. The image of my dad as a hot 14 year old getting fucked
almost made me want to cum right then. He talked about doing things with
dogs all of his adult life too and told me a little bit about it and when I
asked if he'd ever done anything with Taita he nodded his head and of
course I wanted to know what.

"Go let him in the house Nicky." I got up and let the dog in then followed
him back into the dining room, go straight for my dad and start licking
dad's cock. It was only about half way hard but as soon as Taita started
licking the thing grew. I went to stand next to dad so I could watch and he
slipped his arm around my waist and sort of hugged me to him a little
bit. Dad slid down in the chair and Taita went for his balls then tried to
go lower to get to my dad's hole.

"Fuck dad, Taita's got boner."

"Go ahead and suck it son, he likes it." I quickly got down and took the
dog's cock into my mouth. Fuck I loved the wet meaty feel of him. My dad
finally told me to stop because I'd make Taita cum and he didn't want that
right then. I got out from under him and stood up, squeezing my cock as I
did. My dad pulled me to him and put his mouth over my cock and pulled me
closer. I didn't need any instruction but started to fuck his face. It
didn't last long.

"Pull that chair over here," my dad said, pointing to where he wanted it
then put his foot on it and told me to hold the chair in place. He then
threw his other leg on the table which of course spread him wide open. He
slid a little further down on the chair he was one then said,

"Up Taita," and patted his chest. Apparently the dog knew what he was
supposed to do because he leapt up and put his big fucking paws on my dad's
shoulders. My mouth dropped open and I was sure my tongue was hanging out
because Taita started humping around. I couldn't believe how long and thick
his cock was. Dad reached down and grabbed onto Taita's boner and guided to
his hole and before I could say Jack fucking Robinson the thing got rammed
into my dad's asshole.

"Oh God Taita fuck me good boy. Good dog Taita, good boy." The dog was like
a jackhammer he fucked so fast. I let go of the chair and moved so I could
see his cock moving in my dad's asshole. "Don't let him knot me Nicky, put
your fingers in there and stop him." I did as dad asked. The dog was
panting loudly as he kept right on breeding my dad, fucking him like there
was no tomorrow. Dad kept talking to him, telling him to fuck him hard, to
fuck his ass with his big doggie cock. "Fuck I love getting fucked by you
boy," my dad crooned, putting his mouth right up to Taita's and licking the
dog's panting tongue. And then Taita was done. He backed off, pulling his
dripping cock from my dad's asshole, then moved away and began washing
himself. Dad was up off the chair before Taita got his first tongue swipe.

"Come on Nicky," he said and went straight to the sofa, flopped down and
pulled his legs back. "Get your hot cock in my asshole Nicky, hurry, I need
to fuck me. I was shocked, but obedient, and got down on my knees and aimed
my cock for my father's dripping asshole. "Hurry Nicky, get it in me," he
said, practically pleading. I'd never ever seen my dad like that before. I
put my cock head up to his hole and pushed but it was tight so I pushed
harder and it went right in. "All of it Nick, put all of your hard cock in
me." I did as he asked and the expression on his face changed to what
looked like relief. I pushed until I couldn't go any more, my pale hairs
touching my dad's ass. I couldn't believe where I was, I couldn't believe
that I actually had my cock in an asshole. Dad opened his eyes, sort of,
cuz they were almost closed. I knew that look. I'd seen it on Adam and Zach
and even my own face when I was all sexed up and looking in a mirror. It
was hard to believe that my dad got as hot as I did but there it was right
in front of me.

"Fuck son, your cock feels so good in me. How is for you Nicky; do you like

"Fuck yeah dad. Your ass is so fucking tight I can't believe it." And
indeed, I wasn't lying.

"Well fuck me then baby boy. Fuck my ass good. Give your dad a good fucking
Nicky, do what a boys' suppose to do." He reached down and put his hands on
my hips as if to encourage me. I pulled out about half way and moved back
inside, my eyes glued to my cock and my dads' hole. I picked up speed and
started pulling farther out then moving quickly back inside the warm wet
hole. I couldn't fuck as fast as the dog but got going pretty good.

"That's good baby, you're fucking me real good Nicky, keep it up. Fuck my
ass Nicky, make me cum. Squirt your hot boy sperm in me Nicky, breed me
baby." My dad raised his upper body up and pulled me forward. He almost
slammed his mouth against mine and rammed his tongue into my mouth. I
kissed him right back, amazed at what was happening but not stopping my
fucking him. I could feel my balls swinging in the air then smacking
against him as I plunged back inside of him. I could feel my cum starting
to happen and pulled my mouth away.

"I'm gonna cum soon dad," I panted. He grabbed hold of his huge dick and
began jacking off while tugging on his balls.

"Fuck me harder Nicky, hurt me, fuck me harder." I did my best then my dad
groaned out loud, a deep throaty growl almost. I felt his asshole grip my
cock then watched a stream of sperm shoot out and hit his chin, draping
down onto his chest. That was all it took. As my dad's asshole clenched on
me again I shot off. I rammed into him as hard as I could, trying to get my
sperm so deep it would come out his mouth. Of course I didn't really
believe that.

"Oh fuck yes baby boy oh fuck yes, fuck your sperm into me son, fuck your
boy sperm into your dad." I felt at least 5 convulsions of his asshole and
could feel my own sperming as well. Dad's chest and belly were covered in
white goo. I was completely amazed at the amount of cum he made, more even
than when he'd jacked off on me. And then it was all over. I was done, my
dad was done, letting go of his cock and letting rest on his belly. We were
both panting from the exercise. I started to pull out but he stopped me.

"Not yet Nicky, leave it in me for a little bit. It feels so good having
you inside of me. You'll see what I mean when I fuck you." That pretty much
surprised me; that my dad wanted to fuck me. My dream was going to come
true. I leaned forward again and my dad did the same. This time our kiss
was slower; more loving like and after it was over I laid my head on my
dad's upper belly and his cock and getting his cooling sperm in my hair. I
didn't much care.


I definitely had not planned on things turning out the way they did. I had
planned on answering any questions that my son had and trying to do so in
as honest a manner as I knew how. There were probably some things that he
didn't need to hear but most of my history was open to him, provided he
asked the right questions. Having Nicky bring the dog in was a spur of the
moment decision. I figured at some point it would happen, that my son would
be there when I and maybe he, played sexy with one or both of our
dogs. When the opportunity arose as it did, I decided that there was no
time like the present, why put off till tomorrow what you can get fucked by
today, and number of other sage expressions.

Still, when Taita came in I wasn't planning on having the dog fuck me. It
was more about letting the dog sniff and lick and let Nicky see that I
meant what I'd said but once he got started on me I went right up into a
fog of hotness and I knew I was going to take it to the end.

Watching my 13 year old son sucking the dogs cock while the dog ate my
asshole just shot me into the stratosphere of hotness. I didn't want the
dog to cum then, I needed the dog to shoot his doggie cum in my ass. I told
Nicky to stop and he did, told him to move a chair for me and he did. As
soon as I was ready I commanded Taita to mount me, and he did. I guided his
hard cock to my hole and the dog just shot right inside and started fucking
me like only a dog can. Nicky stood to the side watching me with his mouth
hanging open as Taita hammered my asshole. I talked to the dog, I sucked on
his panting tongue while he bred me. God I wished to fuck a dog could last
longer than a minute.

As soon as he pulled out of me I got had my son follow me to the sofa and
dropped down onto it and spread em. "Get your cock inside me Nicky." I
commanded the boy. A moment later the boy was inside of me up to his smooth
young balls. I talked to Nicky as he fucked me, told me how hard he was how
good he was and to fuck me good, to fill my ass with his creamy boy
sperm. My son did a very credible job of fucking me and I knew that this
wasn't going to be a one time shot, that Nicky and I would be lovers for
some time, possibly years.

Nicky finally told me was ready to I began jacking off with a fury,
reaching my peak first and firing a ton of cum up onto my chin and
chest. My orgasm took Nicky over the edge as well and I knew that it was
asshole clenching his sensitive young teenage cock that did it. I loved
watching the expressions on a young boys face when he spermed; the
reflection of pure pleasure, the awe at what his young body was capable of,
the intensity of the feelings that were ripping through his body.

When it was over Nicky started to pull out but I stopped him, explaining
that it felt good just being in there and that he'd find that out when I
fucked him. My son leaned forward and rested on me, lying in my cum. I
rubbed his back and he almost purred.


I finally got up off of my dad but stayed where I was, my cock still inside
of him.

"You said you wanted to fuck me dad?"

"Oh yeah son. I think fucking you would be incredible," he said. I swear I
got a tear in my eye. Dad asked me if something was wrong and said I didn't
have to let him fuck me if I didn't want him to. It was okay.

"Oh no dad, I'm really happy. I've been wanting you to fuck me for a long
time; I just didn't know how to get you to do it. And now, I can hardly
wait to get this inside my ass," I said, grasping onto his wilting pole. At
that moment my cock shrunk enough to squish out of his ass like a grape
seed. I knew then what he meant about wanting me to stay inside of him, I
felt like I'd lost something when my cock came out. I climbed up onto his
lap and sat on his thighs, put my arms on his shoulders and put my mouth up
against his. We kissed, tongues moving gently against each other in his
mouth and mine and outside both mouths. Dad's hands were on my back and
down onto my butt rubbing and kneading my flesh. I loved being like this
with him, had missed it since I was a little boy and now I had it back.

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