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Nifty - Bestiality - Dad Son Dog - Dad Son Dog 2

Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2012 10:02:12 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tague Micheals <>
Subject: Dad Son Dog II

Yes, I know I promised but this story is taking on a perspective that I
hadn't planned for. So, I'm promising that the 3rd chapter will deal with
the first paragraph below, in detail, as well as the beginning of chapter I
where Nicky fucks the dog while I fuck him.

In Addition: This chapter references another of my stories titled FARM
FAMILY FUN. The next chapter will incorporate some characters from that
story. Have fun



I felt so safe and secure in my dad's arms. Having his big cock shoved up
my ass at the same time only enhanced those feelings for me. "I love being
with you like this son," he whispered in my ear. My body experienced a long
sharp shiver that went from my head to my toes. Part of it was that he
breathed in my ear when he said it but part of it was just that he said
it. And I knew that it wasn't just because he'd fucked me. It was because
he truly meant it. I hugged his arm to my chest and pushed my ass back into
him, not that there was much more space between us.

"I love it like this too dad," I whispered back. He started to move his
hips again pulling out of me a couple of inches before sliding back inside.
I lifted my top leg and draped it backwards over his leg and reached behind
to rest my hand on his butt. This would be the second time that he'd fucked
me that day and it was not yet noon. It was like my dad couldn't get enough
of me and I felt the same way; it seemed like I couldn't get enough of him.

"Fuck are you guys going at it again," a voice said from behind us. My
friend Zach came around the bed, his cock still about half way hard. Zach
was such a fucking cutie boy. A compact little guy, Zach was only about 5
feet tall. His hair was naturally black and cut similar to mine in a
raggedy shag that was shorter around the ears and longer in the bangs. His
face was more pale than mine, if that was even possible, which made his red
lips stand out even more. He had a strong jaw line which made his chin seem
more pointed, although it wasn't much. He wore a U ring in his narrow nose,
pierced through the septum, the silver standing out against his pale
skin. Zach wore black eyeliner that had been smudged which enhanced already
huge brown eyes and lashes that belonged on a girl. In fact Zach looked a
lot like a preteen girl.

Zach's cock was just over 5 inches long when he was fully boned up and if
he was cold it shrunk up to nothing but a stub. He'd just started getting
hairs down there about 6 months before so there weren't a lot of black
strands, which kind of pissed him off a little bit. He had a nice set of
balls though that hung as low as mine sometimes, and they were as smooth as
his tender little butt. Like me, Zach was slender, his belly totally flat
and no muscle to speak of at his chest. He was a very cute and very cuddly
bundle of boy and he loved sex as much if not more than I did, which was
saying he would have sex as long as I or my dad wanted.

"Fuck it's so hot watching your dad fuck you Nicky," he said and as he
approached the bed I swear I could see his cock start to rise before my
eyes. He climbed on and planted his face against mine and kissed me hard
and deep, his hand snaking down to stroke my cock. He broke the kiss and
leaned over me to kiss my dad so I stroked his cock a little bit for him.

"Are you gonna fuck me again Colin," he asked. My dad said that he'd
consider it which meant yes. Zach turned around and lay down with his hard
cock in my face which meant that mine as well as my dad's was right there
for him. He leaned in and pulled my balls out of the way then licked at my
dad's cock and the rim of my asshole. Needless to say I took Zach in my
mouth and started sucking him. I liked sucking his cock because it was
small enough that I could actually get a lot of into my mouth, unlike my
dad's cock. Fuck his cock head alone filled my mouth. After licking at my
dad for a minute Zach moved so that he could suck my dick and he went at it
like a dog after bone. No pun intended. He didn't stay there very long.

"I really need to get fucked. Can I bring Taita in Colin?" My dad told him
to go ahead. It might be kind of hot watching our Rottweiler fuck Zach
while my dad was fucking me.

"He's a horny kid," my dad whispered in my ear as he continued to move his
big cock in and out of my ass.

"Yeah he is. He has been since I've known him," I said then pushed my ass
back a little further.

Zach and I had been doing some stuff together for almost 6 months before my
dad caught me with Taita and my life did a huge switch up. Actually my
friend Adam was part of that although it seemed to me that Zach was really
the instigator of it. He's scored a stroke book somewhere and wanted to
know if Adam and I wanted to look at it. We fuck yes we did. We were 12
year old who were starting puberty; we even had a few hairs growing on our
dicks. Adam had discovered beating off from an older cousin but Zach
showing us the magazine was the first time we'd ever done anything in front
of each other. It had been hot as all fuck watching my friends take their
pants down and show off their stuff. I was by far the biggest of the 3 of
us plus I was uncircumcised which was a novelty for my friends. It wouldn't
do but they had to feel it and squeeze it and make the foreskin go back and
forth over my sensitive head.

As we looked through the magazine Zach seemed more interested in the dicks
than the pussy's and I had to admit so was I. Pussy looked scary to me;
like a huge open cut with flesh hanging out and stuff. Guy's dicks had
symmetry and substance and their balls were just something to want to
squeeze and touch. So the 3 of us sat on Adam's bed with our jeans and
underwear down to our knees and beat off. It was hot watching 2 other guys
do it. I think we all learned something from each other that day. I made
the most sperm of us, Adam was second and little Zach's droplets came in
3rd. We ended up jacking off after school at one house or the other almost
every day.

Zach was the first one to suggest sucking each other off and also
volunteered to go first. Getting my cock sucked was awesome, more so
because Zach loved doing it, you could tell. I loved doing it too and that
became a regular part of our after school activities, the 3 of us on the
floor in a triangle each with a boys' cock in our mouth, trading off every
couple of minutes.

Adam was the one who discovered the dog connection. He told us about it one
Saturday morning when were out on a bike ride. We'd stopped to take a leak
on the side of the road and his dog; a chocolate lab named Hershey, had
plopped down and was licking his cock. The tip of Hershey's dick was
sticking out of the sheath and is seemed like he was enjoying the feeling
which wasn't a huge surprise. Zach commented on it and Adam said that
wasn't nothin.

We were on a country road so there wasn't anybody around and you could hear
a car coming for a mile away practically. Adam led us into the trees, said
watch, and got down alongside his big brown dog, reached underneath and
started stroking him. It only took a moment before the meaty red missile
made its appearance and in two moments the thing was at least half way out
and the dog was humping air.

"Fuck it's giving me a boner," Zach said and I agreed with him. We both
unzipped and unbuttoned and hauled our hard cocks out and started stroking.

"He's starting to cum you guys," Adam said so Zach and I bent down just in
time to watch the watery sperm shoot out the tip of Hershey's dick. As soon
as Adam finished he stood up and yanked his jeans open and the 3 of us
jacked off while we watched the dog clean off his raging boner.

"Fuck I wonder what it would be like to suck that thing," Zach said, his
voice deeper cuz of feeling sexy. Adam I both voiced our own questions
about that. I wondered for the first time if were depraved boys or if other
boys thought felt and did the same things. I would eventually discover that
we most certainly weren't in a minority. We all shot our sperm out about
the same time as Hershey was done with his bathing and of course he had to
come right over and investigate our cocks. When his tongue swiped over mine
I thought I was gonna die. It felt really good but I had just cum so my
dick head was really sensitive and I pulled it away. Zach and Adam let the
dog do them as well and we all declared that it felt good but might be
better if we let the dog lick us before we squirted.

Of course having the dog do our butt holes made us wonder about us doing
each other and decided we'd like to try it but only after a vigorous
cleaning in the shower. Four days later Zach and I had the opportunity at
his house. After a really good scrubbing we went into his bedroom and
licked each other's butt holes.

"Oh man Adam is gonna love this," Zach exclaimed after we did each other. I
agreed. Things went on like that for the next few months. We'd talked about
letting the dog's fuck us and we'd talked about fucking each other and how
we managed to go so long without doing either of those things is still a
mystery to me. Then my dad caught me sucking on Taita's cock and the whole
world changed and not just for me but for Zach and Adam too.

After I fucked my dad that first time we cleaned up and went back to the
table for more pizza. Fuck, pizza and sex, what else could a 13 year old
boy want; or need. And we talked about stuff.

My dad and I talked about what I'd said about wanting him to fuck me. "Dad,
I've been hot for you since I was 9 years old," I told him. "I'm not really
interested in girls, at least not right now. I might be later. I know I
already said this but you're the hottest guy I know. I'd be hot for you if
you weren't my dad but I'm sure as fuck glad that you are. I started
thinking about what it would be like for you to fuck me about a year ago
but it never occurred to me to fuck you. But I sure liked it," I said with
huge grin.


When Nicky got up off my chest he stayed where he was, on his knees with
his cock still shoved up my ass and a silly grin on his cute little
face. Then he told me that he had wanted me to fuck him and I almost
crapped. My God, fucking my adorable 13 year old son. I could have cum
again right then but Nicky's cock squished out of me. We kissed again then
got up and went into my shower to clean up then went back out to eat more
pizza. I snagged a fresh beer from the fridge and we sat there naked,
eating and talking while Taita waiting for droppings.

Nicky told me more about his boy play and dog play with his friends Zach
and Adam, saying he didn't know why they hadn't gotten around to fucking
since they were all thinking about it and talking about it. It had been
great sucking the dog's cock and swallowing his watery sperm.

I was almost shocked when my son said that he'd had the hots for me for
some time and at the same time declaring that he didn't really like girls,
at least not then. I didn't care if Nicky was gay straight or bi. I loved
my boy just the same and would support whatever he chose which included me
fucking him. As I said, I had never entertained any thoughts about plowing
my son's tight virgin hole even though I'd jacked off more than once
dreaming about fucking his friend Zach. The kid was a little cutie, almost
girlish in his behavior and projected sexuality with every move that he
made. The nose ring didn't really do it for me but hey, it didn't take
anything away from the kid either.

I was pretty glad to hear that Nicky had enjoyed fucking me almost as much
as I'd enjoyed having him fuck me. I liked having a boy inside my ass,
driving his young cock in and out of me. I had no real interest in other
men however; only dogs and boys and now I had both living under my roof.

We finally finished eating and got the stuff picked up and put away. I
loved watching Nicky move about, his softened cock swaying as he moved, his
smooth sac moving slightly as well. I swear that my boy had an ass like a
10 year old boy and the notion of putting my face and my dick between those
pale globes make my dick start to swell, something that my astute young son
picked up on.

"Fuck dad it looks like you're starting to bone up. What's up with that?"
He came over to me and to it in his hand in an underhand grasp which caused
me to moan. Then he surprised me and dropped to his knees and took me in
his mouth and began sucking me; moving his pretty little head to and
fro. He stroked with one hand and fondled my balls with the other and as I
looked down on him, watched his smooth face in concentration, my heart
swelled with love. It wasn't just sexual either; it was an undying love for
my boy, my pride and joy. His lips gliding back and forth over my
thickening flesh was a heart stopper

"I was thinking about what it would be like to eat your asshole then fuck
you son," I said with a catch in my voice. He took his mouth off my dick
and looked up at me, his eyes about half way closed in lust.

"Really?" I nodded my head. He took a moment to run his tongue all over my
swollen cock head, sucking a few times again then stood up. His dick was
hard as stone, standing tall and proud in front of his flat belly. He
pressed up against me and I bent my head and we kissed hard and deep,
tongues moving against each other, my hands clutching at his butt.

"I think that they're both excellent ideas dad." I turned sideways to him,
bent, and scooped my son up into my arms, something I hadn't done in 3 or 4
years. He giggled with delight and threw his arms around my neck as I
hugged him to me and headed for my bedroom where I lay him gently on my
king sized bed. I bent over Nicky and took hold of his precious cock and
swallowed it to the root, bouncing the swollen head off my throat
muscles. My son groaned as pleasure ripped through his body. I cupped his
smooth hairless balls and tugged gently on the eggs, my fingers running
over the silky flesh. I had forgotten how a boy could feel in my hands, in
my mouth, against my body. Nicky put his hands in my hair and gently thrust
his hips up to meet my down stroke, fucking my face. It didn't last more
than a minute however before he gently pushed my head away.

"I don't want to wait dad, I really need you to fuck me right now." Nicky's
voice had deepened from the high pitch of his preteen voice. I knew that
sound, knew that it meant that he was hot as 3 dollar pistol and ready to

"Son, I'm a little concerned about stuffing this," and I grabbed hold of my
cock, "up your virgin ass; how about if I prep you a little with fingers?"

"How if you prep me by letting Taita fuck me," he countered and I
remembered that he had not had that experience yet. I whistled and 5
seconds later Taita came through the door to my bedroom. When my big boy
saw me naked it was a sign for him, when he saw with a hard on he knew for
sure what was going to happen. I literally watched his cock start to slide
out of its sheath. He came over to where I was sitting on the edge of the
bed so I spread my legs for him and went straight for my dick. Nicky swung
around and sat right next to me so Taita went for his cock as well and
Nicky's hand went for mine and we kissed while the dog slurped him.

Nicky broke the kiss and flopped backwards and pull his legs back. Taita
was well acquainted with that particular morsel and went to town on
it. Watching my young son get rimmed by my dog was incredible to watch and
to hear because Nicky was moaning loudly. I swung around and held his leg
off to the side and began sucking his cock. Being that close to Taita while
he ate my boy made my dick twitch.

"I gotta have him fuck me dad, serious," my son said and gently pushed at
my head. I sat up and he let his legs down, forcing the dog.

"Do you want to suck his cock first baby boy?" Nicky looked at me through
eyes that were barely opened, smiled but shook his head.

"I need it dad. I need to get fucked." The tone of his voice wasn't exactly
begging because he wasn't. He was just right there and right now in his
feelings and his needs. I had my son lie face down on the bed with his
tender little ass hanging over the edge with his legs spread. I led Taita
to him. I pulled a cheek open and put the dogs face back in Nicky's ass to
give them both something to do while I started stroking the dog to get more
boned up and ready to breed. It didn't take long.

"Mount Taita," I commanded and my 4 legged boy leapt up and mounted my 2
legged boy. I guided my boy to my son's hole and as soon as he found it
Taita plunged in to the root and started pile driving my son's tender
virgin hole.

"Aggghh," Nicky moaned out as Taita bred him, making him his bitch. I loved
how my dog fucked but watching Nicky take his first furry friend almost had
me cumming while I knelt there. I put my hand in underneath to keep Taita
from knotting Nicky. I couldn't have that. My son would be in no shape to
take me if that happened and right then, my fucking my barely 13 year old
son was the primary goal that we both were working toward. Nicky's ass was
far enough off the bed that I could get my hand underneath him and get my
fingers around his rigid cock. The dog fucking him added a little moved but
not much.

As always Taita finished in less than a minute and started to back away. As
soon as he did, his doggie sperm started leaking out of Nicky's ass and
running down onto his sac and into the creases between his balls and his
inner thighs. I got right behind him immediately and pushed my stone hard
cock into the now wider hole that my dog had just vacated. Nicky groaned
loudly as my swollen cock spread his hole even farther. I leaned forward
and put my hands on the bed beside him and pushed my cock all the way
inside of him until I couldn't go any further.

Sweet Jesus I loved fucking a young boy and having that young boy be my son
made it possibly the most incredible sexual experience that I'd ever had. I
slowly pulled out my boy, stopping about half way then sliding back in. I
wanted to love him, not just fuck him. I wanted his first time to be
something he would remember long after I was dead and gone. I knew he would
regardless but I wanted the memory of the experience to put smile on his
face for the rest of his life.

I continued to move in and out of Nicky, slow and steady. He turned his
head to one side then reached his arm back until he touched my arm then
rubbed for a moment.

"Can you stop? I want to look at you while you fuck me daddy," he said in
soft but lust laden voice. I was surprised at the title. My son hadn't
called me daddy for a number of years. I pulled out of him and Nicky rolled
over right away then stood and planted his body against me and his lips
against mine and kissed me long and deeply.

"God having your cock in my boy cunt felt so good but I really want to see
your face. Please daddy." He almost had a pouty look on his face when he
said it and I wondered for a brief second about infantile regression or

"Lay back on the bed baby boy," I said, my own voice husky with lust. He
did as I asked and pulled his legs back, offering me his boy pussy. I got
in close, put my flesh against his and pushed, the head passing through
easily. It was interesting the change on my son's face as I entered him and
slid my dick in until it bottomed out. I don't know anything about drug
addiction but I got the impression that it was like an addict that was
going through withdrawals then got his fix. Nicky's face seemed to relax as
oppose to tensing up. I held his legs back and started the process pulling
out and pushing in. I kept my eyes on Nicky's sweet smooth face, loving him
all the more for our experience.

He finally opened his eyes, sort of, and gave me a silly grin. "I wish you
could kiss me while you fuck me daddy," he said softly. I slipped my arms
under his legs and leaned forward placing my hands on the bed alongside his
upper rib cage. I put my head down and Nicky put his arms around my neck,
raised his upper body some and plastered his lips against mine. I started
to fuck him again.


It felt good telling my dad I didn't like girls and it felt even better
telling him that I wanted him to fuck me and that I'd been wanting it for
some time. We went back to eating and talking. I told him about playing
with Zach and Adam and the dogs and how much I'd had doing it. I told him
that Zach was going to want to play with him too and thought that would be
hot as hell watching my dad with another boy. When we were done we cleaned
everything up and in the kitchen I noticed that my dad was getting hard
again. I went over to him and took hold of it then dropped down and began
giving him a blow job. I loved the feel of his big cock in my mouth. He
told me that he'd been thinking about what it would be like to eat my butt
hole so I suggested that we go do it.

On his bed I pulled my legs back and dad went to town. It wasn't like a dog
but in many ways it was better because he really worked at my hole, his
smaller tongue being able to get in there better. I went from zero to 100%
hotness in seconds. He wasn't doing it very long before I made him stop and
told him that I just needed to get fucked right then. I think my dad was a
little surprised at that. He said that he should probably get me ready
because he was pretty big and that maybe he should use his fingers to do
me, at least at first.

I didn't really want fingers, I wanted to get fucked. I knew that I could
take dad's cock in my ass even though I'd never been fucked before. Don't
ask me how I knew, I just did. I said how about if Taita fucked me. I'd
been wanting to have the dog fuck me and I figured that would get me even
more ready for my dad than his puny little fingers. Dad shrugged his
shoulders and whistled for Taita and a few moments later the big brute came
bounding in the room.

I decided to let him lick me first so lay on the bed and pulled my legs
back. Taita went for my hole like it was steak and started licking me like
only a dog can. It didn't last long because I really needed to get fucked
and I told dad that but he asked if I wanted to suck Taita's cock first. I
smiled at him and shook my head and said I just needed to get fucked.

Dad had him mount and with his help Taita stuffed his cock inside of me in
a flash. It was like there wasn't any warning; my tight little hold was
empty one second and filled with warm hard doggie cock the next, stretching
my hole wider than it ever had been. But it didn't hurt at all in fact it
felt amazingly wonderful. Taita just fucked the shit out of me. The feeling
of him rapid fire fucking me was one of the best feelings I'd ever had in
my life. I groaned from the feelings of Taita's cock inside of me, his fur
rubbed up against my soft butt, of the idea that I was giving my dog as
much pleasure as he could handle and lastly that for just a moment I was
his bitch. I knew then that I would always love playing sexy with dogs.

Taita was finished almost before he started and that saddened me but only
for a second because I knew what was going to happen next; my dream was
going to come true. My father was going to fuck me. When Taita pulled out
of me I felt his doggie sperm leaking out of my asshole and running down
onto my balls, both over the sac and down along the sides. There was
something very sexy feeling about that. I heard my dad moving then felt his
flesh against mine and a second later his cock sliding in my asshole. It
felt even better than Taita had and didn't hurt me at all in fact I pushed
my butt backwards as if to help him get it all inside of me. I felt his
cock hairs touch my butt and felt his big balls resting against mine. God I
loved the feelings of him touching me and being inside of me and as he
started to fuck me I thought it was all I ever dreamed it might me, except
for one thing.

"Can you stop? I want to look at you while you fuck me daddy." I really
wanted to see my dad's face while he fucked his son. I used the word daddy,
which I hadn't called him for years and the reason was simple. Daddy seems
to me to more like what a girl would say and right then I felt like a
girl. Don't get me wrong I didn't think of myself as being a girl and I
damn sure didn't want to be one. I loved my cock and every other cock in
the world. So it was more like I felt like a girl in a way because my dad
was going to fuck my cunt like he would if it were his daughter. So even
though mine was a boy cunt I still felt a little bit like his little
girl. I rolled over onto my back and looked at him.

"God having your cock in my boy cunt felt so good but I really want to see
your face. Please daddy." He had me move further onto the bed and pull my
legs back. He got into position right away and slipped his big hard cock
back inside of me. I'm not sure I can explain the feelings that went
through my body as my dad buried his man cock deep inside of me. It was a
feeling of all of a sudden getting what you need combined with the feeling
of getting into a hot tub or something up to your neck. It was the most
relaxed feeling in the world; it made my whole world seem perfect right
then. I closed my eyes so that I could focus on my asshole and what was
going on there.

Dad started to fuck me again, sliding his thick pole in and out of me. The
feelings were incredible. I doubted that any girl could feel as good as I
felt then, my boy pussy being loved like only a man could love it. I opened
my eyes finally and looked up at my father and I could tell that he was
feeling the same kind of things that I was. I knew that he loved me deeply
both literally and figuratively. I knew that for him it wasn't just fucking
but it was fucking his boy and it was more than fucking, it was loving. My
dad was loving me in the most emotional and physical way that he could and
I was loving him back the same way. I was offering my body to him and the
depths of my soul. I put my hands on his forearms.

"I wish you could kiss me while you fuck me daddy," I said softly. His arms
went under my legs then his hands rested on the bed about even with the top
of my rib cage. The move rolled me onto my lower back and put his face
above me. As he lowered his head closer I raised mine, put my arms around
his neck and as soon as our lips touched I pressed my mouth hard against
his and shoved my tongue inside of him. The kiss was as deep and passionate
as our first kiss had ended up being. Kissing my dad while he fucked me,
having our bodies touch all over was incredible. There was no place in the
world that I would rather have been than underneath my father as he fucked
me. And boy oh boy did my dad fuck me. Of course I probably helped him a
long a little. He started driving in and out of me with force. My dad had
plenty of experience and it showed. He slammed his cock into me hard enough
that his balls were whacking against my butt. And he didn't just go in and
out. He changed directions from time to time, going in at a bit of an
angle. He ground into me, moving his ass so that his cock moved inside of
me. I was the happiest I'd ever been in my entire life and my life had been

"Oh God daddy, fuck me good," I whispered right into his ear. "I love
having your big hard cock in my cunt daddy. Fuck your little boy and make
me a little girl daddy, please daddy fuck me hard and make me cum."

To this day I don't know where the sex talk came from. Honestly, I
don't. It just felt like I had to say it, felt like I had to say
something. Regardless it must have been a turn on for my father because I
could hear him moaning as he picked up speed and stepped up the pressure
too, or at least it seemed that way to me.

"Oh yes daddy, oh yes. Fuck my pussy daddy; shoot your sperm into my body,
fill my cunt with your sperm daddy." I could feel the tears start to run
down my cheeks and I'm here to tell you they were not tears of pain or

I could feel myself getting ready to cum so let go of him and lay back on
the bed. "I'm gonna cum really soon daddy," I panted. I swear that my
father seemed to pick up speed and seemed to fuck me harder. As it was,
every time he slammed into me my body moved on the bed. He was fucking me
toward the headboard. All of sudden my body gave way and I screamed. I
could actually hear myself scream and I screamed like a little girl.

"Aaaiiiiaaa," I cried out as my cock pulsed my sperm out onto my
belly. "You made me cum daddy," I cried out. Then I felt my dad's cock
thicken against the rim of my asshole and believe or not I felt his sperm
shoot into my bowels. My dad was grunting and thrusting loud and hard and I
swear that I felt the feelings in my cock of cumming again. He kept on
fucking me for another 30 seconds or so before slowing down but still kept
moving, still kept sliding his magnificent cock in and out of my ass. He
finally slowed down and then stopped.

We were both panting like race horses and I felt droplets of sweat fall
from his face onto my chest. "Can you lay on me dad," I finally managed to
squeak out and I felt his weight slowly settle onto me. I loved it. I loved
everything about it.


I was very surprised when Nicky referred to his ass as his boy cunt but
when he started talking sexy to me while I fucked him I almost shit. I had
never been with anyone that talked during sex although I tended to talk to
Taita when he fucked me. I had been surprised at the "daddy" thing but then
he started talking about me fucking his pussy, fucking his boy cunt and
fill his cunt with my sperm. And then the topper.

"Make your little boy a little girl," my son said. My initial thought was
what the fuck, my secondary thought was that having him talk to me like
that, telling me to fuck his cunt or his pussy was hot as all hell. It made
me want to fuck him real good, not that I wouldn't have anyway, but
still. It made me want to do even better. I was hammering his boy pussy so
hard that my son was slowly moving up the bed toward the headboard. He was
telling me to fuck him harder, to make him cum and when he said he was
going to cum I went even harder. A moment later he screamed and I swear to
god that if I hadn't known that it was boy underneath me I would have
thought it was a little girl. It took me right over the edge and I started
cumming like a banshee squirting 5 or 6 solid jets of cum into my son's
tight bowels. I started grunting and groaning myself and continued to fuck
my boy until things finally died away. I was panting like a racehorse and a
few drops of sweat were falling off my face and onto my son.

"Can you lay on me dad," he asked and I lowered myself then slowly let my
weight rest on him and he wrapped his legs around my lower back as if to
help keep my cock inside of him. Nicky gave a sigh of relief, or possibly
contentment as I rested about 90% of my weight on him. I had turned my head
and saw that he'd been crying but he didn't look sad, his face looked
content, satisfied and I wondered if it was the afterglow of orgasm like
women had. Nicky's hands were on my back gently moving up and down, taking
in my butt as well. He finally opened his eyes, saw me looking at him and
he smiled then raised his head and kissed me gently on the lips.

"That was fucking awesome dad," he said softly. I kissed him back just as

"I thought so too baby boy." He smiled again, his eyes still half closed in

"I like it when you call me your baby boy. I like being your baby boy." As
we lay there sort of holding each other a variety of questions were running
through my brain but that all got derailed as my cock softened. Both Nicky
and I could feel me shrinking inside of him.

"You're gonna come out of me aren't you dad?" I said that I was. "It feels
weird," he said then giggled a little and of course that forced me out of
him in a rush. We both laughed and when I started to move he asked me not

"Stay on me a little longer please dad. I love your weight on me. It makes
me feel safe and secure and loved and all that stuff." He hugged me again
for emphasis. I'd heard that said before from women, Nicky's mother, and
that made me wonder even more. I wanted to ask but I didn't want to risk
ruining the moment for either of us. Nicky must have anticipated what I was
going to or maybe he felt the need to explain.

"I don't really think of myself as a girl dad and sure don't want to be one
but when you first started fucking me I sort of felt like a girl might,
especially if she was getting fucked for the first time. That's why I
called you daddy because that's more of what a girl would say. And then I
started kind of getting into it, you know, the role of being a girl. And I
guess a boys' hole is pretty much like a pussy or a cunt isn't it,
especially when a cock is going inside of it. I'm still not sure where all
the sexy talking came from; it just sort of happened, it just seemed, I
don't know, right. Does any of that make sense," he asked, looking up at

Actually it did make sense and I told him so. "And, I have to admit, it was
kind of hot, thinking of you as a girl and telling me to fuck your cunt or
your pussy. The talking was hot too and it made me want to fuck you harder,
to do a better job."

"Well the job was perfect dad, I swear to God," he said then lifted his
head and kissed me again then said I was getting a little heavy so I rolled
off of him and we lay there facing each other. We were quiet for a moment
then my son said,

"Do you think it would be hot for me to dress like a little girl sometimes?
Only like if we're planning on having sex or stuff?" I said that I might
and he said that he thought so too. "Maybe we should go shopping for girl's
clothes dad, you know, for my twin sister," he said with a grin. The whole
conversation got sidetracked when Nicky said my sperm was leaking out of
his ass so we got up and headed for the shower.

Over the next couple of weeks Nicky and I had sex every day and often 2 or
3 times a day. He fucked me a couple of times a week but mostly I fucked my
son every day. My baby boy was identifying as a bottom and having my cock
shoved up his ass made him happier than just about anything in the
world. Both of us also got fucked by Taita and if the dog was thrilled
about having 2 humans to breed, and more often to boot, he didn't say
anything to us about it. We did use the big brute much more often and
sometimes twice in a day so the upshot of that was that Taita seemed to be
able to fuck long the second time around.

Both Nicky and I sucked the dog off as well, drinking down his watery doggy
sperm as if it was soda pop and of course the dog rimmed us daily. Nicky
also rimmed me and seemed to love it except for the hair. In the shower
after he fucked me I got out my razor and proceeded to shave my asshole and
my balls then trimmed my bush down so that it was a patch similar to a 14
year old boy and restricted to my pubic bone and even then it was inside
the creases. Nicky loved how it looked and loved how it felt to his fingers
but more importantly he loved the smoothness against his tongue. Licking
each others tight puckered hole became a daily practice.

I got a phone call from a friend of mine about a month after Nicky and I
had become lovers. He was the breeder that I had gotten Taita from and
wanted to know if I wanted to bring my dog out to his farm to breed him to
his sister Tatia. I said I'd be more than happy too.

"You might want to hang out and play awhile as long you're gonna be out

"Well Gilbert that's a thought. Do you remember my son Nicky?"

"Sure, good looking boy and well mannered. My boys enjoyed playing with him
and for awhile after that asked if he could come back out." Nicky had
played with Gilbert's kids but it wasn't sex play, just ordinary child

"Well Nicky is a furry as it turns out. Taita has been breeding my son on
a weekly basis, as have I, breeding my son and the dog I mean. I think he'd
like try fucking a female dog. Do you mind if I bring him along?"

"Oh hell no Colin. You and I been friends for almost 20 years, I trust you
like a brother. Your son is more than welcome to come out and play to his
hearts content. Hell one of the girls might even have him fuck them,
especially if he's as hung as his father." Gilbert chuckled at that.
"Their brothers have all been fucking them for some time now and they're
about ready to try some new meat. Hell you might want to give one of them a
tumble yourself." We made arrangements for Nicky and I to go out to
Gilbert's farm that coming weekend.

Before that could happen, about 2 weeks after Nicky and I started our love
affair, Zach came to play. That turned out to be one hell of a lot of
fun. The boy was a little cutie pie and was as sexually driven as my son
was. Incorporating Zach into our play would turn out to be a very, very
good decision on Nicky's part. Watching my son fuck Zach or get fucked by
the little hottie was incredible. Nicky felt the same way when Zach and I
were together. Zach voiced the same feelings when my son and I were

The boys' friend Adam would also end up joining us but that would come

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