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Nifty - Bestiality - Dad Son Dog - Dad Son Dog 4

Date: Mon, 28 May 2012 07:30:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tague Micheals <>
Subject: Dad Son Dog IV

Here it is, finally, the scene that opened this series of stories. Sorry it
took so long but if you follow my posting you know that I've been working
on a half dozen stories all at the same time. Anyhell, I hope this gets you
revved up into a fog of hotness. PLEASE NOTE: this story incorporates
characters from another story of mine titled FARM FAMILY FUN. It won't be
far down the nifty list from this story and should be read for a better
appreciation of this chapter. N-joi

~~~~~~~~~                     ~~~~~~~~~~                     ~~~~~~~~~~

"Gilbert, you remember my son Nicky," I said to my friend.

"Good to see you again Nicky. You've grown some since the last time you
were out to the farm," the man said as he extended his hand. Gilbert
senior, along with his beautiful wife and some 7 kids lived on a huge farm
about an hour from where my son and I lived. Gilbert's family ran a service
breeding horses and dogs and other animals. He raised males and females
alike typically selling off the offspring that his females produced. His
was a well known business and people came from hundreds of miles away to
breed either their male or their female to one of Gilbert's animals.

Gilbert was well known in an entirely different circle of people; people
that were bred by or bred the animals that he raised. People in that circle
came from all over the country and other countries as well. Needless to say
that particular service was not advertised like the other service. The
"Farm" had been started by Gilberts' father some 50 years prior and had a
hell of a reputation no matter which circle a person traveled in. If you
wanted to get fucked by a stallion, or a dog, goat, or other animals and
you wanted it on film the "Farm" was the place to go. Conversely if you
wanted to fuck any of those animals the "Farm" could handle your needs. If
you purchased a beast video or a set of images on line and they were top
quality then most likely it came from the "Farm". The place was completely
private; walled, fenced and forrested. Even people on legitimate business
required an appointment and had to call up to the main house from the front

"Go ahead and let Taita out Nicky," I said to my son who went back to the

"As I said on the phone Gilbert, my boy has taken up the sport and he's
interested in expanding his experience."

"Well Taita's in heat as I said so your boy is more than welcome to use
her. Has he fucked a girl yet?" I shook my head and told Gilbert that he'd
only been with dogs, me or 1 other boy. "Well, as I said on the phone
either of my daughter's will be willing to bed him as well once they see
him. He's a good looking boy Colin. Any of my younger boys would love to
play with him too."

Taita came trotting over to see Gilbert who dropped to his knees to hug the
dog and talk to him. Standing up, he said, "Come on, let's go in the
house." I draped my arm across my son's shoulders and followed Gilbert in
through the front door. We took our shoes off and left in the entryway then
proceeded down a couple of steps into the large living room. A couple of
boys were playing a game of some sort and a young girl was sitting in an
arm chair reading a book but all gave us their attention when we stepped
into the room.

"Junior, Ganymede, Gemini please come." While all of the children had
grown since the last time we'd seen them Gilbert junior seemed to have
gained a great deal in height. "Do you remember Colin and his son Nicky?"

"Sure, I remember them dad," junior said as he extended a hand toward
us. "How are you sir," he asked me then turned to shake hands with
Nicky. Looking toward his dad he asked, "Are we filming?" Senior looked at
me and I nodded my head.

"I'll go get things set up then," the cute teen said. "You want to come
with me Nicky, I'll show you how things work?" My son looked to me and I
thought I saw a little fear in his beautiful eyes. Gilbert saw it too.

"It'll be okay, I promise. Come on," the adorably cute blonde teen said in
a soft voice. I nodded to Nicky and he left with the boy.

Nicky Speaks

I felt pretty good all the way out to the farm although my belly was a
little anxious. It felt kind of weird planning what was going to happen, if
you know what I mean. My little heart did flip flops when I first saw
Gilbert the son and his younger brother Ganymede. Both boys were blonde and
cute as fuck. Then the boy asked about filming and I knew he was talking
about what my dad and I were going to do which was fuck a female dog. I was
kinda hot to try it but if they were going to film it then that meant that
at least one other person was going to be watching and that felt really
weird to me. I didn't really know any of these people. I'd met them a few
years before but that was it. My dad encouraged me to go with Gilbert to
set things up for filming so I did but I really didn't want to. I was glad
I did though.

"Have you ever fucked a dog before Nicky," the boy asked me and I shook my
head. "It's pretty fun although I prefer getting fucked by one," he stopped
for a split second then said, "or a boy." Gilbert had a grin on his
face. "Dogs fuck like mad but don't last very long. Boys fuck slower but
last longer. Bedsides a boy will let you suck em forever but dogs not so
much. I mean our dogs will let you suck their dicks but I think they'd
rather be doing it themselves." The cute blonde boy grinned at me again. We
went past the dog kennels and he introduced me to Tati. We went into the
pen and he got her turned around to show me her doggie cunt which looked
pretty swollen to me.

"She's pretty ripe right now. The twins and I all fucked her yesterday
after we ate her pussy. Have you ever fucked a boy or your dad," he
asked. I was beginning to like this boy. He was pretty straight forward
about stuff and made me feel like I was okay, normal, or at least the
things we were going to be doing were normal. And like I said, he was cute,
cute cute.

"Yeah, my dad and my best friend Zach and we've all been fucked by Taita so
it's not like I'm a virgin or anything."

"Did you like it," Gilbert asked and I asked back "which one."

"All of it," he said with another big grin. I nodded my head then told him
a little bout what we'd done. I didn't mention the girls clothing part
though. I didn't want him to think I was like, a queen or something.

We went inside a huge barn and in there we went into a large room that
looked like a living room. "This is where we film a lot of the dog
stuff. It's nice and warm and of course looks like a normal house. My dad
filmed my brothers and me yesterday when we fucked Tati. Copies are
available to people to buy, mostly in Canada and overseas." I was a little
freaked out about that. I didn't want anybody else seeing me on film doing
what we were going to do.

"Don't worry about your film though. There will only be one copy made and
that goes into our library. You and your dad get the original unless you
guys say its okay to sell overseas in which case you get a royalty. My
boyfriend Josh, he's really fucking cute and has a great dick, filmed with
us a couple weeks ago and he's already got a couple hundred bucks from it."
Gilbert when on to tell me about him and Josh and how he's become almost a
member of the family. "He's fucked all my sisters and brothers except
little Gabriel who's only 6. I don't think that's gonna last long though
cuz Gaby wants Josh to fuck him really bad." He stopped talking and walking
again and sort of looked at me.

"Ganymede and Gemini both want to be with you Nicky and if the rest of my
brothers and sister come back before you leave they're probably gonna wanna
be with you too." Then his voice got kind of soft. "I'd like to be with you
too Nicky; you're a really cute boy. I hope you don't mind me saying that."

Well hell no I didn't mind in fact I was glad he said it but what I said
was, "But what about your boyfriend, what about Josh?" Gilbert explained by
saying that it was okay for each of them to be with other boys if the
opportunity came up. Neither one of them were looking really but sometimes
a father brought his son or even a daughter out to the farm and generally
Gilbert and or his sibling did stuff with the kid.

"The first day that Josh was here he fucked a 10 year old boy for his first
time and he fucked Ganymede the night before. It's okay if you and me do
stuff. If Josh were here he'd join us."

"In that case I'd love to be with you Gilbert," I told him. Gilbert stepped
right up in front of me, put his hands on my shoulders and stared into my
eyes, then tilted his head and moved his lips toward mine. When he kissed
me it was like a little jolt of electricity. I put my arms on his hips and
kissed him back, pressing my mouth against his. Gilbert had an almost sweet
taste to his breath and I felt my cock go rock hard in seconds almost. I
really did want to suck his cock and anything else he had in mind.

"Can I take your pants down Nicky," he said after breaking the kiss off. I
nodded my head and Gilbert dropped to one knee in front of me and began
working at my belt. After I was unsnapped and unzipped Gilbert slipped his
hand inside my jeans and felt my cock up.

"Oh man you feel pretty big," he said in a whisper. He slipped his fingers
under the waistband of my satin boxers and slid them down over my stiffened
dick and down around my knees.

"Goddamn," he said. "I hope you feel like fucking me with this thing." He
took hold of cock and squeezed it a couple of times then pulled it down and
put his mouth over it. His hand cupped my balls as sucked me and I felt my
knees go kind of weak. That boy sucked dick as good as my dad did. I felt
my belly start to tingle so gently pulled away from Gilbert's greedy mouth.

"I'm gonna cum if you keep doing that," I told him, my voice already
deepened. He stood up, his ever present grin plastered on his smooth cute

"Well that means you'd last longer when you fuck Tati," he said. I didn't
answer him but just reached out for his snap, undid it and slid his briefs
and jeans down to reveal a sweet looking cock that was uncircumcised. I
loved seeing a new boy, not that I'd seen that many, and I'd never been
around one that still had its skin. He had a small patch of blonde hair,
more than I did, but his balls were totally smooth and hairless. He was
gorgeous. I took hold of him and stroked him a few times then asked if I
could suck him.

"Of course you can. I'd be hurt if you didn't," he told me. I dropped to my
knees and put him in my mouth. I loved that feeling and as I sucked and
stroked him I got to feel his foreskin bunch up over his cock head. I
really wanted to spend more time doing that. I kept at it for a minute then
stood up. Without saying a word Gilbert moved in and put his mouth against
mine and started kissing me heavily, using his tongue right off the bat. I
didn't mind. When he broke it he said,

"Let's get our clothes off Nicky." I agreed with him and followed over to
the door where we stripped down and put our clothes on a rack so they were
off the floor. "You're really an awesome boy, I hope you and your dad
spend the night so we can play some more. I seriously want you to fuck
me. He wrapped his arms around me and we went back to kissing only this
time his hand snuck down between us to play with dick and my balls. That's
where we were when our dads came into the room and if either of them were
surprised at seeing their sons naked in each other's arms they sure didn't
show it.

"Ganymede is bringing Taita in," Gilbert senior said. "We'll start there."
He set a video camera up on a tripod facing the center of the room then
directed Gilbert and me to stand where he wanted us. Gilbert explained that
the stationary camera got the cleaner shots so they needed to mark where we
should be. My dad got undressed by the rack and when Gilbert saw him and
said casually.

"You've had that shoved up your ass?" I grinned and nodded my
head. Ganymede came in the room right then with the dog.

"Nice cock Colin," he said then to me he said the same thing.

Colin Speaks

Senior and I got the details worked out, not that there were a lot of
them. We'd probably start out playing with Taita to get into the mood. If I
didn't mind junior and maybe even Gany would join us once we had the dogs
swapped out. I didn't have a problem with that; both boys verged on
beautiful. Once we were primed and ready we'd swap out Taita for Tati. I
told senior that the goal was for Nicky to have his first doggie pussy and
that we'd talked about me fucking him while he fucked the dog. Senior
nodded his head, not in the least concerned about it. He said he'd set up a
stationary camera then he'd roam with a hand held and we'd edit and splice
them later. His oldest son Garrett was pretty much a genius at such things.

"I'll be naked too," he told me, "just for the sake of comfort and
continuity and maybe after it's done you and I can have a go. I've missed
having your big cock shoved up my ass Colin and I know my wife has too."
Senior and I had more than a few moments together as well as a 3 way with
his beautiful wife Genia and since he was hung much like me it had been

I wasn't too surprised when we walked into the filming studio to find our
sons wrapped up in a naked embrace, both boys as hard as any boy could
get. Gilbert the boy was as beautiful undressed as he was dressed, a
respectable 6 plus inches of uncut cock and set of smooth nuts hanging
freely underneath it. To their credit neither boy flinched a bit when we
came in the room. It was as though it was the most natural thing in the
world, and I guess in their world it was natural.

The boys separated as Colin set up the tripod and camera, got the area
marked then quickly undressed. Nicky looked at him of course but he looked
much like me, big. A moment later seniors' 12 year old twin son Ganymede
led Taita into the room and of course once the dog saw the naked boys he
went right over to them. Senior told not to let the dog get to them, that
they all had to wait until the cameras were ready. While we waited both
Ganymede and I stripped naked. I was already about half way hard knowing
what was going to happen as well as seeing young Gilbert naked. We did a
quick plan of how things were going to progress then started filming.

The 3 boys stood side by side in one place and offered their raging boy
boners to a happy Taita who immediately began licking at each cock. Senior
walked around with the hand held camera getting close ups and what have
you. Then the boys bent over and pulled their cheeks open and my dog went
right to town, cleaning each puckered little hairless hole as if it were
his own.

Nicky finally stepped away and got down on the far side of Taita and looked
underneath to see that the dog was half way hard. He leaned in under the
dog and took a couple of swipes at the meaty red flesh with his
tongue. Senior got down with the camera as Nicky started jacking the dog
off and a moment later my son got in close and took the dogs' cock into his
mouth. I would see the film later and it was amazing because the camera was
right there, close in, and caught the entire thing. The expression on my 13
year old sons face was one of extreme bliss and seeing his sweet lips
sliding up and down on Taita's cock about made me cum just watching it.

Senior then announced that he was going audio. According to plan Ganymede
turned to face the dog and got down on his knees to hug Taita, let my dog
lick his face, then talk to him.

"Do you want to fuck me boy," Gany said in a soft soothing voice. "I want
you to fuck me Taita. I want you to stuff your fat doggie cock in my
asshole and fuck me like a bitch." Nicky had backed away, not wanting to
let the dog squirt. "Yeah boy, you're gonna fuck me, you're gonna fuck me
good," the boy cooed then backed away. He turned, got to his hands and
knees and put his narrow little ass in my Dogs' face. Taita immediately
went to work licking and slurping the young boys' tight little hole and
down onto the sensitive underside of his smooth, hanging balls. Just when I
thought we were going to have to lead Taita he mounted the 12 year old boy
and began humping. Nicky was right there so reached underneath and guided
Taita's swollen dog meat to the target. We could all tell when he hit it
because he plunged forward, cramming Ganymede's ass full of dog cock. Nicky
of course backed away.

"Aaeeeiii," the boy screamed out as the dog plunged into him and began
fucking like only a dog can. "Oh god he's fucking me, he's fucking my
ass. Good boy, good dog, fuck me good and hard, fuck my boys' ass." Gilbert
the son had gone over to Nicky and the two fondled each other's dick while
they watched Gilbert's little brother get the shit fucked out of him. I
wasn't standing idly by either but was playing with myself.

"Can I have a cock in my mouth," Ganymede called out. Senior nodded to me
so I quickly went around and knelt in front of the boy and offered him 9
plus inches of raging man cock. The boy didn't bat an eyelash but
immediately placed his mouth over the swollen head and began to suck me. He
stopped for a second, said that the dog had knotted him and went back to
blowing me. I pulled away from the boy, flipped around, and started to
slide underneath him. Ganymede knew what I was doing and lifted first one
hand and then the other in order for me to get underneath him. I found his
cock and immediately pulled it down into my mouth at the same time that he
recaptured mine and we both got to sucking. I reached up to play with his
balls as well as feel where my dog had penetrated his little hole and felt
the boy moan around my cock. Taita began the process of getting turned
around so that he was butt to butt with his bitch but both Gany and I kept
on doing what we were doing. It didn't take long before the boy stopped
sucking and began moaning loudly and trying to fuck my mouth. A second
later I felt his dick thicken followed by the warmth of young sperm oozing
into my mouth.

Nicky Speaks

It was so hot watching Taita fuck Ganymede then having my dad get down with
the boy and suck his cock. Gany was truly a beautiful boy and I thought I'd
like to spend some time with him as well. As always the dog finished too
soon but my dad and Gany kept at it until Gany shot his sperm into my dad's
mouth. Even though we couldn't see it we knew it was happening. Gilbert and
I continued to kiss and play with each other as we watched the
show. Gilbert's dad finally shut both camera's down and we waited for
Taita's swelling to go down so he could get his cock out of Ganymede's
ass. I saw that senior's cock was about half way hard and wondered briefly
what it would be like to have him fuck me but then I figured it wouldn't be
much different than my dad fucking me.

"Was that hot for you Nicky," Gilbert whispered in my ear and of course I
nodded my head. Senior told Gilbert to go bring Tati in. The big female
was leashed right outside the room so a moment later Gilbert came back with
her in tow, his boner wagging in the air in front of him. Of course her
sensitive nose picked of the scent of sex in the air so she started getting
a little rambunctious.

"What we'll do Nicky is get her on her back and one of us hold her in place
while the other one eats her pussy. It you want I'll go first but it's up
to you. Tati will stay on her back because she's trained to so you don't
really have to hold her, mostly just comfort her." I told him that it was
fine with me if he went first, that way he could show me how to do it but
honestly, I'm sure I'd be able to figure it out without too much problem.

Taita finally pulled out of Ganymede and sat to clean himself. Gany stood
up and I could see the residue of my dad's spit and the boys' sperm on his
cock head. He grabbed Taita and led the big brute from the room so as not
to interfere with the next part. Gilbert led the Tati to the mark on the
floor and I was right behind him. We both got down on our knees, one on
each side of her and senior was right there with the camera.

Gilbert lifted the dog's tail. "This is her cunt, this is where you're
gonna stuff your hard cock Nicky," the boy said, poking the swollen flesh
with his finger. I watched as he slipped a finger inside the hairy folds
and gently finger fucked her. "We're gonna eat her pussy before we fuck her
though and I think you're really gonna like it. You want to touch it and
stuff," he asked me. I put my hand up there and played with her pussy a
little bit, opening the folds and sort of looking inside. I slipped a
finger inside of her like Gilbert had and slid it in and out a little
bit. There was something hot about the whole thing. Maybe it was cuz it was
a dog, I don't know. I finally pulled my hand back and Gilbert got Tati to
lie on the floor and roll onto her back with me at her head and he at her
tail. He pulled one leg off to the side then began playing with her pussy,
wiggling it around with his fingers. He then held the other leg to the side
and lay on the floor with his face inches from her cunt.

Gilbert's tongue flicked out and licked at the hairy slit a few times
before he got his smooth face in closer and really began licking. I thought
I might cum just watching him because it was real clear that Gilbert was
into eating his dogs' pussy. The boy surprised me by opening his mouth then
closing it over the entire pussy and began sucking on the whole thing. He
told me later that he was still licking it, pushing his tongue into it and
basically fucking her with his tongue. I could hear Gilbert moaning as he
ate her and I wanted to just grab hold of my dick and blast my sperm out
all over the dogs' fur.

Gilbert finally pulled away and got to his knees then got in real close. He
held his boner down and rubbed the swollen head back and forth across
Tati's pussy a few times before slipping the head inside of her then
pulling it back out again.

"Goddamn I really want to fuck her Nicky but I don't want to cum in her
before you get a chance to eat her out." That being said, Gilbert and I
changed places. I lay on the floor with my face right in close to Tati's
swollen pussy. My belly was a mass of butterflies. I put my face down to
it, my nose right in the lips and breathed in, taking in the fragrance of
dog. I let my tongue sneak out and take swipe right up the slit the pushed
my tongue into it. It only took a second before I was working it like a
lollipop and only a second longer before I placed my mouth over the whole
thing and began sucking on it and stuffing my tongue inside of it.

The feeling on my mouth and tongue is difficult to explain, the same kind
of feeling I got when I sucked Taita's cock. I got caught up in a fog of
hotness in a hurry and heard myself moaning and making yummy sounds as I
gorged myself on the dog's cunt. Like Gilbert, I wanted to fuck her really,
really bad. I finally had to stop because I was ready to cum on the carpet
and that would have ruined everything. I moved back away and looked up at
Gilbert who smiled at me.

"You have to fuck her don't you Nicky? You have to put your cock in the
dog's pussy and fuck her. Go ahead Nicky, fuck the dog, fuck your hot cock
into her cunt." I looked to my dad who was watching intently while Ganymede
was on his knees in front of dad sucking dad's big hard cock. I knew he
wanted to fuck the kid but he also wanted to fuck me while I fucked the
dog. That was the plan.

"Ganymede, why don't you fuck Nicky a little bit and get his tight little
hole loosened up for his dad," Senior suggested. I thought that was an
excellent idea. I went back to sucking on Tati's pussy but this time on my
hands and knees. I felt Gany's hand on my hip then his cock head probing
between my butt cheeks until he found my puckered little hole then he
pushed his cock inside of me.

I had to stop eating dog pussy for just a moment but soon went right back
to working the dog's swollen vulva. God it tasted so good. Ganymede started
to fuck me and once again I went straight into the stratosphere of hotness.

"We better get to fuckin or I'm gonna squirt," I finally said to no one in
particular. Gany gently pulled out of ass and my dad came over and took the
place at Tati's head. It got to my knees only and got into place, holding
my raging boner angled down toward Tati's wet pussy. I rubbed my swollen,
red cock head back and forth in the puffy slit then gently pushed it inside
of her. The feelings of warmth flooded my body, radiating outward from my
cock. I slowly pushed in until my balls were hanging against her
asshole. The feelings were incredible.

As I started to gently fuck the dog, Gilbert junior came over to kneel at
Tati's head and my dad got up to come around behind me. Senior was right
there with the hand held camera getting it all on film. I couldn't see my
dad but I knew that he was lubing his cock, getting it ready to push into
my ass.

Colin Speaks

Watching my son eat out the dog was incredible and it was that much better
because 12 year old Ganymede was sucking my cock like a pro. Once he a
taste of it, Nicky went after the dog's pussy like it was the best meal
he'd ever had. I could hear moaning and other sounds coming from his thin
body and I could see his hips grinding his hot hard cock into the
carpet. Senior was right there with the camera getting close ups of my
sons' face attached to Taita's cunt.

When said he was ready to cum and he looked toward me, I was ready to join
the fun but senior suggested that 12 year old Ganymede fuck Nicky a little
bit to prep him. It was a good idea and it also added to the overall
film. The hot little twin boy lubed up and got behind my son who had moved
to his hands and knees with his own pussy sticking up in the air. Nicky
continued to gorge on Tati's swollen pussy while the boy bred him, sliding
his righteous preteen cock in and out of my son's asshole. That too finally
waned and Ganymede pulled out, and I swapped places with junior at the
dogs' head.

I looked into Nicky's eyes, well sort of since they were practically
closed, I could easily see that was as far up into a fog of hotness as he
could get. He needed to bury his granite hard cock into the dog's cunt. I
gave him a slight nod of my head and my boy got into position, holding his
cock angled downward. I watched, along with the video camera, as the tip of
his swollen cock head ran up and down Tati's pussy for just a moment before
he slipped it inside of her. Once lodged there he leaned forward and put
his hands on the floor then gently lowered his slender hips until his
entire cock was inside the dogs' pussy. Nicky looked up at me, an
expression of wonder and awe on his smooth young face.

"I knew that the liquid warmth that enveloped his most sensitive body part
was an incredible feeling. I'd fucked a dog before; in fact I'd fucked this
one so I knew well what he was experiencing except that for a 13 year old
boy those feelings were probably intensified 10 fold. Nicky started to
slowly fuck his bitch and I nodded to young Gilbert who came back and took
over at Tati's head while I went to the other end. I watched the glorious
sight of Nicky's skinny butt moving up and down, could see his cock sliding
in and out of Tati's pussy, watched his balls go from resting against the
dogs' asshole to hanging in the air and thus exposing his own puckered
hole, that secret spot that I was going to bury my own raging hard cock in.

I found the lube, slathered my pole again then wiped some on my son's
hole. I slipped a finger inside of him, causing him to gasp slightly, and
finger fucked him while he slowly fucked the dog. God it was a glorious
sight, watching my son fuck. I wondered briefly if he'd fuck one of
senior's girls since the man had made it clear that his daughters all
fucked boys including their brothers. That would be hot as hell watching
Nicky fuck a young girl.

With my finger still inside my sons' ass, I got into position. He felt me
between his legs so spread them a little further. On an upstroke I pulled
my finger out and shoved my cock head in causing Nicky to flinch from the
intrusion. He was so caught up in hotness that he kept right on fucking the
dog. I moved in tandem with him, not trying to get more cock into him but
just keeping what I had. Senior got tape of Nicky's expression while the
tripod mounted camera, operated by Ganymede had zoomed in and got the
penetration. The editing would turn out to be amazing and the video would
actually make Nicky thousand's of dollars but that was in the future.

About the 5th time that Nicky started to pull out of the dog after I'd
penetrated him, I stopped moving so that when he did pull out of Tati he
was pushing my cock into his tight little ass. Once again my son didn't
flinch, didn't stop, didn't do anything to indicate that he was stuffing
his ass with 9 plus inches of hard daddy cock. I looked to junior who had a
surprised expression on his smooth pale face and who had grasped onto his
own stone hard young cock and was stroking and squeezing it with a

Nicky picked up speed and as he did so I could hear him moaning softly and
shortly after that he talked. "Fuck, so hot, so hot. Fuck me harder
dad. Fuck my ass harder." I did my best to ad my own thrust but I had to be
careful with my timing or I'd lose Nicky. I watched Gilbert raise his hips
and move forward.

"Cock if you want it Nicky," the boy said quietly. My son moved forward a
little and Nicky moved to meet him and between the two of them they managed
a connection, kind of like in air refueling. Nicky continued to make yummy
sounds and I thought I heard Gilbert whispering to him but couldn't make
out exactly what. In any case the multiple stimulations got him to where he
wanted to be pretty quickly.

"Oh fuck dad I'm gonna cum," he blurted out all of a sudden. "Harder dad,
fuck me harder." I did what I could, especially when Nicky pressed into
Tati's cunt and wiggled his narrow little ass. I felt his asshole constrict
as he shot his young sperm into the dog's pussy accompanied by a great deal
of groaning. I heard rather Gilbert groan as well and saw the boy pounding
his cock, his facial expression telling me that he too had squirted and
judging from his position it must have gone on my son's face or head.

Nicky finally slowed down, Gilbert stopped jacking off so I stopped fucking
Nicky. I hadn't cum yet but that was okay, I'd live. I gently pulled my
cock out of my son's ass and he likewise pulled his cock out of the
dog. When he turned to face me I saw one side of his smooth cute face
dripping with Gilbert's sperm.

"That was some fantastic footage you guys," senior said, tossing Nicky a
towel, "Fantastic. I tell you Colin you should let me market it. I'll keep
it out of the US; only peddle it in Europe and the Mid East."

"That was hot squirting on my face like that Gilbert." Then to me he said,
"You didn't cum dad," I shook my head.

"In that case do you want to fuck me Colin," Ganymede said from behind
me. I turned to see the adorable 12 year old standing there, his cock rock
hard, the tip red from trapped blood.

Nicky Speaks

The feelings I had when I sunk my cock into Tati's pussy were amazing. I
think a dog's temperature must be higher than humans or something because
the warmth was more than when I fucked my dad or Zach. The feeling of her
fur on my chest and around my cock and stuff added that much more to it. I
loved fucking her. I wanted to do it again. And then my dad shoved his big
fat cock into me. It was weird pulling out of the dog's cunt and at the
same time shoving my dads' cock in my ass. But it was a good kind of
weird. I loved getting fucked by my dad. His cock stretched my hole so far
and he fills me up so much. I can't imagine what it will be like when he's
not around to fuck me. I don't mean if he's dead but if I move away to
college or something like that.

The double action of having my cock buried in warm flesh and having warm
hard flesh buried in me at the same time was incredible though. Getting
fucked while fucking is something I think everybody should try at least
once. It only took a minute before I was hot as a firecracker. I wanted my
dad to fuck me hard, to fuck the shit out of me but being inside the dog
made that a little more complicated. Then Gilbert offered me his hard cock
and that really added a nice twist. I had to change the angle of my body
but hey, it worked out just fine. Gilbert gently fucked my face and I could
hear him, just barely though, telling me how cute I was, what sweet lips I
had, how good I sucked his cock and that he want to fuck me and have me
fuck him. Then all of a sudden my body had to cum.

"I was getting much better at knowing my signs, knowing that I was getting
close to squirting. I was even getting some practice at holding off but not
that time. I guess maybe it was because I was getting sexed from so many
places at the same time. I guess it doesn't really matter. All of a sudden
I was there. I told everybody I was cumming then told me dad to fuck the
shit out of me which he tried to do. The feelings about tore my head off
when I squirted my sperm into Tati's pussy. I pressed my body against hers,
rammed as much cock into her cunt as I could get. Blessed Gilbert moaned
and I looked up, saw him jacking off and raised my face a little bit
higher. I knew he wanted to cum on my face and I was all for that. I like
getting sperm squirted anywhere on my body but on my face was the best. I
actually saw the jet of white goo fly out of Gilbert's pale cock and blast
me on the right side of my face just below my eye. My balls were roiling as
they squeezed out a couple jets of sperm and even after they were done my
cock kept on having spasms. Fuck it was so hot.

I finally took my cock out of the dogs' pussy and dad pulled his cock out
of mine. Senior handed me a clean up towel while telling us we should let
him sell copies of the video because it was so hot.

"You didn't cum dad," I said and he shook his head then Ganymede offered to
let my dad fuck him. Senior told him to go ahead if that's what his boy
wanted but he needed to swap out batteries and discs.

"You want to take a shower Nicky," Gilbert asked and I nodded my head so he
led me out of the room and into a large shower room that had at least 6
shower heads on the wall. Gilbert took the time to wash me, something else
that I loved, and of course he worked at my hole as well as my dick and my
nuts. We didn't stay there long however because we both wanted to watch my
dad fuck Ganymede and as we went out of the bathroom we ran into the cute
young 12 year old whose cock was at full quivering stand in front of his
flat belly.

"Oh good you're done, dad says we're ready to shoot," then he giggled at
the double entendre'. Back in the studio my dad was seated on the sofa,
leaned back with his huge cock sticking up in the air and resting against
his belly, well, almost his chest. I watched Gany's tight little ass sway
as he walked away from me.

"Cute little ass huh," Ganymede's older brother commented. "Hopefully
you'll get to bury your hard cock in it before the day is out." We managed
another 2 steps when he added, "But not before you bury it inside of me."

"Do you need a warm up sweet boy," Gilbert senior asked the preteen
twin. The boy shook his head.

"I've been sucking Taita's cock and I've been edging for at least 5
minutes. I'm pretty much ready to go dad," Ganymede responded. That being
said the adorable boy went to the sofa and knelt next to my dad, one knee
on the cushion and his foot planted on the carpet. He leaned over and took
hold of my dad's raging cock, stroked it a few times then lowered his head
and took it into his mouth. Gilbert and I stood about 15 feet away so as
not to be in his father's way or the tripod mounted camera. Gilbert moved
so that he was behind me but off to one side and wrapped and arm around my
waist and began kissing my neck and playing with my balls.

"Damn that kid can suck cock," I whispered to Gilbert. Ganymede was taking
almost half of my dad's cock down his throat while his free hand had cupped
my dad's heavy balls and was playing with them. Even I was hard pressed to
do that.

"He's been practicing since he was 4," Gilbert whispered in my
ear. Ganymede stopped and told my dad to lube up his cock then the boy
stood, straddling my father's lap and bent at the knees, presenting his
raging hard boner to him. Dad had the lube in one hand while the other one
guided Gany's cock to his mouth. The young boy immediately began moving his
hips, fucking his cock into dad's mouth. Dad got his cock lubed up then put
his clean hand on Ganymede's butt cheek and pulled it open then put his
lubed hand between the boys' legs and moved it up to smear the boys' tight
little hole. We watched as my father slipped a finger inside the boy and
began to finger fuck him.

"Fuck yes," Gany moaned, "get my ass ready for your big cock." It didn't
take long before he was ready.

"God Colin, I need to get your cock inside my ass before I cum in your
mouth." Once dad's finger came out of his butt Ganymede turned around
facing us, his quivering cock rock hard and the top inch and a half bright
red. The boy squatted while dad held his cock upright and we knew when the
head went in because of the expression on Ganymede's smooth young face.

"He'll keep right on goin," Gilbert whispered in my ear and sure enough the
adorable 12 year old kept sitting until he couldn't go any further. The
expression on Gany's face was one of pure bliss. He lay back against my dad
then reached down to feel my father's balls and where his cock went into
his ass. Needless to say the tripod had been set up to capture everything
and senior was moving around and getting different views. He then pointed
to Gilbert who nodded his head and left the room to come back with Tati. He
let the dog go and Tati went right to the couple, sniffed a few times and
then began licking everything he could get to. Both my dad and Ganymede
moaned loudly.

"Fuck that looks so hot," I whispered to Gilbert who said that it was, that
he had Josh had done it the week before. Gilbert finally took the dog away
and Ganymede began to rise and fall on my dad's cock and again, the
expressions on his face said it all. My dad was busy stroking the boy,
sliding his foreskin back and forth over the swollen red cock head and
feeling the boys' nuts as he rose and fell. My dad tried adding some
movement too but it was difficult. The sofa was a firm cushioned one that
you couldn't sink into so we could see everything there was to
see. Ganymede finally adjusted his body so that his feet rested on my dad's
thighs which allowed my dad more fucking room. Finally the boy got off and
turned to face my father then sat back down. The two kissed deeply while
Ganymede rose up enough for my dad to get a good rhythm going and of course
from there were could actually see his cock going in and out of Ganymede's
ass. Senior finally did a slice across the throat motion and shut the
cameras off.

"Let's move to a position where you really fuck the shit out of the boy,"
senior said.

"Hey dad," junior said, "How about if Nicky fucks me right next to Colin
and Gany?" I was a little stunned by the request. I knew that Gilbert
wanted me to fuck him but not so soon; certainly not right then. Everybody
in the room was all for it and since my dick was as hard as it would ever
get I was in agreement as well. We all talked about how it might work then
both boys got onto the sofa while my father and I knelt on the floor
between their legs. The boys pulled their legs back offering their boy
pussies, Gilbert's a tight little wrinkled muscle while Ganymede's was
considerably more opened up, which was no surprise. My dad and I got into
position and a second later I was buried up to my balls in Gilbert's tight
ass. I loved it.

Part of it of course was having my hard cock in a tight warm hole. The
other part of it was the Gilbert was so fucking cute and seeing him
shoulder to shoulder with his equally cute 12 year old brother was even
better. It was hot watching my dad fuck Ganymede. I'd seen him fuck Zach
but this was different and part of it was because we were fucking
together. A rather irregular father son activity which I'd rather do that
than toss a football.

It only took a moment before we both got a steady rhythm going. My dad
reached out and cupped my butt cheek and squeezed it a couple of times. The
two brothers reached over and took hold of each other's cock and began
jacking them off then leaned their heads together and kissed. It wasn't the
best position but it was still hot as all hell. We kept at it for maybe
five minutes during which both Gilbert and Ganymede had a little dialog

"Oh yeah, fuck me good." "Fuck your cock feels so good in my ass, ram your
cock into me, fuck me hard." That sort of thing. Finally senior suggested
we get onto the floor where we could fuck the boys good and proper. He
moved the tripod back to give us room so we flopped down on the floor in
front of the sofa. As soon as we were inside both boys I put my hands on
Gilbert's legs to hold them back while my dad put his arms underneath
Ganymede's legs and rolled the boy onto his back. We got to fuck both boys
really well from our respective positions.

There was plenty of moaning and talking. We all tried to kiss but dad had
better luck with Gany because their faces were so close. Gilbert reached
between his legs and put his hands on my hips and then on my butt to help
encourage me to fuck him good. Not that I needed much encouragement. I
don't have to tell every detail but suffice to say it was hot, hot,
hot. The only sounds in the room became moaning as well as the sound of
bodies slapping together. My balls were whacking Gilbert pretty hard as I
hammered his tight little asshole.

I was the first to cum of course. I had the least experience although I was
getting better. Gilbert jacked off so we got to cum together which was way
cool. I loved the feeling on my cock when the hole that I was fucking
constricted with each spasm of sperming that its owner had. Sometimes it
made me cum twice. My dad finally squirted his sperm into Ganymede's
ass. Before my father had pulled out of Ganymede the boy said to senior,

"I didn't cum dad, will you fuck me?" Senior asked my dad if he'd use the
hand held, dad said he would. Senior picked his son up in his arms and held
him while the boy reached down behind himself, took hold of his father's
very large cock and guided it to his recently fucked hole. Standing where I
was, I could see my father's sperm leaking out of the boy. As soon as the
swollen cock head went inside senior lowered his son enough so that he
could hold the boy and fuck him standing up, which he did. I'd never
considered such a thing let alone witnessed it. Senior was a large man, a
strong man, and holding his 12 year old and fucking him didn't seem to be
much of a problem. The boy kissed his father heavily then rested his head
on senior's shoulder.

"Fuck me good and hard daddy, make me cum." Fuck him good and hard his
father did. He finally moved the boy to a coffee table, lowered him onto it
then put Ganymede's legs on his shoulders. From there were could see
everything and it was incredible. Watching the man's heavy balls hang in
the air then get mashed up against his sons' butt was amazing. Watching him
pull that big cock about half way out of his son's ass then plunge it in
again was amazing. Listening to them talk was incredible.

"Goddamn I love fucking your tight little ass Gany. You're almost better
than your mother."

"Fuck me hard daddy, fuck my ass with your huge cock. Oh daddy make me
squirt my sperm out, please daddy make me cum." Senior finally got his son
to cum and the boy let us know about it with plenty of screaming and
yelling and talking. Actually he screamed like a little girl which I
thought was very stimulating. I found out later that part of that whole
thing was theater but part of it was natural as well. I would end up
fucking most of the kids in that family before the weekend was out and
every single one of them talked during sex, even when we weren't filming.

I lost my girl virginity that weekend when I fucked 8 year old Gemini and
then her twin brother Gian one after the other. That had been pretty hot.;
I mean twins, really? I liked fucking the little girl and would fuck plenty
of other girls before I turned 16 but my heart and my cock were for boys
and after the age of 16 I would fuck very few girls. I did end up fucking
Gemini's tight little cunt while Gilbert fucked her in the ass. That felt
really weird and we did get it all on film, but that's another story.

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