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Nifty - Bestiality - Down On The Farm - Down On The Farm 1

Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 03:00:49 -0800 (PST)
From: Dan Thornton <>
Subject: Down on the Farm Part 1 (oral,anal,beastility,incest)

First I would like to thank everyone who sent their comments. I hope you
continue to enjoy future stories I submit. My stories are true and span
over my lifetime so far. If it upsets you to read them, then please leave
now. The names have been changed in all stories to protect them.

                      Down on the Farm Part I

I was invited to spend a couple of weeks with a friend at his uncles
in the country. A little about me and my friend. His name is John. He is
19, 6' tall,180 lbs, and has a beautiful 8" cut cock. I am 5'10",190 lbs,6
1/2" uncut cock. I was 18 at this time.
We loaded up his car and headed to his uncles. Along the way I was
feeling froggy and started to rub his cock through his shorts. We had been
playing together for a couple of years, mostly oral. He looked at me and
smiled and opened his legs wider. I pulled the leg up and reached inside
for my prize. He was already half hard as I pulled his cock out. Precum
forming on the tip. I bent over and licked it off. It tasted great as
usual. I slowly took it into my mouth. I felt it get swell in my mouth. I
began sucking softly. Soft moans came from John as he tried to maintain
control. We passed a couple of truckers and they blew their horns when they
saw what was going on. John waved at them and laughed.
We got off on our exit and headed into the country. My head was bobing
up and down harder on the rough road. John was moaning more and more. He
had to hold the wheel with both hands to keep control. Soon I felt his cock
swell. He moaned loudly as he shot his load down my throat. I raised up and
put his cock back into his shorts, then I leaned over and kissed
him,letting him taste his own juices.
We arrieved at his uncles shortly after that. It was down a dirt road
about a mile off the main road. He said their closest neighbor was over
two miles away. We smiled at that.He pulled up in the yard. I saw this
beautiful girl in daisy dukes and a cutoff shirt walking to the barn. My
cock got hard instantly.He said she was his cousin Dawn. We got out and
headed around the house. His aunt came to the door. I saw where his cousin
got her looks. His aunt was about 5'6" tall, 115 lbs,big tits(36dd i
foundout later),long brown hair almost to her very nice ass. She grabbed
John and gave him a big hug.Smashing hir tits into his chest. Then she
planted a big sloppy kiss on his lips. My jaw dropped.
They pulled apart and he introduced me. She reached out and grabbed me
and pulled me into her arms. Her tits felt so good against my chest. I was
disappointed when she didn't kiss me too. But then if she had she would of
tasted her nephews cum on my lips. But she did grind her hips into mine. I
know she felt my hardon. When she let go she looked at me and smiled. As we
took our things inside, John asked where Joey was. His aunt said his father
and he were gathering some wood for the winter. We put our thing in the
spare bedroom. His aunt said she hoped we mineded thathad to share a bed. I
caught her looking at John and giving a little wink. He just smiled at her.
He told me Joey was 16 and Dawn was 15. I jokingly said I would like
to get some of his aunt and Dawn. He just smiled and said nothing. He said
wait till I met his uncle and Joey. We laughed. We went outside and he
showed me around. We walked down the trail to the pond. We stopped for a
minute. I felt his hand on my cock. I turned around and he dropped to his
knees. He looked up at me and said he wanted to do this ever since I sucked
him coming down there.
He pulled my shorts down to my ankles. My hardon slapped my stomach as
it sprang free. He took it into his mouth. It was so wet and hot. He
cupped my balls with one hand and rubbed my ass with the other. He took his
time sucking me off. He licked all over my cock and balls before swallowing
it again. Soon I felt the cum climbing from my balls. My cock swelled in
his mouth and shot serveral wads into his mouth. He swallowed every
drop. He stood up and we kissed. He still had my cock in his hand stroking
I pulled up my shorts and we walked back holding hands. When we got
back his uncle and cousin was back. I could see the family resemblance. His
uncle was 6'4" tall,about 200lbs, and Joey was about 5'11, and 190lbs. I
was wondering if they were hung like John. It surprized me when they all
hugged. I noticed both of then fondled John's ass when they did. They
smiled and shook my hand. They glanced at John when they did and
smiled. My mind went into overdrive. I wanted them both.
We helped them finish unloading the wood into the shed. When they bent
over my cock got hard. Both had nice tight asses that begged to be licked
and fucked. John saw me staring and laughed. They asked him what he was
laughing about and he said nothing. He just looked at me and smiled. They
headed in to get cleaned up for supper. John asked if I liked what I saw. I
almost yelled HELL YES. He said if I played my cards right I might get a
chance at some of that. My jaw dropped. I said I would do anything to get
some of them all and we laughed.
Not much happened the rest of the night. We just sat around and
watched TV and, and they got caught up on family matters. I could hardly
wait to get to bed with John, I was so horny. Finally we went to bed. I
almost ripped his clothes off getting him naked. We got into bed and I
grabbed his cocksucking it into my mouth. I was like a madman sucking him
quick to get him hard, so he could fuck me.I grabbed the lube from my bag
and lubed his cock. I slid some up my ass with my fingers. I straddledhim
and guided his cock to my asshole. I moaned as the head popped in. I bent
over and kissed him asI slid down onto his cock. It felt so good inside
me. I raised up grabbing his nipples twisting them asI slid up and down on
his cock. Moans were coming from both of us. I hoped the rest didn't hear,
butI really didn't care. I picked up the pace as our breathing got faster
and faster. Soon I felt his cockswell and he shot his load deep into my
ass. We kissed then I turned around and rolled over, keeping his cock
buried in me. We fell asleep not long after.
The next moring we woke up to the smell of breakfast cooking. We
jumped up and headed to the bathroom. Our morning woodys leading the
way. After we took a leak we jumped in the shower. We got dressed in shorts
and shirts and headed into the kitchen. His aunt smiled and asked if we had
a good night. John said yep and we smiled. After breakfast, we helped
around the farm. Joey said they had to go to town to pick up lucky their
dog. He had got into a tangle with a a wild dog a few days ago and was at
the vets.
Dawn came out of the house with even shorter shorts and top on. The
cheeks of her ass were showingand her top barely covered her braless
tits. My mouth was watering, and my cock jumped to the occassion.Dawn was
5' tall, and built like a brick shithouse. She had dark brown hair falling
almost to her ass.Like mother like daughter I thought. She came and huged
John hard. It surprized me when she hugged me too. I hoped she didn't feel
my hardon. Then again I did hope she felt it. She smelled like a breath
ofspring air. We jumped in the car and headed to town. We arrived at the
vets and John went in with Joey.A couple of minutes they came out with a
lab mix. He was very friendly with everyone. He jumped in back with Joey
and Dawn. I looked and his cock was hanging out his sheath. Joey looked and
just smiled.
We got home and Joey asked if we wanted to go swimming and winked at
John. He said sure. We headed to the pond. I was hoping that Dawn would
come too, but she said maybe later and went into the house. We got to the
pond and Jerked his shorts off and yelled last one in is a rotten egg. We
quickly jerked ours off and ran into the pond. We played around some then
climbed up on the grass.I noticed Joey was hung too. John looked at me and
then tackled Joey. They fell down naked into eachothers arms. Their lips
locked as John grabbed Joeys cock. He stroked it and fondled his
balls. Helooked up at me and asked if I was just going to stand there or
suck this nice cock.
I dove between his legs. I had two nce cocks to play with. I grabbed
one in each hand and stroked them. I would suck and lick one then the
other. Soon John got up and Joey and I got into a 69 with Joeyon top. I
looked up as John's cock came into view. He probed Joey's ass as I sucked
him. Soon I saw it enter his ass. Joey moaned as John slid in.When he
pumped in it shoved Joey's cock deeper
into my mouth. Joey was an expert cocksucker. Soon I was shooting my load
down his throat. I felt John as hecame up Joeys ass. Joey had gasped as cum
was shooting deep in his ass. His cock swelled and blew his load down my
throat. We fell over and laughed. Joey said welcome to the family.
We put our shorts on and headed back. We did some more chores and
layed around. I loved watching Dawn and her mother bounce around the house
in their skimpy outfits. It was hard covering
myboner the whole time. I notice that John and Joey were sporting boners
too. I wondered if they were thinking the same thing I was. After Joey dad
came home he said there was bad news. A good friend had died and he was to
be a pall bearer. He and Joey's mom had to go out of town for a couple of
Early the next day they loaded up. Looking at us they smiled and said
to be careful and have fun. His aunt kissed us all and got in the car. His
dad hugged us and kissed Dawn on the lips and patted
herass. He hugged us and patted our ass too.
We laid around after we did the chores and talked. Joey told Dawn we
were going swimming again. She said she might join us later. We ran down
the trail. As soon as we got to the pond we stripped
and jumped in. We played grab ass and finally Joey grabbed John's cock and
swallowed it. I came up behindhim and spread his ass cheeks. I pushed my
cock against Joeys ass. After a couple of pushes the head popped in. He
moaned around John's cock. He was hot and tight. I made short strokes,
shoving in anotherinch with each stroke. Finally my balls slapped his
ass. He was sucking
John for everything he was worth. His head was bobbing up and down hard
and fast. I started
pounding his ass matching his strokes. Soon everyone was moaning and
groaning hard. John threw his head back as he shot his load into
Joey'sthroat. It set me off and my cock swelled and shot my load up Joey's
ass as I held him tight.
As soon as I pulled out of his ass, he grabbed John and spun him
around and shoved his cock into his ass. John moaned loud as Joey hit
bottom.He pounded John's ass with a vengance. You could hear his hips
slapping John's ass as he pounded him. Soon he yelled as he shot his load
up John's ass. We laid back and rested. We got up and jumped in the pond
to clean up. All of a sudden Dawn came down the trail. We couldn't get out
without her seeing us. She strolled up and saw our shorts laying on the
grass. She smiled and asked what we had been doing. John and Joey just
She lifted her top to revel a skinpy bikini. She slid her shorts down
slowly giving us a show. My cock jumped as she stepped out of them, showing
her thong bottom.She ran and jumped in. She cameup next to us. She was
giggling and splashing around. John grabbed her and threw her at Joey. He
grabbed her and threw her back. I just knew she felt their cocks hit her as
they grabbed her. Soon John reached and grabbed the string on her top and
pulled. She squeeled as her top fell off reveling her beautiful tits.She
just laughed and kept playing. Soon her bottoms were off too. She jumped
into John's arms and gave him a sloppy kiss. Then she grabbed Joey and gave
him one too.
Joey whispered something into her ear. She looked at me and
smiled. She came up to me and wrapped her arms around me. She looked into
my eyes and asked. Do you just like to suck and fuck John and my brother or
do you like girls too? Then she laughed and shoved her mound into my
hips. She kissed me hard and ground her hips into mine, pinning my hardon
between us. I grabbed her ass and lifted her up and said why don't you find
out as I lowered her onto my cock.
Her eyes got wide as I entered her. She was so hot and tight. John and
Joey were watching Dawn bounce up and down on my cock. They were stroking
eachothers cock. Dawn was squealing and moaning loud. She grabbed her tit
and shoved it into my mouth. Her hard nipple tasted so sweet.I bit down on
it and she squealed again. Soon she started shivering as her orgasm was
building. Soon she locked her legs tight around my waist as she came. My
cock swelled inside her and I shot my load deep inside her. She kissed me
hard as she came down. Her body went limp, and I picked her up and layed
her on the grass.
John and Joey wasn't far behind. They came out with their hardons
leading the way. John fell down and buried his head between Dawn's
legs. Joey crawled up next to her face and fed her his cock. She happily
sucked Joey's cock as John gave her a good eatting out. She was squirming
bucking her hips as John ate her out. She was moaning around Joey's cock as
she gave him a grade A blowjob. I knealed down next to her and she grabbed
my cock and stroked it.
Soon she recieved Joeys hot load. She swallowed every drop. She began
breathing harder and then clamped her legs around John's head as she
came. She was still stroking me as she came down. She turned and swallowed
my cock. It seemed she loved to suck cock. She was an expert. Soon I gave
her my load. She looked up and smiled at all of us. We smiled back. We
laid around the rest of the afternoon naked. I had to taste her pussy. I
rolled between her legs and looked at her beautiful baby smooth shaven
pussy. Her clit was hidden underneath her outer lips. For a few seconds I
just stared at her beauty. I lowered my face and smelt her womaness. I
kissed the inside of her legs tasting her. Slowly I kissed her outer
lips. A gasp escaped her lips. Her legs opened wide. I pushed my tongue
into her slit. She had began getting wet. It was the sweetest I had tasted
in a long time.
I twirled my tongue around brushing her clit. She jumped as my tongue
hit it. I puled out my tongue and licked her from the top of her mound to
her asshole. She ground her hips as I licked around her asshole. I slipped
my tongue into her pussy. She was gushing juices from her pussy. I lapped
them up as best as I could. I looked up and she had John's cock deep in her
throat. Joey was shoving his fingers up John's ass, as Dawn was stroking
his cock. I crawled up and shoved my cock into her pussy, just as John shot
his load down her throat. Her eyes shot open for all the attention she was
She kept sucking John as he bent over her and Joey replaced his
fingers with his cock. It was a beautiful site. She was getting fucked
while her brother was fucking her cousin over her.Everyone was moaning and
squirming around. It's a good thing no one lived close, because of all the
noise we were making. After we all came again we just laid there in
eachothers arms. We awoke later and Dawn said it was time to go fix
supper. We all walked naked back to the house our arms on eachothers ass.
No one got dressed. Every time someone walked by they got their ass or
cock grabbed. Dawn was at the sink and I walked up behind her and grabbed
her tits. I kissed her neck and shoulder. She turned around and shoved her
tongue into my mouth as we kissed. I could taste the cum on her lips. Our
tongues battled in our mouths . Suddenly I felt a tongue slide up my crack
and a hand slid between my legs. It passed between my legs and slid a
finger into her pussy. She moaned deep as it penetrated her. Soon they
pulled out and I felt a cock probing my ass. It was Joey.
He pushed it inside, making me moan loud into his sister's mouth. I
cock was pouring out precum form the feeling.I bent down and took her
nipple into my mouth. As I sucked John got down and began sucking me. Joey
began pounding my ass hard and fast. Soon his cock swelled and he shot his
load deep in my ass. I didn't last much longer as I release mine down
John's mouth. Dawn was fingering herself and soon she was trembling as she
Everyone was wore out. We all had sore asses and cocks, and Dawn was
sore too. I haven't came that much in a long time. We went to their parents
king size bed and crawled in. John was holding Dawn's tit as she had hold
of my cock and I had hold of Joey's. We fell asleep quickly.
I awoke the next morning. John and Dawn were already up. I rolled Joey
over onto his back. He had a morning woody. I stradled him and sat down on
his cock. He woke up as I bottomed out. I bent over and kissed him good
morning. He said that was a good way to be woke up as I began bouncing up
and down. After a few minutes John came in and saw us. He laughed and
called us a couple of sluts. We laughed. Joey shot his load up my ass. When
he got soft he came out, and I shaked my ass at John and told him to clean
me up. He buried his face in my ass. I said look whose the slut.
We walked into the kitchen. Dawn was putting breakfast on the table. I
walked up and bent over and kissed each of her cheeks. She turned around
and I kissed her mound and then kissed her deeply and said good
morning. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me close. Then she
stroked my cock a few times and said it's going to be.
We finished breakfast then set about doing the chores. I looked around
and noticed Joey was missing. I asked John where he went. He smiled and
took my hand.We headed to the barn. He said Joey went to check on lucky. We
got to the barn and the door was slightly open. We could hear grunting
inside. We slipped inside. Our eyes got used to the low light. We looked
over and saw Joey being humped by lucky. He was taking the knot as we saw
him. We walked over and surprized him. John said you slut and fed him his
cock. Joey swallowed it and began sucking hard. Lucky was pounding his ass
more and more. Lucky finally turned around. They were ass to ass tied. I
went to pet lucky and he began licking my cock and balls. It was thrilling
having that done. I hadn't had a dog lick me in a long time. I got on my
knees and let him lick all he wanted. He kept trying to get to my ass, so I
turned around and he gave me a good licking.
We fed Joey our cocks and asses till Lucky pulled out. John said now
you know how lucky got his name. They had gotten him from a friend that
moved away and couldn't take him. He knotted Joey every chance he got. We
all laughed at that. We were all still on out knees when I felt a tongue on
my asshole. It was Lucky. Before I knew it He mounted me. He was humping
trying to find the sweet hole. He hit the spot and rammed his cock home. I
yelled as he went in. He locked his legs around mine in a death grip. John
and Joey said Lucky found a new bitch. Joey crawled over and shoved his
cock down my throat. He said if his dog fucked my ass then he was going to
fuck my mouth. I felt Lucky's knot at my ass. I grabbed Joeys ass and held
on. When his knot entered me, I let out a loud moan. It hurt bad as it
swelled inside me. Lucky went crazy. Soon I felt his cock pumping wad after
wad into my ass. I went crazy sucking Joey. Soon his cock was spraying my
throat with his cum.
As soon as Joey pulled out John backed up to me and shoved his ass
into my face. I began licking his hole hard and fast. I shoved as much as I
could inside his ass. He was moaning and groaning. I reached around and
stroked his cock. Joey climbed beneath him and they fell into a
69. I kept eating John's ass. A few minutes later Lucky pulled out. He
went in the corner and began cleaning himself. I fell beside them with a
sore ass. After they came in eachother mouths. We got up and went back
inside. Dawn looked at our red cocks and asked if we had fun.
We went into the living room and watched some videos. We needed the
break. Dawn walked by and said she was going for a shower. Shortly we heard
the water running. When she finished she walked into her room. I got up to
go to the bathroom. Her door was open and she was laying on her bed playing
with herself. I grabbed a quick shower and the I walked into her room. She
was cumming as I walked in. I went over to her bed and climbed in. We
kissed and held eachother. A couple of minutes I began kissing down her
body. She moaned as I sucked her tits and then went lower. She smelled
fresh from the shower as I kissed her mound. Her legs opened wider as I
kissed her all over her pussy. I raised her legs and licked across her
asshole. She let out a loud moan as I probed her. I licked back up and
licked her juices. I opened her up and pulled her clit hood up and sucked
her clit into my mouth. She jumped mashing my face into her. Her hands held
my head tight against her. I twirled my tongue around her clit over and
over. She was grinding her hips trying to keep me in one spot.
I slid a finger inside her and found her G spot. She was bucking like
a bronco. She orgasmed hard and layed back breathing hard. I began kissing
her legs letting her come down. I raised them again and probed her ass. I
rubbed my cum coated finger around her hole. I slid it in slowly. Her eyes
got big as I probed her. Slowly I opened her up. I slid in another
finger. She was panting hard. She pulled her legs up giving me full access
to her ass. I licked her juices as they flowed from her. I puled my finger
out and slid my cock up her wet pussy getting it covered with her juices. I
pulled out and aimed for her hole. It was very tight. When the head popped
in she took a deep breath. I held there giving her time to relax some
more. Slowly I slid inside. She pulled her legs tight against her
chest. Finally I was buried deep in her ass. She was working her muscles
around my cock. I was going crazy. I almost came as she did that. I began
pumping in and out of her.
Slowly I picked up speed as she relaxed. Soon I was pounding her ass
hard and fast. She moaned as my balls slapped her ass hard. I couldn't take
much more. I felt my cum begen it's trip up my cock.I buried as deep as I
could and let it go. Both of us screamed as I shot hot wads of cum deep in
her ass. There was clapping at the door. I turned to see John and Joey
smiling from ear to ear. Joey said you got her cherry. I had been trying
for a long time, but she wouldn't let me. She always said I was too big.I
smiled and said well a big cock is not always the best thing and laughed.
My cock slid out with a plop. I layed down and kissed her tenderly on
the lips. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me back. John and Joey
went back into the living room. We layed there for a little while just
holding eachother. Dawn got up and went into the shower. I followed. We
gently lathered eachother up as we kissed. I looked into her eyes and
thanked her for letting me be her first. She melted into my arms and
kissed me.
We laid there for about a hour. We got up and went in the living room
to see John pounding Joey's ass. Their folks called and said they would be
home around ten. We went swimming again and then played some more. Dawn
went to fix supper and us guys headed to the barn. We told John it was his
turn to be Lucky's bitch. He got down and lucky began licking his ass. I
fed John my cock as Lucky mounted him. His eyes went big as Lucky's knot
entered his ass and let out a loud moan. Lucky was making sure John didn't
get away. He was pounding his ass hard and fast. Soon we could tell Lucky
was pumping John's ass full of cum.
Joey went around as Lucky turned and offered him his cock and
balls. Lucky happily licked them. I shot my load down Johns throat and
then turned around and stuck my ass in his face. He began rimming me,
shoving his tongue up my ass like a small cock. As Lucky pulled his knot
out of John's ass, he rolled over and layed on his back. I crawled over and
implaled myself on his hard cock. Joey walked over and fed me his cock as
I bounced happily. We heard a giggle. Dawn had came to get us for
supper. She laughed and called us a bunch of horny fuckers and said supper
was ready if we could keep our mouths off eachothers cock long enough. We
jumped up and chased her back to the house. Our cocks bouncing up and down
as we ran. We caught her at the door. We grabbed her legs and arms and
toted her into the house. We laid her on the floor and she was laughing and
fighting us to get free. I climbed on top of her and fed her my cock. Joey
pulled one leg while John pulled the other. Joey buried his head between
her legs. Soon she wasn't fighting . She was moaning and pushing her hips
to get Joey's head closer. She started her orgasm. Joey jumped up and
buried his cock in his sister. John went to fondling her tits and sucking
her nipples. She went crazy. Joey pounded her hard and fast. She went into
overdrive as another orgasm overcame her. I shot my load down her throat as
Joey blew his load deep inside her.
As she came down we let her go. John gave her a deep kiss licking my
cum from her mouth. We got up and set down to eat. We were giggling and
caring on as we said we already ate. We finished supper and us guys cleaned
the kitchen, letting Dawn rest. It wasn't long before their parents got
home so we all took showers and got dressed. When their parents came in we
were watching TV like nothing had happened. Everyone went to bed shortly
The next morning their dad went to work. We woke to the smell of
breakfast. We slipped on some shorts and headed to the kitchen. Their
mother kissed us and told us to sit down. She had on a flimsy nighty that
didn't cover up much. Our cocks got hard watching her. Joey came in to eat
and kissed his mother on the mouth and patted her ass. She giggled and
slapped his hand. He just smiled and said she was as sexy as ever. She
giggled as she put his plate in front of him. Dawn walked in with just a
t-shirt on. She smiled and hugged her mom.
After we ate we went to do the chores. Dawn stayed in the house
helping to clean up. Soon Joey's mom walked outside in a skimpy outfit. I
could see she enjoyed us looking at her. She acted like a school girl
bouncing around and giggling.I knew she saw our boners as we walked around.
She asked John and me to take Dawn into to town to pick up some things. We
hopped in the car and headed to town. Dawn sucked me off as we went into
town. On the way home I drove and she sucked off John.
When we got back we went inside. No one seemed to be there. John went
to the back and came and got me. He said be quiet as I could. We snuck down
the hall and heard noises coming from their parents room. The door was
slightly open. We peeked in. Joey was trying to get back intro his mamas
womb head first. She orgasmed flooding his face with her juices. When he
raised up we saw she was shaven too. Joey slid his cock into his mamas
pussy. It was so hot watching this.
Dawn walked up and looked in. She whispered in our ears their at it
again. She said they did it all the time. About that time her mama saw us
at the door. Dawn had reached down and was stroking our cocks. Joey hadn't
noticed us. He was pounding away in his mama. Dawn pulled us into the room
by our cocks. Joey finally noticed us. He didn't miss a stroke. He just
smiled and kept pumping. It must of really turned his mom on as she had a
huge orgasm while we stood there watching. Dawn reached down and pulled our
shorts down. Her mother watching her stroking us. Soon Joey buried his cock
and came inside his mom. He looked at us and said NEXT. John climbed
between her legs. I reached out and stripped Dawn. Her mother watched me
fondle her daughter as John fucked her. I pushed Dawn down on her knees
and fed her my cock. It really turned me on having her mom watch as she
sucked me. Joey came over and buried his face between her legs. John moaned
load as he mixed his cum with Joeys. As he climbed off I took my cock out
of Dawns mouth and climbed up. It was so hot shoving my cock into her that
had just came out of her daughters mouth.
I didn't last long. I shot my load mixing it with the others. Cum
poured from her when I pulled out. Dawn ahd been cleaning Joey's and John'
cocks as I fucked her mother. She rolled over and looked at us all. She
smiled and kissed us all. we spent the afternoon eating and fucking both of
the girls. Soon it was time for their father to come home. He was
surprised when he walked in and everyone was naked. His wife walked up and
planted a wet sloppy kiss on him. We saw his cock grow as she did it. Dawn
was next. She wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her tongue in his
mouth. He pulled her tight and grabbed her ass kneading it. When they
broke free, he looked at us. He asked, Have you boys been fucking my wife
and daughter? We smiled and said YES. He laughed and said I don't blame you
their both great in bed.



All comment welcome and answered. Especially from pro writers making
suggestions how to make my stories better.

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