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Nifty - Bestiality - Farm Family Fun - Farm Family Fun 2

Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2011 09:33:14 -0800 (PST)
From: Tague Micheals <>
Subject: Farm Family Fun II

This chapter is more involved with the setup so has more boy/boy action
than beastie. I hope, however, that the reader understands that the next
chapter will have all manner of interactions. Regardless, N-joi.

~~~~~~~~~~              ~~~~~~~~~~              ~~~~~~~~~~              ~~~~~~~~

I packed a small bag with a change of clothes as soon as I got home from
school the next day. At 3:30 I was standing in our driveway a big black
Hummer pulled in. I thought it was black, and it mostly was, but as I got
closer to it I could see that it had a sort of red cast to it as well. I
would find out later that the paint color was called black cherry. Anyway
all of the windows were tinted very dark and it had killer chrome rims. The
passenger door flew open and Gilbert jumped out, his signature smile was
plastered on his smooth pale face.

"Hey Josh," he said and stood alongside the door. I piled in and crawled
across to the far side and Gilbert came in behind me and we started moving
before he even got the door closed.

"Fuck Garrett gimme a chance to get in for Christ's sake," Gilbert
practically yelled. He gave me a wink and smile. I didn't really get to see
the driver but Gilbert introduced him as his brother. He said hi but that
was about it. "Actually he's only my half brother; the ass half," my new
friend said, emphasizing the latter part in a loud voice.

"Yeah and it'll be your ass ya smart mouth little fuck," the driver called
out. I saw him looking at me in the rear view mirror and he winked at
me. Between that and the shit eating grin on Gilbert's face I knew that it
was all in fun. I looked around and checked out the inside of the truck. It
was all leather, thick carpet and electric everything. Gilbert said there
were drop down screens for our seats.

"We have to take 2 vehicles if the whole family goes anywhere," he said
adding, "Not that we do very often." I asked how many people were in his
family and he told me 7 kids not counting Garrett and of course he never
counted Garrett. That comment got a retort from the older boy. Garrett
turned the DVD player up, country western, and Gilbert and I chatted about
all kinds of stuff as we headed out to his farm.

It didn't take long before we were off the main roads and 10 minutes later
we pulled off of the country road we were on. We were about 20 feet in
front of an iron gate that sat between ten foot high stone pillars that had
a stone wall trailing out along the outer side of them for at least 20
feet. It kinda looked the entrance to a private community like in the ritzy
part of the city. A large sign on the gate said "No Entry Without An
Appointment." That gate was already opening so we didn't really stop, just
slowed way down. I asked Gilbert what the deal was with the sign.

"We have purebred dogs and horses at stud and people pay big money to have
their animals bred by ours. We also have some wild animals here that we
don't want to get loose. We don't want strangers or people in general
wandering in and out and risking letting our animals out. We went through
the gate and it closed behind us. Just past the gate something caught my
eye so I turned and saw a chain link fence that looked really tall and had
curly barbed wire all along the top. I couldn't see the fence from outside
because it was blocked by an equally tall hedge that had to be 5 feet
thick. I'd seen pictures of military bases that had fences that tall.

We continued on the driveway, seemingly in the forest because of a thick
stand of tees that lined the other side of the fence, but about 50 yards in
it ended and we were surrounded by fields and fences. In the distance I
could see a huge house along with barns and other out buildings and a
second later there were a couple of dogs running along side the truck. A
minute later we pulled up in front of a huge log house and parked alongside
a couple of other cars and trucks. I opened the door and got out, dragging
my overnight bag behind me and turned to close the door and proceeded to
shit my pants. I was face to face with the biggest fucking dog I have ever
seen in my life. Okay, that's not true. I have seen big dogs but not one
who was practically looking me in the eye.

"Bagwas; sit," Garrett commanded from behind me. The monster sat
immediately and even then his huge head was almost chest high to me. "He
wouldn't hurt a flea," Garret told me as he came alongside, "would you, you
big fucking oaf." Garrett patted the thing on the head and of course it
looked at him with big adoring eyes. "Put your hand out so he can sniff you
otherwise he'll pester the shit out of you," Garrett said. As I did it
Gilbert came around the truck and stood right behind the dog.

"Bagwas is a Harlequin Great Dane," Gilbert told me. "His name is
pronounced Bagwas but its spelled B-a-g-o-a-s. Bagoas was the eunuch lover
of Alexander the Great for the 3-4 years or so before Alexander's' death."
We started toward the house and Bagoas fell in alongside of me since I was
the new guy, the novelty. I started to pat him but Garret stopped me.

"Always pet or pat a Dane on the inside. If you pat him on the other side
he'll lean into you and I'd venture to say that this one probably outweighs
you by 40 pounds and he'll knock you off balance if not over." Another dog
came flying toward us but stopped short due to a command issued from behind

"Manfwed stop!" I turned to see, coming toward us, the most beautiful
little boy I'd ever laid eyes on. He couldn't have been more than 5 or 6
years old. His hair was golden blonde and hung past his shoulders in long
ringlets. He had porcelain skin, large eyes that were a startling blue
color and full pouty lips that were tinged red.

The boy ran up to us then stopped when he saw me, then practically screamed
out, "Gioboot."

"Come see me Gabriel," Gilbert said then dropped to one knee with his arms
out. The little ran to him and Gilbert scooped him up and stood.

"Gioboot," he said, the L softened as well as the R so that bert sounded
like soot only with a B. He planted his mouth against Gilbert's and the two
kissed and I don't mean a little peck on the mouth either, I mean a long
kiss. "I miss you Geoboot, when ah you comin home?"

"I am home you little imp." The little boy giggled.

"Nooo, I mean fo'evah."

"Not till school's out. Look, Gabriel, this is my good friend Josh. Say

"Hello Josh," Gabriel said, his voice the typical high pitch of a child. He
leaned toward me.

"He wants to kiss you," Gilbert told me so I leaned in. The boy put his
hands on the sides of my head then pressed his perfect little lips against
mine. Again, it wasn't a little peck but a serious kiss, the kind lovers
might give each other. I noticed that when he finally stopped kissing me
that my dick was starting to get hard and I really had to wonder about

"I think he likes you," Garrett said as the little boy pulled back. "Do I
get one Gabriel," he asked and the little boy put his arms out so the two
brothers swapped him and the boy kissed his older brother in the same
manner that he'd kissed me and Gilbert. We headed into the house, the two
dogs following and Gabriel chattering away in Garrett's arms.

Inside the door was like a waiting area but without chairs. It was the size
of a small bedroom and I think it was called a landing because it was one
step above the other rooms that I could see from where I stood. There was a
door on one side and plenty of shoes lined up neatly along a wall. We
kicked off our shoes and stepped down.

A massive living room with open log beams was off to the right, an arched
doorway on the left went up a step into a hall. Just past that a wide
staircase gently curved up to the second level. Past the stairway another
arched doorway led toward the back of the house. Garret set Gabriel down
and the little boy ran off yelling,"

"Gioboot's home Gioboot's home." ( gonna quit spelling out Gabriel's speech
impediment, you get the idea)

"Brace yourself," Garrett said to me. I heard some whooping and hollering
from somewhere then the stampede of feet and a herd of kids came pouring
out through the doorway straight at us in a cacophony of voices calling out
Gilbert's name. Garrett pulled me back out of the way just before my friend
was swarmed by kids in a variety of sizes. You'd have thought it was Jesus
healing the lepers or something. Actually I only counted 6 but they made
enough noise for twice that many and in that mix I saw at least one set of
twins; boys about 11 years old. Every single one of the kids was extremely
cute if not beautiful and only 1 of them had dark hair, all the rest were
as blonde as Gilbert and Gabriel. I wondered about the dark haired one then
realized that Garrett had dark hair as well but then, I knew that he was a
half brother so I still wondered.

After every one had hugged and kissed Gilbert he got them to settle down
and arrange themselves. Apparently that routine was common because they all
shuffled about until there was a line from the youngest to the oldest.

"I want you to meet my friend Josh. He's going to spend the weekend and, if
I have anything to say about it, you'll see more of him so please make him
feel welcome. This is Gian," who was a boy, "and Gemini, the latter being a
girl. They're 8 and obviously twins. The next is Gilia, she's 9. More
twins, Gage and Ganymede who turned 12 a couple of weeks ago, and Giselle
who is 14. Last is our cousin Athena and she's my age. Athena is spending
this year with us." Each time a child was introduced he or she gave me a
full mouth to mouth kiss and while not quite as long as Gabriel's had been
they were still beyond the pecking type. This was about the kissing-est
family I'd ever seen. I wasn't complaining.

"Where's mom," Gilbert asked and an immediate answer came from behind
us. We turned to see a striking blonde woman coming toward us from the side
hallway. "Mama," my friend said with a smile and went into the woman's
arms. She kissed her son, or he kissed her, in the same manner that
everyone else kissed, long and lovingly. After they hugged Gilbert turned
to introduce us.

"Mama this is Josh, the boy I told you about." She kissed me like a long
lost lover, including a little tongue. She had a fragrance about her that
was rather intoxicating. Then she stepped back, with both of my hands in
hers, and looked me over from top to bottom.

"Welcome to our home Josh," she said, please call me Genia." There was an
accent in her somewhat deep voice that I couldn't place. "Gilbert has told
me so much about you. Please, consider yourself family." I thanked her in a
shaky voice. With long blonde hair, a willowy frame topped with large
breasts, this was the kind of woman that fueled adolescent fantasies; that
provided a visual image for teenage boys, like me, to strangle their hard
cocks over. I had jacked off numerous times to such a vision of beauty, a
vision that helped my tender young balls to eject buckets full of cum onto
my torso, the grass, the shower floor, our shed, even the boy's bathroom in
the school gym. And she had tongued me.

"Come on let's go put your bag in my room," Gilbert said, pulling me back
to reality and using my arm for leverage.

"Dinner is in an hour boys," Genia called out to us. "Back to your homework
the rest of you. Half hour left."

Gilbert and I went up the stairs side by side and at the top did a U turn
back down a hall then entered a large airy bedroom. There were 2 queen
sized beds in the room, each with its own dresser. "I share with Gabriel
and I have to warn you that it is unlikely he'll sleep in his own bed while
we're here." The idea of cuddling with that beautiful little bundle boy of
didn't bother me in the least, not that I was in any way attracted to
little boys, I'm just sayin.

"I feel like I need to take a shower, wanna join me," Gilbert asked. I
wondered what other family members might say about that but before I could
voice the thought Gilbert said, "Showering together in this family is
almost expected." I shrugged my shoulders and Gilbert began to undress,
quickly stripping down to his briefs waiting for me to catch up. "Come on,"
he said and headed toward the door.

"Like this," I asked. Gilbert turned and looked me in the eyes.

"Josh. My home and family are like none you will ever meet. No one would
think a thing about this. Normally I wouldn't even wear underwear to take a
shower. Trust me, okay?" I nodded my head then he kissed me on the lips and
took my hand, leading me out the door and down the hallway a short ways and
into a room.

It was almost like the showers in PE, A large tiled room with multiple
shower heads on the wall and in the ceiling. I figured you could get 10
people in there at the same time. A long counter with a wall of mirrors
above it was against one wall but I didn't see a sink anywhere. Gilbert
opened a cupboard door revealing stacks of bath towels of which he took
2. He draped them on a wall mounted rack then shucked his underwear and
stepped into the shower, giving me a view of his incredibly slender butt. I
quickly dropped mine and followed him. I noticed some square metal boxes
mounted in the wall and it appeared they could be moved from sided to side
as well as up and down. I was going to asked Gilbert what they were when he
told me to stand in front of them. He flipped a metal handle and I was
immediately drenched from neck to toes in a spray of water.

"Cool huh? Garret found these and installed them for us about a year
ago. Everybody loves them," Gilbert explained as he stepped in next to
me. It was pretty incredible. Once we were wet down he shut the wall mounts
off and squirted some liquid from a row of wall mounted pumps into a hand.

"Want me to wash you?" That was a very novel idea and it was sure to cause
me to bone up. I shared that with Gilbert whose answer was "so?"

"What if someone comes in?" He said it didn't matter. If someone came in
they might even want to join us or they might not. "If it were the twin
boys, Gage (sounded like gauge) and Ganymede it's pretty much a given that
they would want to play with us or more specifically you. They're just
starting puberty and are both horny as 3 peckered owls." Oh man I was
starting to wonder just what this weekend was going to produce. I gave
Gilbert the go ahead and he did. When he slipped his hand between my butt
cheeks and worked his fingers across my butt hole I shivered. It was still
sore but he was very gentle, saying he needed to put some medicine on it
for me. Needless to say, when he turned me around to wash my front, he
almost got whacked by my hard cock. I saw that Gilbert was hard too, his
cock standing as tall as possible in front of his flat, taut belly. At
that point I didn't care who walked into the room.

He worked me over tenderly, rinsed me off then dropped to his knees and
sucked my cock for a little bit then stood back up. He asked if I would
wash him, I said absolutely, and followed his procedure. When I started
washing his butt hole he said,

"Put your finger in me Josh." I did as he asked and he moaned softly then
leaned forward and braced a hand on the wall and used the other one to pull
a cheek open for me. "Go ahead and finger fuck me," he panted and I did
just that. It didn't last long but man oh man did it throw me up into a fog
of hotness. When he told me to stop and I did, he turned around and melted
up against me, planted his lips against mine and kissed me hard, thrusting
his tongue into my mouth. I put my hands on his butt and pulled him to me,
reveling in the feeling of his body, of his hard cock pressed against
me. He finally broke the kiss and in a panting breath said,

"Let's finish up and go to my bed." We dried off quickly then Gilbert
tossed his towel into what looked like a laundry chute and told me to do
the same. "One of the strict rules is no damp towels in the bedrooms." I
was a little shocked.

"You mean we're gonna walk down the hall like this," I said pointing to my
stone hard dick. Gilbert laughed.

"Sure. In my house it's no big deal, honest. Besides, everyone is
downstairs. Come on. So there we went, down the hall hand in hand, 2 naked
teenage boys as hard as 2 boys could be. It felt really weird to me. We
pushed through the partially open door to Gilbert's room and I got the next
shock of my life. In the middle of the bedroom a naked Gabriel was
straddling the small dog that I'd seen when I first got there. The dog was
on his back and Gabriel had his face in the dog's crotch and it looked like
he might be sucking the dogs' dick. The dog meanwhile was clearly licking
at the little boy's asshole and most likely his balls.

Gilbert and I walked to one side of them and sure enough, Gabriel had the
dog's pink boner out of the sheath and was sucking it like pro. It was a
dog boy 69. Gabriel saw us and stopped what he was doing but it wasn't out
of embarrassment. He got off the dog and stood before us, his little
uncircumcised cocklet standing as hard as a nail in front of his rounded
little body.

"You guys got boners," Gabriel said and reached out to touch mine.

"Gabriel. You have to ask before you can touch, remember," Gilbert
admonished. The little boy dropped his head and apologized but the smile on
Gilbert's face indicated that the little tyke wasn't in any real trouble.

"Can I touch yoah dick Josh?" I nodded my head and he reached out and
grasped onto me. "It's a nice dick Josh," he said and started to lean his
head forward but Gilbert stopped him.

"Gabriel!" And Gabriel stopped. The kid was going to blow me. Instead he
let go and turned to his older brother.

"Gilbert. Can you help me?"

"Sure Gabey, what do you need?" Well, the crux of it was that the little
boy wanted his brother to help the dog to fuck him. He needed Gilbert to
jack the dog off and help guide the dog's dick to Gabriel's asshole in
order for the deed to be done. Gabriel got on his hands and knees and as he
did Gilbert asked him if he wanted to suck my cock while Manfred fucked him
and the little boy nodded his head. Gilbert directed me to get on my
haunches in front of him while he, Gilbert, got things doing. The dog
seemed to know what his duty was and came over to stand behind Gabriel and
Gilbert started the process. Gabriel put his head down and took the end of
my cock in his mouth and started sucking me. Even though I'd never
considered being with a boy, let alone a 5 year old, it was hot to have
that beautiful young thing attached to my dick. And on top of that he
sucked a pretty good cock.

It didn't take long before the dog was humping air and when he was ready he
hopped up and while I couldn't actually see the dog's cock go in the boys'
ass I could tell that it did because he stopped sucking me for a moment and

"Fuck me Manfwed, fuck me," Gabriel called out then put his head back down
and placed his mouth over my cock head. I was hot watching the little boy
get fucked but I would have loved to be in close and actually see the dog's
cock going in and out of his tight little hole. Gilbert stayed right there
alongside them, his beautiful cock standing up between his thighs and his
hand went down underneath his little brother and started jacking the boy

"What about the knot Gilbert," I said. The cute young blonde smiled and
shook his head.

"No worries, it's not that big and besides Gabey can handle it, trust me."
then Gabriel stopped sucking and moaned.

"It went in Gilbert, it went in. Oh gosh Gilbert it feels good. Make me cum
Gilbert." That was something new for me. I didn't know that little boys
could cum. I wondered what was like then quickly assumed it was a feeling
only kind of thing and nothing real came out of his little body. I mean,
his balls were so small, so immature, he had no hair. I figured I'd find

The dog kept fucking the boy and I thought that it was taking a long time
then all of a sudden Gabriel quit sucking me again.

"Oh fuck Gilbert oh fuck Gilbert oh fuck Gilbert," he said, his high
pitched voice a little bit deeper. Then his body started shaking and
started moaning like mad. It looked like Gilbert's hand was moving fast too
but regardless; I knew the little boy was cumming.

The dog stopped moving and Gilbert's hand slowed way down, Gabriel quieted
down although he was breathing heavily.

"Hey Gilbert," a voice called from the doorway. I hadn't heard anyone
coming up the stairs or anything. I looked to see the 12 year old twins
standing in the doorway.

"Hey guys, you can come in," Gilbert responded then to me said, "we have to
ask permission to go in someone else's room. It's another strict rule.

"How was it Gabey," one of the twins said.

"Did you cum," the other one asked. I was feeling a little self conscious
about kneeling there with my cock standing up like a periscope between my
legs but neither boy seemed to notice, at least at first. The twins were
just as beautiful as their little brother. Their hair wasn't nearly as long
as Gabriel's but it did hang down into their eyes, or would have if it
hadn't been pushed to the sides of their foreheads, one moving to the right
while the other went to the left and well over the ears and collars of both
boys. I would quickly learn that the left direction was Ganymede and the
other Gage. Both faces were positively smooth, their cheeks a slight
pink-ish and retained the slightly roundedness of boy taking their first
steps into puberty, their noses nicely curved at the bridge with a light
smattering of freckles on the sides. Like Gabriel their lips looked to be
perfect and slightly red and deliciously kiss-able.

They knelt on each side of Gabriel who was telling them that it had been
great and that Gilbert had jacked him off and made him cum.

"Good for you Gabey."

"We're proud of you." Obviously each twin had made a comment, something I
would discover was quite common with them. I would find out later that
sometimes you had ask one not to talk and let just one of them tell
whatever story it was they were telling you. Otherwise you could get
whiplash. The younger twins were the same way only not quite to the degree
that the boys in front of me were.

"Wow, nice cock Josh," Gage said to me.

"Definitely suckable," the other twin added while Gage said,

"And fuckable."

"Are you going to have him fuck you Gilby?"

"It looks like he would be a good fuck."

"I was planning on it before we ate," my friend answered.

"Mom says dinner will be a little earlier than planned."

"So you don't have time."

"We'd be happy to suck you off though."

"And jack you off," Ganymede offered

"Then you guys could fuck after game time," Gabriel said, "Can I watch
Gilbert, can I watch Josh fuck you?"

My head was getting dizzy following the conversation but apparently Gilbert
didn't have a problem with it.

"What's game time," I asked. All 4 boys looked at me.

"It's what we do on Friday nights, no excuses unless you're sick," Ganymede

"We play games like chess." Gage

"Backgammon." Gilbert

"Dominos," Ganymede said.

"Monopoly." Back to Gilbert.

"But we don't play Monopoly much cuz it's sort of boring, Gabriel
said. "Besides I can't play it very well." The dog had managed to turn
around so was ass to ass with the little boy while we all carried on the
conversation like there was nothing unusual about the situation. Over that
weekend I would become accustomed to those kinds of situations and watch as
newcomers went through the same process, confused and, quite frankly,

"Well, do you want us to help you," Gage asked, looked from Gilbert to
me. I didn't really know what to say to that because I didn't know the
rules. Come on, in any other family...

"What do you think Josh," my friend asked with a grin. "The twins both suck
a mean cock." I shrugged my shoulders. What the fuck could I say to that,
which was a dilemma I would face all weekend long.

"Sure." I looked down at my dick which had started to droop down a little
like a 3 day old cut flower.

"Don't worry Josh, we can fix that for you," Ganymede said.

"Easy," his twin responded. About that time the dog pulled away from
Gabriel and immediately began to wash his dick.

"Let's lay on my bed," Gilbert suggested and stood up, his cock about half
mast as well.

"I call Josh," Ganymede announced as if choosing someone for a game of
pickup or the front seat on a drive.

"We could trade during," Gage said.

"Better get used to that Josh. Everybody in the house will want to spend
time with you," my friend said.

"Except for Garrett," Gabriel said.

"True," Gage said.

"He doesn't do people very much," his twin said.

"But he might make an exception," Gage said.

"True," his twin responded.

"Come on you guys we don't have much time," Gilbert announced and went over
to the bed and lay down. I followed and lay beside him and he moved in
closer so that our bodies touched. We both took hold of our dicks, not so
much to do anything with them as to simply touch ourselves. At least I did

"That's our job," Ganymede said.

"Get your hands away," Gage added. A moment later each boy was next to us,
one foot planted on the floor and one knee on the bed. I felt a little jolt
of electricity shoot through my body as the boy took hold of my cock and
started stroking some life into it. It only took a second before he applied
his sweet lips to the task which got me full on hard in about a half

It was hot as all fuck, lying there naked with my cute new friend and
having cuter twin boys sucking our dicks. How could like get any better
than that?

"Hey Josh," Gilbert said softly. I turned my head and Josh's face was right
in front of mine. He leaned his head in and kissed me on the lips. I
discovered that I really liked kissing and responded in kind. We both
maneuvered our upper bodies and went into a full mouth, tongue fighting
kiss. Gilbert was rubbing my chest as kissed then began tweaking a nipple,
pinching it gently. I had no idea my nipples were so sensitive. At the
other end Ganymede was sucking my cock with a vengeance, stroking me as he
did it. Looking at his twin brother doing the same thing to Gilbert was
almost more than I could take.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum," I moaned out. The boy took his mouth away and just
jacked me off but then started licking all over my cock head. Gabriel had
crawled up onto the bed alongside me and asked if he could touch me and I
nodded my head. The little boy bent over and started sucking on my other
nipple. I started to reach out to play with his still hard little cock and
marble sized balls. I stopped though, remembering what Gilbert had told him
about asking first. I started to do that but my balls had reached their
overflow mark or whatever it was.

"I'm coming, I'm cumming," I moaned out. Ganymede pulled his head out of
the way and stroked me. The incredible feeling of sperming took over my
whole body and all 5 of us watched as a stream of cum shot out of my dick
and splattered my chest almost dead center of my nipples. "Ooohh fuck," I
moaned. A second squirt followed quickly behind the first one then the hot
young preteen twin put his mouth over my cock head and swallowed the rest
of whatever I was offering. I'd never cum in anyone's mouth before and I
swear I felt the cum feelings again.

"Off the head Gage," Gilbert said sharply. A moment later Gilbert squirted
a healthy dollop of cum out onto his belly. Like his twin had done to me,
Gage put his head back over the spurting hose and began to swallow his
older brothers' sperm. On me, Ganymede took his mouth away, whipped his
head to get his hair out of his eyes and smiled at me. My heart lurched
when I saw the slight bit of my cum dripping out of the corner of his
almost perfect mouth. He smacked his lips, lapped up the sperm then said,

"Nothing like sperm as a hors d'oeuvre," he said with a grin. The boy
continued to slowly stroke my cock then moved onto the bed and cupped my
balls with his other hand. Next to me Gage backed his head away but
continued to lovingly stroke his older brother.

"Did he make a lot of sperm Gany," Gage asked and when the twin nodded his
head the boy said, "Then I want to suck him next time."

"Gage loves drinking sperm," Ganymede said.

"So do you Gany," the other twin responded.

"But not as much as you." Then to me he said, "Gage loves having the horses
cum on his face. He tries to have them cum in his mouth but there's so much
of it and it would drown him." Then the boy laughed. "Death by sperming."

"I just can't drink it all," Gage said. I closed my eyes and just worked at
getting my breath back while trying to envision what that might look like
and wondering again just what the weekend was going to turn out like.

"Drop their cocks and grab your socks, dinner will be on the table in 5." I
looked to the doorway where the voice had come from and saw the younger
girl, I think her name was Gilia, making the announcement. If there was
anything unusual about catching her brothers in such a delicate position
she didn't let on. In fact she said,

"Nice cock Josh," then left the doorway. I closed my eyes and sighed.

Less than 5 minutes later we were all seated at a large dinner table that
the two older girls and their mother were heaping with food. There were 2
platters of fried chicken, a platter of fat fried sausages, a couple bowls
of mashed potatoes, gravy, large bowls with corn on the cob and 2 medium
bowls of fresh baked biscuits. There were pitchers of iced tea and milk
although Gilbert's father Gregor drank ice water. He quieted the chatter
down then had Gian say a short prayer for the meal.

"So Josh, tell me a little about yourself," he said after we'd all dished
up. Gregor was a tall man, easily 6'3, and well built. His hair was darker
blond and he had a brown-ish colored beard that was trimmed quite short. He
seemed friendly enough when he welcomed me to their home. There wasn't much
to say but I told him. Everyone listed attentively and when I was done he
thanked me, welcomed me again to their home, then opened the table up for
discussion about how everyone's day went. As the conversation went around
the table Gilbert leaned in close and said that no sexual talk or comments
were allowed at the table so if I was concerned that any of the parties
involved would say anything about the past half hour in his bedroom, I need
not worry. I nodded my head and although I hadn't been concerned about it I
was still relieved. Despite how Gilbert's family seemed to be about such
things I still wasn't ready to be the center of attention.

After dinner Gilbert said he'd show me around while the dinner was cleaned
up. Ganymede elected to join us and as we went out the door their mother
reminded them that game night would start in 30 minutes. As we wandered
toward the barn, passing by Kennels that held a variety of dogs, Gilbert
explained the way things were.

"Like I told you earlier we run a stud business but it's really more than
that. We also make films that get bought by people all over the world. We
make movies of people having sex with animals," he said. "Some of them are
of us but others are of people who come here to use our services. Lots of
people like having sex with animals so our stud service is a perfect
front. We charge a shit load of money for the videos or to people that come
here to participate. Sometimes people bring their female dogs or horses
when they're in heat so we can breed them. They leave them with us for a
week at a time during which we, or others have sex with them. Of course
they don't always know that. Having females in heat always gets the males
up and ready to go so having them around is really quite helpful. We don't
allow anyone to come and just watch. If they come here for that part it
they have to actually have sex with one or more of the animals and we film
it. That is part of the rules. Sometimes they want a copy sometimes they
allow us to sell it to our customers and sometimes they don't but we always
get a copy. Dad calls it insurance although he doesn't really need it.

"We have quite a few customers from all over the world, as I said, but it's
also very excusive and very private. It isn't easy to get an appointment
for any part of our business but being involved in the sex part of is even

"You won't have to be in a movie thought," Ganymede informed me, "unless
you want to. We also do movies without animals, like what we did in
Gilbert's room before dinner. Sometimes we make films of our sisters with
us or sometimes men or boys. All of us kids have done movies with us and
the animals, mostly the dogs though. Garrett only does movies with the
ponies or the horses, he hardly ever does movies or even has sex with
humans. Of course he's hung like the pony so maybe that's the reason." That
certainly got my attention. Gilbert picked up the thread.

"We're scheduled to film tomorrow and one of the shoots will be Garrett and
Bucephalus, one of our horses. You'll be able to watch if you want to."
Like I'd miss that show.

Inside the barn we went into an area where a lot of the filming was
done. There were a variety of platforms and contraptions that Gilbert
explained were used for having sex with the horses mostly but also with the
dogs and other animals. "It's hard to film stuff sometimes and of course
with the horses, you don't want them mounting people any more than is
necessary so we built these things to protect people, to help get them to
the right height for different animals and also to help be able to film as
much as possible. Garrett designed some of them."

"As well as testing them to make sure they work," Ganymede added with a
grin. The brothers showed me around some more, explaining stuff to me and
it didn't seem long before Ganymede said it was time to get back to the
house. As we headed for the family game time I thought about what I'd just
learned and what I was going to be able to watch the next day. I also
wondered what it might be like to get fucked by a horse.

The kids:

Gabriel 5/b; Gian & Gemini 8 b/g twins; Gilia 9/g; Gage & Ganymede b/12
twins; Gilbert b/13; Giselle g/14; Athena g/13 cousin; Garrett 18/b half

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