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Nifty - Bestiality - German Shepherd

From: (Actaeon)

Well, I met the German Shepherd again, so I'll tell you about it. :)


He came over to my house, and we went out in the yard (I didn't want to
invite him in because he had muddy feet). He was so rambunctious that it
was almost impossible to keep him still, especially when I touched his
sheath. But just as before, I masturbated him (three or four times,
actually) and was rewarded with enthusiastic humping and a brief jet of
precum. He's still too young to ejaculate fully, and the erection subsided
within a minute, but he's getting there. I also was able to bend down and
take the first inch or two of him into my mouth. He was moving around too
much for me to take him any deeper, but I enjoyed the taste. It's been too
long since I've had a dog that way... :/

Those of you familiar with dog sex know that after the male has tied with
the female, he usually bends a hind leg over the female and turns around,
so they're facing in opposite directions, connected only by his penis. I'd
always figured that would be extremely uncomfortable for the male, but now
that I had this dog fully erect and hard, with the knot exposed, I tried
bending his penis backwards between his hind legs. Surprisingly, just
behind the knot (behind the os penis, or penis bone), the shaft is
extremely flexible: I was able to point his penis straight backwards with
almost no effort. I started to bend down and take him into my mouth again,
to see if I could "tie" with him in this way, but he jumped around at the
last moment and I had to let go.

Out of curiosity, I bent down on all fours and tried to get him to mount
me. But every time I did, he'd just rush around to my face and start
licking or nibbling my ears. Even when I nudged him around to my backside,
he still concentrated on my front end. It was too cold and windy to take
off my clothes, so perhaps the clothing confused him. Had he not been
dirty, I'd have taken him inside and stripped for him. I wouldn't have let
him enter just yet, probably direct his penis into my hands and let him
hump dry air, but still, I've had another dog (also a GS, BTW) hump my arm
while I masturbated him, and it was one of my favorite moments. Now, _that_
dog ejaculated like crazy...perhaps I should write about him, too. :)
Someday I'd like to see what it feels like to have a dog actually on top of
me, whether he enters me or not.

I gave up on trying to get him to mount me, so I tried the reverse. I got
behind him on hands and knees, put my hands in front of his hips, and
pulled him into me. Then I bent over and started to hump _him_ (again,
still clothed). He didn't seem to get the idea; he just bent around and
nibbled at my hands--playfully, though, not aggressively. And that's all he
did: just bite at my wrists, first one, then the other. So I gave up on
that, too. He was still rambunctious, and even when I tried to French-kiss
him, I could feel his teeth nibbling at my tongue. I don't mind the feel of
his tongue, but I have to admit to a certain anxiety when I feel his teeth
around my sensitive areas. :)


A few days later, I was outside after twilight when he approached me. My
eyes had adjusted to the dark, and there was just enough light for me to
see who it was. I turned off the flashlight so as not to draw undue
attention to us. By now, he was quite used to me, and every time he sat he
showed pink (well, gray, at this time of night :). Often he'd stick out an
inch or two. I was very flattered. :) I'm sure he regards me as a sexual
partner...possibly as a sex _toy_, judging from the way he gets so excited.

Even more rambunctious than ever, it was tough to keep him in one place.
But I was determined to move to the next level. Having held him and kissed
him, I wanted a little taste; more than just the first inch or two. While
he lay on his back, I bent down with my mouth to the end of his sheath and
began kissing and licking him there. With my hand, I stroked his sheath
behind the knot in order to get an erection. I've found that dogs are
unlikely to get erections while on their backs: they have to be on all
fours or at least on their hind legs: sitting and lying down don't work
nearly as well. But I was keen to try. :)

His knot did swell under my fingers, but I never saw or felt more than just
the tip of his penis. When he got up, it took several attempts before I was
able to get a good hold of his sheath, and a few more tries were required
before he stood still long enough for me to start stroking him at length.
Soon, however, he became erect, and when I slid his sheath back to expose
the knot, he started humping in earnest. I placed my free hand in front of
the end of his penis in order to catch the ejaculate (if any), and was
pleased to feel three short bursts strike my palm. The first time I'd met
him, all I'd gotten was a drop of precum, and at most one squirt the next
time (Chapter 2).

While he was still erect, I bent down and, holding the base of his sheath
with one hand just behind the knot, slid him into my mouth until my lips
reached the frontmost part of the knot (if I'd taken him deeper, my teeth
might have scratched it). I moved him in and out of my mouth with gentle
pulls on his sheath, and tasted his penis with my tongue. It was divine. :)
It had been about a year since I'd last tasted a dog's penis; I'd forgotten
how much I'd missed it. He started to move around a lot, and I was worried
I might injure him, so I released him and stood up: my legs were sore. :)

Understandably, I was quite turned on by this point, and un-zipped. Judging
from my previous encounters, if I'd offered myself to him, he'd probably
nibble at me, and it was the same this time: I quickly felt his teeth on my
glans. I had no desire to become Bobbitized by a German Shepherd (very
difficult to explain to doctors: "He must have thought I was peeing on his
turf, and so he defended himself. Yeah, that's the ticket! Just ask my Marechild!" :), so I took care of myself. The dog was
seated right in front of me, so with my free hand, I scratched his ears and
cheeks, and felt his tongue on my hand. When I came, he was nibbling my
fingers. :)

I zipped up again, gave him another scritch on the head, and started to
walk him home. When I shone my flashlight at him, I noticed white globs on top of his head. :) At first I decided
they looked kinda cute up there, and started to leave them alone. However,
I figured he'd have a hard time licking the top of his head (and probably
wouldn't have the incentive to do so anyway), so they'd linger until the
next time his master petted him. His master would wonder (for about two
seconds) what the globs were, and would figure the dog couldn't have come
on its own head. He'd put two and two together and come up with foreplay.
:) So I petted him on the head again, cleaning him off in the process. :)

So now I can identify with the old joke: "What do you do when you come
across an elephant?" "Wipe him off." :) Made my hand smell nice, too. Human
cum and doggie cum combine to make a _very_ nice perfume. Perhaps I could
market it: "Kennel No. 5." The supply would be limited, but collection
would be fun. And I'm sure I could farm out the manufacturing to a number
of you to cover additional demand. Heck, we'd do it for free. :)

More to cum--er, swallow--er, follow. Yeesh! :)

Actaeon | Half man, half stag, all natural! :) E-mail for PGP | " your mare a 'goer'?" (wink wink, nudge nudge)

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Nifty - Bestiality - German Shepherd