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Nifty - Bestiality - Great Danes

Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2010 12:30:46 -0500
Subject: Great Danes (gay/bestiality , oral, anal, b/M, b/DD, b/DDMM...)


This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual
acts of boy's discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of
sex between an underage boy and adult males... If this type of content
offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it.

Author's Note:

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If it is illegal to read such material where you live or if you find the topic
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Great Danes

       I was the only child of my parents. Dad was ten years older than
my mother. She was what people call a trophy wife. Most people were
unaware that she was a schizophrenic. Dad did anything to please her.
As a boy I didn't understand the mood swings in her personality. At one
point when she had a particularly bad break in her perception of reality,
Dad made arrangements to take her to Europe for treatment. Before he
made arrangements to leave the country with my mother's, he contacted
her brother to ask him to look after me while they took an extended stay
in Europe.

       Her brother was a bit of an eccentric. They came from a family
of old money. My uncle Richard had never worked a day in his life. He
had been kicked out of a half dozen prep-schools before He was
admitted into Harvard. He managed to barely graduate with a law
degree. He only made a passing attempt to pass the New York law bar.
His only known passion was the American Kennel Club National
Championship Dog Show.

He was known for his champion Great Danes. He had several different
colors of Great Danes. They were massive dogs. Every dog he owned
was a good 120 pounds. People that don't know that they are gentle
giants are afraid of them. It is a good thing that he had plenty of money
because feeding beasts like them could bankrupt a lesser person. I had
been to a couple of dog shows and came away wondering just how
judges could select a best in show from such a wide variety of breads.
His dogs were regular best in bread, but I don't think any of his dogs
ever won best in show. I suspect judges are bias towards the working
breeds along with the medium hounds.

       Richard came to our house to accompany me to the old family
estate. We traveled first class back to Massachusetts. I was used to
being boarded up in private schools. Getting to live in the family estate
promised to be interesting. The house was a huge Mediterranean style
villa. The main entrance was a circular marble thing with sweeping
staircases leading to the second floor on either side. The east west hall
was at least as long as a football field. I was given a guest room that was
so large that voices echoed.

       Richard and I never ate in the main dining room simply because
you could seat the entire Harvard football team at the table. We ate our
meals in the glass breakfast alcove. The first morning Richard took me to
the kennel to show off his prize dogs.

       I have to admit that the size of the dogs frightened me more than
a little. These dogs could place their front paws in the shoulders a
National Basketball Center and look them right in the eye. Their heads
were twice as large as a man's. When they stuck out their tongues they
were as long and wide as a size thirteen EEE shoe. I found it
disconcerting that everywhere I went they kept sticking their big heads
into my crotch.

       Richard assured me that they were harmless as puppies. They
were just checking me out. Just the same those big noses being pushed
into my crotch were almost as large as a man's head. It felt like they
were butting me in the crotch. Not so hard that it hurt, but hard enough
to give me a boner. I wondered if the dogs understood what they were
doing to me. My uncle seemed to be amused by the way the dogs were
greeting me. I was reluctant to push them away. I was not sure what
they would do if I rejected their attention. By the time all of his dogs
had checked my crotch out the front of my pants were soaking wet.

       He casually said, "The dogs have all accepted you as a member of
the pack!"

       I had no idea what that meant. He allowed me to feed the dogs.
I could not believe how much food all of the dogs consumed. The
problem was that what goes in must come out eventually. Their poop
was every bit as large a pile as an adult man. All of it had to be scooped
and disposed of in a biodegradable septic tank. At least the enzymes did
reduce the pungent odor of dog poop. Just the same it was a blessing
that the kennel was down wind of the house and a brisk walk away.

       As we were prepared to return to the house Richard selected a
beautiful fawn colored male, named Caesar, and a white one with black
spots on him, named Brutus. I didn't ask why he was taking these two
dogs back to the house. He didn't need to leash them, even though he
did attach leashes to their large leather collars. All he said was, "Heel!"
The two dogs moved to right of Richard with the light brown dog
closest to Richard and his head never got in front of my uncle. The
spotted dog was right on the shoulder of the beige dog.

       He took me on a tour of the house before we went to his
entertainment room that was a combination library and video room. The
television was very large. Uncle Richard sat down in his rich leather
wing backed chair reclined the chair as the two dogs curled up on the
floor on either side of his chair. I sat down in the comfortable sectional
couch that practically swallowed me. My feet didn't even touch the
floor. We watched television until Richard announced that it was
bedtime. He led me to my bedroom and watched me get undressed
before he led me to the adjacent bathroom. He adjusted the water
temperature and he added some bath salts that scented the water and
made it softer. He helped me get in the tub before he washed my hair
for me. After rinsing my hair he started washing my body for me. There
was no point in me trying to tell him that I could wash myself. He
insisted on washing me. He soaped up my back and chest. I found it
strangely exciting the way he manipulated my nipples while he washed
my chest. I could not explain why my penis was sticking straight up in
the air.

       Uncle Richard helped me stand up in the tub, so that he could
wash the rest of my body. He used one hand to wash my butt and the
other to wash the front of me. He sure wanted my butt clean. He kept
running his soapy hand up and down the crack of my butt. It actually
tickled when his finger touched my little puckered asshole. While he
was doing that he washed my crotch just as thoroughly. He soaped up
my balls carefully and my hairless pubic area. He eventually used his
soapy hand to clean my penis for me. While he was cleaning it he was
stroking his hand back and forth. He was pulling the lose skin over the
head of my penis and back again. It felt wonderful. He even asked me
if I liked the way he was cleaning me. I was breathless when I
whispered. "Yes!"

       To my amazement he stuck a finger up my ass while he was
pulling on my penis. I was rocking back and forth to the rhythm of his
finger invading my backdoor and his pulling on my penis. It felt
wonderful. He did it so long that the water around my lower legs began
to feel cool.

       Uncle Richard virtually picked me up and lifted me out of the
tub. While I stood on the soft bath mat he dried me off with a large
fluffy towel. When I was dry he allowed me to return to the bedroom
and put on my pajamas. I got into bed and covered up. My uncle came
in and sat on the side of my bed. He leaned over me and kissed me on
the mouth, while he was doing that he slipped his hand under the covers
and slipped his hand into my pajama bottoms. While he continued
kissing me he started playing with my penis again. I did like the feeling
he was doing to me. He pulled the blankets back to expose my lower
body. When he stopped kissing me he leaned over and while he pulled
my penis out of my pajamas he took my penis into his mouth and sucked
on it.

       I can only compare my penis to an un-cooked wiener in size and
shape, only not quit as long. It was standing straight up in the air as he
took it into his mouth. He sucked on me for awhile before he took my
balls into his mouth and sucked on them and licked the sack. The only
thing I could do was spread my legs and rest my hand on top of his
head. He sucked my penis for a long time, before he sat up and asked
me if I liked getting my dick sucked? I assured him that it felt great.
Richard took hold of my wrist and placed my hand on the front of his

       I felt the shape of his cock as it rested along the crease between
his left leg and his body. I was duly impressed with the size of his cock.
What I could feel through his pants felt at least twice the thickness and
length of mine. I was squeezing it and relaxing my hand in a rhythmic
manner. Richard grew impatient with my slow realization of what he
wanted, and unfastened his pants swiftly. He had to lifted up his butt
long enough to pull down his pants along with his boxer shorts.

       I was fascinated with the size of his cock. It looked like it had a
life of its own. The thing reminded me of a monstrous earth worm, the
way the foreskin swelled out over the knob and puckered at the end. I
studied the crocked course of the blood vein running up the top of his
cock just under the skin. When I wrapped my hand around the shaft it
filled my hand. My thumb could not even touch the tips of my fingers.
I felt a trimmer rush through my body as I started pulling his foreskin up
and down his cock. I was fascinated by the sight of that wet knob that
kept poking out of the foreskin as it peeked out from under the skin.

       I didn't resist as Richard placed his large hand on top of my head
and pressed my head down towards his cock. As my head approached
his cock I could smell the odor of his flesh. There was just something
about his smell that was very manly. When my lips first touched the wet
knob I pulled my head back a little and I saw a string of moisture like
spit being stretched from hid knob and my lower lip. It eventually broke
and some of it fell against my chin. I just had to lick the knob to find
out what it tasted like. It had a raw meaty taste. There was even an iron
taste like when I tasted my own blood. I opened my mouth and took as
much of his cock into my mouth as I thought I could. I started bobbing
my head up and down pulling his foreskin up and down while sticking
my tongue under the foreskin to circle the knob. I thought I was doing a
good job. Uncle Richard's cock started throbbing. He placed his hand
on the back of my neck and suddenly forced my head down driving his
cock deep into my throat. I choked violently and struggled to lift my
head. That was when he squirted cum into my throat. I choked and
thought I was about to die.

       When he let go of my head I lifted my head up. Cum was still
squirting out of his cock. My throat felt raw and raspy. White cum was
filling my mouth. He insisted that I swallow his cum. Some did leak out
on my mouth. He wiped my lips with his finger and kissed me one more
time. As he got up to go to his bedroom he said, "Get some sleep son
and in the morning come to my room and tell me if you want me to
continue your sexual education."

       I watched him as he pulled up his underwear and pants before
leaving my room. He closed the door quietly as he left. I had a hard
time getting to sleep. My throat still felt like it was raw and I could not
stop thinking about what had taken place. In the morning I woke up
early, probably because I was sleeping in a strange bed. I got up to go
pee in my bathroom. I had forgotten that my pajamas were still
unfastened. The bottoms fell to the floor around my feet. I pulled them
up and held them as I went to the bathroom.

       I sat down to pee simply because my pajamas were already
unfastened. When I finished peeing I still had a boner. I straighter up
my pajamas and tied the drawstring. I became aware that my mouth
tasted nasty, so I brushed my teeth with the new toothbrush. Then I
headed for my uncles bedroom.

       When I entered his bedroom the Danes stirred as they lay on their
beds at the foot of the bed until Richard told them down. They lay back
down and rested those massive heads on the padded roll around their
beds. I walked gingerly around them on my way to the side of my
uncle's bed. My uncle propped himself up on one elbow as he looked at
me, "What is your pleasure?"

       "I want to learn more, Uncle Richard!"

       He flung back his covers. I saw that he was totally naked. That
magnificent cock was fully engorged. He sat up and swung is legs over
the side of the bed. He said, "Make yourself comfortable while I take a

       He walked proudly towards his bathroom. I felt over dressed for
what I had asked for. I pulled the drawstring and dropped my pajama
bottoms to the floor and stepped out of them. I unbuttoned my top and
shucked it off. I tossed them aside and got in his bed. I settled in on the
warm spot and covered my body with the blankets. I relished the aroma
of his body clinging to the sheets, to await his return.

       When he returned his cock was erect but swinging back and forth
as he walked towards the bed. The dog perked up as if the expected to
play. He held up the palm of his hand in a gesture of stop. They lay
back down. When he pulled back the blankets to get into bed his face lit
up with a big grin. He opened a drawer on his night stand and took out a
bottle of something with the letters 'KY' emblazoned on it. I wondered
what he intended to do with that stuff.

       I was to find out fast enough. He opened the cap and squeezed
some of the clear liquid all over the top of the monstrous cock. He even
pulled back the foreskin to insure he got plenty of the stuff on the head
of his cock. When he was satisfied with his efforts to grease up his cock
he kissed me again before he rolled me over onto my tummy. He ran his
greasy finger up and down the crack again. It tickled me a lot. Then he
stuck the nozzle of the bottle into my asshole and squeezed. When he
pulled it out he stick a finger in and wiggled it around. Then he lay on
top of my back and stuck his cock in my ass.

       I could not believe he actually got it in there. It was a throbbing
pain. I could feel every beat of my heart through my asshole. Tears
welled up in my eyes and spilled from them. I wanted to beg him to stop
fucking me but didn't want to act like a sissy. The way he was pulling
his cock almost all the way out, it felt like I was passing one of the
biggest turds of my life. When he drove his cock back into me there was
that stabbing pain. The longer he fucked me the less it hurt. This time he
shot his load of cum into my colon. I had been so absorbed in the feeling
in my asshole that I had not even noticed that I had a dry climax. I lay
there in a pool of sweat and cum that was leaking out of my ass and
pooling under me.

       "Uncle Richard carried me into his bathroom where he bathed me
carefully before we got dressed before going down for breakfast. I felt
uncomfortable because I thought all of the hired help must have known
or suspected what Uncle Richard was doing to me.

       There was no way to judge their feelings about the subject by the
way they acted. They only talked when they were asked direct
questions. When we were finished eating everything was cleared away
as fast as we pushed plates away. Richard pushed his chair back and
asked me to sit on his lap. It was strange sitting on his lap with the help
walking around. It was as if he didn't care if they saw what he was
doing. He was cuddling me and rubbing my crotch until I had a boner.
He was shameless. He opened my pants and took out my dick and
played with it right in front of the staff. He even asked, "Doesn't my
nephew have a pretty cock?"

       They assured him that I had a beautiful cock without interrupting
their household duties. Richard sat me back on my feet and led back to
his recreation room. Cesar and Brutus were right behind us. I could hear
the sound of their claws clicking on the hardwood floor. He led me t the
spacious leather sectional couch. We sat down in the middle and those
big dogs simply curled up on either side of us. They were so big they
were able to simply bend their legs and sit on the couch. After they were
settled down they casually went about licking their balls. I was curled
up under Richard's arm. He picked up the remote control for his
entertainment center and pressed some buttons that brought everything

       The widescreen television went to a blue screen before the DVD
changed the picture of the interior of a house. It was obviously this very
room. The bookcases were identical to the walls in this room. As the
camera panned around the room when it came around to the pool table
there were a couple of men, well dressed playing what looked like eight
ball. It was obvious that the game was about over. One of the men had
on a Navy blue blazer and light gray slacks. The other gentleman had on
a black three piece suit with gray pinstripe. As soon as the one in the
dark suit sank the winning shot on the eight ball they had a drink before
moving back to the sectional. They took off their clothes completely.
While they were getting undressed a white and black Dane came into the
picture. It was obviously Cesar. Cesar went about sniffing and licking
their cocks and assholes. The two men were standing there naked while
they kissed each other and jacked each other off for awhile. The losing
player was told to assume the position. The guy got down on the floor
one his knees and placed his arms on the floor as he crossed them and
rested his head on his forearms. The camera moved around behind him
so that we could see his asshole with his balls dangling between his legs.
His asshole was ringed with hair and looked like the skin was stained a
dark brown color. As the camera continued around to the side Cesar
stuck his nose in the asshole of the man. He was able to walk over the
man as his big cock got close to the man's asshole the dog started
humping his hind quarts.

       I was amazed at how large Bruno's cock was. It was a mottled
color of red and blue. It looked wet as it found the man's asshole and
was shoved in. Brutus fucked the man hard and fast. I noticed that
there was a big bulb at the base. It was definably not his balls. His balls
were covered with hair. I had to ask Richard what that was.

       Richard told me that male dogs have a knot that swells up when
they mount a bitch after it is inside her; they are locked together until the
swelling goes down. If Brutus even gets that inside a man's ass they are
locked together too. He laughed at his comment. When Brutus came in
that man's ass some cum leaked out. I saw that it was a lot more watery
than Richard's cum. There was a lot more than what Richard had fed me
last night. Just the same I was fascinated watching a grown man getting
fucked by a dog.

       Richard had a boner in his pants. He placed my hand on it. He
told me to take it out and suck it. While I opened his pants I kept an eye
on the screen. While I sucked his cock, my uncle unfastened my pants.
There came a point when my uncle told me to stand up and take off my
clothes. I proceeded take everything off, without even thinking about
the household staff. I was about to sit back down when Richard told me
to stand in front of him and bend over at the waist to suck his cock.

       I didn't want to do it that way because I couldn't see the screen.
Just the same I did as I was told. While I was bobbing my head up and
down, Richard gave a hand signal to Cesar. The big faun colored dog
got off of the couch and came around behind me. I felt that wet nose
rub my asshole before I felt that tongue wipe my ass. His tongue was as
big as Brutus'. I was at least a size 13-EEE shoe. I almost panicked at
the touch. I figured that there was no way a dog as big as him would be
able to get his cock into my ass. 'BIG LAUGH.' When he mounted me
I had to look back between my legs to get a look at what was coming.

       Cesar had a cock every bit as big as Brutus. His cock was
mottled too, but it had more gray in it. I was afraid of what was coming
so much that I broke out in a cold sweat. He stabbed at my hole a couple
of times before the point of it found the mark and before I could respond
it went in. I can't say it hurt any more that when my uncle fucked me,
but it sure as hell was equal. I forgot all about sucking cock. Cesar had
his front legs on either side of my body pulling me back against him as he
pounded my ass like a jackhammer. With every thrust my face was
shoved against my uncle's pubic hair ad his cock was shoved down my
throat. Cesar no more than finished depositing his load of water cum in
my ass and dismounted, than Brutus came over and started licking up the
cum dripping out of my ass.

       Brutus was obviously the alpha male. Cesar returned to his place
and curled up to lick the cum from his cock before it returned to its
flaccid state, and retreated into the hairy sheath. Brutus mounted me
just as Cesar had. He entered me much easier because of all the cum still
in my ass. When his cock got fully erect I understood what my uncle
had said about the reason for that knot. He had managed to get his cock
in me before it got bloated. When it became engorged I felt my
sphincter stretch. When Brutus fucked me it felt like every backwards
pull felt like he was about to pull my guts out of my ass. I could not
believe what he was doing to me. He was drooling all over my back. I
had forgotten all about sucking my uncle. I was still impaled on his
cock. I was only able to breathe when my head was pulled back enough
to clear my air passage. Brutus quickly squirted his load of cum in my
ass. He could not pull his cock out until the knot went down.

       When it did he curled up back on his spot. Richard said, "Brutus,
what do you want big boy?"

       The dog rolled onto his back bent his rear legs and spread them.
Then Richard said, "Son, now it is your turn to suck his cock!"

       I was both repulsed by the idea of sucking dog's cock and
fascinated to find out what it would taste like. I stood up and moved
over to where Brutus was lying and bent over to take that cock into my
mouth. I could smell the doggy odor of his hairy body. When I took his
big cock into my mouth I could not describe the taste but it was not as
bad as I thought it would be. While I set about cleaning Brutus' cock,
my uncle came around and stuck his cock in my ass. After being fucked
by two dogs his cock was a pleasure. It was all I could do to walk back
upstairs and draw a warm bath. I soaked for a long time. I eventually
dried off and got dressed.

       Uncle Richard told me that I could help him feed the dogs. I had
a new approbation for the dogs nuzzling my crotch and butt. I was to
learn a lot about dogs. The more shows his dogs won the higher fees he
could ask from breeder that wanted his dogs to stud with their bitches.
Also I was introduced to other men that shared Richard's love of
bestiality and young boys. It made very little difference if it was a dog
or a man with their dicks in my ass or mouth.

       When my parents did eventually return home I continued to
spend a lot of time with my uncle. We took dogs to shows all over the
place. Wherever we went there were always men to host parties. The
parties would start with me getting naked and having dogs fuck me and
me sucking cocks. Then the men would gather around me and vie for the
privilege of fucking me next. I never outgrew the love of dogs I have a
stable of Great Danes myself now. I'm working hard to win the best in

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Nifty - Bestiality - Great Danes