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Nifty - Bestiality - Horse Story

Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2009 14:40:19 -0600
From: hry webber <>
Subject: Horse Story

This is an absolute true story, so it may not turn everybody on, especially
those who expect a 69 with a horse, incredible cumshots, and willing

However, if you are like me, and get turned on by real life stories, read

Today we dewormed the horses. I live in a rural setting in Costa Rica, but
I am not a Tico; I won't say many details as this country is small, and
although there are a lot of biodynamic farms, organic ones, or various
communities like that, you never know.

So, I've lived here for 8 days now. I spent the last year and a half in
California, working like many, but never making enough money to have a
life, so after work I was so tired that I would just spend my time in front
of the TV, or on the internet, mostly for porn, so I read a lot of nifty
erotic tales. I love those tales, so much more erotic than the stuff on
xtube, because even if they are made up, the fantasy factor allows for a
lot of cum being eaten, and a lot of things that I'd like to do, but in
real life I wouldn't because of STDs.

The only thing is that I have to skim most of these tales until I get to
something that turns me on, whereas on xtube it's all there.

Anyway, so here I was in this open air stable, just a corrugated metal roof
on posts. It's actually for the cows, we leave the horses free on some
pasture land. This morning though, we got them in and tied them to squirt
some deworming stuff in their mouths. We have two females and a male,
medium sized.

I had to keep them tied for an hour, so they wouldn't drink, meanwhile I
was scooping up cow dung. There are people around me who would be so
appalled at the idea that I would do a horse.

Only oral, though. I mean, don't get me wrong, I have a pretty voracious
asshole. Before moving here I used to give shows on, where I would
stick all my dildos in my ass: a 18" double header, a fake human arm
(without fingers, just reminding of a girl's arm with her fingers fused
together haha), and a jumbo one, that looked like many dickheads, one on
top of the other (incidentally, like horse manure braids). I couldn't tell
you the size, but it was maybe 11" around at the top. I could take half of
it and bob on it.

Anyway, I don't like the idea of a horse ramming it into my ass without my
control, but I'd definitely suck a juicy horse cock; at least in
theory... until this morning.

So, there were people around, who would probably kick me out if they
knew. They know I'm gay, but not to what extent I like cock.

Eventually I remained alone with the horses. The male was very calm, still
he wouldn't take his diffident eyes off me. I whispered to him, caressed
him everywhere, lower belly, but I just didn't smell like a female, so he
didn't really cooperate with my lust, like in the nifty tales.

What a cock, though. At some point I looked around and reached for his cock
with my hand. Man, so silky and smooth. Oh no! Before then he was relaxed
while I was shovelling around, and his cock was half way out, I could see
the pink shaft. Not very attractive, I must say, all crusty and peeling
off. Still, I seized the occasion and grabbed it in my hand. Mmmm it felt
so mighty and thick and warm. Then of course it quickly withdrew into the
sheath. Ok, now back to silky and smooth. I was squatting there, looking
out for people, and hoping against hope that he would let it out again. It
was my only chance, as, as much as I like cock and would like to lick a
horse, I am not gonna steal away into the pasture where they are untied
(the guy bites, who would know that horses bite?), and cover myself in

So anyway, I stayed there, caressed him and whispered to him. Sometimes his
head would peak out, but still in the foreskin, and I would grab it. Mmmm I
had a big cock horse in my hand at last, but the fucker would always
withdraw it. Then I stuck my finger in his sheath and went for the peehole
and explored all I could. He was fine, a little nervous, but never got
vocal or kicky.

I took my finger out and it was cover in some kind of mud. I smelled it and
I almost vomited. So strong. I figure it was the after piss dripping and
dust together. Almost smelled like shit. I smeared it on his
thigh. Everything was so arousing, though.

I hadn't had breakfast and I was starving, so I left, thinking I guess
that's as far as I would get to go with horsey today. On my way to the
kitchen I could feel my dickhead all slippery and covered in precum. I'll

After breakfast I went to the barn again to release them. He was caught by
surprise and had half his dick out (I realized later that he had just
pissed), so I went there as fast as I could without scaring him, and
without thinking, I grabbed his lovely equine dick and gave a good lick at
his flat cock head! Yesss fuck it, I did it!

Of course, he didn't know what to make of me, and sucked his dick right in,
but I fucking loved it. At last!

And it didn't taste like anything really! Maybe slightly bitter at the end,
but it must have been the dust.

Earlier on, I wanted to get a good feel of horse balls in my hands, and see
how he would fill them, but he had been castrated, so that's probably also
why the guy wouldn't respond much. So I guess I'll never get him to cum
into my mouth and face, but for sure, I'm gonna try and suck him again,
this time for long. If only I could get him to get used to my games and

So, here you go. Hope for part two, as I can't wait for it to happen!

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Nifty - Bestiality - Horse Story