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Sunday, March 21, 2010

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The story of Incest Island started with Ryan Miller's young family exploring family love while on a sailing trip in the Bahamas in FAMILY LOVE BOAT ( It is a tender and intensely sexual story about sexual discovery and first time experiences. It was during that trip they met Ted and Dr. Amy Taylor and became very close to their family. Ted ended up buying an island and inviting Ryan and his family and 12 other families to join his family on Incest Island.

We will spend the early chapters of Incest Island really getting to know the families that have moved to the island. Zach (14) and Hannah (12) Miller and Mike (15) and Kaitlin (14) Taylor are convinced that they can help change the world's view of family love. They have conceived an idea for a very secure website that will begin to tell the stories of the families of Incest Island. They are starting to interview the families.

The beginning of this chapter finds Ryan and his family back in Marsh Harbor to get their sailboat and eventually talk with Hank and Bill. While they are expecting that they will meet Hank and Bill, Ryan and family think Hank and Bill have small families. At first Zach thought the brothers were gay. They are in for a major surprise and Zach and Hannah's first chance to tell a family story.

To really understand the Hank and Bill's story, Zach and Hannah discovered that they needed to start with Hank's Granddad Rich and his best friend Mike Samuels. Zach and Hannah learn it is a beautiful, intensely sexual story with some very tender moments.

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(There is a more detailed Character Guide on the website at

MILLER FAMILY (Ryan 31, Christie 31, Zachary 14, Hannah 12, Emily 11, Noah

TAYLOR FAMILY (Ted, Amy, Mike 15, Kaitlin 14, Will 13, Sara 13, Thomas 11,
Josh 9 months)

COLBY FAMILY (Rev. Devin, Jane, Carrie 14, Matt 12, Eli 27 months and Grace
9 month)

SWENSON FAMILY (Marty34, Kathi 32, Jessie 18, Tyler and Jessica 15)

GARCIA FAMILY (Simon 44, Randy 24, Elizabeth 15, Taylor and Ashley 12)

JACKSON FAMILY (Jacob, Charlotte, Cayden 12, Lilly 10, Jimmy 14, Mary 8,
Tony 10 months)

SMITH FAMILY (Jim, Maggie, Maryanne 14)

WONG FAMILY (Steve, Mary, William 18, Leah 17, Grayson 16, Zoe 15, Kira 8)

HALSTON FAMILY (Phil, Mary, Max and Marie)

GIBSON FAMILY (Tom, Sally, Kiera and Landon 14, Lucy 13, Owen 12, Abigail

RICH (GRANDDAD) SMITH (Rich Sara, Jerry, Beth, Cooper, Jack Williams,
Claire Williams, Kaylee Miller)

SAMUELS FAMILY (Mike, Debra, Tom, Sharon, Regan)



Reading the Wong's family story to everyone caused a high state of sexual
tension. Christie was playing with Noah's raging erection. After a few
moments she straddled her youngest son and slowly began to ride his stiff
boy shaft. Noah rubbed the beginnings of her baby bump and tried to
visualize the baby within his Mom's belly. He wondered if someday he might
get to impregnate his Mom.

Noah began to suck lustfully on her beautiful breasts. Noah's middle
finger found his mother's hard clit. She moaned as he rubbed it. Noah
eased his middle finger into her slippery vagina with his rock hard
erection. He loved the feeling of massaging his hard cock while he was
deep in his Mom's pussy.

Christie loved the feeling of Noah fingering her while his boner was in
her. He was rubbing her clit just the way she liked it when the first wild
wave of pleasure hit her. She gasped and moaned as she bucked against her
son's sexy young body. Noah slipped a second middle finger into her pussy
and her hard clit was right between the fingers. The pleasure became even
more intense. Christie was moaning and crying as she watched Ryan pull
Hanna back to him. Hannah held on to the ships wheel as her Daddy entered
her pussy from behind. Soon the cockpit was filled with the sounds of
Daddy's loins slapping against her hips.

Zach was sucking on Emily's clit. It was so hard and beautiful. Emily
sucked on Zach's boner. They both shuddered and shook a few moments later
when the powerful orgasm hit them. Emily felt her brother's 14 year old
thick hot semen erupt in her mouth. That pushed Emily over the edge and
she flooded Zach's mouth with her juices. It was awesome.

By the time that everyone had recovered they were only a few minutes out of
Marsh Harbor. They power sailed into the harbor. Zach furled the sails
and Ryan eased the 44' sloop into the slip.

Hank and Bill were waiting on the dock. Zach gave them one of his
infectious grins with his sparkling white teeth and china blue eyes.
Zach's was wearing only a Speedo that looked like it was two year old. It
was so tight. If he had any pubic hair it would have been possible to
count them through the thin fabric. But his sexy sister Hannah had shaved
them all and then he had shaved her.

Hank and Bill had witnessed Zach deflower Hannah in the cockpit of Miller's
sailboat. Zach had originally suspected that Hank and Bill were gay
brothers, but he would later learn he was very wrong. Hank and Bill each
had amazing families.

Zach tossed Hank and Bill the docking lines and he ran back to the cockpit
to help his dad. Ryan and Noah had the stern lines under control. Hannah
stopped her big brother. She lightly cupped the thin fabric that was
stretched across the obvious erection.

-I can't help it. When I see Bill and Hank I think about them watching me
deflower you that night in the me
know...when I think about the first time we made love. Zach told Hanna as
he kissed her tenderly.

-I love sexy boy...I wish we had time to take care of this for
you. Hannah told him.

Ryan jumped off the boat and on to the finger pier beside the boat. Hank
and Bill were waiting and grinning on the main dock. It was just the two
of them.

-I thought your families were going to be here...couldn't they join you?
Ryan asked them.

-Oh...they're here...they are all at the pool right now. Bill told him.

-I think we are all going to take a shower and we'll meet you there in a
few minutes. Ryan told them.

The whole family took a change of clothes and a towel and headed to the
shower. They all laughed as they headed in to the men's room shower. They
all stripped naked and began washing each other. Zach was still rock hard
and his Dad knelt and began to suck him.

Christie laughed and said now Noah is going to need it too. She dropped to
her knees and began to suck her younger son. In moments Ryan and Christie
each had a mouthful of boy semen. They stood and tenderly kissed each
other and mixed the boy's semen together. They all dried off and headed to
the pool.

When they arrived they were astounded to find about 45 people around the
pool. They had never seen it this crowded.

Hank and Bill rushed over when they saw them.

-This is great...we can't wait for you to meet our family. Bill told them.

-I thought you guys had small families. Ryan said.

-No...not at all...there are 45 of us here. Hank told them. I'd like for
you to meet my wife Melissa.

-And this is my wife Kaylee...she is also our adopted sister. Bill said to
Ryan and Christie.

They fixed Ryan and Christie a drink and they began to talk. Hannah and
Zach grinned at each other. Zach told Hannah that he would be right back
he was going to get the tape recorder and camera.

As Hannah looked around she was not sure where to start. Her parents had
wandered off with Hank, Melissa, Bill and Kaylee. They were all talking to
a distinguished looking man who looked like he was in his 60's. A really
cute blond girl who Hanna thought must be 15 walked over to talk to her.

-You must be one of the Millers. She said as she put her hand out. I am
Lila. You look a little confused.

-I guess I am mostly surprised. When Dad got the emails from Hank and
Bill, we were kind of expecting two small families. Hannah said with a
laugh. I guess we got that wrong. I am Hannah and this is my brother
Zach. She said introducing Zach as he ran up with the camera and recorder.

-Whoa...very cool. You are the young couple that Uncle Hank and Bill were
telling us about. You two are hot. Lila said to Zach and Hannah. Uncle
Hank told us about your island...that would be so cool to live with people
who all love their family. I wish we could live on the island. Even
though we have a huge is still kind of lonely. Lila told them.
What is the camera and recorder for?

Zach explained the plan that Mike, Kaitlin, Hannah and him had about
telling the story of the island and the people that live there. We think
if people knew how awesome it was they would be more open to the idea of
family least we hope so.

So want to know our family's story. Lila asked.

Yeah... Zach said as he smiled at her.

Well let me start with introducing my husband...well he would be if we
could get married. This is Owen and these are our twins...Steve and
Shannon. They are 2 years old.

Owen was holding both toddlers hands. As Lila turned to pick up her little
girl Shannon, Hannah and Zach could see her baby belly. She had to be
about 5 months pregnant.

-Owen is 17 and he is Uncle Hank's oldest son. Technically we are cousins
but since my Mom and Dad were adopted, we are not really related. Lila
pointed across the pool to a beautiful blond woman. That is my Mom...her
name is Claire Williams and my Dad...Jack sitting on the edge
of the pool beside her. They are brother and sister. Lila told them.

The blond couple was very handsome and they looked like they were about the
same age as Hank...either late 20s or early 30s.

-Dad got his sister pregnant and his parents threw them both out. Thank
God Granddad...well that is what everyone calls him...he is really my Great
Granddad...brought them home. Lila pointed across the pool to the
distinguished white haired gentleman. That is him...that is Rich Smith.

-My Pa...that is what I call my Grandpa...his name is Cooper...he loved my
Mom and Dad and took them into his family.

-I am sorry...this must be really confusing. They got a soft drink out of
the cooler and they sat at a table under an umbrella. Lila told them. I
made Granddad tell me the story the other night...he told me the whole is pretty amazing.


Nathan and Joanne Smith were high school sweethearts. They were married in
their senior year of college. They were only able to have one son, Rich,
due to complications during child birth. Nathan Smith was an executive of
Coke and had become wealthy as a result of Coke's rapid expansion after
World War II. He bought 1,000 acres northwest of Atlanta as an investment.
Hickory Log Creek ran through the edge of the property. The Army Corp of
Engineers bought that edge of the property for a new reservoir in 1948. It
became Lake Allatoona. They built a large cabin on the property and
initially used it as a place to go on weekends.

Lila spent the afternoon telling Zach and Hanna the history of the
family...well it was really the history of two families...the Smiths and
the Samuels. I am going to fast forward to 1966 and the story of
Granddad's family.

It was 1966 and Jerry Smith (6) and Tom Samuels (6) met the first day of
1st Grade. They instantly became friends. They lived a few blocks from
each other and they quickly began to do everything together.

Both boys had little sisters that were exactly 15 months younger. Sharon
Samuels (4) like her big brother Tom had the family's Nordic looks with
white blond hair and blue eyes.

Beth Smith (4) looked like her big brother Jerry who had black hair and
beautiful brown eyes.

Both sets of brothers and sisters were very close. They wouldn't discover
how close until much later.

Another thing that the four kids would not discover until later is that
both of their families were very close and were very comfortable being nude
around each other.

As the kids got closer, so did their parents. Rich Smith (26) and Mike
Samuels (26) became very close. They both liked the outdoors and would
often go hunting and fishing together. It was on one of those hunting
trips they found out just how close the two families really were.

The men had fished a trout stream in the mountains of Georgia all day.
They had great luck and saved two of the prettiest trout for dinner. While
Mike fixed dinner, Rich poured them a generous helping of Jack Daniels
Tennessee Whiskey. The taste was smooth and the first drink went down real
easy. They each had a stiff second drink while they ate dinner. They
cleaned their pan and dishes in the stream and Rich poured them another

After they had talked about sports and work, the conversation turned to
family. Both men were feeling pretty mellow and Rich was the first to
volunteer how much he loved his family. Rich talked about their love for
their two kids and how often they all slept in the same bed.

Mike told Rich that their family was the same way. He talked about how the
kids would wake up and crawl in bed with them...sometimes it was a little
embarrassing the next morning when they woke up naked with the kids.

Rich laughed and said the same thing had happened to him and Sara (25). We
made love when we got home from dinner one night. I took the babysitter
home and when I got back we couldn't strip each other naked fast enough.

-I am not sure that Beth, who was 3 at the time, wasn't watching us make
love from the doorway. Rich told Mike. It was almost immediately after we
finished making love that Beth crawled in bed with us. The next morning,
Beth heard 5 year old Jerry get up and go downstairs to watch cartoons on
Saturday morning. She crawled across me to get out of bed. That was when
little Beth's bare leg touched my naked boner. Then she touched it with
her hand and felt it a little bit.

-What did you do? Mike asked Rich.

-I pretended to be asleep. Rich told him.

-How did that work for you? Mike asked.

-Well I got through Saturday without a problem and I thought I was home
free. We went out for breakfast after church on Sunday. In the middle of
the restaurant, Beth starts to ask her mother about what the hard thing
that Daddy had that she felt when she crawled out of bed over me. Both
Sara and I turned pale.

-What happened? Mike asked Rich.

-Before either of us could say anything 5 year old Jerry tells her it was
just a boner...guys get'em all the time, he told his little sister.
Needless to say we prayed that no one heard the conversation but then
started laughing hysterically. Rich told Mike.

They both had a huge laugh. Rich got serious.

-Mike...ummm...did you ever take a bath with your kids? Rich asked his

-Yeah both Debra (24) and I still take baths with them. Do you? Mike asked
him Rich.

-We do too...every night. We switch back and forth between the kids. Rich
told him. I love washing their bodies. Rich told Mike.

-Me't use a wash cloth... Mike admitted quietly. They
love being touched...if you know what I mean.

-I know. Jerry has got the cutest boner and I started rubbing see what he would do. Jerry loved it and kept rubbing against my
hand whenever I stopped rubbing him. One night I kept going with Jerry
until his little body shook with the good feeling. From then on, he wanted
me to give him the good feeling. The next night he asked Sara to give him
the good feeling in their bath. While Sara was masturbating Jerry, I was
in the other tub masturbating Beth. Rich told Mike.

-Tom got a boner when I washed him and since he was standing in front of
me...I sucked it. Mike told Rich. I sucked my little boy until I felt his
body shake with the good feeling. When Tommy and I went in the bedroom we
found Debra pleasuring Sharon's little pussy. Mike told Rich as he
adjusted his throbbing boner.

-Oh is so cool that you have sucked your little boy too. Rich
admitted to Mike. I love sucking Jerry's little boner and licking my
little Beth's pussy.

There was no hiding the erections that their story telling had caused.

The sexy men looked at each other. Rich Smith stood up and then Mike
Samuels stood up too. Rich hugged Mike and thanked him for sharing his
family love story. Rich's hand cupped the stiff shaft through Mike's
jeans. Rich realized he had not touched another guy's boner since high
school. He stared into Mike's blue eyes by the light of the campfire.
Mike felt his zipper go down and the button release.

Mike leaned forward and kissed Rich. Mike hadn't kissed another guy since
freshman year of high school. It felt awkward at first and then...It was a
hesitant kiss that suddenly became fiery and passionate.

Rich roughly shoved the jeans and briefs to Mike's ankles. Mike slipped
his fingers under the hem of Rich's t-shirt. As he pulled the t-shirt over
Rich's head, Mike first noticed that the chest was smooth and well
developed with small brown nipples that were rock hard.

Mike found Rich's 24 year old body very sexy. It was lean and muscled from
swimming and running.

Rich stripped Mike's shirt off leaving him completely naked. Since Rich
was a young boy, Rich had always been attracted to blond boys. Mike was no

At 25, Mike still had the smooth lean body of a young teen. Rich had been
hard looking at Mike even before they started talking about sex. He had
wondered from the first time he met him what his cock would look like.
This was just too good to be true.

Rich never worried about labels. He just knew that guys turned him on as
much as girls...and guys with blond hair and blue eyes drove him wild with
lust. He had jacked off many times thinking about Mike and his body.

Rich dropped to his knees and he took Mike's 6" shaft in his hand. Rich
began to slowly lick the throbbing shaft from base to tip...again and

Mike moaned with pleasure as Rich intensely pleasured him.

Rich lapped at the rim and the glans until Mike gasped for breath. With no
warning, Mike's penis exploded a volley of thick white semen all over
Rich's face and mouth. Rich was astounded at the volume of semen that kept
erupting from Mike's throbbing shaft. It went on and on soaking Rich.
Rich lapped up as much as he could, but Mike was a fountain of hot cum.

When the orgasm subsided, Rich and Mike were covered with Mike's seed.

-Wow...that was amazing. I have never seen a guy cum that much. That was
really hot. Rich told Mike as he stood and kissed him.

They held each other a long time. The night was filled with insects
chirping and the popping and cracking of the camp fire. The mixture of the
smoke from the fire and Mike's seed were a powerful aphrodisiac for Rich.

Mike dropped to his knees and stripped the jeans off of Rich. The head of
Rich's 6 " cock was almost purple with passion.

Mike had thought about Rich as he jacked off for months. Rich was a very
sexy man's man. Mike loved his black hair and deep brown eyes. Mike took
the sexy shaft in his mouth and savored the taste of man flesh. He loved
the taste of Rich's precum. It seemed to flow continuously.

Mike led his naked friend into the tent where they kissed again this time a
long intensely passionate kiss. Mike could not keep his fingers off of
Rich's sexy stiff brown nipples. He felt the flood of Rich's precum that
his stimulation caused.

Mike knelt on the sleeping bag and then bent over presenting his sexy ass
to Rich. He had dreamed about his friend fucking him. Mike breathed
easier when he felt Rich kneel behind him and that thick drooling shaft
rubbing up and down his pucker. Mike felt Rich's finger covered with his
precum enter him. This was going to be amazing.

Moments later Mike felt his sphincter being stretched by Rich's beautiful
cock. The hard shaft was sliding into his pleasure place. Mike gasped for
breath. He had not been entered by another man since high school and he
was very tight.

Rich went slow letting his cock flood Mike's ass with precum. Mike gasped
as he felt Rich's black curly pubic hair pressed against his cheeks. Mike
loved having a man cock deep inside him. He loved making love to Debra,
but this was different...special.

Rich began to thrust slowly because the tightness of Mike's ass had him on
the edge already. He wanted to properly fuck his friend. Rich could feel
his precum flowing into Mike and it made his tight sleeve so slippery. The
smell of another sexy man stimulated Rich even further. Rich had fantasies
about making love to Mike but he never thought he would have the chance.

Rich began to thrust faster and he felt the intensity of his need build.
His nuts ached to release his man seed. His passion build as Rich thrust
wildly. The intense need to seed was unbelievable.

As he felt himself on the verge, Rich paused and let the need to seed pass.

Rich started thrusting again and he gripped Mike's hard cock as he thrust
powerfully again and again. Their campsite was filled with the grunts and
groans of wild sexual passion. The slapping of hard bodies filled the
night until Rich cried out as his hot semen erupted into his friend. Jet
after jet of his seed flooded his friend's ass. Mike groaned as his own
cock responded with ropes of cum that ejaculated all over the sleeping bag.

Rich's cock remained hard and the two of them collapsed on their bedrolls
in exhaustion. They fell asleep joined as one.

They slept for 5 hours joined as one until Rich's need to seed was too much
again. He gently fucked his friend. It was a sleepy slow morning fuck
that slowly built in intensity until wild passion rocked both men and
Rich's cock pounded Mike's pleasure spot until Mike spontaneously erupted
hot semen all over them. Rich poured his essence into Mike until he was

They lay there for a long while in each other's arms. Each man lost in the
afterglow of love. They kissed and talked about heading back later. They
couldn't wait to tell their wives about how much both families enjoyed bath
time. The two men each wondered to themselves if their wives would ever
understand the special need that the two men had for each other.

Rich led Mike through the Georgia white pine trees across a trail covered
with a soft carpet of pine needles to his favorite spot on earth. As they
got closer they noticed that the trail became rocky under their bare feet.
Rich had a bar of soap. As the dense foliage opened up they could see a
waterfall flowing over a mountain ledge above them. It was so beautiful it
was easy to think they were the first humans to ever see it.

As they walked closer, Mike could see the water landing on a ledge and then
it flowed into a small pond with crystal clear water.

Rich took Mike's hand and led him around the side of the pond and into the
waterfall. The brisk water felt good on a warm summer morning.

The pounding of the water on their bodies was invigorating. It was almost
like a massage. The men were both rock hard but did not touch each other.
They were content to enjoy the sensual delights of the cascading water as
it played over their bodies.

After a few Zen like minutes in the waterfall, Rich led Mike to a sunny
ledge and began to cleanse his friend's awesome body. He washed his face
and neck barely resisting the urge to kiss mike. As Rich soaped Mike's
smooth hard chest, his fingers naturally toyed with Mike's hard dark pink
nipples. Mike groaned. Rich continued his journey down Mike's body
washing his hips and parting them to gently cleanse the beautiful man pussy
that had given him so much pleasure last night.

He held the amazing balls that were heavy again with Mike's seed and he
kissed the tip of Mike's cock. A long strand of Mike's precum connected
them for several seconds. Rich washed the beautiful shaft and the blond
pubic hair.

Mike's legs were still smooth, lean and muscular. They felt more like a 16
year old than a guy who was 25. Rich led his friend back into the
waterfall to rinse off and knelt before Mike and began to suck his raging

The bolts of pleasure that shot through Mike's body were intense.

Rich felt Mike's nuts begin to draw up in preparation for his orgasm.
Suddenly Mike flooded Rich's mouth with his hot thick man seed. It was
like sucking a fire hose. The volume of semen was unbelievable. Rich's
eyes watered as he deep throated Mike.

Then Mike took the bar of soap from Rich and he carefully washed his
friend's body. When Mike was finished, he knelt down in the waterfall and
presented his ass to his friend. They struggled at first but as Rich
buried the head of his cock in Mike the precum gave them the lubrication
that they needed. Rich's nuts ached for release. It was a wild wanton

Anyone watching from a distance would have been reminded of two wild
animals mating.

The water cascading over them and the intense pleasure took Rich quickly to
the edge of orgasmic bliss. Moments later Rich's hard cock exploded thick
semen deep in his friend's love tunnel. Rich took Mike into his arms and
kissed him passionately. He took Mike's hand and they jumped into the pond
at the base of the falls. It was about 6' deep and they swam leisurely to
the other end of the pond. Mike took Rich into his arms and they kiss a
long and passionate kiss. They climbed out of the pool and walked toward
the campsite.

Tom pulled on some jeans and a t-shirt and said he would be back in a few
minutes. He drove to a nearby store and called Debra. When she answered,
he told her that he had some exciting news to share about Rich and Sara.
He told her that that she needed to call David their baby sitter and see if
he is available tonight. Then please call Sara and tell her that we are
going to be back early. We will all have dinner at our house and all of
the kids can stay at their house with David. We will pick up dinner on the
way home.

Debra was a little overwhelmed, but said sure. She called David first and
the 13 year old boy said he would be happy to stay with the kids. David
was rubbing his half hard cock as he talked to her. He wondered if there
was any way to get these four kids naked.

Then Debra called Sara and invited her to dinner and told her that the guys
would be home a night earlier than expected. She asked if it was okay if
the kids stayed at their house. Sara was a little mystified, but she said


Tom called ahead and arranged for one of the best new restaurants in
Atlanta to cater dinner and told what time he would pick the food up. Tom
drove back to their campsite and found that Rich was naked and cooking
breakfast. Tom stripped naked and the food was ready when he came out of
the tent.

-This has been one of the most awesome experiences ever. Tom told Rich.

-Yeah...I was just thinking the same thing. I do have a question for you.
Have know...ever done or wanted to do more with the kids?
Rich asked his friend.

-I have wanted to do more...I just wasn't sure. Tom told him honestly.

-It's funny we went from the great boner incident in the restaurant to the
kids sleeping naked with us. We have made love in front of them several
times and Beth likes to rub her butt against me...especially when I am
hard. Rich told him. I have wanted know...rub my cock against
her pussy...and I dream about squirting a load of cum in her little vagina.

-Wow...I have dreamed about the same thing...I have had some amazing
climaxes masturbating to those thoughts. Tom admitted.

They talked about how they were going to tell their wives about discovering
how similar their two families are. They also decided that they would find
a beach cottage that they could rent for a couple of weeks that was off by
itself with its own private beach.

They went home and cleaned up. Debra was trying everything she could think
of to get Tom to tell her what the surprise was. He was able to resist and
he went over and picked Rich up. They got David the 13 year old babysitter
on the way to the restaurant. They both realized just how cute the 13 year
old boy was. He had sexy blond hair that was a little shaggy. His blue
eyes and smile were magical. David wore shorts that were tight enough they
were probably from last year. They did little to hide the bulge of his
penis and testicles.

They double parked at the restaurant and asked David to stay with the car
and blow the horn if the police showed up. Walking in to the restaurant,
Tom told Rich how much he would love to get David naked. That would be
awesome tonight...and might be fun to take David to the beach
with us if everything works out.

As they waited for their order, Rich quietly suggested to Mike that David
make all four of the kids take bathes...the girls together and the guys
together...I think we need to be sure that he is checking on them and being
sure they get washed.

-I love that idea. Tom told him. Do you think we could catch him? Tom
asked Rich.

-You know how sexual the kids are. If they are naked and have boners they
will want him to touch them. And the girls will want the same thing. If
that doesn't make him cum in his pants, I don't know what will.

They both used the sacks of food to hide the bulges in their pants as they
went back to the car.

On the ride to the house, they explained to David that he needed to get all
of the kids to take a bath about 9 pm. They told him that the boys could
be together and the girls can share a bath. Just make sure all of them are
washing and getting clean. We know they will play around in the tub...they
always do. Tom left that hanging letting the 13 year old boy's imagination
run wild. They made it a point to tell David about bathing when they were
close to home. When the boy got out of the car it was everything he could
do to hide his 13 year old boner. Both Tom and Rich were delighted with
the reaction.

That night during dinner the guys told their wives about the conversations
that they had while they were camping. It was quiet for a moment and then
Debra looked at Sara and began to share how excited she was a few months
ago to orally pleasure 5 year old Sharon to an orgasm. That was all it
took. Sara responded about how exciting it was to have little Jerry rub
his 6 year old boner against her clit. He was now humping her long enough
for both of them to have orgasms. They all talked about how much they
liked being naked with the kids.

They started talking about what it will be like to make love to the kids
when they hit puberty.

-I can't wait for Tommy's little boner to start squirting. Debra told

-How would you like to spend 2 weeks together someplace where we had our
own private beach and swimming pool? Tom asked as he stood behind Debra as
he poured her more wine. As he was waiting for the answer he put a two
page fax of a beach house on the tip of a small island off the coast of
North Carolina.

Debra looked at it first.

-Oh god...this looks awesome. She said as she passed the fax to Sara.
Mike leaned over her and began to kiss her cheek and as he did Rich and
Sara watched his hands explore her breasts through her sun dress. Then
since it was a sundress with a built in bra, Mike slipped his hands in on
top of her beautiful naked breasts.

Rich and Sara both agreed that the beach place looked awesome as Rich
lifted the hem of Sara's sun dress under the table and pushed aside her
panties. Sara groaned as Rich began to finger her.

As bad as I think all of us want to get naked and make crazy passionate
love, there is one thing that Rich and I think would be interesting to see.
He told them about his instructions to David about bathing the kids at 9
pm. Mike explained that he gave David instructions to bathe the boys
together and the girls together. I told him to be sure to check on them.

-Oh god...I have to see this Debra said. I don't know about your kids but
mine were already studying David's crotch the last time he babysat for

It was 9:10 pm when they pulled up in front of Rich and Sara's house. They
went around back so that they could quietly come in the house. They walked
upstairs and heard the water running in the bathroom in Rich and Sara's
room. They crept closer to the kids bathroom in the hall way. They could
hear Jerry and Tommy talking. The 6 year old boys were talking about
having their boners sucked and how awesome it felt.

The two couples went quietly in Rich and Sara's bedroom. The lights in the
bedroom were turned off and they stood back from the bathroom door. They
could see perfectly into the bathroom. The two 5 year old girls were
leaning against the side of the tub. David was kneeling beside the tub and
each of his arms was draped over a little girl's naked shoulder. It was
obvious from the squeals of delight that he was pleasuring their little
pussies with his fingers. From their sounds of delight, both girls were on
the verge of orgasm.

David was obviously quite turned on too. His sexy 13 year old body was
rocking and humping against the side of the bath tub. Judging from his
rhythm he was on the verge of cumming in his pants. Moments later the
little girls were begging him not to stop as their little bodies shook and
shuddered with pleasure. David's face turned red as he humped the side of
the tub. His 13 year old boner erupted hot semen into his underwear. Rich
walked into the bathroom before David could pull his fingers out of the
girls' tiny pussies.

David stood up stammering as the semen began to stain the front of his
shorts. Rich told him to take the shorts off because he couldn't go home
looking like that.

David was so scared he wasn't sure what to do. He unbuttoned and unzipped
his shorts like he was told. They fell to the floor and he stood in front
of the four adults with his semi erect penis sticking out of the fly of his
boxers. His 13 year old boy cum was all over the front of the boxers.

Lila looked at Zach's shorts and the huge bulge in them. She laughed and
said I think we need to take a break. Don't worry...Owen and I had to take
a break too at this point. We can go to our room.

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