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Nifty - Bestiality - Incest Island - The Breeding 1

Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2010 23:36:37 -0400
From: Mack Mack <>
Subject: The Breeding ! - Incest Island

Author: Mack1137 and VicD.
Wednesday July, 3, 2010

Keywords: bisexual, incest, anal, bible, breast, college, consensual,
exhibitionism, first time, gay, growth of body, heterosexual, high school,
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The story of Incest Island started with Ryan Miller's young family
exploring family love while on a sailing trip in the Bahamas in FAMILY LOVE

You don't need to read all of the stories to enjoy each chapter!

Family Love Boat is a tender and intensely sexual story about sexual
discovery and first time experiences. It was during that trip the Miller
family met Ted and Dr. Amy Taylor and became very close to their family.
Ted ended up buying an island and inviting Ryan and his family and 12 other
families to join his family on Incest Island.

The beautiful families that settled in the Caribbean have invited all of
their friends from the mainland in for the big Insemination Celebration.
Their children aged ten through fifteen have been sequestered and taught
sexual control and pleasure techniques for three intense weeks. Now the
teens will spend a full day breeding over and over to the thunderous
applause of their parents. It proved so inspirational that the celebration
spills out into the stands and to the millions watching the recap footage

We hope you enjoy this concluding chapter of the Incest Island series: The


This story is a total fantasy. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to
write me. Your encouragement, ideas, fantasies and personal experiences are
very much appreciated. Your thoughts and ideas are always welcome at


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MILLER FAMILY (Ryan 31, Christie 31, Zachary 14, Hannah 12, Emily 11, Noah
11, Oleg Vasiliev 7, Katarina Vasiliev 5, Bart 1 day, Eva 1 day)

TAYLOR FAMILY (Ted 31, Amy 30, Mike 15, Kaitlin 14, Will 13, Sara 13,
Thomas 11, Kuri Nikitin 8, Sasha Nikitin 6, Josh 15 months, Eli 4 months)

COLBY FAMILY (Devin 35, Jane 31, Carrie 15, Matt 12, Elijah 4, Grace 2)

SWENSON FAMILY (Martin 34, Kathi 32, Jessie 18, Tyler 15, Jessica 15)

GARCIA FAMILY (Simon 44, Randy 25, Elizabeth 15, Taylor 12, Ashley 12,
Josephine 1 month)

JACKSON FAMILY (Jacob 35, Charlotte 34, Jimmy 14, Cayden 12, Lilly 10, Mary
8, Tony 2)

SMITH FAMILY of Oregon (Jim 29, Maggie 29, Maryanne 14, Dagribipchk
"Patrick" Tarsov 8, Vera Tarsov 6, Vladimir Tarsov 5, Chelsea 4 months)

WONG FAMILY (Steve 31, Mary 31, William 18, Leah 17, Grayson 16, Zoe 15,
Kira 8, Lyna 5 months)

SMITH FAMILY of Georgia (Rich "Granddad" 69, Sara "Grandma" 68, Jerry 49,
Beth 48, Cooper 44, Bradley 35, Samantha 33, Hank 32, Nathan 31, Rebecca
31, Jack Williams Smith 31, Belle 29, Claire Williams Smith 28, Kaylee
Miller Smith 28, Bill 27, Erin 19, Jeffery 17, Alan 17, Shana 16,
Christopher 16, Holly 15, Craig 14, Tina 13, Colt 12, Kelli 11, Sbrovy
"Doug" Titov 9, Troia Petrov 8, John 7, Derek 7, Stan 7, Rica Petrov 6,
Ogroia "Bonnie" Titov 6, Heidi 5, Therese 4, Byron 4, Victoria 3, Shannon
2, Steve 2, Shawn 8 months )

SAMUELS FAMILY (Mike 69, Debra 67, David Dietz 56, Tom 49, Sharon 48, Regan
44, Katherine 35, Robert 34, Melissa Samuels Smith 33, Lori 12)

HALSTON FAMILY (Mary 32, Marie 13, Max 11, Voislna "Veronica" Sidorov 7,
Sava "Andrew" Cojzer5)

HOWARD FAMILY (Amanda 44, Hawkins "Hawk" 32, Cruz 14, Natalia 12)

GIBSON FAMILY (Tom 30, Sally 30, Kevin 18, Kiera 14, Landon 14, Lucy 13,
Owen 12, Abigail 10, Donald Ivanko 5)

GUNDERSON FAMILY (Nella 30, Lily 12, Abi 11, Cole 9)

REID FAMILY (Casey 33, Nancy 21, Robbie 14, Allison 14)

BRIDGES FAMILY (Jon 31, Victoria 13, Dylan 12)

RESTON FAMILY (Lionel 36, Linda 34, Chip 17, Justin & Charles 14)

Emily Miller 11 & Will Taylor 13
Sara Taylor 13 & Noah Miller 11
Natalia Howard 12 & Hawk Howard 30
Lily Gunderson 12 & Kevin Gibson 18
Dr. Amy Taylor & Thomas Taylor 11, Mike Taylor 15, Ted Taylor
Ashley Garcia 12 & Matt Colby 12
Jessica Swenson 15 & Tyler Swenson 15
Zoe Wong 15 & Cruz Howard 14
Marie Halston 13 & Jimmy Jackson 14
Abi Gunderson 11 & Colt Williams 12
Tina Smith 13 & Taylor Garcia 12
Kelli Smith 11 & Grayson Wong 16
Leah Wong 17 & Max Halston 11
Lori Samuels 14 & Owen Gibson 12
Abigail Gibson 10 & Craig Smith 14


We Interrupt This Program...

"Thank you for coming on such short notice, Christi."

"Oh anytime, Mr. Parker," Christi said smiling brightly at the young dad.

It really wasn't a bother. Christi Regis loved babysitting for the
Parkers. Unlike most of the other kids she minded in Edmonton Alberta, they
were actually fun to talk with. It didn't hurt that the Parkers paid quite
well. She considered her delicate fingers as Mr. Parker searched for his
missing car keys. She wore multiple brass rings she bought at an art shop
in town.

At 15, Christi dressed well and this night's wages would easily cover that
new skirt she had her eye on. She stood inside the doorway as Mr. Parker
scribbled the phone number of the restaurant on a pad. He was meeting his
wife at a retirement party for a neighbor she didn't know. They didn't
expect to be back until quite late that night. He noticed her blouse for
the first time and seemed to lose his train of thought.

It was white silk with a retro flared collar and it was one of her
favorites. Thin enough to see through, it really should be worn with
something else covering, but - oops - she seemed to have forgotten. Batting
her green eyes, the girl absently tied her long brown hair back with a
scrunchie and smiled at Mr. Parker. He watched her perfect tits shift under
the sheer fabric and then closed his eyes to regain his thoughts.

"Don't worry about a thing, Mr. Parker," she said innocently. "I can stay
as long as you need me."

She waved to him as he drove out of the driveway and toyed with her
hair. As she closed the door behind her, she checked the clock and rushed
up the stairs to Lizzette's room at the back of the spacious home. The door
was unlocked and she entered the 12 year old's room without knocking. All
three Parker children were inside.

The room was a spacious vision in lilac and white lace dominated by a
painted, antique four-poster bed. In the far corner, Lizzette was stripped
naked save little white ankle socks. Her 8 year old brother Nathan kneeled
before her, pants around his ankles, giggling over the sloppy blowjob she
gave his 3" boner. Behind her was 10 year old Michael humping like a dog
and sharing filthy talk with his baby brother. None of them heard her
enter. Christi stopped suddenly and took a moment to register what was
going on. She was horrified.

"Whh..What the HELL is going on here?!?"

The three strawberry blond pre-teens froze and stared at their babysitter
wide-eyed. Christi saw the laptop on the girl's desk and the streaming
video playing on it. She pointed to the screen and castigated the rutting

"Do you know what time it is?!? You're missing the show! Knock that off!!"

"They're... umm... still doing interviews," Lizzette said. "We've got
plenty of time. They won't be showing the... the... oohh... highlight
reel... for a while yet... Ummm... When are the 'Rents coming back?"

Christi rushed over to the laptop and saw that they were correct. "They
won't be back until 11, so we'll have some privacy for a few hours at
least. Carry on... "

The two pre-pubescent boys resumed tag-teaming their sister and spouting
off dirty dialog that would shock a seaman. Christi smiled and kicked off
her flats. She approached and watched them closely. Their thrusts
intensified now that they had an audience. She leaned in and soulfully
kissed each of the three on their delicate little mouths in turn.

"You wore it," Nathan exclaimed! "Our favorite shirt!"

"Just for you," she said with an exaggerated stretch that rolled her tits
against the see-through fabric. "I'm going to get a drink. I'll be right

She returned from a quick trip to the Parker's liquor cabinet with a gin
and tonic. The fifteen year old thought they were just so
sophisticated. They reminded her of lemonade. She hovered over the laptop
as she sipped. On screen, Kevin was talking to Zach and Mike somewhere in
the island Temple. She put her drink down on the nightstand and sat on the
bed to watch the kids at play.

Lizzette's peach skin had a flushed, rosy glow from her sexual
excitement. Michael fucked her like a rabbit with his 4" dick and turned
his angular face toward the sitter. Yes, she thought smiling, the girls
will be lining up around the block for this little stud when he starts
dating. The long-limbed boy had just started his growth spurt and Christi
loved boys at that stage. The ten year old smiled lasciviously and made a
vulgar request to see her vagina. She pretended to be shocked, rolled up
her short black skirt and spread her slender legs for him. His bulging eyes
made her laugh out loud.

"Hey," little Nathan said rising, "something's happening on the island... "

The four turned to the laptop.

"Can we kill these lights," Christi asked? "I think we'll see better... "

What the Islanders Did

Footage from the big day streamed to millions across the globe. The
Breeding had been going on continuously since that morning began, only
breaking for badly needed food and drink. With dinner over, the islanders
limbered up for the last few hours of the annual Insemination Celebration.

For the best chance at healthy offspring, they had segregated all their
children from age ten to age fifteen. Most had not reached puberty by that
tender age, but were given hormonal boosters to ensure that their young
genitals were all in full blossom for today. Twenty six boys and girls,
they had spent the last few weeks learning the art of love. All of their
meals included blessed seminal fluid from the fertile males on the
island. Nightly, they would have cum rubdowns. Never again would the boys
waste their precious seed in discarded tissue or - worse yet - withhold it
from anyone who asked. They had been kept in a state of erotic frenzy, but
denied orgasm until this morning.

Today, the sperm flowed.

Zach Miller and Mike Taylor, the handsome teen hosts, stood proudly in
their loincloths interviewing Kevin Gibson, the Boy's trainer for the Time
of Preparation. Kevin was strikingly tall and lean. The 18 year old college
freshman stood naked, erect and smiling as they asked him questions about
the run up to the day's events. His thick 7" cock pointed nearly straight
up. The boys had a hard time keeping eye contact with him. That impressive
tool had already impregnated two women on the island including his own
mother. He had spent the whole day inseminating 12 year old Lily Gunderson
on the main stage with all the others and he was still ready to go.

"So Kevin," Mike said now staring openly at his swaying erection, "could
you tell us a bit about last night's Vigil?" Naked, sweat soaked islanders
milled in the background drinking water and waving for the cameras.

"Sure," he said while ducking slightly to fit in frame with the two
teens. "All of our boys have been inseminating their mates in front of the
whole island today. If they had not previously gotten a girl pregnant, they
were... helped along by a fertile male. The boys took a father or brother
or friend - someone who has already fathered a child - anally while they
first mounted their little mates."

"Semen Coaches! That was a lot of fun Kevin," Zach said enthusiastically!

"Oh, it was! Last night, we prepped the boys with dildos made from their
father's cocks. They were all ready and pliant to act as a conduit for
their life-force. Mike, you were one of the Semen Coaches, weren't you?"

"That's right, Kevin," Mike said his eyes still glued on the trainer's
cockhead. "I have two brothers in the Celebration today: Will who's 13 and
little Thomas who's 11. My dad fucked Will up the ass, er... ummm... I mean
he was Will's 'life force conduit' and I 'conduited' - you know - up
Thomas' ass the first time he fucked our mom on stage."

"We have some video of the Vigil last night that started it all," Zach
added for the camera. "Mike and the other Semen Coaches lay with the boys
until this morning. Can we see that footage?"

"You know," Kevin said quietly to the teens, "you can touch it if you want
to, I don't... "

The screen cut to last night's footage...

Rite of Passage - The Vigil

The sun had just set on the day before the Celebration. Inside the Temple,
the boy's dormitory was buzzing with activity. The boys gathered at the
sumptuous dinner table with Kevin. As they approached, they found that the
chair pegs were now perfect models of a penis, often a very familiar
one. Tyler Swenson looked for a moment and smiled. He realized that it is a
perfect model of his father's erection. It had been a while since his Daddy
entered him and he was thankful that Kevin lubricated the peg before he
mounted it.

As Ty sat on the 9" thick penis peg he gasps at the intrusion. The huge
cock pressed roughly against his prostate and his own thick boy cock begins
to drool milky color precum, forced from his prostate by the intrusion of
the huge cock.

"I see some of you are having trouble adjusting to your father's penis. It
has probably been a while since you were penetrated by the shaft that
brought you life," Kevin told them. He waited for them to accept the probes
fully and looked at the lavish décor in the dormitory Dining Room. The
dorms would be closed up until next year's Time of Preparation and he would
miss all the good times they had here...

"Tomorrow, you inseminate your beautiful mates," he said with obvious
affection. "The congregation has prayed for your fertility. Your body has
been prepared for the rite of insemination. The supplements that you were
given will keep you at the peak of your sexual performance for several

"Right now begins the Vigil of The Insemination Celebration. Your family
has chosen a male to be with you this evening and you now sit on a replica
of his stiff shaft. Many ancient cultures believed that in order to promote
fertility a boy would spend time with a man being taught and being filled
with his semen. They believed that consuming semen orally and being anally
inseminated promoted fertility."

"Those ancient traditions will be observed wherever possible with the
central male figure in your life. You will kneel before them and slowly
pleasure their penis until you give them exquisite pleasure. They will in
turn, flood your mouth with their potent seed. You will swallow it. They
will lie with you and you will massage and stroke each other until your
mentor is ready to inseminate you. You may ask them to pause at any time if
you are on the verge of climax. In many respects this may be the most
difficult night in your Time of Preparation because your body is full of
supplements and foods designed to maximize your production of semen."

Tyler could not believe how much his nuts already ached.

The boys consumed a special blend of blueberry yogurt combined with the
semen of their family and friends. Their meal was filled with intensely
stimulating herbs and supplements. The boy cocks and balls already ached
from their abstinence. The meal ingredient was like pouring gasoline on the
smoldering fire of their lustful need to seed. The boys shifted around in
their seats as the powerful herbal preparations made their testicles
churn. Moving around only made the huge pegs press painfully against their
tender prostates. As the meal concluded, the boys stood and most groaned
grateful to have the thick shaft out of their ass.

"There are beds in the atrium around the Grand Phallus. You will meet the
adults there," Kevin told them. They scampered excited into the hall as
Kevin took one last surveying look at the room.

Mike and Zach had installed cameras in strategic places around the full
story tall steel phallus. The boys were naked as usual and Mike stood
behind Zach and playfully slid his hard cock up and down his crack. Kaitlin
began to film her brother and Zach as they worked and pleasured each
other. They watched the monitors light up with the new images. Mike kissed
Zach between the shoulder blades and then began to fondle his rock hard

Up in the Monitoring Station, Kaitlin and Hannah were managing the video
clips for the internet feed from the Dining Room cameras. Hannah giggled as
she watched their brothers on screen in the Atrium slowly masturbate each
other. She felt Kaitlin's fingers enter her wet pussy and begin to finger
fuck her as they watched the Breeder Boys leave the dining room. She was so
tender and always knew just how to touch her. They switched to the hallway
cameras and atrium cameras and turned their attention back to their
milk-swollen breasts. The scent of sex filled the darkened room.

On screen, the last of the boys filtered out. Colt and Noah walked down the
hall with their arms draped around each other's shoulders. The two had
become inseparable and it never occurred to them that there was anything
unusual about two very sexy boys being naked and touching and pleasuring
each other all the time. The Time of Preparation had formed a bond between
them that would last a lifetime.

Colt stopped under one of the clam-shaped hall sconces and pulled Noah into
his arms. Camera 33 caught the embrace and Hannah recorded it before
returning to nurse on her friend Kaitlin. The two beautiful naked boys
ground their boners against each other in the dim light and their embrace

"Noah... you're awesome! I couldn't have gotten through this without
you. When I... when I got discouraged you kept me going. Thanks!" Colt
pulled his best friend into his arms and he kissed him. It was a tender and
loving kiss. Many of the other partners stopped to watch and then followed
Colt and Noah's lead.

Little Max Halston watched Colt wistfully as the boys readied themselves
for their final night in the Temple. He noticed that Cruz Howard was
watching as well. The three boys shared an unspoken moment in the doorway
to the Temple lobby. None of the three had fathers on the island. Colt
never knew his father. His step-dad was an abusive drunk who beat him up
pretty bad. Max's dad left the island almost a year ago and wasn't
missed. A cruel man, he only had eyes for his daughter and treated his 11
year old son like a prop in his sexual games. Cruz came from a poor family
in Brazil. His own father had sold him into gay prostitution and he was
forced to service strange men.

They could have harbored bitterness as their friends talked about fellating
their dads, but, they genuinely didn't. They were good boys and the
islanders had taught them about the healing power of love. Each had
resigned himself to become the father that they never had for their own
young children. They would cherish their growing sons and daughters. They
would teach them to see the world with wonder and help them when the
stumbled and fell. Most importantly, they would be there for their kids as
Semen Coaches in ten year's time, fucking ropes of cum right up their
precious little butts with the very cocks that gave them life.

They smiled at each other, honored that three men had volunteered to act as
Semen Coaches for them, to fill their warm mouths with life essence tonight
and then their tight butts tomorrow. The boys were truly loved. They
reflected on the great fortune that had brought them to this island.

In the Atrium, thirteen cots lay in a circle around the statue. The green
marbled room was dark except for two tiny spotlights that illuminated the
giant phallus of brushed steel. As the boys walked by, they reverently
touched the steel shaft, running their hands over the stylized veins. They
each took a cot and sat considering their leaking erections.

All eyes turned to the great glass doors as they slid open. Strong and
naked, the fathers entered single-file. Ted Taylor, the island's
benefactor, was first in line wearing only a string of puka shells around
his neck. His sons Will and Thomas ran up to hug their dad. Fifteen year
old Mike passed his camera to Zach and joined them. All four Taylor men
rubbed their boners together in playful greeting then paired off and sat on
the cots waiting for the Vigil to begin.

Ryan Miller and Reverend Colby greeted their sons warmly. Noah stood on
tiptoes to kiss Ryan who gently caressed his 11 year old soccer butt. Zach
smiled as he trained his camera in on his father's hands. Ryan tenderly
probed his youngest son's hole as they kissed.

"I love you so much Dad," Noah said, his voice cracking endearingly.

They followed Matt Colby and his father deeper inside. The room was filled
with the joyous reunion of the strong island men and their growing
boys. Cruz Howard saw his adopted father in the crowd and called out to
him. The powerful Naval Officer's face lit up with pride. He ran over and
scooped him up in his arms. His muscles rippled under his dark skin as he
hugged the boy he rescued from Brazil.

"Papi, what are you doing here," Cruz asked? "You're inseminating Natalia
tomorrow. I didn't think you'd be here tonight."

"Aw, Cruz," Hawk said in his deep bass voice, "there was a big fight over
who was going to mount you tomorrow since I couldn't do both. Randy Garcia
is going to do it, but I couldn't pass up spending this last night with you
before you became a man."

"Oh, awesome," Cruz said! "Randy loves fucking boys. Did he really ask to
do me?" Hawk just laughed and put his arm around him affectionately. As
they walked to their place by the statue, Cruz passed little Max who was
beaming ear to ear. William Wong the 18 year old brother of his mate Leah
was going to stand in as his Semen Coach.

"I'm going to be in a brother-sister sandwich," he said to Cruz! Leah and
William already had a beautiful incest baby together and Max was very
turned on to be squeezed between them for the Breeding. William touched the
boy's breeding collar and told him how excited his sister was to be having
her next baby with an 11 year old. Max felt like he was on top of the
world... but faltered a bit when he saw his friend Colt standing alone
looking hopefully at the thinning crowd.

Colt didn't see any of his family. His eyes began to well up as he stomach
fell to the floor. He thought Owen and Lila were happy for him when he
passed his challenge... but maybe they were still really pissed about his
screw up. He walked a little further into the room and his eyes lit up as
he stepped beyond the Grand Phallus. There he stood, his gray hair gently
lit by the spot light. His eyes sparkled and a gently smile lit his
face. Granddad Rich was waiting for Colt.

The patriarch of the Smith clan was a rugged man. A lifetime in
construction kept his body toned and strong. Rich not only founded the
Atlanta compound, but had fathered children in daughters, granddaughters
and even one great granddaughter. He was the very definition of a stud.

Colt rushed to him and hugged the old man as hard as he could. Rich felt
the boy's hot tears on his naked, powerful chest.

"What's wrong Colt?"

"Ummmm... .I didn't see anybody here," Colt told him as he hugged him even
tighter. "I didn't know if everyone was upset about my screw-up."

Rich kissed the top of Colt's silky blond hair and inhaled his boy
scent. He kissed the boy's head again. He whispered in Colt's ear,
"Actually we had a disagreement about who should be here. All of us wanted
to be here with you and for you. We are all so proud of what you have
accomplished and what a fine young man you have become."

"Really," Colt asked in disbelief?

"Yes, really," Granddad Rich told him! "It is time for you to receive the
sacred family seed Colt. As I pour out my semen into to you I want you to
know that I am inseminating you and making you mine... forever."

Colt reverently knelt before Granddad Rich. Rich's stiff shaft bobbed with
each beat of his heart and was leaking precum. Colt began to lick the
stream of precum and stiffened his tongue to tentatively explore the old
man's throbbing shaft. Rich groaned as the boy's tongue lapped his ultra
sensitive corona and glans. The boy knew exactly how to give the old man
the most intense and exquisite pleasure without allowing him to release his

All around them, the gangly teens dropped to their knees. The sound of
rhythmic slurping and satisfied moans filled the room with soft, pleasant

Colt expertly kept Granddad Rich on edge for almost an hour. He tasted the
increasing saltiness of adopted grandfather's precum and knew that he could
not last much longer. Colt rapidly bobbed his head and pulled back as he
felt the large shaft swell as it prepared to release a torrent of Smith
family seed. Colt expertly used the ridges in the top of his mouth to bring
Rich to a powerful climax while carefully collecting all of the family seed
on his tongue. Colt was in communion with the old man gratefully receiving
his sacred essence.

When his penis began to soften Colt reluctantly let it go. Rich helped the
sexy boy to his feet and kissed him. Rich could tell that the boy's mouth
was still full of his hot seed. Rich leaned back a bit a looked at the
sparkling blue eyes.

"You want to savor it," Rich asked him?

The beautiful boy could only nod. Colt led the old man to their bed and
pulled back the sheet. He snuggled in tight against Rich with his hard
shaft pressed tight against the old man. Rich felt a continuous stream of
precum running down his belly. He wondered if it was a good idea for them
to nap together in this tight embrace. It was then that he felt the sexy
boy breathing became deep and regular. Rich stayed awake and just watched
the beautiful boy. He vowed that he would help the boy avoid an
orgasm. Colt's penis became flaccid and Rich drifted off to sleep. He awoke
a little later with the boy's stiff shaft rubbing against him. Rich gently
shook him awake and whispered that he needed to save every drop of his
essence for beautiful Abi Gunderson.

Colt looked up and saw the love in the old man's eyes. He had never been
loved like this before. Colt ran his fingers through Rich's hair and toyed
with the ridges in his ear. They spent the next hour lightly touching and
stroking each other. Rich could not believe how this beautiful boy had
totally stolen his heart. Rich loved all of his children, grandchildren and
great grandchildren... but there was something special about this boy.

Across the room Noah clung tightly to Ryan, thinking his Dad the sexiest
man alive. He smiled as he thought about his Daddy wildly face fucking
him. Noah had struggled to swallow his Dad's beautiful thick shaft. He
would never forget the moment of climax when his Dad cried out, "Noah,
receive my seed." The flood of thick, creamy man semen had surprised
him. It was as if his Dad had not cum for a month. When his Daddy lifted
him up and kissed him passionately tasting his semen in Noah's mouth, it
almost made Noah climax. He hovered right on the edge of orgasm for several

The online video froze tenderly on Noah and his dad from the previous
night, faded and then switched back to the live feed at the Temple. The
naked Breeder boys and girls were eating and drinking frantically before
returning on stage, most waved for the cameras.

The orphans darted through the crowds with the other island children
laughing and playing Penis-Tag. Dr. Amy Taylor wiped her sweating brow with
a cool damp cloth behind Mike and Zach. She noticed the camera and gave a
very uncharacteristic beaver shot. The combined cum of all three of her
sons ran down the inside of her legs after a full day on stage. Mike
dropped his microphone, pushed his mom over the nearest table and
penetrated her again as she laughed.

"Ummm.... well," Zach said into the camera, "We'll be right back with some
replay footage of the start of the actual Breeding ceremony early this

A Present for the Parkers

Back in Edmonton, Christi and the Parker kids watched breathlessly. As the
screen changed to a counting timer the little moppets stretched and jumped
on the four-poster bed in excitement.

"Play with us, Christi," they pleaded! "Play with us!" Little Lizzette
spread her bare pussy lips and the boys giggled.

"Oh, I've got a surprise for you kids," Christi Reston said in a sing-song
voice. They begged her to tell them, but she was tight-lipped. "I'll be
right back," she purred seductively and slipped out the door.

"She's going to teach us something new," Lizzette said confidently.

"Nah," Nathan opined. "She's finally going to let us fuck her." He squealed
in delight. Both boys talked about mounting the hot 15 year old every
chance they got. In truth, they were just up for anything and continued
bouncing on the bed burning off their unfocused sexual energy.

Christi returned with a huge smile and something concealed behind her back.

Their green eyes were wide as they bounced naked off the bed and swarmed
her. With great fanfare, Christi produced an impressive black rubber
dildo. The kids were stunned.

"Is that..." Michael asked in wonder?

Christi nodded furiously. "Yes!.. It's your mom's!"

The clustered close and sniffed it. "It DOES smell like mom," Nathan said

"Okay," Christi said sitting on the edge of the bed, "Lizzette, why don't
you hop in my lap?"

All three jumped up and down in excitement. They knew what would
happen... happy spanks!

Christi sat on the soft, white comforter and held her arms out. The 12 year
old girl was very pretty, but had physically not matured yet. With one
notable exception, her body was very much like her two brothers. She
wriggled up on Christi's lap and the boys gathered close. The girl
genteelly draped herself over the sitter's knees and arched her little
backside up. Simply adorable, Christi thought and held the dildo out for
the girl to suck on.

"Good girl," she said warmly. "You do that so well."

She raised her left hand and gave Lizzette a glancing spank on the
rear. She moaned with the obscene thing in her mouth and her brothers
cheered. Christi smiled back at them.


The little girl had really grown partial to these.

SMACK. "Mmmmmm."

Lizzette giggled as her fair-skinned butt turned rosy. Christi waved the
boys over and let them gently rub her butt cheeks. She stroked the girl's
hair affectionately as she slurped on the black shaft. The sitter's pussy
ran wet at the beautiful scene before her. She couldn't wait to have kids



"Who's next," Christi asked? The boys jumped up and down in
excitement. Their little boners bounced adorably. Christi asked Lizzette
who she thought should be next. She stood massaging her tender behind and
picked her brother Michael. Jason was disappointed until Christi asked if
he would help her with the spanking.

She guided the slender 10 year old into her lap by his 4" boner. She
couldn't believe how hard the kid was. She propped him on the very edge of
her knees, so she could still reach his stiffness. He turned his
strawberry-blond head to her, grinning in anticipation. She held his mom's
dildo in front of him and he had to crane his neck to lick and suck it.

"Good boy, Michael," she said. "This thing is a good size. You know, you
three should practice on it every day. Nathan, Lizzie, come over here and
help me spank your brother."


Michael moaned with the shaft in his mouth as his siblings paddled him. He
relished the feeling of the cool air on his reddening butt. Christi began
flicking his boner between her legs as she gently pumped his mom's dildo
into the boy's mouth.

"It's back on," Nathan shouted! He and Lizzette ran to the laptop
pointing. Michael stood and twisted around to get a look at his rosy butt
and Christi rubbed it lightly for him. He loved when she touched him like

"Keep that dildo in your mouth, if you want," she said. The boy nodded
enthusiastically as they huddled around the screen...

Mike and Zach stood before the camera, this time inside the Temple at the
foot of the main altar. The sounds of noisy, animalistic rutting just off
screen were striking. The door to the restroom opened and Abi Gunderson
emerged with her mother Nella and the boys ran up, microphones in hand.

"Not yet," the blonde girl said. "Still negative."

"Well, get up there and keep trying," Mike said encouragingly. Abi's smile
broadened as a sweat-slicked Colt approached. Her knees weakened as his
massive 8" erection rose to full height. He took her by the hand and they
ran off frame back up on stage. Nella, ready to give birth herself, just
shook her head and smiled for the audience at home.

"Colt and Abi will join all of the new parents here soon enough," Zach said
for the cameras. "After seven straight hours of breeding, we are pleased to
report the latest confirmed pregnancies. Mike?"

"...With Natalia Howard and her adopted father Hawk showing the last big
'Plus Sign' that brings our totals to..." Mike consulted a clipboard,
"to... ten confirmed Breeder pregnancies... and an awesome thirty one women
from the island! We're going to be hip deep in toddlers by next year's
Celebration!! How sweet is that?!?"

Mike and Zach shared a high-five as Abi shouted just out of frame, "Fuck
me! Colt! Fuck me!"

The teen hosts laughed at the pretty rutting lovers. Was there anything
funnier than a little kid who swore?

"And now as a treat for the viewers, let's take a look at how this awesome
day started," Zach said in his best announcer voice.

"Hannah," Mike said, "Please roll the recap footage from the showers this

The Morning's Highlight Reel

Dawn broke that morning through the great glass doors of the Temple Atrium
and the cameras were rolling. The light played gently on the boys cuddling
with their dads on the cots. Even in sleep, their boners danced in
anticipation. Three days of edging had them ready to go off any minute.

As the sun rose, they slowly woke and rose from the makeshift beds, joints
popping as they stretched. They greeted each other and their fathers
warmly. As Kevin outlined the events of the day, the boys' hips pumped
subtly in the morning air. They were just so horny, they couldn't help it
any more. Watching their boners rock, Kevin could barely contain his

"Time to hit the showers, Big Boys," he said proudly! "Today you all become

They danced joyfully around their fathers and took them by the hand into
the white-tiled shower where they were all cleansed. Warm suds were
scrubbed on their bouncing boners. Steve Wong worried that if he rubbed his
son Grayson too hard he would go off, but the control techniques they had
learned were remarkable. The boy stood serenely as his shaved balls and
boner were brusquely lathered and rinsed.

They were dressed in beautiful new loin clothes that were embroidered with
a quote from their family about their fertility. It did not matter all of
the boys and their dads were so hard and leaking so much precum the loin
cloths were almost a waste of time. They all took deep, cleansing breaths
and the men and boys proceeded into the darkened Temple Dome.

When the door opened, the roar of the spectators was deafening. They walked
out into the warm spotlights.

The boys couldn't see much beyond the first six or seven rows of cheering,
naked Islanders, but the domed amphitheatre was clearly filled to
capacity. They marched in with purpose, their leaking erections rubbing
against the loin-clothes. The thirteen boys climbed the altar steps and
stood single file beaming at the thunderous applause. Their proud fathers
stood behind them clearly moved.

The boys were finally going to get lucky...

The Breeder Girls had not yet arrived but the crowd convulsed with
activity. At Reverend Devin Colby's direction, the Temple air filled with
wildly festive with steel drum music. The women of the community lined up,
beautiful in their nakedness, and filed orderly up the steps and down the
line of Breeders. The girls and women kissed and stroked the boys as they
passed and gave their well wishes. Many bent and kissed the boy's boners
and tantalized them, talking about how sexy their partners looked.

"Fuck 'em good," eight year old Mary Jackson said in her squeaky voice to
all the boys. They laughed. She kissed the tip of her brother Jimmy's boner
as she moved down the line.

"We're just so proud of you," Christine Miller said and touched her son
Noah's cheek affectionately. Her eyes welled up a bit as she recalled all
the times she had mated with her youngest boy before he had the hormone
shots. He was growing up so fast, only shooting mature sperm for six weeks
now. He smiled at her and brushed his white-blonde hair out of his
eyes. Today he would become a father, she thought with a smile, a father at
age 11...

She stooped and kissed his cockhead before introducing the wide-eyed little
girl to her left.

"Noah, I know your father told you all about the orphans, the kids that
your brother adopted while you were doing your training. I want to
introduce you to your new niece. Noah, this is Katarina."

The little Russian 5 year old stood naked next to her adopted
grandmother. Only a few days ago she might have hid behind the woman's leg,
but she was slowly becoming accustomed to the ways of her new family and
her island home. She smiled up at her new uncle, a mass of sandy blonde
curls, and studied his face carefully. He looked very much like her new
daddy Zach whom she simply adored. He waved at her as she screwed up her
courage. She closed her little brown eyes and bent to give his 6" boner a
light kiss on the tip. She went into a giggle fit and he ruffled her hair.

"It's nice to see you, Katarina. We'll have time to meet up properly

When the last of the females passed and took their seats again, the boys
were led behind the altar. Twelve padded benches were arranged there in a
semi-circle. Each bench was covered in a different colored fabric and the
boys discovered that the colors matched their breeding collars. They found
the one assigned to them.

Their fathers stood behind them and helped the boys to standing positions
on their benches. Only Noah and his father remained, his white color did
not have a bench that they could see. Noah shifted nervously under the warm
spotlights. His nuts ached so much and he could not wait to fill Sara with
his potent seed.

The music died down and Reverend Colby stepped to the lectern in his
clerical robe. He blessed their boners and then talked briefly about the
fertility rites of ancient cultures that they were basing today's ceremony
on. He told everyone that the boys had received the seed of their father,
brother or close family friend last night. The video walls were filled with
the images of the boys receiving the seed. Several wagged their
sperm-covered tongues for the cameras before swallowing. The crowds loved

"Is everyone ready," the Reverend asked? The bestial cries from the
darkened amphitheater were magnificent.

The door to the Girl's Dormitory open and the girls emerged. They walked
out and up the altar steps in single file. They were clearly excited, but
also somewhat nervous. This was their big day.

Each wore a gossamer-thin, silky toga that tantalized the boys with the
beautiful naked body beneath. Only one clasp at the shoulder held the
garment in place. The girls fanned out and stood before their mates letting
them drink in their feminine beauty. The three participating adults - Kevin
Gibson, Dr. Amy Taylor and Hawk Howard scaled the steps as well and took
their places. They were not to start until Devin gave the word. The tension
was incredible.

Whistles of encouragement filled the domed Temple as the animal parts of
the boy's brains began to take over and piston their slender hips in
anticipation. The boys were flooding precum as their hips rocked against
the small patch of cloth covering their nakedness. Colt's hard cock which
now looked to be close to 8" pushed aside the loin cloth and revealed the
blood red head of his penis as it drooled a milky stream of precum. All
Colt had been able to think about was this moment. Finally, he could take
beautiful little Abi Gunderson and fill her with his potent cum.

Colt's precum turned milky as his balls began to release the overflow of
his semen. Abi's eyes were wide with surprise at how huge Colt's erection
had become... he was always huge... but an 8" boner on a lean 12 year old
boy was really something to see. Her pussy ached to be filled with that
beautiful boy shaft. Colt could not take his eyes off of Abi's beautiful
apple-sized breasts when a few weeks ago she had tiny breast buds. It just
made Colt's nuts ache more.

Devin held a microphone on one hand and kept his head bowed in silent
prayer. He raised his eyes to the congregation and smiled as the cheers
grew louder.

"The children will mate shortly," Devin intoned and his amplified words
filled the dome. "And, their first ejaculation of the day will likely be
quick..." The crowd laughed knowingly.

"But, we are going to start with the lucky couple in the white collars:
Noah Miller and Sara Taylor." The crowd erupted in hoots of obscene
encouragement as Devin led the two teens up a small step ladder and onto
the large rough-hewn stone altar. The semi-clad, blond children kneeled on
the white linen facing the raucous islanders and held hands tightly. Devin
had to try several times to quiet the crowd before he could continue.

"Sara and Noah were each first in their classes to complete all of the
sexual tasks during the Time of Preparation. Physically, mentally and
spiritually, this young couple represents all the values that our community
holds dear! Can we make a little noise for their hard work and all the hard
work of our Breeders this year?" The cheers and whistles were wondrous. The
cameras zoomed in on the young couples' faces as Devin continued.

"Today, Sara and Noah will mate on the main altar, a place of honor in our
hallowed Temple. Poor Noah's been so pent up, he just may knock her up with
triplets!" Everyone laughed at this, but they both were twins. The
likelihood of multiple births was statistically strong. Noah gripped her
hand tighter.

"And now," Devin vociferated loudly, "we will lighten the Temple Dome!" At
the touch of the lectern controls, the dark glass sphere surrounding them
turned transparent and the great hall filled with the glorious sun of
Caribbean morning. The rays of light played through the clouds. It looked
as beautiful as an oil painting as the churchgoers watched in awe the
rolling tropical oceans outside the dome. They felt God's holy presence all
around them and the tribal drums seemed to quicken in tempo.

"Today, we truly reclaim the innocence of Eden, my friends! Today, we offer
up our children before God and our community and wish them joyful, repeated
inseminations!" The drums grew louder and the crowd began rhythmically
clapping along. Devin circled the altar muttering prayers in a low
voice. He beckoned Noah's dad Ryan to scale the stepladder and wait for his

With a quick swipe, he ripped off Noah's loin cloth exposing his pounding
erection. The kneeling boy flinched a bit at the thunderous reaction from
the stands. Another swipe stripped Sara's gown from her and it fluttered
down the altar steps. Both teens' chests hitched in excitement at the
exhibition. The drums got even louder.

At Devin's prompting, Sara got on all fours, her slim profile to the
audience. He gently held Noah by the ball sack and guided him over to the
entrance of her sopping vagina. Ryan scaled the last few steps and kneeled
behind his son. The three waited in tandem for a cue from the Reverend as
the heavenly clouds rolled on above them.

Devin produced a silver trough of some anointed balm from behind the altar
and began slathering it on Ryan's hard 7" cock. The audience, already
excited, convulsed in joy. Christine watched her husband and son and was
overcome with emotion. She held the infants Bart and Eva to her breasts and
they suckled serenely. Seven year old Oleg and his sister Kat were torn
between watching the events on stage and watching their grandmother
nurse. In the tumult of the crowd, no one noticed little Kat reach out and
flick her brother's little rock hard boner. The boy stared at her in
shocked amazement and the Temple drums grew louder and faster still.

Devin rubbed a generous handful of the balm on Sara's little shaved pussy
and then on Noah's 6" shaved boner and in and around his little
butthole. Everyone in the crowd was at the edge of their seats.

The Reverend brought Ryan up behind his son and guided his cock up to the
boy. There was a collective gasp as the boy was slowly impaled with the
cock that gave him life eleven years ago. The boy's erection grew flush and
pulsed precum at the slow motion invasion. He was already so close...

"Quickly now," Devin shouted and Sara backed her dripping pussy into the
boy. She sank back until their bodies meshed completely. Their eyes rolled
back in pleasure.


For a moment, the children didn't move. The threesome stayed thrust to the
balls and trembling nervously. This wouldn't take long at all. Three weeks
in the making, neither could believe they were finally joined again. The
drums pulsed in their ears.

Ryan began pumping into his son, slowly at first, then faster with long,
steady strokes. Noah moaned with the incredible fullness from his dad's
cock. His own erection swelled inside Sara and he felt his cum rise. He
began to pump in her.

Every time Ryan thrust into Noah, it caused his 6" cock to stretch Sara's
cervix to the max open her womb wide to receive his potent seed. He reached
around and fingered her sensitive clit sending wild bolts of pleasure
through Sara's very sexy body. Noah loved the feeling of his Dad's cock
pounding his pleasure place. After abstaining from sex as long as he had,
all of this wild stimulation had the sexy 11 year old boy hanging on the
edge of orgasm.

The thrusts had Sara on edge too and even with all of her training she
could not help slipping over the edges in the pleasure abyss of orgasm. She
screamed out as her young pussy began to convulse and squirt. She clawed
Noah's back as each powerful wave of pleasure wracked her young body. She
screamed out with the intensity of the first few waves of pleasure and then
felt her pussy ejaculate all over her sexy boy. The crowd grew hoarse
shouting out obscene encouragements to the pair.

Noah rocked between his loving mate and his dad. In only sixteen strokes
his body seized and trembled.

"Oh, GOD," Noah screamed out!! He thrashed his head as the pent up semen
flooded up inside his little mate. Ryan's lust was inflamed and he thrust
harder into the boy. The crowd stood as one, cheering as the boy's penis
pulsed and he shook with delirium.

"AGAIN... AGAIN... AGAIN... " the crowd chanted!

The boy was still rock hard inside her and he knew his balls were still
full of seed. Without missing a beat, his strokes started again to
thunderous applause. Deeper and deeper, he fucked Sara savagely now and she
rocked back to meet each thrust. Her breath quickened. She was close again
too. The Reverend watched with eyes twinkling.

After only two minutes, Sara screamed out as her heart soared with the most
powerful climax of her little life. She turned her head, her long blonde
hair in her eyes, to face the screaming encouragement of the islanders. She
had never imagined feeling such love. Ryan quickened his pace and couldn't
hold out any longer. He began seeding his boy. He grabbed both of them in a
great bear hug as he fucked deep into his son's core, pumping a pint of
semen and grunting like an animal. Noah shook and then loosed his own fuck
for the second time up deep into Sara's womb.

"I'm cuuuuuuummmmmming," he screamed and the crowd stood again in
triumph. He hugged the girl he was fucking doggie-style close to him in a
powerful embrace.

Ryan slowly disengaged himself from his boy and some of his seed dripped
out darkening the altar linen. Devin helped him down and raised his arm in
the style of a victorious boxer. He had done well. It was all up to Noah
and Sara now.

As the crowd watched, the 11 year old flipped his little mate on her side
facing the crowd. He lifted her leg showing that he was still impaled balls
deep in her. He was still hard.

His strokes began again in earnest and the parishioners loved it!

"Let the Breeding begin," Devin intoned to his flock with arms
outstretched! "Everyone! Everyone! Remember that God is honored equally by
the highest and lowest spirit!"

The Reverend ran around the semi-circle to the other Breeders ripping off
their clothes and throwing them to the ground. As he slathered his balm on
each of the breeder threesomes, the crowd began pairing off and fucking
madly. It was powerfully inspirational.

"Yes! Yes," Devin shrieked, his voice rising higher and higher! "Mate now!
Mate like the beasts in the field! Remember: Sodomy! Adultery! Incest! They
are your new virtues!"

Soon the stage was a frenzy of rutting teens. The amphitheatre was a sea of
pistoning hips and eager mouths. All was stiff cock and wet pussy under the
clear dome and angelic skies.

"LET... THE SEMEN... FLOW... "

Lost in the sexual frenzy, no one noticed little Noah and Sara on the altar
pumping away. He whispered in her ear as he fucked deep inside her feeling
both loads froth around his rigid boner and full balls.

"God, Sara... you are so sexy," he told her.

Noah wanted to pleasure her a million different ways and she looked over
her shoulder at him pleadingly. He flipped her on her back and spread her
slender legs. Noah mounted Sara and kissed her passionately, his rock hard
boner slipped deep in her tight pussy. Their hot tongues dueled in Sara's
mouth. Sara put the tip of her tongue in his mouth and began to suck her
tongue like it was a boner. Noah's hard cock slipped easily into Sara's
pussy and she groaned deeply as his beautiful boy cock stretched her
cervix. The ridges of her pussy made Noah gasp. The assembled crowd fucked
madly all around them, but the teens were in love and hardly noticed.

"Noah... fuck me hard baby boy... fill me with you cum... oh god
Noah... give me your baby! Sarah screamed.

Up in the stands Hannah wildly masturbated Zach in joyful celebration of
their brother's joyful insemination of Sara. Their boy Oleg watched
intently as Hannah hand flew up and down the thick shaft of her brother's

Zach cried out as he watched his little brother explode a third load of hot
semen into Sara's unprotected womb. Oleg, the 7 year old orphan, watched in
fascination as a thick rope of creamy semen ejaculated from the tip of his
new Daddy's cock. It landed on Simon Garcia who was furiously fucking his
daughter Elizabeth nearby. Oleg held his hand up in front of the tip of
Zach's penis fascinated as the next huge rope of semen shot out from the 14
year old boy's boner. There was a splat as the hot cum hit Oleg's
hand. Hannah continued to flog her brother's hard boner as his orgasm
continued. Oleg leaned around to see where the semen came from as the next
rope of thick seed erupted from Zach's shaft. This time it splattered all
over the boy's face.

The cameras panned to the other breeders. On the left, young Colt Smith
furious fucked Abi Gunderson while taking a serious ass pounding from Jack
Williams, his adopted dad. Abi looked at the sexy boy from his silky blond
hair to his wonderfully developed shoulders and pecs... all of the pushups
that he did during the Time of Preparation had made his lean muscular body
even more amazing. But best of all, she thought squeezing her eyes shut in
ecstasy, was his incredible 8" boner. An 8" boner on a grown man is an
impressive sight to behold, she thought, but on this 12 year old boy's body
it was unbelievable. Jack was having the exact same thought as he pumped
into the boy' ass. He wouldn't be able to hold out much longer and soon
enough the children would be on their own.

They grow up so fast, he thought as he fucked his spurting cock deep into
the boy.

Colt reacted quickly to the stimulation. It was enough to push the sexy boy
over the edge into orgasmic bliss. The hot cum exploded through his
body. He thrust against Abi and felt the head of his cock open her womb for
his seed. He realized that even though this was the most powerful orgasm he
had ever had, he was in total control and he held the tip of his cock in
her cervix as his nuts emptied his thick creamy cum into his beautiful Abi.

Abi screamed again and again as the hot seed poured into her womb. It
seemed like a month since she had been able to take a breath. She felt Colt
grind the head of his penis against her cervix holding there so that ever
precious drop of his seed poured into her.

The room was wild with animalistic mating. Colt flipped Abi gently on her
back and mounted her again. He pushed his upper body up with his hard cock
balls deep in her.

"Baby, I want to fuck you more... all day... all night... I can't get
enough of your sexy body," he told her just before he kissed her
passionately. The cum streamed out of her pussy as he started pumping her
again with his great boner.

The bench on the far right of the altar was the most crowded. Dr. Amy
Taylor was one of the two scheduled incest breedings that day and she had
proposed an unorthodox method - Incest Roulette. Amy mated with her
youngest son Thomas, 11 who was in turn fucked by his older brother show
host Mike Taylor, 15. Ted, the father of the brood fucked 13 year old
William nearby waiting for their chance.

Thomas came quickly. A great flood of sperm pumped deep inside the womb
that birthed him and his sperm raced up inside her in search of an
egg. Incest Roulette was on!

The boy awkwardly detached from his mother with his big brother Mike's
boner still deep inside him. Both boys laughed at the delicate
maneuver. They shifted to make room for Will and Ted who in mere moments
were rutting into the beautiful mother. Will like the other boys had been
edging for three days and his mom's sopping vaginal walls gripped him awash
in his younger brother's seed. It was only a matter of seconds before he
flooded her with his own sperm.

Amy flipped over onto her back. She planned to kiss each of them with each
fuck and let them know how much she loved them. She smiled lasciviously at
her husband Ted rutting inside their boy. After he and Mike came inside the
younger boys, they too would start flooding her pussy with their seed. For
now, the older guys retired to the showers and let the boys continue their
important work. It was a three in four chance that one of her own boys
would fuck their new baby brother or sister into her.

"Three in four," she thought happily as little Thomas mounted her
again. She ran her fingers gently down the boy's chest and tight abs as he
fucked her and encouraged his thrusts.

"I... oohhh... I hope... God, I hope it's me, Mommy," the boy said, his
hips a blur! "I hope I give you a baby!"

"Mmmmm," Amy purred, wrapping her legs around the boy. "Would you want to
make, oh baby, make a little... girl inside mommy? Maybe another... little
boy? One that looks... ohhh... looks just like you?"

"I don't care," the 11 year old shouted triumphantly. "What do... do you
want, Mommy?"

"Either way," she said thrusting her hips up against him, "but if it was a
girl... then in only ten year's time, you could... you could mate back with
her!" Her whole body shook at the thought. "You could know the happiness
that I feel now... sharing... sharing the most intimate act with your own
baby... "

The boy convulsed on top of her and came at once. He switched placed again
with William who bent to tongue kiss his hot mom as he pumped. He reared up
and raked his sandy blond hair back, smiling down at her. They too shared
fantasies of baby girls and baby boys and the day soon enough when they
will start breeding, breeding with Mike and Kaitlin's two toddlers,
breeding with the adopted orphans, breeding with the whole Taylor and
Miller families...

The boys had filled their mom with eight powerful cum shots by the time Ted
and Mike returned. Ted did "Rock, Paper, Scissors" with Mike for the next
pump at Amy. Ted won two of three and plunged deep in her well-fucked
vagina as their boys crowded around to watch. He kissed her tenderly as his
long, thick cock pumped deep inside.

"We were married... so young, baby," he said forcing her knees back to her
amazing tits. "When we got married, did you... oh, your cunt feels
incredible... Amy, did you ever... imagine a scene... a scene like this?"

"A cunt full... full of sperm from our children," she asked thoughtfully?
"Yes! That's exactly what... what I thought!" The whole family broke into
laughter, the boys stroking their hard-ons, waiting their next turn.

Ted, the island's great visionary grew serious for a moment and his pumping
slowed. His family looked to him with concern as he withdrew from his
wife's cunt, his hard cock glistening with his sons' shot sperm. He grabbed
their son Mike firmly by the shoulders and positioned him before his wife's

"Why gamble, honey," he asked? "Let's go for 100 percent odds! Let's do
like the Millers and make a beautiful mother-son incest baby! What do you

Amy nodded yes with a sparkle in her eyes as her son Mike plunged his boner
deep inside her. Her eyes never left her loving husband as Will and Thomas
kneeled on either side of his cock and licked their own sperm off it. When
he came, they fought to drink the treasured seed that made them. All three
boys cycled in turn loving the joyful monkey-sex with their mom. They
always held their father's boner lovingly in their mouths when they came in

All around them there were cascades of shouted ecstasies and the other
Breeder pairs pumped volume after volume of sperm deep into their mate's
unprotected pussies. The scent of sex in the air was overpowering.

No one pulled out.

They just kept fucking...

The "Big Plus" and the New Tradition

The live video feed returned. Outside the sun was setting and casting a
soothing orange glow over the exhausted revelers. Mike and Zach had somehow
lost their tiny loincloths while the morning's footage was running and
talked excitedly about Mike's mom. She had gotten the "Big Plus" just after
lunch, the third one to do so.

"So do you... you know... think it was you," Zach asked?

"Could be," the charming 15 year said shrugging. "Could be me... "

They looked deeply in each other's eyes. They shared so much. They had both
partnered with their own sisters and impregnated them. Zach's paternity of
baby Eva with his mother Christine was confirmed and now Mike may have done
the same. At the close of the festival, the boys and their sister-wives
would be joined in a four-way marriage in front of the whole
community. They were brave pioneers and none of them had seen their
sixteenth birthday yet. The boys kissed each other tenderly in the setting
sun forgetting completely that they were still on camera for the moment.

The restroom doors burst open and Jessica Swenson emerged holding a test
kit aloft and grinning ear to ear. Her twin brother Tyler ran up and they
kissed passionately. They had done it. The twins had mated
successfully. The Swenson men had the largest penises on the island and
Tyler was well over 8". He was stiff again as they kissed and he dragged
her over to a small cot at the foot of the altar steps.

"She pregnant," he shouted! "We did it! Come on! Who wants some?"

It was Sara Taylor and Noah who had started the tradition. She was the
first to get her test kit back positive and she kissed Noah excitedly
asking if everyone could fuck her now. He didn't see why not, so they
grabbed one of the Vigil cots and set it up down front. The 11 year old
held his little mate's legs apart and called for anyone who wanted to mount
her. Many men from the audience jumped at the opportunity to joyfully
gang-bang the 13 year old girl while the boy who knocked her up held her
legs for them.

It was so well received that all of the women who "caught" ran right to the
cot with their little mate and took all comers, young and old, family and
stranger, their cum bathing the developing baby. It could only be good

Tyler straddled his sister's head and held open her legs as the line formed
to rut with her. His massive erection swayed as he watched the men enter
her. It was so impressive that most of the men fellated him as they pounded

Their parents Marty and Kathi stood by watching excitedly. This was one of
the happiest days of their lives and Mike and Zach ran up to get their
reactions for the viewing audience.

"Damn, Marty," Mike laughed, "you've got a huge dick, dude! How big is it?"

"Ummm... it is a little over 9" but Tyler may be even bigger over time," he
told them.

"Awesome... when did the twins start making love with each other?" Zach
asked their mother Kathi.

"Our family was always open about sex... they always played around with
each other. I think Tyler was 5 when he first put the head of his boner in
her. When they were 7, we decided to let him take her virginity. They have
slept together ever since... the Time of Preparation was very difficult
because I was so used to sleeping with Jessica," she said.

"Marty... what do you think about your twins inseminating each other" Mike
asked their father?

"Well... Kathi and I are pretty excited... but we're a little concerned,"
Marty told the boys. "We grew up on a farm... so we know a lot about
breeding. And... ummm... well these two being twins and all... .well
there're liable to have a litter of kids. I am just glad we waited for them
to seed each other until they were 15. I was afraid a multiple birth would
be too hard on Jessica when she was 12 or 13." The camera focused briefly
on Jessica as Tyler held her legs. Her beautiful breasts juggled as she was
forcefully fucked by a 17 year old Smith boy she didn't even know.

"She has beautiful, ample breasts," Marty said lovingly. "She should be
able to make plenty of milk for the babies if she has multiples. And this
community is so awesome about sharing if she has more than she can feed
other Moms will help her nurse them."

"Oh, Marty," Kathi said playfully, "I think you'd just like to suck on
Jessica's breasts." He nodded agreement and thought the whole family would
enjoy nursing on the girl.

Next in line was Dr. Casey who was in ecstasy as he fucked her spermy
twat. He had successfully inseminated his daughter Allie earlier today
while her twin brother had knocked up his wife. Their dream of
"cross-pollination" was now a reality. Emancipated from moral law, the good
doctor pumped deep into the girl squishing semen down her thighs. He took
her brother's massive cock between his lips as he came inside her.

When he stood, the next in line was 7 year old Derek Smith, one of the
blond triplet altar boys. The diminutive size of him struck the Swenson
twins funny and they broke into peals of laughter. The boy was embarrassed
and tried to leave, but Tyler brought him back and assured him that it was
okay. He helped the boy get into position on his sister with his 3"
hairless boner and the boy started rutting. It really came naturally.

"Derek," Jessica asked softly, "am I your first?" The boy nodded, his eyes
wide in a combination of thrills and nervousness. The group in line cheered
as the boy had his first dry orgasm inside a woman.

"Wow! That was something," Zach said to the girl's proud dad! "Marty, your
cock is so magnificent. How old was Tyler when you first fucked him with
that awesome cock?"

"Well he was only 9 and it took a lot of stretching before I could
penetrate him... even then I could only get 6" in him. He was so tight that
I shot off almost immediately. He was... such a cute little boy," Marty
said as his own erection throbbed on camera.

"Oh, go on, Marty," his wife said and he leapt eager as a teenager up to
daughter. No one begrudged him cutting in line as he straddled his 15 year
old daughter and pushed his monster cock inside her.

"I love you both... I love you so much," he said and took his son's cock in
his mouth. Zach and Mike watched with affection.

"That's just awesome," Mike said, "isn't it?"

"You're right, Mike. It's amazing to think back on all the great orgasms
everyone had today... starting with my baby brother and your baby sister!"

"You really enjoyed the Noah Sara mating! Look! They're going at it again!"

"I thought it was incredibly beautiful watching them breed together in
front of everyone. Hannah jacked me until I shot cum all over," Zach told
him as he blushed as he thought about squirting all over Oleg.

"We all saw you squirt all over Oleg. What did the little guy think," Mike

"He said 'Daddy squirt seed,'" Zach told him. "We are teaching him that
seed is sacred."

The cameras zoomed in on Oleg nearby watching Noah and Sara mate yet
again. There was still a small glob of Zach's semen on one ear. Oleg looked
up at Mike and pointed at Noah.

"Noah brudder... Noah bonnah," he said as he pointed to Noah's hard cock
thrusting in and out of Sara. "Noah make seed."

Mike watched as Oleg reached down between Noah's legs and touch the hard
shaft as is went in and out of Sara. He looked over his shoulder. "Big
bonah... make seed. " Oleg said as he put his fingers on the shaft
again. Noah and Sara groaned as the little boy touched them and his little
hand touching them pushed them over the edge again. Mike was wildly
stroking his cock as he watched. Soon Mike groaned and the camera saw jets
of his thick creamy seed landing on Noah's back.

"So hot... so fucking hot," Mike could be heard saying as his cock erupted
over the young lovers as they both climaxed too.

Oleg looked up with Mike's semen all over him. "Mike make seed too!"

Jacob Jackson stood nearby and watched the orphans react to the
Insemination Celebration. As he suspected they took everything in
stride. They were running around the benches where the couples were mating
or clinging to their new parent's naked bodies. They could be seen
occasionally touching the daddy's boner or their mommy's breasts with
intense curiosity. They were fitting right in. In only another year or two
they would be right in there breeding happily with the contented islanders.

"Well, folks," Zach said resignedly, "we're going to put down our cameras
and microphones in a bit and get ready to get hitched!" He shared a tender
moment with Mike.

"I hope you enjoy this montage that Kaitlin and Hannah made of today's
events," Mike said.

The screen cut to a slow motion montage of the islanders fucking with open
abandon. Triumphal trumpets blared accompaniment as the figured orgied for
the online audience. A five minute segment began of the happy participants
holding up positive kits for pregnancy. The Taylors. The Millers. The
Jacksons. The Smiths. The Reids cross-pollination. Chip Reston and his
mom. A surprised Simon Garcia and his daughter Elizabeth. All of the
families emerged victorious having created new life that afternoon. A
countdown clock appeared at the dramatic conclusion. Fifteen minutes
remained until the Miller-Taylor marriage.

Wedded Bliss

The Parker kids watched with excitement and then returned to wrestling on
the bed naked. Christi had stripped off her clothes for the children during
the last segment and let them suck - gently now - one at a time on her
nipples as they waited for the show's conclusion. The sitter checked the
clock and found they had over an hour until Mr. and Mrs. Parker returned.

Christi fingered herself as the children ran to put back on their
underwear. It was a little game they played. Michael stood before her in
only his briefs and talked about an action movie that he saw on TV. His
brother and sister would pretend to sneak up behind him and rip down his
shorts. He would continue talking as if his little ten year old boner
wasn't completely exposed.

Then Lizzette would have her panties ripped down and then Nathan
would. They were really little exhibitionists at heart and when they were
all naked again she let them - gently and one at a time - suck her
nipples. She ran her fingers through little 12 year old Lizzette's hair as
the girl suckled.

"Do you tell your friends at school that you have incest sex," she asked
the children?

They all nodded enthusiastically.

"Everyone at school watches the Island Breeder show," Mike enthused!

"Last week," Lizzette added, "my friend Janet fucked six of her cousins at
a reunion and brought the digital pictures into school. All my friends have
been doing our brothers for over a month now. All of the girls figure, you
know, start early and practice a lot... "

Christi was thrilled to hear that incest was gaining acceptance.

"You'll be good and practiced when you finally get married," Christi said
thoughtfully. "Would you three like to get married... together, I mean?
You'd have beautiful children... " The children pondered this smiling. They
were still immature physically, but that didn't stop the islanders. What a
great idea! They couldn't wait to tell all their friends at school!

Christi almost jumped out of her skin when the door burst open and the kids
parents entered - an hour early. Time seemed to stand still...

The sitter looked around the room and saw it as they must see it: naked
kids, naked sitter, dildo on the white sheets. Not much left for the

"Mommy! Daddy!" The kids ran up and hugged their parents.

"Did we miss the whole show," Mrs. Parker asked concerned? She walked over
to the laptop.

"No," Christi said brightly, "the Four-way Marriage is left and I cached
all the videos for you to watch when you have time."

Mrs. Parker kissed the sitter deeply, their tongues batting as the children
stripped their daddy. He was already stiff when they covered his penis with
kisses. They loved their folks very much... The Parkers were really twin
brother and sister and had been living together as husband and wife for the
past decade. They had taken Christi into their bed for the last two years.

The kids told their parents that they were all going to get married and
that they should marry Christi. They thought it sounded splendid and agreed
to have a little ceremony right after the show finished.

"If you'll be my new co-mommy," Michael asked with a sly grin," then I can
fuck you then, right?" Christi nodded yes and the kids jumped for joy.

Lizzette was the first to spot that the island feed had restarted. All of
them huddled around to watch the touching finale...

Back in the Temple, the footage was now from a single camera run by Jane
Colby since the production team was all busy getting married. Devin stood
at the lectern and announced to the rutting crowd that they had a special

"Those of you that were original settlers of the island will remember the
beautiful wedding ceremony we had when we were first here. We married Mike
and Kaitlin. And it was a beautiful ceremony. Mike and Kaitlin have decided
to amend their vows. They have asked me to perform a quad wedding where
Mike and Kaitlin will marry Zach and Hannah."

The doors of the temple opened and Jane captured the two beautiful brides
walking down the aisle wearing only a veil of white lace with flowers in
their hair. Both of their pussies were shaved bare. They came down the
aisle to the wedding march played on steel drums. The boys stepped out from
the wings of the stage beside the stone altar. Mike and Zach wore only a
white bow tie and French cuffs and gold cuff links. They were completely
naked otherwise. The white of the cuffs and the bow tie contrasted
beautifully with their golden tans and blond hair.

When the girls arrived at the altar the four of them formed a circle. Devin
looked from Mike to Zach and asked them to state their intentions. The sexy
boys both had boners and huge grins. Zach mischievously asked Reverend
Devin which intentions he wanted to know about. "I was thinking about your
marriage... and I don't have to guess what your intentions are after that."

The parents had gathered around them along with the four orphans and the

"Knowing Zach and Hannah has been the best thing that ever happened to
Hannah and Me," Mike said. "We spend more time together than most
families. Kaitlin decided that she wanted Zach to give her a baby. Hannah
wants me to inseminate her. That started us thinking about formalizing our
relationship. Together we have four beautiful children from Russia... "

Mike paused to let the little ones scamper to the center of the
circle... and then there are Josh, Eli, Bart and Eva. Josh toddled to the
center of the circle and they were handed the babies.

Zach spoke next, "When we decided to share sacred semen with each other's
family we knew it was time to make a more formal relationship. We want to
all be married to each other."

"Lord," Devin intoned before the two hundred revelers, "we ask your
blessing on these awesome young people as they form a more perfect
union. Bless their bodies that they might be fruitful. Fill their bellies
with more beautiful babies and help them be great parents. Do you all take
each other as lawfully wedded spouses?"

"We do," the four of them said as their children giggled and played with
each other's naked bodies.

"Will you freely open your legs and receive the sacred semen that is

The girls nodded their agreement. All four turned to Reverend Devin and he
took a chalice from the altar.

"You will be living as a family with your families in your new home. So it
was important that this union be consummated properly. This morning each of
your Dads and your Brothers ejaculated into this sacred cup as a sign of
their joy, acceptance and support for your union. Receive the essence of
life... "

Each of the partners sipped semen from the gold chalice and then their
parents and brothers and sisters came forward to receive the sacred
seed. The youngsters and babies were given yogurt drinks mixed with the
sacred seed. When Noah consumed the last of the seed, Devin turned to the
four and pronounced them married. The applause from the crowd was

Jane Colby approached the newlyweds with the camera and asked if they had
any parting words for the millions watching at home.

"Love each other," Kaitlin said simply. "It's not that hard."

They nodded agreement.

"Thanks to everyone to tuned in," Zach said smiling. "We had a lot of fun
here and we hoped you did too."

"Bye, everyone," they said in unison!

"See you around!"

They waved serenely as the signal faded to black.


This may be the last installment of Incest Island. It's been a great run
and was a lot of fun to work on. Mack and I may come back to it for a few
one off chapters. Who knows?

Please write me and let me know what you thought of the series.




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