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Nifty - Bestiality - Kids Love Dogs And Other Things

Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2005 00:26:34 -0700 (PDT)
From: Wendi Darling <>
Subject: Kids Like Dogs and Other Things

This is a story about an adventure in which I was lucky enough to be a
participant. Only the names of the 'innocents' (???) have been changed.

'Kids Love Dogs and Other Things' {Wendi}
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My niece, Courtney, and her and her brother, Donny, were coming to
visit me for a couple of days before last Christmas while on their school
break. Court was 12, and Donny would turn 10 a couple of days before
Christmas. Their mother, my sister-in-law, Melanie, drove them down to a
truck stop about halfway between our houses, where I had picked up the kids
on previous visits. Melanie had to hurry back home, so she just turned
them over to me after they went to the bathroom.

"Here," she said, thrusting a $20 bill into my hand. "Feed 'em, and
then do whatever you want with them."

"That sounds quite interesting," I said to myself.

"Bye, Mom," said the kids as they transferred their things from their
car to mine.

"Bye, guys," said Melanie. "Be good and do whatever your uncle tells

"Okay, I WILL," said Courtney.

"Me, too," said Donny.

"I'll see you guys when you bring then home on Thursday," Melanie said
to me. "I hope you have a good time with them."

"Oh, I definitely will," I said, thinking of the wonderful things that
I could teach the two siblings. "Bye."

Courtney got in the back seat and immediately plugged herself into her
portable CD player and was on her way to becoming oblivious to everything
around her. Donny, meanwhile, hopped into the front seat next to me. He
and I chitchatted as we rolled along the Interstate. After driving for
about an hour I was nearing an exit where the kids and I had previously
eaten at a Subway restaurant. It was almost noon so I asked them if they
were hungry and wanted to stop to eat.

"Are we going to stop at that same Subway?" asked Donny.

"Yeah, you wanna go there?" I asked.

"Yeah, that's cool," he said.

"Courtney?" I said.


"WHAT?" said the voice from the back seat.

"I asked you if you wanted to stop at that Subway for lunch."

"Yeah, I didn't hear you."

"Keep the volume down on that thing and you will," I told her.

"Okay, okay," was her reply.

We drove off at the next exit, went into the Subway, got our meals,
and sat down in one of the booth, and started eating.

"Do you want to hear a joke, Uncle Ed?" asked Court.

"Okay," I said, rolling my eyes back up into my head. Her jokes are
usually dumb and I never get them, anyway.

"Well, listen this time and don't goof it up like you always do."

"Go ahead. I'm listening."

"Okay," she started, "what do you have if you take the 'S' out of Sub
and the 'F' out of way?"

I though for a while, and finally said, "I don't know, Courtney. What
do you have?"

"God, Uncle Ed. You're screwing my joke up again! You were supposed
to say, 'There's no F in Subway.' Get it?"

"Now, I got it," I said, scarcely believing that came out of the moth
of my innocent little niece. "Where did you here THAT?"

"In school," she said.

"Do you know what it means?" I asked.

"It means 'There's no fucking Subway!'" piped up Donny, jovially.

"You, too? Just what kinds of things are they teaching you in school
these days?"

"I learned that from one of my friends," said Court, "and then I told
it to Donny."

"Do you know what it means?" I asked.

"What what means?" she said.

"Fucking," I said.

"Uh, uh," quipped Courtney, "you said a bad word, Uncle Ed. Don't YOU
know what it means? It's when a boy and girl have sex and he sticks his
thing in her hole."

"You're right about that, sweetie," I replied, thinking that this
visit just might be a little different from past ones.

Courtney decided that she now wanted to sit up front with me, so she
raced Donny out to the car. She beat him to the front passenger door, but
since it was locked, she couldn't get in, and Donny pushed her aside.

"You asshole!" she screamed at him.

"Hey!" I said. "Quit talking to your brother like that! You
shouldn't call him bad names."

"It's not bad," she said.

"Oh, no?" I said. "And just why isn't it?"

"Well, 'ass' isn't a bad word, and 'hole' isn't a bad word, so then
'asshole' isn't a bad word, either."

Ah, the logic of a 6th Grade girl. Things could be looking up.

"Well, you two piss ants, get in the damn car and quit fucking

"Such language, Uncle Ed," said Courtney.

"I was just talking like you two little fuckers talk to all your
friends!" I shot back.

We arrived home in another hour, and though it was cold, as soon as
Courtney and Donny got their things into their respective rooms, they were
out in the backyard with the dogs. They got to be good friends with Prince
and Princess over the last year and a half. Both the kids and the dogs
liked a good outdoor romp. All four of them came inside after about an

"Prince is pretty horny, Uncle Ed," said Donny.

"What do you mean?" I said.

"Courtney and me were watching him mate with Princess, and then when
he finished, Courtney bent over to tie her shoe, and he tried to do it to
her, too."

"That's pretty funny," I said.

"Yeah," said Courtney. "He jumped on my back and hugged me with his
legs. He kept shoving his penis back and forth between my legs."

"I guess he want's to get to know you a little better," I laughed.

"Ya mean he wants to do that to me?" she asked.

"Sure. He's fucked Princess lots of times and now he wants some of
your little pussy!"

"That I have to see!" roared Donny.

"You just might be able to do that, a little later," I said, winking.

It was now time to feed the dogs and take a little trip to see the
Christmas decorations in another city about 40 miles away. It took us over
an hour to take them all in. The kids marveled at them. On the way back,
we stopped off to eat some burgers, fries, and milkshakes. When we
returned, we watched a movie together, and then they disappeared upstairs
with the dogs.

I dozed off on the couch for a short while, and when I awoke, it was
just too quiet. No kids, no dogs, no nothing. I looked in the bedroom
where Donny usually sleeps and it was empty, and neither dog was to be

I went upstairs to the bedroom where Courtney always slept and the
door was closed. I heard sounds so I listened at the door.

"Oh, wow, that's really awesome," said Donny's voice.

"That's super, Prince," I heard Courtney gasp. "Oh, God! Keep
licking me!"

"You two are making me all hot," said Donny.

Now, this sounded like sex sounds to me, so I tried the doorknob. I
told the kids never to lock their doors just in case there was an emergency
like a fire or something, and they actually obeyed me. The door was
unlocked! I quietly turned the knob, cracked open the door a bit and
peeked in. Through the slit I had a total view of what was going on. Both
Courtney and Donny were completely naked, and they had Prince and Princess
in the room with them. Courtney was lying back on the bed with her legs
spread and hanging over the edge, and Prince was furiously licking and
lapping at her bald little pussy. Donny was sitting on the floor watching
his sister and playing with his stiff little cock with one hand and
fingering Princess' cunt with the other.

Courtney was moaning and panting and groaning. Just as I opened the
door to let myself in on the 'party,' Courtney started squirming, and
gyrating and bucking her hips. She was in the first stages of an orgasm.

"Ahem," I said as I walked in the room.

Courtney flew up with shriek, as she ran into the adjoining bathroom
still wracked with spasm after spasm of her orgasm. I saw Donny's naked
little butt trying to slither under the bed.

"Come on out from under there," I said as I grabbed him by the feet
and pulled.

"But I don't have any clothes on, Uncle Ed," he said.

"So I noticed," I said. "Let's go! OUT!"

He finally came out, his hands trying to cover his still-hard penis.
He must have really gotten aroused watching his sister.

"Put your hands down, already, and sit on the bed," I said. "I've
seen more hard dicks than you could ever imagine."

I could still hear Courtney panting in the bathroom.

"Come on out, Court," I said. "I haven't got all night."

"I can't, Uncle Ed," she said, starting to cry. "I'm too embarrassed.
I'm never coming out."

"Well, Donny and I are going to stay here until you do. You might as
well unlock the door and come out by yourself, or I'll have to unlock it
myself and drag your naked ass out."

She thought about it for a few minutes, and then said, "Okay, I'm
coming out but don't look."

"Let's go," I said.

The door slowly opened and Courtney emerged with a towel wrapped
around her.

"Take that off!" I told her.

"I can't," she said. "You'll see me naked!"

"He already has," laughed Donny.

"Right. It's not as if I've never seen males and females naked,
before. As a matter of fact, I've seen both of you naked several times
when you were little; a couple of time when you were both in the same tub
together. And I DID see your boobs when Donny pulled your top down at the
pool last summer."

I grabbed the end of the towel covering her, and spun her out of it.
There she was, my niece, a preteen Venus with a lovely developing body, a
puffy bald pussy and budding boobs.

"Now, go sit on the bed right next to Donny."

"Since both of you are naked," I said, "I think it's time I evened up
the score."

Neither of them had ever seen me completely naked before, and
therefore knew nothing of my shaven body and my small boobs, courtesy of my
hormone injections. I was barefoot, but I had on an oversized T-shirt,
jeans with panties underneath. I, first, removed my jeans.

"You're wearing girls' panties," said Donny.

"Yeah, so what? I can wear them if I want to."

"Only fags wear girls' underwear," he said.

Well, I guess I'm a fag, then. Is that okay with you two?"

When I stepped out of the panties and doffed my T-shirt, they were
totally amazed and awestruck.

"Omigod!" cried Courtney. "You've got no hair!"

"He's got boobs, though!" exclaimed Donny.

"Yeah, so what? I always wanted to be a girl, but this is the best I
could do. Now, you guys can call me 'Uncle Ed' or 'Aunt Wendi.'"

"I think I'll stick with 'Uncle Ed,'" said Donny.

"Me, too," said Court.

"Suit yourselves," I told them.

"Dad has all kinds of hair," said Courtney.

"I know he does," I said. "I used to have sex with him.

"With our dad?" she said. "Eeeeyew!"

"That's really gross!" said Donny.

"Not so," I said. "He fucked me and I fucked your Mom."

"Mom, too?" he said, incredulously.

"Yup, and Aunt Holly, too. Before you guys were born we all had sex

"Oh, wow!" said Courtney.

"Since you seem to like Prince so much, Court, and he seems to like
you, you're going to have a special treat. Did you ever have a penis or
anything else up your vagina?"


"Great, honey, because Prince is going to put his cock in there.
You'll lose your virginity, and become his bitch, just like Princess and

"What do you mean like Princess and you? You don't have a vagina."

"No, but I have an asshole. Maybe you'd like to watch."

"SUPER GROSS!" she said.

I went to the medicine cabinet in the bathroom to get some K-Y Jelly.
I was pretty sure that Courtney's cunt could handle Prince's six-inch prod
since it was nice and slender, but I still wanted to stretch her out a bit
and lube her before I turned Prince loose on her. I told her to lie on her
back on the bed, and I got up on one side of her and had Donny get up on
the other. I put one finger in her crack and she mewed like a kitten. I
massaged her twat, paying particular attention to her tiny clitoris. She
cried out slightly each time I touched it, and I showed Donny how to knead
his sister's boobs and nipples. It wasn't long before she was in a
rapture-like state. I now lubed up one of my fingers and slowly slid it
into her hot little cunt as far as her hymen. It was intact! I didn't
rupture it. I wanted her to have the distinct pleasure of having Prince
take her virginity. She arched her back and lifted her buttocks off the
mattress. I moved my digit in and out until she loosened up, and then did
the same thing with two more fingers. She was hot, wet, and ready.

I had her get on the floor on her hands and knees, and had Donny get
in front of her to steady her. Prince's cock was already out of its
sheath, and I stroked it just to make sure he was ready.

"I don't know about this, Uncle Ed," said Courtney, nervously.

"It'll be fine, sweetie. You know that I only do good things for you

I called to Prince, and he came right over. After all, he had already
fucked some of the neighbor girls, so he knew exactly what to do. He got
up on Courtney's back and locked his forelegs around her while I guided his
poker to her little hole. He arched his back and drove his randy rod all
the way up Courtney's crotch. She cried out in pain as Prince bust her
cherry and took away her virginity.

"Oh, God!" she cried. "It hurts."

"Not for long, sweetheart," I said lovingly as I wiped the tears from
her cheeks. "Not for long."

Prince, meanwhile, proceeded to pound her pussy, and as he did,
Courtney started to forget about the initial pain of the penetration, and
began to rock back and forth in response to his steady rhythm. Her cries
of pain now turned into cries of pleasure, as that long canine cock
massaged her love tunnel.

"Oh, oh, oh, yeah!" she moaned. "Oh, that's good! Make him go
faster, Uncle Ed!"

"He's going fast enough, sweetie," I assured her. "Here. Suck on
your brother's dick while you're getting fucked."

Donny's hard on was right straight up in front of his sister's nose
while he held onto her. She greedily took it into her mouth and began

"Jesus Christ, Courtney!" he said as he involuntarily started to work
his little tool in and out of his sister's virgin mouth. "That feels sooo
good. I hope you'll do this at home instead of just playing with it."

I don't know whether or not Court heard him, as she slurped away on
her brother's dick while she worked her hips and taut little ass against
the German Shepherd that was ravaging her. I keep an eye on Prince's
growing knot. The 12-year-old was just not ready for that, yet, her first
time. As she was just starting to spasm into her second orgasm in less
than a little over an hour, I saw that Prince was now filling her with cum.
I held my fingers around his knot so he wouldn't push it into her. She
bucked wildly and almost bit Donny's dick as her slender body was wracked
by one uncontrollable spasm after another. Prince pulled out of her and
she collapsed in a heap on the floor.

"Is she dead?" asked Donny.

"She's not dead," I told him, "but she's definitely in heaven."

"Ooh, God," moaned Courtney, rolling on the carpet rubbing her
abdomen, as Prince's cum and a small amount of blood leaked out of her
well-used twat and down between the cheeks of her ass. "I never felt
anything that good before in my whole life!"

"Well, here's another little treat," I said as Princess went over to
her and started to lap up Prince's and Courtney's juices from her oozing

My darling little niece moaned and groaned as she writhe in sexual
pleasure on the bedroom carpet.

"When can we do this again, Uncle Ed?" she asked.

"We'll do something in the morning, maybe. Donny and I haven't had
our turns, but now I'll let out the dogs for a while and then we'll go to

Letting in the dogs after their constitutional, we had some hot cocoa
and cookies at the kitchen table and then all crawled naked into Courtney's
bed. Courtney fell asleep almost immediately on one side of me while Donny
snuggled up to me on the other. I kissed him on the lips and we fell
asleep after some stroking, both of us still holding onto each other's

Tomorrow would be another day, indeed.

We awoke about nine o'clock he next morning. After showering, I fed
the pups and let them out into the backyard. I was naked except for a
shortie red-velvet Christmasy apron that I donned to prevent any splatters
on my privates, and started to prepare breakfast for us. I told the kids
that after they took their showers or baths, they needn't put on any
clothes if they didn't want to do so.

To my pleasant surprise, they both walked into the kitchen as naked as
jaybirds. Apparently, their initial embarrassment about being seen in the
nude had completely disappeared after last night's sexual activity. All
the better! They each got themselves a glass of milk and sat at the table.

"When are we going to do more sex, Uncle Ed?" asked Courtney.

"After we eat, and you guys do the dishes, I'm going to show Donny
what it's like to be a dog's bitch," I said. "Then I'm taking you over to
Tammy's for the day, and then she's coming over to spend the night with

"Does she do sex, too, Uncle Ed?" asked Donny. "But do we have to do

"I don't know, buddy," I told him, "but I'm sure she knows about it.
She does live on a farm, and her dad has a few cattle, and she has goats
and rabbits. I'm sure that she must have seen them fuck more than once.
I'm feeding you, so the least you can do is help with the clean-up. If you
don't, NO MORE SEX!"

Okay. I got it," said Donny.

"What about you, little miss?" I said, glancing at Courtney.

"I'll help you, Uncle Ed," said Courtney, "even if that little asshole

"I'm helping, I'm helping," replied Donny.

By the time we finished with eating and dishes, the dogs wanted in, so
I sent Donny downstairs to open the patio door for them.

"Make sure you let them in one at a time, and wipe their paws before
they dirty up the carpeting!" I yelled after him.

"Yeah, yeah!" he shouted back.

I heard him yell, "Stop it!" as he came running up the stairs with
Prince at his heels.

"He's sniffing and licking my butt crack!"

"He just wants a piece of YOUR ass this time!" I laughed.

"Let's all go downstairs," I said. "It's time for my morning fuck,

Courtney and Donny followed me back downstairs into the "recreation"
room with Prince right behind us. Prince's ruddy-colored cock was sticking
out. He was hot to trot. Princess was curled up on her carpet. She
looked tired. Prince must have fucked her out.

I told the kids to sit next to each other in case they wanted to play
with each other while they watched Prince and me. I lay down across their
laps. I had Courtney spread my cheeks wide while I had Donny squirt a
copious amount of K-Y jelly up my hole and in my crack. I then got on my
hands and knees in front of them.

"Here, Prince!" I called to my stud. "Up, boy!"

He knew exactly what he was to do and was instantly up on my back. He
had enough practice mating with me, his master/mistress and total bitch, so
he locked his forelegs around me, and immediately found his mark. The
lubricant easily allowed his big cock slide all the way up into my bowels
on the very first thrust. God, but it felt so good!

I knew how much stamina Prince had, and prepared for a long and
thorough mating. He rammed that red-hot poker of his in and out of my
guy-cunt with ever-increasing ferocity and speed, and I responded by
involuntarily gyrating my hips and moving my ass back to meet his every
thrust. I worked my anal muscles on his cock, moaning and groaning like a
bitch in heat. I glanced up and smiled at Courtney and Donny. They were
sitting cross-legged on the sofa. She was furiously pumping his peter and
he was thrusting his fingers up his sister's cunt. They were really
enjoying the show.

I felt Prince's knot beginning to swell. Since I had taken it in many
times before and I was super horny, I decided that I would let him shove
that lemon-sized nodule into my 'pussy' and attempt to impregnate his
love-slave bitch. He continued to savagely ravage me, and I responded with
total sexual abandon.

"Fuck me, boy! Fuck me harder, boy! I'm your bitch, honey. Get me

I felt his doggie cum start to pump into me, and he shoved his knot
past my sphincter, while his hot juices shot up into my rectum. I cried
out, not in pain, but in lust, as he emptied his cum sacks into my colon.
My 'clitty' erupted with a ferocity that I hadn't experienced in quite some
time. Perhaps it was because of my youthful audience. I spurted down my
legs and all over the carpeting. I was so intent with getting fucked that
I neglected to spread a sheet under me. The carpeting was due for a
thorough cleaning, anyway. I was in doggie sex heaven, and really didn't
give two shits.

We got hung up, as was the usual case when I let that awful thing
enter me. I could hear Courtney and Donny laughing as Prince dragged me
over to his bed. I didn't care, and I just lay down beside my stud as any
true bitch would do. It took ten minutes or more before Prince's knot
shrunk enough for me to get loose. Both kids were on their hands and knees
closely watching, their curiosity piqued. Princess finally roused herself
and came over to lap up the dog juice that was now oozing liberally out of
me. Her warm wet tongue certainly was soothing to my ravaged 'cunt.'

"Is that what Prince would've done to me if you let him?" asked

"It sure is, sweetie," I told her, "but your little hole isn't quite
ready for that, yet. Now, it's your turn, Donny."

He was a little hesitant at first, but with his sister's coaxing and
stroking, he said that he wanted to try it.

I got up onto the sofa next to Courtney, and put Donny butt up across
my lap with his face in his sister's crotch. I squeezed a little bit of
K-Y Jelly onto his cute little butt and lightly massaged and caressed his

"Oh, God, Uncle Ed, that feels so good. Do it more!"

"So you like that, do you? Wait. You'll like what I do next even

I moved my finger to his ass crack just behind his testicles, and
tickled slightly. He squirmed and pushed his buttocks up higher.

"More, Uncle Ed, more!" gasped Donny into his sisters bald mound.

I ever so slowly moved my finger up his butt crack until I touched his
virgin rosebud.

"Motherfucker! That feels soooo good!!" squealed the squirming
ten-year-old boy.

I put more lube on my finger, and continued my ministrations on his
tight little hole. Donny kept squirming and moaning in pleasure.

"Now, force out like you're going to shit, honey," I instructed him.
"I'm going to stick my finger up your butt, and that'll make it easier for

I felt him start to push and I inserted my well-lubed finger up to the
first joint into his rectum. He responded by pushing onto my finger. I
slowly worked my finger in and out until I was finally able to get my
entire digit into my nephew.

"Do it more!" he groaned. "Feels like I have to poop, but I like it

I worked his pink boy pussy, going in and out and in and out, while he
was writhing on my lap. I managed to insert another finger, and then a
third. His cherry hole was stretching out nicely. I kept up the
stretching 'exercise' for another fifteen to thirty minutes. Donny was
enjoying the 'attention' immensely. Courtney was alternating between
sisterly kneading of her brother's buttocks and suckling at my nipples.
She's a little honey.

I slowly withdrew my fingers from Donny's asshole, making a lewd wet
slurpy noise. He sighed as his rosebud was freed of my fingers.

"Now, it's your turn to satisfy Prince, and become his slutty bitch,
just like Courtney and me."

"You're not going to let him put that big round thing into me are

"I wouldn't let him do that, dear," I reassured Donny. "I didn't let
him do that to Courtney, did I? I can take it, but you're not ready for
that, yet. Maybe next year when you've grown a bit and stretched out some.
Now, down on the floor."

Donny immediately assumed the position. Anyone could see that he
wanted to try a cock up his ass. Courtney helped spread his cheeks while I
squirted some lube up his rectum.

"Oooo! That's cold, Uncle Ed," he squealed.

"Don't worry about that, Donny. Your sweet young ass will be warmed
up in no time."

I had Courtney jack Prince back to life, and then had him mount Donny
while she got in front of her brother to steady him. Prince hugged the boy
around the waist as I guided the dog dick to Donny's now gaping hole. I
had Donny push out as I had him do before, and held onto Prince's prod so
that only about an inch of it initially entered my nephew's asshole.

Donny gasped as I gradually allowed more and more of the dog's
magnificence to penetrate his pink virgin rosebud. At last, all six inches
of dog dick were firmly implanted in the boy's butthole. Donny was now
sighing deeply as he moved back on Prince's male appendage. I quickly
explained to Courtney about the dog's knot and how to hold onto it so it
wouldn't enter her brother's butt. She picked it up quickly and was only
too happy to help her uncle's dog deflower her little brother. I now moved
in front of Donny, while Prince started to hump him.

Prince's loins moved in and out against Donny's pale cheeks, while
Donny began to get the hang of his bitch's role and gyrated and rocked back
and forth to Prince's instinctive rhythm. He moaned and groaned in sheer
ecstasy in the throes of his first fucking. My niece dutifully held onto
Prince's swelling nodule, although she probably would rather have the dog
shove it all up her brother's rectum and laugh at him being dragged around
by his asshole, as both of the darlings did when I was being Prince's

I put the head of my 'clitty' to Donny's lips, and was greatly
surprised and pleased when he opened his mouth to receive it. He
apparently learned something when Courtney sucked on him last night.
Though my 'thingy' is not at all very long, it is relatively thick and
filled up Donny's mouth completely. I could tell that this was also his
first time sucking dick, as he was quite incompetent at blowjobs. I helped
him along by holding his blond buzz-cut head in my hands and fucking his

It was so erotic that I came in no time at all, and filled up his
mouth with my hot cum. He gagged and started to choke, so I pulled out of
his mouth while I was still squirting and shot all over his face. He was a
good boy, though, and swallowed whatever was still in his mouth.

Meanwhile, Courtney's hand rocked back and forth with Prince's raging
thrusts as she held a death grip on his totally swollen knot. Prince
finally let go with his second load in an hour, and filled up Donny's tank
to capacity. I could see the cum leaking out of his ass past Prince's
prick. Donny moaned and sighed as he crumpled to the floor when Prince
pulled out of him. He lay on his stomach with his legs spread while
Princess cam and ministered loving soothing licks to his crack. He moaned
in pleasure.

"Well, I guess we all should jump into the Jacuzzi," I said as Donny

"I just took a shower," said Donny, my cum still in his eyebrows and
drying on his face.

"So did I," said Courtney.

"Well, both of you could stand another one," I said. "Especially you,
Donny. Go look at your face in the mirror! Besides, I have some new
attachments that you ought to play with."

I recently bought douche and enema attachments that hook up to the
showerheads. Once we were all in the tub, I showed each of them how to use
them. I made sure that the water pressure and temperature weren't too

"If you feel like you have to poop after you give yourself an enema,
jump out of the tub and get on the toilet.'

"I don't want to go to the bathroom in front of you and Donny, Uncle
Ed," said Courtney. "You'll be able to hear me fart!"

"Good God! We've already seen each other naked and getting fucked!
What's the big deal? I don't want to be in the tub when either of you shit
in it!"

Courtney douched herself for the very first time and really liked it.
We all took turns giving each other enemas and squatting on the pot, and
everything worked out just fine.

We finished wit our ablutions and community bath, and got dressed. We
drove Courtney over to her friend's farm, where she was to spend the rest
of the day. Donny didn't want to stay at Tammy's because the two girls had
double-teamed and picked on him in the past, so we just dropped her off and
Donny and I hit the road.

"What would you like to do, bud?" I asked Donny.

"I don't know, Uncle Ed," he said. "Anything with you is cool."

I couldn't let an accolade like that go to waste, so I took him to a
post Civil War mansion that was decorated in period style for Christmas,
and took him out for lunch. After that he asked me if we could go back to
the house and do some more sex 'stuff.' I was absolutely delighted.

"Would you like me to show you how to be a true slutty queer boy?" I
asked him when we got back to the house.

"Sure. That'd be super!" he said.

"Well, let's go to your room and take off our clothes," I told him as
I grabbed the tube of jelly.

We quickly doffed our clothing and got on the bed and under the
blankets. I started kissing, fondling, and stroking the boy, and he
returned the favor in kind. After about a half-hour of French kissing and
probative kneading and caressing and foreplay, I figured that we were both
ready for a little anal intercourse.

"Here's where you learn to be a full-fledged faggot, just like I am,
Donny. There's nothing like starting out young. I was eight when I had my
first boyfriend and sucked his dick. He was ten."

"Oh, wow!" exclaimed Donny.

I threw back the sheets and blankets and turned him across my lap on
his stomach. I took the tube of sex lube and squirted a goodly amount into
his rectum, and then liberally coated the fingers of my right hand. I
spread his cheeks with my left hand, and taken by surprise when I was
immediately able to insert three fingers all the way to the knuckles. He
was still wide open from the morning's activities. There were no traces of
blood and I was able to get all four fingers in his quivering asshole. He
groaned in total ecstasy as I move my digits in and out.

Withdrawing my fingers drew a long sigh from him. I had him sit down
next to me on the bed, and lube and stroke my appendage to total erection,
while I laid back and luxuriated in the light touch of a boy's hand.

When I was sufficiently hard, I had him face me and straddle my
upright cock. I helped him line up his love canal with my throbbing purple
head. He squatted on top of me, slowly sliding down on my dick. It was
altogether too slow. I wanted to be totally and immediately encapsulated
in that little boy cunt.

"Damn it, Donny, get down on me already!"

"I don't think I can, Uncle Ed," he said.

"Oh, for heaven's sake, nephew!" I said, as I knocked his legs out
from under him.

"Omigod! Omigod!" he cried out, as he slid down up to the hilt on my

He bitched about how much it hurt, but I think it hurt me more.
"Hernia!" I thought to myself.

In no time, though, he was riding my cock like a pro, his strong
sinewy young rectal muscles squeezing me into a state of rapture. He
continued his up and down motion until I thought it was time for him to be
fucked like a girl. With my cock still deep inside of him, I brought
myself up to a sitting position. I had him lock his peach fuzz covered
arms and legs around my neck and waist and stood up with him. I kissed him
fully and deeply on the mouth, forcing my tongue into his. I then laid him
back on the bed and started pummeling his hole. I was so aroused by this
handsome lad that I went into a sexual frenzy. All I could think about was
how much I adored fucking my nephew. I pounded and pounded his 'pussy,'
and he came back for more. What a fantastic fuck! He hard little dick and
his balls were being squashed between our bellies each time our loins made

"Oh, God, Donny!" I cried. "Here it comes! Your Uncle Ed is going to
cum inside you! You'll be a slutty queer bitch!"

I must have pumped gallons of cum into Donny. My nuts felt totally
drained. I collapsed next to him on the bed, and we fell into a deep sleep
while his 'pussy' still held me tight. I must have slipped out of him
sometime during our slumber. He was still fast asleep on his stomach when
I awoke, and my cum was still leaking out of his asshole. I spread him
apart, sucked every possible drop out of his 'pussy,' and licked his ass
crack clean, and he never blinked.

I woke him and said, "Guess what? It's time for another shower."

"Not again! I'm gonna look like a prune!"

"Maybe so, but at least you'll be a clean one. I'll give you a treat
this time!"

I put a chair adjacent to the tub and the toilet, and put Donny,
bottoms-up, across my lap. I adjusted the water and inserted the enema
attachment up his butt. I let the water slowly fill his bowels and then
inserted one of my butt plugs into him. I made him keep it in him for ten
minutes while I massaged his abdomen. I then had him squat over the
commode and pulled the plug. It all gushed out in a torrent. He was
totally flushed out. I took him over to the shower and got in with him. I
stood him up on the seat and before we washed each other and gave him a
blowjob. This time he had his first wet orgasm. He ejaculated! And not
quite ten years old. No sperm, yet, but there would be plenty of time for
that. Pretty soon he'll be filling up his sister, the dogs, and me. We
can all be HIS bitches.

His legs had turned to rubber, so I sat him down on the shower seat,
and washed his hair and whole body, paying particular attention to his
penis and nut sack, and, of course, his well-worked little 'cunt' and
crack. He perked up under my tender touch, and I had him wash me after
first having him jack me off.

In no time, it was almost 6PM, and we had to pick up Courtney and
Tammy. Tammy's mom took the girls to Tammy's gymnastic lesson, and Donny
and I were to pick both of them up after the lesson. Then Tammy would
spend the night with Court and Donny at my house.

We went to pick up the girls and Donny checked out the bodies of the
other girls who were all attired in those wonderfully skin-tight outfits.
I felt a growing ache in my loins just watching those lovely lithe little
pussies. I had to get out of there before someone noticed the growing
bulge in my pants. Donny noticed it and grabbed my crotch.

"Wanna fuck some of THEM, Uncle Ed?"

"Cut it out, Donny," I admonished him. "Someone might see. Wait
until we get home. And don't talk so loud."

We said good-bye to Tammy's mom and the girls got into the back seat
of my car along with Tammy's backpack. That was fine with me because that
meant that Courtney and Donny wouldn't be fighting for the front seat.

I decided to treat the kids, so we stopped for something to eat.
Donny and I had our usual steakburgers, fries and milkshakes, while Court
and Tam had chicken fingers, fries, and cokes. Donny and I sat on one side
of the booth and the girls were on the other. They were constantly
whispering to each other, and snickering whenever they looked our way. I
wonder just what Courtney might have told Tammy about us.

After stopping off at a convenience store to pick up some things that
the kids said they 'needed,' we went to the house. The dogs happily
greeted us at the door. Tammy was instantly taken with them, and they with
her. This was very good for she would soon get to know at least one of
them very intimately.

I don't know if Tammy had had any sex, yet, but I know that she had to
know about it since they had a few head of cattle on the farm, and she had
two goats and some rabbits that she showed at the County Fair every year.

We were in bed in our pajamas, eating ice cream and leafing through
some of my porn that I copied from the Internet, when Tammy decided that
she wanted to see if Donny looked like any of the naked boys in the
pictures. They chased him all through the house and dragged him back to
the bedroom where they tore off his clothes.

He was totally embarrassed to be seen naked by someone outside of his
family members, especially another girl. They made fun of his 'little
thingy,' but he then dove naked back on the bed to 'get' Tammy, totally
forgetting about his nudity. Donny, who was a couple of days short of 10,
had no problem overpowering her. Even though Tammy's fourteen months older
than Donny, she's a little wisp of a girl. He had her pajamas off of her
in no time. She didn't seem to be embarrassed, though.

Courtney tried to save her friend, but I grabbed her and stripped her
bare, and soon there were two naked young female bodies to contrast with
Donny's. They looked just awesome.

They all then pounced on me. With their combined weight and a
single-minded determination, they were able to pull me to the floor and pin
me down. They stripped me of my sleep pants and T-shirt. Tammy was just
amazed at my breasts and hairless body.

"Omigod!" squealed Tammy. "Your Uncle Ed's got boobs as big as my
Mom! What is he? A boy or a girl?"

"Both!" laughed Courtney as she tugged my pink satin panties down my
hips and my 'clitty' sprang straight out.

"Omigod," said Tammy, again. "This is sooo AWESOME! There's no hair
there, either!"

Tammy wanted to touch my cock, and both she and Court played with it
until I shot all over.

"I never saw a guy cum before," said Tammy. "Only my goats."

I found out that Tammy regularly jacks them off. She showed Courtney
how to do it earlier in the day at the farm. She also showed Court how to
suck fresh warm milk from a cow's teat. She said that her mom and dad
don't know she does this. I wondered where she learned it. Did she
stumble on it solely through pre-adolescent curiosity, or did someone teach
her? Maybe it was one or more of her older cousins. No matter.

The girls then started on Donny and he got a cute 4-inch hard on. I
played with his sack and then put my mouth on his cock and started sucking
while the girls squealed and giggled. Donny was still a little too young
to produce any sperm but he did ejaculate a couple of times. Being so
young and randy, he wanted more, so first, his sister, Courtney, went down
on him, followed immediately by Tammy.

When the girls finished sucking him, I asked Tammy if she ever had sex
before this.

"If you call what I do with my goats 'having sex,' then, yeah."

"No, I meant, did any guy ever fuck you?"

"Oh, no," she said, matter-of-factly.

"Then you're still a virgin."

"Well, yes and no," she replied.

"What do you mean? You're either a virgin or you're not."

"One time when I was doing a split in gymnastics class, I tore my
hymen. I think that's what it's called. There was blood and everything,"
she went on. "It really hurt and I thought I was dying. So I guess I'm
not cherry, but I'm still a virgin because I've never had anything really
up there."

"We'll, we'll see if we can change all that tonight, sweetheart.
Won't we, guys?"

I could see that Donny understood me, as he ran out of the bedroom
yelling, "I'll go get him, Uncle Ed!"

Courtney and Tammy were sitting next to each other, cross-legged on
the floor, facing me, as Donny came into the room with Prince.

"I think that you guys know what to do," I said to Courtney and Donny,
"I'm just going to lie here on the bed and watch. Just let me know if
you're gonna need my help with anything."

"I know what to do, Uncle Ed," said Courtney. "I helped with Donny."

"You're on your own, guys!"

"Get on this on your hands and knees, Tam," said Courtney, spreading a
bedsheet on the floor, "and spread your legs a little."

"Like this?" said Tammy. "What do I have to do?"

"Just let Prince fuck you," said Donny.

"Hey!" said Tammy, a little startled. "I'm not dumb. I saw dogs mate
before! I don't want that big thing inside me!"

"Don't worry, Tam," said Courtney. "I'll hang onto it. Uncle Ed
showed me when Prince fucked Donny. He held onto it when Prince fucked me,

"He fucked Donny?' said Tammy, a little incredulously.

"Yeah, right in the ass," replied Court. "He loved every minute of
it," she continued, laughing.

"No, I didn't!" retorted Donny.

"Yes, you did, you little liar. Your butt was wiggling all over and
you even sucked Uncle Ed's dick while Prince fucked you."

"I guess," Donny admitted, reluctantly.

"Okay, kids,' I said. "Enough of the chatter. We don't have ALL

Donny got in front of Tammy to steady her, and Courtney lubed her
fingers and reached up between Tammy's legs to find her hole. Three of
Court's fingers easily slid into Tammy's cunt.

"Oh, God," sighed Tammy.

"She'll do real good, Uncle Ed," observed Courtney. Hers is lots
bigger than mine was."

"Get on with it, then," I said.

Courtney plunged her fingers in and out of Tammy's twat while Tammy
moaned softly and squirmed against Court's invasion of her privates.

After several minutes, Courtney removed her hand from her friend's
crotch, and called to Prince. She stroked his dick until it was fully out
of it's sheathe.

"Up, boy!" she said, and Prince mounted Tammy, hugging her muscular
young body tightly with his forelegs.

Courtney grabbed his hot poker and guided it to the opening between
Tammy's legs. As soon as Prince felt his cock touch the warm wetness of
Tammy's waiting hole, he arched his back and thrust forward shoving his
whole half-foot of bone into her young cunt.

"Oh, shit!" screamed Tammy. "It hurts real bad!" she cried. "I think
I'm gonna puke!"

"No, you won't," said Courtney. "You'll be okay. Just wait. In a
minute it'll feel real good."

"Aaaah!" gasped Tammy as Prince pulled out for the first time.
"Ooooh!" she groaned as he pushed in again. Then "Aaaah! Ooooh! Aaaah!
Ooooh! Aaah! Oooh! Aah! Ooh! Ah! Oh! Aaaaaaaah! Oh, yeah! Yeah!
Oh, yeah!"

As Prince repeatedly stroked her vaginal walls, Tammy gradually forgot
about any pain and became totally absorbed with the all-pleasure of the
continuing penetrations. Her human female sexual instinct took over her
body, and the hips and pelvis of the slim, long-haired, blonde preteen,
bucked and gyrated furiously in response to the dog's rhythm.

Donny held onto her shoulders so that Prince wouldn't knock her down
and she opened her mouth to take his little hard on into it. Donny moaned
when he felt her soft young lips engulf him. Courtney continued to hang
onto Prince's now fully swollen knot with one hand while she masturbated
herself with the other. I was pumping my member like a person possessed.

"Holy fuck!" cried Tammy, letting loose of Donny's dick. "There's
something hot squirting into me. Something's happening! I'm having an

Prince was emptying his balls into the young girl while she
experienced her first orgasm, and a dog did it all. Prince pulled out and
dismounted and left the room. I couldn't hold off any longer and shot
ropes of cum all over the place, hitting all three kids. Courtney was now
on her back on the floor, feverishly pumping in and out of her cunt with as
many fingers as she could shove in with one hand and agitating her clitoris
with the other, bringing on her own climax.

Tammy crumpled to the sheet. She lay on her back with her legs askew
and her pretty mouth slightly agape. Donny seized the opportunity and
straddled her flat little chest. He then leaned forward and put his cock
between her parted lips. She revived somewhat and started sucking, again,
as he applied a fucking rhythm to her face. I got down on the floor and
hurriedly spread Tammy's legs apart. I buried my face in her puffy bald
mound and sucked and licked every last drop of cum out of her little
snatch. The taste and smell of the dog's cum, co-mingled with Tammy's
preteen pussy juices, was overwhelmingly intoxicating. I proceeded to pay
'lip service' to her tiny clit, and she bucked into her second orgasm in a
time span of a few minutes, while Donny's dick squirted whatever was left
in his sacks into her mouth.

After a little recuperation, our nude quartet went into the kitchen
where I made us all popcorn and hot chocolate. We returned to the bed and
crawled under the covers and fell asleep in a naked tangle while watching a
kiddy-porn video and playing with one another.

I was awakened a short time later by a whirring, humming sound.
Courtney had rummaged around and found my cache of sex aids. The girls had
thrown back the covers on their side of the bed, and the noise was from one
of my vibrators that Courtney was sliding in and out of the hole between
Tammy's splayed legs. She apparently had no trouble figuring out what to
do with it since it looked like a cock.

"Just what is going on?" I whispered, trying not to wake Donny.

"Tammy still didn't have enough, Uncle Ed," said my niece, "so I found
this and I'm fucking her with it."

"Well, just be quiet!"

Courtney continued to shove the seven-inch vibrating dildo in and out
of Tammy's cunt. I could finally see her stomach begin to heave
uncontrollably in and out and she began to buck like a wild stallion.
Tammy let out a guttural scream that only a woman could make when she's
been truly sexually sated. She then lay exhausted on the bed next to her
girlfriend. Courtney removed the lewd-looking sex toy from Tammy's pussy
and turned it off.

Prince ran into the room, sniffing at the girls and trying to mount

"Get away, Prince!" said Tammy. "I'm all fucked out."

"I'm tired, too," said Courtney.

I just couldn't leave him in his obvious state of arousal so I got
down on all fours on the floor. His sister, Princess, had obviously
rebuffed him.

"Here, boy! Come on and fuck Daddy!"

Prince ran right up behind me, mounted me, and found his mark on the
first try. He shoved his poker into me and started ravaging me at
break-neck speed. I had never been fucked so hard and fast by him. He
must have been super horny. Tammy watched in awe as she and Courtney
hugged and kissed on the bed, right next to where Donny was sleeping.

"Do you want us to hang onto his knot, Uncle Ed?" volunteered

"No, Let him go all the way and enjoy himself this time."

I could feel his rapidly growing knot slapping at my asshole. I felt
his sperm starting to pump into me, and after several furious thrusts, he
managed to get it inside me. I could feel the contractions of his cock
inside me as spurt after spurt after spurt of his hot cum filled my bowels.
We were hopelessly hung up, and Prince just calmly walked away, down the
hall and down the stairs to his bed in the family room, dragging his bitch
behind him. The two little naked females followed, laughing at my

"That's really funny," said Tammy. "And awesome, too."

I had no choice but to lie down with him. My sphincter muscle could
be severely injured if I tried to pull away. After fifteen minutes, I
began to worry. It had never taken so long, before. I'm glad that I had
someone to get to the phone and dial 911 if necessary. I had visions of
the EMT's and police finding me naked on the floor, my ass impaled by a
German Shepherd, and two preteen girls and one preteen boy running naked
around the house. I'd never get out of prison. But then, I'd always have
a steady supply of willing cocks.

I finally felt the knot shrink and Prince's dick plopped out of my
hole. I was never so thankful, before, in my whole life!

The three of us then either douched or gave ourselves enemas, and then
crawled into the Jacuzzi to bathe one another. After we dried our hair,
the girls wanted to try my make-up and nail polish. They were really
'pros' at it and they looked fantastic. They each looked at least fifteen.
They were so good that I let them do me. I'm going to have to keep them
with me all the time. I looked marvelous.

Now they wanted to make up Donny. Courtney assured me that she did
this to him before when he was asleep and he never woke up. I washed some
of my drying cum off his face and hair, and let the girls at him. I was
amazed and pleasantly surprised. He now also looked like a girl of about
thirteen or fourteen.

I asked the girls if they wanted to go out for a late night snack. We
could go over to this all-night drive-in for hot fudge sundaes or whatever.
I told them that they could dress however they wanted and I'd slip into a
pair of black tights, a blouse, a short skirt, and boots. I asked them if
there was anything of theirs that Donny could wear. Their first response
was "I don't want any boy wearing any of my clothes," but then I said if
Donny couldn't go, then none of us would. That changed their tune. Tammy
came up with a pair of pink tights that she said I could burn after Donny
wore them. Courtney came up with a powder blue, slightly over-size
sweatshirt with 'HOTTIE' in script made from multi-colored sequins. One of
them donated a VERY short black denim skirt.

I was finally able to shake Donny awake and told him that we were all
going out for sundaes or something. I told him to go to bathroom first and
then dress. He screamed when he saw himself in the mirror.

"You little fucking bitches!" he yelled. "You cunts made me up to
look like a girl. You even painted all my nails. I'm not going anywhere!
Where's my clothes?"

"We hid 'em," said Courtney. "That'll teach you to fall asleep like
that! You can wear these."

"Those are girls' clothes. I'm not wearing them!"

"We're all going dressed like girls," I said. "Now put them on!
You'll either wear those or you'll wear nothing at all. I'll drag you out
in the cold in your 'birthday suit' if I have to, but you're not going to
stay here by yourself. You get into too much mischief when you're left
alone. Your Mom told me."

"I'll tell Mom when I get home!"

"Go ahead! She'll laugh. Don't you remember how she used to dress
you in your sister's hand-me-down nighties and dresses when you were
little, and put lip gloss on you and even curl your hair?"

He grumbled a bit, but then submitted.

Courtney helped him on with the tights and skirt, and both girls made
sure that he didn't mess up their handiwork when he slipped Courtney's
sweatshirt over his head. Tammy then squirted some of her teen-scent
perfume on.

"Now, I even smell like a girl!" groused Donny.

"Well, you don't want to smell like a boy when you're a girl, now, do
you? Uncle Ed told me that hen fucked you like a girl this afternoon and
you liked it."

"Hey, that's another thing," I said. "You guys have to call me 'Aunt
Wendi' or just 'Wendi' so you don't spoil things. And Donny is Donna.
Don't forget."

I found a hot pink scarf to tie around Donny's head so his buzz cut
wouldn't be evident.

He looked in the full-length mirror.

"I look like a sissy!" he said.

"No, you're not, sweetie," I laughed. "You look like a pretty young

In any event, our outing and the 'outing' of Donny as Donna went
smoothly. He each had our fountain treats and none of the service staff
ever suspected that there were only two girls in our party.

We went back home, washed off our make-up, and went directly to sleep.

The following morning, Tammy's mom came to the house to pick up her
daughter. Her mom asked her what we did all night.

"Lot's of things," she said, winking at me. "Ed's really cool. I'll
tell you later."

I could tell that Tammy would keep our secret. She told me that she
wanted to come over, again.

It was now time for the three-hour ride to get the kids home.
Courtney was insistent that I heat the car up real well before she came
out. Donny was already in the car, and I told Court that it was all heated
up for her. She ran and beat me out the door, opened the driver's door,
threw her backpack in the backseat, and jumped in the middle of the front
seat with her portable CD player, so as to be between me and her brother.
This was all very unusual.

When I got in the car and she buckled up, I noticed that she had on
her sneakers, a pair of wool over-the-knee socks, a long heavy sweater, and
absolutely nothing else. No panties and no skirt. She was essentially
naked above her thighs.

"You're going to play with my all the way home while I listen to my
music," she matter-of-factly said to her brother and me.

So that's what we did. I massaged my niece's tender young thighs and
Donny generally felt up and squeezed her budding boobs. She must have had
a dozen orgasms and still wasn't tired.

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