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Nifty - Bestiality - My Bitch My Love My Puppies

Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2011 08:21:35 +0200
From: Karl Chaosian <>
Subject: My Bitch, My Love, My Puppies

Entropico's Eroticos (c) 2011
This text file contains sexually explicit material and could be offensive.
If you do not wish to read this        type of literature, or you are under age:

Story Title: "My Bitch, My Love, My Puppies"
Story Code: (beast, ped, m/dog M/dog, preg)

NOTE: Please note, this is my first story and I am not sure about my
English level, so please do not judge me too hard... :). The story is part

Any comments will be appreciated. My email is:

The Awakening

My name is of no importance here... I am 32 male. You can call me
a pervert, but... well, I am a zoo. I love animals. I was attracted
to them (especially dogs) since youth. It does not mean, I am not
into humans. But dogs... I always considered them sexy.
Both males and females, to be honest.

My first experience occurred when I was just seven or eight. I was
home alone as both my parents were at work. Recently I have discovered
the pleasures of masturbation and I was jerking every time I was able
to. I looked forward to any chance to get a session with my dick at

A kid alone in the house has a plenty of possibilities to find sources
of sexual stimulation. It seems my parents have underestimated me and
my search abilities. My dad's porn paper magazines were fairly easy to
find. They were my first teaching materials. However, there were more
treasure chests around. Firstly, I found classic porn DVDs. Wow! My
parents must have been really open minded! There were lots of lesbian
movies but also bisexual and even gay. So, since my earliest sexual
experiences I was jerking at homosexual films. Tiny Asians, horny
Caucasians and powerful black Pistons filled my early cum sessions.

Finally, I found one DVD with small red heart drawn with my mom's
hand. I put it into the player and this day my life changed. My fate
as a pervert was sealed. The DVD consisted of several movies dedicated
to dogs. Yes, dogs in a sexual relations with humans! I watched all
the films over and over, and came so many times that I have lost my

Three movies struck me most. In the first, a chocolate chubby girl
offered herself to an eager Shepherd. She started with a short
handjob, then quickly turned her back to him and allowed to be
mounted. That was great! The dog jumped on her and humped his new
bitch mercilessly. She responded obediently by lowering her head to
the ground and accepting her role. Finally, he knotted with her and
stayed with her for a while. At the end, he pulled from her and
started to lick his red dick. His cum gushed from her opened cunt like
a Niagara waterfall. I could watch this movie over and over again. My
small boy cock was red and itchy from constant jerking.

The second movie involved a man and a male dog. Please note I was
eight years old. Luckily no one told me that gay sex or beastiality is
"perverted", so I watched it without any problems only with awe. Each
time I watched the film my dick was so hard, that I almost could come
without touching it. The man was very eager to satisfy his Rottweiler.
He scratched him playfully, then humbly kneeled beside him. His lips
quickly found the dog's sheath and engulfed his emerging prick in a
hot, wet cradle. Then, the man moved his head back and forth making a
sweet slurping sound. At first slowly, but soon his moves become more
and more rough. He was making a blowjob like an old pro. Like he was
doing nothing else all his life! I envied him so much! Then he stopped
and with a great smile he offered his rump. The rottie knew well what
he should do... I even witness he knotted with his human bitch. My
eyes widely opened when I saw the dog's bulge leaving the man's anus.
That was HOT! Doggy cum was flowing out of him forming wet streams on
the man's legs. Yummy!

The third movie was a little bit romantic. Well, as for a zoo porn.
There was a tiny man and a beautiful, large female dog. She was a blue
Great Dane and was obviously in heat - her vagina was red and swollen.
The man and the dog - they were in love. No, not in the porn type:
"fuck me, fuck me fuck then lets go and get our fucking payment", but
in a true romantic love (at least as I coud feel it - please remember
I was only a 8 years old).

The man with his lover, teased her, rubbed her... and she welcomed his
advances. His patted her head, then moved his hand on her back... her
ass... Finally he touched and delicately rubbed her vagina. She stood
silently, accepting him. Offering herself. Then, he could not fight it
longer. He quickly jumped off out of his clothes. His dick was very
hard (like mine if you'd ask). She assumed the proper position and he
moved behind her, placing his hand lovingly on her back. And then - it
just happened. He slid into her and started to hump. Delicately and
slowly, in long, tender moves. Obviously they both enjoyed it. Finally
his pushes quickened, and he came inside her with a short cry of
passion. Then, his oblivion slowly subsided and he left her intimate
hole. A stream of white, thick load poured from her swollen labia.
Then, the man licked some of it, but to my despair the screen faded
and the movie ended. But this picture deeply stroke my heart.

My Initiation

Since my first meet with beastiality I was deeply into it. Many times
I fantasized about making love to animals. These days I jerked two or
three times a day, usually dreaming about being a part of zoo scene. I
was mating with dogs, horses and even pigs in my fantasies. I was
fucking the horny, accepting females and receiving a good fuck from
dominant males. Yes, I was a 9 year old and I was dreaming about being
fucked by a dog. To be honest, I have never offered my ass to anyone,
so it was a little childish (one of my best fantasies was to be fucked
by a wild stallion).

Once I saw a boar (during a holiday at my uncle's farm) and he quickly
become my fantasy #1. I have never tried to do anything (I was afraid
because of his size), but his great balls were making a fantastic
view and I masturbated thinking about this great male pig fucking my
brains out. You know, I played the role of young sow, part intrigued,
part shy. He dominated me and fucked like a machine. I imagined his
balls clapping my bare buttocks... Eh, maybe one day I will describe
it in more details. However, when we came back from holidays and
I welcomed back the dog DVD, the boar fantasy passed as a summer love.
Dogs were still at the top of my list.

Please do not think I never been attracted to humans. Quite the
opposite! Big tits, wet pussies and large dicks (I got a strange crush
on shaved balls, for instance) were my jerking inspiration. As of sex
choosing, I would say: fifty-fifty (I mean: both girls and boys).

I have never been told "heterosexuality is ok, and gay is against
nature". To be precise, I have never been told against zoo. I think my
parents did not see my sexual development. Moreover, this have never
been a subject of any talk in my family. No - not even a "bees and
birds" story. They were fairly open-minded regarding sex, but only in
adult talks. They mysteriously avoided sex education. I have never
asked them, why. On the other hand, I was still a nine years old
child. Maybe they saw me too young?

Meanwhile, my attraction to animals grew even stronger. Most of my
wanking sessions were supported by a sweet vision of me fucking an
obedient Great Dane bitch. Blue one (the same I saw in the parents'
movie). To be honest, I become really obsessed with the idea of real
fucking with a dog. I asked my parents if I could have one and I after
some months of begging I have finally succeeded.

Rolf was a German Shephard puppy. Frankly, I preferred a bitch, but I
could not protest. On the other hand, I had my own dog. It took some
time for him to grow up, but finally he reacted to my first shy
advances. I will remember this for the rest of my life.

I was 11. It was hot summer holiday and I was again home alone. Rolf
was resting on my bed and I was using the computer. Oh, the benefits
of Internet access... I was just a kid, but I learned all the theory
needed. You know, about doing IT, knotting etc. These days I had my
own collection of porn movies. Believe me, my parents would be shocked
about the number of my hardocre files. I liked straight movies
(especially with those black beauties), but my favorites were bisexual
and zoo-themed. I just loved wanking while a well hung dog boned an
eager humane bitch on my screen.

This particular day it was one of this movies. I dropped my shorts an
sitting totally naked I jerked looking at the screen. A young man was
having his fun with a Labrador. The guy was playing a bitch role.
Well, he WAS a bitch. He was on his knees and was clearly flirting
with the male. The man wiggled his ass just before dogs eyes. It was
so sexy! I wanted to be a part of this. I did not know if I would like
to be him or his dog, but I did not have much time to consider. The
Lab did not waste his chance. His red prick was standing so proudly...
I could not turn back my eyes from him... And suddenly it happened.

It was like a lightning. The Labrador jumped on his bitch and humped
her mercilessly. The man was well-trained or maybe he was just
experienced. The slimy cock has found its mark and shoved in the sweet
rosebud. There was a short man's cry which was a proof of dog's
mastery (I almost came thinking about the pleasure the man
experienced), and their begin to breed furiously. Damn, I envied
them. I wanted to feel it by myself. Then I looked at Rolf.

He was resting on my bed, and I saw his furry sheath. I gathered all
my courage and stood up. My heart was beating and my dick was on the
verge of spurting. I went to my bed and sit near Rolf. He opened his
eyes as if he knew.

"Rolf", I said, with my mouth dry of excitement, "I have better things
to do than just watching someone. Lets do it"

I placed my hand on his belly. At first he probably thought I would
rub him. He rolled onto his back presenting his beautiful sheath so
openly... I slowly rubbed lower and lower until I finally reached his
maleness. For the very first time in my life I grabbed the furry
sheath with my own fingers! Its touch was like an electric shock. I am
having dog's dick in my hand! I moved my hand and in a second the
slimy red shape poked out of his sheath.

I was breathless. I did not know what to do. I had no sexual
experiences. Not even without humans... But the nature took over. I
was a boy and he was a boy. At least I knew what boys love to do. I
massaged his growing dick as I would do with mine. Quickly I
recognized what moves liked most. My cock, few times smaller than his
was hard as a rock. I touched it with my left hand, sliding my right
one on the Rolf's manhood. Then Rolf made his decision. He jumped on
the bed and rushed towards me. He was stronger than me and we fell on
the floor. Rolf was on top of me and he immediately started to hump.
His red dick was inches from my face, trying to get the warm hole. I
was so shocked and so horny. I was able to grasp his cock and squeeze
at in my hand. He pushed forward, forcing his weight on me. I tried to
cooperate and give him all the pleasure. He started to cum, spraying
his cum on my face and on my chest. I felt its taste on my lips.
Strong, spicy and salty. I lost control. My hand went to my hardon and
I stroked it like a madman. It took me three moves to ignite the most
tremendous orgasm I ever experienced. The stars and novas exploded
before my eyes. I laid on the floor, breathing like a marathon runner.
Rolf was resting beside me. He was licking himself and I felt his
furry touching my bare skin. The air was full of intense smell of our
fluids. Both boys, humane and canine were satisfied and happy.

I put my fingers into one of the stains of Rolfs seed and take some in
my mouth. I tasted dogs sperm. My first sperm. The potent fluid of a
male dog. My life has changed this minute. The bond was made and
nothing would be the same since this one moment.

Belle, My Love

Time passed away and I have become a teenager. I learned that sharing
my experiments with dog sex could be very dangerous. On the other
hand, it only gave me the pleasure of forbidden fruit. I have also
dated with some girls which was really fun, but I still was having
some sex with Rolf. With him, I become bolder and bolder. I even
experimented with some anal pleasures. Of course, firstly, I explored
my own body with my fingers. I noticed, that massaging my rosebud
skyrockets my pleasure during masturbation. Then I put a pen in my
ass. My orgasm was really incredible. I started to dream about having
full sex with Rolf.

One day I managed to try it. We were both inexperienced, but after a
few tries I hosted his hot rod in my ass. It was just a few moves and
a mere seconds but fires were lit. Fortunately, we have not tied (I
was an ass virgin!). Knotting also happened, but some time later.
Believe me, the first try was terribly painful...

My sexual development was progressing. During my college I tried some
bisexual and gay sex. It was my school friend who taught me the
pleasures of anal love. And that way I become zoobisexual :)

My parents never asked me why I am not in serious relationship. I
think they suspected me of being gay. But I dated some girls so they
did not bother.

When I grew up I moved from my parents. I graduated at University and
begin to work at the company. I get a bank credit and with some help
of my dad I was able to buy a small house outside the town. Long lone
nights are not good for any being, and even everyday before-sleep
jerking did not help. One day I made a decision. I wanted to have a
dog. And... a partner (Rolf passed away some time earlier). Actually,
I was not sure if I was more appealed to female or male dogs, but the
fate decided instead of me. One of my friends got a foreign contract
and asked me to take over his pet. She was quite young, and he planned
to move to another country for at least two years. I was reluctant at
first, but all have changed when I saw Belle. It was a love at first
sight. At least from my side.

She was a Great Dane. A blue one. The movie I saw in my youth almost
immediately came to my mind. I took her with me and I knew this will
shape my future.

Belle felt nice at her new house. She enjoyed our garden and our walks
to the nearby forest. Step by step we were closer to each other. I
loved her and I wanted to try her (I jerked often, always having her
in my mind) but I knew I could ruin everything... You know, it was
like living in a flat with a beautiful girl, who walks naked, but
don't see you as a man.

I did not want to abuse her. You see, I have become a little shy. Ok,
I got my chance with Rolf, but it was another story. Boys are boys
after all. We are made to fuck. When we are in mood (which happens
24/7) we can fuck everything that moves (or: that doesn't move quick
enough to escape). But girls are different.

I am a zoo, but not a pet molester. I wanted her to accept me. Love
me. I waited until she felt safe at my home. She slept in my bed, we
spent lots of time together. Then, the magic day came. It was a few
months after I got Belle.

I knew when she came into heat. She demanded more caressing, more
rubs, more touch. Her vulva become red and swollen. Her tail was
wagging. She used to turn backwards and present her rump in the most
open and clear gesture... The invitation... The caring trust...

I kneeled beside her and gently touched her. I rubbed her back, and
slowly moved to her rump. She turned her head as looked at me, as if
wanted to say: "Go on. You know I want that...". My hands were
shaking. I slowly moved my finger and touched her labia. I felt the
most delicate silky wetness. Her body trembled and she step back,
trying to feel me better. I opened my hand and place her on her sweet
cunt, feeling her hot surface. I felt my cock hardening. She wanted
me! I lowered my head and gently kissed her. The erotic scent of a
bitch filled my nose. She made another step back.

I could not resist this invitation. I undressed in a moment and
crawled to her. Her skin touched mine. She sniffed at my raging cock.
She knew what was it for! Maybe she did not breed earlier, but Mother
Nature whispered into her ears. She turned her back to me. Her tail
moved aside, giving me the way. I hugged her body and pulled her like
a male dog. She was obedient. I put my maleness in the proper place
and gently pushed. Sweet warmth engulfed me. Her inside was hot, wet
and pulsing. I hugged her feeling her swollen nipples under my

"Honey..." I whispered "I am in. I am fully in. You are my bitch now,
aren't you?"

Then we fucked and this was pure animal sex. Pure desire. I do not
know how long did it last. Later we were resting together, side by
side, deeply panting. We know we were in love.

My Puppies

I have been with Belle for 3 years. We have been mating furiously
whenever we wanted. And I mean: WE. Both. I am not a dog molester. But
we have been in love. The only thing we could not get is pregnancy.
Ok, we did not live in a sci-fi movie. Human cannot impregnate bitch.
But.... one night, when we slept side by side I have come into an
idea. It was a dream, at first. I imagined that we fucked with Belle
and that resulted in a pregnancy. I could witness her belly swelling
with my children. My puppies. But then I woke up and the dream
perished. I coud not gather my thoughts. It was so real, so bitter...
Belly was sleeping spooning with me but an idea was building in my

A year ago we have got a new neighbor. A friend from my work moved in.
His house and ours shared a wall. Tom liked Belle very much and bought
a similar dog for himself. Max, as he called him, was a Great Dane.
Masculine, handsome... Well, actually I was somehow attracted to him.
He probably could smell Belle's scent on me because was usually tried
to hump me. If not Belle.... I would eagerly try to arrange some
intimate moments, but I would feel guilty. OK, I should be honest: I
touched him a few times. I could not resist the urge to feel the dog's
sheath in my hand. But nothing else happened.

That night I dreamed a dream I also have found a way to make my
desires come true. Luckily Belle was in her heat. I could not wait
until morning. It was Saturday. When the sun rose, I checked if my
neighbor is at home. He was not (he asked me to feed Max, when he was
visiting his girlfriend, but I needed to be sure). My heart was
beating like a hammer. I caressed Belle, and she responded eagerly as
usual, presenting her red labia. Wet, warm and inviting. I wanted to
get into her silky vagina, but with a great act of will I was able to
postpone myself. She seemed disappointed by the fact we did only the
foreplay. "Later, my love", I thought.

As rushed through the door and get into my friend's place. Max greeted
me with a few licks, but immediately sniffed at my hands.

"I know, boy", I muttered. "I know what you want. Today is your chance."

I fell to my knees, quickly reaching for his hind legs. I needed him.
His potent dick. I grabbed the sheath and moved it back. Quickly.
Demanding. Urging him. He needed it as much as I did and started
humping in my hand. I felt his powerful thrusts, smelled his masculine
odor. I went into sexual trance.

"Max, get me. Get me and fuck me. I need your cock badly. Fuck me
now!", I urged him. I do not know how did I manage to open the condom
and place into my palm. Max was pounding at my hand but after few
tries I was able to put the rubber on his dick. Finally!

I moved by boxers down and turned back, showing my bare, inviting ass
to him. He jumped on me with all his weight and humped vigorously like
mad. I reached back and grabbed his dick into my hand. I desperately
wanted him to invade my ass, but my heart remind me about Belly. No I
could not do that to her. But I needed his potent sperm. I grabbed his
dick and closed it in my hand. At least Max will think he got the
bitch with a tiny hole. He did nicely. Quickly I felt his swelling
knot. Max was making sure all his seed will stay in his bitch vagina.

"Okay Max", I whispered, "You have made your day. We have made".

I turned back, pushing him from my back, but still holding him
tightly. He was breathing heavily, happy about what he had done. I
delicately removed the condom from his still hard dick. He was full of
whitish liquid.

I stood up and went into my house without even wearing the boxers. My
dick was rock hard. Belle barked at me, as if she knew. I hugged her,
kissing her neck. My lips moved to her back... She knew what I wanted.
She assumed the bitch's position at once. This was a clear signal
"Mate with me. Breed me. You are my master".

I thought I would explode. But I need to be careful. I kneeled behind
Belly and used my foreskin to form a kind of a cup. Then I spilled all
the Max's seed from condom into it. I thrilled when I felt his sperm
directly on the head of my cock. "Its now or never", I thought,
putting my dick at the entrance of Belle's cunt. Then pushed. I gasped
at the feeling. Her insides was hot and wet. I felt the liquid pouring
into her. I hugged my lover.

"Honey. My love", I whispered, "Lets make some puppies".

Those words pushed me over the edge. I made just one or two pushes
inside her and trembled with an orgasm. I cried and pushed some more
as if I wanted to impale her on my spear. Stream after stream, I
filled her with my own sperm. But this time, my cream carried a wave
of dogs seed. I thought about small masculine cells that rushed in the
race to fertilize en egg. Somewhere there, inside warm body of my
beloved Belle, there was their goal.

My heart slowly returned to normal rate. I fell to the floor, hugging
my bitch, who wagged her tail and lied near me. I looked into her

"I love you" I whispered.

Two months later, she gave birth to our children. Our puppies. And so
I have become a proud father of two strong males and one beautiful
female. It did not matter, the DNA was Max's. After all, I was the
only one male that ever mated with Belle, right?

My Family

We raised our puppies together. Belle was the most caring mother I
could imagined. Of course her drive towards sex diminished after the
pregnancy, but I really did not care. Please understand: I was really
a proud father. You cant imagine how did it feel.

Our sons were given names Rocky and Spicy and the beautiful daughter
carried the name Belissa. Both males were strong and brave. Their
little sister was a little shy but she still was our precious. They
grew up very fast. Fortunately for me, Belle's libido returned and we
could enjoy our passion again. Actually, we could do it even before
eyes of our children. And we did. Ok, that is a little bit unusual,
but nobody protested. On the contrary, both my sons seemed very

Our happiness lasted for next two years. Then, to my grave despair, my
beloved passed away because of cancer. Before her death I have never
even thought to have another sexual partner: human or dog, male or
female. That was true love and died with Belle.

It was a great challenge to accept I am not longer with her, but
finally it happened. For those who think we, zoos are emotionless
perverts: you can imagine the situation when we KNOW that our partners
are doomed to live short. But we have to bear this and carry on.

For many weeks I thought, what I should do. Should I get another dog?
But what to do with my puppies? I could not to sell them. Could you
sell your own children? So maybe I should try to find a girl (or a
boy) to live with? No, I couldn't. Who would dare to accept my past?
Who will protect my puppies?

However, the problem solution came unexpected. One day Rocky (who
become the strongest of the three) during our play tried to hump my
leg. He probably did it because of his try to show male domination,
but all my earlier experiences came with it. "Could I do it with them?
My puppies? Am I so perverted?", I hesitated.

I had a long, lone walk to Belle's grave. I asked her what to do. And
I felt as if she allowed me to live. She just asked to remember her.
And I sworn I will. For all my life.

And that came to the fact. I am having sex with my puppies. Well, they
are not puppies anymore. They are mature, proud animals. And we live
in a small happy pack (call it: incest, or, to be precise:
zoo-incest). We do it for pleasure, we do it for fun and nobody is
hurt. Of course, it is not only sex. There is emotion in that, but...
Belle will be always my first and only true love.

I miss you, my dear.

If you like to send me your comments, I will greatly appreciate it.
My email is:

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