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Nifty - Bestiality - My Mum And Mrs Kennedy - My Mum And Mrs Kennedy 2

Date: Tue, 3 May 2011 10:07:26 +0100
From: Trigger1480 <>
Subject: My Mum and Mrs Kennedy 2

This story is pure fantasy and is not meant to offend in anyway.
If you do not enjoy reading about older women and younger boys involved in
incest and animal sex do not read this story
If you have any comments please address them to
I enjoy writing sexual fiction and have many other stories if people are

Mrs Kennedy and my Mum Part Two

This story is totally fictional and one of those "I wish" scenarios.


I woke up in my own bed naked and for a few minutes wondered what had
actually happened. Had it all been a dream...had I really caught my mum
with Mrs Kennedy and the dog?

As I turned over to lay on my back I felt the pain of my over stretched
arsehole and realised that it had not been a dream, I really had caught my
mother fucking a dog and had in turn taken that dog up my arse myself. I
lay thinking about what had happened, I suddenly felt shame and guilt but
despite these negative thoughts my cock had other ideas and had already
started to stir as I reminisced over the events of that afternoon.

I got out of bed and grabbed a t-shirt and pair of jogging bottoms, I had
to go downstairs and confront my mum and find out where the hell we went
from here.

As I opened my door I could hear yet more moans from downstairs...I looked
back in my room to check the time and noticed I had been asleep for 2
hours....had my mum continued her little games with Mrs Kennedy even while
I was asleep?

I stood outside my door listening to the groans and my cock started to
harden once again. Should I go back downstairs and intervene again or
should I stay in my room? If I stayed them I would almost certainly have
to jack my cock off because just the thought of more sex activities going
on in the house was too much to ignore.

With my cock taking over my head, I nervously closed my door and headed
down the staircase. I could now make out the sounds and it was Mrs Kennedy
who seemed to be moaning this time. As I got half way down the steps, I saw
the lounge room door open and could see Mrs Kennedy on the sofa, legs open
wide and my mum on her knees with her head buried deep in the old woman's

Mrs Kennedy looked up, spotted me and smiled,

"Well well, Kevin nice to see you have woken up again, why don't you come
on in and join us"

Almost in a trance again I continued down the stairs and walked into the
front room. Mum didn't even move, but with Mrs Kennedy hands on the back of
her head, I guess she had no choice. I stood at the door watching the two
women, my cock now rock hard and the fully formed tent that had appeared in
my pants showed that I was once again turned on by the lesbian scene.

"Looks like you have woken up in more ways than one boy, come and sit down
and watch your mum service her mistress"

She patted the seat next to her beckoning me to join her.

"Look Claire, your son has something to show you"

She pulled mums head from between her legs and shifted her view towards me

I walked over, just seeing my mum in the control of this gross woman turned
me on again and all my feelings of guilt departed, this was fucking horny
and I wanted to be involved again. Mum just smiled as her head was forced
back down into the old woman's pubic mass. I sat on the sofa next to Mrs
Kennedy; she was quick to grab hold of the tent pole in my pants and used
the age old joke about "being pleased to see us!"

She pulled my pants down and eyed at my errection

"You really do have such a lovely toy for a boy, Kevin, you know what I

"No Mr's Kennedy, what"

"I think that cock will fit very nicely up your mum's wet pussy, don't you"

"Yes Mrs Kennedy I think so too" I agreed, not only caught up once again in
the moment but also because, yes, I actually wanted to fuck my mum's sexy
pussy. All those times I had caught her naked in the shower, or getting
dressed had always given me a boner, now I had the chance to finally fuck a
woman and it was perfect that the woman was to be my mum

"good boy, why don't you get behind your mother now and show her how much
you have grown up, I know she would love to feel her son's hard prick up
her dripping wanton hole, wouldn't you Claire?"

Mum's head was lifted so she could answer her tormentor

"Oh yes mistress, I would like that"

"Like what bitch?"

"I would love to feel my son's hard cock fucking my dirty pussy; please
mistress let my son fuck his mummy's cunt"

With that Mrs Kennedy slapped my thigh and pointed to my mother's
backside. I got up and walked behind my mum

"Show him where to stick his rod Claire, open those pussy lips and invite
that stiff cock inside"

Mum's head was pushed back down in the old woman's crotch and she moved her
hands around to her arse and pulled her cunt lips apart, I could see my
target, it was soaking wet with juices and was clearly awaiting its invader

It was at this point i suddenly had an attack of nerves.....what was I
about to do, surely this was not right. Should a son really be fucking his

As if my mother had anticipated my dilemma she quickly moved to console me

"It's ok son, you can fuck me, there is nothing more in the world I would
rather have right now than my sons cock deep inside me, please Kevin,
please fuck me, fuck your mummy's wet cunt hard"

That was all i needed to hear and I forgot about it being my mum and
started to insert my glistening knob into the entrance of her hole. My cock
slipped in without any problems, her pussy so wet that it felt like a knife
through butter, and before I knew it I was inside my mum's love hole and it
felt fantastic. My whole prick disappeared inside her and she let out a
series of groans to show her appreciation

Slowly I started to thrust back and forth; causing my mum to moan each time
her mouth took a rest from eating her mistress's cunt

"That's it Kevin, fuck your mum, fuck her harder and deeper with each
thrust, make her scream with ecstasy"

I quickened my pace and before long I was feeding my mum deep strokes and
screwing her cunt harder and faster and Mrs Kennedy was right, she loved it

"Ohhh Kevin, yes...fuck me harddderrrrr, treat your mum like the whore she
is, fuckkk meeee, I love your cock inside me, please don't stop fucking me"

Mrs Kennedy also loved the way I had responded, and each time mum groaned I
shoved my dick in harder, slapping my balls against her pussy lips.

"that's it Kevin, pump that prick deep inside your cock hungry whore of a
mother, make her your pussy slave, now she knows how good you can fuck her,
she will be your slave, whenever you want to fuck her pussy, just tell her
and she will let you...make your mum worship your cock".

Turned on by this I fucked my mum faster while Mrs Kennedy grabbed her head
from her own forest of delights and looked her in the eye

"You love his young cock don't you bitch?, you want to feel him inside you
forever, and you will let him fuck your love hole whenever he wants, tell
him you are his slave as well now and you will do anything he wants,
whenever he wants it"

"yes mistress, I do, I do love his cock, I want it in me all the
time,,,please son, please I will be your slut too, I want to do anything
you ask, I will always be here for you and you can fuck your mum whenever
you want"

I was now getting really turned on and was starting to feel quite masterful
knowing that my cock was driving mum so wild, I wanted to please her and I
now realised that to do that would mean making her my sex slave because
that is what she wanted

"Does it turn you on Kevin knowing that your mum will be your own personal

"Oh yes Mrs Kennedy, it does, I think she loves being a slut, and I want to
treat her like one"

"Good boy, your mum is very good at obeying orders, but do you know how to
make her a total whore, who will obey your every command?"

"No i don't, but I would like to, I think I could get used to having my mum
do as I say"

"Oh yesss Mistress, please tell him, you know what I love and I will do
anything, anytime for my son if you let him have me there"

"ok Kevin, take your cock out of your mums sweet pussy and ram it right up
her arsehole, then I want you fuck her arse and tell her what a slut she
is, make her beg to feel your cock inside her, make her beg to be your

Now I was really horny, and i didn't need to be told a second time to make
her beg for me. Withdrawing my soaking wet penis I directed it at my mum's
tight bum hole, placing the knob on the entrance mum begged me for more.

"Yes son, fuck me, fuck your mums shithole and make me your whore too, rape
my arse son, do it for mummy"

With that I forced my knob past her sexy looking ring and my cock popped
into her arse, adjusting my stance I started to apply all my weight onto my
groin and I started to fuck my mother's arse.

"Ohhh fuckkkkk yes I love it fuck Mmmm meeee, fuck my arse son, ohhh you
feel so good in me, ohhh goooodddd yes"

"that's it Kevin, fuck that bitch, grab her hair, slap her arse and ride
her like a mare and tell her what a bitch she is"

I was really getting into this now and I grabbed my mother's hair and
pulled her head back as I forced more of my manhood deeper inside her,
overcome with lust I now wanted to dominate this slut, this horny woman, I
wanted to be my mother's master

"that's it bitch, take my cock up your arse, feel my cock inside your
shithole, beg me to fuck you harder, let me hear you cry for more cock you
dirty whore of a mother"

"Kevinnnn yes, fuckk me deeper force every inch of that young cock inside
your mothers shitter, don't stop fucking me"

There was little chance of me stopping as I plundered my new favourite
hole....she was so tight that it was not long before I was ready to shoot
my load, and I wanted to fire it right up her arse

"That's it whore, you're making me cum and I am going to shoot my load
right up your arse passage, fuck you are such a slut"

"Ohhh son pleasssee, please keep fucking me until all your hot spunk fills
my deep arse, I want to feel it inside me all hot and creamy...."

I could wait no longer and I screamed in ecstasy as my cock and balls
stiffened and my spunk shot out of my knob and fired straight into my mum's
anal passage. I grabbed her hair tighter as I offloaded my love juice,
jerking my cock deeper into her shitter as each injection of sperm left my

"Ohhh son, that was wonderful, your cock juice is so warm, I loved it soo
much, you can screw me whenever you want, I am your slave forever, fuck me
as you wish"

I released my grip on her hair and threw my head back, mum looked around at
me and licked her lips giving me a sexy smile, I pulled my cock out and the
juices dribbled from her arse. She put her hand around to her backside and
wiped them off before moving her hand to her mouth and licked the nectar
clean away

"Ohhh son, you taste so good mixed with my arsehole, hmmmm, I love your cum
so much"

Seeing this drove me wild, I wanted to try my new found powers out

"Well mum, why don't you get your mouth over her and clean my cock then"

"Mmmm, Kevin I thought you would never ask, you know I will do anything for
you now"

She spun herself around and put her whole mouth over my cock almost taking
every inch in one go and she started to clean my penis, tasting the mixture
of cock and arse juice. I let her devour me, each time her tongue touched
my cock sending shivers down my spine, she continued to suck and clean her
anal invader and I just relaxed as I watched my mum enjoy her reward.

I flopped back on to the floor and suddenly realised that I was going to

"Ohhh mum, no stop I need to use the toilet"

Mrs Kennedy interrupted

"Oh no Kevin, don't let your mum stop, she loves that as well, just relax
and let your mum enjoy her reward for being such a good little whore"

I was shocked by this but too horny to object and I released a warm jet of
piss straight into my mum's mouth. To my surprise she just carried on
sucking as I blasted urine out of my dick, when she did come up for air,
she let my amber fluid splash all over her face and even held her tongue
out to catch the last few drops..

My mother truly was a dirty whore and as I stopped pissing she once again
swallowed my whole cock, sucking off the last few drops of salty piss

Mrs Kennedy slapped my mum's arse hard and told her to get up, mum did as
she was told and as she did, she looked at me and licked her lips.

"Now Claire, I want you to stand there and show your son how you get
yourself off"

"Yes mistress"

Suddenly mum started to finger her cunt, using one hand to insert a finger
into her vagina; she used the other to rub her clit. Mrs Kennedy then
produced a small black whip from beside the chair and started to spank my
mother's arse cheeks

"that's it whore, play with your cunt, rub that clit and make yourself cum,
stand over your son and let him watch his mother play with her pussy, let
him see how fucking dirty his slutty mum is"

She spanked mums arse causing her to cry out in pain

"Yesssss, spank me, goddddd yes I want to cum so bad, I am a dirty whore of
a mother, son, watch me bring myself off for you, I'm goanna cummm, yesssss
oh fuckkkkk yes"

A few more slaps of the whip and Mum was in a frenzy, screaming out load
and rubbing her clit faster, until her head went back and she cried out a
big yes and started to slow down her fingers

It was the hottest thing in the world to see a woman do this, the fact that
she was my mum was even sexier and as she stopped playing her head came
back up and she smiled and spoke softly

"Ohhh thank you Kevin, you have made your mum very happy"

To be continued

Copyright 2011 Trigger1480
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Nifty - Bestiality - My Mum And Mrs Kennedy - My Mum And Mrs Kennedy 2