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Nifty - Bestiality - Nature Study

Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 18:48:18 -0500
From: Allen Baker <>
Subject: Nature Study

                      Nature Study
                      by Allen Baker

If you've found this diary, I'm probably dead.

My name is James Nicholson, and I am an anthropologist. That's what
landed me in this situation. I'd specialized in primates: the great apes.
So when I was offered the rare chance to actually study in the African
jungles, observe in the natural habitat, I'd jumped at the chance.

But it took months of preparation and training before I actually got
here. And years of studying under Dr. Sara Lomez before I had the
opportunity to come out here on my own.

I've been here three and a half years, studying their reproductive cycles
and mating habits. It took a long time for me to get the gorilla family to
accept me - over a year and a half. The first six months they ran and
hid. The next three or four, they tried to frighten me away. Somewhere
around a year or so, they tolerated my being within viewing distance.

About this time, I gave up clothing and went to wearing skins. They seemed
to like that better. But, it was really only after eighteen months that
they begrudgingly shared their lives.

They began to let me follow along their trail or move on a parallel
path. When they stopped to graze, I'd sit and eat. When they held up for
the night, I'd sleep, too, knowing they'd alert me to any danger. I'd keep
with them for three of four weeks at a time, until my supplies would run
short, and then I'd return to my base camp to catch up on reports and call
back to hear the news.

The male of the family was a hulking monster, standing more than seven feet
and weighing 750-800 pounds. He had four females and numerous young to
follow him around.

I envied his sex life. He'd corner and mount one of the females whenever
the urge struck.

And during the season, it struck quite often. Even more, I envied Grey
Back's equipment.

A female would squeal with fright when he approached with his monstrous
penis fully erect.

She'd try to escape, but I never saw one of them get away. She'd scream
when his twenty- two inches pierced her, but would soon be crooning,
sighing, and aiding the movement.

He'd roar his climax which would last for a full three minutes! Then he'd
pull out and lie down to slumber while she'd tenderly waddle away.

Watching this ritual three or four times a day always made me horny, and
I'd want to beat off. But I'd have to go some distance away, because the
scent of my male spunk would drive old Grey Back into a rage and make it
dangerous for me to be near.

Another dangerous time to be too near was when a young male would decide to
challenge Grey Back's authority to lead. He'd tolerate them as part of the
family until they tried to mount one of his females. Then his true
ferociousness came boiling to the surface, and he'd pummel the interloper
until he'd run off to rove on his own.

These rogue adult males were my biggest concern. I'd keep back from the
family and be intent on observing them, only to realize I was being stalked
by one of them. I'd have to do some pretty fancy footwork to keep out of
their grasp. If I hadn't known they are vegetarians, I'd think they had
ideas of making me a luncheon item. I guess they just saw me as another
male rival.

At any rate, there was that fateful day that I napped too long. The family
had awakened and moved on, and I hadn't even heard them. Instead, I woke to
find Bluebeard's face less than two feet from mine. I started in fear, and
that made him jump back as well. We both stayed perfectly still and stared
at each other. The tension got to me. I decided I'd try to inch
away. Before making any move, I lowered my eyes in a sign of giving ground
to a superior male.

And superior he was! I was startled to see his eighteen-inch prick hard and

It frightened me even more as a sure sign of aggressive excitement. Slowly
I began to back away. Carefully. Inch by inch. He didn't shift on his feet,
so I began to have hope that he'd let me go.

Suddenly, I backed over the edge of a gorge, lost my footing, and plummeted
down the slope. Stunned. I lay at the bottom. Everything hurt. I even
suspected a broken bone or two. High above me, Bluebeard's face gazed down
over the edge of the drop. Then I passed out.


The smell was the first thing I became aware of. Strong, wet-fur, body
waste, decaying, dead-air smell. Finally, I got my eyes to open and
focus. The cave was small.

At most, fourteen or fifteen feet deep and five feet high and wide. Almost
more of a burrow than a cave. It sloped down at a thirty-degree angle that
allowed rain to naturally pour into the place and muddy the bottom to a
perpetual muck where I'd been dumped. I could see Bluebeard's back as he
sat gazing out from the entrance. Was I being held captive? I'd never
before observed such a thing with these beasts. Their usual action was to
either abandon an area to a superior rival, or kill an inferior one. I was
surprised to be alive at all.

He must have carried me here, but for what purpose? The anthropologist in
me was dispelled as I tried to move and encountered instant, massive
pain. My left should hurt, my left wrist was broken, and my right ankle was
either broken or very badly sprained. I must have cried out for Bluebeard
swung about and directed his attention to me.

Instantly, I forgot the pain in my prevailing fear of being trapped by
this creature.

Perhaps he'd thought me already dead and would now finish me off. I had no
experience on which to base a prediction. Nothing in the research I'd
studied gave me a clue a$ to what to expect next.

Bluebeard tilted his head and looked inquiringly at me. I just stared back,
not having any other option. Then he turned and picked up a handful of
leases at his feet and headed my way. I braced for the final blow. Instead,
he placed the leaves beside my hand and retreated to the cave entrance
again. He disappeared from sight, and I could hear him moving away in the

I found he'd brought me supper. Couched within the leaves were a couple
handfuls of berries and nuts. I looked back to the entrance wonderingly.
Did he know I was hurt? Was he nursing me back to health? Had he brought
me here to recuperate? And if so, why? Could he actually have judged that I
wouldn't have been hurt if he hadn't startled me that way? Could he
actually be feeling guilt? There were no answers to these questions. But I
was grateful for the food. I ate, wondering if I could somehow bind my foot
and limp away before his return.

I had precious little to work with. There were two or three stout sticks
that must have one time washed in with a deluge. They might be strong
enough to use as splints, but what to tie them with? One handed, it took a
long time to get out of the skin loincloth. It was even more of an ordeal
to use teeth, one hand, and a sharp stone, to eventually rip-tear-cut the
stout leather into strips. Finally I had tied up my leg and wrist. I'm not
a doctor, but my boy scout days served me well. At least, small movements
no longer made them throb.

I was just contemplating whether I had enough reserves to struggle up the
slope of the cave when I heard him returning. Too late. Maybe I needed to
rest more before I made the attempt anyway.

Then he was beside me again. More leaves and berries and nuts. But more
important, a coconut. He promptly split it with a powerful stroke on a rock
beside me and poured the milk into my face. I eagerly drank it down, then
set about another meal as he watched.

I watched as he slowly extended a finger and touched the wrapping on my
leg. I was surprised at the gentleness of this hulking figure. Then his
curiosity took a scary turn. This was the first time he'd seen me without
the loincloth, and my genitals cauQht his eye. He prodded my crotch and
flipped my cock a couple of times. Then fingered my balls. I held my
breath, praying he wouldn't test them with a healthy squeeze of that
powerful palm.

Then he grunted and sat back on his haunches, apparently satisfied. Maybe
it was the fist time he'd realized that I was a male like himself. Who
could tell? At any rate, the light was fading as evening passed on into
night. Suddenly, he gave a huge yawn, then curled up beside me and was
instantly asleep. It was a bit unnerving to have him so close that his fur
tickled my thigh. But as he continued to slumber and snore on into the
darkness, I was eventually overcome by the dampness, the cold, and my
weariness. I gave in to the need for warmth and cuddled my back into his
furry chest to sleep.


At first, I thought he was attacking me. It was still dark, and Bluebeard's
arms were wrapped crushingly around me, pulling my back tightly to his
chest. Suddenly, I felt his hard cock rubbing against my back as he
rhythmically thumped his crotch against me. And he was asleep. He was
having a sex dream, and my naked body was a convenient aid! His breathing
was excited. I just hoped he creamed soon before I was crushed in his
mighty arms.

He stopped rutting and repositioned himself lower. His mighty dick slipped
between my thighs from behind. Because of its length, half of it prodded
out beneath my balls and slithered along the length of my own prick. He
began fucking again. His enthusiasm and motion against my own genitals
sparked my own desire. His thick cock stroked against my own, and J was
quickly rigid. Before I even realized what I was doing, I had wrapped my
good hand around our two throbbing members. My fingers couldn't reach
around the two.

I couldn't pump my hips, but his pistoning against my own cock soon had me
singing a duet with Bluebeard's moaning. Sooner that I expected, I was
climaxing my cream onto both our dicks. Before my second spurt, he flooded
us both with his cum. He screamed his pleasure into my ear. My crotch was
drenched in our mingled seed.

Bluebeard relaxed his crushing hug and was soon back into his steady deep
sleep pattern. I dozed off again trying to recall if there was any record
of gorillas having wet dreams.


It was light out when Bluebeard grunted a wake-up call and pulled himself
away from my back. His cock was still lodged between my thighs, and pulling
it loose brought his attention to the area. He leaned down and sniffed my
damp pubic area. Then he did it again. I was immediately concerned that his
male instincts would be enraged by the smell of my spunk. But he appeared
more puzzled than concerned. Maybe our mingled juices perplexed him Anyway,
he seemed to decide it was ok. He bent down and began to groom me with his
tongue. I had often observed this common courtesy these beasts bestowed on
each other. They helped clean the areas hard to reach on their own bodies.
But I had never, in my wildest dreams, expected to feel a gorilla's tongue
on my crotch. Then it suddenly occurred to me that he'd be expecting me to
reciprocate. Could I do it? I looked down and found that instead of
repulsed, I was intrigued. I was instantly erect, but knew better that to
let my cum flow on its own and smell up the place. I slipped my head down
his body and started lathering his dank fur. He didn't become aroused; this
was just the morning bath.

I imagined that he was enjoying this after living alone.

Eventually he decided he was clean enough and stood up. He sniffed me a
couple of times, then let loose his urine and pissed. Startled, I jumped to
get out of his line of fire.

But he aimed his morning stream at my crotch, then up my chest and over my
face and head. Then it struck me: he was marking his territory. He
considered me his property!


It wasn't until the forth day that the pain and swelling in my leg
would allow me to crawl to the cave opening. I debated about making an
escape. But in that condition, I knew I'd be open prey to any carnivore
within ten miles. As long as they stayed clear of Bluebeard's lair, I was
safer here. He'd become my protector until I was healed.

He was also my provider and housekeeper. He brought me food and
drink. The first time I tried to scratch out a latrine to bury my body
waste, Bluebeard sniffed it out, dug it up, and took it out of the cave to
dispose of. After that, I just picked the same out of the way corner, and
he'd clean house when he returned.

And nights, I'd burrow into him for warmth, and he'd cling to me
for companionship.

Twice more, I was assaulted in my sleep. But I was aroused enough each
time to hold no grudge. It was better sex than my own wet dreams or
masturbating fist. Then the fourth time it happened near enough to dawn
that it was light enough to see. At one point I glanced up to find
Bluebeard looking into my eyes. He had awakened! I froze, not knowing how
he might react. But he just stared for a couple of moments, then reached
out a tentative finger to touch my erect cock. Then he grunted once and
resumed pleasuring himself and me as well.

Soon we were both groaning and spouting in a shared climax. I reached
down and scooped up a drizzle of our mingled seed and slowly licked it from
my hand as Bluebeard intently watched. I hummed my approval. Then I took
another finger-full and edged my hand toward his lips. He stared at my hand
a long time, then looked into my eyes. Then he continued to gaze into my
face as he slowly parted his lips. Tenderly, I inserted my finger and
swabbed his tongue with its load. H licked from my finger and swallowed.

He grunted once. Then he scooped up some more and slurped it from his

Then he stared at my lips and slowly scraped more jism from my belly and
offered it to my mouth. I opened wide and felt his finger hesitantly enter.
I sucked it clean.

Suddenly his piss was spraying from his cock pressed between our tow

When he finished, I realized my own night's accumulation had built up
pressure. Not sure of his reaction, I imitated him and streamed us both
with my urine. He just grunted, sighed, and dozed off again. I lay awake
wondering what kind of connection had just occurred. I'd not seen anything
like it in his culture. The scientist in me rose in alarm that I had
introduced an alien element into his habitat. But the primordial sexual
being inside me beat down the thought and thrilled to the experience, and
fantasized about more to come.


That night at dusk, we curled up for the night. I was excited,
wondering what might transpire. I showed him my hand and gently reached for
his lounging cock. Tentatively, I traced a finger along its length. He
watched. Growing bolder, I wrapped my fingers around its girth and gave a
gentle squeeze. It twitched in response. Emboldened, I began a pumping
movement. He moaned and closed his eyes. His prick thickened and inched its
way to a full erection, as I masturbated it. The head slipped through the
opening of his abundant foreskin, pink and shiny and oozing. Soon he was
pumping his full eighteen inches into my palm and groaning in pleasure. I
wished I had two good hands to wrap about that beauty. His eyes had
reopened to stare at the action. Do gorillas have fantasies during sex?
I took a deep breath and leaned over to give the bright pink head of
his cock a tentative lick. His body twitched. I opened wide and sucked in
the head of his prick. It was tangy. It was delicious. He went ballistic.
His arms flailed and his hips pistoned through my fist. My mouth held on
for the ride. Soon he was shooting down my throat. I couldn't handle it
all. It gushed around his cock and onto my face, dripping from my chin.
Eventually, he became too sensitive and pulled out. He looked at me, then
pulled my face to his and licked me clean of his spunk. I couldn't resist,
I kissed his lips. I'm sure it meant nothing to him. But it served as the
affection I needed in my isolation from the world of men.

By this time, it was fully dark, so it startled me when Bluebeard's hand
groped my crotch. He explored in the dark until his grasp settled on my
rigid piece. He began to stroke it like I had done for him. I could
scarcely believe the gentleness of this giant. But I moaned when his lips
engulfed my cockhead. Instinctively, my hips took over as I pumped into his
mouth. I was reeling from my first gorilla blow job. Soon, I was feeding my
seed down his sucking throat. Then he licked me clean and was soon snoring.

When I finally recovered from my shock and had regained my natural
breathing, I contemplated what had just taken place. Never in any of my
research had there been even the slightest hint that a giant ape would
masturbate or engage in any kind of foreplay or oral sex. Never had I seen
anything to suggest homosexual activities. I was struck by guilt.

I was disturbing this ape's natural environment. What if he tried these
same actions with other male gorillas? How would they respond? They'd
probably shred him limb from limb.

What could I have been thinking? It was a long time before I finally
drifted off into a fitful slumber.

* * * * *

It was two weeks later that I decided I was in love. No, not with
Bluebeard, with his cock. If I ever got out of this jungle, I'd never find
its match in the human world. I'd never given size much thought, but once
fucked by an eighteen-inch long, four-inch in diameter, throbbing hunk of
meat, I knew nothing else would ever compare.

At first it was just a fantasy. As I sucked on his massive crown, I'd
envisioned it thumping in and out of my asshole. But I was soon obsessed
with the thought and began a stretching regimen. After all, what else did I
have to do while Bluebeard was out foraging? I started with my fingers, but
soon was rummaging through the cave's rubble for smooth stones. By that
morning, I could stand it no longer, I had to try.

We woke as usual, with morning erections. He started by guiding my face
toward his hard club. I let him and soon had him saliva coated and slick.
He was certainly confused when I pulled off and pushed him from his side to
his back. Awkwardly, I straddled him and gingerly lowered my pucker to his
end point. Watching his face, I slowly forced the head through my rim. For
a split second, I felt excruciating pain, but it quickly disappeared into

The surprised look on his face gave way to pure lust. Suddenly, he knew
what was up and lunged home into my bung hole. I had no way to convey that
I wanted him to hold still until I adjusted, so I had to endure his
instinctively hard, fast rutting. At first I thought I'd die. But the body
adjusts quickly. Soon I was moaning and growling like a two-bit whore.

I was having the royal fucking of my life. My prostate shoved out two loads
onto his furry chest before he screamed his pleasure and shot up into
me. With him still buried deep I collapsed onto his messy chest and sighed
my contentment.

Suddenly, I felt the wash of his piss as it bloated my bowels. His chest
contorted, and I swear he was chuckling. He found this amusing? His limp
cock still plugged my hole and didn't allow any liquid to escape. And when
I tried to pull off, his strong palms grasped my hips and wouldn't allow
it. I groaned in perverted pleasure as I felt his cock begin to harden

This time, his strong arms raised and lowered me on his post. I felt his
piss enema slosh around his moving prick and lubricate its passage. Again
spouted my cream. Again he spouted his.

We lay quietly regaining our composure. His retreating cock plopped out of
my ass, and my sloppy rectum ejected a deluge of monkey jism and piss with
clumps of my shit, soiling both our crotches. Eventually, Bluebeard set me
aside and used his tongue to give my morning cleaning. I cringed, knowing
that when he finished, he'd expect me to reciprocate and mouthbathe the
crud clinging to his crotch fur. He left me no choice, mashing his groin
into my mouth. I forced back my retching as I spat shit from between my
teeth and did my duty.

He left to scrounge for our meals for the day. I gingerly explored my
tender ass, content that I had accomplished my goal without ending up
mangled and bleeding. I was surprised to find my cock thickening as I
anticipated a rematch.

* * * * *

Bluebeard was back about noon with berries, nuts, and water in a coconut
shell. He waited patiently while I ate. Then curled up beside me and put my
hand on his cock. He obviously wanted a repeat of the morning. I hoped my
twitching hole was up to it.

It was. I lowered my tunnel around his pole, and we both sighed
contentedly. We just held still and stared into each other's faces. I
smiled, and he grinned back. Then suddenly we were writhing and bucking,
working out our mutual pleasure. Bluebeard must have been primed for this
one, for he blew his wad quickly.

Then he lifted me off him and onto my back. It shocked me when he squatted
over me and guided my cock to his descending hole. I was less than half his
size in all ways, but he was virgin. And I could see the surprised pain on
his face as he sat on my dong. He quickly pulled off and stood above me
with a puzzled look. It soon changed to a scowl which must have been
determination, because he slowly lowered himself until I was total sunk
deep into him.

Instinctively, he held still while the adjustment took place. After a
couple of minutes, he gave a grunt and began a motion that sent me into
spasms of ecstacy. He had sprung another boner, making me wonder if these
giants had oversized prostates to match. In this position, it was long
enough to suck on the head. It wasn't long till was crying out with my
orgasm. My twitching rod must have hit his hot button just right. He fed me
his load at the same time. He collapsed onto my chest as I had previously
on his. But I didn't weigh 800 pounds! I had to struggle and shove to get
him to roll off so I could breathe.

As we lay side by side, I again wondered what would be the ultimate outcome
of my actions. Would he introduce these gay behaviors to others of his
kind? Had I sparked some change in the gorilla social climate for
generations to come? 'was vaguely worried, but suspected that the
competitiveness of these rogue males would not allow them to get close
enough to start a gay community. I guessed I had no real concern that I had
ruined their culture with my perverse desires.

Bluebeard hardly gave me time to eat my evening meal. He impatiently rocked
and paced, watching my every move, obviously willing me to eat more
quickly. He sported an obscenely erect member that made it difficult for
me to concentrate on food. I wondered which of our newest pleasures he was
hot for. Maybe he intended to replay them all. The instant I sat down the
empty shell cup, he Was on me. Licking, touching, prodding, stroking. He
sprayed us both with his piss, even catching part of the stream in his

He was playful, licking at my crotch, then presenting his own to my mouth.

Eventually, his fingers roamed to my ass, his index finger poked in,
dragging against my dry opening. Immediately his tongue was there, licking
and sucking, adding moisture.

He placed me on my hands and knees and buried his face in my crack. The one
finger was followed by more, which were followed by his wonderfully big
prick. Soon his might balls were swinging and slapping painfully against my
own. He reached under me as he plowed and fingered my crotch. I groaned in
appreciation. He wrapped his fist around my joint and jacked it as he
fucked me hard and fast. It didn't take long for either of us to climax.
For a time afterward, we held our positions and relaxed in the afterglow of
the shared sex.

Suddenly, all his muscles were rigid, and he sniffed the air. I looked back
over my shoulder in time to see him open his mouth and give a roar of
aggression. I looked to the cave opening in time to see another rogue turn
and flee. We had been spied upon. I chuckled to think that Peeping Tom must
have been puzzled, maybe even shocked, by what he'd witnessed. Serves him
right, to sneak a look into someone else's bedroom window.

Gradually, Bluebeard relaxed as we heard Tom retreat through the
surrounding underbrush. It was late, and we curled up to sleep.


It was early the next afternoon when they came. There were five of
them. Only once before had I seen the rogue males band together to face a
common enemy. They were stealthily quiet in their approach. I hadn't heard
them at all. Suddenly, light was being blocked from the mouth ofthe cave. I
looked up, and they were there. My heart raced. If I yelled, would it
startle them into retreating, or challenge them to attack? Was Bluebeard
near enough to hear? Would he protect me? Could he? Two separated
themselves from the rest. The nearest, bravest was Peeping Tom. I could see
the gleaming wet head of his cock inching out of his foreskin. Suddenly, I

He had watched Bluebeard fuck me, and he was consumed with lust. He was
stealing Bluebeard's "female." I was about to be gang raped! That's when I
screamed. That's when they attacked. I didn't have a chance in hell against
one of them, let alone five. I fought, yelled, punched, gouged, clawed. All
for nought. Tom's cock plunged into my dry hole. I screamed and black spots
danced in front of me. I cried out again and received a stunning blow of
furry knuckles. They could have crushed my skull, but that wasn't their
intent. They were horny. I wasn't an enemy to kill.

I was a sex partner to conquer. I was part of the pillage. And conquer they

Peeping Tom plowed on and on. Pain ripped through my ass with every plunge.

Soon his spooge spilled into my tunnel. He pulled out, but I hardly had
time to take one deep breath before the next one replaced him. Peeping
Tom's jism helped to lubricate a little. But the initial damage had been
done, and further battering added to it. Between my legs, white gorilla cum
flowed across my crotch and down my thighs with rivulets of my blood. I
cried and sobbed and was battered for my efforts. On and on the rape

Through my dazed state, I heard a scuffle form the entrance. I raised my
head to see Bluebeard's face looking over the shoulders of the other three
as he struggled to get through to me. I gave a strangled groan and reached
out an imploring hand to him. He went wild with rage. Roaring, he
attacked. But he was outnumbered. Four of them kept him at bay while the
fifth serviced me, his mate.

They kept trading off. As soon as one climaxed in my ass, he'd tag-team one
of the others. Each time, I hoped I'd be abandoned. Each time, I'd see
another aggressively erect cock approach my tormented ass. I'd shout out,
pleading to the gods that I'd at least pass out and escape knowing. And all
through the nightmare, I could hear Bluebeard's constant attempts to get to
me. He was taking a terrible beating. Faced with such odds, one lone
gorilla is smart enough to retreat. But his loyalty kept him battling. Or
his honor to protect his own.

Hour after hour it continued, until it was fully dark. I had long before
become too exhausted to struggle, too hoarse to scream, too numb to really
know what was being done to me. They had re broken my leg and a few ribs as
well. I was covered with welts, bits, bruises, scratches. There was no part
of me that didn't hurt. Bluebeard, too, had suffered.

He was weakened, beaten down. I heard less and less commotion. His cries
were less ferocious and more plaintive. But he struggled on.

Then suddenly it was over. At last, they'd had their fill of me and,
roaring their victory, they disappeared into the gloom. Bluebeard, indeed,
must have been sorely injured, for it took him a long time to crawl to my
side. Whimpering, he licked my face and caressed my cheek. Exhausted, we
fell into a deep sleep.

That was the night before last. Too weak to write more now. Too weary.

                             * * * * *

It was late morning. The gorilla was leaning over the badly damaged human.

His ape tears dripped onto the man and roused him. At first, he just looked
up weakly at his wounded protector. Then he heard what the gorilla had been
listening to: the noise of the returning marauders. Panic rose in the man's
face. The big beast leaned closer. The gorilla was sobbing now. His chest
heaved, and he began his species' ritual mourning wail. The man knew that
the wail meant a death of a family group member was taking place. The man's
face slowly cleared and became peaceful as the strong, compassionate simian
hands closed tighter and tighter around his throat.

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