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Nifty - Bestiality - Neighbor Boy His Dog And Me

Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2011 11:34:24 -0700 (PDT)
From: Rebel <>
Subject: Neighbor Boy, His Dog, and Me (Beast, teen/teen, oral, anal)

The following story contains graphic sexual scenes involving two teen boys
and a dog. If material of this nature offends you then you should not read
this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most states,
you are not allowed to read this story by law.

This story is a recollection of true events when I was growing up many
years ago. The others involved are long gone, so there is only me now.

The author claims all copyrights to this story and no duplication or
publication of this story is allowed, except by the websites to which it
has been posted, without the consent of the author.

Author's Note - - A Nifty reader and fellow author wrote me a nice email
after reading a couple of my stories that I had posted years ago. He asked
if I had had any experience, what it felt like, etc., and as I responded, I
saw that it was beginning to look more like a story. So I cleaned up some
of the personal inferences and wrote this down. I sent him a copy and
decided to post it.

David, thank you for the nice letter that got me started again. Maybe I'll
go back and finish a couple of the others that I kinda left hanging.

Neighbor Boy, his Dog, and Me
By Rebel

Donnie and I grew up together in a good sized town in southeastern Idaho in
the fifties. I can remember when he was able to start school but I wasn't
allowed to go. His birthday was the first part of October and mine wasn't
until January -- he made the cutoff date to start school while I had to
wait. I thought it was so unfair for friends to be split up like that, but
him being a little older and a year ahead of me in school paid great
benefits later after we hit puberty and discovered sex.

We played the usual `show me yours and I'll show you mine' with all of the
boys around the neighborhood at one time or another. Several friends built
a tree house in a tree in our yard -- much to the chagrin of my mother, but
that afforded us a bit of privacy for `playing around' and we were the envy
of the neighborhood. I first learned about jacking off from one boy, Glen,
and couldn't wait to tell my best friend about the great feeling you can
get just by playing with your hard cock.

When Donnie and I finally got some time alone in his bedroom, I was
bubbling over with enthusiasm. I'd been perfecting my `style' during the
week since I learned how from Glen, and once we got our pants lowered and
were both hard, I started to describe everything to Donnie. The little
shit blew me away when he said, "You mean masturbate?" I just stood there
with my mouth open; one, I didn't know the word, and two, Donnie knew about
it and DIDN'T tell me!!

When he started to slowly stroke his little cock, I saw that he was doing
the same thing as me, so I guess it was. We were both about 11 or 12, and
were endowed about the same -- probably about 4 or 5 inches. We had both
just started to get a few hairs; his were dark brown while mine were copper
red. "How did you find out about this?" I asked, but before he could
answer I demanded, "And you didn't tell me?"

He just got this dumb look on his face, shrugged his shoulders, and
answered, "The guys at school showed me in the restroom." Because we were
in different parts of the school, we didn't see much of each other during
the day, including bathroom breaks. "I guess I just didn't think you could
do it, so I didn't say anything."

After our rocky start we made every opportunity to `do it' together and
promised to share anything new that either of us learned. It wasn't long
before we graduated to sucking each other, and found that we both liked
doing that a lot more. I never had a problem with doing ANYTHING with or
for my partner, while most of the boys, including Donnie, seemed more
reluctant to do back something to me after I had done it to them. I
quickly learned to start something then stop and make them do it too if
they wanted me to continue. Donnie finally got over it, at least with me,
and we had a better time of it.

As we got a little older and gradually found out more things we could do to
and for each other, we found that Donnie had no problem with trying new
things that either of us learned from our other friends, but I seemed to go
hog wild with every new thing and dived in wanting to do it all -- and
several times. I guess I was just way more horny that he was, but we still
enjoyed each other a lot. Since Donnie had older friends, he usually found
out something new and then told me, but from there, I was usually the one
to push for more ways of doing it, and was always ready whenever anyone
wanted to `do it'. Years later I found out that even way back then I had
quite a reputation already, and some of the boys avoided being alone around
me, but I sure didn't know about it then -- I was just having fun.

I was really involved in Boy Scouts and loved to go swimming at the `Y' any
chance I got. I cajoled my par-ents into getting me a junior membership
after once going with a friend and finding out that it was `men only' and
everyone had to shower and swim IN THE NUDE!!! I got to be a real good
swimmer and taught lifesaving and water safety classes later in high school
and college. The best part was watching the shenanigans going on in the
showers and back in the stalls; all a guy needed to do was to be quite and
keep your eyes and ears open.

I well remember the first time I saw two adult men `vigorously washing
themselves' in the shower and get semi-hard. I didn't think MEN did any of
that stuff -- just us guys, but when I saw one of the men (really old guys;
maybe mid to late 20's) nod his head to the other one and then move back to
the stalls, I just had to follow. I snuck into the stall next to the last
one where they were and just sat there listening, trying real hard not to
get caught. I couldn't see a lot except the two pair of feet and ankles
below the wall, but I sure could hear what they quietly said to each other.
When one guy finally said, "Oh god man, just stick it in there!" I just
had to look more and took a chance by kneeling on the floor.

One guy was bent over the stool hanging onto the pipe fittings and I was
able to watch as the other guy slowly slid his monster inside the guy's
real hairy ass. All the sights were new even if I had already done it with
my friends because these were two old guys doing it too. I was furiously
pounding my cock as I moved back to sitting and just listening to them
fucking. It didn't take long before I shot my load, and then started
getting `the guilts' that come afterward, especially worried about getting
caught back there. As quietly as I could, I slipped the latch and stole
back into the shower room to clean up, thankful that I had learned so much,
AND that I hadn't gotten caught.

Later that night Donnie was just as surprised as I had been to find out
that `old guys' played around too. We got each other off a couple of times
and then I went back home and thought about this new world that had opened
up to me -- that I had a lot of years yet to enjoy all of this stuff even

I was going on 14 (Donnie had just had his birthday, so it would have been
about Halloween time) when he called me one night and wanted to get a
sleepover for the weekend. Back then it wasn't like it is now -- kid's
using a phone was kind of a big deal, so I knew there was something new he
wanted to show me. I could hardly wait, but since it wasn't summer when we
would just sleep outside at each other's house, it required a bit more
planning to get together. We finally came up with a good reason for being
together and I was gonna go over to his house that Friday night.

We had done everything to each other and both of us could cum a pretty good
load -- at least we thought it was big. We'd been doing 69, mutual
jacking, and butt-fucking each other for several months, so I just could
guess what new thing he had found. We made it up to his room that night
and he had Dix in the room with him like usual. Dix was a Heinz-57 mutt
that his dad got for him from a farmer friend when he kept bitching about
being the only guy in the house. I kinda felt sorry for him in that
regard; I had two younger brothers, but he had two older sisters and one
younger, so he was constantly out voted on everything.

Looking back at it, I'd say Dix was a yellow Lab mix. He had that coloring
and the short hair and floppy ears of the Lab, but he wasn't that big. I'd
say he probably weighed about 45-50 pounds because us at 13-14 could easily
pick him up and move him around, and he wasn't big enough to know us over
unless he was really charging, then watch out. He was just as horny as we
were (this was before all of this forced neutering they do now) and would
hump most anything that stood still for it. I remember the girls
constantly screaming about `that dirty dog' and Donnie having to take him
back outside. He always slept in Donnie's room, just not always on the
bed. He seemed more comfortable on the big braided rug on the floor except
whenever us guys were roughhousing, then he insisted on being in the middle
of things.

Donnie and I had experimented with letting him lick our stiff cocks after
we had seen him do it to his own often enough. The first time I turned
over and lured him in to lick my butt hole, Donnie thought it was gross --
but it sure wasn't long before he was doing it too. That sandpapery tongue
of his give us wild sensations on both sides, and the first time that
Donnie let him go all the way to shooting his stuff, we found out that Dix
would lap all the harder to get every last drop. It always got too
sensitive for his tongue, and that's when we had to either hide our cocks,
or the other one would take over.

That night we jumped into bed naked, like always, and Dix was on the bed
too. After a few preliminaries of playing with each other, Donnie said,
"Watch this," and let Dix really go to town on his ass, especially his
hole. Usually we would go on to something else, but tonight Donnie let him
do it for a good long time. I could see his well-used hole opening and
closing, winking at me as he got more relaxed. When he hauled out the
Vaseline from under the mattress where we kept it hidden, I was really
starting to wonder what the fuck he was gonna do. I was game to fucking --
I was always ready, but this time he got a glob on his finger, lubed all
over his cheeks and in his hole, and made that whole area real sloppy,
something neither of us liked after the first few times we did each other.

When Donnie got off the bed and grabbed up a sweatshirt off of his stack of
clothes from room (you know how neat boys are), I guess I got a real
strange look on my face wonder just what the fuck he was doing. He
chuckled at me and said, "Just wait a second, you'll see, and I know you
are gonna love this." He had me sit Indian style on one side of the bed
while he got on all fours beside me, still wearing that damn shirt. I
still had no clue as to what he was doing until he called, "C'mon Dix," and
the dog bounded onto the bed behind him. I hadn't been paying him much
attention since I was more interested in playing around with our hard
dicks, but now I saw that Dix was sticking out and his red cock was almost
as big as ours were -- about 6 inches by this time.

I don't know what kind of a look was on my face just then, and Donnie
couldn't tell me afterward because he had his head on a pillow while he had
one hand holding the tail of the shirt down to his butt and the other was
trying to grab that hard doggie dick. I couldn't believe that my best
friend was actually trying to get fucked by that loveable mutt, but I
finally woke up and just watched as he guided Dix's cock to his well-lubed
hole. When that damn dog found the spot, he wasn't easy like I was, and
Donnie almost screamed out when Dix drove everything he had as deep as he
could. After the initial insertion, Dix repositioned a little bit, and
then just rapid-fire fucked that ass just like I'd seen him do to bitches
around the neighborhood.

Donnie was carrying with throwing his head back and a constant litany of
"Oh...oh...oh god..." letting me know that he must be really getting into
it. I looked underneath the pair and saw that not only was Donnie rock
hard -- he was dripping precum all over the sheets. `Damn, that is wild!'
I thought, but then the more I watched I wondered, `can Dix do it again? I
really hafta try this!'

It wasn't much longer and Donnie let out a long low growling moan, and I
saw his spunk shoot out all over the sheet underneath him. This was the
first time that I had ever seen anyone cum without stroking their cock, and
I was fascinated with what he felt that would cause it.

Donnie got quiet for a while more and just stayed in position while Dix
kept fucking his ass. I couldn't see the actual connection -- it was all
covered with yellow dog hair, but I saw Dix stop moving and just push
harder and thought that the dog must have cum too. A minute or so later,
Dix turned sideways and kinda dove off the edge of the bed, roughly pulling
his cock out of my friend's ass, much to Donnie's pain and he let out a
yelp of his own. Other than that, he just stayed in the same bent over
all-fours position getting his bearings again, so I leaned forward to see
what his hole looked like and was really surprised to see thin, watery
doggie cum coming out as the hole slowly went back to normal.

I grabbed a dirty towel off the floor and handed it to Donnie. "Thanks,"
he said and used it clean up his leaking asshole, and then kinda swung
sideways and stood rather than lay down in the puddle he had made. He was
chuckling and talking about something inside feeling so good that it always
made him cum, and how much he shot as he dabbed up the mess and threw the
towel back onto the floor. "Well...what did you think of that?"

It took a second for me to form an answer, but finally said, "How the fuck
did you figure THAT out?!"

Donnie looked at me sheepishly and giggled as he was still mopping up the
mess as he answered, "One of the farm kids at school showed me." Since we
had now graduated into Jr. High School, it was no longer just the
neighborhood kids going to school with us, but several grade schools all
fed into the larger school with more kids. And since Donnie had been there
a year longer than I had, he had several friends that I knew nothing about.
We both had friends that often did not overlap, but I was surprised that
one of the cliquish farm boys was friends with him.

"I was out at his place just after school started and we did it with his
dogs," he explained, "So after I got back home I started teaching Dix to do
it." I just sat there dumbfounded at both what he had learned, but more so
about how he had learned it. I knew better than to ask any names -- we had
agreed long ago to not squeal on any friends that we learned things from.
As time went on, I was introduced to some of these farm boys, and that led
to a very interesting summer, but that's another story...

"How soon can Dix do it again?" I asked him. That seemed to startle him as
he lay back down beside me and we were again lying side by side.

"I don't know, I never tried it more than once a night," he answered. By
this time I was so horny, but I sure didn't want to just roll over and
jack-off -- I could do that by myself at home anytime. Of course Donnie
wasn't especially interested in more sex since he was satisfied with what
he got. He offered to jerk me, but I still wanted to try to get fucked by
Dix. After we first started to butt-fuck each other, I had built a
collection of cut-off broomsticks, candles, both long and tapered and short
and fat, and even a toy baseball bat that came from and old set I had as a
toddler. I loved to have something stuck up my ass, but Donnie was soft
now, and I didn't have any toys to play with -- I wanted the damn dog!

As we talked, Dix came up to the side of the bed and Donnie called him up.
He was only too happy to snuggle down between us as we talked, and I saw
Donnie gradually stroke down the dog's flank and his hand disappear under
his leg. As we talked I still had a throbbing hard-on from hell, but I was
fascinated watching Donnie's arm start to move like he was jacking off his
dog. He saw me watching and just said, "Well, you asked, so I'm trying to
get him up again." It took another ten minutes or so but finally Donnie
rolled over off the bed and grabbed his discarded sweatshirt, trying to
turn it back right side out.

"Here," he said as he tossed it to me, "You definitely want to put that
on." I didn't argue but scrambled up and pulled it over my head. I saw
that Dix was again licking his bright red shaft so I knew he was ready and
I wasn't gonna miss my chance to try out something new. Donnie told me
what to do to get lathered up real well to make the entry easier, and then
told me to get into position on the bed. This time he spread out the wet
towel he retrieved from the floor under me, looked at me, and said, "Just
in case you get off like I do." I watched as he called Dix back up onto
the bed, but Dix seemed confused as to what to do since it wasn't his
master that was in position.

Finally Donnie smeared his hand in a glob of his cum from the towel and
slopped it on my ass, and that seemed to trigger something in Dix. He
immediately reared up and was on my back trying to find the right spot, but
I hadn't remembered to hold the shirt down and I got clawed pretty good
before we got the shirttail back in place. Donnie guided Dix to the right
spot since he could see everything, and suddenly I felt the stabbing pain
of a rough entry, but Donnie kinda held him back a bit and made it a bit
easier for me. After a few seconds reprieve, he turned Dix loose and I was
subjected to the machine gun fucking of an animal that only had one thing
in mind -- mate with his bitch!

As the agony turned to ecstasy, I turned my head to the side and saw Donnie
standing there just watching, and when I asked him, he just answered, "I
have never seen it like this. Dix is usually doing me and when I was with
Luke, we were always both together since he's got so many dogs." I just
looked at him as he realized what he had said and watched the anguish cross
his face at betraying a secret.

"Don't worry about it Donnie, we've been friends to long to ever say
anything," I stammered out between poundings from Dix.

"Thanks," was all he said and then we both went back to concentrating to
what was happening now. It felt like my ass was being drilled from all
sides at once and figured out that Dix wasn't as precise as Donnie was in
his fucking, but there wasn't much pain, just a weird full feeling.
Something really strange started building up inside of me that I couldn't
remember ever feeling before. I reached my hand down toward my throbbing
cock but Donnie stopped me and said, "Just let it happen. It's really
great!" I took his word for it and fought off the urge to grab my cock and
just let the feeling flow through me stronger and stronger.

I lost all track of time, but suddenly Dix hit something deep inside of me
several times in a row, and I was powerless to control myself and
experienced the wildest orgasm I had ever felt. My head started spinning,
my breath was taken away, and I could feel my heart pounding through my

As I gradually came back to some sense of normalcy, I raised my head and
felt something in my mouth. As I coughed and sputtered, Donnie pulled back
one of his dirty gym socks. When I looked up at him, he chuckled and said,
"Well, the way you were carrying on, I had to keep you quiet somehow."
Hell, I didn't even realize that any sound had escaped, but Donnie told me
later that he got worried that his parents would hear and come investigate.

The pounding in my ass was still going on, but my ass must have just gone
numb because I sure didn't feel much. A bit later Dix seemed to change his
pace and his grip, then suddenly he stopped moving. I couldn't feel much
back there but assumed that he had gotten what he wanted, and I was right.
A few seconds later he wrenched sideways and jumped down off the bed, but I
didn't feel much, as I said, I was numb. I just sorta unfolded and lay
down flat, but just as I was getting to the sheet, Donnie grabbed the
sopping towel and used a dry spot to wipe up whatever was in and on my ass.

He grabbed the light and we both instantly were in dreamland from all of
our exertion.

Come spring, Donnie suggested that we go on an overnight to get things
ready for summer camping with the scouts. I didn't think much of the idea,
after all I'm a city boy and don't think much of `roughing it', but Don-nie
reminded me that it would just be the three of us -- him, me, and Dix. I
immediately became enthused and actually found that I was looking forward
to it.

Over the winter the three of us had several rematches and I found that I
really liked the way Dix would just follow instinct and rut for breeding
when he took us. Sometimes it was a nice change, but other times it was
nicer to just have a slow fuck between us. We each still had other friends
we went with, but Donnie started making hints about me meeting some of his
`cowboy friends' as he called them. `Ok,' I thought, `I'm up for meeting
new guys, especially if they are into the same things as us,' so started
looking forward to it.

We set up camp, and since it was just us and going to be still cold at
night, we zipped our heavy duty sleeping bags together getting ready for a
great night. Things progressed as normal, and what was our custom of
Donnie and me taking turns as to who got the first time with Dix, it was my
turn first. I got my ass lubed well and got down on all-fours as Donnie
was holding Dix since he gets real anxious now knowing what his part is
when we get this way. Donnie guided Dix inside my ass with very little
discomfort now since we had both become more used to the way he fucked us.

I had my head down just enjoying the rapid-fire fuck when I felt something
hard banging into my butt hole each time Dix fucked into me. Suddenly it
felt like a softball was being pushed up there and I screamed out and
fought to get away from his tight grip. Of course I couldn't escape, Dix
saw to that, but then the pain stopped as suddenly as it had come. I
looked over at Donnie and he was white as a sheet -- I had scared him so
badly with my scream.

Dix was no longer pounding my ass, which was strange in itself, but I could
also feel something warm spreading deep inside me. I figured that Dix was
just holding still and pissing inside me. `Oh well,' I rationalized,
`Donnie and I have done that to each other before, so no big deal.' I
slowly tried to ease away from Dix and get up, but he was having none of
that and growled at me, held on tighter, and pushed harder into me.

"Donnie," I asked, "What's going on?"

"Hell, I don't know," he answered, "But it looks like Dix is deeper than
I've ever seen before." After a few more minutes, Dix started getting
restless and I thought it was over, but as he backed away just a bit, I
could feel the softball again in my ass, but this time it was on the inside
trying to get out. As I started to panic, Dix pulled his sideways dismount
like always, but this time rather than feeling him pull out, the softball
pulled against my ass ring, making me cry out as I felt one of his hind
legs scrape across my back.

"Son of a bitch!" Donnie exclaimed as he was looking at us.

"WHAT? What's going on Donnie?" I all but screamed barely keeping my panic
in check.

"I'll be damned!" he whispered, "His cock is bent all the way backwards...
He's facing the other way but his cock is still inside your ass!"

"Tell me about it," I said back to him wondering just what the fuck had
just happened. Both of us being `city boys' we knew nothing about dogs
tying together or the knot that forms on the sire's cock when he gets
excited. We tried to reason it out but I knew I was powerless to do
anything about it, just hoping that things would calm down sometime and we
could get separated.

Neither one of us bothered to time my being hung up with Dix, but we
figured that it must have been 15-20 minutes anyway. Every once in a while
it felt like Dix was pissing in me again, and I told Donnie about it. It
was all he could do to keep a straight face and not laugh his ass off.
Finally I felt things shifting inside of my ass and suddenly we were free
from each other. There was a wild scramble in the small tent as the dog
wanted out, I wanted to rest, and Donnie is laughing like a madman. He did
grab the towel that we had spread out to catch the cum I shot and stuffed
it between my ass cheeks to stop the flow of piss for me.

I waddled outside and squatted down expecting to feel warm piss shoot out
of my ass like it had before with Donnie, but instead it felt like slimy
discharge coming out. I looked down between my legs and was astonished to
see a huge puddle of doggie cum. When I called to Donnie and told him
about it, he stuck his head out of the tent and was just as amazed as I

I cleaned myself up and crawled back inside the tent where Donnie had
cleaned up the bit of overload that had come out. We talked for the
longest time about what had happened, and try as I might, Donnie was dead
set against doing anything with Dix until he could find out what had
happened. We both knew who he could ask about it, but I never said his
name. I gave Donnie one of my A-1 blow jobs and that made it pretty good
for the both of us.

A few days later Donnie had to endure the humiliation of a laughing Luke
`the farm boy' as he talked down to him like a 10 year old as he carefully
explained the birds and the bees, along with the anatomy of dogs, and just
what had happened. We were both relieved to find out that it was "normal"
and we hadn't done something to cause either me or Dix problems. That
would have been hell to try to explain to parents, or worse, to a doctor.

We both did engage with Dix several more times until Donnie's dad moved the
entire family to a small town in Utah two years later. Donnie didn't want
to get `knotted' with Dix and Luke had told him how to make sure that it
didn't happen, while I developed a liking for it and allowed it to happen
several times, much to Donnie's amazement. I did get him to try it once,
but he said he didn't like it since he lost all control over the situation.

If you are interested in reading others stories I have written, I am listed
in the Prolific Authors Section under the name 'Rebel".

My email address is

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Nifty - Bestiality - Neighbor Boy His Dog And Me