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Nifty - Bestiality - Of Man And Horse

Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2011 00:52:15 +0200
From: Karl Chaosian <>
Subject: Of Man and Horse (beast, gay, M/stallion)

Entropico's Eroticos (c) 2011
This text file contains sexually explicit material and could be offensive.
If you do not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age:

Story Title: "Of Man and Horse" Story Code: (beast, gay, M/stallion)
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Its a warm afternoon. A gentle breeze brings the smell of open fields.
Sun teases my naked body. I feel its warm touch on my skin. I go into
the barn. The door opens and shadowy interior envelops me in its
safety. The air inside is filled with an equine odor. This is my
place. This is our place.

You welcome me, whining loudly and happily. You know why I am here.
You like it. I come towards you and open your stall. You look back to
me and I meet your dark eyes. They are sparkling with anticipation.
You are happy. Excited. Horny.

We are lovers. True lovers. It does not matter, that I am a man and
you are a not. It does not matter, that you are a horse and I am not.
I smile to you and come closer. I can feel your scent. Intoxicating.
Hot. I adore your body.

You are not so small for a miniature horse. You are heavy built, and
you are boiling with muscles and male hormones. I move my gaze to your
back. I admire your big, round ass. Your powerful legs. You are a true
stallion. A proud, masculine animal. A real stud. One aimed kick and
you would easily break my leg or even kill me. But you would not do
it. We love each other.

I speak to you, expressing my love with tender words. I tell you about
your hot body. How much you make me horny. You cant understand me, but
you can feel emotion in my voice. We both shiver with arousal. My
penis - so small in comparison to your tool - is hard and trembling
with anticipation.

I place my hands on your sweet rump. I can feel potent muscles under
my fingers. So much strength. So much power. I rub your skin and you
quiver. I move closer to you. I touch your body. My bare skin rubs
against you. You can feel my cock pressing your hips.

You respond to my touch. You succumb to our mutual desire. I see you
tail raising and slowly moving aside. My heart pounds. You want me.
This is your invitation. Your sign. You are accepting me. You and me -
are unity.

I move to a proper position. Your size is perfect for both of us. I
quickly place the head of my dick right in front of your love hole.
Its swollen now, ready for me. You offer it to me. I gently push
forward and your body envelops me in sweet wet shell. I groan. Moans
of pleasure come from my mouth. I push forward even more, pushing it
to the hilt. My balls touch your skin and I cannot wait. The pressure
is too high. I start to move back and forth making love, mating with
you, fucking you.

I can feel your ass pushing back. You love it! I give you the same
pleasure, you are giving me. We share it! My tiny human dick moves
inside an ass of a proud stallion and he accepts that. I want you to
feel it more. I increase the tempo. I cannot wait. I want to cum. I
grasp your sides and put all my weight on you. You push back with
tempting tease. Oh, dear, its close... it almost there... NOW!

I push forward, impaling your rump. My dick explodes in a burst of
sperm. Wave after wave it goes inside. I can feel your hole flexing.
Milking me. Devouring. I kiss your wide back, still spurting my seed
deep inside you. Time passes slowly.

Finally, I am withdrawing. My cock is now limp and flaccid as leave
your hot hole with a wet plop. Its still dripping. A few drops of my
sperm leak out from you, but most of the liquid is safely sealed

I slowly go down to my knees. I crouch and move to reach under you
belly. Now it is your turn to be pleased. I gaze between your legs.
Your penis have already dropped. I feel my blood rushing through my
veins. This is the best compliment I ever got. Your arousal after I
fucked your rump. You like it. You want it. You are my lover.

I gently get your dick in my hands. Its so big. I rub it, admiring its
delicate skin. I can feel how it swells under my touch. You hit the
floor with your hind leg. You are impatient.

I place my lips on your potent rod. Your equine scent makes me crazy.
It is so masculine... so dominating. I kiss your shaft, tracing its
still expanding length with my tongue. Your taste on my lips... So
familiar, so arousing. I feel my penis ticking and growing again. Its
your power. Its your scent that makes me so horny. As usual. As

You are so big... I delicately move my hands towards your balls. They
are my precious. Large, round and potent. I tease them with my
fingers. I know you like this. But your arousal goes high quickly. You
start to hump. I can feel your tool moving back and forth in my hands.
You are demanding more. You want me. I know what my stallion wants.

Now, I am your obedient mare. Eager and accepting. You caught me in
the peak of my heat. I crouch on all fours and stick my ass towards
you. You like it? Its yours. Take it! I am wiggling my human rump to
show it even more openly. I offer myself to you. And you respond

Huh! I feel your weight on my back! You are so heavy... but fuck...
this burden is so sweet! I move back, giving you better access. I cant
allow you to wait. I feel the tip of your monstrous dick on me. You
thrust with power so immense, that I thrill in fear. But I cannot
resign now. It is your desire that must be fulfilled. I raise my ass a
little and you position your cock perfectly.

Arrgh! You enter me in one, tearing push! We have done it so many
times, but it is always like the first time! You are reaping me apart,
but the pleasure is almost knocking me unconscious. Fuck! Are you
really a mini stallion? Your rod is like warhorse's. It penetrates me
deeply. I can feel it in my lungs.

I succumb to the pleasure. I am your man cunt. Your mare. Destined to
please you. I can feel your harsh moves inside me. Yes, use me. Fill
me up. I try to milk your cock with my muscles, but it is far too
large. My own cock is hard again and begging for touch but I wont do
it. Now its your time of pleasure only. My stallion's. My lover's. My

Your moves become quicker. I know it is coming. I am prepared. Ready.
Ready for you. Come! Come in me! Fill me! Now! Yesssssss!

This is like a flood. I can feel a burst of cum erupting from your hot
rod, buried deep inside me. This is what I want most. This is the
ultimate pleasure. For you and for me. One, two, three... I lost the
count after sixth... Wave after wave it floods me. You whine loudly,
filling the barn with a triumphant message of your fulfillment. Your
conquest. Finally, you step back, leaving me empty, but elated.

I fell to the ground. I have accomplished my duty. I look back and see
your potent penis, still squirting precious sperm. You look down to
me, a used man, lying at hour hooves, covered with your sperm. I gave
your ecstasy, I conclude with satisfaction.

My own dick aches for attention. I sit down and reach to my sore ass.
It is totally soaked with your sperm. I gather the slimy remains and
put it to my cock. The touch of it gives me a thrill. Fuck, how much
of the cum you have left in me? I start to wank furiously. I want to
cum while smearing your still warm seed on my cock. I look directly in
your eyes and in a moment my orgasm comes. My balls squirt and squeeze
a shot of human sperm, adding a puny spoon to your jism.

I lie down, panting loudly. I feel relaxed and content. You stand
close to me, nuzzling my head. You are my stud. My horse. My lover.

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Nifty - Bestiality - Of Man And Horse