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Nifty - Bestiality - Sarge And Me

Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2009 01:22:59 -0500
From: Secret ID <>
Subject: Sarge and Me

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Sarge and Me

It was a pretty warm summer day. I had been alone for a couple days now.
The family has gone away to visit some friends in another state, and I have
been left home to take care of things at the house and to take care of our
Great Dane, Sarge. He's completely black, 3 years old. My name's Tom, I'm
21, mod hairy, 5'9 180lbs brn/haz 7c cock. I have an average build, and
always have a hard cock. So like I said, I had been home for a couple days
by myself. Only thing I could really find to do was jack my cock non stop.

I went into the pool later one afternoon. The sun was hot, probably
reaching about 90 that day. Our backyard is completey secluded from the
neighbors, so there was really no worry that I'd be seen, so I figured why
not go naked. I stripped while still in the house, called for Sarge, and
we both walked outside. I walked down to the pool area, Sarge following.
Never had I really thought of Sarge in a sexual way. I mean, there was
always the glaces I gave at his beautiful balls hanging low between his
legs, and then his cock. Sometimes I'd see the very tip of it poking out
of the sheath, but only sometimes. Same goes for him it seemed. Wasn't
ever the dog that you would find humping your leg at any given moment
... or so I thought.

So I went for a long swim, probably staying in the pool for about 45
minutes or so. After tiring myself out, I left the pool area, still wet,
and went to lay nude on my towel out in the back yard on the grass and let
the sun dry me off. I closed my eyes in the sun and just layed back,
completely content with life at that moment.

I felt like I started dozing off, when I jumped awake when I felt something
on my leg. Sarge had walked over to me and started licking any exess water
off me that the sun hadn't taken care of yet. In all honesty, I was too
lazy to push him away and let him keep licking at the water. He was moving
up my leg, finally I could feel his tongue lapping at my balls and cock.

"What the fuck, Sarge" I said to him, trying to push his head away. He was
too insistant though, and continued.

To my suprise, my cock sprang to attention. The weird feeling of having my
dog lick my cock completely turned around and was giving me the hardest
cock I had ever had. I layed back down, closed my eyes, and let Sarge work
on my cock and balls. His huge tongue felt soo fucking good on my dick.
It had been about a month since I had fucked with anyone, so I was
definately in need of something other than my hand around my dick. I could
feel Sarge step over my leg as he was still lapping at my dick. His hips
started to buck just a little, and I knew that this guy really needed a
release. I reached under him, and for the first time I felt his sheath. I
could feel his cock inside, and as soon as my hand was around his sheath,
he started bucking harder, exposing his hard, red, 8in cock.

It was the hottest fucking thing I had seen in a while. Sarge jumped up a
little on me, his front legs on my shoulders, my had still around his cock
and his hips bucking pretty hard. I was fucking rock hard, and I needed a
release, but I needed more. I needed my ass pounded. I needed Sarge's
cock pounding it.

"I know what you need boy" I was telling him. "You and me both need it" I
lifted this massive dog off my shoulders and turned around on all fours. I
spit on my hand and fingers and rubbed it over my ass. I sucked on my
fingers again, then moving back to my ass, lubing it up with spit and
getting it ready. Sarge's nose was right in my ass as soon as I loved my
hand. His tongue shot out again, licking at my ass.

"MMMMM FUUUUCK" I moaned out. Best fucking rim job I had had. His huge,
wet tongue felt soo good at my hole. I layed down a little, sticking my
ass up in the air, using my hads to spread it open, giving Sarge's tongue
more access. I don't know if he was loving it as much as I was, but he put
me in fucking heaven. Finally I felt him bucking more, and he jumped up on
me. I knew what he wanted. My heart was fucking racing, feeling like it
was going to shoot right out of my chest. I could feel Sarge's cock poking
around my ass, not really making contact with my hole. It took me a minute
to finally build up the courage, then I reached behind me, and positioned
his bucking cock to where it needed to be. Without any warning at all he
fucking hit the spot and his cock shot into my ass full speed.

"Ohhh FUCK!" I yelled, probably loud enough for anyone in a 10mile radius
to hear. My eyes filled up. I love to get fucked, but I hadn't had it in
a little while, and FUCK his cock was big to take in one thrust. But there
was no way he was going to slow down. He was getting what he wanted and
definately needed ... and so was I.

"Mmmm fucccck yeah" I was moaning to myself as Sarge was making me his
bitch. I reached down and started jerking my leaking cock. I hadn't been
so turned on in soo fucking long.

"Shiiiiit" I thought as Sarge slowed down and I could feel his knot growing
in my ass. I wasn't sure what to do, but knew I wasn't getting out of this

"Fuuuuuuuuck" I whispered to myself. Sarge stopped moving completely for a
minute or so before hopping off and turning so we were ass to ass,
completely locked together. I could feel his cum gushing into my ass,
filling me completely. While tied I grabbed by cock, jerking it for a
couple of minutes before exploding.

"MMM FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK" I moaned loud as I shot my load, covering my hand,
and spattering over my stomach. Best fucking orgasm I had had in a while.

It took about 20 mintues for Sarge's knot to go down, before I heard the
"pop", and we fell apart. I collapsed on my cum covered stomach, and I
could feel Sarge's cum leaking from my ass. I fell asleep like that,
hoping that before my parents got home, I would get more.

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Nifty - Bestiality - Sarge And Me