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Nifty - Bestiality - Son Of Wilson - Son Of Wilson 7

Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2013 13:13:27 -0700 (PDT)
From: SHEP <>
Subject: SON OF WILSON: EXTRA INNINGS...just saying!



To this day, I do not know where I thought I might be going or why I was
blindly walking at a pace that was just shy of a jog!!! I needed
time...have to process all of just fuckin' can't be true...was
all that kept tumbling around in my brains like a pair of old sneakers in a

I vaguely remember leaving Jake crawling across the mossy ground toward my
black lab with his tongue out and ready to make contact with the sleeping
canine's doggy dick as it started to poke its head out of the sheath. It
was his solution to deal with me calling him:

...'...A REAL GAWD DAMN BITCH-BOY!!!...'...

...for what he'd shared with me......I'd hurt his soul...and had
dragged the last ounce of any self respect that he'd held onto for the last
three years right out his bung hole right there with the leaking human and
dog juices...although he understood and wasn't surprised by my reaction, he
felt the push of my rejection of what he'd just told me as if a Mac Truck
had barreled down a mountain road with no brakes and hit him head on!!!
And even accepting this, he still couldn't deflect the blow any better than
needing to prove my oath correct by sucking his big black lab's
dick! It was his penance for being the messenger...just saying!

The story had gone back to those days when we'd gone skinny dipping with
the Bradshaw brothers about three summers ago! As far as I had been
concerned, it had been five good buddies just horsing around at the quarry;
but that's what a naive eleven year old would of probably thought of such
shenanigans that are typically the rites of boyhood!!

Games of grab ass and springing new cuss words on each other as we learned
them from the older dudes at church and from the previous school year in
the back of the school bus and pissing contests when pissing contests were
fun and holding each other under the clear blue quarry water until the one
being held down would grab the cock or balls of the one holding him down
and squeeze like a snapping turtle's bite that would allow you to get back
to the surface and breathe!

All good fun...just blowing off all that rushing male hormone running amuck
and making us crazy!!! Well, maybe more so for the others since Jake was
fourteen and the three Bradshaw brothers were sixteen, seventeen and
nineteen. Each boy was toned from farm work and stood about five ten, five
eleven or there about. And each had dicks that looked like a baby's
arm...just hanging there between their bulky thighs and would swing like
wind chimes on a back porch.

All in good fun....RIGHT!?!?!?!

I would leave each day at about two oclock and head back to the garage to
work with the old man in the garage...there was always some old junker that
dad was trying to keep on the road for one of the town's people or a local
farmer who probably owed him more on the books than what he'd ever get out
of any of them what with times being what they were.

And that was alright by the old was, what it was!...he'd always
say...and go back and work on the next one as he'd bring them back with the
wrecker or the roll-back. It was, what it was!

But one day, when I left Jake there at the top of the quarry with the
Bradshaws laying either on their bronzed bellies or backs taking on even
more lazy afternoon sunshine, he told me how the nineteen year old brother
reached over and started playing with his ass crack. Jake said he'd tell
him to stop...and he'd just snicker and slap his ass. Then in a few
minutes, he'd start doing it again, like one of those damn flies that you
try to shoo away and they just keep coming back!!!

My cuz said he still don't know why that he began giggling as if the other
boy was tickling him, but he did! This just encouraged all the Bradshaws
to get 'handzie' with feeling up Jake...especially around his ass
crack...and he started liking it! HELL!! It was just horsing

Before he knew it, the younger brothers had restrained him by one sitting
on his legs and the other throwing a leg over his back and Drake, the
oldest grabbed an ass cheek in each of his dinner plate sized hands and
spread them apart and let a huge glob of spit drool into Jake's tightly
puckered asshole.

HMMMM!!! That's new...was the sensation that the school swim team champion
had as a far off Drake deposited several more luggies where it
would do its most a few minutes any way!

Then Jake registered the boy's thick thumb drilling down into his turd
tunnel...his pooter that had never experienced anything more than some
Charmin and a rectal thermometer when he was quite a bit younger! Even
with the spit, it kind of screamed out that the size of the thumb was
creating some real distress back there.

So he tried to get to his knees and rise up and get away from this painful
intrusion, but no go. The younger boys just held on tighter, he wasn't
going no where no time soon.

And then it happened...without him noticing that Drake had moved into a
squatting position over the barely opened shit hole. With one fell swoop,
Drake dropped down and speared Jake's virgin sphincter with a flesh harpoon
the size of the cardboard tube of a roll of Bounty. The wind went out of
the fourteen year old's lungs with a

As his lungs filled back up they released a sound of mortal
anguish...unnerving in its mix of high pitch and a vibrating growl that
split the quiet of the summer afternoon. Outside of the four young bucks
there struggling on top of the granite ledge, there wasn't anyone to hear
the protest...not in the middle of the the middle of the day.
Everyone in a rural community has some chore or another to
do...busy...busy...busy! Busy washing clothes...Busy changing oil...Busy
repairing the fence to keep the cows out of the
corn...busy...busy...busy...even busy loosing your young teen-aged ass
cherry to a stupid hick with a dick that was the length of a Harley's
kickstand and the girth of a 'D' battery.

Then it was silent!!! The soundtrack just broke off in mid
yelp...silence...for that moment in Jake's intestines were being
pushed to their limits and sucking up the invading tube of redneck farm boy
prick...until it touched bottom...eventually...found that 'as deep as it
can go' bottom that brushed that walnut sized button that switched off the
scream...and created a consciousness of consideration that maybe some
pleasure was a'coming...maybe...somewhere in the background of this shocked

Each of the Bradshaw brothers took a turn that first day...and Jake began
to find that when they pumped his hole, that these heavy headed cocks would
rub and caress and poke and massage that button and good old Jake was
finding that it ain't bad at all...not at all!!! In fact, it was pretty
damn the point that he found himself humming a deep
guttural throat rattling hum that blended into his sensual euphoria that
flooded every throbbing nerve ending that his boy flesh was capable of
responding to:

IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

.........just saying!

Once he was bred by the three, they put on their jeans and t-shirts and
said they'd see him there again real soon!!!! Jake slowly sat up and
continued to look around in his daze and basked in the waves of an
after-glow of that continuous electricity from where that button had been
over stimulated and had gone into overdrive...not bad...not bad at all!

With the small amount of his good senses returning, Jake found his white
jockey briefs off to the side and wadded them up and stuffed them up his
swollen and reddened and well used...eeeerrr, abused...cum catcher....his
catcher runneth over!

He got into his jeans and didn't even bother with whatever happened with
whatever shirt he'd worn to the swimming hole that never no
mattered! He walked home slowly and steadily and went up-stairs to his
room and stripped down and ran a tub of steamy bath water and climbed in
and sat there until supper. It soothed his battered fuck hole and calmed
his vibrating flesh. He dropped off to a well deserved and healing
nap...all was good...very good!!!!

Every week, two or three days of those weeks, Jake and the Bradshaws
repeated this scene over and over and over for the next three years until
the brothers left home and married some of the trailer park trash from over
in the next county! No one ever wanted him to ever suck their dick,
HELL!!! that would have been queer or something-something, or anything
except position that ass to receive those massive fuck poles...and he

About the time that the youngest Bradshaw was getting ready to marry his
'girlfriend', Jake noticed that someone was following him home through the
fields between the quarry and Veck's farm. It wasn't until he heard a
voice state:


That's when Jake shared the how, when and where my old man first plowed his
deep furrow...and has kept it fertilized and seeded several times a week
there in the garage when he'd leave school at noon for his job at
Wal-Mart!!! Evidently good ol' dad had put the Bradshaw boys to shame in
technique and staying power...and my cousin had come back home to be his
uncle's slut...and it was DAMN GOOD!!!!

He confided in me, his younger fourteen year old cousin, how he and the
Bradshaw boys would wait until I left to go and help my dad with the
garage, and they'd fuck all over that quarry...and my father had happened
upon it one day while running a road side repair near there and started
watching the action as regularly as he could find time...and he
waited...until that day in the pasture and took his nephew right there on
the tall grass where he literally knocked the boy onto his face in the dirt
with the force of fucking him so hard!

When school started back later that month, they began meeting at the
garage...and it had continued all this time...sometimes twice in an
afternoon! Both looked forward to it. Eventually, over time, Wilson told
the boy that the only way he could get off was by fucking a tight butt
hole...and Willie's step-mom's hole was getting looser and looser and she
won't tighten up none to please him enough to get off regularly. It seems
that the old codger hadn't dipped his wick in pussy but a few times...he'd
told Jake that he didn't like the smell or the ugly bloody looking gash!
So, until he'd found the boys at the quarry's swimming hole, he'd always
taken Edith on her stomach and when he was ready to shoot off, he'd roll
her over and shove it down her throat giving him the traction that he
needed to finish the job.

So that's what I'd been listening to all those nights laying in my bed down
the hall from the old man and Edith's bedroom for all those years...well,
I'll be damned...just saying!

But it was what he'd told me next that caused me to jump up and call him a
'bitch' and get that blank mental fog of 'this can't be...this can't
be...this can't way that this can be I jogged/walked
aimlessly over the fields that was the acreage that Wilson and Veck shared
that once was the old home place.......


OUT!!! WHAT DO YOU SAY...!?!?!?! WANNA MAKE IT A 'DATE'...!??!?!

RUNNING SO THAT i CAN KEEP YOU 'UP & CUMMING!!!!'...just saying!

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Nifty - Bestiality - Son Of Wilson - Son Of Wilson 7