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Nifty - Bestiality - The Island

Subject: The Island-1 Fan Cha Phaw (boy/boy, boy/beast)
Date: 8 Aug 1994 02:53:47 -0000
Organization: Delphi Internet Services Corporation



The following story is fiction. It contains boy/boy and boy/animal
sex. It also contains necrophilia and cannibalism. If you are
offended by this type of material exit now, do not continue. If you
are under the age of eighteen, exit now and do not read any further.

Fan Cha Phaw does not condone the actions or activities of the actors
in this story. This story is fiction, and intended for the reading
pleasure of adults. Fan Cha Phaw does not advocate the breaking of
any laws.

This story may be distributed freely as long as the header remains
intact, and Fan Cha Phaw and the author are credited.

by Robert Michael Shook


Jimmy had a faint feeling that he was wet. He felt as if he were
surrounded by water, and it was reaching for him, trying to pull him
under, to reclaim him for its own. His head hurt, and he could not
yet see, nor remember anything. What was he doing there? Where
was there? The sunlight beating down on him blinded him, his eyes
hurt, as if they were being burned from their sockets. His lips were
parched, his mouth dry. He felt a heat rising from his body; it felt as
if he were on a large frying pan, his body's moisture seeping away
from the heat of the pan, being absorbed by the harsh heat light.

A small wave crashed up and over Jimmy, bringing him closer to
total consciousness. The water felt good on his body, and some of it
entered his mouth, which is partially opened in an effort to suck
oxygen from this vacuum. When yet another wave of water came
crushing over him his body moved from the force of it and he was
rolled onto his side.

In this position the sun wasn't so bad. The cool water seemed to be
helping him regain his strength. He opened his eyes, trying to get
them to adjust to what laid before him. Slowly, he began to focus on
a spot a few inches in front of him. It was sand. He was on a beach,
and he was laying on the shore, right at the point at which the waves
reached the beach sand.

As his eyes accustomed themselves to his surroundings, he turned
them to explore other things. As far as he could see ahead of
himself, there was beach. He could see the water line as it snaked
itself down the imperfect sand. Moving his eyes slightly along the
sand, he could see what seemed like trees. With a little more focus,
he realized that the beach gave away in that direction to what looked
to him like a jungle.


"Where the hell am I?" Jimmy asked out loud, although his voice
was no more than a croak. Slowly he began to take stock of himself.
He wiggled his fingers and then his toes. It seemed as if everything
was there, and in working order.

Slowly he began to move his limbs. His first attempts brought on
stabbing pain. He thought that he must be badly hurt to feel so much
pain, however, the more he tried, he realized that his muscles were
what was aching. He felt like he did that time that he had lifted
weights with his friends, his muscles had hurt him after that.

This thought pleased him, but when he examined why, he found
that although he could remember the incident, he could not
remember the other boys. He knew that they were his friends,
however, he could not remember their faces, their names, or any
details about them. This confused Jimmy, however, he decided not
to dwell on all of that right then.

Eventually Jimmy was able to move. With what seemed like all of
the strength he had, he sat up, using his sore arms to balance
himself. Looking down along his body, he seen dark red skin. He
knew that he had one hell of a sunburn, and that it would be painful
as all hell when the sun went down.

Jimmy noted another thing. He was naked. He did not remember
what his clothes looked like, or really if he had any, but he knew
that he should be dressed, and not lying naked here on this beach,
not able to remember anything, with his body burnt to a crisp, right
down to his dick.

Over a period of ten minutes, Jimmy was able to half walk, half
crawl up the beach some, getting himself away from the water. He
knew that the salt water would add to his sunburn, but he didn't
know how he knew this fact.

With almost every ounce of energy he had in his body, Jimmy
pulled himself up the beach until he was finally at the edge of a
clump of bushes. Taking no precautions for wild animals, insects,
or anything else, he crawled into the bushes, gasping at the firm
cool ground, and the first shade which caressed his body.

Jimmy slept like he had slept when he was a baby. He slept for what
seemed like years, all while held safely by his clump of bushes. His
bodily functions had returned to somewhat normal, although Jimmy
was too tired to notice them. He slept on. He slept as he urinated
several times, coating his body and his earth bed with his fluids.
When his bowels released themselves, he did not notice, or care,
being lost in his curative sleep. As he turned and rolled during his
sleep, he did so in his own feces, covering himself in his waste.

Jimmy awoke in a startled state. He remembered the water and the
beach. The water was trying to reclaim him. He relaxed, however,
when he found himself safely in his bushes. He was pleased that he
could remember the events which found him in those bushes. Those
events were only those, however, which had begun the first time he
woke up on the beach in the water.

Stretching and yawning, Jimmy sat up. His mouth was dry, his lips
chapped and peeled. He was thirsty as hell. As he looked around his
bedroom, he began to sniff, and them he jumped away from his
bed, repulsed as he realized that he had been sleeping in a pile of

It took him only a while longer, with the aid of his probing hand, to
find out that the shit was his own, and that he had both pissed and
shitted himself during his sleep. Jimmy was a little put out at the
thought of that, and more put out by his smell. Standing, he peered
out onto the beach to see if he were alone, before he headed off at a
slow trot for the water to rinse the waste materials from his body.

Returning back to his den, Jimmy surveyed the mess which he had
made. He considered cleaning his home up, but then decided that it
would take too much effort. He decided that he would find another
clump of bushes which he could use to sleep.

Wandering around a bit, Jimmy realized that he was in a jungle, or
perhaps a rain forest. Somehow rain forest came to his mind, but he
did not know why. Looking around and listening closely, he began
to pick out the sounds of birds and other animals as they began their

Looking up into a tree to identify a noise which he had never heard
before, he noticed a large bird. It wasn't the bird, however, which
captured his attention. Hanging there on vine-like structures
amongst the trees were fruits, fruits which he recognized. There
were mangos, and further up there were bananas.

Jimmy realized, painfully, how hungry he was. The fruit was fairly
high, and he was not sure if he could climb the trees in the first
place, but he needed to try. After several false starts, he managed to
climb about five feet, only to loose his footing and tumble to the
ground. Luckily, the ground was soft with undergrowth and he did
not get hurt. Finally Jimmy was able to reach the mangos. He
wanted to try for the bananas also, but he did not feel strong enough
to do so.

Knocking about a dozen or so to the ground, he quickly climbed
back down from the tree, almost falling again in the process, until he
finally reached the soft forest floor. Squatting down, he gathered his
fruit before him, and glancing around for predators, he began to eat,
not caring if he showed any manners whatsoever during his dining.

At first the sweet nectar of the fruit burned his throat and lips. He
thought for a moment that the food was poison, but quickly realized
that he was so dried out and thirsty, that the liquid was hurting him.
As he made his way through about a half dozen mangos, his thirst
lessened, his stomach began to feel better, and his lips felt less

Not realizing that he situation called for restraint, Jimmy finished all
of the mangos which he had managed to knock down from the trees.
As he throw away the last seed, he belched, laughing at the sound of
it as it echoed through the forest. Still squatting, he surveyed his
surroundings. It still seemed that he was alone, with the exception
of the animals.

Jimmy felt a pressure in his bladder, and realized that he had to piss.
Normally he would have stood, held his penis, and urinated in a
proper fashion onto a clump of leaves, or at a tree's base. These
were not normal circumstances, however, and Jimmy delighted
himself as he began to piss right there as he squatted, not even
bothering to hold his penis.

Thirst and hunger quenched, Jimmy decided to head out for a little
exploring. He needed to find out where he was, and how he got
there. He also knew that it was important that he find some other
people, perhaps some adults who could help him.

For most of the day Jimmy wandered around, eventually realizing
that he was on an island, and that it seemed as if it were a deserted
island at that. He knew that the day was almost over. The sun was
off to one side of the sky, and it began to get a little cooler. He knew
that he had to find shelter, and fast, least he be caught out in the
open when the light failed.

Jimmy was able to find another clump of bushes which seemed even
better suited for his needs than the last bunch. He really had to crawl
to get into his new house, the branches and crawlers were thick. He
realized that any animal which might want to eat him would also
have difficulty getting at him, with the exception of snakes. Jimmy
froze and then shuttered at the thought of snakes. He hated snakes.
He hoped that he would not have to confront any.

During the early part of the evening Jimmy paid the toll for being
greedy with the mangos. All of the fruit had played hell with his
stomach and his digestion, and he had a violent case of diarrhea.
Luckily he was able to get outside of his bedroom each time before
his bowels released themselves. He was able to clean himself
sufficiently using leaves from nearby bushes. He hoped that none of
them were poisonous, or else he would have hell to pay.

Finally his stomach settled down, and he laid there quietly thinking
and trying to remember, trying to remember anything. He knew that
his name was Jimmy, but beyond that he was lost. He realized that
he didn't even know how old he was. There wasn't any hair around
his genitals, so he knew that he wasn't old enough for puberty yet.
He didn't know how he knew it, but he knew that older boys and
men had hair around their cocks, and that they could shoot cum.

While thinking these things, Jimmy let his hand wander down to his
own penis, which he fondled tentatively. As his fingers ran up and
down his soft flesh, he was on the verge of remembering
something, but it would not come in clear. His penis responded to
the caresses he was giving it, it began to fill with blood and grow

Jimmy could feel the transformation in his cock, and muttered
"hard-on" to himself, but it was if it were a first time experience for
him. When finally Jimmy's cock reached its full height, it stood a
proud, angry four inches. Reaching around it, he guessed that it was
about as fat as two of his fingers together. Letting his fingers run
from tip to stem, he laughed and said, "Big dick!" Somehow this
was funny to him, and it made him laugh, but he didn't know why.
It was all confusing to him.

Without even having to think about it, Jimmy wrapped his hand
around his penis, making a fist with his curled fingers. Nature was
taking over at this point, instinct. His hand began to rub the penis,
and slide itself up and down its length. Faster and faster his hand
went, it becoming no more than a blur as it flew up and down the
boy's penis. Beneath the masturbating hand Jimmy laid panting and
twitching, seeking, waiting for the release which he knew would

Arching his body high to meet the thrusting hand, Jimmy gasped
aloud, and then tensed, his body trapped up in its half circle,
buttocks high in the air. The pulsating began, one, two, and then
three bursts of invisible fluid; a pause, and then two more bursts.
Jimmy was racked in orgasm, his hand still operating on its own,
still racing up and down his hardness, until, spent, Jimmy's body
returned back to his earth bed, and the hand relinquished its hold on
his boyhood.

Jimmy laid breathing heavily as his orgasm subsided, and as his
penis returned to its normal flaccid state. All during this process the
hand which had brought him such pleasure and confusion continued
to gently stoke the softness, and the small orbs nestled in a skin sack
between his legs, until sleep overtook both boy and hand; and
Jimmy slept, dreaming dreams of reality, dreams which he wished
that he could remember when he was awake; dreams which held
valuable clues to his past.


The following morning as Jimmy awoke, he remembered his night
time penis play, and decided that he was going to try it again during
the day when he could watch what was going on. Although this all
seemed new to him, somewhere deep inside of him he knew that it

During the day's explorations, Jimmy came upon a small stream
with fresh water, something which he realized was important for his
survival. After drinking his fill, he stepped into the clean cold water,
and washed himself from head to toe, feeling clean for the first time.
The boy found various fruits during the day, which he seemed to
know he could eat, and he stockpiled some of them so that he
wouldn't always have to search when he was hungry.

After eating lunch Jimmy laid down at the base of a tree, and
decided to do what he had done the previous night, play with his
penis. Slowly, he reached for his penis, and began tugging at it
softly, encouraging it to grow large. His penis did not need much
encouragement, as it swiftly grew to its full hardness. Jimmy then
wrapped his hand around his erection and began to stoke himself
lazily. He realized that there was no need to hurry. He could play
with his penis all afternoon if he wanted to. There was no one
around to bother him, and he didn't have to go anywhere. The
thought was pleasing to him.

After stroking himself for about five or so minutes, Jimmy realized
that he was being watched. He didn't want to jump in case there was
danger at hand. He also did not want to startle whoever it was
watching him, as this might cause them to run away. Slowly Jimmy
looked around, and almost laughed out loud when he finally found
who was spying on him. Sticking out of a clump of bushes a few
feet away was a pretty good size monkey. The monkey had his
penis in his hands, and he was stroking it as he watched the boy.

"Pervert!" Jimmy yelled at the monkey, giggling when the monkey
screeched and ran off back into the bushes. Jimmy soon forgot
about the monkey, as he returned back to masturbating himself.
When a few minutes later he noticed the monkey back again, he
laughed. The monkey had his cock back in his hand jacking off as

"Come on over and join me!" Jimmy called to the monkey. This
time the monkey did not run off, but he dropped his hand away
from his penis and looked squarely at the boy. Jimmy had to giggle
as the monkey stood in front of him, hard-on sticking out from his

"Hey, yours is almost as big as mine." Jimmy told the animal, who
turned his head almost sideways when Jimmy began talking to him.
Jimmy slowly reached over for a banana and held it out, offering it t
the monkey.

The animal started towards Jimmy, and then stopped in his tracks.
Jimmy encouraged the monkey again, holding the banana out further
and shaking it a little. The monkey moved forward, grabbed the
banana from the boy, and then scurried back towards the bushes.

Twice more the banana offering took place, and twice more the
monkey scurried forward, timidly, to take the fruit from the boy.
The last time, however, the monkey did not retreat so far. He
stopped several feet away from the boy, and sat on his legs peeling
the skin back from the fruit.

Jimmy talked softly to the animal as it sat there eating. All during
this time Jimmy continued to stroke his erection. The monkey, now
interested in eating his fruit, had lost its erection, but as it glanced
over to see what the boy was doing, a stirring once again began in
its genitals, and it developed half a hard-on.

Jimmy giggled as he watched the monkey grow erect again, and
began wagging his own erection at the monkey, pointing with his
other hand at the animal's rising excitement. Having finished his
banana, the monkey took his own erection into his hand, and
somewhat imitating the boy, waggled it around a bit.

For several minutes the two sat, erections in hand, smiling back and
forth at each other. Jimmy decided to see if the monkey would play
"monkey see, monkey do." Lying back on the ground, Jimmy
began to stoke his erection, finding his rhythm, and beginning to
seriously masturbate himself. After a few minutes of watching him,
the monkey began to stroke himself, seeming accustomed to doing
it, pretty much in the same fashion.

Both boy and animal stroked themselves until Jimmy arched his
buttocks from the ground, clenched his teeth, and released his
invisible semen. The monkey followed pretty much the same
pattern, thrusting his hips forward as his climax approached. His
semen, however, was far from imaginary, and several small spurts
flew from his penis onto the ground in front of him. Exhausted,
both youngsters fell back and rested, the monkey lying back on the
ground for the first time.

Soon after the par had gotten themselves off, Jimmy heard a rustling
in the trees, and a calling from what seemed to be another monkey.
The animal next to Jimmy perked up, looked off into the trees, and
then scurried away. Jimmy decided that the monkey's mother had
called him to come home, and he laughed watching the younger
monkey run off to meet her.

Jimmy continued to explore for the remainder of the day, stopping
now and then to sample fruit and berries which he ran across.
Whenever he would find a fresh water pool, he would stop to
quench his thirst, and then to take a short swim, after looking
carefully around for any signs that there could be animals in the
water which might like to eat him.

Jimmy also stopped several times during the day to play with
himself sexually. He enjoyed being able to strip totally naked and lie
around playing with his penis. He enjoyed the freedom of this. After
his last bout of masturbation he decided that he was going to go
naked for most of the day, and therefore when he wanted to play
with himself all he had to do is to reach down. He decided that if he
found any other people, he could put his clothes back on again.

Jimmy returned that evening to the spot at which he had met the
monkey. There was sufficient cover from him to sleep comfortably,
and he half hoped that his monkey friend would come back to visit
him, as he was beginning to feel lonely.

The boy was overjoyed when, after a loud crashing through nearby
trees, the small monkey appeared again, screeching and grinning at
him. This time when the animal came to the ground, it walked
almost right up to the boy. Smiling back at the monkey, Jimmy
reached over and offered it a banana.

When the snack was complete, Jimmy decided that it was time to get
friendlier with the monkey. Tentatively, he reached out his hand
towards the animal. At first the monkey jumped when the hand
approached, but after a few tries, it seemed to relax a bit. When
Jimmy was able to finally touch the monkey's fur, he found that the
animal was trembling with fear.

After stroking and talking gently for a few minutes, he felt the
animal's body begin to relax, and the monkey moved in closer to the
boy, seemingly enjoying the physical contact. After a little more time
for making friends, the two were wrestling around, bodies rubbing
against each other.

Darkness overtook the two, and they cuddled closer for comfort and
warmth. It was obvious to Jimmy that the monkey was also uneasy
about being on the ground during the night. As Jimmy was fumbling
around in the dark, stroking his monkey friend to keep both of them
calm, his hand descended lower than it had, and brushed over the
groin of the monkey. Jimmy giggled as he realized where he hand
was, but he didn't stop rubbing, especially when the monkey
shuttered a bit under his touch.


In a matter of a few more seconds, Jimmy felt the monkey's erection
pushing away from its body. Timidly at first, Jimmy began to run
his hand over the monkey's hard-on, trying to judge the reaction
from the animal. When the monkey didn't seem to mind, Jimmy
wrapped a few fingers around the monkey's penis and began
stroking him.

Hoping that the monkey would follow suit, Jimmy reached for the
animal's hand, and then moved it to his own erection. The monkey
tentatively felt around the boy's groin, poking and pulling a few
times, however, with direction by Jimmy, he soon began to move
his hand around in a way which was much like Jimmy's own hand
moved on his body.

When Jimmy was sure that the monkey got the idea, he removed his
hand from over the animal's, and began to concentrate on jacking
off his little friend. The monkey continued to masturbate his human
friend, and they continued until both reached climax, Jimmy
bumping his hairless groin against the monkey's hand in
prepubescent orgasm, the monkey releasing his tiny spurts of seed
over Jimmy's hand. As they drifted off to sleep, Jimmy felt in love.
He finally had a friend with whom he could not feel lonely, and with
whom he could share his sexual explorations. The possibilities
which entered Jimmy's mind were exciting. He knew that there was
much more that they could try together, however, he could not
remember how he knew of these things. He figured that he must
have done these things before...

When morning came, and Jimmy awoke, he found himself alone.
Sometime during the night, or perhaps the early morning, the
monkey had disappeared, probably going back to his family, Jimmy
thought. After a brief breakfast of assorted fruit, Jimmy headed
down to the fresh water pool to have his morning bath. After a few
minutes of swimming around, Jimmy was startled when he heard
something splashing into the water behind him. He had the mental
picture of some wild animal thinking that it had found breakfast, all
washed and ready to go.

Jimmy turned around defensively, but let out a sigh of relief when
he seen the monkey splashing into the water. Jimmy hadn't realized
that monkeys liked water, and he wasn't all that sure if they all did,
however, there entering the water was his little monkey friend, all
smiles and waving arms. His friend had come to play with him in
the water.

The two children frolicked and played in the water together for about
a half hour before growing tried, at which time they moved to the
pool edge and climbed out. Jimmy imitated the monkey's shaking
off the water from his fur. They laid, side by side, in the sun, letting
the warmth dry their bodies.

As they laid together resting, Jimmy felt the monkey's hand
reaching around his groin, finally resting on top of his penis. The
monkey wrapped his fingers around Jimmy's flaccid penis, and
tugged on it a bit, seemingly trying to get it to grow erect. The
monkey didn't have to wait long, as Jimmy's body responded to the
tug and strokes.

The monkey lazily stroked the boy's penis, seeming to enjoy it more
in the daylight. Letting go of the boy's penis, the monkey reached
down and cupped the boy's testicles in his hands, looking down at
his own body while doing so, seemingly saying, "see, we both have
a penis and testicles."

Jimmy cooed and giggled all the while that the monkey was
caressing his small acorn-size balls. The boy's giggles turned to
breath holding when the monkey lowered his head into his groin
area. Jimmy was not sure what the monkey was going to do,
however, he was more excited than ever before. He felt the hot
breath of the monkey against his genitals, and heard as the animal
began to sniff around his penis and testicles.

His body jumped when he felt a warm, moist sensation against the
side of his erection. The monkey had licked the side of his erection.
After a few more exploratory licks, the monkey sat back up with an
impish smile on his face. Jimmy's hard-on was harder than it ever
had been. It's tip was more engorged with blood than he had ever
remembered, and it's head shinned an angry purplish color.

With little effort the monkey lowered its head into its own groin, and
took its penis deep within its mouth. Upon doing this, the animal
raised its eyes and looked at the boy. Jimmy was wide-eyed with
surprise to see the monkey sucking his own penis.

Jimmy tried to imitate the monkey, however, he could not bend
forward enough to do so. He found, however, that if he rolled onto
his back, lifting his legs from the ground, he could get his penis
about halfway into his mouth. This discovery excited him, and he
eagerly sucked his own penis. This position, however, was tiring
and so Jimmy didn't maintain it for too long. Both boy and ape
smiled widely at each other, sharing an erotic secret.

Jimmy watched as the monkey sucked his penis for a few more
minutes. The monkey stopped, seemingly a little embarrassed at
being watched in this act. Jimmy decided to try something, and
lowered his head to the monkey's lap in imitation to what they
animal had done to him.

The boy sniffed around a little, and found that there was no
unpleasant smell. He attributed this to the fact that they had both
recently bathed. He had half expected to find the monkey dirty
"down there," and when he wasn't, the boy grew excited.

Jimmy sniffed around the monkey's genitals for a few minutes, and
then ran his tongue tentatively around the animal's organ, exactly as
the monkey had done to him. He sat up and looked at the monkey
for response. The young monkey had the same impish smile on his
face. He didn't seem bothered by the fact that the boy was licking
his penis.

Jimmy lowered his head once more, and after a few more
exploratory licks, took the monkey's penis fully into his mouth.
Jimmy was a little bothered by the fur around the base of the
animal's penis, however, he decided that it wasn't any worse than
sucking on the penis of someone with pubic hair.

The boy stopped to think how he knew this, but the thought was
there alone, he couldn't remember how he knew this. He decided
that he must have had experience in sucking penises with hair
around them.

After a slow start, Jimmy began to earnestly suck the penis of the
monkey. He found it a little strange and unnerving, however, it was
exciting as well. The monkey was certainly not about to have him
stop. The animal spread it's legs wider and began thrusting its groin
at the boy's sucking mouth.

Jimmy was about to stop, and was in the process of releasing the
monkey's penis, when the animal grabbed onto his head with both
hands, and held on as he began to thrust his erection in and out of
the boy's mouth.

The sudden aggressiveness startled Jimmy, and the thrusting organ
in his mouth began to choke him as it drove deeper and deeper
inside of him. Jimmy struggled to free himself, however, the
monkey was too excited to stop, and his strength far exceeded the

With a few more deep thrusts, the monkey let out a grunt, and with
one final thrust, began releasing his semen in the boy's mouth.
Jimmy at first gagged as the fluid shot into his mouth and down his
throat, but he quickly recovered, and instinct (?) took over as he
began to swallow. Several more seconds, and the monkey's orgasm
subsided, and he released his hold on the boy's head.

As Jimmy spat out the remains of the monkey's semen, he glared at
the animal angrily, too surprised to speak. The monkey looked at
him questioningly, a little look of shame and concern spreading over
his face. Jimmy couldn't help to laugh, looking at the monkey's
expression, and he held his arms out for the animal to come to him.
A wide smile spread over the monkey's face, and he jumped into the
arms of his human boy lover.

Jimmy decided that fair was fair, and he put his hands on the
monkey's head and lowered it down to his own groin. The
monkey's head rested on his groin, however, the animal did not
open his mouth. No matter how hard Jimmy tried, the monkey
would not open his mouth. Finally, with a look of total despair on
his face, Jimmy released the monkey, made a pouting face at him,
and turned his back to him, resting his head on his arms like he was

The monkey began to circle the boy, concerned. When Jimmy did
not respond, the monkey began to pet and stroke him. Jimmy did
not respond until the monkey reached between the boy's legs and
fondled his penis. Jimmy sat back up, opened his legs, and pointed
to his penis and then the monkey's mouth. The monkey looked at
the boy's penis and then back at Jimmy. Jimmy once again pointed
at his penis and the monkey's mouth, pouted, and put his head back
onto his arms.

A few seconds later, when penis stroking did not stop the boy from
pouting, the monkey lowered his head to the boy's lap. Jimmy
raised up as he felt the monkey's tongue against his penis. Gently he
put his hand on the back of the monkey's head and pushed forward.
The message was received and understood. Jimmy felt the
monkey's mouth open, and as it did, he thrust forward, sending his
penis inside.

For the first few moments the monkey did nothing but hold the
penis in his mouth. Jimmy had to thrust himself in and out to receive
enjoyment. Finally the boy decided to teach the animal how to suck
cock. Placing his hands on either side of the monkey's head, Jimmy
began to guide his head up and down on his penis. Every so often
he would stop to see if the monkey would continue, but the monkey
would stop. Finally the animal seemed to get the hang of it, and
when Jimmy stopped guiding, the monkey took over and began
sucking up and down the boy's penis. Jimmy laid back and enjoyed
the sensation as the monkey sucked him to climax.

After a little rest, the monkey jumped on top of the boy with his
impish grin spread across his face. Jimmy glanced down and
noticed a raging erection. He knew, without further encouragement,
that the monkey wanted another blow-job. He rolled the monkey off
of him and onto his back, and spread the small legs of his friend.
Lowering his lead, he took the entire penis into his mouth, and
began to suck.

Jimmy wanted to suck the monkey off this time, instead of being
mouth fucked. Every time the monkey would thrust upward, or
reach for his head, Jimmy would stop him. Eventually the monkey
got the idea, and laid still while the boy worked on his penis. Both
participants were rewarded a few minutes later when the monkey
bucked his body upward and shot his semen into the boy's waiting

This time Jimmy was ready for him, and swallowed greedily. After
the semen stopped flowing, Jimmy continued to gently suck and
nibble on his friend's penis, until it grew flaccid and almost
disappeared in it's fur.

When dusk was beginning to set in, Jimmy once again tried blowing
himself, lying on his back and pulling his legs over his head. He
noticed that he had more success at this, as he was able to take his
entire penis into his mouth, his lips resting against his groin. Jimmy
was totally turned on by being able to suck his own dick. With a
little wrangling, Jimmy found that he could also lick and suck his
balls, however, it was far easier to suck them one at a time.

While Jimmy was wrapped up in his own pleasure, his monkey
friend was watching him with growing excitement. The monkey
roamed around the boy's curled body, every once in a while
reaching out and caressing the boy's body somewhere.

When Jimmy didn't seem to mind this, the monkey came around the
boy, where his buttocks stuck in the air. Tentatively the monkey
sniffed at the boy's backside. Jimmy's attention turned to the
monkey who was exploring his backside.

The monkey reached out and gently stroked the boy's soft bottom,
running a finger across the boy's anal opening. The excitement of
the monkey was obvious. His hard-on looked over bigger than it
had in the past. After a few careful sniffs at the boy's anus, the
monkey darted his tongue across the boy's asshole. Jimmy
shuttered with pleasure, something which was noticed by his friend.

The monkey darted his tongue across the boy's asshole a few more
times, and then rested his tongue against the hole. Jimmy's body
was shuttering with pleasure. Noticing how turned on the boy was
with this, the monkey concentrated on licking the small opening.
Jimmy was beside himself with pleasure. Little did he know,
however, that his monkey friend was involved in a kind of courting
ritual with his human friend.


The monkey's attention was focused on the boy's little hole. The
monkey knew that this hole would be just right for fucking,
something which he was trying to lead up to. He hoped that if he
turned on the little boy enough by licking his asshole, that the boy
would let him stick his penis into his little hole and fuck it.

Jimmy had not thought of the possibility that the monkey was
getting ready to fuck him. Fucking was one memory that didn't
impose itself on the boy, and it seemed as if he were totally innocent
of this one sexual pleasure.

The monkey, however, was well aquatinted with fucking. He had
grown up watching adults fuck each other, males with females, and
sometimes males with males; especially when a dominate male
wanted to show who was boss to a lesser ranking male. The
monkey had watched as several adolescent wannabe's were fucked
up their assholes by stronger dominate males when the adolescents
lost their nerve during attacks against the leader's position.

The young monkey himself, was cornered one day almost a year
ago, by one of the adolescents who he had seen ass fucked. The
older monkey caught him playing around on the ground, out of sight
of the adults. The teenager approached the monkey, bent him over,
and fucked his ass good. Over the screams of pain and protest, the
adolescent monkey fucked his little captive two or three times before
he released him, upon which time he went running back to his
mother. The monkey's asshole was sore for several weeks after
that, and it taught him to stay away from older horny males.

It also taught him, however, that asses were good for fucking. He
had watched for as long as he could remember why other members
of his tribe fucked. He had also witnessed the great pleasure that his
adolescent rapist had while fucking him. The one thing that the
monkey wanted after all of that action was to find someone whom
he could fuck himself.

His opportunity came when he was off in some trees looking for
food. A younger male climbed into his tree, and approached him
wanting to be friends. After some idle chatter, and showing off to
each other, the younger monkey reached out to fondle the penis of
his older friend. When the older monkey did not stop him, the
younger bent his head and sucked the penis of the older.

The older monkey encouraged the youngster in his sucking, and
finally finished off his first blow job by thrusting his penis in and
out of the youngster's mouth until he came inside of it. Afterwards,
even though it was not required of him in the age-group hierarchy,
the older bent down and sucked the youngster's penis as well.

About a half hour later the older was horny again, and he decided
that he wanted to fuck the ass of the younger monkey. At first,
when he tried to mount the little monkey, the youngster would have
nothing to do with it. After a little encouraging, and then
threatening, the youngster finally assumed the position, head down
and buttocks in the air, and the older monkey mounted him and
fucked the screeching youngster to climax. The monkey could not
believe how beautiful fucking felt, especially fucking the virginal ass
of his younger playmate.

Coming out of his daydream, the monkey once again focused on the
asshole of the human boy in front of him. The boy had agreed in the
past to masturbate with him. The boy had even sucked his penis,
and let him suck his. The monkey had replaced his mouth with his
fingers, and he was presently rubbing one finger up against the
boy's hole. As he continued to rub the hole began to contract and
expand a little, as if it were waiting for something to be put into it.
Remembering the little monkey that he had ass fucked, the monkey
took one last look as the human boy's gaping asshole, and decided
that he would fuck him, if he had to hold him down to do it.

Standing on his hind legs, he positioned himself behind the boy,
and with one hand he placed his penis against the boy's anal
opening. When he attempted to thrust inside of him all in one swift
movement, the boy cried out in pain, and reached around to try to
stop the monkey. The monkey did what came first in his mind, he
bit the boy, wrapped his arms tightly around him, and pushed his
penis back into the boy's ass.

With great difficulty, and a lot of grunting, screeching, and
complaining from the boy, he eventually managed to get himself
totally inside of the boy's body. The monkey was amazed at the
sensations that he was feeling. The asshole of the boy was far better
feeling than that of the other monkey that he had fucked. Somehow
this boy's ass felt warmed and tighter than the monkey's.

Not being one for wasting time, the monkey began to thrust in and
out of the boy, wanting to cum as fast as possible before the boy
tried to stop him again. After about twenty more thrusts, he felt
himself ready to cum, and with one final thrust, he sent his penis as
far as it could go inside of the boy's ass, and shot his small load of

A few seconds after he came, he pulled out of the boy's ass, and
backed up a few feet and adopted a defensive posture. He was not
certain if the boy would get violent with him, but he had often seen
prepubescent and adolescent monkey males attack their rapist after
they had dismounted. He did not want to get clobbered by the boy.

When the boy turned to look at him, his face was red. There were a
few tears in his eyes, which meant that he had either hurt him, or
that the boy was very angry. After a few minutes of silence,
however, the boy seemed to calm down, and even encouraged him
to come over to him. When he finally got enough courage to climb
into the boy's arms, he was met with meaningless jabber and
meaningful caresses instead of anger and punches.

"Gee Whiz. When you fuck, you really fuck. You almost busted my
ass wide open," Jimmy told the monkey as he hugged and caressed
him. Although his ass was sore from the fucking by the monkey, it
also felt good. Jimmy thought about having the monkey fuck him
again later that day, but he thought to himself that he would have to
find something to grease the monkey and him up with first.

Jimmy felt a little funny again, as if he was on the verge of
remembering, but not quite making it. He knew, somehow, that a
lube of some type would make fucking easier, but he didn't know
how he knew this.

Jimmy and his monkey friend spent the remainder of the afternoon
playing and scouting around for food and adventure. They sucked
each other off twice more during the day, however, neither made a
move to fuck the other. The monkey decided that he would wait a bit
before trying the boy's ass again, and Jimmy had been having his
own thoughts. He decided that if the monkey stayed with him again
that night, he would be the one to fuck him in his ass. He smiled as
he also thought how nice it would be to have to monkey fuck him
again, but the next time on his terms, slow and gently.

Jimmy's time came that evening, after he and his friend bedded
down for the night. They had found themselves another cave like
area surrounded by bushes, and both felt comfortable with sleeping
there. The two friends laid together, Jimmy naked, and both with
hard-ons. Gently they stroked and caressed each other's penises and
testicles, realizing that they had the entire night for serious love

Jimmy began his adventure by starting to make love with his friend.
The two had begun kissing several days prior, quite a strange
experience for both. At first the monkey could not understand what
kissing was all about, but Jimmy was a good teacher, and eventually
they were kissing each other like lovers.

Jimmy eventually worked his way down to his friend's cock and
balls, spending a fair amount of time licking and sucking them.
Jimmy would often complain about the monkey's hair, and
threatened to shave him bald, however, the monkey did not seem to
understand or care. He did enjoy, however, the fact that when he
played with his human friend's body, he could do so against the
naked skin, no hair in the way to inhibit him in his explorations. He
did feel sorry for the boy, however, that he was a freak, being so
utterly naked and void of hair.

Jimmy finally found enough courage to run his tongue between the
monkey's legs, and towards his ass hole. He thought at first that the
experience would be distasteful, especially knowing his friend's
toilet habits, however, he found that it wasn't bad after all, and he
settled in on getting him aroused enough to fuck.

Within several seconds it was obvious that the monkey was totally
enjoying being rimmed. He began thrusting his small behind back
into Jimmy's face as the boy thrust his tongue forward. Each time
that Jimmy moved forward, his tongue entered a little further into
the monkey's ass, until it seemed as if he had his entire tongue
inside of the animal.

Finally when Jimmy could take it no longer, he pulled away from
the monkey's asshole, and spit into his hand, rubbing it onto his
raging hard-on. Rolling the monkey over onto his back, he climbed
over and on top of the animal, and spread his legs open. Placing one
hand under its buttocks, he lifted up a bit, until the monkey's
asshole was even with the position of his penis.

With his other hand Jimmy took hold of his penis, and aimed it
towards his friend's ass. Jimmy shuttered with excitement when he
felt the tip of his penis touch the monkey's outer anal ring. Looking
down as he positioned himself squarely on the monkey's hole, he
realized just how small the monkey's asshole was, and how difficult
it would be to get inside of him. He thought to himself, however,
that if he did manage to get inside of his little friend, it would be one
of the tightest fucks that he ever had.

Again the thought bothered him. He knew that the small ass of the
monkey would be the tightest fuck for him ever, yet he could not
remember how he knew this, nor could he ever remember having
fucked before in his life. All of his half remembering, and knowing
that something was true without really knowing how he knew it,
was beginning to drive him a little crazy. He wished that he could
remember anything prior to the time at which he woke up on the

Slowly, but determined, Jimmy placed his penis against the
monkey's ass, and began to push it ever so gently against the piece
of flesh. At first nothing happened, and so he began to increase the
forward pressure. Finally he felt the tight ring begin to give a bit,
and as it did he felt himself slide forward a fraction of an inch. He
knew that he was on his way, and he wanted to thrust fully inside of
his young friend, however, he knew that this would cause him pain,
and mostly likely provoke an angry response from him.

As Jimmy's cock began to slide a little into his asshole, the monkey
began to fidget and squirm. There was a feeling much like that the
time that the older monkey had raped him, and he wasn't sure that
he was going to like this at all. One part of him wanted Jimmy to
fuck him. He wanted the human boy's penis inside of him, and he
knew that if he allowed Jimmy to fuck him, he could also fuck
Jimmy again in return.

The pressure and stabbing feeling of the boy's cock in his ass soon
turned to pain, as the boy's erection moved a quarter of the way
inside of him. The monkey didn't think that he could be able to
handle being fucked by the boy, however, he wasn't sure how to
stop him once he was so aroused.

By the time that Jimmy was halfway inside of his ass, he knew that
a full fuck by the boy would probably damage him badly. He was
attempting to squirm away from the boy, when Jimmy suddenly
lowered his weight onto him, pinning him down, and in the process
driving his hard-on fully into his ass.

The monkey had thought that he had known pain when the
adolescent monkey had butt fucked him, but compared to the pain
that he felt at that moment, the other monkey was pure pleasure. The
monkey thought that his ass would burst any second. He felt as if
the boy's cock would come out of his mouth if he opened it.

Instead of beginning to fuck his young friend straight away,
however, Jimmy rested once he attained total penetration. Not only
did Jimmy want the monkey to have time to get use to his dick, he
wanted to totally enjoy the warm tight feel of the rectum before he
began to stretch it during his fucking. Jimmy realized that he was
correct in assuming that the monkey's ass would be tight. He had
not imagined, even for a moment, that the ass could be as tight as it
was. It felt as if the monkey's ass muscle would cut the circulation
off to his dick.

The two laid together for a few more moments getting use to each
other. Finally Jimmy moved off from the monkey a bit, pulling back
until half of his length was sticking into his friend's ass. The
monkey thought that Jimmy was through, however, he was
surprised when Jimmy rolled him onto his side, laid back down
behind him, and once again thrust his hard-on back inside of him.

The monkey had to admit that in this position is wasn't as bad as it
had been when the boy was hovering over him, hard-on buried deep
inside of him, however, there was still a stabbing pain deep in his
bowels which would not go away.

Jimmy reached around and felt for the monkey's penis. He
eventually found it. It had shriveled up the moment that the boy had
inserted himself inside him. Slowly Jimmy began to caress and pull
at his friend's penis, coaxing it to grow hard again. Jimmy didn't
have to do much coaxing, for in a few more seconds the monkey
had a raging hard-on.

Once Jimmy felt the monkey erect in his hand, he began to pull his
cock out from animal's ass. Just as the tip of his cock was about to
slide totally out, Jimmy began to push forward, stopping only when
he was fully planted inside of the monkey once again. Jimmy
repeated this procedure four or five more times until he felt the
monkey begin to relax a little.

Slowly beginning to masturbate the monkey, Jimmy began to thrust
in and out of his ass, at first making sure that his thrusts were slow
and gentle. As the boy increased the action on his friend's penis, he
increased the motion of his own thrusts, until his hand was flying
over the animal's penis, and his dick was flying in an out of the
monkey's asshole.

After several minutes of heavy duty fisting and fucking, Jimmy
began to feel that sensation in the bottom of his balls. As it
continued to mount, and spread to the very base of his penis, he
increased his thrusting. All at once the sensation were too much for
the boy, and with one last lunge which brought a screech from his
butt buddy, Jimmy buried himself deeply inside of the monkey, and
felt his cock pulsate four or five times. If he had been older, Jimmy
would have been filling the monkey's ass with semen, however, the
release inside of his friend's ass was invisible.

About five seconds after Jimmy began to climax, he felt the
monkey's dick begin to swell, and then his hand was covered with
the animal's semen. The boy continued to pull and massage the dick
in his hand, as it leaked its fluid over his fingers.

Boy and animal laid resting, still attached to each other, for about
five minutes after they climaxed, both lost in their own private
thoughts. When they finally separated, the glanced over at each
other and smiled widely. It was done. Animal had fucked boy, and
boy had fucked animal. The relationship between the two had
changed. Both had felt it. Perhaps it was their fucking, the act which
had remained so taboo for so long of a period of time. Both
unconsciously realized that they had done something which few had
ever accomplished. Two species had met, courted, fell in love, and
"mated." Two species had fucked, swapping their fluids and

The remainder of the night was a blur for both youngsters. It began
again with the monkey fucking the boy, and then the boy fucked the
monkey once again, and so on throughout the night. When the two
awoke the next morning, wrapped in each other's arms, the first
thing which had come to mind was how sore both of their backsides

The monkey wished that he could communicate with the human
boy. There was so much that he wanted to tell him, so much that he
wanted to ask him. Language was a barrier to their relationship,
however, he thought, perhaps there was a way in which he could
communicate. Perhaps they would be able to develop their own

The monkey wanted to tell the boy some stories, stories which he
had overheard since he was a baby, sneaking around and listening to
the adults talking. For example, there were stories of other humans,
young and old who use to come into the jungle to do to the
monkey's the same things as they had done with each other. The
monkey had listened to a few tales of both male and female monkeys
being fucked in the ass by humans.

The monkeys did seem to get even, or so they said in their stories.
He would listen to the elders talk about the times when they would
find a human child alone at the edge of the jungle. They would
surround the child, and then take turns fucking it. If it were a girl,
she was forced into a submissive position like monkey's adopted
while being fucked, and the elders would fuck her in her cunt and
ass. If it were a boy, which seemingly was the case most of the
time, he would be bent over and fucked by all of the leading males
from the tribe. The monkey had never heard any stories about ape
and man getting together voluntarily and having sex, and he was
curious if the boy knew of this happening within his tribe.


The two youngsters started their day by going out to gather food
for their breakfast. Neither had an appetite for sex, which was
unusual since they had practiced early morning sex for a while
now. Both seemed to realize that their backsides were not quite
ready for another screwing, and after their wild night of
passionate fucking, neither seemed too interested in exchanging

After a leisurely breakfast, the two headed down to their pond to
have their morning bath. After playing in the water for a while, the
two lovers were startled by an unusual sound coming from the
depths of the rain forest. It seemed as if every animal in the jungle
had been awakened at once, and there was a commotion of
sounds, many sounding panicky. Jimmy had never heard quite a
commotion in his life, but he knew that the cause for this uproar
was not good. It could only mean that danger was approaching,
and all of the animals knew it.

Jimmy looked towards his monkey friend, who was turning his
head in all directions, seemingly trying to see and hear in all
directions at once. The monkey looked scared. Jimmy noticed that
he actually began to tremble. The monkey jumped in surprise
when he heard other monkeys chattering in the nearby trees. The
monkey knew that these animals were from his tribe. They were
gathering in the trees now, seemingly deciding to take cover there
from whatever was approaching.

Jimmy noticed that a larger monkey appeared on a low branch.
The monkey glanced around, and when it saw the two on the
ground, it started to screech and chatter at them. The monkey
beside Jimmy jumped up and started like it was going to head for
the trees. It stopped for a moment and looked back at Jimmy, and
then back at the trees. Jimmy knew that his friend was being
called by his tribe. The monkey in the tree was most likely his
mother. Jimmy also realized that his friend did not want to leave
him there.

The young monkey turned and ran back to Jimmy, chirping at
him, and poking him with his hand. Jimmy knew at once that they
monkey was asking him to go with him. His friend wanted him to
go into the trees with him where he would be safe.

Jimmy had never had any interaction with other monkeys, just his
young friend. Half of him was afraid of approaching the others in
the tribe, however, this fear was quickly being replaced with a
fear of being trapped by whatever scared the other animals.

Jumping to his feet, Jimmy began to follow his friend, first at a
fast walk, and then at a run when the monkey took off full speed
for the trees. The monkey leapt and landed a few feet up on the
tree. Almost at once he began to scurry up the tree, climbing it
expertly. Jimmy stopped at the trunk of the tree and looked up.
The other animals were high up in the tree. He could see three or
four in the tree he was under. The remainder of the tribe was
spread throughout nearby trees.

Jimmy knew that he could climb trees. He sensed that he was
good at climbing, however, the thought of climbing this tree up to
where the monkeys were, scared him. When his young friend
stopped at a branch about ten feet from the ground and began
chirping at him, Jimmy focused back on his situation, and
wrapped his arms around the trunk of the tree, lifting his feet up a
bit to try to climb it.

After several false starts Jimmy was able to get a foothold, and he
began to slowly climb upwards. By the time that he reached the
branch where his friend had been, the younger monkey was
already three quarters of the way up the tree. Jimmy looked up
and saw how far he had to climb. Glancing down, Jimmy began
to get dizzy. He didn't realize that he had climbed so far. He told
himself that he shouldn't look down, and with new determination
he looked up and began to climb.

Several minutes later Jimmy reached a branch where his friend
sat. The young monkey chattered at him, and grinned his full face
grin at him. It was obvious that his friend was happy that he was
there and safe. Jimmy could tell, however, that the other monkeys
were not so happy that he was there. Looking around him he saw
that all eyes were upon him. He could hear grunts and angry-
sounding chattering. The other monkeys did not know what to
make of this human up in the tree with one of their children, but
they felt no threat from him. It was of they realized that he was a
harmless child. They would eventually treat him like an orphan
and adopt him into the tribe, upon which time he would have to
learn the ways of the tribe, including attitude before superiors.

Eventually the monkeys around him began to settle down. Instead
of watching him, they were nervously glancing around, as if
expecting the anticipated danger to appear any second. Jimmy
wasn't sure what the danger was, but he could feel the fear
coming from the animals, and he knew that he should be afraid as

As minutes turned into an hour, Jimmy began to get tired. He was
not made for the trees, that much was obvious. Whereas the
monkeys seemed to be comfortable sitting motionless on the
branches, it was uncomfortable for him. Jimmy began to wonder
what would happen if the danger continued on into the night. It
was obvious that the monkeys could sleep in the trees, but he
knew that he couldn't. As soon as he fell to sleep, he would
probably fall from the tree and kill himself. He knew that at some
point soon, he would have to leave the trees for the more familiar

After about two hours Jimmy could take it no longer. His legs
hurt from squatting on the tree limb, and he felt as if he would fall
to the ground any minute. Reaching over, he stroked his friend's
head, and then moved to climb down from the tree. At first it
looked as if his friend would follow him, but after a warning from
his mother, and a grunt from what looked to be the "boss"
monkey, his friend sat still. The monkeys began to stare at the boy
again. A few chattered at him, seemingly in warning, not to climb
down to the ground. Jimmy could not obey their wishes. He
knew that he couldn't stay in the tree any longer. After a long
climb the boy finally reached the ground. Looking around briefly,
he headed off to his clump of bushes, and crawled inside to

Jimmy sat in his bedroom for what seemed to be several hours.
Every once in a while he would crawl out to the opening and
glance around, however, he never seen anything out of order.
When he glanced towards the trees, he could see the monkeys,
still sitting quietly on the limbs, looking around and waiting.

Jimmy decided that he couldnUt stay cooped up in his "house" all
day. He did not have a stockpile of food set aside. That was going
to be one of their tasks that day, prior to having the warning
sounded by the animals. Jimmy decided to climb out of his bushes
and scout around. As he exited his little doorway, he noticed that
the jungle was unusually quiet. He could hardly hear a sound
from the animals. He knew that something was wrong, because
by that time of the day the jungle was alive with millions of

Cautiously, Jimmy started off, heading away towards his pond.
He decided to get a drink and see if he could see or hear anything
from there. He couldnUt. After refreshing himself, he decided to
wander around a bit and see what he could find.

The boy wandered around for close to an hour, keeping pretty
much to the jungle, hoping that it would give him cover from
whatever was out there. He did not see or hear anything.
Eventually he decided to go to the cliffs which overlooked the
beach on the far side of the island. This is the spot at which he had
awoken on the island. He decided to see if perhaps someone was
there. His heart began to race when he thought that it might be
someone looking for him.

Moving a little faster, he began to cover greater ground. He knew
his surroundings by now, and he knew that if he kept up his pace
he would be to the cliffs in about five minutes. Jimmy was driven
now by the thought that it was humans which had scared all of the
animals silent.

Someone must have come from him, he thought. It was these
thoughts which allowed him to race towards his destination. If
someone had come for him, perhaps they would have all the
answers to the questions which had been nagging him since he
woke on the beach.

Reaching the cliff tops, Jimmy went down to his hands and knees
and crawled closer to the edge so that he could see over onto the
beach. His heart was beating fast in his chest as he looked down
onto the sand. At first he could see nothing, and he moaned in
disappointment. He then decided that perhaps the people looking
for him had gone into the jungle. He figured that he would sit up
on the cliffs until they returned, and then he could signal them.

Jimmy sat watching the beach for almost an hour before he
spotted anything. At first he thought that what he had seen was an
animal darting in and out of the under growth, but when he was
able to focus on the spot again, he definitely saw a person run
quickly out of the bushes, only to disappear back into them once

Jimmy shook his head thinking that he was seeing things. He
thought that he had seen a child, and a naked child at that. He
continued to sit there a few more minutes, however, whatever he
had seen did not appear.


Just when Jimmy decided to return to the safety of his "house"
and animal friend, he heard a loud crashing sound coming from
the jungle down below him. Instinctively he lowered his head a
bit, and peered down towards the sound. After a few minutes of
silence, the brush parted and out onto the beach ran about eight or
nine figures.

Straining to see better, Jimmy decided that they were children, and
they were very naked. The children were shouting in a tongue
which Jimmy did not recognize, and they were heading off
towards the water.

For about ten minutes the children swam and played in the waves,
much like any other children would when at the ocean. When they
tired they ran up onto the beach, and sat in the sun drying
themselves. Jimmy could see well enough to see that they were
not white like him, unless they were very tanned. He decided that
they were not really black, but rather brown.

Jimmy was deciding whether or not to call down to them, when
he saw more figures leaving the jungle and enter onto the sand.
Those newcomers also seemed to be children, however, they were
much larger than the ones which had played in the water.

When the smaller children saw the older ones, they yipped and
jumped to their feet, running away towards the cliffs. The older
boys also began to run, and it became obvious that they were
chasing the smaller boys.

For a while it seemed if the younger boys would evade the older
ones. The small boys were faster and more agile than the others,
however, the larger boys had more strength, and they could keep
up their chase longer. It soon became obvious that the older boys
were trying to wear the younger ones down, knowing that they
could then catch them.

The first youngster was caught by a tackle from an older one. The
small boy gave a cry of pain and protest, but the older hung onto
him tightly. The two sat in the sand watching the others chasing
each other around.

One by one the small boys dropped off and were captured by the
older boys, until only one small boy remained free. He seemed to
have more strength than his would be captor, and displayed this
strength when the older boy managed to grab onto one of his

The younger boy turned on his heels and drove one of his feet into
the naked groin of the older boy, sending the youth down to his
knees. While the older boy was doubled over in pain, the small
boy ran off towards the jungle, disappearing into it almost without
a sound.

The remainder of the older boys laughed at the misfortune of their age
mate, and the older boy went racing off into the jungle, perhaps in
pursuit of the younger boy. The older boys turned their attention towards
their young captives. The older youths made the boys stand, while holding
onto their arms so that they would not run away.

Each boy reached to his waist and unwrapped a cord. The cord
had a lasso-type opening at the end, and they draped this opening
over the heads of the younger boys, drawing it snugly to
resemble a leash. They tied the other end of this cord to their
wrist, and then began brushing the sand off the bodies of the little

Several of the little boys were crying, and others were trembling
with what looked to be fear. The older boys ignored any protests,
and continued with their task of wiping sand from the boy's

Finally one youth seemed to be satisfied that his young captive
was clean. Placing both of his hands on the sides of the boy's
face, he lifted his face up towards his, and lowered his lips down
to the boy's. The smaller boy struggled against the advances of
the older boy, trying to keep himself from being kissed. The older
boy ignored this struggling for a few minutes, however, when it
became obvious that he could not kiss the struggling boy, he
released his face, pulled tightly on the cord wrapped around the
little boy's neck, and when the boy was up close to him, he raised
his hand high in the air and slapped the little boy hard on his
buttocks. He repeated this a few times, the cracks of flesh against
flesh, and the wails of the little boy echoing off the walls of the

The older boy stopped and bent his head down to the little boy's,
seemingly talking to him. The youngster nodded his head in
agreement, and raised his face towards the youth's. The older boy
once again lowered his head, and began kissing the small boy on
the lips.

All around the pair similar things were taking place. A few of the
boys gave up without a struggle, and allowed the older boys to
kiss them, while one or two holdouts found their asses being
slapped by the boys to gain their submission.

After a few minutes of kissing the older boys forced the younger
ones down to their knees and began talking to them. Some of the
boys shook their heads, while others began crying again. A few,
however, resigned to their fate, opened their mouths and took the
older boy's penises into their mouths. With a little more
threatening and a few more beltings, eventually all of the little
boys were sucking on the penises of their captors.

One by one the older boys reached orgasm, grabbing onto the
heads of the younger boys as they did, thrusting their penises in
and out of the younger boy's throats. Most were made to swallow
the semen, however, a few choked and spit it out around the penis
which filled their mouth, and a few vomited which caused the
older boys to release them.

Once gaining their sexual release, the older boys sat down on the
sand and pulled the little boys down next to them, or down onto
their laps. While resting, they fondled and petted the younger
boys. Every now and then an older boy would bend his head
towards the lap of his young captive and suck on his penis, or one
would stand the younger boy up in front of him and coax him to
simulate intercourse in his mouth.

Eventually all of the older boys joined in bringing their partners
pleasure. Each little boy had his penis and testicles thoroughly
sucked. The older boys eventually expanded their area of sucking
and licking to include the area between the boys legs, down under
the scrotum. When the little boys began to become turned on by
all of this oral foreplay, the youths lifted the legs of the younger
boys, spread them out, and dived down between their buttocks
with their mouths and tongues.

For what seemed like hours the older boys licked, sucked, and
rimmed the younger boys. Jimmy could not believe his eyes. Not
only were the boys having sex, they were all having it out in the
open where each other could see it.

Jimmy had a feeling that the younger boys were far from through,
and this proved to be correct when the older boys began to roll the
little ones onto their stomach. A few of the boys fought this move,
and struggled against the older youths, however, their strength
was no match for the older boy's.

Instead of jumping right on the younger boys, however, the
youths went back to their rimming, which they continued for
about ten more minutes. Eventually Jimmy saw one or two of the
older boys spitting into their hands and wiping the spit onto their
penises. He knew that it was time. The little boys were going to
be fucked. Jimmy wished that he was down their on the beach
with the boys, however, he could not decide if he wished that he
was doing the fucking, or that he was in the place of one of the
little boys.

All around him Jimmy witnessed boy's buttocks being spread out.
The older boys were in various stages of penetration, a few
leisurely rubbing their, sometimes large, cocks against the
opening of the squirming boys under them, while others seemed
to forgo any foreplay and ram themselves deeply inside of the
boy's anuses without any delay. Jimmy could hear moans, cries,
and a few muffled screams as the boy's asses were violated.

Jimmy focused his attention on one pair which caught his attention
earlier on when the younger boy was sucking the dick of the
older. The older boy seemed to be around fourteen. He had a
fairly large penis, which was quite visible to Jimmy up above.
Like the rest of the boys, this youth was uncircumcised, and
Jimmy watched several times as he pulled his longish foreskin
down and over his erection. When he had the younger boy suck
him, he always made sure that the foreskin was peeled back.
Jimmy noticed, however, that where the other boys used force to
get the younger ones to suck, this one youth did not. He bent
down and talked quietly to the younger boy for a few minutes,
rubbing his hands over the back and buttocks of the boy while he
talked. The younger looked up into the eyes of the older boy,
opened his mouth, and allowed the older to put his penis in.

Instead of roughly handing the younger boy's head, or thrusting
his penis in and out of the younger's mouth, however, this youth
laid back and let the younger boy suck him at his own pace and
using his own style. When the older boy seemed nearing climax,
he took hold of the younger boy's head and began to gently thrust
his penis in and out of the boy's mouth. Climax for this boy was
very noticeable, as his body began to shutter, and his legs began
to thrash around. When he came into the younger boy's mouth,
the boy did not pull away. He allowed the semen to flow into his
mouth, and he then swallowed all of it, afterwards seemingly
following instructions from the older youth, and licking him

This older boy was the only one who wasn't firmly planted inside
of his boy's ass. Whereas the others were by now beginning their
fucks, this youth was still rimming and fingering the anus of his
young captive. Under his caresses the younger boy squirmed and
struggled, but it was obvious even at that distance that those
struggles were not to get away from the youth, but from the
immense pleasure that the youth was giving to him.

Once more the youth lowered his head into the spread buttocks of
the younger boy. Once more it seemed as if the youth buried his
entire tongue inside of the boyUs body. When he raised his face
away from the boy's buttocks, instead of ramming himself inside
of them, he rolled the boy over onto his back, kissed his face, and
then began to run his tongue and mouth over the boy's small

As the youth made love to the younger boy, Jimmy had an
opportunity to look at the youngster. Jimmy guessed his age to be
about seven or eight. There was a great size difference between
the two boys. The boy's erection was tiny in comparison to the
youths. Jimmy guessed him to be about one and a half to two
inches long. The older boy had no difficulty in cupping both of
the little boy's buttocks in one of his larger hands.

Jimmy thought at first that the youths special care with the little
boy was because of his tender age, however, he realized that
several of the other boys looked as young, or even younger, than
him, and they were at that time being viciously ass fucked by
other youths.

When the older youth had finished orally caressing the younger's
body, he raised himself onto his knees and placed his penis into
the little boy's mouth. While he gently thrust himself in and out of
the boyUs mouth he talked to him, perhaps instructing him, or
perhaps getting him ready for what was about to take place.

When the older boy removed his penis from the boy's mouth, it
was dripping with the little boy's saliva. It seemed as if the older
boy told his young friend to make it slippery and wet.

With little persuasion the little boy rolled onto his stomach and
reached behind him, pulling his buttocks apart. The youth lowered
his mouth towards the boy's anus, and let a stream of his saliva
fall onto the boy's opening. Only then did he lower himself,
placing the head of his penis against the boyUs opening.

For what seemed like hours the pair stayed in this position, with
only minimal movement being seen. The older youth, it seemed,
was taking his time in penetrating the little boy. Every once in a
while the little boy would raise his head, seemingly experiencing
some pain, however, the older youth would caress the sides of his
face, slow his entry, and the little boy would lie flat again.

After a while Jimmy noticed that the older boy was lying fully
upon the younger boy. The older boy's penis had made total
penetration, and he laid there allowing the boy to get use to his
size. Jimmy watched the older boy flex his buttocks now and
then, and a few times raising himself a little and then lying back
down once again. Jimmy realized that the older boy was making
sure that his partner was comfortable during his ass fucking,
perhaps the little boy's first.

All around the pair couples were finishing their fucks. A few older
boys laid motionlessly on top of the younger boys. A few were
still thrusting, however, slowly seemingly the thrust post
ejaculation ones. Other youths laid on their sides or backs, while
the younger boys laid near, some crying and massaging their sore

A few energetic youths were still fucking their young captives,
probably for the second or third time. Jimmy noticed that a few
had released their original boys, and had pulled another boy to
them for fucking. Off to one side Jimmy noticed one boy who had
two little boys lying side by side on their stomachs, spread eagled.
The youth was taking turns, first pumping into the ass of one boy,
and then moving to the other to pump him. One unsuspecting little
boy headed away from his fucker, perhaps thinking that he could
slip off into the jungle without being assaulted again. As he
passed the youth with the two boys, however, the youth reached
out and caught the boy's ankle. He tripped the boy, dragged him
over to where the other two boys were, turned him onto his
stomach, and added him to his fuckees, immediately ramming
himself inside of the little boy.

Jimmy turned his attention back to the slow fucking couple. He
noticed that the older boy was now beginning to fuck the little
one. His movements were slow and gentle, and Jimmy could see
the younger boy's body beginning to respond to the ass fucking.

After a few more minutes the boy pulled out of the younger's ass.
For a moment Jimmy thought that the youth had cum, however,
when he raised the little boy onto his knees and positioned himself
behind the kneeling boy, Jimmy realized that he had decided to
use the boy in another fashion. Jimmy watched this new position
with some curiosity. None of the other boys had varied their
positions during their fucks. They had all climbed on top of the
backs of the little boys and fucked them in that standard position.
This boy, however, seemed to enjoy fucking in different

Jimmy was not sure how he knew this, however, he knew that
there were many more positions which could be used, and he
secretly hoped that the older boy would use them.

Jimmy was not disappointed. Over the next several moments the
older boy changed his position. After fucking the little boy doggie
style, increasing his speed and force while in this style, he rolled
the boy onto his back, lifted his legs onto his shoulders, and
began to fuck him in this position. A few minutes later and the
youth had the boy standing on his head, his arms out on the sand
to steady himself. While the little boy stood on his head, the older
penetrated down into his anus, and began thrusting himself in and
out of the boy.

The next position brought strange feelings to Jimmy. The youth
picked the little boy up into his arms, cradling him to his chest.
Slowly the youth lowered the little boy onto his erection. Once the
boy was firmly impaled on the youth's cock, the youth positioned
his arms at the neck and lower back of the boy and extended him
out from his body horizontally. For a few minutes he thrust
himself in and out of the boy. He then stood still and began
moving the boy's body on and off of his cock. Watching this sent
chills down Jimmy's spine. Somehow this position meant
something to him. Somehow it was a special position. Jimmy
wished that he was down on the beach, and that he was in the
place of the little boy. Jimmy wanted the older boy to be holding
him out from his body, fucking his ass.

Eventually the youth tired of that position, and laid down on the
sand on his back. He gently urged the little boy down over his
body. Jimmy watched as the youth coaxed the little boy to sit
down on his erection. The entire scene was a little too much for
Jimmy. As he watched the little boy fuck himself up and down on
the older boy's erection, Jimmy masturbated himself, with
fantasies that it was him riding the older boy's cock.

Both Jimmy and the older youth reached climax at almost the same
time. Jimmy felt the comfortable shuttering and pulses in his
erection as he watched the older boy grasp the hips of the
younger, thrust upward, and hold his position as he shot his
semen deep into the boy's bowels. Jimmy could almost hear the
moans and sighs of pleasure coming from both boys. Jimmy
could almost see the little boy's cock pulsating as the youth's hand
stopped its masturbation of it and held it in tight embrace.

All three boys spent themselves at the same moment, an omen
thought Jimmy, as he moved back a little so as not to be spotted.
He was not sure who the boys were, or where they came from,
but he was sure that they were not from the same place as he was.
Jimmy was not sure that he wanted to meet them right at that time,
for even having sexually spent themselves, he could still come
away from the adventure gang raped, not too pleasant of a

After a while the sexual games seemed to end. All around the
beach the older boys laid satisfied. Some of the younger boys laid
near or with the older youths, however, a few of the little boys
slipped away into the jungle, seemingly in a hurry to save from a
repeat performance. Jimmy glanced towards his favorite couple,
and noticed that the little boy laid on top of the older, his head
buried in his neck, looking much more at ease and satisfied than
the other little boys.

Jimmy quietly slipped away, backing up away from the cliff
crawling backwards on his stomach. When he felt that he could
not be seen, he got to his feet and headed back towards his hut,
hoping that the boys from the beach would not find him until he
was ready to meet them.


Crawling back into his hut, Jimmy was at first startled. He
thought that some of the boys had found his home and were
waiting for him. He relaxed, however, when he saw that it was
only his monkey friend waiting for him. His attention was
focused, however, on a second monkey which was also in the

Jimmy noticed two things almost at once with his new visitor.
First he was smaller and younger than his monkey friend, and two
he was also male, as an erection smaller than his stuck out from
between his legs. Jimmy was not sure what to make of the
younger monkey being there.

Jimmy wondered if the older monkey had brought the younger
with him to join in on their games, or if the two were just hiding
there. Jimmy became aroused looking at the younger monkey
sitting there with a hard on, especially after seeing the beach scene
involving the younger boy. Jimmy had mental images of fucking
the little monkey much like the older boy had done with his little

The older monkey's intentions became clear when he spread his
legs, revealing a much larger erection, and began to masturbate
himself, grinning at Jimmy in the process. The younger monkey
followed suit and began to fondle himself. Jimmy laughed, spread
his own legs and began to fondle his penis to full erection.

The three sat or laid there masturbating themselves to climax, each
of them watching the others. Jimmy and the younger monkey
experienced dry climaxes, while the older monkey shot his sperm
high above his body.

At first the younger monkey was afraid of Jimmy. Every time that
the boy tried to get near him, the little monkey would scoot away
and would go towards the older monkey for protection. Finally
Jimmy reached out and began to fondle the penis of his monkey
friend. The youngster watched intently as this occurred, and his
semi-soft penis sprang to full erection again, when he saw the
older monkey reach over for the boy's penis to follow suit.

While the two friends were busy caressing each other's penises,
Jimmy reached his hand over and began to stroke the youngster's
hairy chest. The little monkey backed away at first, but then
moved closer and allowed himself to be petted. Slowly Jimmy
moved his hand downward, until eventually he was able to first
touch, and then wrap his hand around the monkey's little erection.

Jimmy was extremely horny at that point. The monkey was small
like the little boy, and their penises almost matched. Jimmy hoped
that the little monkey would not be scared off, and would
participate in their sex games.

The little monkey allowed Jimmy to caress his penis, and spread
his legs wider when the boy's caresses turned to masturbation.
When Jimmy tried to lower his head into the little monkey's
crotch, however, the youngster scooted away from him.

Jimmy turned his attention to his older friend. Lowering his head
so that the little monkey could see what was going on, he took the
monkey's erection into his mouth and began sucking it. The small
monkey moved closer, seemingly amazed that the human boy was
sucking the older's penis.

Following suit, the older monkey lowered his head and took the
boy's erection into his mouth. When this took place, the little
monkey moved even closer so that his body was touching
Jimmy's. Tentatively, the younger monkey reached out and
touched the boy's penis. After his shyness vanished, he began to
eagerly explore the boy's hairless penis, testicles, and groin area.

The little monkey allowed Jimmy to fondle and explore his body
in return. This time when Jimmy lowered his head towards the
monkey's groin, the youngster did not back away. Jimmy almost
laughed as the youngster arched his hips forward trying to meet
the approaching mouth.

Jimmy was hoping that sucking the young monkey's penis would
be pleasant. It was. Short of a mild urine smell and taste, which
he mentally thought all little boys have, the experience was
pleasant. The little monkey spread his legs wide, and allowed
Jimmy to push him onto his back. Jimmy lowered himself further,
and took the monkey's penis deep into his mouth.

Jimmy had no way of knowing this, however, he was a good and
experienced sucker. The little monkey began to respond under his
mouth. When Jimmy thought that things were progressing a little
too fast, he released the monkey's penis and worked his way
down to the youngster's semi-hairy balls. He took the tiny orbs
into his mouth and tongued them wildly, causing the monkey to
squawk with pleasure.

Finally Jimmy decided to finish the monkey off, and took his little
penis back into his mouth, where there he madly sucked it, the
monkey thrusting his hips upward to meet the boy's downward
sucks. The little monkey's body began to shake and shutter, and
Jimmy felt a dwelling and pulsating of the animal's penis. After a
few more seconds Jimmy felt the animal's organ begin to shrink a
bit, and he realized that he had accomplished his goal, he had
brought the little monkey off.

Shortly afterwards Jimmy tried to pull the monkey's head to his
lap, but the youngster resisted him. Lowering him onto his back,
Jimmy positioned himself over the monkey's face and pressed his
penis against the monkey's closed lips. The little monkey would
not open his mouth, no matter how hard Jimmy tried. Finally
Jimmy thought that he had won, as he felt the monkey opening his
lips, but a second later he screamed in pain. The little monkey
opened his mouth, allowed the boy's penis in, and then nipped it
with his teeth. Jimmy looked down thinking that the monkey had
bitten his penis off, but there was no blood, and upon closer
inspection, no marks on his erection. The monkey had nipped just
enough with his teeth to get the point across. He didn't want to
suck the boy's cock.

The older monkey jumped into action hearing the boy's cries. He
began to squawk and babble at the youngster, and moved to him,
swiping him across his forehead with his powerful arm. The
youngster rolled back against the branches and began to squawk
and babble in return. Jimmy realized that the monkey's were
talking and that the older was mad at the younger for biting him.

A heated argument seemed to take place, after which the older
monkey sat with his back turned to the younger, and the younger
monkey sat there silently, seemingly pouting. Every once in a
while he would chirp and make a few sounds, but the older
monkey would only grunt in response, and would continue to
ignore him.

Finally the young monkey approached the older with his head
hung low. He moved his head into the lap of the older, and in a
moment or so, Jimmy could see that the younger monkey was
sucking the penis of the older. After a few minutes the older
monkey grunted something to the younger, and the little monkey
sat up, looking as if he was pleased with himself. Jimmy realized
that this was probably the first time that he had sucked a cock, and
that the older was both teaching him how to do so, and also
teaching him that it was his duty to suck when requested by

Jimmy was not sure how to gage monkey ages, however, he
believed that the younger monkey, if considered in human
development years, was probably between five and six years old.
This excited Jimmy even more as he thought about the youngster
sucking his cock. Jimmy knew that he had a special fondness for
young children, for boys who were little more than babies,
however, once again any memories other than this one failed him.

The little monkey approached Jimmy, a little leery at first. Jimmy
decided that the monkey thought that Jimmy was going to punish
him for biting him. Jimmy waited until the monkey was touching
his body before he reached out and fondled his chest. Jimmy then
took the monkey's semi-erect penis into his hand and fondled it a
bit. Reaching for the monkey's hand, he placed it on his cock,
which was erect once more. The monkey rubbed his hand over
Jimmy's hard on in imitation of what the human boy was doing to

This time when Jimmy gently pushed down on the monkey's
head, the youngster complied and bent his head until his face was
in the boy's crotch. At first the monkey seemed to be smelling
around the boy's crotch. Jimmy was sure that he was a little
frightened by the strange scent. Jimmy felt the monkey's lips brush
against his penis, and then a few seconds later he felt a swipe of a
tongue over his cock. A few seconds more and another swipe was

Jimmy reached over and began to fondle the monkey's penis,
while gently pushing down on the animal's head. This time the
monkey got the message, as he took the boy's erection into his
mouth. Jimmy gasped as he felt the monkey take his entire length
inside of his mouth. Jimmy was sure that there were few human
children of this age who could accomplish this on their second

After a little experimentation the monkey began to suck like he had
been doing it for years, and like sucking a human boy's penis was
an everyday occurrence for him. Jimmy began to thrash beneath
the youngster, who recognizing the boy's excitement, began to
suck even more eagerly. Jimmy spent himself deep inside of the
monkey's mouth, and then laid back as the youngster released his
penis, licked his lips, and then grinned widely at the boy.

Jimmy held out his arms and the monkey climbed onto of him and
did not resist as Jimmy pulled the monkey down to lie on top of
him. Jimmy stroked and petted the animal, and then pulling his
head upward a bit, kissed the youngster on his lips. The younger
monkey responded much like his older friend had when they first
kissed. The monkey was surprised and couldn't figure out the use
for kissing, however, after a little practice and understanding what
the human boy wanted, he kissed back like a pro.

Unable to hold off his own release any longer, the young monkey
pulled away from Jimmy's embrace, sat up on his chest, and
thrust his erection at Jimmy's lips. Jimmy opened his mouth and
wrapped his lips around the young penis. The monkey began to
thrust his hips forward and back, sucking Jimmy in the mouth.
Had the monkey's penis been any larger Jimmy might not have
been able to handle it, however, seeing as it was so small, all he
had to do was to lie there while the youngster fucked his mouth.

Jimmy had a partial memory of another youngster doing that to
him in the past. He couldn't remember any details, however, he
remembered that the youngster was human, had a small penis, and
was extremely young. Jimmy smiled past the monkey's erection
as he realized that this was the first real memory that he had had,
even though he could not remember what the little boy looked
like, or where the event took place.

The little monkey soon spent himself in Jimmy's mouth, and
climbed off from the boy, looking quite contented and pleased
with himself. The three friends laid together for a while until they
fell to sleep.

Jimmy woke up some time later to see the youngster sucking on
the penis of his older friend. From the looks of it they had been at
it for quite a while. Jimmy watched as the older monkey pulled the
younger's head away from his penis and pushed it down towards
his testicles. A few minutes later the head was pulled back
towards the penis. When this was repeated a few minutes later,
Jimmy realized what the older monkey was doing. Jimmy had
taught him that. Just at the point at which the older monkey felt as
if he was going to cum, he stopped the younger monkey's
sucking and had him suck and lick his balls until the feeling went
away. The older monkey was extended his climax using tricks that
Jimmy had taught him during their love making.

Jimmy knew that his friend could not hold off much longer, and
he was right. The next time that he felt as if he were cumming,
instead of stopping the youngster, he held on to the younger
monkey's head and thrust his penis deeply inside of the
youngster's throat. Jimmy could count the number of squirts that
the older monkey sent into the younger's mouth and throat. Every
time that he squirted, he would tense and rise his buttocks against
the youngster's mouth.

Jimmy giggled as he watched the youngster's eyes bulge in
surprise. The little monkey tried to get away from the older's
penis, not knowing what was shooting from it, but the older held
onto his head tightly, forcing him to accept and swallow his cum.

Not until the little monkey had swallowed the last of his semen did
the older monkey release the younger's head. When the young
monkey sat up with a surprised and hurt look on his face, the
older reached out and patted him on the head. Jimmy then
witnessed something which had not happened prior. The older
monkey pulled the younger down onto the ground and spreading
the younger's legs, dived down onto his cock and began sucking
it with great speed and skill. The little monkey lasted less than a
minute under this attack, and after thrusting himself deeply into
the older's throat, he sat up with a smile wider than any that
Jimmy had ever seen.

Jimmy decided that he knew the reason for the monkey' sudden
good mood and smile. He had been downcast after having to
swallow the older monkey's semen, however, right after the older
sucked him off, everything was all right again, and all was
forgotten. It seemed that a blow job in return was enough to wipe
out cumming in his mouth.

Jimmy realized that in the monkey world sexual fair play was not
common. The older male was the dominate partner in sex, be it
with a female or another male. The younger and lesser ranking
males were slaves to the older's wishes. If the older used a
younger's mouth or ass for sex, that was a fact of life, and
nothing could be done about it.

The dominant male fucked his partner's mouth or ass to his
pleasure, and was never expected to give in return, nor did he ever
do so. For the older monkey to have sucked the younger's penis
was a momentous act, rising the younger, at least in the eyes of
the older to an equal social position. It was unheard of in the
monkey world, even among homosexual or "boy"-loving males,
but the younger had been sucked.

The remainder of the daylight hours were spent with the three
friends sucking each other, sometimes separately, and sometimes
together as a group. Jimmy introduced the little monkey to sixty-
nine, ad they were occupied with this for quite some time. The
younger monkey sucked the older to several more climaxes, each
time swallowing the older's semen without question. Afterwards
he would lie back, spread his legs, and await the older monkey's
blow job. All in all, it was a pretty good afternoon.

When darkness came, Jimmy was not sure what would occur. He
wasn't sure if his older friend would spend the night, or if the
younger would be included as well. The animals were still a little
on edge from the boys being on the island, however, they seemed
to be a little calmer than they had previously had been.

Jimmy's hopes vanished when the older monkey got up and
headed towards the door. The younger began to follow, however,
the older stopped and grunted something to him. The younger
turned, looked at Jimmy, and then looked back at the older again.
Finally he turned and returned back to Jimmy, climbing into his
lap and wrapping his arms around his neck.

Jimmy's older friend disappeared from the hut, and after about a
half hour he did not return, Jimmy understood that he had left him
with the younger monkey for the night. Jimmy decided that the
older monkey had left the younger with Jimmy so that Jimmy
could complete his sexual education. Jimmy had found it a little
strange that no fucking had taken place that day, as it had been a
usual occurrence when the younger monkey was not there.

Jimmy realized that his friend was leaving ass fucking up to him,
and that he was leaving him to do the teaching. Jimmy also
realized that his friend had left probably because he would have
never allowed the younger to fuck him in return, or could he allow
the younger to see Jimmy fuck him.

Eventually the little monkey began to relax, and the two laid side
by side kissing and caressing each other. Jimmy flipped the little
monkey into a sixty-nine, and with a little stretching, which was
no problem for the youngster, they wrapped their lips around each
other's cocks. After a while Jimmy began to pay attention to the
youngster's marble size balls, and with a little encouragement the
youngster followed suit. The two spent the next few minutes
licking and sucking on each other's balls, occasionally teasing
each other's ball sacks with gently nibbles.

When Jimmy's tongue left the monkey's balls and headed south,
the youngster stopped his sucking and laid there, perhaps
wondering what Jimmy was doing licking towards his ass hole.
When Jimmy's tongue touched his anal opening, the little monkey
jumped, and almost scurried away from the boy. Jimmy held onto
him, however, and spread his legs a little further to gain better
access to his anus. Slowly Jimmy licked around the outside of the
youngster's hole. He found it cleaner than he had expected, and
soon had his tongue poking inside of the youngster.

The monkey finally relaxed as he began to be turned on by his ass
being licked and probed by Jimmy's tongue. Soon the little
monkey was pushing his buttocks up against Jimmy's tongue as it
entered further and further into the tight little hole. Jimmy couldn't
believe that the little monkey's asshole was even tighter than his
friend's had been when he first fucked him. Over the time that the
two friends has spent fucking each other, both of their asses
loosened up a bit, and it was easier to penetrate each other. The
younger monkey's ass, however, seemed to be three times as
small and tight as his older friend's had been, and Jimmy began to
think that there was no way in which he could fuck him without
hurting him.

Eventually Jimmy coaxed the youngster to lie on his stomach, and
by spreading his legs apart, the boy had full access to the
monkey's little asshole. Jimmy took advantage of this by burying
his tongue inside of him. When he thought that the animal was
ready, he began to finger him, starting out with his baby finger,
and gradually working his way up to his pointer. The monkey
was at last able to accept two of Jimmy's fingers, but just so. The
boy thought that there was no way that he could get more than the
head of his cock inside of the little monkey. Jimmy decided,
however, that he would get in as much as he could, and then he
would masturbate himself while inside of the monkey's ass. That
seemed as if it would be fun.

Imitating what he had seen on the beach, Jimmy moved his penis
around until he could put it into the monkey's mouth. The animal
accepted the penis without question, even though they were in a
strange position. The little monkey sucked eagerly on the boy for
a few minutes until Jimmy pulled his penis out of his mouth.
Jimmy almost laughed as the monkey looked longingly at the
boy's penis as it disappeared from sight. Jimmy loved it, the
monkey had become cock crazy.

Returning his attention back to the monkey's back side, Jimmy
lowered his head a bit, and let some of his spit dribble on to the
monkey's hole. Using a finger he rubbed the spit around the hole,
and gently pushed his finger into the anal opening, allowing some
of the spit to enter as well.

Having the monkey properly lubricated, Jimmy positioned himself
and rubbed his penis up against the outside of the monkey's anus.
At first the little animal laid there as the boy rubbed up against
him, but all of a sudden it seemed as if he understood what was
about to take place, and he began to struggle. Every monkey, no
matter how young, has witnessed fucking. Some of the males
have also witnessed other young males being ass fucked by horny
adolescents or adults, and the young monkey probably
remembered that most of them squawked with pain while being

Jimmy wasn't able to hang onto the monkey, and it got out from
under him. The monkey sat a few feet away from Jimmy with a
terrified look on its face. Jimmy could see that they monkey was
looking towards the opening of the hut, and was trying to figure
out how to get around the boy.

Jimmy lunged forward and caught the animal before it could
respond. Following the lead of his older friend, he grunted in a
disgusted tone, and backhanded the youngster, however, making
sure that it wasn't too hard. The monkey rolled onto the floor, and
then looked up at the boy with even more fear in his eyes. Jimmy
reached out and grabbed the monkey's legs and pulled him closer
to him. The monkey looked as if it were ready to bite the boy, and
so Jimmy raised his hand and grunted once again. The monkey
cowered, and only resisted slightly as Jimmy grabbed him again
and laid him on his stomach on the ground. Holding him tightly
Jimmy positioned his cock at the monkey's ass and began to apply
pressure. The monkey chirped with surprise and pain when the
head of the boy's penis passed through his opening.

The monkey then relaxed and Jimmy thought that he had resigned
himself to the fact that he was going to get fucked anyway, so
why fight it. He released his grip on the monkey so that he could
better position himself to fuck. That was the boy's mistake, as the
monkey rolled out from under him, and before Jimmy could
recover, the animal ran out of the door and crawled off through
the opening. Jimmy knew that there was no way that he could
catch the youngster once out in the open.

Jimmy laid on his back, his erection pointing up into the air. He
wanted to cry. He was angry. He was angry that the monkey had
escaped, and he was angry at himself for being so impatient. He
had rushed things, and therefore had lost his chance to fuck the
little monkey. He had all night, and if he had taken his time, he
could have ended up fucking him before the night was over. He
decided that he should have probably offered his ass to the
monkey first, and then perhaps the monkey would have been
more responsive to his fucking him.


While Jimmy laid there feeling sorry for himself, he heard a
commotion outside of his hut. A few minutes later the young
monkey came racing into the door and huddled behind the boy.
Jimmy was scared, as he thought that another animal, or perhaps
worse yet, the boys had found them. A few seconds his older
friend came poking through the door, looking angry and
threatening. Jimmy got scared, thinking that his friend was angry
with him for trying to fuck the youngster. It soon became
obvious, however, that his friend was angry with the little guy for
running away and not offering his ass as he should have done.

After a little more arguing and threatening from the older, the
younger came around in the open and lowering himself, presented
his buttocks to the older. The older monkey climbed up on top of
the younger's back and thrust himself against the little monkey's
ass a few times, but there was no penetration. When the older
monkey dismounted and growled at the younger, the little monkey
turned to Jimmy and lowering himself into the same position,
offered him his buttocks as well. Jimmy imitated his friend and
mounted the younger monkey, thrusting himself up against him a
few times. It was difficult to do as Jimmy's erection was rock
hard by this time. Jimmy dismounted and pulled the little monkey
into his arms and began stroking him. When he lowered his lips,
the little monkey wrapped his arms up around Jimmy's neck and
eagerly returned the boy's kisses. The older monkey grunted and
then disappeared back out through the opening.

Jimmy laughed to himself. His friend was standing guard outside
of the hut, perhaps thinking that the younger would try to run
away when threatened with being fucked. The younger monkey
was well aware now that the older was outside of the hut, and so
he decided that he had to make the best of the situation inside.

When Jimmy moved the monkey from his lap, the youngster
dived onto his cock and began sucking it. Jimmy laughed as he
pulled the little monkey from his cock. The little monkey probably
thought that if he sucked the boy off, he would not get fucked.
Little did the monkey know that Jimmy had changed his game
plan. He was going to let the little monkey fuck him first.

Jimmy realized that the little monkey had probably never fucked
before, so he would have to be shown how to do it. That
presented a few problems, however, Jimmy realized that he could
best demonstrate by fucking himself on the youngster's cock.

Laying the little monkey on his back, Jimmy spread his legs and
began sucking his cock. A few minutes later and the youngster
had a raging hard on. Jimmy decided that it would be fairly easy
now to accomplish his goal. Straddling himself over the monkey's
body, he reached under and took hold of the little penis. He
lowered himself until he felt the monkey's cock up against his
hole. After a few tries the penis would not go in, and so Jimmy
spit into his hand and rubbed it onto his hole and onto the
monkey's cock. Trying once again, the monkey's cock slipped
easily into the boy's rectum, and Jimmy swallowed the monkey's
cock whole.

It took no effort to plant himself firmly on the small tool, and once
there Jimmy squeezed his buttocks together a few times to
heighten the monkey's pleasure. The little monkey laid wide eyes
under the boy, his body shuddering. Jimmy began to move himself
up and down on the monkey's small shaft, each time he lowered
himself, resting his buttocks against the monkey's groin.

After a few minutes it was obvious that the monkey had
understood, as he began to thrust back in response. Jimmy got off
of him, and lying on his back, he pulled his legs up into the air,
exposing his anus for the youngster to see. The little monkey
looked at the offering lustfully, and with erection in hand, moved
towards the boy. After a few false starts, where the monkey
slipped out of the boy's anus, he found himself planted firmly
inside, and he began to fuck the boy with hard and rapid thrusts.

Almost as soon as it started, it was over. The little monkey tensed
up, pushed his little cock in as far as it would go, and came.
Jimmy could feel the little penis pulsating, and with the shuddering
of the monkey's body, he knew that it was a good orgasm for
him. Jimmy squeezed his anal muscles against the monkey's
cock, each time feeling the animal shudder, until finally he felt the
tiny organ deflate and slip out of his hole. Jimmy noticed that even
though the youngster had a small cock, his asshole as a little sore
when he pulled out. Jimmy explained that as the youngster's
inexperienced and impassioned fucking.

Jimmy was happy now that his fuck was over. From the look on
the young monkey's face, it was obvious that he knew what was
coming next. Jimmy smiled seductively at the younger monkey,
and then reached over and rolled him onto his stomach. It was
time. Jimmy lowered his head and gave the monkey a through ass
licking, making sure that plenty of spit was left over in and around
the young animal's cock. As he did before when he tried to fuck
the young animal, Jimmy positioned his cock so that it entered the
youngster's mouth, and after a few minutes of sucking, he pulled
out and repositioned himself so that he was at the entrance of the
monkey's ass.

Slowly, but surely, Jimmy began to apply pressure. He felt his
dick begin to move against the monkey's ass, and he knew that in
a matter of moments he would be inside, or at least as far as he
could go.

The monkey wiggled around a bit with discomfort as the boy's
larger penis tried to penetrate his smaller hole. After a few more
minutes of downward pressure Jimmy felt the head of his dick
slide into the monkey's ass. Jimmy held tightly onto the
youngster, not wanting to loose him again at the moment of
penetration. Although the youngster whimpered under him, he did
not try to pull away. It seemed as if he decided that fair was fair,
one fuck for another.

Jimmy began to slide down into the monkey's rectum, hardly able
to believe the level of tightness and warmth that he was feeling.
Jimmy didn;t ever remember being inside something so tight,
however, he realized that his memories were limited. Finally
Jimmy felt as if he were entirely inside and reached down to feel
around the monkey's ass. He was surprised to find that he was
only about halfway there. With one huge effort, he grabbed tightly
onto the monkey and thrust himself deeply inside. The monkey
jumped and yelped at the same time, however, he laid there taking
all that the boy had to offer. Jimmy felt himself slide in the final
few inches, and was in heaven. He knew that if he moved at that
point, or if he even breathed, he could cum right then and there.
He laid on top of the monkey's body motionless, which the young
monkey was grateful for, as it gave him a chance to get use to the
giant invader.

Jimmy finally felt assured that he would cum at once anymore,
and so he began to withdraw his penis. The monkey looked
around hopefully, thinking that the boy might have already cum,
but his luck was not so good, for just as Jimmy was almost all the
way out of the youngster's ass, he thrust again deeply inside.
Jimmy continued this for several moments until the monkey's ass
began to stretch and become able to accommodate the large

Once Jimmy felt the monkey's ass begin to loosen up, he knew
that it was time, and so he began to thrust away with a little more
speed and force. He was enjoying this fuck immensely, and he
wanted it to continue for as long as possible.

Just when things began to feel a little too good, Jimmy changed
positions, pulling the monkey up to a squatting position, and
fucking him much like he would be fucked by another monkey.
The two continued their fuck in this position for a little while, until
Jimmy was ready to change and he rolled the monkey onto his
back. Raising the youngster's legs into the air, he thrust his penis
into the little ass and began to buck away. This position seemed
the most uncomfortable for the animal, and so Jimmy changed
quickly, grabbing the monkey up in his arms, and getting onto his

Supporting the monkey at neck and buttocks, Jimmy pushed his
cock into him as he had seen the older boy do on the beach. This
position seemed more comfortable for both, and so Jimmy used
this for quite some time, alternating back and forth between
thrusting and standing still and moving the youngster's body back
and forth over his cock.

Eventually Jimmy was tiring and knew that he could not last any
longer. He had one more position to try, and he wanted this to be
the one that he came in. Lying down on his back, he raised the
monkey up and positioned him down over his cock. Carefully he
guided the youngster down so that his cock head speared the now
tender behind of the little monkey.

Jimmy guided the youngster up and down a few times, and then
released him to see if he got the idea. Eventually, after a few more
demonstrations, the young monkey began to understand, and he
began to slowly fuck himself up and down on the boy's cock.

Jimmy reached up and began masturbating the youngster, and this
caused him to thrust himself up and down faster, and thus caused
Jimmy to approach climax even faster. Within a few seconds of
each other, the pair reached their climax and shuddered for
moments afterwards in orgasm.

Totally spent they rested in each other's arms. Throughout the
night, until they could finally not stay awake any longer, they
alternated back and forth fucking each other, each one taking his
time with different positions. By morning, when the pair awoke,
their asses were extremely sore. Jimmy had woke with an urge to
fuck his little friend again, but when he felt the soreness in his
own ass, he realized that the monkey's ass must feel much like
his, and so he forgot about fucking.

After a quick breakfast of fruit, Jimmy took the young monkey
into his arms and headed off towards his favorite stream and pool
to bathe. He decided that he was going to introduce the youngster
to the pleasures of taking a bath. He figured that the cool water
might also help calm the burning sensation in his tender ass hole.

When they reached the pool, both froze silently, listening to
sounds coming from beyond the bushes. Jimmy stuck his head
through just enough to see, and what he saw alarmed him. In his
pond were three small boys from the beach. As the raised and
lowered themselves into the water, Jimmy realized that they were
not the older boys, they were the little ones.

None of the three boys looked older than seven or eight, as a
matter of fact, he decided that they were just barely past the
toddler stages. Jimmy did not want to expose himself, however,
he wanted badly to go into the water and play with these children.
It would be his first real contact with other human beings in a long
time, how long he was not certain.

Jimmy decided to play it safe, figuring that where there were little
boys, there would be older ones not far behind. Pulling back
through the bushes, he quickly headed back for his hut, hoping
that none of the boys would discover its secret entrance.

Jimmy decided that it would be safer to stay inside until he was
sure that the coast was clear. That signal would probably be
delivered by his older friend coming to visit. Jimmy decided that
he would pass the time sex playing with his new little friend, and
so he pulled the youngster into his arms and wrapped him in a
sixty-nine. Boy and animal leisurely sucked each other's dicks,
pausing and playing, neither in a hurry to climax. Some fifteen
minutes later they finally shared their orgasms, deeply planted in
each other's mouths.

About noon, Jimmy was startled by a sound coming through the
bushes. At first he was alarmed, because the sound was louder
and more careless than he had heard it before. He relaxed,
however, when his friend's head appeared through the narrow

Jimmy's mouth hung open in surprise, however, when being
drug behind the older monkey, Jimmy saw a young boy, a human
boy. The boy was crying when he came into the room, but
suddenly stopped when he saw the naked white boy. He couldn't
believe his eyes for a moment. The boy seemed confused as he
looked the strange white boy over. The little boy's eyes rested on
Jimmy's penis and his confusion was clear. Jimmy was
circumcised, the only one in the hut to be so cut. The boy had
never seen a white boy before, let alone one with no skin over his
penis. The little boy was so shocked, he stopped his crying, and
just stood staring at Jimmy.

Jimmy got a good chance to look the little boy over. He didn't
look to be much older than five, however, he couldn't be certain.
He figured that the boy could be anywhere between five and

The boy had a chocolate-brown body, with Caucasian features.
He had straight black hair, which hung fairly long down over his
neck. He had large brown eyes, and full dark lips. The boy's skin
looked baby smooth, and on his chest Jimmy could see two small
dots, surrounded with a slightly darker circle, representing the
child's breasts. The boy had an inward-type belly button, and his
pubes were small and hairless. Hanging halfway down the pubes
was a small uncut penis, complete with a tiny sack which looked
to be empty. The boy had long smooth legs, and feet quite big
considering his size.

Not able to resist, Jimmy reached out and turned the stunned boy
around so that he could check out the rest of him. The skin looked
as smooth and dark as on his front, and Jimmy noticed a small
compact butt on the child. The child certainly passed Jimmy's
inspection. When the child was turned around once more, his eyes
widened as he saw Jimmy's erection sticking up from his groin.
The boy backed away a bit, knowing what a bigger boy with an
erection meant. Jimmy smiled at the boy and began to talk to him
with soft and gentle tones. It became apparent after a few
moments that the boy did not speak English. As the boy began to
feel more comfortable, he began to babble in a language which
Jimmy had never heard.

Jimmy decided that either the boy was lost and had been found by
his friend, or that his friend had went out looking and had
kidnapped the little boy for him. Either idea was possible, and
Jimmy began to wonder. When he looked to his friend, he was
met with a smile and saw the friend's hard on plainly. Glancing in
the direction of the younger monkey, it was obvious that he
shared in everyone's assessment, as he to was standing tall.

The little brown boy looked scared as he looked around and saw
everyone in the hut, human and animal, staring at him with
erections. The little boy visibly swallowed. He knew what he was
in for, and he wasn't sure how he should deal with it.

Jimmy decided that it was time to see what treasures the little boy
possessed. He gently pulled the little boy over to him and guided
him as he sat him down. Jimmy pulled on the boy's shoulders and
laid his head down onto his lap. Slowly he began to rub and
caress the little boy's upper body. The boy had skin of silk, which
did nothing to lessen Jimmy's erection which was poking the
small boy in his back.

Jimmy reached down and cupped the boy's penis and testicles. It
was a soft little velvet tube and bag. Jimmy felt around in the
boy's scrotum and when rubbing the skin together, felt two pea
size testicles inside. After a minute or so of rubbing the boy's
cock between his fingers, the boy popped an erection to make it

Jimmy lovingly ran his fingers up and down the length of the little
boy's penis. He was pleased to see that the boy was larger than he
expected. His penis was about the size of his baby finger, both in
length and width.


Without much protest, the little boy rolled over onto his stomach
when guided. This placed the boy's mouth directly onto Jimmy's
groin. As Jimmy ran his hands over the boy's buttocks, admiring
their shape, firmness, and beauty, he felt first a hot breath, and
then a wetness against his cock. Only seconds longer and he felt
himself being sucked into the boy's mouth.

The little boy was well trained. When his mouth ended up
anywhere near a penis he sucked. He took about half of Jimmy's
length into his mouth, and then as he wet it down with his saliva,
he lowered his head further until his lips met the boy's pubes.
Jimmy shuttered with pleasure. Twice in two days youngsters had
swallowed his cock as if it were nothing.

As Jimmy continued to stroke the little boy's buttocks, the boy
increased his sucking motions, until his head was visibly bobbing
up and down in the older boy's lap. Jimmy parted the boy's
buttocks, and instead of the usual tight little opening that he had
witnessed on the younger monkey, and had hoped for on this
boy, he saw a small hole appear, which began to widen by itself.
Jimmy wet one of his fingers and placed it up against the boy's
now gaping hole. Jimmy's finger was sucked into the boy's
rectum as if it were a vacuum cleaner.

While the little boy sucked Jimmy's dick, Jimmy fingered the
boy's hole, eventually working two and then three fingers up
inside. The boy moaned a bit, but Jimmy wasn't sure that it was
from pain.

Jimmy decided that he didn't want to cum in the boy's mouth, but
in his ass, and so he guided him off onto his belly, and then bent
down to rim the boy's ass. Jimmy found that his tongue entered
the boy's ass as easily as his finger did. He did notice, however,
that the boy retained great muscle control, and that he could
squeeze objects inside of his anus.

All of this was a little too much for Jimmy to deal with, and so
after spreading a little saliva onto his cock to aid in intercourse, he
climbed on top of the boy, sunk fully inside of him, and then
began fucking the boy with great passion and glee. Although
loose at his anal opening, the boy's rectum fit like a glove and the
little boy knew how to bump and grind his little bottom to produce
the maximum pleasure. Whoever taught this little boy how to fuck
had done a good job. Jimmy spent himself three times in the little
boy's ass before he finally rolled off of him. He pulled the little
boy on top of him and brought his lips to the boy's. The little boy
kissed as if it were the most natural thing in the world to do with
an older boy. As their lips parted, the little boy smiled at Jimmy.
Jimmy shook his head in disbelief. He had fucked the little boy's
ass off three times without stopping, yet the boy was lying there
with him smiling like nothing had ever happened. Jimmy had
considered fucking the boy for a while and then turning him loose
so that he could return to his people, but while holding him in his
arms and caressing his little body, he wasn't sure that he could do
it. He wanted the little boy for his own. He wanted to have blow
jobs and fucks at leisure with a human boy, a little boy like the
one that snuggled up against him.

While Jimmy was lost in his daydreams about life on the island
with his monkey friends and his own little boy, the child resting
ontop of him fell asleep. As Jimmy became aware again of where
he was, he noticed the boy's hot breath against his chest. He
wrapped his arms tightly around the little boy and settled in for a
nap himself.

Jimmy was vaguely aware of the monkeys as he slipped off to
sleep. His last vision was of the older monkey entering the anus
of the younger, the little monkey bent over in a submissive
posture to allow the older in. Finally, Jimmy thought to himself,
my friend is fucking his little monkey friend.

Jimmy awoke a few hours later, and was startled at first to see
himself alone in the hut. He first thought that the boy had been a
dream, however, just as he stirred, the little boy came bouncing
into the opening of the hut. He reached his hand to his lips as if to
quiet Jimmy and then pointed out towards the jungle. In a few
seconds Jimmy heard the sounds of other boys, speaking in alien
tongues. They were close to the hut, but they had not seen it, nor
its opening.

The little boy, instead of running away to his friends, was hiding
in the hut with him. Jimmy smiled widely, and opened his arms to
the little boy. The boy looked towards the door once more and
then smiling in return, flew into the older boy's arms.

The boy's lips met, and at once both were kissing as if they had
been long-time lovers. Jimmy explored every inch of the little
boy's mouth, while the boy explored his. Finally, with both boys
erect, Jimmy laid the little boy down onto his back and began
kissing and licking him on his neck and then his chest. Jimmy
spent a considerable amount of time on each of the boy's nipples,
managing to get both of the erect.

Rolling the little boy once more onto his back, Jimmy lowered his
head down to between the boy's buttocks and tungued his anus,
making sure that he left enough saliva there to serve his purposes.

With little effort Jimmy entered the youngster, and quickly began
to thrust in and out of the boy's body. Whereas the boy had laid
motionlessly on prior fuckings, this time he began to buck back
up against the boy, and Jimmy could feel him squeezing his anal
muscles against his cock. Slowly the boy began grinding and
wiggling his hips against his cock, until not able to stand it any
longer, Jimmy lunged deeply inside of the boy and shot his
invisable load.

Jimmy thought that it was barzen to be fucking the little boy,
while all around his hut the older native boys strolled around,
perhaps themselves looking for the little boy. The thought of
fucking the little boy while his friends looked for him somehow
pleased him.

Pulling out of the boy's anus, Jimmy rolled him over onto his
back and began blowing him. It was the first time that he had
really blown the boy, and so he settled down and began to
leasurely suck on the child's penis. It was obvious that the little
boy enjoyed it, as not only was he rock hard, he was thrusting
himself upwards into the older boy's mouth.

After about a half dozen climaxes the little boy went limp, and
Jimmy noticed that all was quiet around his hut. The older boys
had not found him or his hiding place, and he was safe inside with
his young boy.

Jimmy decided that if the little boy wanted to, he would live there
with him, just the two of them, save for their monkey friends.
Thinking about his monkey friends, Jimmy realized that he had
not seen either of them for some time. He decided that the older
boys must have scared them away. For the remainder of the day
Jimmy stroked, caressed, and fucked the little boy to his pleasure.
Not once did the boy refuse to accept Jimmy's penis in either his
ass or mouth, and each time Jimmy entered the child's anus, the
boy reacted as if it were the first time, and squeezed, wiggled, and
bounced to give Jimmy greater pleasure.

Around sunset Jimmy decided that both of them needed a bath,
and that they would have to make a trip to the nearby trees and
shrubs to find fruit and berries for a meal. The little boy followed
Jimmy eagerly as they set off looking for food. Having found
their fill of food, the two boys headed off to the stream with a little
pond to bathe. While Jimmy seriously tried to wash the little boy,
the child responded as all children do when in water, and he
played around making Jimmy's job even more difficult.

After eating a rather filling meal, the little boy took Jimmy by the
hand and indicated that he wanted to take him somewhere. For the
next ten minutes Jimmy was lead by the little boy throught the
jungle. The child might have been little, but he certainly seemed to
know where he was going.

After a while the boys came upon a small clearing. The boy once
again placed his fingers to his lips, as he had done in the hut,
seemingly signalling Jimmy to be quiet.The little boy lead Jimmy
around the clearing to another much larger one.

When they peeked out through the underbrush, Jimmy saw that
they were at the camp of what seemed to be the early teen age
boys. There were about fifteen boys mulling around the area.
They were all between eleven and thirteen, and all of them were
naked. Jimmy's eyes feasted over the bodies of the boys, wanting
very much to go out and become friends with them. He was
stunned with the physical beauty of most of the boys.


After about ten minutes of little to no activity, an older boy of
about fifteen entered the camp area of the younger boys. In tow he
had a child who looked even younger and smaller than the boy
with Jimmy. The older boy grunted something to the little boy,
and the child went over to the fire and sat down.

By this time all of the teenage boys had wandered over to where
the older youth was standing. With a few grunts, the teens lined
up, as if they were to be inspected. Jimmy was pleased to see that
inspection was what the older boy had in mind.

The youth walked down to the end of the line and looked the first
boy over, running his hands up and down the boy's body,
throughally caressing the younger boy's genitals. The boy being
fondled quickly sprung an erection. Upon command the younger
boy turned, and the youth inspected his backside, taking each of
the boy's buttocks into his hands.

Turning the boy back around again, the youth pushed downward
on his shoulders, and the teen lowered himself onto his knees.
The teen was well aware of what was commanded of him,
because as soon as he hit his knees, he reached out and took the
youth's penis into his hands.

After a few strokes, the teen opened his mouth and took the
youth's penis deeply inside. For the next few minutes the younger
boy performed fellatio on the older boy, his head bobbing wildly
up and down the youth's penis.

After a few minutes, the youth reached out and stopped the boy,
and then moved on to inspect the next boy. For close to an hour
these inspections continued. They never varied much from the
previous, and each of them ended with the teen on his knees
sucking on the penis of the youth.

When the last boy had sucked the penis of the youth, the older
boy looked them over once more. He walked over to one boy,
who looked to be about eleven. He grunted something to the boy,
and the boy fell out of line. The youth went to another boy of
abour twelve or thirteen, and this boy fell out of line as well.

Both chosen boys were extremely beautiful, perhaps the most
beautiful of all of the boys there. The younger boy was totally
hairless on his pubes, and sported an erection which was thin and
about three inches in length. The second boy had the beginnings
of pubic hair. His penis was fatter than the younger boy's, and
when erect, he reached about four and a half inches. Both boys
had spectacular buttocks, however, the younger of the two had
plump little buttocks that would make even a straight male want to
fuck him.

The youth began to walk off towards the edge of the clearing with
the two boys following him. At the edge the youth laid down on
the ground, followed by the two younger boys. For the next half
hour or so the three boys engaged in sex. First the two boys
sucked the youth's penis and testicles, and then each of the
rimmed the older boy. Both kissed deeply on the mouth when
they were pulled to the youth, and thrashed wildly when the older
boy sucked their penises and testicles, and more so when the
youth rimmed each of them in sucession.

Once the pliminaries were over, the youth arranged both boys on
their stomachs side by side. He placed himself over the buttocks
of the youngest boy first, and with his penis in one fist, he
lowered himself down between the boy's buttocks. It was
obvious that the boy was being entered, as his body tightened,
and he gasped as the older boy forcefully pushed his penis inside.

After about ten or so strokes, the youth removed his penis from
the younger boy, and repeated the same thing with the older one.
For what seemed like forever, the youth alternated back and forth
between the anuses of the two boys. He would stroke himself ten
or fifteen times in one boy and then pull out and stroke himself
inside the other.

Finally when he looked as if he could take no more, he pushed
himself back inside of the youngest boy, and after about two
minutes of intense fucking, he arched his body, lunged forward
one final time, and shot his seed deeply inside the boy's ass.

As the two boys wound down, the third boy went back into the
encampment and brought back a gourd filled with water. First he
washed off the penis of the older youth, then the youngest boy,
and finally his own. When the three boys were clean, they stood
up and headed back towards the middle of the clearing.

The youth made some sort of announcement to the group, and
immediately cheers were heard. There was a lot of back slapping
and the likes, as seemingly the two boys were congradulated by
their friends. When the youth stood and headed towards the edge
of the clearing, heading back the way that he came, the two
younger boys followed. It soon became apparant that the boys had
been selected by the youth, and had left to live with him.

It wasn't until a few minutes later that Jimmy realized that the little
boy was left behind at the camp. He had noticed that all while the
youth was fucking the two boys, it seemed as if the little boy was
being guarded by several of the older ones.

The attentions of the remaining boys turned to the little boy. The
child looked terrified. Quite adbruptly, several boys grabbed the
child, and held each of his arms and legs down to the ground.
Other boys began caressing, and then pinching the child's body.
The little boy began to cry, and then scream, as the boys tortured
him, pinching his tiny nipples, penis, and testicles.

It seemed as if the torture was about to end when the boys
released the child, however, that was not the case. Another group
of boys flipped the child down onto his stomach, and held him
while others slapped his buttocks. The child's screams could be
heard for miles. The boys took turn spanking the little boy for
what seemed to be at least a half hour. Finally they released him
and wandered off away from him for a while.

One by one the older boys returned to where the child was laying.
Each of them caressed the little boy's body, and kissed him deeply
on the lips, talking to him. Each of the boys lowered their heads
into the lap of the child and sucked on his genitals for a few
minutes, and then gently guided the boy's head until he began to
suck them. After a boy would climax, some shooting their cum
into the child's mouth, he would get up and wander away and
another boy would appear.

This continued until each of the boys had sucked and been sucked
by the child. After a few more minutes all of the boys returned to
where the child was now sitting. They sat around him in a circle,
and one or two of them began to talk. After a few minutes it
seemed as if things got heated up, because several of the boys
began yelling at each other.


When all but two boys had backed away from the arguement, all
hell broke loose. The two boys lunged at each other and began to
fight. Jimmy realized that this was no ordinary boy fight. It
looked as if the two boys wanted to kill each other.

The two boys battled each other, causing much blood to fly, until
finally one boy fell to the ground, and then staid there. The winner
went over to the looser, and challanged him to get up. The
defeated boy looked up at the winner and grunted something. The
fight was over, and the looser had admitted his defeat.

More boys appeared with water goards and washed the blood and
dirt from the body of the winner. No one attended to the wounds
of the looser Jimmy noted. After the winner was washed and
cared for, all of the boys returned to the circle surrounding the
little boy.

The winner moved to the middle of the circle, and took the child
onto his lap. For the next few minutes he caressed and stroked the
little boy, while deeply tongue kissing him. When both child and
youth were erect, the older boy turned the little one over and
upside down so that his buttocks were facing upwards.

Spreading the boy's buttocks with his hands, the youth lowered
his mouth to the boy's ass, and began to throughally rim him.
Jimmy noticed that the boy took the older boy's penis into his
mouth and began to suck fevorishly on it. Jimmy decided that the
little boy knew that the older was about to fuck him, and that
perhaps he could save from being fucked if he sucked him off

The little boy did not have the opportunity to suck the older off, as
the youth flipped the child back around, and laid him down on the
ground on his stomach. Spitting into one hand, the youth rubbed
his saliva onto his penis, and then positioned himself so that his
penis was pressed up against the child's anus.

From the scream from the little boy, it was obvious that he had
never been fucked before. The youth drove himself, all in one
stroke, deeply inside of the child's small body. Once there he
remained motionless until the child stopped thrashing around and

The youth began to talk softly to the child, and caress him. Slowly
the youth began to thrust in and out of the child's body, stopping
every now and then, or slowing down when the child was in pain.
Eventually the child began to respond to the boy who was fucking
him. The little boy's body began to buck and wiggle meeting each
thrust down into him.

After a few more minutes the boy was fucking the child easily,
and gasps and pants replaced cries from the child. It was obvious
that the little boy was now enjoying getting fucked by the older

Another boy appeared from behind the pair, and handed the older
boy what looked to be a leather string. The string had been tied off
in a leash-like knot. The older boy took the leash, and without
missing a beat, put it around the neck of the child. Jimmy could
not imagine what the leash was for.

The older boy held one end of the leash in his hand while he
continued to fuck the little boy. Eventually it became obvious that
the older boy was pulling the leash tighter around the child's neck.
Several times the little boy reached up to his neck when the leash
became too tight. Each time this happened the youth would release
it a little.

Once again the child reached up for his neck, however, this time
the youth did not release his grip, he tightened it. The boy began
to gasp, and he began to fight against the older boy who was
fucking him and strangling him at the same time.

The boy's arms were wagging around wildly and reaching for his
neck, trying to get the string off of him. The older youth laid
heavier on the boy and pulled all the more tighter on the cord
around the child's neck. The child's body began to spasm, and
then convulse, however, the youth did not let up on the string.

Holding the child firmly down to the ground, the youth began to
fuck him faster and harder. Just as the child gasped his last breath,
the youth tensed up and lunged deeply inside of the little boy,
cumming inside of him. The child was within seconds of his
death, and his body convulsed wildly under the older boy. The
older boy moaned and groaned in extascy as the child's anus
continued to spasm around him. Jimmy could not believe his
eyes. The older boy had just killed the child while he was fucking

Eventually the boy got off the child's body. Jimmy could see that
the child had moved his bowels when he had died. The older
boy's groin was covered with the boy's feces, as well as what
looked like blood.

Several boys appeared with water goards and washed the mess off
the body of the older boy. Several other boys washed the dead
child's buttocks off. What followed was even harder for Jimmy to

One by one the other boys laid down on top of the dead child and
fucked him in his ass. Several boys returned for seconds, and one
or two for thirds. After the orgy of fucking the dead child was
over, the boys wandered away from the body, leaving it lying
where the child had died.

Jimmy looked over to his young friend. The child had tears
running down his face and he was trembling. Jimmy hugged the
child to him trying to soothe him. Jimmy was sure that the boy
had known this child, and the shock of seeing that happen to the
child must have been great.

Just when Jimmy was about to pull the child away and leave,
several boys returned to the dead child. They had pictures of
water, and carefully they washed the child's body. The boys then
picked the child up and moved him closer to the fire.

The boy who had killed the child appeared with a knife in his
hand. Before Jimmy's eyes, the youth began to slice into the
child's body. Jimmy thought that he was going to be sick. The boy
worked expertly gutting the child. When the insides of the child
had been removed, another boy took them off to be buried in the
sand. Another boy appeared with a stick which had been
sharpened to points.

Two other boys appeared with small trees which had a v between
the branches, and put one of them on each side of the fire. Jimmy
suddenly understood what was about to take place, however, he
could not believe it. It was not until the sharpened stick had been
thrusted up the child's anus and out from his neck, that Jimmy
believed it.

They were going to cook and eat the dead child. They had killed
him so that they could eat him. Feeling sick, Jimmy grabbed the
little boy by the hand and began to move away from the horror.
Just as they were about to leave the area Jimmy glanced back one
more time. The boys had lifted the child's body and placed it over
the fire on the spit. They were cooking the child's body.

Jimmy hurried back to his hut as fast as he could go. Once inside
he sat shaking, holding the little boy to him, unable to think of
anything other than what he had seen take place in the jungle.

Jimmy fell to sleep with the boy in his arms, unable to even
consider making love with the child before they slept. The shock
of what he had seen was too much for his young mind to process.
He fell to sleep, to a much troubled sleep.

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The next morning the two naked lovers woke in each other's
arms. Jimmy laid there holding the young brown boy, thinking
about what they had witnessed the previous night. He could not
understand why they had killed and then eaten the boy. The
thought that the older boys were cannibals was very scary to him.
He relaized that now, more than ever, he would have to avoid
them. If they were to find him, a lone white boy, they might look
at him as if he were dinner as well.

Jimmy caressed the small sleeping boy, wondering if he were
meant as a meal, as well as a sexual play toy for the older youths.
If he were, Jimmy was happy that he had "kidnapped" the boy to
save him from that fate.

Feeling a little horny, Jimmy lowered his head to the boy's chest
and began sucking on the child's tiny breasts. After a few minutes
of alternating back and forth between the tiny dots, they were both
erect, and the child woke from his sleep. At first the boy was
startled, however, when he remembered where he was, he smiled
and ran his hands down over Jimmy's hair.

With this encouragement, Jimmy began to lick lower, quickly
working his way over the boy's cute brown stomach. When he
reached the pubes, Jimmy began to suck a little slower and more
determined. The boy, he discovered, loved to be sucked. He
could lay there for hours while Jimmy sucked him. That was fine
with Jimmy as well, because he loved sucking the boy as well.

After a few minutes of serious sucking on the child's penis, he felt
the boy begin to struggle. At first he could not understand what
was going on. When he let up on the child, however, the young
boy repositioned himself so that he could suck his older friend's
penis as well. Jimmy sighed happily as they sucked each other

After the boys had sucked to their fill, the little boy smiled at
Jimmy, and rolled himself into a little ball, pulling his legs
upwards to his chest. Through his legs, his face in line with his
little dick, the boy smiled widely at the older boy.

Jimmy smiled back at the child. He was requesting his second
favorite activity, having his backside licked. During the time that
Jimmy had been with the child, he had spent a great amoung of
time with his tongue up his tight little bottom. Jimmy did not mind
this, as he loved to rim the little boy. The way that the kid
squeezed his rectum while his tongue was in there was wild.

After Jimmy had rimmed the boy for a few minutes, the child
started saying something to him. As usual, Jimmy could not
understand it. Jimmy decided that if the boy were going to stay
with him, they had to learn to understand each other.

Jimmy got the message a few seconds later, when the boy took
his finger, pointed it at his opening, and made several jabbing
motions towards it. The boy was asking to be fucked. This
pleased Jimmy greatly, because all of the times that he had fucked
the boy before, he had been the aggressor. The child had allowed
himself to be fucked, however, he never had made any indication
like he wanted it to happen.

Jimmy spit into his hand, and rubbed it around his hard-on.
Moving up behind the boy, he placed the tip of his erection at the
boy's opening, and then looked up at the child questiongly, like
asking, "Is this what you want?"

The little boy smiled widely at Jimmy, and he had his answer.
Moving forward a little more, Jimmy placed his penis firmly at the
boy's backside. Giving a little push, he felt the tip penetrate the
tight little opening. He heard the boy grunt a little as he began to
slide inside of him, and so he slowed down a bit to make it more
comfortable for him.

Jimmy realized that he could fuck the little boy as hard as he
wanted, because there was no one around to punish him if he hurt
the kid. He did not want to hurt the little boy, however, he wanted
him to like being fucked.

Jimmy sighed with pleasure as his penis slid in and out of the
boy's rectum. The kid was certainly tight, and he knew how to
wiggle and squeeze against him. The boy was able to loosen
himself enough to easily accept the prodding penis in his

Jimmy fucked the little boy for about ten minutes. Every time that
he felt like he was going to cum, he stopped and waited until it
passed. Even though he could probably last for several fucks
without stopping, he wanted the first to be the best.

He pulled out of the boy, and rolled him over onto his stomach.
He wanted to lay on top of the boy while he fucked him. He
enjoyed this position more than any other. The feeling of the
boy's warm and smooth body under him, and that great feeling of
his bouncy buttocks as he plowed down into him, was delightful.

In their new position, the little boy was able to perform more
himself, and he began a pattern of wiggles and squeezes which
drove Jimmy to the brink of cumming. Just when Jimmy decided
that he was going to cum, he remembered another position that he
would like to fuck the boy in.

He remembered that the position was a lot of fun, and that it felt
real good, but as always, he could not remember how he knew
this, or when he had ever fucked in that position before.

Pulling out of the little boy, he laid on his back. He pulled on the
little boy, until he got the idea, and the child climbed on top of
him. Jimmy helped the boy, by positioning him over his hard-on,
and held him up a little. Jimmy placed his penis at the opening of
the boy's rectum, and then slowly began to push down.

It took the boy a moment to realize what was required of him.
When he figured it out, he smiled at his older friend, and began to
lower himself down onto the erection. Jimmy guided the boy's
hips for a few seconds, up and down on his penis. The boy
smiled, knowing what he had to do, and so Jimmy let go of him.

Jimmy smiled. The boy did know what he was suppose to do.
Starting out slowly, the child began to move his body up and
down on Jimmy, each time moving his anus on and off of the
boy's penis. Once he became accustomed to the position, the little
boy settled down and began fucking himself quite nicely. Jimmy
laid back and closed his eyes. He had a huge smile on his face. It
felt wonderful to lay there and feel the boy's ass fucking itself on
his dick.

Jimmy's climax was powerful and long. Afterwards, Jimmy
rolled over onto his stomach, parted his buttocks, and smiled
around his shoulder at the child. The little boy stroked his penis,
rubbed some of his saliva on it, and climbed on top of his older
friend. Finding Jimmy's hole, he shoved his little erection inside
of the older boy, and roughly fucked away.

Jimmy grimaced a little as he felt the child stabbing inside of his
anus. After a few seconds, however, it didn't feel too bad. He
loved the way that the little boy fucked him. He wasn't gentle in
his fucking, but it didn't matter. He was not big enough to do any
real harm inside of him, outside of a few somewhat painful jabs.

The boys, worn out from their morning sexercise, headed to their
pond to bathe. They laid lasily in the water soaking, occasionally
washing each other. When they had tired of hanging out in the
water, they headed off into the jungle for their breakfast.

After some exploration the boys found enough fruit to make them
happy. After eating a bit of it, the little boy looked up at his older
friend, and began chirping away again in his strange language.
When he realized that his white friend still didn't understand him,
he took his hand and began pulling him along after him.

Jimmy was interested in where the child was taking him. When it
was clear that they were headed for the beach, Jimmy stopped,
holding the boy back. He did not want to take a chance of being
found by the other kids. The boy looked at Jimmy and then
chirped something else, and began pulling harder on his arm.
Jimmy noticed that for a little boy, the kid was very strong.

Once reaching the beach level, Jimmy stopped and looked around
from the cover of the undergrowth. He could not see anyone
around anywhere on the beach. He was a little concerned,
however, and was not sure that he wanted to go there.

With the little boy still pulling on his arm, the boys stepped out
onto the beach. Jimmy relaxed a little when he watched the little
boy look around cautiously as well. The two boys began walking
down the beach. It seemed as if the boy were looking for

After a few minutes, the child jumped, and began chirping again.
Jimmy looked where the child was pointing, but he could not see
anything. The little boy dropped to his hands and knees, and
began digging in the sand. A few seconds later, his hands
reappeared, holding what looked like an oyster. He had an ear to
ear smile on his face.

Jimmy learned quickly, and in no time was spotting the shellfish
himself. In about ten minutes work, the boys had about a dozen of
the creatures. Each boy took about half and headed back into the
jungle. Once they arrived at their "home" again, the little boy
scouted around for two rocks. Once he found the ones that he was
searching for, he brought them inside of their hut.

Placing one on the ground, and holding the other in his hand, the
boy placed one of the shells on the rock, and brought the other
down ontop of it with some force, cracking it open. The boy
expertly removed all of the shell, and extracted the slimy creature
which had lived inside. He held this up to Jimmy with a big smile.

Jimmy looked at the animal with a sick feeling in his stomach. He
knew that it would be good to have other food other than fruit,
however, the prosspect of eating that creture was not pleasant.
The boy relaized what Jimmy was thinking and he giggled.

Opening his mouth, he held the creature up and then let it go into
his mouth with one swift movement. It seemed as if the thing slid
down the boy's throat whole. Licking his lips, he smiled at his
friend, and cracked open another crustation.

Jimmy finally sampled one. It was weird, but tasty. Once he got
over the looks of the creatures which they were popping into their
mouths, the boys settled down for a real breakfast.


With breakfast over, the boys cleaned up the shells, and tossed
them into the bathroom area behind their hut. Jimmy knew that
eventually they would either have to clean their bathroom, or
move their home. He loved this home. It was safe and
comfortable. He decided that they would soon have to find a way
to clean the toilet area, and keep it clean.

With the meal done, and no real plan for the day, Jimmy decided
that they could go play in the pond. He knew that he smelled a
little sweaty, and he liked to be clean. The little boy was a little ripe
himself, however, Jimmy kind of liked him that way. The smell
of little boy was enjoyable to him.

The boys frolicked and swam in their little pond for about an
hour, before finally becoming tired and retreating for the grassy
area off to the side. The children laid down, side by side, and
sunned themselves dry.

Jimmy pulled the little boy close to him and snuggled, enjoying
the warmth of the sun, and the comfort of the boy's smooth body.
Jimmy realized that he was falling in love with the child. He
hoped that nothing happened which would take the child away
from him.

Jimmy's memory began to bother him once again. He half
remembered loving another little boy once, a boy who was very
special to him. He sighed when he could remember nothing more
about it.

Jimmy noticed that more and more he would get little bursts of the
past. It was almost as if he were on the verge of remembering,
when the thoughts would go away again. It was driving him a
little crazy. He hoped that he would, someday, remember all that
there was to remember.

Jimmy looked over at his half-dozing little lover. The boy smiled
up at him sleepily, as Jimmy began to stroke and pet him. Jimmy's
dick began to swell as he ran his hands over the boy's baby-
smooth skin.

Jimmy was horney, and he wanted to feel himself back inside of
the boy's bottom. He was happy that the little boy seemed to
enjoy being fucked. He was not sure if they boy really liked being
fucked that much, or if he did it because he knew that his older
lover enjoyed it so much, but since it did not seem to hurt the boy,
he was happy that he could fuck him whenever he wished.

The boy looked up at Jimmy with questioning eyes. He knew that
something was up. As soon as he looked at his lover's face, he
smiled widely. He knew what the older boy wanted. The little boy
was happy that they had a kind of silent communication with each
other. It was easy to read the feelings of the other.

Jimmy rolled onto his back and encouraged the little boy to sit up
on his stomach. At first the boy was confused as to what he was
suppose to do. Jimmy pulled his head down towards his face and
began kissing him. That was fine with the little boy. He liked to
kiss the big white boy.

Jimmy positioned the little boy's bottom, so that it was resting up
against his erection. With a little further arrangement, he felt the
tip of his boyhood rest up against the boy's puckered opening.

The boy moved back towards the penis a bit as he felt Jimmy push
forward towards his hole. Jimmy sighed as he felt his erection
begin to slide inside of the younger boy. No matter how much he
fucked the boy's bottom, he would never get tired of it. Each time
he penetrated the little boy, it was as if it were the first time all
over again.

Jimmy slid easily inside of his young lover. He was happy that
the boy's rectum had become accustomed to his erection. At first
when he had fucked the boy, his bottom was tight, and entry had
been more difficult. He could feel and see the boy cringe and
shudder when his dick entered him.

Now that the boy was use to being fucked, and he relaxed more
and more during the fucks, there were no problems entering him.
Each entry was as if his dick belonged inside of the little boy.

The two boys worked together for a little while. Jimmy thrust in
and out of the little backside, and the boy moved himself back up
against Jimmy each time that the older boy thrust forward. They
had found a comfortable rhythm which was enjoyable for both of

Once they had their fuck on the way, their lips met once again,
and they began to kiss deeply, enjoying the feelings of their
tongues playing inside each others mouths.

After a while Jimmy decided to try something which he loved. He
took the boy's shoulders and began to push him upwards so that
the boy was sitting on his lap, their bodies still joined.

As the boy sat upright, more of the older boy's dick entered into
him. The little boy gasped once or twice. Jimmy realized that the
position was new, and that he was probably going inside of him
deeper, and at a different angle than he had before. He moved
slowly, wanting the little boy to become use to it before they

Once the little boy was sitting up straight, he was okay. He
wiggled his butt around a little, and giggled. Jimmy could imagine
how this felt to him. Once the older boy was sure that his friend
was use to him again, he began to thrust upwards into his little

The boy sat motionless for a few minutes while Jimmy did the
work. When the older boy grabbed onto the boy's hips and began
moving his body up and down on his erection, the younger boy's
eyes lit up. He finally realized what his role was to be in the fuck.
He would do the work while his big friend laid there and enjoyed

The little boy smiled widely at the boy under him, and began to
hump himself on the big dick planted deep in his bottom. It was a
little awkward at first. The little boy had to learn how to move
around so that it would not hurt him, and so it was enjoyable for
his partner. By the time that Jimmy came, he had it down fairly
pat. Jimmy smiled and pulled the little boy back down onto his

It wasn't too bad for his first time, he thought. He would give the
boy a lot of practice in that position until he was able to fuck like
that as well as he did in other positions.

Jimmy decided that it was time to explore. They needed to gather
some fruit so that they would have something to eat. He also
wanted to check on the other kids on the island. He was a little
uncomfortable having them around. He wanted to make sure that
he knew where they were at all times.

Jimmy shuddered as he remembered the scene which they had
watched that night. He could not understand how someone could
fuck a boy, and then kill, cook, and eat him. His stomach reeled
with the thought of what they had watched. A few tears welled in
his eyes, thinking of the poor little boy who had been murdered in
such a way.

Jimmy realized from watching that scene that the boys were, or at
least could be cannibals. This bothered him a lot. This meant that
they would have to be even more careful that they were not found
by the older kids.

The two boys wandered around their part of the island. All
seemed quiet. They did not hear or see any of the other boys.
While they were walking, Jimmy began to wonder if the little boy
had ever eaten a human being before. He shuddered with the
thought. He decided that he would not think about that. If he did,
it would be difficult to sleep with the boy in the same hut.

The boys gathered fruit and berries, wrapping them into large
leaves which the little boy tore from plants. When their bundles
seemed heavy enough, they headed back to their hut. Once their
food was safely stashed away, they decided to go back out once

The boys could not yet communicate, however, they both knew
where they were going. It was time to check on the others to see
what they were up to.

The boys walked for quite a while, carefully listening to make
sure that no one was around. Eventually they reached the camping
area in which they had found the boys before. They carefully crept
up closer, and looked out from between the tall grass and plants.

Jimmy scanned the area quickly, to make sure that they would not
be spotted, or if they were, they could get away as quickly as

The boy noticed that almost all of the boys were still sleeping.
Scattered around the burnt out camp fire were naked bodies of all
ages and sizes. Mostly the boys were paired older and younger,
however, here and there he noticed two younger boys laying
together, and a few older boys laying with each other.

Off to the side, away from the sleeping boys, were a handful of
little boys who were awake and playing some game. They were
quiet in their play, seemingly fearful of waking the older boys.
From what Jimmy had seen of the behavior of the older boys
towards the younger, he did not blame them.

Glancing over to the right of the fire, Jimmy saw something else
which made him gasp. Sticking out of the sand were five pointed
sticks. Two of them had the heads of little boys stuck on them.
Jamie resisted an urge to throw up. One of the heads he identified
as the boy whom they had watched being murdered. The second
head looked even younger and smaller than the first boy's.

Glancing a little further to the right, Jamie gasped once again.
His gasp must have been loud, because the little boy put his hand
on his arm as to warn him.

There was two "y'ed" sticks poking out of the ground. Into the
y's laid a long pole, and on the pole were the remains of a boy.
The body on the pole looked tiny, even with the portions of it

Like the other boy, the pole was sticking up his backside from one
end, and out of where his neck had been on the other. The body
was positioned so that the front of the child was facing them.
Although distorted by fire, Jimmy could see a tiny shriveled penis
and testicles.


Jimmy had never seen anything like that before in his entire life.
He still could not understand how the boys could do it. He felt the
boy beside him tugging on his arm. The boy obviously wanted to
tell him something, however, they could not understand each
others words. The boy thought for a moment, and then smiled.

Pointing to the sticks in the sand, he raised five fingers. He then
lowered two, looking a little sad as he did. The pointed to the
remaining three fingers, and then closed them down into his little

He opened the five fingers again and then closed them. Once they
were closed, he waived his hand over the boys out in the clearing.
He then pointed off towards the ocean and made movements like a
boat sailing.

The little boy repeated this over a few times until Jimmy finally
thought that he understood. To make sure, Jimmy decided to
mime back to the boy.

He pointed to the sticks and held up five fingers. Two he lowered
and made a motion as if he were eating. He then held up the three,
pointed off towards the little boys and lowered three more fingers
and made motions of eating once again.

He then made a motion of paddling a boat or canoe, motioned to
all of the boys, and then made the boat sign again. The little boy
smiled and shook his head up and down.

Jimmy smiled as he realized that they had "talked" for the first
time. The boys would eat a total of five boys before they left.
Once the fifth boy was eaten, they would leave the island.

Jimmy was still a little curious, and uncertain of one thing. He
pointed to one little boy playing off with the others, and then
motioned to the boy in an eating gesture. He was asking the boy
if that child would be eaten.

He did this several more times, and then repeated it pointing out
other boys, making sure that the child understood his question.
He was trying to find out if there were certain boys already
pre-selected to be eaten.

The little boy watched Jimmy's mime for a few minutes, and then
smiled as he understood what he was asking. The boy shook his
head, and eventually made himself understood. There were no
pre-selected boys. A random choice was made of which boys to
eat. The little boy shuddered as he seemingly thought about this.

Jimmy could understand what the boy was feeling. He knew that
if he were still amongst the boys there, his head could be hanging
on the top of one of the poles.

Jimmy had another question which he wanted to ask, however, he
was not sure if he wanted the answer to it. He knew that he had to
ask it, and so he began the mimes, hoping that the boy's answer
would not make him cry.

Jimmy managed to get through the remaining three boys being
eaten and the boys leaving the island to go back to their home.
Once he reached that point, he pointed to the boy and made two
choices of what he was going to do. One was the boy staying on
the island with him, and the other was him returning with the
other boys.

Jimmy sat holding his breath, as he watched the younger boy
thinking about what was being asked of him. He smiled when he
finally figured it out. Reaching out to hold Jimmy's hand, the boy
pointed to himself, and then to Jimmy. He then pointed to the
ground where they sat.

Jimmy's eyes teared up as he pulled the child to him. The boy was
going to stay on the island with him. Jimmy was so happy that he
could almost deal with the fact that children were being raped,
killed, and eaten. He would have his young lover with him for as
long as they remained on the island.

Jimmy kissed the boy tenderly on the lips, took his head into his
hands, and stared long and hard into his eyes. There was magic
which passed between the two boys during that moment, a magic
which could only pass between two lovers. Jimmy was happy.
He would have his lover for as long as he wanted.

With the discussion complete, the two boys looked back out into
the opening and watched the boys. Over where the little boys were
playing, a few had broken off from the others who were still
playing a game with little stones.

One little boy, who looked to be around eight or nine, stood on
the sand. Another little boy, who looked like he was around
seven, knelt down in front of him. The two boys watching could
not see them enough to see what was actually going on, but from
the motions of the kneeling boy's head, and the smile on the older
boy's face, it was obvious.

The younger boy was sucking the penis of the older. After
allowing the younger boy to suck on his own for a few minutes,
the older boy grabbed onto his head and holding it still, he began
to thrust his penis in and out of the younger boy's mouth. The
little boy did not look like he was having any trouble handling
being fucked in the mouth.

Jimmy glanced over at his lover, and smiled when he saw that
they boy had and erection. The boy's eyes met, and they smiled.
An understanding was reached. When they next played with each
other sexually, they would take turns fucking each other in the
mouth in that manner.

A ways away from the sucking boys, three other boys settled
themselves down onto the ground. One boy rolled onto his
stomach, and a second got on top of him. The top boy fumbled
around for a few minutes until he found his mark, and then he
pushed himself into the rectum of the other boy.

Once the two boys were in motion, the top boy beginning to fuck
wildly into the other, the third boy moved behind the top boy, and
climbed on top of him. The other two boys laid still as the third
fumbled his way around, and then entered the rectum of the top

Once the third boy was in motion, the second boy began to fuck
into the bottom boy as the other fucked into him. Jimmy smiled as
he watched this fuck. He had never experienced this type of
fucking in this manner, but something about it invaded his
memory, causing him to think for a moment that he was about to
remember his past. The thoughts and feeling faded quickly, which
left Jimmy depressed as always.

Jimmy's eyes almost popped out of his head, when he glanced
over the edge of the boy's camp, and saw four boys walking
into the camp area. Obviously, they had been playing outside of
the camping area.

Jimmy's dick jumped when he watched them walk towards the
center of the camp, stop to look at the boys playing the game, the
boys having sex, and then the sleeping boys.

None of the boys looked older than six. They were much smaller
than any of the other boys that he had seen on the island. Between
their legs rested tiny, acorn-like, penises and testicles. Jimmy was
not sure just how old those boys were, but he was certain that
they were no more than toddlers.

When he looked towards his lover again questioningly, he saw that
the boy was smiling at him. The boy had noticed his lover's penis
jump when the little boys appeared. He smiled, thinking that in
matters of sex, his older friend was like the older boys of his
tribe. They would also get hard-ons when the little ones were

Boy sex was nothing new to the boy. In his tribe boys had sex
almost as soon as they learned to walk. Little boys had sex with
other little boys, and with boys younger than them. Older boys
had sex with little boys, and men could have sex with certain
boys, as long as they were not married.

The boy wished that he could explain his way of life to his lover.
He realized, however, that it could not be done with mime. He
knew that he would have to teach the boy his language, learn his,
or both.

On his island, boy sex had been going on for as long as anyone
could remember. In all of their history, there were stories of boy
sex. Boys were, by far, the most popular for sex. Men married
women and produced babies. They were not suppose to have sex
with boys once they were married, but this did not often stop the
ones who had fallen in love with it as boys and young men.

There was strict ranking and dividing of boys on his island. Boys
came of age for sex play when they were eight. Boys eight or
older, up to the age at which they first produced semen, were fair
game to anyone who could "legally" play sexually with boys.

Boys under the age of eight were off limits sexually to boys who
could sperm, with the exception of brothers and relatives, whose
job it was to teach them how to suck penises. The brothers and
relatives, however, were forbidden by taboo to ever penetrate the
boy's rectums with their penises.

Other boys under the age of sperming could freely play with boys
of any age, and there were no prohibitions about fucking the little
boys. Many older sperming boys and men were actually jealous of
the little ones who could freely fuck the little boys who they found
so sexy and erotic.

Once an Island boy turned eight, he would be introduced to sex
with an older male outside of his family. The night of the boy's
eighth birthday, he was taken into a secluded part of the family hut
by his father.

The father would initiate the boy into the ways of an older boy.
The father would spend the night with his son engaging in sex.
Once the son rose, however, sex would never occur between the
two again.


The father would begin the son's initiation by laying him down
onto a grass mat on the floor. The man would then kiss, lick, and
nibble on the child's body, working his way down his chest and
stomach, until he reached his genitals.

The man would then suck his son's penis through several
climaxes, taking time during the process to deal with his testicles
as well.

Once the man showed his son how to make oral love, he would
lay on his back, and tell his son to repeat on his body what he had
done to his.

Most boys eagerly copied what they had been shown. Those boys
would usually race through the foreplay, and get right to sucking
their father's penises. Throughout the island, it was kind of a
negative joke and comment when one would tell another that he
sucked his father's penis. It was a put down. On the night of the
boy's initiation, however, it was a required act.

The boy was required to suck his father's penis, and to make him
ejaculate. The boy was also required to take the man's semen into
his mouth, and then swallow it. Not a drop was to be wasted, or
spilled onto the ground.

Many of the boys drank their father's cum eagerly, believing that
it would help to make them a man, and a strong warrior. Some
boys, however, had to be convinced. If a boy tried to take his
mouth off his father's sperming penis, the man would have to
quickly grab a hold of the boy's head to make sure that he kept it

If the boy gagged, spat out, or vomited the father's sperm, he
would have to repeat it over and over again that night, until he got
it right.

Some boys were not so interested in having sex with their fathers,
or with anyone else, and it was with these boys that problems

Besides the mats on which they laid, the father traditionally
brought a long piece of bamboo. This bamboo was brought to
deal with sons which were difficult.

If a boy refused to participate in his initiation, the father would be
required to beat his buttocks with the bamboo until he complied. If
a boy spilled his father's semen, or refused to swallow it, he was
to be beaten.

Come morning, if a boy had not accomplished a willing
swallowing of his father's sperm, he was an outcast. By tribal
law, a father could not lie about his son's refusal or inability to
swallow his semen.

Such a boy would be out-casted by the tribe. No one would feed,
shelter, or care for him. He would become lower than a dog. He
would also become fair game for anyone who wanted to use him,
in any way in which they felt.

These out-casted boys could be raped by anyone who wished to do
so. They could be tortured and abused by all, including girls and
women, however, they could not be harmed or maimed.

The smart outcasts ran away and left the tribe to save from this
torture, but most of the boys which had been out casted, having no
where else to go, stayed and lived through the torture. Whenever a
sacrifice was needed to appease something which had gone
wrong, these boys were the first to go.

After the son learned how to suck a man's penis, and swallow
semen, it was time for the second lesson. The father would roll
his son over onto his stomach, part his buttocks, and then lick his
anus and probe and loosen him using his tongue and fingers.

This was another thing which was only suppose to occur during a
boy's initiation. Licking the anuses of boys was something which
was seen as taboo in the tribe, and something which could lead to
a great amount of verbal abuse. The lowest of all insults was that
someone was an anus licker.

On son's initiation nights, however, anus licking and full scale
rimming was not only totally acceptable, it was a very important
part of the rite.

In reality, however, much more anus licking went on than anyone
would admit. Little boys licked each others anuses in private
daily. Older boys who would take a younger initiated boy to bed
for the night, would first rim him before fucking him. Older men
rimmed younger boys on a regular basis, and whenever they
could get away with it, boys and men of all ages would secretly
rim the backsides of the youngest toddler boys.

Once the boy was thoroughly rimmed and probed with the
father's fingers, it was time to open him for his first butt fuck.
During the boy's initiation, a father was required to fill his son
with as much of his sperm as he could manage throughout the

When the boy was presented to the tribe the following day, a
newly initiated youth, he would be required to bend and spread
his buttocks to the initiated of the tribe. Semen still seeping from a
boy's backside was a good omen, and brought a great deal of
pride to a father.

Penetration of a boy's anus was suppose to be accomplished dry,
without the aid of any lubricants. Once the father managed to bury
himself totally inside of his son's anus, however, the man could
and usually did, pull out and lubricate himself. This was done as
much for the man's comfort as the son's. Too much dry fucking
could limit the number of time which either could fuck.

The father usually did not experience too much difficulty during
the fucking stage of his son. Unlike the oral stage, if a boy were
to refuse or struggle, all the man had to do was to roll the boy
onto his stomach, hold him down, and rape him.

Since most boys had heard terrible tales of being raped, they were
often cooperative, hoping that they would receive a kinder and
gentler opening.

Sucking of the father's penis, and swallowing of his semen was
only required once during the initiation ceremony, although some
men repeated it frequently during the night because they enjoyed it
so much.

Butt fucking the young son, however, was required as much, and
as often as possible. The next day, when man presented his son to
the tribe as initiated, he was required to brag about how many
times he had filled the boy. This was done as the boy bent to
show his, normally puffy and dripping, anus.

The largest number of fucks by one man in one night was
recorded in tribal history as 22. This claim was made by one of
the past chiefs. Of course, no one would have ever thought of
disputing the claim. On an average 10-12 was the norm.

Once the tribe accepted the child as one of them, he was literally
passed around from man to man. Each man would fondle the
child, and stick a finger into his anus to feel the semen and size
that it was stretched to.

A man, if he were so inclined, could also briefly suck the genitals
of the child, and could also have the child suck him briefly. Since
many of the men would only experience sex play with a boy
during this post initiation party, a lot of sucking took place.

Once the approval stage was over, the child could go to empty his
bowels and clean himself up. He was then left alone to himself to
rest, since he usually did not get any sleep the previous night.

Once sundown came again, however, the newly initiated child
would leave his hut and go off to a prearranged location at which a
mat of grasses had been placed earlier in the day. He would lie
there and wait for his visitors.

For a week after his initiation, a boy would go to this mat each
night and wait for his older brothers and/or cousins. During that
week he would be required to service them as often as they
wanted during the night.

The boy would be required to suck their penises, and swallow
their semen. He was then required to take their penises into their
anuses, and allow them to fuck him as much as they wanted. Only
one older boy would appear at a time, however, when the older
relative left, another would soon appear.

Although not required by tradition, the younger boy would
usually have his penis sucked by the older youth as well, and if
time allowed, and the youth was so inclined, the boy could fuck
him as well.

During this week or brother and cousin love, the older boys were
responsible for taking over where the father left off, teaching the
boy all that there was to making love with boys. Whereas all of
the anal sex between father and son took place with the son on his
stomach and the father on top of him, with the brothers and
cousins, the boy was introduced to all the possible positions in
which boys could be fucked.

At the end of the week of relative instruction, a boy had three days
in which he could freely explore sex with age mates which had
also been recently initiated. The boys were left totally alone during
this stage, and sometimes groups of four or more wrestled on the
grass mats having sex. Nothing was taboo to them, and much
mouth to anus play was engaged in. Some elders of the tribe said
that it was during this time that those who had become "addicted"
to licking young boy's anuses developed that particular love.

After their period of age mate sex play, the boys were officially
over their adult male sex play stage, and were expected to have
their sex play only with those in their own age status group. They
were also no longer to have sex with their brothers.

Over the years, however, taboos had been relaxing, and boys
often had sex with age mates, older youths, relatives, and men.
Some boys entered into a life of semi-prostitution, offering their
mouths and anuses to youths and men in exchange for some favor
or material gain.

Up until the point that the boy could ejaculate, he was free to play
with any uninitiated boy that he wished to. It was at this stage of a
boy's life that he was the object of much jealously. He could
freely have sex with any younger boy he wished, regardless of the
child's age.

Many parents attempted to keep their younger children out of the
reach of these boys, however, few succeeded. If a boy were
isolated too much, he became an object of the boy's desires, and
they would not quit until they had gotten to him.

If parents happened onto their younger son engaged in sex with
one of the yet-to-ejaculate initiated boys, they could not stop the
sex. They had to deal with it. Many parents who were confronted
with one of these boys having sex with their younger sons, would
send an older brother out to where the sex was taking place to
make sure that the child was not being abused.

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