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Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2010 15:00:54 -0600
Subject: Boy Model Coop 2

Boy Model Coop
by: dnrock(


After dark we all stripped and everyone, almost everyone, went for a skinny
dip in the pool. I was surprised at how much butt and crotch action took
place. It seamed that every man and boy groped, kissed and fooled around
with just about everyone else. At some points their were so many in the
water that swimming was not possible, just groping. It was still a lot of
fun. I could see as we got ready to go that a lot of couples were just to
horned up to drive, so they were seeking relief. Vic told me I could have
any boy and almost any man I wanted. I told him he was the only one I was
interested in and I wasn't interested in giving any of them a free show, so
we headed back to the hotel for another round of boy ass delight.

Later Vic told me that Uncle Zeyde would take him to that club. He would
give the men a good fuck while Zeyde would pleasure the younger boys.

"Until I met you I was not interested in anybody under the age of 16. You
my little heart thief, changed that. Now I am not interested in anybody
but my 12 year old Carter," Vic told me.

I am glad he feels that way because he is the only man I know, that I even
want to love in a physical way. I love my dad and uncles and granddads but
it is not physical, not like Vic.

After that first week we had seen about everything of interest in Orlando
and area, including Cape Canaveral. Vic rented a sports car and we toured
Florida, stopping at beaches and visiting his friends all the way to Key
West. He had promised me a surprise at Key West and Vic's promises are
always more than billed. So far anyway.

We piled our stuff into a silver Crossfire and headed out. Vic told me we
had to go back to work part time, so I would be modeling sportswear once or
twice a day from now on. I could see he was not all that happy about it.
He wanted my full attention that was obvious. I, on the other hand, was
very happy. I just love showing off my body. He made sure we both got a
chance to swim laps, at least twice a day or swim in the ocean and chase
each other around on the beach, rented bicycles and the like. I know he
wanted both of us to keep in top shape. He told me that keeping my body in
top condition was important for my work and reputation, not to mention he
liked looking at me. I get the feeling he would like looking at me no
matter what I looked like.

Mostly we stayed with his friends, they were all boy lovers and most of the
places came with boys attached. Most were older than Vic, so I assumed
people he met through Uncle Zeyde. I got a chance to meet and make a lot
of new friends. I like being with my man and I like other boy lover
adults, too. One always feels, in their world, boys, all boys, are special
and obviously their boys, are very special.

Some of the boys I met did not live with their man lover but then neither
did I, at least not yet. They always make me feel special, not as special
as Vic. I was beginning to get a little lonely for boy company and I think
Vic realized that. He told me that many of the boys we were meeting would
be gay or at least receptive and that I could freely have sex with them, if
they and I wanted. We did.

At our first stop, which was near St. Augustine we stayed at a B & B
operated by a middle aged gay couple. They were not boy lovers, in that
they didn't have sex with boys but they sure liked us, you could tell. I
know they appreciated looking at my lithe, buff body and I think they liked
my go for broke attitude.

In addition to the B & B they ran a store called Tog Boy. The taller
fellow named Edward, is a tailor by training. His partner George, is an
amateur designer. I modeled some of their special creations. Vic told me
these were prototypes and if successful, his company would mass produce
some of them. They had long pants, shorts, undies and Tee Shirts, jackets
and so on. The shirts were standard but with neat designs of boys doing
different sports. I liked them, the undies were nice and bright and they
fit well but no better then others I modeled. The shorts and pants were
unique and I really liked them, especially after we got back on the road.
Most were simple and fit well, a few models were a bit more complex in

I had on broad shorts that were not quite knee length and with a crotch
that did not hang half down my leg. What I liked best about the fit, was
the way they sat on my hips and draped over my butt, one of my best
features and the way my boyhood stood out, without being obvious until you
took a good look. Vic liked them too, since they had Velcro side panels
hidden in the seam binding, that allows your man to get his hand right in
for a good feel. They were just great for driving. Ed and George
obviously understood a boy lover's need to fondle his boy and the boy's
need to be fondled by his man.

Some of the other shorts and slacks had little cords to synch up the legs.
All the designs would be available with or without the side access. These
not only had cords running around the bottom seam and on the side but ones
running the full length to the waist band and when pulled just a little,
made the greatest little pouch for your boyhood to live and your man to
fell it. In addition, they have a small cord in the seat seam that is
anchored in the crotch so when it is pulled the seam goes right up into
your cleft and that just makes those little bubble butt cheeks stand right
out to be taken notice of. All the cords had plastic, button release

By the time we stopped for the night, which was mid afternoon, I was so
horned up I just couldn't stand it any longer. Vic just slipped his hand
in the rather large slit by poking his finger in between the Velcro tabs
and in it went. The bikini cut undies are so soft and flexible his fingers
just wrapped around my penis and I was instantly rock hard. "Oh what a
Night" as the song said. (December, 1963 (Oh, what A Night) Franke Valli
and the 4 Seasons) I wanted to say "Oh What A Feeling" and not the Everly
Brothers song either, that's the wrong sentiment. (Oh, What a Feeling by
Don Everly), its about a love lost, not just found. Perhaps the Brain
Adams song "The Best Is Yet To Come", but this was sure a good time.

I never would have thought that in less than two years I would go from a
very unsophisticated little boy to a man's boy lover. Not that at 10 I
thought all that much about all that much. Until the new 10 year olds came
I had no real idea of how I had been groomed, I just realized I had been.
Now I realize this has been a process. I was guided by my colleagues and
I'm glad they did. Richie was obviously being guided differently or
reacted to the guidance differently. He does not want to be a man's boy
but he does like male sex, probably as much as I do. I know he likes sex
with the brothers just like I do. I think all the boys like sex with them.
Especially if it is with both of them at the same time. It all starts easy
enough, you know, being naked and having lots of gentle hands moving over
every part of your body. Then the butt plugs and seeing the older boys
engage in all kinds of sexual actions and before you know it you are
kissing your "big brother". One day you realize you not only like sex but
you want it.

Anyway, I also discovered just what was different about these new undies.
They are so soft and smooth that your own hand feels almost as good as your
man's when it feels your penis. The material clings to you like your own
skin and molds to all your contours. Vic does not think these complex
designs will make it in the mass market, just a bit to expensive to
produce. I get the feeling he has some other ideas for some of the Tog Boy
designs. I over heard him talking to the brothers about Richie, me, Don
and several others featuring them on our web pages. He was suggesting some
scenes using the over 18 twinks, the ones that look 14 or 15 to
demonstrating the utility of the side slits. I could only hear one side
but it sounded like who ever he was talking to was already planning the
shots and perhaps a video. Not only do I like to fuck and get fucked but I
am way into oral action too. I can 69 with Vic for hours. I sure like the
taste of boy ejaculate, it is so sweet. Some of the adults and older boys
are just a bit bitter but I still like it and I can't get enough of Vic's.
I mean I want it down my throat and up my butt both.

It seemed that everyone we visited along the way wanted these new shorts
for their boys and some for themselves. Vic handed out Tog Boy cards. The
boys that saw them all thought they were neat and wanted them as much the
their men did. Probably for slightly different reasons. I have not been a
man's boy long enough to know for sure.

I just love the Crossfire, it is a SRT6 Roadster. Vic is also impressed,
he must be, he did rent it. I hope he buys one like this for us.

"That is an interesting thought, isn't it Cart. I guess you have hitched
your wagon to his star haven't you."

The Crossfire has a fold away hard top, a 3.2 L V6, supercharged 330 hp
power plant. I am tall enough now to drive it but Vic keeps reminding me I
have a few years before I get a driver's license. The interior is very
nice but plain. The middle counsel is low but not as low as I would like
and the shift lever is just a bit forward so that gives my man some access
to his boy and his boy a bit to his man. You should see the looks we get
when we pull up to a modeling gig.

I was not quite sure about this life sharing thing when he "proposed" but
those doubts have gone away. I just can't imagine not having Vic in my
life or our cocks in each others bodies and it has only been two weeks. I
didn't think any two lovers could keep up the pace we have been setting for
this long but as far as I am concerned, four comes plus other attention a
day is fine with me. Vic told me the other day we would probably cool down
a bit by the time we get home. As long as I can fall asleep with his cock
up my butt I will be a happy boy.

It was at that point that I started to panic. Well I had some real
concerns about the future. How could I live at the Coop and with him at
the same time? How will my family react to this situation? What would
happen to Vic if this got out before I was 16? When I asked him he just
waved his hand and told me everything would be all right. I was not all
that sure about this but I do trust him and I know he has some kind of big
surprise for me when we get to Key West.

All I know is our relationship must never appear to be anything other than
business and perhaps friendship and my family must never suspect anything
illegal is taking place. That is probably why the Coop has created a
secret brotherhood made up of Coop members and employees to reinforce the
concept of silence to the outside world about how we are inside. That of
course is why Vic trusted me in this from the get go and had never even
mentioned it.

I also began to realize that what Don had said about Vic courting me was
absolutely true. Moreover I now understood his love was real and not just
lust. Had it been just lust he could have arranged for that long ago but
he never did. He probably knew I would not refuse him either, out of
ignorance in the beginning or out of a sense of "customer service" now. It
also dawned on me that Vic probably was acting toward me like Uncle Zeyde
had toward him, when he was a boy. All be it older than me but still an

I had a late afternoon assignment, more swimmer and shorts, just north of
Miami, right out on the sand. Vic drove the car on the beach, as I wiggled
into my first suit. When he stopped I leaped out, without opening the
door. That was a crowd pleaser. While he pulled out my other stuff, I
posed with some older local boy models and we got aquatinted.

I was shocked and pleased at the same time when Vic joined us on the stage,
in his very sexy adult version of my very brief red suite. His ass filled
it better then mine I thought. I know how well hung he is but I must say
when in that suite and standing side by side it was hard to tell which of
us was more attractive. I guess it is Einsteinian, you know relative, the
special theory.

The advertising people had arranged for some local male and female models
to appear with me, well us boys. They have very good taste too, these
advertising people. I sure like looking at the girls that is for sure. I
think Vic appreciated some of the older ones too. One girl was about my
height and I figured 13 or 14. She was real cute and had very well
developed breasts and the nicest butt I have seen on a girl in a long time.
In fact it looked a lot like mine; round, firm, high set and not to large.
I liked her right off, her name is Wilma. I think she liked me too. Right
away she noticed my arrow necklace and the fact that Vic had the same one.
She too is blond with blue eyes and we could be sister and brother having
the same body type and general features.

Since these swim suits don't leave much to the imagination, we got to know
each other right off. She raised my flag just by taking my hand, as we
prepared to walk on together. I think I got her motor running too, by the
puffiness in her crotch. The MC was a lady that seemed to know Vic.

She asked us to walk on holding hands and looking at each other's eyes,
"let the public do the body watching, look like you are lovers not

We did and I think it worked well, since we got several rounds of applause
and hoots. If the reaction had not been quite so noisy, we might just not
have kissed. I know I wanted to kiss her. She looked so appealing and
so... I kissed her and she kissed me back. Vic and the lady, Ms. Jenny
Manville, were very pleased and told us both after the show was over.

Most girls my age are not much interested in boys my age and boys my age
are not all that interested in girls but I sure as hell am. If sex with
girls is half as much fun as sex with boys, as all reports from my older
colleagues indicate, I want some.

Vic invited the ladies to dinner which Jenny quickly accepted. Wilma was
just a bit hesitant but you could see she wanted to say yes. Jenny pulled
out her cell phone and called Wilma's parents. The Crossfire is a two
seater, we went in separate cars, meeting up at a very fancy restaurant.
On the way he told me a little about Jenny and his relationship with her.
Vic told me he had shared a stage with Jenny many times in the past and he
winked at me to indicate, I thought, more than just a stage.

"Does she know about Uncle Zeyde?"

"No and you are not to mention it either. She thinks I am straight and yes
she knows my male assets and how effective they are. I just let the
straight ones think I'm straight, the gay ones think I gay and the bi ones
know and don't care."

I was almost jealous and suddenly worried that he may abandon our bed for

"We are not staying at the same hotel as Jenny tonight, don't be so
concerned little one. I take it you are taken by Wilma?"

I nodded yes and turned a bit red.

"That's good, I think she is taken with you too." I must have changed my
expression to concerned. "You know that our relationship just excludes
other men and other boys, men from you and boys from me. If we need or
want opposite sex company or pier group sex, well I guess, we just have to
understand each other's needs and desires."

I was relieved to say the least. Maybe I'm bi too. Maybe being a man's
boy does not mean you are destined to be gay. I had not thought about it
much one way or the other anyway.

Wilma asked about the necklaces. I told her Vic was kind of like my acting
manager and since I looked like his little brother, we got them to
forestall questions. Jenny thanked Vic for helping out at the last minute,
one of her older models had fallen ill just hours ago. For an old guy,
that has not been active for a while, he seamed to do fine as far as I
could see. Jenny told us, Wilma and I, that we had a kind of stage magic
when we appeared together, like she and Vic had. Ah the plot she is
thickening and my Machiavellian mind was suddenly dropped into overdrive.
Vic agreed, complementing Jenny on her skills and her choice of stage
partners. Jenny just got real red and giggled.

During the conversation Vic's position with the client, Vice President Male
Clothing, came up. Wilma obviously did not know before then, exactly who
he was. Wilma was suddenly very much more impressed with me. The VP of
Female Clothing has never even met her or any of the other girls, as far as
she knew. Jenny made some comment about her, the VP's sexuality that I did
not fully understand and I'm not sure Wilma did either.

Vic explained that he was looking after me, since my agent/guardian could
not come along on this trip. Jenny commented that Vic was always
interested in the human side of this business and obsessed with the most
minute details; telling some Vic stories from their youth. Apparently he
once held up a big fashion show, insisting that her clothing be properly
stitched and not held together with a safety pin.

"Come to think of it that was the last time we worked together and it was
for the same client." She looked at me. "Vic was about the best male
model I ever worked the runway with, Carter. I'm sure you have already
learned quite a bit during this trip from him."

"Oh ya one hell of a lot. I guess it paid off this afternoon, right," I

I was not thinking about the runway at all but she didn't need to know that
and besides Vic asked me not to mention it. If she works for the ad agency
that plans and organized all this, they would work under Vic's direction at
least for the male side of things. It was obvious to me that Vic insisted
on approving all the male models being used in the ad campaigns and that
they be from the BMC. The women did not work the same way. The agency
must contract with the models or their agents directly. I know Jenny also
wanted to add more to this narrative but held back. I guessed it has
something to do with Key West. I learned later that Vic and Jenny had been
in close telephone connection of late but had not worked together or seen
each other for years.

All during dinner Wilma and I talked and made eyes at each other. We were
seated at a square table with Wilma at my right and Vic across. Wilma and
I seemed to have this foot and leg interactions game going on when ever we
are not eating. We exchanged telephone numbers and email addresses. Vic
paid the bill and we departed first, we still have a few miles to the south
side of Miami for our hotel. I expressed my desire to work with Wilma
again soon, very soon.

She surprised me by saying, "we will day after tomorrow, remember." I just
replied, Yes right," Kissed her hand and followed Vic out.

"So that is part of the surprise, what is the rest of it," I asked?

"Well Cartie my love, I hate to brake your bubble but that is not part of
the surprise. It may be a surprise to you but not part of what I had
planned. Let us just call it a serendipitous, unplanned add on," Vic

"Then I will see her again soon like the day after tomorrow," I asked?

"Yes Cart, you will see her on Monday and for several more days after that.
I can tell you, after this afternoons performance on the sand, you two will
be a show stopper on the runway. That my love is all I will say for now.
Everything will be revealed in due coarse."

"I know we can't tell anyone we are lovers but I think this acting agent
thing is a bit week, don't you?"

"Oh ya little man, more than a little. I doubt either of them believed
that for more than a New York Minute. It is the truth however, I have
documentation to that effect in my brief case. Those are some of the
papers I got signed at the Coop House. If this all goes as planned, I will
get your parents to assign me as your guardian."

"And just how are you going to arrange that?"

"First of all, the brothers are going to point out to your parents that
representing the Coop's client and your temporary manager may give me
authority to travel, even internationally, with you but in reality is a
conflict of interest, none of us are comfortable with. They are
comfortable with my skills as a mentor, manager and just one hell of a nice
guy, who has your best interest at heart. In this business it is just best
to keep the commercial side and the personal sides, separated. So let Vic
be your guardian and the Coop be your business agent. See it makes sense,

You will tell your parents the truth, well not all of it, just what you
want them to know, about how much fun we are having, how much you learned
and so on. You tell them how much you like and respect me as a model,
person, mentor and friend. Make sure to leave out the lover part, right.

I will suggest the guardianship be shared by the BMC and myself, that way
the commercial and social sides are separated and we won't have to bother
them every time you get an assignment away from the BMC home base."

"You know Vic, you are brighter than the average bear."

"Yep but not the average bare." I giggled. It has been about a year now
that I even get most puns and sometimes I even make them myself.

We pulled into a very pasha hotel. The bellmen were on us in an instant.
They loaded all of our cases on a cart, and Vic handed the keys to one and
he drove off. Once inside Vic and I strode up to the desk and he announced
reservations for miseries Cartwright and Stone. The desk clerk, a nice
looking youngish lady, kind of raised a eyebrow.

"Do you have travel documents for..."

"Mr. Cartwright," Vic said opening his briefcase and handing her an
envelope. She looked the over and handed them back.

"It is a great pleasure to have such distinguished guests stay with
us...everything is as your office requested Mr. Stone," handing him two

He handed me one of the card keys and the other to the bellman, who gave
him a receipt for the car.

This wasn't Key West but it was a bit of a surprise and I was sure would be
getting better. We entered the elevator and the bellman inserted the key
card in a slot marked Presidential Suite. The elevator charged up and up.
This is a very tall building and the PS must be on the top floor, I
thought. It was.

The Elevator opened right in a little, well rather large, entry way that
looked like a small living room. The key opened a large double door and in
we went to an even larger living room. The bellman hesitated, wanting to
know which cases to which bedroom. Vic handed him some money and told him
just to leave the cases by the door we would sort who got which bedroom
later. He smiled, nodded and did as requested. He thanked Vic and placed
the card key on the desk next to the telephone.

"They want to show you all the stuff and things like that but it will be
more fun to explore, don't you think."

I was already at it. Through the big sliding glass doors I could see a
roof top garden and sitting area with chairs and a smallish pool. I went
out to inspect, it was super. Inside were several bedrooms with king sized
beds, a standard bathroom and a small kitchen area with a frig, stocked
full of beer and pop. Their was also a small bar with all kinds of stuff I
had never seen before. Great looking colors and fancy bottles. Vic would
not let me have any, I was sure of that. He wouldn't even let me have wine
with dinner. Each bedroom had its own fancy attached bath and separate
shower. The bedrooms were all about the same, except one was a bit larger
with a small table and several chairs around, it also had a desk.

"This one," I said and we hauled in the cases placing them in the large
walk in closet. That is when I noticed some of the cases had VS and some
CC in gold letters, otherwise they looked the same. I had seen them before
but I guess I never looked that close.

Vic took out his digital camera and took more pictures of me and emailed a
whole bunch but I didn't see to who. A few minutes the phone rang and I
answered, it was Uncle Zeyde. I guess that was at least one place. He
talked to me for a long time and asked a lot of questions. I think he was
checking up on Vic to make sure my man was treating his boy the way Uncle
Zeyde expected. When I told him about Wilma and Jenny he laughed and

He told me Vic and Jenny had a very torrid love affair, that lasted about 2
years as he recalled.

"It was on before Vic came to live with me and lasted for some time after.
Vic was devastated and totally broken hearted when it ended. I guess each
of them had their own agendas. I guess she was some hot number in those
days. All I can tell you is, after they parted company, I thought he would
keep me pined to the bed for ever." Zeyde laughed and laughed.

Vic could not hear what we were saying, well what Zeyde was saying, just
what I was saying and I could see he felt the need to defend himself.

I gave the phone to Vic and he talked a while; all I could hear was yes, I
will, of course, absolutely, in a week. I figured after Key West we would
be visiting New York and if that changed Vic's plans, well consider them
back save

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