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Nifty - Bisexual - Adult Youth - Look Up My Skirt

Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 20:14:55 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tony Williams <>
Subject: Look up my Skirt

My name's Olivia and I'm eleven. My friend Fiona and I are sitting on the
steps of the library, watching people walk by. We pay particular attention
to the guys, because they all look up our skirts. We can hardly blame
them, `cos were wearing short dresses, sitting with our legs as far apart
as they will go with our feet on the step below, and the guys are getting a
great view. As we're sitting on the top step, the bits of us that seem to
be so fascinating are at about eye level for them. It's a very hot day.

O.K., we may be only eleven years old, in fifth grade, but both Fiona and I
have known for a long time that guys love to look up our skirts. It's
thrilling to know that we have the power to grab their attention. I guess
they can't help themselves. We sit here every Saturday and we count how
many guys look in fifteen minutes. At the moment, we're up to eight, and
there's still ten minutes left. It's a lot of fun.

"That guy looks familiar, Olivia," she says. "He was here a minute ago."

"I guess he went round the block for another look. He counts as two." We
giggle. Another older guy comes past, staring at us, and trips over an
uneven paving stone. We laugh out loud. "Poor old man," I say. "He
should look where he's going."

"Dirty old man," she adds.

"How come it's just the older men who look?" I ask. "Young guys don't seem
so interested."

"I bet Brad Pitt would look."

"Or Leonardo DeCapprio. I'd let him look."

"Or your dad. He's a hunk."

I have to confess, I know my dad does like looking up skirts, and he
definitely has the hots for Katey, and looks up hers every chance he gets
and she gives him lots of chances. "Yeah, my dad does have a thing for you.
He's always saying how pretty you are."

"Next time I come over to your place," she murmurs, "I'm gonna give him the
best up-skirt look he's ever had."

I laugh. "Better than that, we could skinny dip in our pool, then my dad
would see you naked. You could start off letting him look up your skirt,
then you could undress, like a sort of strip-tease, and let him see your
vagina before we jump in the pool. I think he'd get a hard-on."

She giggles. "Have you seen him with a stiffy? Does he have a big dick?"

"Enormous," I say, holding my hands about a foot apart. Of course I'm
exaggerating. "Then we could go over to your place and I could do my
handstand thing for your dad, and he'd see my panties and everything. Your
dad's more of a hunk than mine." Another guy walks past, trying to pretend
he's not looking. I smile at him but he keeps walking. What would we do
if one of them tries to talk to us? Nothing bad could happen, after all,
it's a public place. We feel safe enough.

"I'll tell you a secret," she whispers. "My dad likes to watch me pee. I
never bother closing the bathroom door and he just stands there, staring,
as I slide my panties down."

"You don't mind?"

"Heck, no. I spread my legs so he can see everything. I pretend it's your
dad who's looking at me. I like being looked at."

"In that case, let me take a picture." I stand up in front of her with my
cell phone and take a pic of her as she leans back, legs spread, white
cotton panties on full view. "I'm gonna show that to my dad. He'll cum in
his pants."

She laughs and says, "Let me take one of you." I sit down and Fiona takes
a pic with her phone. We look at it. With my legs splayed and a smile on
my face, I look quite lewd. It's as though I'm saying, `you can have me'.
"My dad will like that," she says. "Like a preview. It'll get him warmed
up for the big show you're gonna give him."

I look at my watch. "That's fifteen minutes," I say. "How many guys

"I lost count. Pobably fifteen or twenty."

"The most so far. We've set a new record. Let's go home. My dad will be
there." We stand, then walk down the steps. I can tell that my dress has
gotten caught up at the back and my panties will be visible. I don't
bother to pull it down. I have a nice butt, so my dad says.

My dad has a big smile on his face as Fiona and I come into the living

"Hello, sweetheart. Hi, Fiona, I haven't seen you for ages. Well, a few
days, at least. What have you guys been doing?"

"We went to the library," I say.

"I don't see any books." He looks puzzled.

"We didn't go for books," says Fiona, grinning. "We just sat on the steps
and watched the people go by."

"I took a pic of Fiona," I say, and show him my cell phone. He stares at
it, his eyes big.

"Wow, that's a bit naughty. You should be careful. Some guy might take
that as an invitation."

"There's two of us, and we know how to take care of ourselves. We were
just having fun, watching all the men staring at us. It was hilarious.
Dad, can we use the pool?"

"Of course you can. You don't have to ask."

"Fiona doesn't have her swim suit. I figured we'd skinny dip." His eyes
light up.

"Would you like to join us?" asks Fiona, archly, smiling at him.

"Excellent idea," he says, without hesitation. "Let's all skinny dip."
Fiona and I go out to the pool while dad gets some cold drinks from the
fridge. When he comes out into the yard, Fiona is sitting on a chaise
lounge in her classic legs-wide-open pose, taking off her sneakers. Dad
puts the drinks on a table and stands watching her. I'm slowly unbuttoning
my dress. She stands, grasps the hem of her dress and lifts it slowly over
her head. Dad has forgotten that I exist, he's so focused on her. She
slowly drapes the dress over the back of a chair and turns to face him,
dressed in only her panties and white training bra.

She turns her back on him and says, "Will you unhook my bra." She
perfectly capable of doing it herself, but dad eagerly obliges. She shrugs
her shoulders and lets the bra fall, then catches it and puts it with the
dress. She turns to face him again and slowly slides her panties down.
Dad's eyes are popping of his head as she reveals her little hairless
vagina. Like mine, her chest is flat, but I think I can detect the slight
swelling of growing breasts. She sits down, legs wide apart again and
slowly takes off her ankle socks. She's deliberately left them until last
so as to give him this view. Dad is sweating as he pulls his T shirt over
his head and drops his pants. She's is looking at his white boxers and
he's definitely getting a hard on. She makes no attempt to jump in the
pool as he pulls his underpants down and steps out of them. His dick is
close to horizontal. They look at each other as I take my dress of and
pull my own panties down. Now I'm naked, too, but he only has eyes for
her. I guess my old man is a dirty old man. I smile to myself. Fiona
must be enjoying this. Finally, there's no reason to just stand there, so
we all jump into the pool. She swims over to me and puts her arms round my
neck. "He DOES have a big dick," she whispers to me, her lips by my ear.
"It's as big as my dad's." I put my arms round her, enjoying the closeness
of her body, then push my thigh between her legs. Her own thigh goes
between mine. It feels exciting, but my dad is watching so we break apart.
Dad and Fiona start a game which consists mostly of him throwing her up in
the air and letting her splash down. I guess it's just an excuse for him
to touch her body. Finally, they tire of it and we all climb out of the
pool. Dad's dick is still half-hard, poking out invitingly. We pretend we
don't notice it as we dry ourselves off and Fiona plonks herself down on a
chaise, thighs spread and feet on the ground either side. Dad pulls a
chair to where he can sit and look at her, and I plop myself down on the
adjacent lounge and lie back, lewdly posed just as she is.

"Take some pics, Dad," I say. "My cell phone is in the pocket of my
dress." He retrieves the phone and takes half a dozen shots of us, then
shows us the result. We both look pretty hot. Fiona takes the phone and
shoots a pic of my dad as he dries himself with a towel, his dick in full

"You're a couple of sexy foxes," he says. It's the first time I've heard
him use the word `sexy' to describe me, and a little thrill runs through
me, even though he only has eyes for Katy.

"My dad will like the ones of Olivia," she says. She cups her hand round
the side of her mouth, as though to prevent me hearing what she says, and
adds, "He has a thing for her."

"Really," says Dad, looking at me. "I guess I shouldn't be surprised
seeing as she's such a beautiful girl."

"And she has a crush on him." I blush. She is not supposed to share this
secret with anyone, but I guess all this naked cavorting around has
emboldened her.

"You're dad's an O.K. guy and I trust him," he says. "You'll get over him,
Olivia." I fucking hope not. Later, when we go to Fiona's place, I'm
gonna be all over him. I put my panties back on and pick up my dress. Dad
picks up Fiona's panties and holds them open for her to step into. His
nose is about four inches away from her vagina, and she takes her sweet
time, allowing him to pull the panties up to her waist. He pats her on the

"Let's go to your place," I say, jealous that she's getting all the
attention. I want her dad to become acquainted with my panties and pat my
butt. I grab Fiona by the hand and lead her into the house, leaving dad by
the pool with a big grin on his face. We go into my bedroom and stand side
by side in front of the full length mirror, looking at our reflections, two
little girls in white panties and nothing else.

"When we were in the pool and your dad was throwing me up in the air," she
says, "he put his hand between my legs. It wasn't an accident, he did it
twice. I bet he's a great kisser. Does he kiss you?"

"Just a peck on the cheek."

She turns to face me and puts her arms round my neck. "I'm gonna pretend
you're your dad. Kiss me like he would." I put my arms round her waist
and pull her to me. Our lips meet and she parts her mouth, letting me put
my tongue in. It's strangely thrilling. I feel her thigh go between my
legs and we grind our bodies together. Her tongue goes into my mouth and
my head begins to spin. Then I feel her hand go down and push between our
bodies. I pull back a little to let her have access, and her hand goes
between my legs. I can feel a hot blush on my face and chest and my pulse
starts to race. Letting her touch me is unbelievable exciting.

Our kiss ends and I say, "I'm pretending that I'm kissing your dad, and
that it's him feeling me up." Our lips meet again and I put my hand down
between her legs. She pushes her hips forward to meet my fingers, and I
can feel her little girl's slit through the flimsy cotton. She breathing
hard through her nose. Then I feel her hand slide down inside the front of
my panties and I part my thighs to accommodate her. Again, our kiss ends.

"Daddy, Daddy," she's murmuring. I'm not sure which daddy she's referring
to, and I don't care. Her middle finger goes inside me, sliding in easily.
My vagina is soaking wet. She slowly finger-fucks me as we continue to
kiss. Now I can't resist touching her, so I slide her panties down to mid
thigh and put my hand on her naked vagina. It's as wet as mine is and I
finger her little tiny clit, then push my middle finger into her. Her hips
thrust forward to meet my hand, and we both come up for air, gasping for
breath. Her face is as flushed as mine. I push my finger in and out,
faster and faster, until she lets out a little cry and falls back on to the
bed. Lying there, legs wide apart and with her panties down round her
thighs, she looks adorable. I sit at her feet and pull her panties the
rest of the way off. I can see how wet her vagina is as I lean forward.
She grips my head and pulls me into her and my lips meet her vagina lips
and we kiss again in this new, exciting way. I can smell the aroma of sex
and it makes me even more excited. I lick her slit then thrust my tongue
as far as I can stretch it. She groans, and gives a little shudder. I
look up at her and she's smiling. "I want your dad to do that to me," she
says. "My turn. Lie down and let me take your panties off." When I'm
naked, she strokes my body and kisses my nipples. I can feel them getting
hard and she pushes two fingers inside me. I'm imagining it's her dad
doing it to me. My whole body is trembling as she lowers her head and
starts to lick my little clit. It's like an electric shock and waves of
pleasure course through my body. Then my toes curl as a huge thrill runs
through me and I realize that I've cum for the first time in my life. I
put her up on top of me and kiss her again.

"You made me cum," I said, looking into her eyes. She gives me a big

"It was thrilling, feeling you react like that. I love your vagina, it's
so sexy. I think my dad will like it, too. Let's get dressed and go
home." We dress each other slowly with lots of caresses. At this moment,
I'm not sure who excites me more, Fiona or the idea of her dad. I think
about my own dad's dick and imagine what her dad's would look and feel

"Yes," I say excitedly, "your place. Let's go."

Her dad is in the living room when we get to her house, sitting at his
computer wearing a pair of pink silk boxers and nothing else.

"Hello, girls."

"Hi, Daddy," says Fiona. "We went to the library and then we skinny dipped
at Olivia's house with her dad."

"I like your dad, Olivia," he says. "He's a cool guy, good-looking, too."

"You should see him with no clothes on," says Fiona. "He's hot!" Her dad
doesn't seem to be bothered by this remark. "We took some pictures. Take
a look." She gives him my phone and he clicks through the shots we've

"This is at the library? So you weren't looking for books, then, just
showing off your underwear in public again." He turns to me. "She likes
doing that, letting guys see her panties."

"So do I," I say, and do a quick pirouette, letting my dress flare out so
he can see my panties.

"White panties," he says. "Oh, how I love `em. He gives me a big grin,
then looks back at the phone. "Wow. So this is how you look with no
clothes on. I've always wondered. You look sexy. And look at your dad.
Does he have a hard-on or is that just a big dick?"

"It's the same size as yours, Daddy," says Fiona.

"She likes looking at my dick," says her dad to me.

"And you like to show it off, Daddy. You're a willy-wagger." He laughs.
I look down at his boxers and can see the outline of his dick through the
silk. He's definitely getting an erection. "Olivia," says Fiona, "do your
handstand thing for my dad." I sit down on the carpet, my body vertical,
my legs straight out in front of me, slightly parted. I put both hands
down between my thighs, palms pressing down on the floor. I push down,
lifting my body so that all my weight is on my arms, my butt off the floor.
Then I lean forward and in one smooth motion bring by body up into a
handstand. Now I can't see a thing, `cos my dress has fallen over my head
and I know I've exposed my panties and my whole body up to my armpits. I
hold the pose for as long as I can, letting her dad get a good look. I
open my legs wide so that they're parted almost horizontally, then bring
them together again and swing back down until I'm sitting on my butt again.
My dress has caught under my arms and I lie back on the floor, smiling,
letting her dad look at me. Fiona has been taking pictures with my phone.

Her dad claps his hands, his eyes riveted on me. "Bravo," he says. "That
was stupendous." I look at the bulge in his boxers and he seems to be as
hard as a rock. I give him an inviting look, then climb to my feet and
step close to him. My dress falls a little way down, but he can still see
my panties. He puts his hand on the back of my thigh and slides it up
until he's fondling my butt. Fiona can see what's happening.

"I'm gonna send these pics to some of my friends on facebook," she says.
"Is that O.K. with you, Olivia?"

"Not the naked ones. Only our dads get to see those." She goes into her
room. I sit down on her dad's lap and put my arm round his neck. "We had
a lot of fun at the library. All the guys were looking at us."

"I guess you're just like Fiona. She loves showing herself off."

"Yeah, it's thrilling we guys look at me in that way. I get so excited."

"I got a nice look when you did your handstand." Now his hand is on my
inner thigh.

"Later, Fiona and I kissed. She was pretending that I was my dad, `cos she
fancies him, and I was pretending she was you. I wonder how close it was
to the real thing."

"Well, let's see." He puts his other hand on the back of my head and our
lips touch. I open my mouth and his tongue goes in and I feel like I'm
going to faint. Our tongues play until we run out of air and break apart.
I know my face must be bright red and I'm breathing hard. I lean in close
and whisper in his ear. "Fiona tells me you like to watch her when she
pees." He nods, and I say, "I think I need to pee right now." I stand up
and take hold of his hand and let him lead me to the bathroom. Only now
does my dress fall down to where it should be, but I straddle the toilet
and hoist it up again, tucking the front under my chin. I'm looking at him
as I slide my panties down to my knees, then sit down and lean back. It
takes a few seconds for my pee to start flowing and he's gazing at me
adoringly. I let my panties drop down to my ankles and open my legs. He
drops to his knees and brings his face in close. I can feel his warm
breath on my tummy.

"You don't have any hair yet. I like that." I lift my dress up higher so
he can see my nipples. "And you're gonna have a nice pair of little
titties any day now. You're gorgeous, you sexy little fox." I finish
peeing and slide my butt right to the edge of the toilet seat and lean
farther back. His head goes between my legs and I feel his tongue probe
into my vagina. I run my hand through his hair, pulling him closer in to
me. He runs his tongue up and down my slit, making my clit tingle. Then
he looks up at me and says, "I love the taste of your pee. Next time I
want you to pee into my mouth." At that moment, Fiona comes into the
bathroom and sees what is going on. She snaps several quick pics with my

"Dad, your're a fucking pervert," she says, grinning. Her dad climbs to
his feet.

"You've got that right, sweetheart. Doesn't Olivia look delicious,
sprawled out like that, showing off her private parts. Look what she's
done to my dick!" He pulls it out of his boxers and strokes it, pulling
his foreskin all the way back and sliding it forward again. I can't take
my eyes off it. "Do you want to touch it, Olivia." What a dumb question.
I take hold of it and imitate his stroking action.

"Oh, neat!" says Fiona. "Yeah, jerk him off. Make him cum." It doesn't
take long and after a few seconds, her dad shoots several big blobs of cum
on to my face. "Lick him clean," she says, looking thought the camera and
taking several pics. I take his cock in my mouth. I expect it to taste
yucky, but it doesn't, just a nice creamy texture. "Look at Olivia, she's
a cocksucker."

"Jesus!" says her dad. "I've never cum that fast before. You're
fantastic." I feel a warm glow of pleasure at having excited him so much.

"I wanna do that to your dad," says Fiona to me. I expect her dad to
object, but his just grins and tucks his dick back into his boxers.

"And she's calling ME a pervert!" he says. "You're a slut, Fiona, and it's
a good job I like sluts. Does your dad like sluts,Olivia?"

"He likes Fiona."

"Let's go back to your place and get naughty with your dad," says Fiona.

"Can I come, too?" asks her dad.

"Oh, definitely," I say eagerly, and Fiona nods in agreement.

Thirty minutes later we'll all at my house, Fiona and I in the backyard by
the pool and our dads are in the kitchen. We can overhear their

"Your daughter's pretty hot stuff."

"Not as hot as yours. How about those pictures of the girls with nothing
on? They blew my mind."

"So that's why you've got a hard on."

"I have a confession to make. While they were over at my place earlier, I
watched Olivia taking a pee."

"That's nothing, I do that all the time."

"Yeah, but I licked her pussy and then I came on her face." I hear the
sound of laughter.

"Did she mind?"

"Hell, no, she loved it."

"You dirty old dog! I'm kinda jealous."

"You wanna lick your daughter's pussy and cum on her?"

"Sure I do, but not as much as some of the things I wanna do to your kid.
She sets me on fire. She was telling me how she and your daughter kissed
and how much it turned her on, the horny little flirt. I'd love to watch
those two at it."

"Me too."

"That's some boner you've got. Man, it feels like an iron bar. Let me
take your shorts down. Mmm, nice underpants. That's a beautiful cock. I
love the feel of a stiff dick in my hand."

"Oh, shit, that feels good. Let me touch yours. Now, that's a nice cock,
too. Am I gonna get to suck it?"

"One one condition: that you let me suck yours."

"Sure, later. I bet your daughter would like to suck it."

"You O.K. with that?"

"Just as long as I can do naughty things to your girl."

"Be my guest. I know she's dying for it. Oh, yes! Do that again. Shit
that feels good. Let me do it to you."

"Slow down, I don't wanna cum just yet. I'm saving it for your daughter."

"And I know she's gonna love it. Let's go out to the pool. I wanna look
up their skirts."

"Me, too, let's go." Our dads come out into the yard, both in their
underpants, both with visible erections. Their faces are flushed. Fiona
and I are sprawled side by side together on a single lounge, our knees up,
my right leg over her left, panties in full view. Her hand rests lightly
on the front of my crotch. The men stare at us and we don't care, in fact
I can feel Fiona trembling in excitement. Her finger moves up and down
just a bit. I stroke her inner thigh then move my hand up until it's
between her legs.

"Fuck me!" says my dad. "I think I'm gonna cum."

"Not yet," says Fiona's dad, reaching out and pulling my dad's cock from
his boxers. I've seen my dad's stiff dick before, but never as rock hard
as it is now and it's wet at the end.

"Cum on my face, like my dad did on Olivia," says Fiona. She pushes me
away, sits up and pulls her dress off.

"Yeah," says her dad. "Cum on my girl's face or cum in her mouth. This is
gonna be awesome." My dad straddles the lounge and Fiona grips his dick
and brings her head up to where she can take it in her mouth. It only goes
about half way in and I can see she's enjoying it. "What a sight!" says
her dad. "My little girl sucking on a big dick. I've always wanted to do
that, sweetheart, to have you suck my dick, but watching is probably just
as exciting. Oh, yes! Suck that dick, you gorgeous little slut." She
takes my dad's dick from her mouth and grins at us. My dad strokes himself
a couple of times, then shoots big blobs of cum on her face. "Fuckin'
awesome!" says her dad. "Yeah, shoot on her face, just like that. A few
drops more? Yeah! Oh, I love it!" He kneels down beside her and licks my
dad's cum from where it landed on her face and chest.

"That was fantastic," says Fiona, as my dad steps away from her. "I never
knew you wanted me to suck YOU off, Daddy. You should have said." She
turns to my dad, who's now sprawled in a chair, trying to catch his breath.
"Do you ever think about Olivia sucking your dick?"

"All the time," he says, grinning. "But right now, I guess I'll have to
content myself with watching. Go for it, Olivia." Fiona's dad kneels down
beside me and I lean over and take his cock from his boxers. Close up, it
looks just like my dad's, big and fat, with the aroma of sex coming off it.
This is gonna be more exciting than when I let him watch me pee. I open my
mouth as far as it will go and take in his dick until it touches the back
of my throat. I back off a little and start to lick his glans as my hand
strokes the shaft. It feels so exciting. His head is thrown backwards and
he groaning and Fiona and my dad are cheering us on.

"Oh yeah!" says my dad. "Suck it, Olivia. Make him cum. You look so
fucking sexy with a cock in your mouth."

"It'll be your cock in her mouth soon," says Fiona to my dad. I give a
little nod of agreement. If my daddy's cock is gonna feel this good in my
mouth, I'll suck him whenever he wants. Suddenly, her dad's cock is
pulsing and my mouth fills with cum. My hand milks his dick for several
long seconds until I think he's empty, then I take it from my mouth and let
everyone see how much cum is there. Then I swallow. Fiona and my dad give
a little cheer.

"I never knew that my gorgeous little girl would turn out to be such a good
cocksucker," says my dad. I feel proud as I smile at him. Seeing the
excitement in his face, I realize that he's just as sexy as Fiona's dad is.
I'm suddenly aware of all the times he's looked up my skirt, or watched as
I undressed, or looked at me lying naked in the tub, or `accidentally'
touched me between my legs and let me see his dick when it was stiff. All
the while he's been wanting to do things to me, but I was so preoccupied
with Fiona's dad that I never realized that I was turning him on.
Suddenly, I love him very much.

"You're a good girl, Olivia," he says, smiling. I look over to Fiona who's
grinning at her own dad.

"You fuckin' dirty old man," she says to him. "Having your cock sucked by
a little girl." She stands up, dressed only in her panties, pushes her
hips forward and starts to stroke her own pussy in a most provocative way.
"You'll be wanting to fuck her next. Or fuck me, maybe?"

"Darling," he says, "You know I always do anything you tell me to."

"Let's go inside," my dad says to me, taking my hand. "Leave this perv and
his slutty daughter to do whatever they want." His grin tells me that
they're going to go home and finish was Fiona and I have started. My dad
and I go into his bedroom. I still have my dress on. There's a couple of
drops of cum on the front.

It's later in the day, and Fiona and her dad have gone home. He's sprawled
on the couch in just his underpants and I'm lying with my head in his lap.
I look up at him and can feel his cock against my cheek. He puts one hand
on my knee and slides it up my thigh, over the front of my panties and up
to my chest, which pulls my dress all the way up until my whole body is
exposed. He's looking down at me, visibly excited, his fingers playing with
my nipples and I can feel his cock getting harder. I part my knees
slightly and he gets the hint and his hand goes down between my legs,
fingering my vagina through the white cotton.

"Did you have a good day?" he asks, ingenuously.

"Good? It was fucking fantastic. All those men looking up my skirt at the
library was thrilling. Next Saturday, will you come with us and watch us
showing off."

"Oh, yes, that'll be awesome. I'm gonna get so turned on by seeing those
guys stare up your skirt. I might even walk past myself, just to enjoy the

"And when Fiona's dad watched me pee, I was thrilled! It was the best day
ever. And then Fiona and I licked each other. That was awesome, too.
Next time she sleeps over, I want to lick her again."

"Can I watch?"

"Of course you can. We'll like that. But the best thing today was the
fact that you were watching when Fiona's dad came in my mouth. I was
incredibly turned on."

"So was I, sweetheart. Feel how hard my dick is right now from just
thinking about it." I move my cheek against his cock as his finger is
moving up and down my crack and I know my panties are getting wet. "So you
like sucking dick?" he asks.

"I LOVE it! I absolutely LOVE it! Nothing has ever been so exciting as
the feel of a big, stiff dick in my mouth." I reach my hand up and feel
his dick through his boxers. It's rock hard. His hand slides down inside
the waistband of my panties and his finger goes all the way into me. I
look up into his eyes. "Daddy, let me suck you off." I push his hand away,
roll on to my front, get up on my knees and take his cock out from his
underpants. It's wet at the end. I just can't help myself as I lower my
head until my lips engulf it. Waves of pleasure course though my body and
my pulse races, knowing that my own dad is fucking his daughter's face.
He's a dirty old man and I love him. The dirtier the stuff he wants to do
to me, the more I'm going to like it. I bob my head up and down,
masturbating him with my lips as I feel his hand go down between my legs
again, inside my wet panties. Suddenly, he grips my head and pulls me off
his dick. He pushes me on to my back, then pulls my dress up until it's
jammed under my arm pits. Now he's down between my legs, pulling my
panties down, and I put my arms behind my head, letting him do whatever he
wants to do to me. I open my legs as far as they will go.

"I can't resist," he groans. "I just have to fuck you." I realize that I
have wanted this for a long time now, to have my daddy's dick right inside
me, all the way in, so that I will know how much he loves me.

"Do it, Daddy!" I call. "Do it! Put your dick inside me! Fuck me! Fuck
me as hard as you like. You can pretend I'm Fiona, I don't care"

"I don't need to pretend you're Fiona. You're everything I need. I love
you so much, my darling." He places the tip of his magnificent dick
against my vagina and I feel him start to push it in. The whole world
starts to spin and all I could ever possibly want is to have his dick all
the way in. I reach down with both hands, grab his butt and pull him into
me, and let out a groan as his dick goes in right up to the hilt. Nothing
has ever felt this good. I wrap my legs around his butt and lift my hips
to meet his thrusts. He pulls almost all the way out, then lunges back in
again, his face contorted with pleasure. I'm in heaven, my beautiful dad's
cock all the way inside me. Nothing else could ever be this good. His
thrusts become harder and faster, and I'm gasping for air as waves of pure
lust course through me. Then I feel him pulse inside me as he cums, but
his thrusts continue for several more long seconds, filling me up with his
cream. Finally he collapses on top of me.

I'm so fucking happy. My daddy's just fucked me and I know he's going to
do it again. I'm going to let him. He can do it as often as he likes, and
Fiona and her dad can come over and watch to make it more exciting, if
that's possible. I love him so much. He rolls off me, and I bend down to
lick the juices of his softening cock. He lies back on the couch.

"How did that feel, Olivia. Was it good?"

"Good? It was the best thing that ever happened to me. Please fuck me any
time you want, Daddy."

It's late evening and we're fully dressed again and getting ready for bed.
"You want to sleep in my bed?" my dad asks as he sits on the bed and I
stand in front of him.

"Of course," I say.

"Tomorrow, can I watch you pee? Can I lick your vagina? Will you pee for
on me in the shower? Can I watch you masturbate? Will you do a striptease
for me? Can I lick your butt hole and cum on your tits?"

I laugh. "You can do anything you want, Daddy."

He reaches out and lifts the front of my dress and looks hard at my

"I just love to look up your skirt!"

The end.

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