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Nifty - Bisexual - Adult Youth - Nana

Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2012 05:55:23 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tague Micheals <>
Subject: NANA

A story that has no truth to it. there is more to come.

~~~~~~~~~~                     ~~~~~~~~~~                     ~~~~~~~~~~

I have to be clear at the outset, I am not really the boys' grandmother;
not by blood nor by marriage, although his father and his father's siblings
thought so. Roger dodger had even managed to get a marriage certificate
that said so and it would have taken an incredibly talented sleuth to prove
that it was a fake. We had managed it while in Europe and the man that had
provided it assured us that a proper application and other necessary
documents would be placed in the records. Money could do that you know and
Roger had plenty of that.

I'd met the old reprobate at a very private party of very stringently
selected and heavily vetted guests. When Roger first laid eyes on me I was
lying on my side with the cock of a 10 year old boy in my ass, the cock of
a heavily gifted 14 year old Italian boy buried in my hungry cunt. The
pussy of an 9 year old girl was pressed against my mouth. The entire thing
was being filmed and photographed of course but only for the participants.

Sometime later I came across Roger on his knees behind a boy with his cock
shoved up the preteen's ass and fucking him for all he was worth. I sidled
over and offered one of my healthy 24 year old tits which he readily
took. He slipped a hand between my legs and began finger fucking my
pussy. After he came we walked into the dining room of the mansion and
snacked while we chatted.

"How was the boy," he asked me, "The gorgeous one that was plugging your
cunt?" I allowed as how he was older than what I preferred but 8 inches
of adolescent cock made up for the extra years and beside, it had other
advantages." He laughed at that and asked what else I preferred. It turned
out that ole Roger and I had a great deal in common, not the least of which
was having been introduced to sex by our parents at an early age. He said
that he'd broken that cycle by marrying a very gentle woman who just
wouldn't understand or tolerate him playing with his children. That was
fine with him because it wasn't about carrying on that tradition anyway. It
was about sex with minors.

Before the night was over he and I had double teamed a number of guests,
all under the age of 12. He fucked a 9 year old girl while she ate my pussy
and a 12 year old boy fucked me while sucking Roger's cock. Both were after
a prodigious amount of foreplay. The boy fucked Roger after he fucked me
and we considered taking him home for the night. The kid was a lot of fun.

I had enjoyed Roger's company and as the clock struck 3 he asked me if
cared to spend a few days with him. I said I'd be happy to and I meant
it. I had no idea that he was stinking ass rich. I figured he had money;
all of the guests at the party were very wealthy except me who was only
somewhat wealthy. So I wasn't surprised when Roger led me into one of the
larger suites at the top of a venerable old hotel in the city. We had
already showered a couple of times so he popped the cork on a bottle of
Krug and we sipped, nibbled on chilled fresh lobster and chatted some more,
finally piling into bed by 5.

Later in the day we picked up a 599-GTB-Fiorano, arranged to have our
luggage sent on to Nice and headed out. We ended up traveling all over
Europe for the better part of 7 weeks. We didn't spend more than 2 days in
one place and in every city we stayed in we partied and I don't mean
alcohol and drugs although both were readily available. Roger's connections
were incredible. He surprised me on my birthday with a set of 9 year old
twin boys who were splayed out naked on the bed in our suite in Amsterdam
when we checked in.

I should also point out that the children that we spent time with weren't
street kids lured into the game in order to survive, although some may have
been. All of the children that attended the parties we frequented were
treated well, participated of their own volition, made a great deal of
money from the encounters and frequently were children or relatives of
other wealthy participants. The twins were nephews of a very wealthy art
dealer, were beautiful blonde boys who were very excited to play with
us. And play they did.

We sucked their cocks while they lie side by side on the bed. One ate my
pussy while the other sucked Rogers cock. At one point we were all a jumble
of arms legs mouths and genitals, everybody moving from one body part to
the next, sucking licking slurping fondling. Roger fucked one twin while
the other one fucked me. Surprisingly the boys were hung quite nicely for 9
year olds, just a touch over 5 inches long. Their balls had already started
to drop and I had to wonder if they had any brothers in the 13-15 year old
range. I loved little boys but well hung young teens were a turn on as

Roger loved little boys and like me he also enjoyed any boy up to the age
of 15 or so, and girls as long as they weren't pubescent but little boys
were so cute, so cuddly and loving and so much fun. Roger felt exactly the
way I did and before our trip was over he asked me to marry him. I looked
askance at him.

"Well, I don't mean really marry Angelica but I mean for all practical
appearances." He explained what he meant, which included the phony papers."
He went on to also explain that upon his death I would inherit his house
and a substantial amount of money in order to continue to live in
style. Now, I had my own money although no where near as much as Roger. I
was also a nurse, a PA as a matter of fact and that was due to my having
entered college at 16 and gotten my masters by age 21. Yeah yeah yeah I was
a member of MENSA but let's not make a big deal out of that. So, I made
great money when I worked which I didn't have to do thanks to being an only
child and grandchild and after my mother's death 6 months before, now
family-less. .

The other part of Rogers' plan was that I would take care of him when he
started dying, which had been about 5 months before. He had cancer, one
that, while operable, was very risky. He had known that his time was
limited had turned his company over to his middle son who also employed an
older son and younger daughter and taken off on the World tour. I had
caught him about a third of the way through it. He hadn't been searching
for someone like me, fate had just brought us together and it seemed
perfect. I had grown to like Roger a lot. Despite being 30 years older than
I, he was fairly fit, quite intelligent, had a great sense of humor and
loved boys. What the hell else does one need? He could also fuck like a
demon and let's face it, few boys can get a woman exhaustedly off. Hell,
few men could but Rodger dodger was one of them.

After Europe we headed onto North Africa and shared some Egyptian boys and
girls, kept moving south and tasted a Muslim or two and kept on going. We
found a beautiful and well hung 13 year old black boy in South Africa who
spent the better part of a week with us. Both Roger and I enjoyed watching
Timbo fuck little girls and boys not to mention fucking us. I swear to god
that kid was close to 9 inches long and thick as my wrist. On the last 2
days of his stay with us he brought his best friend, a white boy named
Carl. We discovered that the boys' relationship had carried on through 5
generations and over 100 years starting with their great great grandfathers
and ending up with them. Interestingly they were named after their G G
grandfathers. Apparently each generation of boys was best friends as well
as lovers all through their lives. These were not street kids either but
sons of very wealthy ranchers, but that's another story.

Carl wasn't quite as hung as Timbo but pretty damned close. Watching the
two of them fuck side by side had been an incredible experience. Watching
Timbo's thick python cock penetrate a preteen boy or girl was practically
spiritual. Roger talked me into taking Carl in the ass and Timbo up my
accommodating cunt at the same time while other little hands fondled and
played in the area as well as on my tits and in my mouth. The amazing part
of the whole thing was that we were guests of Carl's father and staying at
a house he had provided, one that was used for such gatherings on a routine
basis. Carl Senior had even joined in one evening as had Timbo's father and
in the process we discovered that the boys came by their genitalia
honestly. Timbo's' father had to be 11 inches and watching him penetrate a
youngster was breath taking. Once again, all of the children were regulars
at such gatherings, well taken care of, and paid well. Carl Seniors father
had started that practice during his time and it hadn't changed. Perhaps
I'll relate all of these experiences in a different story but for now let
me move on.

We ended up back in Roger's home city, which shall remain anonymous for the
time being. Needless to say his children took me for a gold digging
bimbo. And why not; I was young, had a terrific body and was by any
definition hot looking. They soon learned that was not the case, I wasn't a
gold digging bimbo, not by a long shot. Once they discovered that I could
hold a conversation in 4 languages and on almost any topic, they lightened
up. When they discovered that I was a PA and would taking care of Roger in
his declining months and days they lightened up further. The will
stipulated that Roger would not go into a nursing home or hospital or
else. Their children took to me right off the bat but the kicker was young

A fussy child since birth he quieted down as soon as I held him which
completely stymied his parents but eventually endeared me to them. He was 5
at the time. It soon became the norm for the boy to gravitate to me
whenever we were in the same house. Roger passed away but even before that
Christian was spending a great deal of time at out house. His father had
divorced his mother because she was a gold digging bimbo, and he didn't
have the time needed for the boy.

I insisted, as did Roger, that instead of hiring a nanny he let us care for
Christian. So it was that I helped the boy during and after his baths,
getting ready for bed and getting up in the morning. I saw him naked
practically every day and the adorable little boy did not seem to have a
problem with it, in fact, it seemed like he enjoyed it. After his baths he
fought to stay out of his pajamas and I allowed him that freedom. Roger
cautioned me about grooming his grandson and I insisted that I wasn't, and
I wasn't. I was simply allowing the boy to follow his own road. I didn't
touch him sexually although, as I said, I did help him bathe from time to
time and certainly helped him dry off.

Roger finally passed when Christian was just shy of 9 years old. His father
was out of the country and didn't even make it back for the
memorial. Christian was sad of course and I did my best to comfort him but
the fact was that he had spent the better part of 2 years watching Roger
get sicker and we'd spent plenty of time discussing is grandfather's
impeding departure, sometimes with Roger participating.

The will was read a few weeks after Roger's death and while we all pretty
much knew what was in it there were a few surprises. I ended up with the
house and most of its contents. There were a few things that belonged to
his kids' mother and they got them. I got the 4 cars and a half million
shares of stock spread throughout the bluest of blue chip companies and 10
million dollars along with a yearly stipend of half a million until such
time as I married. What his kids had no clue about that only roger and I
and an attorney in Geneva knew about were apartments in half dozen of the
world's major cities, controlling shares in a company that roger had
invested in whose stock had split 3 times. I also got a safe deposit box
filled with gems and jewelry along with bundles of cash in 5 major
currencies. Coupled with my own wealth I was worth close to 9 digits. I
also had full custody of Christian although not legally.

"I miss grandpa Nana," he said one evening a few weeks after the
memorial. We talked about it as he sat on my lap with his arms around my
neck. We talked about a recent event we had attended and I asked him what
he thought about his newest cousin, a 2 week old baby girl. He offered some
thoughts on the topic, was quiet for a moment then said,

"Sometimes I wish I was a baby again nana." When I asked him why Christian
said, "Because everything gets done for a baby. They get carried all over
the place, fed, they can poop and pee right in there diapers. Gosh nana it
seems like they have it so easy." I gave that some thought then asked him
if he wanted to wear diapers, just around the house of course and not in
public. And maybe I could treat him like a baby for a day or
something. Carry him around, feed him and bathe him and those kinds of
things. He got a big grin.

"That might be kind of fun nana. Could we?" I nodded my head and 10 minutes
later we were going through the opened gate of the estate and sailing down
the hill toward town. The road was curvy and steep, a perfect running
ground for the Vanquish. I'd gone back to pack up my house and have the
"fuck me" red Aston Martin shipped to within a hundred miles of Roger's
place then drove it the rest of the way. I loved getting out in the open
road with it. Christian loved the car as well so laughed and giggled all
the way to the store. We picked up a box of diapers for his size and a few
other things that I thought I might need.

Back at the estate I asked Christian if he wanted to start his baby-dom
tight then and he nodded his head but said that maybe the diapers could
wait until the next day. "Well then baby Christian, it might be time for
your bath." I decided to play along with him so picked him up and carried
him into the laundry room where a larger and deeper sink was. I got the
water running, pulled a couple of towels from the cupboard and lay one the
counter then picked Christian up and then lay him on the towel. I proceeded
to get him undressed and fortunately he helped a little bit, lifting and
wiggling. My stomach was a jumble of anxiety as I tugged his little briefs
down then tossed them to the side.

Christian lay there docilely, his mop of curly blonde hair spread out
around his beautiful smooth face. I gazed down his body in an instant,
taking in everything and reveling in the fact that I had a naked young boy
spread out in front of me and I knew in my heart that he would let me do
anything I wanted. Christian's cocklet was at full repose, his foreskin
covering the head, his small balls hanging slightly below it. I leaned down
and gave him a belly fart which caused him to convulse in laughter, try to
pull his body into a ball and push my head away at the same time. I backed
away and turned the water off then maneuvered my "baby" into the water
which didn't quite come up to his crotch. I used a mild liquid cleaner
squirted into the hand of a washcloth and went about washing him down
starting at his arms and working my way to his chest, sides and belly. I
stopped there and went down to his feet and worked my way up catching every
nook and cranny.

When I got to his crotch I poured liquid soap into my hand. If I had been a
male I'd have had a hard on from hell in that moment. As it was my pussy
was itchy and dripping. I reached down, cupped Christian's cock and balls
and began moving my fingers. The closed his eyes and moaned softly and I
felt his cock begin to rise rapidly. I continued to fondle Christian under
the guise of washing him. Since the sink was fairly wide I reached across
him and pushed the far leg up and out and slipped my fingers down to rub
across his puckered little butt hole. Christian's eyes popped open, his
mouth formed an O and he looked me then gave me a lazy grin, moaned and
closed his eyes. I quickly withdrew my hand, re-soaped it and went back
down and continued to rub back and forth across the boys' hole. I wanted to
suck that boys' cock in the worst way but I was also pretty much into
delayed gratification both for me and for Christian.

I finally finished and about gently wiping his face while Christian's hand
worked at his boy stuff. When I finished, I got him rinsed off and back up
onto the towel and used the second one to get him dried off. I took plenty
of tender care of his raging hard cock.

"I got a boner nana," he said softly.

"Yes you do and it's a beautiful boner too baby boy," I said as I gently
dried his balls. He wanted to know if it was okay that he did and I said
that it was perfectly okay.

"It feels good when you touch me there; I like it." I told him I liked
touching him there and he wanted to know why.

"Because you're by baby I like touching you everywhere. I rolled Christian
onto his belly and dried down to his butt then peeled a cheek open and
worked at his pink puckered hole, taking a moment to savor the sight and
dreaming of the time I'd be able to wash it with my tongue and make no
mistake about it, that time was coming. Christian moaned at the attention
and told me how good it felt. When I was done I kissed each cheek and
rolled him over.

"Why did you do that nana?" I told him because little baby butts were so
cute and kissable and he giggled. I grabbed my bottle of baby power and
sprinkled it onto his parts then gently began rubbing it in. Christian
moaned softly and closed his eyes then opened them again and gave me a
slight smile.

"That feels really good nana, don't stop." I raised his legs and powdered
his little hole; using a couple fingers to rub it into the muscle then
making sure the entire area from there to his abdomen was powdered.

When I told him he was done he asked if he had to wear underpants and I
said it was up to him. He said no. I picked him up and carried him to the
living room and sat him on the sofa then clicked in the
television. Christian crawled onto my lap, turned slightly sideway and
rested his head on the front of my shoulder and right tit. He right hand
rested on my left tit while the left one was in his lap playing with cock
and his balls. I had an arm around his back to support him while my other
hand went across his body and onto his butt to help hold him in place. I
pretended to watch TV but was acutely aware of Christian, whose face had
turned slightly which put his lips in touch with my flesh and the hand on
my breast kneaded my flesh every so gently like a cat napping. After a good
10 minutes Christian said softly,

"I'm hungry nana." I asked if he wanted an apple; no. Chips, no so I named
a few other things to which he said no.

"I'm a baby. I want to suck on your ta ta's." I told him I didn't think it
was a good idea and he asked why and told him because he wasn't really a
baby, he was too old for that.

"I've seen men suck on a tat ta before." That got my attention and when
asked he said he'd seen it on TV before." He was quiet then very softly he
said, "I saw grandpa suck in your ta tat." I held my composure although I
was sure that he could hear my heart pounding. When I asked he said it had
been a year or so before when he was suppose to be taking a nap in the bed
next to us at a hotel we were staying at. He'd woken up but pretended being
asleep because he knew we were having a private time. Then he looked up at
me and his voice was so soft I barely heard him.

"I would never tell nana; honest, I never would." He put his head back down
but more onto my tit than my shoulder then sort of snuggled his head in as
if it were a pillow he was working on. We stayed like that a while,
quietly. When I felt Christian's body jerk a little bit I knew he was
falling asleep.

"Time for bed baby Christian," I said quietly, got up and carried him to my
room. Christian slept with me most of the time. When roger got very sick I
had a hospital bed brought into our bedroom for him so even then the boy
was in my bed. Completely innocent I might add.

"Can I sleep naked nana," he asked then yawned. I said he could and after
getting the covers down lay him on the bed. I gazed down at him, a
beautiful little boy with a beautiful little boys' body. My pussy
itched. He put his arms out for me to kiss him and I lowered my
head. Christian put his arms around my neck and pulled me to him and kissed
me full on the lips. It wasn't a peck and go either. The little boy kept
his mouth pressed against mine and even moved his lips a little. When he
broke the kiss he kept my face close.

"I love you nana. I love you so much and I promise, I would never tell." I
kissed again quickly, said I loved him to and to get some sleep. I turned
the lights off but kept a light in the corner dimmed as low as it would
go. I went into my closet and changed out of my clothes and put on a sheer
robe then opened a hidden safe in the closet and fumbled around a little
then pulled out a DVD that I wanted. Then I went to a locked drawer,
twisted the dial and pulled out my favorite vibrating dildo and holding
them at my side I headed out of the room but Christian appeared sound

I hurried down the hall then down another one and went into Roger's old
study. I went directly to the DVD player, slipped it in and turned on the
60 inch flat screen then went to the sofa in front of, used the remote to
get where I wanted to be and sat back to reminisce and masturbate.

I was on a large bed with two little girls aged 9, and an almost 11 year
old boy. Roger had arranged for me to be with them and because he was too
sick to play Roger video taped the entire 4 hours. The scene I moved to had
me on my elbows and knees with my ass in the air. My face was plunged into
one girl's pussy and I do me plunged. I couldn't have gotten any closer to
her than I was. I was eating and licking like a fiend after his drug. The
boy was on his back under me with his mouth glued to a nipple. He was
facing downward, his legs alongside my body with his raging hard on and
hanging balls in clear view. The boy had a decent little cock and amazingly
enough some very slight hairs at the base of it.

The second little girl was behind me, peeling my pussy open and licking at
my cunt and my clit. I loved eating preteen pussy and I loved having one
eat me. The little girl was moaning as I worshipped her cunt, my tongue
trying to worm its way inside the little slot. Behind me the other girl had
slipped some fingers inside my cunt while her tongue worked at my
asshole. We went through a variety of configurations which included both
girls and I working over every inch of the boys' body. We made him cum
before he fucked us and got a tiny taste of his sperm, a small watery
droplet of boy nectar.

In turn the boy went over every inch of our bodies, touching kissing
fondling licking and fingering. His cock was stone hard most of the time,
the top portion red from trapped blood. He informed the next morning that
his balls ached. I had no doubt. The two girls reveled in each other bodies
as well. The boy and I played with each other and watch each girl eat the
smooth hairless pussy of the other one. The two kissed and hugged, did a 69
and finger fucked each other until they moaned. I had an excellent strap on
and had each girl fuck me with it in turn and had the boy fuck me in the
ass while one or the other girl fucked me with the strap on.

I mauled my pussy and my cunt as I watched the video and remembered back to
the smells and sounds of our little orgy. Naked as the rest of us Roger
kept saying he wished he hadn't been sick but he was trooper, getting off
on watching me play. Both the girls and the boy tried to blow some life
into his droopy cock and the boy actually had some success, getting my man
a little less than half way hard. Rodger finally squirted, spraying the
little boys' mouth with his sperm, much to the boys' delight. In face the
girls were a little jealous that they didn't get to share it but they did
lick the gooey cum from the boys' face.

I used the dildo to fuck myself into cumming while the boy was getting
fucked by one of the girls with a strap on. He had his face in my cunt
while she fucked him and the other little girls was straddling my face at
the same time.

I finally finished and went to bed. Christian was sound asleep and snuggled
up next to me as soon as I was in bed. I had a thought, since his face was
on my tit, and maneuvered enough to hold a tit with the nipple to the
little boys' mouth. I wiggled it back and forth a little bit and he opened
up. I felt a rush through my body when he closed his mouth and began to
suckle in his sleep. Christian moaned softly as he sucked, his finger
gently kneading my flesh as he nursed. I took another chance and slipped a
hand down between his legs to discover he was hard as a rock. My heart
began beating rapidly as I fondled him, feeling his marble sized balls and
stroking his raging little boner. I let him suck for another minute or so
loving the feeling of having a naked young boy in my bed and at my
breast. I finally pulled away gently and of course he protested in his

Christian rolled onto his back and on close inspection I determined that he
was fully asleep. I slid down alongside him and came face to face with his
stiff little cock. I leaned my head over him and lowered it then closed my
mouth over it. God I loved the feel of a young boys' hard cock in my
mouth. I sucked him much in the manner that he had sucked me. I gently
played with his balls while I sucked, the sac in full hang due to the
warmth of the bed. I wanted that little dick in my ass or my cunt in the
worst way and I wondered if I could straddle him and slip it inside my
body. I restrained myself. I knew that I was going do it all with Christian
but I really needed for him to make that decision consciously. With that in
mind moved back up alongside him and snuggled to his warm little body and
drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, after a cup of coffee, I went back to my and found my
boy awake. "I was waiting for you nana," he said with his customary
smile. "I need a diaper." I pulled the covers down to reveal his cock in
its default state, his little balls still hanging. I scooped him, causing a
giggle and he wrapped his arms around my neck. I carried him to the laundry
room and got him situated on a clean towel.

"Do you have to go potty before I put it on Christian?" He said no so I
started to put the diaper on and he asked if I was going to powder him
first. I did so and of course he hardened right up as I massaged his boy
parts and his hole.

"It happened again nana," he said. I acknowledged it and began to wrap the
diaper. "I had a dream last night that I was eating from your ta ta,' he
said. I was a little shocked and on one hand hoped he was sound asleep but
on the other wished he wasn't. I asked him about his dream but there wasn't
much to tell. He wanted to know why he had it and why it seemed so real and
I explained that perhaps it was because we had talked about it and it was
something he wanted.

"I still do nana. I still want to suck on your ta ta. Will you let me
today?" I reiterated my comments from the evening before and once again
Christian informed me that he wouldn't tell anyone. I said I was sure that
he wouldn't but that still wasn't the issue. I then asked him to please
tell me if he had to poop and not do it in the diaper. I didn't mind
cleaning up his pee but I never was into scat in any way shape or form. I
didn't really mind wiping his delicious little butt but still. Christian
asked if he could pee in it and I told him that was fine.

Things went along in that vein for a few weeks or so. I would check
Christian's diaper throughout the day, wipe him down and then powder
him. He got hard almost every time in the beginning but eventually he
stayed soft while I manipulated him. That was not the case when I bathed
him at night. Those times he got fully hard and his cock tipped in red. He
moaned softly as I washed him and actually thrust his hips up to press his
cock and his balls against me. After his bath he would stay naked and
snuggled up to me, resting his head on my chest along with one hand. I
eventually moved from the sofa to a large recliner and Christian lay half
on me and half off. I liked the idea that the little boy was splayed out in
front of me in all his naked boy glory. He stopped fiddling continually so
his boner went away and he was completely soft.

When I took Christian to bed he always kissed me in the same manner as the
first time, his mouth pressed against mine the lips moving at least
minimally. Typically afterwards, I went to the study, watched DVD's and
masturbated. A few times I maneuvered my tit to Christian's sweet mouth and
each time he took right to it, nursing and kneading. I generally felt him
up as he sucked, reveling in the feel of hard little cock and the softness
of smooth underdeveloped balls. I also sucked his cock and licked on his
balls a little bit. Things finally came to a head the day before his

During his bath Christian again was hard from beginning to end. I spent
extra time on his crotch and got plenty of feedback with groans and sighs
and statements about how good it felt. When I washed his hole in the past I
had started pushing my finger against the muscle a little bit and the past
few days Christian had reached down alongside his body to pull his butt
cheek open as if to help me out. In this night, while I was washing the
little muscle he reached down, pulled his butt cheek open and said,

"Put your finger in me nana." His voice was slightly husky, about as much
as one might expect from an almost 9 year old. I watched his face, his eyes
slightly closed, as I began to worm my finger up his butt.

"Oohhh," Christian moaned as I slipped in up to the first knuckle of my
middle finger. "All the way nana put it in all the way." I did as the boy
asked until there was no more room to go. Christian's hand was busy at his
cock, squeezing and actually stroking. He retracted his foreskin, the first
time I'd seen that when he was hard and his little cock head was as red as
a ripe cherry. I didn't do anything more although I was dying to finger
fuck him and if he'd asked me to I would have but he didn't. I finally
slipped my finger out and he moaned from the loss.

"That felt so good nana, can we do it again sometime?" His eyes were now
heavy with lust which caused me to reconsider my position with him. We
finally got him washed, rinsed and dried and went to the living room where
he crawled onto my lap in the chair. Christian rested in the crook of my
arm and both of his hands continued to fondle his boy parts. I put my hand
on his leg, just below his balls and gently rubbed up and down. My cunt was
itching to get fucked. My panties were soaked from the past 15 minutes in
the sexually charged atmosphere. After about 10 minutes or so Christian
took my hand and placed right on his crotch so that it covered his cock and
his balls.

"It's still have a boner nana."

"I can tell. It's because you won't leave it alone baby boy."

"I can't help it nana. It feels so good when I play with it. It feels even
better when you touch it." I gave him a few strokes and a few squeezes
which caused him to sigh and groan.

"It's so hard that it hurts nana." I was quiet, my brain was processing
like crazy and I finally said,

"There is something I can do that might help baby Christian but it has to
be our secret; you can never ever say a word to anyone about it or I could
go to jail."

"I promise nana, I promise and cross my heart and hope to die." I had him
move and told him to wait then left the room. I came back a few minutes
later and had him move so that we could resume our position. Again, he was
splayed out on my body and I had him drape one leg over the arm of the
chair to really open him up. I unscrewed the top of the bottle of baby oil
and poured it on his cock, running the entire length of his nail hard
little boner. Christian watched intently as I put the top back on then
wrapped my hand around his little boy boner and stroked him.

"Aahhh," Christian groaned and his entire body went stiff and then he
relaxed. From that point on it was loud moaning as I jacked off the 9 year
old for the first time. I got caught up in all the feelings of being sexual
with a boy; the wonderful feel of his hard cock in my hand or fingers, the
knowledge that I was bringing him exquisite pleasure and in this case, for
the first time in his life. I stopped stroking for a moment to fondle his
balls, squishing them around in my slippery fingers and hand. I let one
finger stroll down to his hole to rub against the muscle.

"Can you put your finger back in nana," Christian panted. I told him I
couldn't do that and play with his boner at the same time. "I'll do my
boner if you do my butt." His voice was altered considerably and I knew the
boy was so far up in a fog of hotness that he was stratospheric. I had him
slide down just a little further then worked my finger back into his
ass. It was fairly easy. Christian had taken hold of his throbbing hard
cocklet and was stroking it the same as I had. I began to finger fuck my
boy, sliding almost all the way out of him before pushing my finger back
inside. Christian gasped, moaned loudly, and almost whimpered at the
feeling that were slamming through his little body.

"Oh gosh nana oh gosh oh gosh," he moaned. His head was tossed back, his
eyes closed and then opened and an expression on his smooth face that
registered awe at what was happening to him. "it tickles nana, it's
tickling real bad," he said. I found his little prostate and rubbed back
and forth across it and Christian moaned even louder.

"Oh god nana," he groaned and then he screamed like a beaten little girl
and his little body shook with his orgasm. He strangled his cock, slammed
his hand up and down on the rampant flesh, he moved his butt as much as he
could and then he slowed down and stopped. I quit fingering but left my
finger inside of him, wanting to stretch out the feelings as long as I
could for the boy.

Christian lay there panting for a good minute and I gently slipped my
finger out of his ass. He turned quickly and hugged into me and kissed my
hard on the lips. One hand went reflexively around his tender little butt
and held him. This time I allowed my mouth to open slightly and I kissed
him back. He finally stopped kissing me but held on tightly.

"Oh nana thank you that was the best thing that has ever happened to me oh
gosh what did you do to me it felt so good and I wanted it to keep going
forever can we do it again nana please can we." I held him and rubbed and
came to an immediate decision. I encouraged Christian to get up and when he
did I took his hand and headed for my bedroom where I proceeded to undress.

"What are you doing nana," he asked.

"We're going to take a shower and get that oil off of you and since I need
a shower I thought we could take one together then I'm going to give you a
birthday present." He commented that his birthday wasn't until the next day
but stopped when I took my bra off and gave the boy his first glance at
live tits. His hand went straight to his cock to squeeze and
hold. Christian stared as I pulled my pants off and then my panties. I
allowed the boy stare unashamedly at my pussy. I kept my snatch shaved
smooth as a little girl so the boy was able to see whatever there was to
see without prying my lips open.

"Come on baby boy," I said reaching for his hand, and let him to the

I got the water running and led Christian under the spray and helped get
him rinsed. I pulled the shower wand off the wall and knelt before him,
staring his rock hard cock right in the eye. "Turn around and bend over
sweet boy," I said and without question he did so. I directed the spray to
his little butt hole and the underside of his balls and he wiggled and
squirmed and giggled.

"That tickles really bad nana," he said. I stopped and he turned around. I
reached out and pulled him closer and put my mouth over his cock and began
sucking it. Fuck I loved sucking him like that, with his full awareness of
what was happening to him. Instinct took over and Christian put his hands
on my head and tried to slowly fuck my mouth, which I allowed. I put my
hands on his tiny little butt and kneaded his flesh and encouraged him to
do what he was doing. Christian moaned above me as I sucked and my tongue
explored the end of his cock.

I finally stopped and got him to come down to my level. "This is our
private time Christian, just for you and me. No one must ever know. I will
show you things that you have never seen and you will feel things you've
never felt. These are things that are reserved for adults but I want to do
them with you. Do you understand?" He nodded his pretty blonde head, the
hair now hanging straight down and the curls pulled out of it.

"I do nana and I promise with all my heart that I'll never tell. Does this
mean that I'm your boyfriend?" I smiled at him and nodded my head.

"Yes baby boy, it kind of means that you're my boyfriend." He leaned over
and hugged me tightly. I moved his body so that it was flush against
mine. I could feel his hard little cock pressed against me. I held his
butt, rubbed and reveled in the feel of it and pulled on it to get him to
press his boner into me even harder into me.

I finally disengaged from him and Christian kissed me again full on the
mouth then said, with a very serious expression on his cute face,

"I will be the best boyfriend ever nana, I promise."

"I know you will baby. Let's get cleaned up." I stood and Christian stood
with me. I quickly pumped liquid soap into my hands then got to one knee
and proceeded to soap him down, specifically his crotch. I made sure I got
his hole and as I started across his butt he stepped one foot out to give
me better access.

"That feels so good nana," he moaned and tugged on his cocklet. I washed up
onto his flat little belly and his chest. I played with his nipples a
little then gently washed his beautiful face before getting back under the
spray. When I was done I asked Christian if he would like to wash me and of
course he nodded his head.

He soaped his hands and of course the boy started at my tits for that is
what he'd been interested in. He knew what to do with tits, a pussy was
unknown to him. Christian used a hand on each tit, rubbed and gently
squeezed. "They're so soft nana," he said with a little awe in his
voice. He rubbed back and forth on my nipples, bringing them to attention.

"That feels good baby boy," I said, almost in a moan. Christian finally
moved on, washed down onto my belly and then to my pussy.

"What is that part sticking out nana? It looks like a tiny penis." I told
him the name and explained about it's use.

"Like this," he asked, rubbing his fingers in circles on the little nub. I
nodded my head and said yes. It felt great but I think a lot of the feeling
stemmed from the fact that it was a little boy doing it.

"You can rub up and down on my pussy too Christian." He said that was a
funny name but he did it none the less. When he rubbed back between my legs
his fingers found my cunt hole and slipped inside and of course he
announced that he'd found it and wanted to know if it was my butt hole.

"No baby boy, that's called a cunt and it's where a boy put his hard cock
and when you do that it's called fucking." Christian allowed as how he'd
heard the word but didn't know what it meant then he wanted to know why a
boy would do that. "Because it feels very good." He gave some thought then

"Will I be able to fuck you nana?" I got to one knee again and looked him
in the eyes.

"Yes my sweet boy. I want very much for you to fuck me. I want to feel your
hard boner in my cunt. I stroked his cock again then lowered my head and
took it into my mouth and suckled. I really did need to get fucked by a boy
but I knew that Christian wasn't going to be able to satisfy me like a
young teen would. Meanwhile there were other things to do. I stood up,
kissed Christian hard before getting to full height then suggested we get
rinsed and dried so we could go play in bed.

I climbed in and Christian climbed in and I encouraged him to me. I had the
boy on his back with one of my legs draped over his and looking down into
his beautiful eyes. "You know I love you so much Christian." He nodded his
head. "I am going to teach you things that only big people do. It's very
special; it's our private time, but it has to be a complete secret." He
nodded his head. "First I want to teach you how to kiss." I explained what
I was going to do then did it. Christian followed my lead and a second
later we were engaged in a full, mouth open kiss. I moved my mouth and
Christian moved his. As I kissed the boy my hand trailed up and down his
belly then stayed lower in order to play with his balls. Christian moaned
softly and kiss me even harder, wrapping his arms around my neck. When we
broke the kiss he was panting.

"Now for your birthday present." I moved to my side and encouraged him to
get close and guided his head to my breast. He didn't ask questions, he
simply put his mouth over the nipple and began to suck. A rush went through
my body and Christian sighed as if something long awaited finally happened
and I guess it had for the boy. I loved having a young boy at my tit. It
was the most basic of nurturing things a woman does, feeding the body and
the soul of a child. I gently pushed Christian's hair from his eyes, kissed
his forehead and held him as if he were a babe.

I put my hand on his delicious little butt and gently pulled him. I felt
his stone hard cock pushing against my pussy and reveled in how it
felt. Christian's free hand kneaded my other tit and gently played with the
nipple. I was almost purring and it felt like Christian was as
well. Christian started to push his cock into my pussy, relax, and push
again. Instinct was taking over for the boy and his urge to breed was
coming out.

I was ready to pull away and move on but Christian didn't. He looked up at
me with glassy eyes, shot me a lopsided grin and said it was the best
birthday present he'd ever had. I told him he could suck on my tits all he
wanted but right then I wanted to show him some other things.

"Maybe you could explore my pussy Christian," I suggested. Without
hesitation the boy moved alongside me so I spread my legs a little further
for him. He began touching and feeling, pulling open a lip to better see
the insides.

"This is where my cock would go," he asked and touched my cunt hole. I told
him it was and he could put a finger or 2 in there if he wanted to, to feel
what it was like. Dutifully Christian inserted a finger and wiggled it
around a little bit and commenting that it was warm and wet and it felt
like an open hole in there. I agreed with him but explained that wasn't the
case that I was more like when his arms by his side and he tried to push a
finger into his arm pit. The boy seemed to understand the concept and when
I told him to move it in and out he did so.

The mask of concentration on the 9 year olds face was cute as all
hell. "You can lick on my pussy just like I suck on your cock Christian and
it feels as good to me as you having your cock sucked feels. The boy leaned
down and took a few swipes with his tongue and I reached down with the
opposite hand to pull my pussy open for him. He licked right on top of my
clit causing a little jolt to shoot through my body and again, I think it
was more about Christian than what he was doing. Still, it felt fucking

He continued to lick, moving his head to get farther down then flicking his
tongue at my hole. "Oh God baby yeah," I groaned. That seemed to spur him
onward because he started licking harder and actually pressing his face
into my pussy. Because he was sideways to me I reached between his legs and
took hold of hard cock and began fondling and stroking it causing him to
moan softly.

Christian finally stopped, saying his tongue was getting sore. I told him
to lay on top of me, which he did, his face practically on my tits. I
rubbed his tender little butt, kneaded the flesh and pulled the cheeks
open. I took a second to run a finger back and forth across his hole which
got me another moan. Christian's cock was resting against my gash so I
pulled him to me while pushing my hips up to meet him.

"That feels really good nana. It feels like my boner wants to get in your
cunt." I was surprised but pleased at the slang terms.

"That's because it does baby," I told him, "that's what boners are for, to
put in a girl's cunt or another boys' butt." He wanted to know why a boy
would do that to another boy and I reminded him of how it felt when my
finger was inside of him. His response was

"Oh, yeah." I went on to explain that a butt hole was very sensitive and if
he wanted me too I would show something new which of course he did. I had
roll off and onto his back and pull his legs back. I got below him and
began licking on his balls and sucking them. I licked down his perineum to
his puckered hole and began licking it for all he was worth. Christian
moaned loudly, reached down underneath and pulled his cheeks open farther,
not that there was any more to open.

I worshipped the temple of Priapus, licked up onto his sensitive balls then
back down again. When I finally stopped and let his legs down I moved above
him then lowered my waist until my pussy was on top of Christian's cock. I
lowered my head and kissed him and this time the boy went full open mouth
with movement. I could hear him grunting as my pussy massaged his raging
boner. I started to undulate a little bit, dragging my pussy up and down
the underside of his cock and causing him to moan loudly.

I broke the kiss and looked down on my sweet boy. "I want to put your cock
in my cunt Christian." I rose up a little and reached behind me, found his
rock hard cocklet and held it upright then slid it up and down my gash,
introducing it to my clit, my inner lips and teasing my hole with it. I
finally held it at my opening and lowered my body, taking Christian's
wonderful boy cock into my hungry cunt for the first time.

Obviously the boy wasn't big enough to really do much with it but that
wasn't the point. He was a young boy; I was his first pussy his first
love. Christian gasped and I swear his eyes rolled backwards. I started to
move a little bit but did so slowly. I didn't want the boy to fall out of
me. I ground my crotch into him and judging from the expressions on his
smooth face he was getting a great deal out of the encounter as well. I
constricted my cunt muscles and gripped Christian's cock and got another
gasp. I lowered my upper body and guided a nipple to his mouth. He opened
his eyes as soon as the nipple touched his lips and in a flash he was
nursing again.

Jesus, to have a boy in your cunt and at your tit at the same time is
incredible. I reached down with one hand and began rubbing my clit. Below
me Christian continued to suck, knead my breast and moan. I continued to
grip his cock with my cunt. I moved my ass around a little and went back to
grinding my cunt against his body. Christian nursed me with a vengeance and
about 5 minutes into it he said,

"The tickling is doing it again nana." He went back to nursing, I continued
to grip and to maul my clit. All of a sudden Christian let go of my nipple
and cried out. I could feel his little cock thicken against the muscle of
my vagina and thrilled that the boy was experiencing his first orgasm
inside. The notion took me over the edge and I came hard.

"Oh God Christian I love you so much baby boy." I continued to bump and
grind against him. He fought his way to my nipple again which enhanced what
I was feeling.

Things gradually slowed down and I stopped. Christian let go of my nipple
and he too was panting. I readjusted my body which caused him to open his
eyes. I lowered my head and to his credit Christian knew what was
coming. He threw his arms around my neck and kissed me hard on the
mouth. Christian broke the kiss.

"Oh nana what do you do to me? That feeling is... I don't know how to tell
you. It's incredible."

"That's what fucking is sweet boy. That is what men and women do. If you
were older you have squirted your sperm inside of me and that is how babies
are made." Of Christian was concerned about making babies, although not in
a worried sense. He wanted to know what sperm was so I explained it to
him. Christian still had questions as well as some confusion.

"How about if I arrange for an older boy to help show you some of these
things?" Christian gave me a strange look.

"To fuck you like I did?" I nodded my head. "Does that mean I won't be your
boyfriend anymore," his voice betraying sadness. I kissed his nose and
shook my head.

"You will always be my boyfriend, my sweet boy, my baby boy," I told him
sincerely. He allowed as how that might be okay. He wanted to know more
about the sex stuff but said that he thought he understood about sucking my
ta ta's.

"I feel so comfortable when I suck your ta ta nana. I feel more relaxed." I
explained that his sucking my tit helped me to relax too which made him
feel important.

"I like having my cock in your cunt too nana. Can we do this all the time?"
I laughed and told him that we could do it almost as much as he wanted
to. His arms were till around my neck but he raised his head and kissed me

"I love you so much nana." I moved off of Christian and he immediately
rolled to face me and snuggled in close. I held him, rubbing my hands up
and down his back and onto his glorious little butt. Young boys have such
terrific asses; so slender so cute.


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