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Nifty - Bisexual - Celebrity - Icarly - Ifuck Spencer

Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2010 00:03:31 -0500
From: Jansen Baker <>
Subject: iCarly: iFuck Spencer

(Disclaimer: I do not own, nor do I know of the sexual relationships or
status' of the icarly cast members. If you are not 18 years or older you
may not read any further, sorry.)

iCarly: iFuck Spencer

Carly had walked over to apartment 8D across the hall. She had felt guilty
since Freddie Benson saved her life, getting hurt in the process. She
knocked on the door of his apartment, only to be greeted by a shout saying
"Come in!". It was Freddie's mom, a over-protective clean freak. Carly
couldn't stand the thought of being around her for more then five minutes,
but her best friend was hurt, and she figured it would be worth it.

She walked into the surprisingly large room, decorated with posters and
figurines, and was greeted by Ms. Benson fluffing Freddie's pillow. "Hey
Ms. Benson, where's Freddie?" Carly asked, not wanting to start up a long
chat with the woman. "He's in the shower. He'll be out in a few minutes."
She said grudgingly. Ms. Benson was angry at Carly for causing her little
boy to get hurt. "Freddie, I'm going to the pharmacy, I'll be back in 36
minutes!" She screamed into the shut door of the bathroom.

As she left, Carly began wandering around Freddie's bedroom, looking at all
the toys atop his shelf, and listening to the sound of the pouring rain on
the large window at the top floor of the apartment building. That is,
until, she heard a sudden crash from the bathroom, followed by the crying
pain of Freddie. "Freddie! Are you okay?!" Carly screamed, hoping she
received an answer.

"Yeah, Im fine. I just can't get up. I need your help!" He told her. Carly
then looked around the room and found some goggles with some socks. She
applied it to her face and felt her way to the bathroom, to find a naked
Freddie on the floor. She guided him to his bed where they started to
talk. Soon the talking turned into a passionate kiss that started to heat
up more and more.

All Freddie could think about was getting to see Carly's sweet body for the
first time. His teenage dick grew to it's full 7 inches, and Carly could
feel it pressing into her side. She removed her lips from his mouth and
pulled down the sheets. Then, she quickly undid his robe, exposing his
toned body and cock. She reached down to grab a hold of it, and began to
Jack him off nice and slow. Freddie moaned at the sight of this hot teen
girl working his meat. A few minutes went by and Carly had gotten onto the
bed, bent down, and was now working Freddie's meat with her mouth, bobbing
her head up and down as she went. He began working his hand into the
waistband of her jeans and into her panties, slowly fingering her shaved

They went at it for about 15 minutes until Freddie started to feel the
familiar sensation he felt almost every night before he went to bed. His
balls tensed up into his sac, as his sperm began to rise. "I'm
cu-cum-coming!" Freddie tried to warn Carly. She began sucking like a
vacuum when she heard this, and soon got the warm sensation of the 15 year
old's teen cum flooding her mouth. To her, it seemed like buckets came out,
as it started to drip out of her mouth and onto the patch of pubic hair
above Freddie's dick. The excitement of the situation had made Carly reach
her own orgasm and she began bucking against her new lover's fingers. The
intense wave of pleasure came over her and she wished it would stay that
way forever. About 5 minutes later, Ms. Benson came home to find Carly and
Freddie sharing a passionate goodbye kiss, and threw Carly out. That was
the last time he would see her for the rest of the day.

Three months went by, as Freddie's arm and leg healed back to it's normal
self. It had been a long time since Freddie had told Carly he didn't want
to see her anymore, and he wanted to put the relationship on hold until
they actually knew how she felt about him. Freddie thought about that
night, so long ago, where Carly had blew him and he fingered her. He had
had a lot of masturbation sessions thinking about that, but he was glad
there was never any awkwardness with them.

After school he had done his daily ritual and retreated to Carly and
Spencer's apartment next door to escape the chaos that was his mother. He
entered the door and found that no one was home. "Carly? Sam? Spencer?!" He
called out. However, he received no answer. He saw this as an opportunity
to snoop around. He walked down the hall of the first floor and went in the
bedroom of Carly's older brother. He was always curious as to what it was
like there. It was a big room. One entire room of the master was a glass
window, overlooking the city, while the bed was pushed against it. There
was a couch/sitting area near the door, and the master bath on the other
side of the room. Freddie hopped on the bed and laid down with his hands
behind his head, with a big grin on his face.

All of a sudden, he felt a lump under him. He dug a fair amount until he
found it. It was a porno magazine with both pictures of naked women and men
on it. "Wow! This is cool!" Thought Freddie to himself. He also noticed the
pages with some of the men on them were sticky. "Hmm..." Freddie thought,
"I knew he wasn't completely straight." He said with a little coy
smile. Just then, he noticed the water in the shower cutting off. He didn't
notice the water running before and had dismissed it as the rain, but now
that it was off, he realized the rain couldn't have made that much
noise. He quickly got up and ran out the door to the living room. Just as
freddie left, spencer came out of the shower and noticed his porn magazine
laying on the bed where he hadn't left it.

When he left into the living room, he found Freddie sitting on the
couch. "Hey, what's up dude?" Spencer asked Freddie, feeling a little
awkward. "Nothing much. Just watching a bit of TV. I like the look."
Freddie laughed. At that moment Spencer realized he was only wearing a
towel. "Oh, what the hell?" Spencer asked himself, dismissing his lack of
clothing. He then propped himself right on the couch next to freddie and
the two men started talking.

15 minutes later Freddie began to notice Spencer having a tent, giving him
one too. He nonchalantly grabbed his crotch to adjust it, when Spencer gave
a look of surprise. "Maybe Freddie was the one in my room?" Spencer asked
himself. "Maybe I could have some fun with him..." As that thought exited
his mind, Spencer got up and went into the kitchen. "Say, buddy, do you
find it a little hot in here? I think the air conditioning may be broken."
Spencer asked. "Yeah, actually, I do find it a little stuffy." Spencer
cracked a smile and replied, "You know, Freddie, it's only us guys around
tonight. You could strip to your shorts or boxers if you want to. It won't
bother me. I normally go around naked when Carly is out. So feel free to do
whatever you want, and I'll do what I meant if you don't mind." Spencer
laughed. Freddie nodded, "Yeah man, okay. Thanks." and began to strip off
his shirt showing his muscles and toned chest. He then took off his shoes
and socks, followed by his shorts, leaving him in only his white and light
blue stripped boxers. Spencer, making some toast, decided to be risky, and
removed the towel from around his waste, showing his nice 6 inch flaccid
penis, with a big bush of pubic hair and a pair of low hanging balls to
match. He could see himself in the toaster's metal reflection, and thought,
"Damn, I look good."

Freddie had yet to notice, but liked the feeling of being almost naked with
Spencer, alone in his apartment. Spencer then took a plate and walked
around to Freddie, exposing his naked 20 year old self to the boy only 5
years younger. "Holy Crap!" Freddie thought. Spencer noticed his reaction
and said, "Sorry. You can strip off your boxers too if you want man. It
wouldn't bother me." Spencer said, hoping Freddie would take his advise. He
pondered the suggestion a minute, and thought, "hey, why the hell not?" and
stripped off his boxers. Both men were now stark naked, and checking each
other out. "Wow! I didn't think he would be so big!" Spencer thought to
himself, slowly turning hard.

"Something got you worked up, Spencer?" Freddie asked, pointing to his
crotch, laughing a bit. "Hey! Don't laugh at me. You're 15, I know you get
them all the time. So, don't make fun of me." he responded
defensively. "Dude, chill. It's cool. I'm getting one too." Freddie said
slowly watching as his boyhood turned hard. "Hey, cool! Let's compare!"
Spencer suggested. Both boys then pulled together and saw Spencer was
bigger, at 9 inches. Freddie just stared at it, holding out his hand, and
touching it. He moved his hand into a fist, and rubbed up and down, making
Spencer moan in ecstasy. This went on for a few minutes until Spencer
pushed his hand away, and pushed Freddie back onto the couch. He paid on
him, kissing and nipping at his neck, and down his chest to his dark
nipples and down to his treasure trail, finally engulfing his cock into his
mouth. His head bobbed up and down and his tongue swirled on the little
boy's cock head making Freddie moan out in pure satisfaction. Meanwhile,
spencer began playing with his dick, pulling it and playing with his balls
until Freddie made him position himself into the 69. He began blowing him
like a pro but could only get 6 of the nine inches down his throat. Both
guys felt the similar sensation and came in each other's mouths and on
their faces.

A few minutes later, they were ready to go again, and were back to the
blowing until Spencer told Freddie to turn over and trust him. "I know
what's coming and I want you to take it." Freddie told his lover. "Just
like I'm going to take Carly's virginity." The thought of the young teen's
ass bumping up and down into his little sister made Spencer hot like
nothing else and he thrusted all of his nine inches in Freddie's tight
virgin ass. Freddie cried in pain and clawed at the pillow, while Spencer
just told him to "take it like a man". After a few minutes, Freddie felt a
wonderful sensation like no other and begged Spencer to keep going. He felt
him inside of him and loved every second of it. He could feel his cum
bubbling up and soon squirted 12 ropes of hot cum from his dick to the back
of the couch and everywhere in between. Seeing this hot stud soaked in his
own cum really sent Spencer over the edge as he dumped his adult load into
the willing ass. He pulled out, still cumming, and added his cum to the
rest of the boy's load.

Both enjoyed eating the cum after Freddie admitted he always did it, and
then they showered together. After getting situated back into their normal
clothes, Freddie finally said, "That was really fun. You could do that
anytime to me, until I fuck your sister, then she'll be coming with me all
the time. No pun intended." "Yeah, good luck with that." Spencer
laughed. "What? She's blown me off before." Freddie winked as he left. He
then went back to his apartment to the comfort of his own room, running
into Carly on the way there.

"Hey Freddie." Carly said. "Oh, hey carls. What's up?" "Nothing, where are
you going?" Carly asked, sounding rather disappointed. "I'm just headed to
my room... would you like to join me?" "Sure..." Carly smiled, as they both
followed each other to his empty apartment.

To Be Continued.

Please write back to tell me how you liked or disliked it. I'm always up
for suggestions and I will try to write back. Hoping to write more stories

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Nifty - Bisexual - Celebrity - Icarly - Ifuck Spencer