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Nifty - Bisexual - Celebrity - Young Bi And Restless

Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 21:24:59 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Young, Bi & Restless

This fictional story contains graphic sexual content and is meant solely
for a mature audience. The original characters are the property of CPT
Holdings; their depiction herein is not meant to construe any false
representation about the sexual identity of any actor portraying these
roles. Your comments are welcomed by the author.

copyright (c) 2000 JRoyale

Seventeen-year-old JT was positively seething with combined jealousy and
rage when he logged onto the Jabot website from the computer terminal at
Crimson Lights, a posh local coffee house frequented by a teen crowd.
There, on live remote, his pretty, bikini-clad girl friend Rianna was
being greased down with tanning oil by dorky school mate Raul. His jaw
was firmly clenched as he observed the Latino's bronzed hands massaging
slick oil into Rianna's cream-colored smooth skin, starting at her
shoulders and working his way down her narrow back, skirting past those
tight little butt cheeks and applying even more lotion along the length
of her long, ultra-shapely legs. His boycock stirred while watching
Raul innocently caress the long-haired beauty's tender skin. Absently,
he reached down and took hold of the lengthening hardness growing along
the side of his leg. Remembering he was in a public establishment, JT
gave his throbbing tool a quick, loving squeeze and silently wished he
was at home behind his own personal computer where he could release his
cock and enjoy a two-fisted hand job.

If he'd played his cards differently, he knew he could have been part of
Jabot's summer website campaign. But it just wasn't good for his
tough-guy image to be seen hanging around with those dweebs; no, his
place was with the party crowd, drinking beer and tripping on the latest
fashionable designer drug. The fact that his girl was best friends with
that stuck-up socialite Brittany was the only reason she had initially
participated in the project. Brittany was supposed to have been
Miss-Glow-by-fuckin'-Jabot, the cosmetic company's newest mascot, and
all her little friends were to romp around poolside while their antics
were transmitted via internet. JT wanted no part of such garbage, even
though hanging out with Brit and getting another piece of her luscious
ass would have been cool. Sure, he'd had her. And wouldn't it surprise
his girl friend to know that Raul, the dude giving her a sun oil bath,
had once sucked his cock right down to the hairy root!

That had happened during the past school year at the private academy
they all attended. Both Raul AND Billy Abbott had given his dick some
tender loving care in the boy's room while JT's hoodlum friends looked
on. Those same so-called friends were supposed to have fucked Billy and
Raul after JT was finished with them, but the stupid bastards had turned
the tables on old JT and shown him he wasn't quite as tough as he
pretended. Sometimes, all these months later, JT could swear that his
formerly-virgin asshole still hurt from the pounding they'd given him.
Them, and every other dude who'd been fortuate enough to come in to take
a piss during the break between classes. It surprised the fuck out of
him that he'd survived the scandal!

Now, watching that little cocksucker Raul touching his girl while Brit
pranced around in the background, the entire situation made JT madder
than hell. He had earlier promised Rianna to pick her up at the Abbott
estate after the web shoot had finished for the day. Today was the day
he intended to put his foot down and show the unfaithful little bitch
just who her man really was.

Driving out to Billy Abbott's home in the little convertible his mom had
given him as a graduation present, JT lit up a cigarette and enjoyed the
wind whipping through his longish dirty-blonde hair. How would he
reproach Rianna, he wondered. Should he refuse to allow her to continue
the web broadcast? Or should he be more subtle? Perhaps he would take
her out to a desolate rest stop, park the car and, taking her in his
arms, spend a few hours just looking up at the stars. Butter her up, as
it were, before coaxing her to spend more time with him this summer and
abandon the Jabot venture.

JT pulled his car around to the back of the mansion and parked near the
spacious pool house. Sauntering through the gate with hands buried deep
in his pockets, JT was mildly surprised to only find Rianna there.

"Where is everybody?" he asked with genuine curiousity.

"Phyllis, our director, left awhile ago with Mac," she informed him
somewhat disappointedly. Secretly, she had wanted JT to meet the
director, hoping that Phyllis might suggest including the boy in future
installments of the live remotes. "Billy left to drive Brit home, no
one from the Abbott family has come home yet, and I don't know where
Raul went off to."

"So, for all intents and purposes, we're all alone," JT grinned as he
advanced on the girl.

Rianna allowed him to take her into his arms. At first he held her
close to his warm, tall body while running his hands along her spine.
Then he tenderly held both sides of her pretty face as he looked
searchingly into her limpid eyes.

"I've missed you so much," he woundedly whispered, his hot, sweet breath
caressing her skin.

That's all it took to make the girl evaporate into a lovesick school
slut. Their lips touched and JT easily slid his tongue into the hollows
of her mouth. He devoured the young girl as though it were the first
time they'd experienced the throes of teenage passion. His talented
tongue did a wicked ballet with hers. Young JT's cock was already hard
and flat up against his belly under loose-fiiting faded blue denim
jeans. He pressed their pelvises together, proving to Rianna how much
he desired her.

Unsnapping the top of her bikini, JT allowed the flimsy material to
carelessly fall to the floor. Cupping both ample breasts in his hands,
he tenderly bent down and rimmed one hardened nipple while teasingly
tweaking the other. He nipped at the protruding bud with even white
teeth before sucking as much of the tit into his mouth as possible. Her
breasts were his personal play things, and JT was determined to make up
for lost time. Hell, the way this bitch had been holding out on him of
late had forced him to turn to guys!

He licked his way down her smooth belly and dramatically halted at the
waist band of her bikini bottom. Inhaling deeply of her crotch, he
looked up into Rianna's sex-crazed sloe eyes and was rewarded when her
small hands moved to discard the obstructive material. Her pretty,
manicured pussy was right before his face. JT dove right in---just as
any average horny seventeen year old would do!

With his nose pressed tightly against Rianna's close-trimmed bush, JT
flicked his long tongue out and between her parted legs, gliding it
along the moist lips of her teen pussy. The girl shuddered as he found
her sensitive clitoris and began to work on it with deliberate jabs of
his tongue.

"Ewwwwwwwwwww, JT," she cooed, "we really shouldn't be doing this here.
The Abbott's could come home at any time."

Rubbing his cheek against her gyrating vulva, he told her, "I don't give
a fuck. I want you so bad. It's driving my cock nuts watching you on
the website with that little nerd, Raul."

Her hands were buried in his hair, pressing his face into her womanhood.
"Raul's a really nice guy once you get to know him. But he's not you,
JT. Only you know how to get me all loose and excited. Still, we
can't do it out here by the pool."

JT swiftly rose and lifted Rianna in his arms, carrying her across the
expanse of the patio and into the nearby pool house. Kicking the glass
door closed behind him, he lowered her onto a multi-pillowed sofa,
spread her thighs and dove face-first back into her delicious cunt. The
nubile cheerleader squealed with delight as her boyfriend's fingers
parted the hairs shielding her dripping hole and sucked on her wet cunt
lips. Young JT, school wise-guy, slipped two long fingers inside her
and frigged the juicy pussy as he ran his tongue up and down the length
of her slit.

Squirming on the plush cushions with obvious pleasure, Rianna kneaded
her ample young breasts, finally centering on the erect nipples which
she pinched between trembling fingers. Her curvaceous hips bucked up
and down against JT's face as he continued to explore her tender honey
pot. His probing tongue created a delicious tingling in her pussy,
involuntarily causing the girl to mash her hot box against his succulent
mouth. Running his talented tongue from the girl's clit down to the
point where his fingers were frantically fucking her, JT lapped up her
hot, free-flowing juices. He pressed his lips against her pretty pussy
hole and licked deep inside the wet, warm cunt.

Horny young JT was beyond arousal as he fumbled with the zipper of his
jeans. Releasing his erect seven incher, the blondish boy immediately
set in to stroking his overly excited slab of boy meat while he
continued to eat out Rianna's inviting twat. His fingers wrapped
around the hard shaft of his cock as he massaged it in the sweaty palm
of his hand. A clear drop of pre-cum glistened on the fat crimson head.
He fisted his mighty cock with increasing speed, his arm pumping up and
down as the loose skin of his joint slid easily along the hardened meat,
bringing him closer and closer to the point of release.

Lifting himself, JT stripped off his clothing and swung his body over so
that he was straddling Rianna's breasts and his one-eyed monster was
practically touching her chin.

"Suck it, Rianna, baby. Please suck it for me," he begged.

"Now, JT, you know I won't do that," the girl protested, a frown
furrowing her shapely brows.

"Oh, come on," he whined. "I need you so fuckin' much, baby.

Her response was interrupted by an intruding sound from somewhere else
in the room --- the sound of someone deliberately clearing their throat!
JT shot his head sideways to see Raul standing at the bathroom doorway.
The other boy shifted nervously on his feet, hands slung deep into the
pockets of his pants. His ultra-long, almost girlish, lashes batted
nervously as his eyes locked with JT's steely blue stare.

"I-I was just using the bathroom before you guys came in," the
embarrassed lad offered. "I'll j-just be on my way." His sandals began
to shuffle across the floor as he attempted a hasty retreat. Trouble
with wise-ass JT was the last thing he wanted today.

"Hold it right there, sport!" JT stopped him at the doorway.

The good-looking Latino turned to face the couple on the divan. Rianna
appeared absolutely mortified as she lay there in stunned silence under
JT's nude body. JT, on the other hand, had a mischevious grin plastered
on his long face as he enjoyed Raul's uncomfortable squirming.

"Looks like you won't have to take my dirty dick in your pretty little
mouth, Rianna," the boy taunted. "I've got Raul here to do it for you.
Didja know he's a little closet cock sucker?"

"JT!" Rianna finally managed. "This isn't funny! Now let me up so I
can get dressed! I'm so ashamed!"

"Nothing to be ashamed of, baby," JT went on, teasingly. "Raul likes
the pussy just as much as he craves cock. The three of us are going to
have a lot of fun. Come a little closer, Raul, and take a look at
Rianna's pretty little cunt."

"TH-THIS ISN'T FAIR!" Raul shouted out.

JT chuckled at the boy's response. "Get over here, dweeb, before I tell
the whole fucking school how you and Billy-boy sucked my joint last

"Oh y-yeah?" Raul nervously shot back. "And how about what you did
with Brenden and your other buddies after Billy and I left the john?
Huh? How'd you like Rianna to know about that?"

JT's face clouded. His jaw tightened. The little bastard knew all
about his rape at the hands of his own best frirends after he'd done the
same to Billy and Raul. His position as class bully had been threatened
then and now--again. Eyes widening angrily, he demanded, "GET OVER

And Raul obeyed. He wasn't sure exactly what drove his feet to place
themselves one before the other and advance on the couple sprawled out
on the sofa in the Abbott's pool house. All he knew was that some inner
force more powerful than his consciousness propelled him forward and
positioned him behind JT, gawking downward between the outspread thighs
of the terrified girl.

JT made a quick move, turning himself to face the other boy. Hunching
over Rianna, his asshole was practically in her nose as he reached down
to roughly spread the swollen lips of her pussy wide open. He grinned
hugely as he observed the awestruck look on Raul's face.

"Looking mighty tasty, isn't it, man?" he goaded. "It's just like a
pretty little flower, spreading its pink petals for a bit of

Raul swallowed hard. He had come to like Rianna during their hours
spent working at the Jabot website. In fact, he believed her biased
opinion of him had changed over the past weeks. He knew that engaging
in JT's twisted game would jeopardize their blossoming relationship, but
the tent poking out of the front of his pants could not be denied. As
if reading his mind, JT's devious hand shot forward to unsnap the front
of the Latino boy's pants and allowed his rigid six-and-a-half inch cock
to spring free.

"Oh, yeah," JT breathed heavily, "you want a piece of her juicy pussy,
doncha Raul?" To emphasize his words, the hooligan took hold of Raul's
swollen hard-on and gave it a few meaningful strokes.

"YES!" Raul groaned. "OH, YES!"

"What do you want?" JT pressed. "Do you want to fuck her pussy?"

Raul gritted his teeth. "YES! I WANT TO FUCK HER PUSSY!"

The other boy laughed in his own victory. "Only if you suck my cock."

CARE! I JUST WANT SOME PUSSY!" the seventeen-year-old dark-haired boy
shouted, losing his last bit of self-control.

JT was satisfifed. Holding Rianna's box open, seemingly invitingly, he
fingered her tiny bud, causing the girl to go into reluctant lustful
convulsions. Bringing his face close to her pirvates, he again flicked
out his long tongue and toyed with her clit, all the while looking up at
Raul's sexually ignited face.

"Well, come on, Raul," JT admonished. "Get down here and help me make
her pussy all wet for the fucking you're gonna give her."

Young Raul dropped to his knees and glided his tongue up the inside of
Rianna's smooth left thigh. The trail he made up toward her tempting
crotch was marked with tender little kisses. He could hardly believe
that scoundrel JT was sharing his girl friend so willingly. And,
embarrassed as she must be, Rianna didn't seem to be putting up much of
a fight. Besides, Raul knew that she liked him. She had practically
said as much on one of those many days JT had done her wrong. Oh, how
he had wanted to kiss her! And now he was being given the opportunity
to kiss the most sacred part of her sensuous body. Raul tentatively
moved up between her legs, face to face with JT, and parted his lips.

JT continued to nibble on the trapped girl's clitoris as he excitedly
watched Raul taste her sweet little pussy. Raul traced the outline of
her box with his lips and tongue, gliding over JT's knuckles as he held
Rianna's swollen twat lips wide open. As he reached the protruding
little clit which JT was so diligently working on, he joined the other
boy in mouth massaging the precious point of pleasure. Their tongues
glided against one anothers as they fervently licked her nut. Rianna
was thrashing around on the sofa, obviously enjoying the lusty attention
she was being given by the two good looking boys. So engrossed was she
in nearing her oncoming orgasm that the girl failed to see JT roughly
grasp Raul by the back of his head and crush their male lips together.

Raul's eyes went wide with astonishment as macho school thug JT tried to
suck out his tongue by the root! His lips bruised the young Latino
boy's while his own tongue invaded Raul's pussy-tasting mouth. And
then, just as suddenly, JT broke their embrace and dove back into
Rianna's muff. Apt pupil Raul hastily followed suit, sloshing around in
her heated puss while the cute babe bucked about as she was brought into
orgasm. Raul drank the intoxicating nectar from her flavorful cunt.

"Fuck that pussy," JT's hot breath passed over his face.

Without hesitation, Raul shed his clothing and was into position,
holding his brown six-and-a-half inch boy cock at the spasming entrance
to her love channel. JT was still down there, a maddening smile on his
face, as he spread Rianna's pussy lips wide for the onslaught. Raul
pressed forward, his hardness sinking into the silky, wet and warm
pussy. The hot hole firmly gripped his invading member; the twat's lips
clenching around the base of his shaft. Firmly embedded in the gorgeous
girl, Raul began to move within her using a back and forth sawing
motion. His ethnic shaft pulled slowly, teasingly, almost all the way
out of her vagina before plunging head first back in; snuggling itself
in the farthest reaches of her pussy mouth. She felt so incredibly

JT was humping his leaking cock against Rianna's unyielding face. At
least the fucking bitch could open her mouth and let him have a little
satisfaction, the boy thought. But Rianna remained true to her "no
sucking" rule, although she sure seemed to like Raul's hot prick plowing
into her slit. The little nympho was moaning, groaning and thrashing
around under his body. JT's face was dizzyingly close, his hot breath
falling over their interlocking sexual organs. He had the ultimate
close-up of a heated fucking session. Desperate to participate in the
antics, JT touched his tongue to the surface of Raul's wet pecker as it
exited Rianna's steaming cunt. As Raul withdrew from the girl, JT
leaned forward and devoured her dripping cunt, savoring the combined
taste of both sex fiends.

After satisfying himself in her lunch box, JT moved aside to allow Raul
another dip into the honey pot. He was almost surprised when, instead
of aiming for Rianna's pussy, Raul forced his hard-on between JT's
nearby lips. The darker boy's balls tickled Rianna's exposed clitoris
as he sunk his member deep down into JT's throat. The other boy
accepted his offering without objection, sucking at the length of pussy
marinated boy meat. Raul fucked his face faster and harder, slamming
his dick into the school bully's wise-ass mouth, rendering him totally
speechless. Just when he was convinced that JT was totally loving the
fierce treatment, Raul yanked his cock from between the tall lanky
stud's lips and sunk back into Rianna's pulsing pussy. JT remained ever
close, puppy-dog eyes silently begging for another taste of pussy-coated
cock. Every now and then Raul obliged. It pleased him to see the
ever-popular, status-climbing, smart-aleck school hooligan rendered
powerless, vulnerable and cock thirsty.

Rianna's sweat-slickened hair clung to the sides of her face as she
rocked through one orgasm after another. The girl was so far gone she
hardly noticed when JT lifted himself up to stand, straddling her
writhing prone body, his groin directly in position with the face of the
cute not-so-nerdish-after-all Latino hunk fucking the dickens out of
her. Big and bad JT may have been taken in by the spirit of the moment
but he certainly hadn't forgotten Raul's end of the bargain: a little
pussy for a little cock sucking. Holding his thick member by the base,
he smeared the leaking bulb across the smooth-skinned face of the other
boy. A healthy trail of thick pre-cum spread from cheek to cheek before
he pressed the impatient head against Raul's full, succulent lips. Raul
parted his lips and opened his throat, allowing JT to easily glide in
balls' deep with one steady lunge. JT moaned such a heated sexual sigh
as he was engulfed in the teen's mouth that it momentarily brought
Rianna out of her rollicking sensual revelations.

The girl gasped in astonishment as she looked up between the spread
thighs of her boy friend and saw cute little Raul bobbing up and down on
JT's stiff tool. The blond boy's big sweaty ball sac swung freely
between his legs as his seven inch teen meat was willingly devoured by
the other boy. Raul slobbered hungrily all over the thick shaft,
rolling his tongue around it and sucking on the hot cock. Drawing back
so just the flared helmet was held in place between his lips, Raul
tongued the thick piss slit, poking the tip of his tongue into the hole
and licking at the heavy drops of dew he produced. JT shoved his slim
hips forward as Raul jerked his head from side to side, heightening the
sensations of his warm mouth and throat over the sensitive skin of JT's
plowing cock. He groaned pleasurably around the fat cock head lodged
deep in his throat, prompting sex-crazed JT to begin roughly fucking his

Despite the oral onslaught, Raul never once missed a beat in pumping his
own cock in and out of Rianna's steamy clam. The wet walls of her pussy
felt like crushed velvet against his burgeoning rod. He ground his hips
against her, churning up her insides, his pace quickening to match JT's
face-fucking tempo untl he was maddeningly pounding into her box. The
girl had to grasp the cushions of the sofa to keep from being pushed off
by the surprisingly powerful force of Raul's fucking. Who would have
thought, she wondered as her body began to shudder towards another
convulsive climax, that the less-popular boy from school would be such a
terrific fuck! Raul was no dweeb at all; in her eyes he had become her
main stud. Who cared that he appeared to be equally interested in
sucking another guy's cock---the way he fucked, he could do whatever he
wanted! Besides, she silently confessed to herself, she had often
wondered what it might be like to have best friend Brittany's face down
between her legs, slurping away at her juicy cunt. What a hypocrite she
would be if she degrudged JT and Raul their masculine fun!

Rianna came, much more loudly this time. She was practically screaming
as Raul drove her into climax. The boy knew he couldn't hold out much
longer; her slippery pussy was bouncing all around his teen cock. His
thrusts became short, fast and deep as his breath quickened to a
stiffled grunting around the big dick in his mouth. Shock waves of
pleasure shot through young Raul. His ball sac jiggled ferociously, his
athletic chest heaved, his abdominal walls sucked inwardly, his eyes
squeezed tightly shut and he damned near bit off JT's pride and joy at
the base as orgasm overtook him. He shot one hot, milky blast after
another into Rianna's girl cunt, douching her firey insides with his
abundant sperm.

The sighing, moaning, groaning, lapping and libidinous breathing around
his cock was much more than JT could handle. His body tensing, the boy
rammed his balls against Raul's chin and shot a gargantuan load of cum
down the Latino's throat! Raul milked the spitting dick, savoring its
hot boyseed, until he had sucked JT completely dry. Cock snot seeped
from the corners of his mouth, dripping down onto the sweat-soaked tiny
body of the pretty girl whose pussy was flooded with his own cum.

Raul was startled when JT roughly shoved him out of the way and crouched
down between Rianna's twitching thighs. Without a moment's hesitation
the blond youth dove into her dripping pussy with his hungry mouth,
eating out her pussy and sucking up Raul's spent jizm at the same time.
His face was smeared with their combined juices as he animalistically
devoured her spent box.

Suddenly the door to the pool house was thrown open, startling the three
naked youths. Carrot-topped Phyllis stood framed in the doorway with a
lock of absolute horror on her attractive face. Her head darted from
one side to the other before she focused on the remote cameras. Rushing
forward, the web director ripped the cameras from their energy source
before turning back to the three sexually satisfied teenagers.

"OH MY WORD!" she muttered hysterically, pacing from one side of the
room to the other, seemingly oblivious to the threesome. "WE'RE RUINED!

"Phyllis," JT spoke up, his long tongue swiping out to gather up a clot
of cum trickling down his chin. "You don't have to tell anybody about
this. It'll be our secret."

"SECRET!" she screamed, approaching them. "THERE IS NO SECRET!

Tearing at her hair, the irate woman bolted from the pool house, leaving
the teens to stare at each other in bewilderment.

Within a week sales for Globe by Jabot, the product advertised on the
web site, went through the roof and solidified the company's tenuous
standing in the business community.

As for Rianna, JT and Raul: after the initial embarrassment, they all
became the most popular teens in Genoa City.

Well, you would look them up, wouldn't you?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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