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Nifty - Bisexual - Highschool - Private Boys School

Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 23:04:16 -0700

In the Spring of 1985, I had just completed my middle school and was
looking forward to starting high school in the fall. In late July, my dad
accepted a new position with his company and that meant moving to Germany
for at least four years. I begged him not to go. I wanted to stay and go
to school with my friends. I did not want to go to Germany. My folks said
the only way I could remain in the States was to go to a boarding school.
I hated missing my friends but that was much superior to going to school in

By late August, my folks found a very private boarding school in the great
Pacific Northwest. Needless to say, I was excited. I was well-built,
reddish hair on my head and pubes and my legs. I had already developed a
nice trail up to my navel. I stood 5'6" and weighed in at 125# and was
solid since I had played several sports, including wrestling.

The day came to say goodbye. I had packed and was ready. My folks were
leaving for Germany the next day. They drove me to the airport where I was
put on a plane for Sea-Tac Airport in Washington State. My plane landed
and a uniformed man met me at the gate and ushered me to a bus that was
already nearly full. We met one more flight and then headed towards
Mt. Rainier. We drove for a long time and I got acquainted with many on
the bus. After a couple of hours driving, we arrived at a gated road. We
went through the gate and onto a gravel road. After about five miles, we
approached the school. The first building I saw was a circular building
with wings.

Let me describe this building since it will have a great deal to do with
this true story.

It was large and circular with four wings extending off to each side.
Later I found there was a larger wing extending off the back.

As you entered this building, there were some desks in the lobby. The
lobby went up four stories with a balcony completely around it. Each wing
was four stories. Each floor held 20 beds, lockers, 4 toilets and 4 shower
heads in a small shower area. In other words, each of these wings had 20
per floor x 4 floors x 8 wings or room for a total of 640 boys. The
classrooms and the teachers quarters were in a separate building.

We were ushered into the lobby and a man whom I later found was a teacher
told us we would have a physical exam then would have some free time. He
took us to one of the floors in one of the wings and told us to pick out a
bed. I took one near the toilet and shower area. He then told us to all
undress completely and he would be back to take us to the doctor for our

We all stripped down. Many were shy and tried to cover their cocks and
balls. Others weren't shy and liked to show them off.

Shortly, he came back in and told us to follow him. We were taken down the
back stairs to the large gymnasium which was located in that larger wing.
That wing also held the indoor swimming pool, dressing rooms and the

So here was 20 naked 14 and 15 year olds all following this man to the gym.
We stood in line waiting for our turn. The doctor was assisted by two
female nurses. This scared some of the guys and others got rock hard. The
first nurse gave us a blood pressure test, temperature and a few other
tests then we moved to the next nurse. She explained the doctor wanted to
examine each boy with an erection. He could either do what was necessary
or she would assist him. When it was my turn, I said she should assist so
she grabbed my cock and started to stroke it hard whereby I got hard right
away. Too soon, I wanted her to keep going. I then went to the doctor who
spent most of his time investigating my hard cock. He ultimately jerked me
until I came in a cup. After our physical exam, we had free time to swim
or wrestle or whatever. I was to find out that all activities in the gym
or swimming pool were in the nude.

By the time we were through with our exams, another bus load arrived and
went through the same routine.

After all received their physicals, we were ushered into the cafeteria for
dinner. Still naked. After dinner we returned to our dorm room. I found
that 20 boys could not get under 4 shower heads without being very close
together and when you do that, your cock is rubbing the other guys and
likewise. We soon enjoyed our showers each morning. We always were hard.

After an evening of getting acquainted with my other room-mates, the
teacher returned before lights out to explained the rules. We were given
uniforms, black shorts and white "T" shirts but they were worn only in the
classrooms and in the reception area. At all other times we were to be
naked. It didn't take very long for the guys to quit trying to hide their
"jewels" and let them just hang out. In fact, we soon learned that
everyone's hands and other body parts were yours to play with.

I later found out there was about 550 students this term and all would go
to the cafeteria naked for breakfast then to their dorm room and don their
uniform for classes. Immediately after classes each day, strip naked

The guy next to me was my age with a dark complexion, black hair and one of
the nicest cocks I had ever seen. He was about 2" taller than me and about
my weight but his cock had a beautiful bush and he had hair on his chest.
Very thin and light but black hair. His cock was at least 6.5", cut and
very hard and straight. He was the first one I ever sucked and boy the
loads he carried. Since we had no privacy, we just did it on our beds
while others watched or most joined with others. It was a real turn-on to
see all these naked guys, many with hard-ons. There was always someone
sucking or fucking. It was especially fun when we had joint swimming with
the older boys. The adults never seemed to care that we were sucking or
fucking in front of others. In fact, the swim coach was always naked and
he would make it a point to come up close to you when talking so his cock
would touch you or yours would touch him. When he talked to you, he would
usually scratch his balls or stroke his cut cock and smile.

Since it was still nice weather, we did a lot of swimming in the outdoor
pool and played a lot of volleyball in the yard.

I was so glad that I didn't go to Germany and didn't want school to end
because I then had to visit my folks in Germany for the summer.

I know that my cock grew at least 2" that first school year because I was
growing and also the exercise it got, both from me and every other guy that
wanted to play with it.

Another thing, the school always had a large container of condums available
in every dorm and in the gym and locker room. I preferred not to use them
(I am a top) but some did. My best class was sex education. For that,
they invited several girls to show in class and allow full inspection.
Sometimes you would get lucky and one would come visit you in your dorm
room where you could screw her in front of all the others. She would
usually take on several before she left. Another class I enjoyed was art.
I wasn't too good at painting but I did like to mold naked guys. Of
course, you had to touch to get the right size and shape.

I never once left that school until spring when school let out and then all
summer I dreamt of my next year there.

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Nifty - Bisexual - Highschool - Private Boys School