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Nifty - Bisexual - Incest - Adam At Boy Scout Camp - Adam At Boy Scout Camp 1

Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2010 17:24:27 -0500
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Subject: Adam at Boy Scout Camp

Adam at Scout Camp
Sunday, December 19, 2010

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The characters that many of you have enjoyed from the Cop and the Kid
continue in Adam at Scout Camp.

Jake Sherman is a 26 year old police officer who sprained his ankle in the
line of duty. Jake needed a running partner for his dog Rascal while his
ankle is healing. He asks a 12 year old neighbor boy who is a runner for
help. Adam agrees and suddenly their lives are deeply sexually
intertwined. Jake has fallen deeply in love with both Adam and his mom,
Mary Jo. They are all excited that Jake has inseminated Adam's mom.

Mary Jo, Adam's mom, loves her new live and the freedom to be sexual with
her beautiful blond 12 year old boy. What really surprises her is how
turned on she is when she see Jake and other boys having sex with her son.

In this chapter of Adam at Scout Camp the boy on boy sex is hot. Jake is
the Assistant Scout Master of Adam's Boy Scout troop. It is time for
Adam's first Boy Scout camping trip.

Just before the campout one of the fathers, Dr. Cummings, reminds Jeff
Tabor, the Scout Master, that the boys all need an annual physical. Ray
not only offers to do the physicals, he also offered to teach a highly
explicit sex education course and is bringing his children along to as
teaching aids.

Adam learns about the sex education class and realizes that Kathy Cummings,
the hottest girl in his class, will be part of the sex education class.
She will be there naked and will see him naked. It has already caused an
interesting situation in Science class (Cop and the Kid 5).

Jake dreamt about the physical and sex education class. Two beautiful sexy
young girls and 25 prepubescent and pubescent boys with raging hormones are
going to make for some wild sexual combinations. Jake's cock ached as he
woke up thinking about the prepubescent boys who have never had an orgasm.
He had been dreaming about sucking a tender young boy's immature boner to

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and PDF.

As always, if you are not supposed to be reading this story...then please
don't...please practice safe sex.

This story is a total fantasy.

Jake Sherman, 26
Adam Martin, 12
Mary Jo Martin, 37
Jeff Tabor scout master
Mrs. Miller 32/72
Jerry Miller, 12
Seth Miller, 17
Dr. Ray Cummings
Kathy Cummings, 12
Karen & Thomas, 11
Sally Cummings, 7
Patrick Cummings, 5
Justin Treymoore, 14
Greg Warren, 15
Jonathan 14,
Jerry, 13
George, 13
Andrew, 13
Tim, 11
Matthew, 11
Thomas Cummings, 11

Adam at Scout Camp 1

Jake is lying in bed next to Adam and lightly stroking his beautiful ass.
Adam's hips are a blur as he rapidly thrusts his 12 year old boner into his
mom. Jake begins to finger Adam's tender asshole and the boy gasps as the
young police officer massages his prostate. The boy begins to groan and
moan uncontrollably as his 12 year old nuts give up their hot seed into his
mother's very pregnant womb. As Adam and Mary Jo's orgasms subside, Jake
tenderly kisses one of the white globes of Adam's ass. Mary Jo hugged her
sexy boy tight.

Jake softly whispered that they need to get in the shower so they can go
pick up Justin and head to Boy Scout camp.

There were two 12 passenger vans in the parking lot with lots of scouts and
parents waiting. Jake parked so that he could hook the trailer with all
the tents and camping supplies to his old red Ford 150's trailer hitch.
Justin told the scouts to put their backpacks and bedrolls in the back of
Jake's truck. When everything was loaded up and the kids were getting
loaded in the vans, Jake drove out of the parking lot.

As they head out of town toward Castaway National Forrest, the sexual
tension is thick in the early morning air. The old Ford pickup truck had a
large bench seat. Adam sat in between Justin and Jake wearing the olive
drab scout shorts and a t-shirt. He had his running shoes on with half
socks. Adam looked over at Justin.

Justin, the sexy blond boy 14 year old boy, was scoping out Adam's hairless
muscular legs 12 year old legs. Adam saw that Justin had a big bulge in
his scout uniform shorts. Adam reached over and reached up through the leg
of the shorts that gapped open and reached up through the leg of Justin's
boxer shorts. His fingers gently explored the low hanging 14 year old
boy's balls. Adam giggled as he fished his hand up further until he found
the stiff boner. Justin moaned as Adam played with the rim of his cock

"You know that there was an easier way to get to the prize." Justin said
with a laugh as his friend groped his stiff cock.

"Yeah but it wouldn't have been as much fun. As Adam briskly rubbed the
throbbing head of Justin's cock he suggested, "Maybe you should just get
naked and let me suck that awesome cock of yours."

Jake had a throbbing erection as he drove along the interstate highway and
snuck glances of the boys sitting beside him flirting.

Justin toed off his left running shoe and then his right. The fell to the
floor of the truck with a thump. He left the half socks on his feet and
lifted his butt as he pushed down his shorts and boxers.

Jake found that he was drifting into the other lane as he watched the 14
year old boner emerge from the scout uniform shorts.

Justin slipped off his t-shirt and Adam played with the small stripe of
white blond hair under Justin's arm. Adam kissed the nearly bare arm pit
and then kissed his naked friend on the lips. It was a long passionate

When Adam finally broke the kiss he was breathless and rock hard. Justin's
boner was leaking big drops of precum. " are so fucking hot...I
could just eat you up...and I think I will." Adam said as he leaned down
and took Justin's flared cock head between his lips. He kissed and sucked
the boy's cock until Justin was moaning and groaning.

Justin quickly undressed Adam. Justin slipped the t-shirt over Adam's head
and he licked the bare arm pit that was nearest. Adam's bare skin tasted
delicious to Justin. The 12 year old arm pits were so beautiful and
hairless, Justin thought as he lapped the sweet tasting boy flesh.

Justin pulled off Adam's shoes and socks. He massaged the barefoot and
then began to suck on Adam's big toe.

Adam wiggled and giggled as the sucking and licking tickled him. It also
turned him on as he watched his friend suck on his feet. It was so

Then Justin put his fingers in the waistband of Adam's scout uniform shorts
and began to pull the shorts and boxers down over the sexy boy's skinny

Adam yelped as the waistband bent his hard cock out of shape as his friend
skinned the shorts off him.

Just as Justin stripped his buddy naked Jake pulled up alongside an 18
wheeler and when the air horn sounded it startled the boys. The driver
waved out his window and gave the sexy naked boys thumbs up. Justin
grinned and leaned over and sucked on Adam's cock as he waved back at the
bearded trucker. The trucker pulled the cord for his air horn again and
waved at the naked boys. Then the trucker fished his cock out of his jeans
and jacked himself until he exploded hot cum all over his jeans, shirt and
steering wheel.

The boys stretched out on the long seat and began to 69. Adam's bare toes
ended up in Jake's lap and he played with Jake's boner through his shorts
with his toes while he sucked Justin's awesome boner.

Justin started to hump Adam's mouth.

Adam eased his buddy's boner out of his mouth and slowly and sensuously
lapped the stiff shaft paying special attention to the rim.

Justin was intensely sucking Adam's hard cock. Adam had an orgasm with his
mom earlier that morning so he had more staying power.

Justin got up with major wood and had no time to do anything about it. He
just barely got out of the shower when Adam knocked on the door. He had an
aching need to seed.

"Fuck gotta let me jizz...need it so bad." Justin begged as
Adam smiled and continued to torture his best friend. He could tell right
when Justin was ready to cum and then would stop and lick his balls or kiss
his legs to keep him right on the edge. After a few minutes of this
sensual torture, there was a strangled cry as Justin went over the edge and
his hot semen began to squirt all over Adam's face. Jake slipped his
shorts down and with only a few strokes using one hand, Jake pounded out a
huge load of cum. He could not continue to stroke like he needed and
wanted to because Jake had to hold his hand over the tip of his cock so
that he didn't shoot all over himself and the truck. Even at that his lap
was a gooey mess of steaming hot cum. It was everything he could to ride
the orgasm and keep his truck in its lane.

Jake could not believe that he was a police officer half naked and
masturbating while driving as he watched two beautiful blond boys...a 12
year old and 14 year old...sucking cock completely naked on the seat of his
truck. He must be crazy and then he smiled. "Imagine Jake Sherman being
hot for pubescent and prepubescent boys...he would have never believed it
had someone told him this would happen a few months ago. He was the
straightest dude ever." Jake thought with a huge smile.

He smiled and laughed as he wiped his cum all over the two sex maniacs
beside him. Jake licked the last of the hot semen off the palm of his hand
and savored the taste of his own cum.

Jake told the boys that it was time to get dresses that they were turning
off the interstate and approaching the entrance to the national forest.
Adam leaned over and lapped the semen off Jake's lap.

As Adam finished cleaning up the hot semen off Jake he protested, "But
dude...I didn't get to cum."

" heart breaks. I watched you having your way with my
woman this morning...getting your rocks off and I was all hard...and did I
get any...Nooooooooo!" Jake teased the sexy blond boy and ruffled the mop
of silky blond hair with his hand that was still damp with his saliva and
semen. "My my hard...aches for you." Jake told him as he waved
around his still hard boner.

They all laughed until they had tears running down their cheeks.

The boys were dressed and so was Jake when they pulled up to the guard
house at the front gate of the national forest. They got directions from
the guard and drove to the head of the trail. About 20 minutes later the
two vans pulled in and parked. All of the scouts tumbled out of the vans.
They were somewhat disheveled from sleeping and many of them had bulges in
their shorts from their dreams.

Jeff, the Scout Master, gathered the boy up. "We are going to hike this
trail through the national forest. It leads to a trail that runs through
the Scout Camp property. It is a little over 5 miles long and will help
our new tenderfoot candidates accomplish one of their first tasks.

As they took off Justin and Adam were near the front of the boys. Justin
teased Adam about smelling funny. They punched and pushed each other
playfully. They ran down the trail and Adam playfully grabbed Justin's ass
when they were out of sight of the other boys. They ran ahead up and down
the trail through the heavily wooded hills.

Justin got half hard as he watched Adam running with wild abandon through
the trees with his mop of blond hair bouncing with each stride. Justin
couldn't explain it. Adam was so innocent and so sexy at the same time.
They turned and ran back to the other scouts. Soon about half of the troop
was running playfully ahead up the trail and then circling back to rejoin
the others.

The boys were tired and sweaty when the trail ended by the swimming pool at
the Scout Camp.

Jeff, the scout master, gave each of the boys a bag for their clothes and
shoes and a marker to put their name on the bag. The young scouts stood
around Jake's old red truck undressing and giggling about being naked
outside. Jerry and George, two of the nicely developed 13 year old boys,
were half hard. Some of the other boys giggled and pointed at Jerry and
George's growing erections. Jake held up his hand for quiet. He put a
hand on Jerry's shoulder and one on George's shoulder.

"That is enough of the giggling. You will all be getting boners this
afternoon and this evening. It is the most normal and natural thing in the
world for young guys to get hard. We'll learn more about that this
evening. Jake called Timmy and asked him to come over here for a second."
Tim was the youngest and least developed of the boys. Then Jake called 16
year old Greg over.

"We are going to be talking about how our bodies develop and grow this
evening. But since this is the first time many of you are seeing each
other naked, Tim just turned 11. Who are our other 11 year old guys?" Six
boys held up their hands and Jake waved them up to join him.

"Take the time to look at each other. There are guys here that have not
started to mature sexually and then there are some like Matthew that have
developed considerably. Everything that you see here is perfectly normal.
We all develop sexually on different schedules."

Jake stood behind Tim and put his arms over Tim's shoulders. "Tim's body
is at one of the most beautiful stages of physical development. He is
starting to grow but he has not started to develop sexually." Jake took
the prepubescent penis in his hands.

Timmy moaned a worried moan and Jake felt the small penis start to
stiffen. "Ah that is perfect Timmy. I hoped you would get hard." Jake
looked at the boys who were watching in awe...even the older teens. "Let's
look at Tim's body. His penis has grown some in the last year and now has
a prominent flared head on a small flaccid or soft shaft. See how his
shaft is getting stiff and look at the head of his cock. Notice how his
testicles are still tight against his body. Dr. Cummings will explain this
evening why they are that way and why Matthew's testicles have descended."

"Matt would you please step over beside Tim. Notice how Matthew shaft is
thicker and longer. Ah that's nice...talking about it is giving Matthew an
erection or boner as most boys call them."

Jake held the stiff shaft down and invited them to look at the small patch
of black pubic hair at the base of Matt's developing cock. "You will
probably see as you look around that there are boys who are two years older
who may be less developed than Matt. Jake gently nudged Tim and Matt
together until their boners were side by side. "Look at how different
these two boys are. So different and that is all perfectly normal. Study
and admire our differences."

"It may seem like a big deal now but in a few years it will make no
difference when you have fully developed sexually. At this time in your
life, the boys who are the most developed are often as uncomfortable as the
boys who are least developed. It is all normal and you should not worry
about how developed you are."

Jake walked over to Greg. Jake casually took Greg's boner in his hands.
"Greg is 16 and he is the most developed scout. Step up here close boys so
that you can see Greg's awesome boner. What do you notice that is
different about Greg's boner and sexual development?

A very handsome 13 year old dark hair boy said, "Ummm...well...Mr... I mean

"Why don't you just call me Jake?" He said with a smile as he continued to
hold Greg's very stiff erection. "...and Andrew...there is no need to stand
there with your hand over your boner. If you look around I think you will
see that almost everybody has a boner. There is no need to hide yours."

Andrew turned a deep shade of red and pulled his hand away from his three
inch boner that had a thin shaft and an uncut foreskin. There was a small
patch of curly black hair at the base. "Ummm well Greg's boner is
huge...that is different from the rest of us."

That brought some laughter from the other boys.

"Great what else do you notice about his boner?"

Timmy spoke up and said, "It is wide and has a huge cock head."

"He has really big...I mean really big balls...they are huge." 14 year old
Jonathan said. Jonathan tended to be the class clown.

"You are right about that Jonathan. They are big heavy balls. Would you
like to feel them?"

Jonathan stepped over and looked at Greg's hard cock with a look of awe.
He put his hand out and cupped Greg's scrotum. "Wow they are heavy.
Ummm...Greg...would it be okay know...I touched your's
so cool."

Greg smiled and nodded yes.

"What do you notice now?" Jake asked Jonathan.

"It is all know like he already cum or something." The 14 year
old said as he continued to explore the older boy's cock.

Jake could see that a lot of the younger boys had no idea of what Jonathan
was talking about. Jake took hold of the head of the 14 year old's cock.
"I guess from your comment that your cock is quite familiar with

The 14 year old snickered and said, "Well yeah!"

Well a lot of the guys are not familiar with it. "When a guy's body
develops enough he can begin to produce sperm or the seed that makes
babies. We will talk a lot more about that this evening. When the penis
is stimulated or rubbed it can cause a guy to squirt his seed. Jonathan's
comment was asking if Greg had made sperm because that can be messy and
leave your cock slippery. The answer Jonathan is no. What Greg's cock is
doing is making a lubricant called precum. We will talk about why that is
helpful." Jake said as he stroked Greg's cock and stroked Jonathan.
Greg's cock started leaking long strands of clear precum.

"Ummm...dude if you keep that up you are going to get more than precum."
Jonathan said.

"Yeah...a lot more...oh fuck...sorry...can't stop...oh shit..." Greg said
as the first rope of hot cum flew from the tip of his cock and splattered
all over Jonathan.

Jake felt Jonathan's cock swell and then ejaculate a thick stream of cum
toward Greg. Jake began to aggressively jack both boys' shafts until their
orgasms subsided. "Boys that is the seed that makes babies. Come up here
and you can touch it and even taste it if you would like." Jake took a
swipe of Greg's copious cum and licked it off his finger.

Ewww... was heard from a lot of the boys.

"I bet you change your mind before the weekend is over." Jake told them.
"Greg and Justin...I want you to let the boys touch and taste your cum if
they want to and then all of you need to jump in the shower. And wash the
dust from the hike off before you get in the swimming pool."

"Jeff and I will be getting naked too and you can feel free to look at us.
Later this evening we will be able to touch each other and feel our
differences. Dr. Cummings will be teaching us a lot of really cool stuff.
Just relax and enjoy all of this. Right now we are going to have the new
members take a water safety swimming test. If you don't know how to swim
we'll teach you."

Jake stood there and began to strip naked. All of the boys watched him as
he slipped off his boxer briefs. Jake's cock was rock hard. His 7" cock
had been hard since he started touching Timmy's amazing little cock. He
could tell that the boys were murmuring about him as they checked out his
big thick cock. They headed to the showers and the boys could not take
their eyes off of Jake and 16 year old Greg. Both of them had thick 7"
cocks. They showered and began the swimming test and the older boys worked
on their Life Saving merit badge. Jake was in the pool and had some of the
young non swimmers jumping into his arms. He would gently dunk them after
telling them to hold their breath. Then when he pulled them up to the
surface he let their bare boners rub against his body. Jake was loving
ever second of it...and from the way the boys humped their small boners
against him he decided that they liked it too.

Jeff came out and stripped naked. Jake saw that Jeff's 6.5" boner was rock
hard too.

"I talked to the kitchen crew and told them that if they do the preparation
we will serve and clean up." Jeff told Jake as he stood at the edge of the
pool his boner throbbing with each beat of his heart. "They were so
excited to get to leave early they couldn't wait to show me what to do.
They said that everything would be ready at 5 PM. They are planning on
leaving at 4 and they will lock the front gate. Dr. Cummings and his
family are pitching their tents now and will meet us at the mess hall at 5
PM. We can take the boys to the mess hall naked. They worked on their
swimming merit badges and swim tests until 4:45. Jeff and Jake had the
naked prepubescent and pubescent boys get out of the pool and dry off.
They told them to hang their towels on the fence so that they will be dry

The boys dried off and hung their towels up to dry. Jeff and Jake looked a
bit like the pied piper as the naked boys followed them to the mess hall.
The boys giggled and slapped at each other's boners playfully and played
grab ass. They followed Jeff and Jake to the mess hall. All of their
beautiful bodies were naked. Every single boy was erect. They lined up
for dinner and Jeff and Jake started to serve them. There was a loud hum
of excited conversation. Jeff leaned over to Jake and told him that this
was about the hottest thing he had ever seen.

Jake whispered in Jeff's ear that he was so turned on that he was afraind
that he might spontaneously orgasm on dinner. They both laughed.

Jeff and Jake could hear the boys speculating about the sex education
class. Jeff and Jake only smiled and decided to let the surprise happen.

The screen door in the mess hall slammed and everyone looked up. Every jaw
dropped. Dr. Ray Cummings and his family had arrived. They were led
through the door by the oldest daughter Kathy who was laughing and talking
excitedly with her 11 year old sister Karen. The entire Cummings family
were stark naked.

Kathy looked up at the line of naked boys and she shook her long blond hair
as she smiled at all of the boys warmly. She turned to Karen and said
something and they both laughed again.

Kathy's dad steered them to the end of the line of boys who were waiting
for food. Kathy's face lit up in a huge smile as she saw Adam standing at
the end of the line. She took Karen's hand and Kathy pulled her ahead so
that she could introduce Karen to Adam. Adam's cock was aching it was so

He looked at Kathy as she walked up to him. "My God your are even more
amazing than what I dreamed about...and I dreamed about you a lot." He
said with a smile. "Your body is unbelievable."

She smiled and said, "That bad?"

"Oh God is beautiful...magnificent...fucking awesome..." He said
much quieter as he leaned closer.

"I heard that," her dad said and paused long enough for Adam to want to dig
a huge hole and pull it in on top of him. "...And you are right. You must
be are all she could talk about. She spent as much time
dreaming about you as you did about her." Her dad told him with a laugh
and a pat on his naked shoulder. "I am Dr. Ray Cummings." He said shaking
hands with the naked 12 year old barely pubescent boy.

"It is good to meet you sir." Adam said in the most polite way he could.
Adam could not believe that he was standing here shaking hands with Kathy's
dad stark naked with a major boner.

"Please call me Ray...and Adam...Kathy was right about you. You do have an
awesome looking body." Ray fingered Adam's erection. "Would you mind
helping with the sex education class...I promise you will enjoy it?"

Adam smiled and said, "Sure!"

"Adam this is my sister Karen. She is 11." Kathy told him.

"She is as hot as you are." Adam said as he looked at Karen. She looked a
lot like Kathy but her body was in the very early stages of maturing.
Where Kathy had lovely rounded breasts, Karen had small breast buds. Kathy
had a little patch of blond curly pubic hair and Karen's pussy was puffy
and had no hair. Adam's cock ached as he looked at the two beautiful
girls. The girls looked up and saw a boy rushing toward them. Kathy cried
out "Thomas!"

Thomas rushed up and threw his arms around Kathy and Karen. Adam was a
little startled as Thomas Cummings kissed each of his sisters on the lips
and hugged Kathy rubbing his boner against her bare belly.

"Do you know my little brother? This is Thomas...he is Karen's twin."

Adam immediately saw the resemblance. I talked to Thomas earlier, but I
had no idea that he was your brother," Adam said as he watch how
comfortably her brother hugged her naked body and his twin. Their little
sister and little brother ran up and hugged Thomas.

"This is Sally and she is 7 and Patrick is 5." Adam couldn't believe that
the little guy had a serious boner and he was playing with it. Sally was
precious. Adam kept looking back and forth between Sally's sweet little 7
year old pussy and Patrick's tiny 5 year old boner. His mouth was watering
as he thought about pleasuring the two beautiful children. Adam was so
hard and on the edge of orgasm that he was afraid he would cum right here.

Sally smiled and looked up at Adam. "You're right Kathy...he's hot!" The
7 year old said with a huge grin as she rubbed Adam's bare leg and hip and
stared at his throbbing boner. The head of Adam's cock was almost purple
with his lust and need.

Adam introduced Justin and Greg to the doctor and his family.

Justin could not take his eyes off Karen and that gave Dr. Cummings an
idea. He wondered if Karen was as ready at 11 to be deflowered as her
sister Kathy was. That had been an amazing night. Dr. Cummings looked at
Greg and saw that Greg was only looking at his sons. Ray Cummings also
noticed that his 11 year old son Thomas could not take his eyes off Greg.

As the line moved along, Dr. Cummings lagged back and engaged Greg in
conversation so that he was at the end of the line. "I...uhhh...need some
help demonstrating masturbation. I assume from your precum that you
ejaculate a lot of semen." The doctor said to Greg.

"Oh yeah...a lot and I haven' know...cum much today...I will
probably shoot a whole lot."

The doctor saw that the idea of being on stage and masturbating in front of
the boys really turned Greg on. He clearly loved having his naked body on
display. " I am going to be talking about mutual masturbation and how it
is pretty normal for boys to pleasure each other...I was wondering if you
would be willing to pleasure Thomas and have Thomas pleasure you?" The
doctor asked the 16 year old scout as he surveyed the boy's developed body
and the thick dark hair that covered Greg's legs and chest. The boy's
thick 7" cock with its thick flared head was a beautiful thing to behold.
Dr. Cummings mouth watered as he thought about the possibility of having
the boy's awesome boner explode hot cum in his mouth.

Thomas was standing there with his eyes wide as he listened to his daddy
ask Greg to jack his boner. Thomas was hardly able to breathe as he
thought about jacking Greg's cock. Thomas' 11 year old boner was

Before Greg could even answer his cock stiffened considerably and a huge
glob of clear precum drooled from the tip of the boy's very thick 7" cock.
Thomas' eyes went wide open as he saw the thick glob of clear precum ooze
from Greg's cock head.

"Oh my you do produce a lot of precum." The doctor said as his finger
captured enough of the precious lubricant to cover the pad of his index
finger. As they stood there both boys watched the doctor lick the
fingertip clean. "Mmmm that is quite tasty...and that reminds me of how
hungry I am." Ray changed the subject quickly fearing that his son and
Greg were both dangerously close to spontaneous orgasms. They moved
through and got their food and all sat at the same long table. Things at
the table were quiet.

The scouts were generally quiet and gawking at the table with Dr. Cumming's
kids. This was the first time that many of the boys had ever seen girls in
this stage of development. Some of the scouts helped Jake and Jeff clean
up and do the dishes.

Dr. Cummings had all of the scouts except those that were helping come over
and sit at tables in the corner of the room where he prepared to do their
physicals. He had them line up 5 or 6 at a time. He quickly checked their
ears, nose and throat. He listened to each boy's chest, checked their
pulse and blood pressure. The he intentionally turned the boys around so
that they were facing the scouts in the troop who had been joined but the
kitchen crew. All of the Cummings kids joined the scouts and sat on the
side of one of the huge picnic tables that faced the boys getting the
exams. Kathy and Karen sat there with legs parted so that their sweet
pussies were presented to the boys waiting and getting physicals.

The doctor pulled down their boners and checked their development while
everyone watched. For the developed boys like Matthew, Jerry, George and
Greg, he probed their testicles. Then he pulled on a glove and explored
their anus. He probed their young prostate glands and was able to tell
which of the boys might have been penetrated and stretched. Jerry was the
first one to moan as his prostate was rubbed. The sexy 13 year old boy's
boner went rock hard and gasped as his cock began to ejaculate hot cum all
over the floor in front of him. Some of the other boys groaned as they
spontaneously ejaculated as they watched Jerry's penis jet cum everywhere.

Doctor Cummings thought that about of the boys including Adam, Greg and
Justin all felt like they had been penetrated recently. He thought about
how cool it would be to see Adam get fucked. The physicals were
accomplishing what he had hoped for...thy boys were totally excited and
ready to begin the sex education class."

He started by matching them up starting with the oldest scout who was Greg
and the youngest scout who was Timmy. He had Timmy and Greg stay at the
front and Greg would demonstrate. Doc Cummings had the older boys stand
behind the younger boys. "Now I want you to know that you may feel your
older partner's hard cock rubbing against your back. And some of these
boys are so turned on that they may have orgasms and squirt their seed all
over you. It is not a big deal because they are going to teach you how to
get the awesome good feeling that happens with orgasm. Will the boys that
have never had an orgasm raise your hand?" There were 8 boys that ranged
from 11 to 13 that had never had a sexual climax.

All of the young prepubescent boys were lined up facing the audience and in
particular the young girls. The girls spread their legs and present their
pussies like their daddy had told them to. The older boys began to rapidly
stroke the small prepubescent shafts. Dr. Cummings pulled 5 year old
Patrick up in front and he began to stroke his son's erection.

Dr. Cummings explained that their bodies did not know that they couldn't
produce semen yet so their body will respond to the stimulation. "The first
thing you will feel is really good from having your penis touched and
stroked. Some of you are already feeling the tension build in your loins
as your body prepares for orgasm. It will feel really weird and you need
to relax and go with the feeling."

"Oh weird...are you sure this is okay?" Timmy asked as he gasped
for breath as the feeling got stronger.

"Yes it is normal buddy...relax and enjoy the awesome feeling." The doctor
said as he began to rub his hands over the prepubescent boy's body while
Greg jacked his prepubescent shaft.

"But it feels like I am going to pee..." Timmy cried out as Greg
intensified the stroking. "Oh dude...I am gonna pee...oh shit...oh
fuck..." The boys watched as Timmy's body convulsed and shuddered with the
pleasure. "Oh my God...that was so awesome...fucking unreal."
The little guy said as his little cock remained hard. The other boys
watched as Kathy and Karen began to play with their pussies and one by one
the boys went over the edge into the abyss of orgasmic pleasure for the
first time. Their beautiful bare bodies shuddered and shook at the
powerful feelings hit each boy until all of the prepubescent boys had
experienced orgasm.

Dr. Cummings stroked little Patrick until his 5 year old boy convulsed with
orgasmic pleasure. He picked his beautiful young blond son up in his
strong arms and kissed him again and again.

Boys I want you to feel up each other's cock and balls so that you have a
good sense of the differences. You have probably all notices that it feels
very good to be touched and touching is fun too. It is very common for
boys to compare penises and for them to touch and stroke each other...often
to orgasm. I am sure that many of your have stroked a friend, cousin or
brother to orgasm. He asked for a show of hands and many of the boys were
now totally comfortable admitting their same sex adventures. Slowly about
half of the boys raised their hands. I want you to pair up and begin to
pleasure each other but please stop before you cum if you can because we
are going to try some different things.

Greg and my 11 year old son Thomas are going to step up here. The boys
gathered near to get a better look at Greg's hairy body and cock. Greg
took Thomas's small hand and began to jack his cock with it while Greg's
other hand was wrapped around Thomas' developing cock. Thomas' hand was
slimy with precum as he jacked up and down the thick long boner. Greg let
go of Thomas' hand and in moments the sexy blond 11 year old had the olive
skin hairy teen boy on the verge of a powerful orgasm. The younger boys
fingers bounced and bumped across the rim of Greg's flared cock head and
caused him to moan. Greg could not bring himself to ask the younger boy to
stop jacking him and he unleashed a torrent of hot semen all over the sexy
boy's face and torso. As soon as he stopped ejaculating he picked up the
small totally slimy 11 year old and he rubbed the sexy boy against his
belly until the little guy groaned as the powerful good feeling wracked his
young body. Thomas shuddered as a few drops of milky semen ejaculated on
Greg's hairy chest. Greg kissed the boy on the lips and then told him that
he was a very sexy little dude.

The doctor had Jeff and Jake spread mats out on the floor. "It feels
really good doesn't it?" There were a lot of yeses and moans of agreement.
"There are many things that you and your friends can do to pleasure each
other. Would you like to learn some more?

There was a loud chorus of yeses.

"All right please stand here on the mats and I want you to rub your hard
cocks against each other. As your feel comfortable, hug each other tight
and grind your boners together." That caused a lot of moaning and groaning
and so he had them lie on the mats and take turns being on top. Eventually
he let the tops stay long enough to climax on the boy on the bottom. Some
of the bottom boys were able to get off too. Doc encouraged them to play
with the semen and get familiar with it. The boys messed around finger
painting each other with the hot cum. He had the boys stand up and admired
their cum covered bodies.

It is time for your to get familiar with a female body. Kathy, Karen and
little Sally stretched out on the mat. The boys were in groups of 6 and
they gathered around the girls as they lay on the floor and were allowed to
touch their beautiful bodies. "You can gently feel inside the girls
vaginas. Karen and Sally have a hymen. Doc had Timmy and George describe
what they felt when they explored Karen and Sally virgin pussies. He let
each of the boys feel the girls hymens"

The they switched so that they each got to feel up a 7 year old
,prepubescent 11 year old and a nicely developing but still not fertile 12
year old.

Doctor Cummings explained that they had rented a lake cottage with their
cousins last summer. They all liked to skinny dip at night and then hang
out nude. He told them that Kathy was fascinated with her 15 year old
cousin Jack. Jack had a beautifully developed sexy body that Kathy could
not keep her hand off of. One night Jack lay on the floor naked and his 11
year old cousin Kathy straddled his torso playfully. She knew about how
intercourse worked from watching her mom and dad make love. They played
around rubbing the head of Jack's 15 year old cock against her prepubescent
11 year old pussy lips until she was so turned on that she wanted to take
it to the next step. Kathy sat back on the boy's awesome 15 year old cock
until she felt it stretch her hymen. Jack warned her just as he felt her
cherry pop. Jack's beautiful 5" boner was buried to the hilt in her 11
year old pussy and he rolled her over and began to make love to his young
cousin. His parents and all of our family watched him as he cried out and
filled her young pussy with cum." Doctor Cummings explained.

"Did you let them do it again?" Asked 13 year old Jerry.

"Yes and they enjoyed it a great deal. As a result Kathy does not have a
hymen and you will feel that difference when you explore her pussy." The
doctor explained to the boys who were still trying to absorb that Kathy and
her brothers and sisters watched their parents make love. And her parents
watched her making love to her 15 year old cousin and he filled her 11 year
old pussy with his teen cum.

What is it like to have intercourse? George asked Dr. Cummings.

"Would you like to see what it is like to make love?" The doctor asked.

"Oh wow yes." George answered enthusiastically as he rubbed his stiff
boner as an indication of his excitement about the idea.

The boys had not noticed that Adam, Justin and Greg had disappeared. They
came out from behind the screen. Erect and ready for what was about to

Beautiful Kathy stood up and she took Adam by the hand as he came out.

"I thought you might enjoy seeing a couple having intercourse. Kathy
volunteered to have intercourse for you so that you can get close while she
is breeding and see exactly what is going on. She asked that her friend
Adam make love to her. Adam has recently become pubescent and is producing
some early boy cum. We can't know exactly how potent his semen is without
testing it but it is reasonable to assume that there is some seed and
therefore potency. Kathy has yet to have her first menses or period as
most people call it. That means that she is not fertile yet." Her father
lovingly touched her breasts and then allowed his fingers to trail down to
the small patch of blond pubic hair. "Her body is developing nicely and
she will likely be fertile soon. This is the perfect time for these two
beautiful children to be mating."

Kathy kissed her dad's cheek and then turned to Adam. The room when quiet
as the boys gathered around the young couple. It seemed like all of the
boys in the room were holding their breath. They watched as Kathy stroked
Adam's face and then kissed his cheek. "You are so very sexy Adam...I am
wet just thinking about you."

Adam took Kathy's 12 year old face in his hands and he began to kiss her
tenderly and shyly at first. Adam did not have any experience with girls
his own age. His fingers combed through her luxurious long blond hair as
he heard her moan as their kiss intensified. He opened his lips and she
nervously responded. While she had sex several times with was
just She had no feelings for Jack. Adam was different. He
was so sexy and sweet. Her heart raced every time she was around him...and
that was when he was fully dressed. Kathy was surprised that being around
her family naked a lot she would react to being naked with Adam like this.
Her heart was pounding. Oh my she thought...Adam took hold of her hand and
her palm was sweaty with her nervousness.

Adam giggled. "I hope you don't mind my sweaty palms...I am kind of

"Oh too," She said as she held his hand tight and she kissed him
fiercely as the tenderness of how he put her at ease registered with her.
Kathy felt her pussy become moist in anticipation.

Adam opened his lips and hoped that she would do the same. Kathy's eyes
opened and she looked into Adam's blue eyes and parted her lips nervously
hoping that was what he wanted. She was startled for a moment when she
felt his tongue touch her lips. Kathy had heard her older cousins talking
about French kissing which sounded a little gross at the it
seemed so much more intriguing. She moaned as Adam's tongue touched hers
very tentatively the first time. She loved his taste and pulled him into a
tight hug. She felt his hardness against her belly. Her heart raced even

Their tongues began to explore each other slowly and timidly at first and
then they began a relentless dance of love. Their two tongues found a
rhythm all their own and it was as sensual as intercourse. Kathy slipped
her stiff tongue in Adam's mouth and was surprised when he sucked on it
like her mom sucks her dad's boner. They began to separate so that their
tongues were both in view and the boys watched as the preteens tongues
sensuously intertwined. Two of the boys cried out as their rapid stroking
resulted in the first wave of orgasmic pleasure. The other boys tried to
stroke slowly so that they would last through Adam and Kathy's mating.

The boys watched as Adam's hands cupped her beautiful breasts and as he
massaged them his thumbs found her stiff pink nipples. She groaned as he
pleasured the stiff flesh. Kathy's fingers groped the tight globes of
Adam's ass. Her fingers were all over his back, butt and the backs of his
thighs as her lust for this sexy boy increased. That only made the
smoldering lust in Adam burn brighter. He wanted to totally pleasure
Kathy. As much as he wanted to sweep her off her feet and fuck her wildly,
he wanted to make her crazy with lust and pleasure before he made love. He
breathlessly broke their kiss to Kathy's disappointment. Kathy's eyes were
closed as she rode the building wave of passion and she was mildly
irritated that her young lover had broken their kiss until she felt
something wet, warm and wonderful on her left nipple. She looked down and
thought, "Oh God he is sucking my nipple...that is so hot."

Kathy ran her fingers through Adam's mop of silky blond hair pulling him
tight against her breast. That was when the stiff tip of his tongue began
to wildly flick her sensitive nipple. The fire in her loins was building.
Her pussy was wet with her building need. Adam was taking her to sexual
heights she had never imagined. Kathy was totally oblivious to the lusty
prepubescent and pubescent boys that surrounded her. Her world was only
she and Adam. The wonderful warm stimulation of her stiff nipple ended
suddenly and she emitted a frustrated whimper. Kathy could not get enough
of what this sexy boy was doing to her.

Just as her frustration was building she felt him suction and nip her other
nipple and she realized only then how that nipple ached for his attention
too. She had never felt this level of stimulation. She was beginning to
ache for his hard boner which her fingers grasped and rubbed. She pulled
the sexy boy toward the mat on the floor so that he could fuck her
properly. Kathy lay back on the mat and spread her legs invitingly for her
sexy boy to penetrate her and was disappointed when he lay between her legs
so that her clit rubbed against his taut abs and his lips fastened again to
her other breast. She needed his cock and was frustrated that he had not
penetrated her. This time she did not reward his sucking and she tried to
pull him up so that they could mate. She realized suddenly that he was
moving the opposite direction. What if he decided he didn't want to mate
with her...why would he do that ...she thought as her frustration grew.
She felt him kissing and licking her abs. He playfully teased her cute
little belly button with his tongue. While that was dear and very was not what she needed or wanted. She needed his cock in her

She felt him kiss his way down her abdomen. My God he was licking and
playing with her curly blond pubic hair with his tongue...what was he
thinking. He shouldn't be doing that...that is nasty...what will the other
boys think...OMG he is going lower...oh no...she thought as his hot tongue
found the top of her pussy slit. Kathy had always been embarrassed since
she was a little girl about her prominent clit. The stiff nub would poke
its tiny head out between her pussy lips when she got very excited. She
tried never to let anyone see that. OMG this nasty boy found her secret
and began to gently lick the stiff nubbin as he parted her pussy lips with
his thumbs. As he licked her, Kathy's mind became clouded with intense
lust and need. As embarrassing as she found his attention to her clit the
pleasure was amazing. She felt Adam begin to suck and flick the ultra
sensitive nub with his tongue. Each time he did it sent a white hot bolt
of pleasure through her body which occasionally made her shudder
uncontrollably with the intense pleasure.

Kathy no longer cared what anyone thought about the nasty boy licking her
clit. She never wanted the wild waves of pleasure to stop. OMG ...she
thought as the boy's tongue left her clit and traveled the short distance
down her inner lips to her aching cunt. She thought about how grossed out
Adam would be as he tasted her sopping wet nasty pussy. Kathy suddenly
gasped as his tongue entered her cunt. Adam hand reached up and was
relentlessly squeezing her stiff nipples. She wanted to cry out and make
him stop...but the pleasure was too great. She began to moan and groan
loudly as the intensity built. The scouts watched as the beautiful girl's
blue eyes rolled up in her head. Three of the boys groaned and ejaculated.
Their semen squirted and landed on her beautiful abdomen and breasts as her
pleasure intensified. Kathy was oblivious to the hot cum that landed on
her as she screamed when the pleasure peaked. She was sure her pussy was
going to explode as she rode the lightning bolt of pleasure between her

Adam felt her body stiffen as the first convulsion hit her and then he felt
Kathy begin to ejaculate. Her hot juices showered his face as she cried
uncontrollably with pleasure. He had given the sweet girl a squirting
orgasm. Her little pussy was like a fountain as she squirted his face
again and again as the intense waves of pleasure wracked her body.

More of the boys began to climax as Adam's need to seed Kathy reached a
fevered pitch. Adam pulled his body forward until he felt her pussy lips
kiss the head of his aching cock. Adam saw the drop of hot cum landing on
her breasts as Jerry climaxed. He licked them off as he buried his aching
cock in Kathy. Adam felt other boys' hot semen landing on his back as he
slammed his pubis into Kathy's post orgasmic sensitive clit.

"Oh Adam...too much...too soon," Kathy protested. But the boy's need to
seed was too powerful. The wild thrusting was almost painfully pleasurable
and her protests continued until suddenly she felt another intense wave of
pleasure building. She found that suddenly she was uncontrollably begging
the sexy boy to fuck her harder and faster. The cascade of hot semen from
above increased as more and more of the boys went over the edge. Adam
cried out as his young nuts gave up their creamy essence. His hips were a
blur as he poured out his hot cum in to her ejaculating pussy. Kathy
spread her legs as wide as possible so that her sexy boy could penetrate
her as deeply as possible. The prepubescent boys shuddered with their
second or third orgasms as many of the older scouts sprayed Adam with their
second load of cum. The scouts stood around the couple with most of the
boys holding their slowly deflating cocks that were still dripping hot cum
on the floor or Adam.

Dr. Cummings stepped up his own cock dripping the last of his orgasm. He
put one hand on Timmy's shoulder and the other on Jerry's shoulder. His
beautiful young kids stood between Adam and Kathy's feet having just
watched their sister and the sexy blond boy mate.

He looked at Karen and asked her if she was still sure she wanted to go
ahead. Karen nodded but shyly told her dad that she thought Justin was
really hot and she wanted to do stuff with him...but the first time...she
wanted her twin brother Thomas.

The other boys looked at Karen with surprise as they realized they were
going to watch 11 year old Thomas pop his twin sister's cherry. Dr. Ray
nodded to his beautiful prepubescent daughter and then to her twin brother
as he extended one hand to each of them. They followed their daddy each on
taking one of his hands to the mat next to their sister's.

Adam was still rock hard and deep in Kathy's sopping wet pussy. As the
scouts gathered around the mat that was next to them, Adam and Kathy had a
perfect view through their legs of Karen and Thomas.

Justin was not with the other boys. Instead he knelt between Adam's spread
legs. He played with the copious puddles of hot cum that the scouts had
squirted all over Adam's back and legs. He got a handful of the slimy seed
and spread his best friend's cheeks. He used the scouts' cum to lubricate
his best friend's ass.

Adam and Kathy heard Justin tell them how sexy they looked all covered in
Boy Scout cum. Kathy glanced up and was surprised to see that Justin hands
planted on the mat on either side of their shoulder. He was supporting his
upper body as he told the two young lovers how sexy they were.

Kathy had no idea that the head of his cock was pressing against his best
friend's puckered pink boy pussy. The three of them looked over and
watched as Thomas knelt between his beautiful twin's legs and held his
boner down in preparation for penetrating his twin sister. Thomas' eyes
were deeply clouded with lust. He had daydreamed many times as he jacked
his hard boner about having his cock buried deeply in the one person in the
world he was closest to...his twin. They often slept naked together and
had touched and pleasured each other...but they had never enjoyed
penetration. As Thomas began to have productive wet orgasms his desire for
penetration only increased. He was shocked when Karen asked him to be the
one to take her cherry.

Karen looked up at her 11 year old twin brother and told him that she had
dreamed of this as she spread her legs wider and she felt the tip of her
twin brother's boner touch her inner lips. Her young pussy was wet in
anticipation of his cock filling her aching pussy.

Thomas told her how often he had dreamed about penetrating her "...and know...jacking off while I thought about it."

Karen fondled Thomas's junk and felt his boner throb with each beat of his
heart. She helped him guide his cock to her inner core. Karen smiled as
she felt his cock begin to stretch her hymen. "Fuck me Thomas...fuck me,"
Karen begged her twin. Kathy, Adam and Justin watched as the sexy 11 year
old ruptured her hymen.

Karen yelped as he took her virginity but the pain was gone in seconds and
the two were joined as one.

"Oh fuck sis...I need to cum so bad and your pussy is so awesome..." Thomas
said with a moan as he hung on the edge of orgasm.

"Thomas fill me with your hot cum...again and again and again. As often as
you want...all night long," Karen told her brother.

Thomas groaned as his 11 year old boner began to spurt hot cum deep into
his twin sister's womb.

"Oh dude...that was so hot...I need to so bad." Justin said.

The 12 year old moaned as the 14 year old's cock penetrated his boy pussy.
Justin's cock slid deep in Adam's ass and made Adam thrust deeply in Kathy.
The sound of the two boys' bodies slapping together startled Kathy. She
reached back and her fingers found either side of Justin's hard cock as it
slid deep in Adam's boy pussy. She held her fingers against the sides of
the shaft as it slid in and out.

"Adam...Justin is fucking you...I mean fucking us," Kathy said as she
moaned when Adam's pubis ground against her sensitive clit.

Adam giggled and said, "Yeah I noticed...he loves to fuck my ass...a lot!"

"Oh fuck bro...your tight ass and Kathy's fingers on my shaft are pushing
me right to the edge...dude...can't hold back." Justin told him as he
pumped his cock wildly in the younger boy's tight ass. Justin moaned as
this hard cock unloaded in the sexy boy's butt and his fucking fucked a
load out of Adam. Adam squirted deep in Kathy's cunt as she wrapped her
legs around both of them and tilted her cunt for maximum penetration.
Kathy cried out as Adam's pubis pounded her throbbing clit until her sweet
young body shook and shuddered with a powerful orgasm.

"Oh wow look...Justin is fucking Adam while Adam fucks Kathy." The boys
turned around soon enough to see the hot 3 way mating and Justin fuck Adam
full of boy cum. The boys started feeling up each other's asses needing a
good fuck. Justin, Adam and Kathy stood up. Kathy was completely spent
from the intense orgasms. Adam hugged and kissed her and told her he
needed to find Jake.

Jake was standing on the side of the room. Adam saw that the head of his
thick cock was almost purple with his excitement. Adam rushed over to the
young cop. He looked at the strands of precum leaking from Adam's thick
boner. Without asking, Adam dropped to his knees and was able to stuff the
head of Jake's cock down to about the circumcision line in his small 12
year old mouth. Jake groaned and started to protest but it just felt too
good and he was hanging on the edge. George and Jerry had slipped over to
a picnic table and George had his 14 year old friend bent over holding the
table. George spit on his cock to lube it and attached his best friend's
butt. They had sucked each other many, many times but he had never fucked
Jerry and after watching all of this he really needed to get laid. As they
were fucking they watched Adam sucking Jake. It was really hot to see the
young boy trying to get that huge boner in his mouth.

The other boys saw Jerry and George and Jake and Adam. They groped each
other and jacked, sucked and some even fucked until most of the boys had a
3rd or 4th orgasm of the evening. Greg found Jeff over in a corner. He
kissed the back of the Scout Master's neck.

"We really shouldn't," said Jeff. As he felt the slippery 16 year old cock
head trying to find his man pussy. What if someone sees us?" Jeff

"Dude everybody is sucking or fucking. Why should we be left out? Your
ass is so hot." Greg said as his thick cock head entered the Scout
Master's tight butt.

Jeff whimpered as the thick shaft pierced his pussy. "God're feels like you are going to split me in two." Jeff moaned as the
boy began to thrust deeply in his tight ass. The 16 year old boy mounted
the older man and fucked him wildly many of the scouts gathered around to
watch them breed. Timmy mouth hung open as he watched Greg pound Jeff's
ass and Greg groan with each thrust of the huge boy boner. Timmy moved
closer so that he could watch Greg flog Jeff's hard 6" cock and pinch his
nipple as his loins slapped against the scout master's ass filling the room
with the sound of flesh slapping flesh. The pounding pushed Jeff over the
edge and a thick rope of cum splattered Timmy's face with half of it going
in his mouth. Timmy swallowed the cum and watched as Jeff's boner squirted
him again on his chest and the final time on the base of his small 11 year
old boner.

Jake cried out as his nuts erupted in Adam's mouth. The flood of cum was
too much for Adam. Adam pulled off and the cop shot his jizz all over the
boy's sexy face. Adam was totally slimed by the time Jake was spent. The
boy looked up and saw Kathy had watched him take a face full of cum from
Jake. He was worried that she would be totally grossed out by him sucking
Jake. As he stood up, she came to him and kissed him and licked some of
the thick hot cum off his face.

"So you like to eat cum," She asked him. He nodded. She smiled and said,
" too!"

The boys watched Doc Cummings rubbing his hard boner up and down Thomas' 11
year old boy pussy. There was so much precum that he had no trouble
penetrating the sexy young boy. None of his kids knew that father and son
were lovers. The two would slip away every chance they got and Thomas
would take his daddy's hard cock. Doc spun the boy around on his hard
boner so that he could look at Thomas's beautiful face while he fucked him.
Thomas felt his daddy's pubes against his butt and he began to ride the
thick cock. Greg put his head between father and son and began to suck
Thomas' 11 year old boner until the boys was gasping for release. Thomas
rode his daddy's awesome cock until he saw his daddy's eyes roll up and
felt the hot cum fill his tender ass. Thomas cried out and his cock gave
Greg a taste of his milky boy cum.

All of them wandered off to the shower. Greg soaped up his hands and began
to wash Jake. He soon had two fingers in Jake's tight butt and was finger
fucking him. The boys watched the patrol leader turn the Assistant Scout
Master toward the wall of the shower. Greg pierced the tight hot ass as
Jake groaned loudly as the flared cock head penetrated him. The thick boy
shaft burned all the way in his ass but he had no trouble taking all of
Greg's thick 7" cock. The boy fucked the young cop wildly until Jake shot
semen all over the shower wall and Greg spewed a thick load of cum in
Jake's ass. The boys climbed the hill stark naked in the moon light to the
tents. The thick layer of pine straw on the trail felt good under their
bare feet. The boys and leaders went to their tents. Then the boys
switched tents until everyone had a partner. Adam zipped the two sleeping
bags together as he and Kathy and Justin crawled in together. The night
was filled with one orgasmic moan after another. It had been an awesome
day at Scout Camp.


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