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Nifty - Bisexual - Incest - Beautiful Boys Club - Beautiful Boys Club 1

Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2010 10:13:53 -0400
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Subject: Beautiful Boys Club 1

Beautiful Boys Club 1
By Mack1137 and VicD.
Sunday, August 1, 2010

Keywords: anal, bisexual, consensual, exhibitionism, feet, first time, gay,
high school, incest, masturbation (boy), masturbation (man), oral sex,
pedophilia, pre-teen, pregnant/impregnation, reluctant, teenagers, twink,
voyeurism, mother, son, brother, father, Fmb, mb, MMm, Mmb, Mm, Mb, MF, bb.


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Beautiful Boys Club picks up where The Illustrator left off. World famous
designer, Chip Shelton has fallen head over heels in love with his new
neighbor Martha and her two boys. Martha needed help educating her 11 and
13 year old sons about their sexual development. In the process of teaching
the boys he became involved sexually with them. Martha found Chip's sexual
involvement with the boys quite stimulating. It was love at first sight.

Chip did some marvelous illustrations of the naked boys and their sexual
escapades. The boys and Martha loved the illustrations and those
illustrations were the introduction of Chip, Martha and the boys to the
Beautiful Boys Club.

The Beautiful Boys Club, or BBC as they call themselves, is a small group
of men who love the beauty of boys bodies. Most of them have been deeply
involved with family love and want to share their sexual expression with

While Martha and Chip have been quite sexual with the boys, they are both
still virgins in evey way. Nathan Wolfe, the man wants to purchase all of
the explicit illustrations of the boys, and his lover are members of the
Beautifuly Boys Club. They want to share the illustrations of the boys with
the club members. Nathan will learn how excited the boys are about having
others see their explicit drawings and that will lead to a uniqe invitation
to be "special" guests of the BBC.

If you like stories about young boys who thoroughly enjoy being
exhibionists and the men and women who love to watch them then you will
enjoy the richly sexual story of these beautiful boys and their journey
into deep family love and erotic exhibitionism.

If you would like to learn more about Chip, Martha, Josh and Mattie before
your read about their exploits in the Beautiful Boys Club then you will
enjoy reading THE ILLUSTRATOR ( ).
You can find the ARCHIVES for all of the stories at
( ).

As always, if you are not supposed to be reading this story... then please
don't... please practice safe sex.

This story is a total fantasy. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to
write me. Your encouragement, ideas, fantasies and personal experiences are
very much appreciated. Your thoughts and ideas are always welcome at

Beautiful Boys Club 1


Chip Shelton              25
Martha Stewart        30
Josh Stewart              13
Matthew Stewart       11
Jamie McCoy              33
Stephen Kross              52
Ronnie Carter               13
Tommy Carter               15
Nathan       Wolfe              47
Phil Shipe              55

Nathan Wolfe's Sleepless Night

All I could think about that night was the joy of owning all of Chip's
illustrations. The few times I drifted off to sleep, I dreamt about a
lavish premier party for the members of Beautiful Boys Club right at the
McCoy Gallery. I became so sexually excited that I awoke and planed the
premier for real.

I just had to have all of the amazing illustrations... imagine drawings of
boys so provocative that they caused a man to ejaculate without touching
his penis. I would have loved to see Jamie squirting his semen all over
Chip, climaxing over the illustration of Josh masturbating in the pool. And
then when Jamie found the illustration with Chip's cum stains all over
it... I simply must have the whole set. Stephen and I will do whatever we
can to make it happen.

I got up and paced around the house naked occasionally grabbing my cock as
it became engorged. I sat in my favorite chair in the study and began to
slowly stroke my penis as I imagined Chip, a very handsome and youthful
looking young man, with those exquisite boys. From everything that Jamie
had found, there was no evidence that their precious little butts had been
penetrated. These sexy beautiful boys were virgins.

Every once in a while we were privileged as members of the Beautiful Boys
Club to see a father or occasionally an uncle penetrate a young boy for the
first time and take his precious virginity. I can only watch those for so
long before the sexual tension becomes too great for me and I spontaneously

It is so wonderful now since we have our BBC club house in South Hampton
out on Long Island. The place is both isolated because it is surrounded by
a nature preserve and spectacularly beautiful. It was an old inn at one
time and has lots of bedrooms. They built a room off the back that is
huge. It is 40 feet by 40 feet. The room is a very intimate amphitheater
with 6 terraced levels with overstuffed chairs and large lounge chairs that
are perfect for love making. It has a bit of a decadent feeling about
it... much like a Roman orgy.

The center of the room is reserved for our special guests. There sons,
nephews and friends of the family share the loss of their virginity with
the members of the BBC. No artwork or experience in the world is more
beautiful or moving than watching a father take his son's virginity. It's
performance art at its very finest.

Having never been able to contribute in the past, I was eager to create a
very special event. I began to day dream about the spectacular event that
we could host at Jamie McCoy's gallery. I imagined all of these
spectacularly beautiful framed illustrations presented with very dramatic
lighting. Each alcove would have a small divan where intimate activity can
occur as the member intensely enjoy the illustrations of the beautiful

As I dreamed about sophisticated men in black tie releasing their erections
and masturbating wildly or sucking each other, my cock became painfully
hard. In my mind's eye I watched my good friend Jacob Goodman, the informal
president of BBC, with his 15 year old nephew who loves to suck his Uncle's
cock. I imagined the two of them standing in front of the bare butt
illustration. Jacob would strip the tux off the sexy boy as he knelt and
reverently sucked the hot semen out of his cock.

You could watch all of the events from a central vantage point in the
gallery. In my fantasy, I had my tux pants puddled at my ankles and I was
balls deep in Jamie, a reward for bringing us those beautiful renditions. I
would fuck his beautiful ass and fill him with my seed as we admired the
vivid sketch of the Stewart boys covered with semen. My fantasy became so
intense that I cried out as my hard cock erupted. Hot semen splattered on
my face and chest again and again until I was spent.

As I opened my eyes, Stephen knelt beside me and he licked the hot semen
from my face and chest. Stephen moved around and spread my legs and put
them over his shoulders and roughly entered my ass. We rutted like wild
animals until Stephen filled me with his seed.

I kissed my lover and told him that I could not wait another minute. I
grabbed my iPhone and called Metro Aviation at Teterboro airport. They said
they would have a Cessna Citation fueled and on the flight line by the time
we got there.

I kissed Stephen passionately and led him to the shower. As bad as I wanted
to make love, I was too anxious about flying to meet Jamie in the mountains
of North Carolina. The sun was just peeking over the mountain tops as we
thread our way on our final approach to the private airport at a luxury
golf community.

Jamie had just stepped out of the shower when he answered the phone. I told
him that we had just arrived and wanted to meet with the artist as soon as
possible. Jamie stammered a bit and said he would speak to Chip.

A driver awaited us with the car and Jamie gave me the address for Chip's

Jamie Tells Chip the Patrons Have Arrived

I ended the call with Nathan and stared at the phone for a moment. I walked
in Chip's studio/guest bedroom and set the phone on the antique dresser. I
stood naked as I stared out on the spectacular mountain vista with the
sunlight just beginning to bathe the tops of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I pulled on the shorts and found a fresh t-shirt in Chip's room. I walked
downstairs and out the back door. There was a brisk breeze and a little
chill in the air as I walked across the backyard. I opened the gate and
looked at the pool and thought about last night. My penis was fully erect
in seconds.

I knocked on the back door of Martha's house and Chip answered the door
stark naked, a mug of coffee in hand. He grinned and held the door wide for
me. I couldn't help but admire his magnificent 25 year old body and the
beautiful uncut flaccid cock that hung down 5 ½ inches and nestled between
those wonderful balls. I really wanted to fall to my knees and peel back
that foreskin and suck Chip until his nuts fill my mouth with his awesome
tasting cream, but I knew I had business to take care of... important

In the kitchen, was the most beautiful sight in the world. Mattie was
sitting at the breakfast bar stark naked eating a bowl of cereal while
playing with his hairless 11 year old boner. Mattie gave me a huge grin
that was punctuated by a drop of milk that ran down his chin. I rested my
hand on his naked shoulder and said good morning. He leaned against me, his
head on my chest. I inhaled and was swept away by the musky, sexy scent of
boy. I tousled his blond hair and kissed the top of his head.

"Mattie... thanks for last night... your cum tasted awesome," I told him as
I stroked his back and inhaled his wonderful scent again.

I watched as he planted his bare feet on the wrought iron rail on the bar
stool and he stood up and threw his arms around my neck and kissed me full
on the lips. "Thank you for sucking me. You are really a cool dude Jamie."
He told me that as he pressed his naked body against me and I felt his
stiff shaft stab me through my shorts. How I wish I had time to pleasure
this delightful imp to orgasm.

"I would love to suck you later and taste your seed again... but right now
I really need to talk to Chip."

Chip handed me a mug of steaming aromatic coffee and motioned me to follow
him in to the living room. Chip gestured for me to sit in an upholstered
chair as he settled his lean naked body on to the sofa. The décor was very
homey, very warm mountain lodge. I loved how Chip was so totally
comfortable being naked. Just as we started to talk, Martha swept down the
steps and into the room. She grinned when she saw me. Martha too was
completely naked and her beautiful nipples were erect.

She kissed me on the cheek. "You saved my boy Chip. He slipped out of bed
this morning before I could milk his hard cock." She moved across the room
and nestled in next to Chip. "Can you imagine the beauty of the child these
beauties are going to make?" She asked me as she tenderly fondled Chip's
low hanging large testicles.

Chip turned and kissed her and I was sure I was going to cum in my pants on
the spot. I cleared my throat. "Ummm... as much as I would love to watch
him fill that beautiful pussy of yours with his seed... I have a surprise
for you. Nathan and Stephen called a few minutes ago. They just landed in
North Carolina and are on the way over."

"They are?" Chip said with a quizzical look.

"Yeah, when I was talking to them last night... I... ummmm... saw that your
closet door wasn't closed and I opened it up and found another stack of
illustrations... they were absolutely amazing... I probably shouldn't have
but I told Nathan and Steven what I found. He was up most of the night
literally lusting after them."

Chip looked at Martha. She nodded and blushed as her finger found her hard
clit. I watched in awe as she slipped down on the couch with her hips over
the edge and she began to furiously stroke herself. Chip looked up at me as
his fingers found her stiff nipple and nodded that he was in agreement that
they would sell the additional explicit illustrations to Nathan and

Martha groaned with the intense pleasure that she caused her pussy. "I want
to be there when they see the illustrations... please... " She cried out as
she went over the edge and he beautiful pussy began to squirt and the jets
of her ejaculation puddle on the smooth shiny dark hard wood floor below
her. The room was filled with the smell of sex.

I smiled and nodded.

Chip smiled. "Brew some coffee for them next door, if you like. I have some
work to do here... " He fingered Martha's pussy as he knelt between her
legs and filled her with his magnificent cock.

I walked back out into the kitchen and Mattie's left hand was a blur as he
continued to shovel cereal into his mouth. I kissed his cheek and asked him
to save his cum for me for later. He grinned and nodded yes. He asked what
was going on and I told him. His grin lit up the room.

"For real? They want all of those pictures of me and Josh... wow!" he said
with boyish enthusiasm. "That's really cool." He hugged me again and then
ran down the hall. "I gotta tell Josh!" He yelled back over his shoulder as
he grabbed the banister and began to race up the steps two at a time.

My heart was pounding in my chest as I walked back to Chip's house. The big
black SUV pulled up to the curb as I reached the back door. I walked out to
meet Nathan and Stephen. We hugged and walked up the drive way and went in
the back door. They peppered me with questions and were mostly concerned if
Chip was angry about me telling them about the other illustrations.

I answered their questions as I fixed a large pot of coffee. When I turned
around Nathan stood there. His stiff 7" cock made his pants tent out about
4 inches. The dove gray slacks were stained with his copious flow of
precum. That was when Chip and Martha walked in the back door.

"Nathan and Stephen, you know Chip and I would like for you to meet his
fiancée Martha." As I turned back to complete the introduction I found
Nathan blushing bright red and looking at the humongous tent in his
pants. Not missing a beat. "Martha my excited friend is Nathan Wolfe and
his lover Stephen Kross. They are both breathlessly eager to see Chip's
amazing illustrations in person."

"I am so sorry for being so rudely aroused... but I have not been able to
sleep, eat or do anything other than fantasize about what they might look
like," Nathan told them. "After seeing the first illustration, I have been
consumed by the idea of owning a set of the illustrations. I would do
anything... say anything to get you to sell me the complete
set... please... and I simply must have the crown jewel of the collection
that you ejaculated on... I will pay any price you ask for it... may we
please see them?"

The coffee I had poured went unnoticed and the sexual tension in the room
was so thick that it could have been cut with an ax. Chip nodded and turned
and guided Martha toward the steps. All 5 of us climbed the steps and
turned into the studio/bedroom. The bed was still unmade from where I slept
last night. As I straightened the covers, Nathan and Steven looked out the
window. Steven was reacting to the beauty of the view of the mountains when
Nathan looked down and saw the swimming pool and diving board.

"Oh my God... this is it! This is where you did the illustration of 'Bare
Butt.' Stephen look that is where the amazing naked boy stood," Nathan said
pointing at the diving board.

Chip smiled as he pulled the stack of illustrations from the closet and set
them on his drawing board. Lying face up on the top of the stack was the
illustration Chip had done of Josh as he stood in this very room naked next
to the bed with his 13 year old penis rock hard in his fingers and that
amazing grin that would melt your heart."

Nathan gasped as he looked at it. His mouth fell open and he was

Chip felt the bottom fall out of his stomach. Like most artists, he was
totally paranoid about how people would react to his art. The voice in his
head was constantly chattering negative taunts that made the young artist
crazy. When Nathan made no comment, Chip was sure that the man hated the
illustration. Chip went from euphoria to deep depression in a matter of
nanoseconds. The longer Nathan went without saying anything the more
devastated that Chip became.

Nathan began to tremble. A guttural groan escaped from deep in his
chest. As I watched, even I was not sure of the reaction. And then it
happened. A tear leaked out of the corner of Nathan's eye and his face
flushed. "Oh sweet Lord... so amazing... so spectacularly beautiful... so
sensual... " Nathan groaned deeply and then moaned as a huge dark stain
formed on his gray slacks and semen actually jetted through the
fabric. Nathan began to frantically fuck his own hand totally oblivious to
everyone in the room. Stephen supported his lover to keep him from a sexual

Chip's head snapped up and Martha hugged his arm as she slipped her hand
into her shorts. Her finger found the top of her slit and then the stiff
flesh that ached for attention.

I reverently turned to the next illustration and then each succeeding one
as Stephen knelt before his lover and loosed his stiff cock. Stephen
worshiped the head of Nathan's rampant erection with his stiff tongue. Out
of the corner of my eye, I watched Martha release Chip's hard uncut cock
from the confinement of his shorts. Martha pulled Chip by his hard cock to
the bed where she stripped naked and lay back so that her pussy was on the
edge of the bed so her lover might fill her with his semen.

"Fuck me Chip... fill me with your baby," Martha begged and then groaned
loudly as his hard shaft penetrated her pussy that was already full of his
thick seed.

Nathan Reacts to the Beauty of the Drawings

Jamie cycled through all of the illustrations and I watched until he
reached the one where Chip had climaxed all over the art work. Nathan's
tongue kept me on the ragged edge of orgasm as I drank in the beauty of the
semen stained drawing of Josh and Mattie. The places where Chip's semen
dripped down the picture were stained the color charcoal smeared by his
liquid lust. The edges of the puddles of semen were crusty where the
puddles of thick creamy cum settled and dried. The edges of the puddle were
yellow. I thought about the exquisite pleasure Chip must have had as the
ropes of his cum splashed on the beautiful illustration. My eyes rolled up
in my head as I began to ejaculate in to Stephen's seed hungry mouth. The
room was filled with the sound of Martha begging Chip to inseminate
her. And then she screamed and he moaned as the two of them reached the
pinnacle of pleasure. The hot semen flooded from my nuts as my cock erupted
into Stephen's mouth. Stephen began to choke as the volume of cum
overwhelmed him. I rammed my cock deep in his throat again and again until
I was completely spent.

As the orgasms subsided, Only I seemed to notice or care that Jamie
spontaneously ejaculated in the shorts that Chip had lent him. I smiled as
my sexy Jamie blushed as the huge wet spot covered the front of the
borrowed shorts. What a beautiful sight to see the stain spread down the
leg of the shorts and stop at the hem. Jamie must have pumped out a
powerful load of hot semen. I watched Jamie as he lovingly caressed the
head of his hard cock through the shorts and I thought back to the time he
was 14 and snuck over to watch a porn on my computer. I walked in just as
he flooded his jeans with cum.

I looked at Martha and Chip with their beautiful bodies still joined in
intercourse. Chip was still rock hard. Martha and Chip could not take their
eyes off of my still raging cock. The head of it was blood red. It was so
hard that it was difficult to believe that in a matter of a few minutes I
had enjoyed two powerful orgasms.

"Martha... your boys... well... they are simply magnificent... they are the
two most beautiful boys I have ever
seen... breathtaking... exquisite... innocent... and the drawings of them
are heavenly... must have them... please... whatever you want," Nathan
gushed as he enthused about the boys and the illustrations.

Chip was overwhelmed and did not respond immediately.

"Please... I will pay $30,000 each."

Chip quickly realized that was enough to send both boys through excellent
colleges. He started to respond and before he could Nathan raised his bid
to $40,000 each. Chip walked over to Nathan with his cock still hard and
lovingly caressed his face and made him promise on penalty of $5,000,000 or
police exposure that they would never make a copy or put them on the

Nathan instantly agreed.

"And you will of course pay Jamie's commission directly and it will be a
handsome commission," Chip told me matter of factly.

I instantly agreed. I felt like I was taking advantage of Chip... but if
that is what he was willing to sell them for I was delighted. I cannot
think of anything that I have ever craved owning as much as this exquisite

"Then I think we have a deal," Chip said as we all heard commotion outside.

I glanced out the window of the French doors in the studio. My breath
caught in my throat as I witness what surely must be the 8th wonder of the
world. Two of the most beautiful boys ever... naked as the day they were
born... breathtaking... simply breathtaking.

The boys were playing king of the raft in the pool and Matt at the moment
was kneeling precariously on the raft with his head between Josh's legs and
the older boy's testicles decoratively displayed on the back of his younger
brother's neck. They were only in that position a fraction of a second
before they both got dumped in the pool.

Josh was the first to surface and shook the water out of his hair. Seconds
later Matt surfaced and stood fractions of an inch from his slightly taller
brother. The water just barely concealed their penises. Josh pulled his
little brother up in his arms and kissed him. As he did, Mattie's bare
boner was revealed for seconds before it was press between their naked
bodies. I tried to imagine their pure joy at having their naked bodies
pressed together kissing with wild abandon... their stiff shafts sandwiched
between them. I was sure I had died and gone to boy lover heaven.

13 year old Josh's Reaction to the Sale of the Drawings

Me and Mattie, we were dancing around in the pool celebrating Chip selling
the drawing of us. It was sort of cool that the drawings would help pay for
our college... but what was really cool was that some older dudes were
going to lose their shit looking at us naked... now that was hot. We were
both on top of the raft in the middle of the pool playing king of the
raft. Mattie had crawled on top of me. The little dude's hard boner was
rubbing against my back and I felt his nuts on my neck. God my little
brother is so sexy. My boner was rubbing against the rough canvas fabric of
the raft and I thought Mattie rolling around on top of me was going to make
me shoot off all over the raft... but we tipped over and fell in the pool.

When we surfaced I pulled Mattie against me. My heart was racing and my
boner ached. I was talking shit to Mattie about all of this stuff about the
drawings getting his boner all riled up. I felt Mattie's awesome little
boner rubbing against my belly as I said, "Dude they are going to see me
sucking on your hot little boner and squirt their cum all over the place,"
I felt him grind his boner against me in response. I reached between us and
played with his hard cock. I felt his little boner rub against me and I
pulled him tight. I just had to taste his awesome little cock. He has the
coolest dick for an 11 year old dude. I kind of slide down his body until I
was underwater and I could suck his hard boner.

I got so hot thinking about all of it, I went under water and started
sucking Mattie's boner... It was so cool. Then it hit me... what if the
dude took the pictures and we never got to see them again. I surfaced
sputtering and coughing and Mattie could see I was all upset.

He asked me what was wrong and I explained, "We can't let him take them if
we don't have a copy. Let's go," I told Mattie.

We waded to the steps and climbed out of the pool. Mom told us later that
Nathan dude almost lost his shit again when he saw both of us get out of
the pool naked. Then everybody freaked when me and Mattie ran toward Chip's

Heck... we never even thought about being naked and stuff. We ran through
our back yard and Chips. I remember looking up and seeing all of them
looking out the window at us. That made my boner super hard. We ran into
the house with the water still dripping off of us. We both almost slid on
our ass as our wet feet hit the slippery wood kitchen floor. Mattie's feet
were still wet and he didn't make the turn for the stairway. There was a
loud thud as he crashed into the wall and sprawled out on the floor lying
on his back.

I went back to get Mattie. That was when Chip and Mom ran down the step to
see what was wrong. Me and Mattie were giggling about him being laid out on
the floor with his feet up in the air. When Chip and Mom hit the bottom of
the stairs, I was helping Mattie get up. Of course we both still had major

Mom rushed over to us and hugged our naked bodies against her making sure
we were okay. That was the first time we really saw the two new
dudes... you know... the ones that want to buy the drawings. The one dude
was standing there with his mouth hanging open and his hard cock hanging
out of his pants. He couldn't quit looking at us... he would look at me and
my boner... then Mattie. It was making me hot and I could tell Mattie was
too because he was stroking his little boner.

Mom helped us up and introduced us to Nathan and Stephan. It still seems
weird to me that dudes get so crazy to see me and Mattie naked... but I
love it. It makes my cock so hard when they look at me.

I looked at Nathan and smiled and played with my boner for him... not
jacking or nothing... just kind of waving it around.

Chip looked at us and wanted to know why we're here all naked and stuff.

I told him we were worried that we would never see the drawings
again... and like... you know... could we keep a copy for ourselves.

Nathan told us we could have anything that we wanted. He was stroking his
cock while he talked to us... we thought that was pretty cool. Mom guided
us all in the living room. She sat on Chip's couch and gathered us in so
that me and Mattie were sitting in her lap. I don't know why... but it was
really cool being naked in front of these dudes... their eyes were about to
pop out of their heads.

Nathan started asking tons of questions. He wanted to know if we ever slept
together. Me and Mattie both grinned and told him of course we did... every
night... naked. He wanted to know all about Mattie and me and when and how
we get sexy with each other. So we told him. I told him a lot of details
because I could see it was really making both Nathan and Stephen hot. Then
just to make them completely crazy I reached over and began to play with
Mattie's boner... watching their reaction was so hot.

Stephen asked Mattie if he liked it when I sucked his cock. Mattie grinned
and said it was the best.

Nathan wanted to know if either of us had ever had a cock in our ass. Chip
was standing next to me and I reached around and grabbed his cock. I told
Nathan no... we had not had a cock in our butt... but that I had asked Chip
if he... you know... wanted to do me. Mom said that he couldn't until he
fills her belly with a baby. He has like... well you know... put his finger
in us... but that is all. I was holding on to Chip's cock while I was
talking to Nathan and had pulled back his foreskin thingy. I was kind of
rubbing the spongy part with my thumb when I was telling Nathan that even
though I knew that his huge cock would hurt... it would kind of make us
one... and that was cool. Chip groaned when I said that and as I turned
back toward him I got a face full of hot cum. He like... you know... shot
his jizz all over me.

Nathan groaned as he wildly stroked his boner. I got up and walked over to
him. I studied his cock and then looked up at him. As our eyes met, I felt
a blast of hot cum land on my lips. Then jet after jet of his cum squirted
all over me. I was in heaven. I felt Mattie take my hand and he turned me
toward him and he began to lick Nathan's semen off me. I took Matt in my
arms and I began to kiss him... a really hot kiss. That was when I saw
Stephen and Jamie stoking their cocks. Moments later, Mattie and me were
showered in blasts of hot semen as both Jamie and Stephen came all over
us. It was so awesome to feel the hot cum land in my hair and on my
face. Mattie kept kissing me and then broke the kiss and began to lick the
hot cum off of me.

Nathan knelt down beside us and thoroughly cleaned both of our bodies with
his tongue. When he finished, he hugged both of us. He asked us if either
of us had ever had intercourse with a woman. I told him that we had both
done sexy stuff with Mom but not put our boners in her. That made him

"So you have done sexy stuff but you are both virgins," Nathan said with a
very pleased smile on his face. He could see that both of us enjoyed being
on display and being sexual. He pulled Chip aside and they went in the
kitchen to talk about the money.

Chip's Reaction to Nathan's Special Proposal...

Nathan and I went in the kitchen alone.

"Your new sons are exquisitely beautiful. You are a very lucky man in many

I thanked him and told him that I could not agree more.

"I assume from everything that you have said that there is a wedding in
your near future."

I smiled and told him that we were just starting to discuss it. "Martha,
the boys and I are all excited about her becoming pregnant. We have had
unprotected sex so much it would almost be a miracle if she wasn't
pregnant. We want to be married as soon as possible."

"Good then this will help. He handed me a slip of paper that had a numbered
account and password. He told me the first time I accessed the account it
would prompt me to pick a password. Since this transaction is absolutely
illegal, it might as well be in cash." Nathan told me with a smile and this
will help pay for a wedding and a trip to the islands to manage your
account. Nathan handed me an envelope stuffed with one hundred dollar
bills... stacks and stacks of them.

"Your boys seem to really like... well umm... you know... being on
display. How do you think Martha and the boys would respond to a relatively
intimate gathering of men enjoying their sexual beauty?" Nathan asked

"Do you mean being naked in front of a group of men?" I asked.

"Yes... naked and sexually active."

I realized for the first time when Nathan asked the question just how much
it would excite all four of us. My penis was suddenly so hard that it
ached. I saw that Nathan was staring at the large bulge in my shorts. I
nervously cleared my throat.

"I... well... ummm... I think that they... well we... might really like
that. What were you thinking about?"

"Well these men love any opportunity to see prepubescent and pubescent boys
... but they really enjoy first time experiences. Both of your boys are
virgins in every way possible. What if they were to lose their virginity in
front of these men... both male/male and male/female."

It was too much for me... I could not keep my hands off my stiff shaft... I
fondled my cock through my shorts and we both watched as a large wet spot
appeared as my penis began to flood precum. In a sexually excited raspy
voice I told him, "I think that would be very exciting. Who would you want
to take their virginity?"

"Why... I think that you and Martha would be excellent choices." Nathan
said as he rubbed his own hard cock through his pants.

I could only nod. I was completely overwhelmed and excited about the idea.

Josh came into the kitchen his 13 year old cock hard as a rock again. "Can
I ask a question?"

"Sure... buddy... what do you need?"

Josh started slowly... "Well... I was wondering... you know... if a lot of
dudes are going to see the pictures... could we... you know see like a
video of them looking at us?"

Nathan laughed heartily. "That is wonderful... you want to enjoy them
enjoying seeing you... I think that can be arrange with web cams."

I told Nathan that I would need some time to think about his request and I
would talk it over with Martha and let him know. Nathan suggested that we
watch the private showing of the illustrations in Jamie's gallery and then
let him know about the other situation.

And so it was a few weeks later that we gathered around a new large flat
screen HD television. It was just the four of us. Martha and I sat on the
rug and leaned back against the sofa. My arms were around her and my hands
lightly stroked the belly that held my rapidly growing baby. Next week I
would make her my wife in a small ceremony with only a few family and
friends. The boys were excited... I was going to have two best men at my
side. Martha's sister, Angie, would be maid of honor. We were ecstatic.

I had hooked the notebook computer to the television as Nathan had
instructed. Everything was ready, but the screen was blank. Nathan told us
to tune in early and they would teach us how to use the system. Suddenly
the screen came to life and the 60 inch screen was divided into 9
images. The computer in front of me had the same image.

The computer started to ring with a Skype call. It was a video call from
Jake just like Nathan told me to expect. It turns out that Jake is a 15
year old electronic genius. Jake had wired the gallery with 9 web cameras
that captured all of the framed illustrations and the viewing area in front
of them. I was startled to see that Jake was naked from the waist up and I
suspected completely naked. Jake looked like he could be either Josh and
Mattie's older brother or a cousin. He was lean, athletic and tan with
blond hair and blue eyes. I learned later that he was Jamie's next door
neighbor. Jamie told me later that the boy is a bisexual exhibitionist who
particularly loves having people spy on him when he is having sex with his
friends and girl friends.

"Dude... those drawings are way hot!" The sexy blond boy told me as he
stood up revealing a rock hard 6" beautiful erection with a lovely flared
head and sandy brown pubic hair. "Here is my reaction to them. I spilled 4
loads hooking up the cameras this afternoon and look at me... I am still
all bonered up."

Suddenly I had two equally naked boys land on the couch on either side of
me on the sofa.

"Whoa... Mattie... look at his boner... it is really hot," Josh enthused to
his little brother.

Mattie grabbed hold of his rock hard erection. The stiff 11 year old bare
boner was puffy like it was beginning to grow. "It would be so cool to see
it squirt," The young boy said as he began to stroke his stiff shaft.

"Mattie... don't shoot off yet... .we've got a lot to see yet... but I am
definitely gonna stroke off later thinking about you... you are really
hot. Want to see how hot I think you are?" Without waiting for a reply,
Josh stood up and turned the web cam and adjusted it so that Jake could
show his rock hard 13 year old erection to the 15 year old."

"Whoa... you are even hotter than the drawings... You are a fuckin walking
wet dream," the sexy boy told Josh as the camera remained focused on his 15
year old shaft and his fist that was now a blur. "Oh
fuck... sorry... but... you know... I gotta shoot off looking at his
awesome dick... " Seconds later the camera tilted down and focused on the
glass top antique desk and the erotic image of Jake flogging his hard
cock. The microphone picked up the moan as Jake thrust his cock through his
fist and the first of two small drops of milky boy cum landed on the
glass. "Sorry dude... would of cum a lot more over your hot body but it was
my 5th 'gasm of the day."

"Dude... " as he adjusted the camera back to his sexy face "that was so
cool to watch you stroke off over me... way fucking hot... " Josh said with
a huge grin on his face.

Josh told me later just how turned on he was by the older boy stroking to
orgasm just from looking at his body. The kid and his little brother were
both total exhibitionists.

"Hey... Josh... I gotta get busy because I think the first people are
arriving. Chip... it's okay if I call you Chip?" Jake asked.

"Yeah Jake... that's fine," I told him.

"If you want to go full screen with any of the images just click on
them. The icon at the bottom of the screen will take you back to the split
screen... and ummm... Josh... could you and Mattie and me Skype some
time... I'd love to spill some more cum over looking at you two." He told
Josh and Mattie with a huge grin on his sexy face.

"Yeah... that would be awesome Jake!" Josh told the older boy as his
lightly rubbed his boner. "Ummm Jake... what is the one black screen?"

"That is the camera that looks from the back of the gallery to the
front. Jamie put up pipe and black drape at the front of the gallery so
that you cannot see into the gallery from the windows out front." You will
see people come through there when they arrive." As Jake explained the
situation the first guy came through the curtain.

I was surprised at how young he was. He could not be more than 21 or 22. I
watched as Stephen stepped into the picture.

"Rik... it's great to see you." Stephen said with a delighted look on his
face as he shook the younger blond man's hand. He looked so elegant with
his blond hair slicked back and a beautifully tailored tux with a
traditional shirt and hand tied bow tie.

Rik smiled warmly and took Stephen's hand. "You remember my little brother
Mike don't you?" Rik said as he gestured toward a miniature version of
himself. I doubted that the boy could be more than 11. He was exquisite.

"Oh my God... how could I possibly forget Mike. Stephen shook the young
boy's hand. He looked Mike in the eye and told him, "Watching you and your
brother make love for the first time was one of the most beautiful things I
have ever seen. You were so brave as you took your brother's magnificent
cock up your virgin ass." Stephen turned to Rik as he said, "And when you
came in your little brother's tight little ass... well I lost it right in
my pants without ever touching myself... I have not cum like that in a long

They all three looked up as a very distinguished looking silver haired
gentleman stepped through the curtain. It took a second for me to register
that he was wearing a highly tailored police uniform with lots of stars on
the collar. My first reaction was "holy crap we are being busted." That was
when little Mike cried out "Daddy!" Mike ran to his father and through his
arms around his waist.

Mike looked up at his daddy and grinned. His hand went to his father's
crotch. Daddy are you all bonered up for me?"

His dad grinned and swept the little guy up in his strong arms and kissed
him on the lips lovingly. "I am buddy but we will have to be polite and
wait a little while. That was when the police officer leaned over and
kissed Rik. "God you look sexy in that tux Rikky... good enough to eat!"
His father said with a grin as he groped his older son. "I got an awesome
report from the Commandant at the academy son... top of your class... I am
so proud of you for so many reasons," he told his son as he kissed him

"Stephen... it is great to see you. I cannot wait to see the treat that you
and Nathan have in store for us this evening," he said as he shook
Stephen's hand.

"Chief it is great to see you... and I don't think you know Jamie
McCoy. Jamie and I have been close since he was a sexy 10 year old boy. He
is the one who found this magnificent talent... Chip Shelton. That was when
15 year old Jake stepped into the picture. He was stark naked and carrying
a silver tray full of Champagne flutes full of bubbly.

"God Jake... you get sexier every time I see you," the Chief of Police told
the naked teen. I would love to fondle that gorgeous cock of yours but I
don't want to take a chance on making you drop the tray... although I would
love to see that hot ass of yours up in the air as you cleaned up the
mess." The Chief told him with a chuckle.

"Maybe later Chief... I loved it the last time when you sucked me... but I
won't have much cum for you. I have been working here all afternoon and
shot off 5 times looking at these drawings." Jake told the older man.

Stephen excused himself to greet the others as they began to arrive. I
noticed that most of the men had younger boys with them that seemed to
range in age from 10 to 15 or 16. All of them were handsome in their tuxes.

The din of conversation was quite loud and there was a lot of groping but
no exposed flesh. Then Nathan stepped forward and tapped the side of his
glass with a spoon to get everyone's attention. "I want to thank everyone
for joining us for this special meeting of the BBC. Stephen and I want to
thank Jamie McCoy for treating us to this special evening. Jamie is and old
and dear friend." Stephen said as he put his arm around Jamie's
shoulder. "I will never forget the first magnificent evening when Stephen
and I were young lovers. Stephen had this delicious treat unwrapped for me
one evening when I got home from work. Jamie had the most delicious 10 year
old body I have ever seen. I watched that first of many evenings as Stephen
sucked his beautiful little hairless 10 year old boner until Jamie
shuddered with pleasure. Jamie has found us the most amazing artwork from
one of the hottest young artists... Chip Shelton. Chip moved in next door
to two of the most beautiful boys I have ever seen. Chip initially captured
the 13 year old brother skinny dipping. He first became sexual with Josh
the 13 year old and captured those experiences with amazing
illustrations. Then he captured the first exciting moments of shared
brotherly love as Josh orally pleasured his little brother Matt. Chip has
fallen head over heels in love with Martha, their mom, and the boys. He is
diligently trying to fill Martha's beautiful belly with his baby with the
boy's encouragement. Both of these exquisite boys are still very much

Jamie stepped toward the red velvet rope that separated the reception from
the gallery. "The doors are closed and locked. Please feel free to
thoroughly enjoy the illustrations and express your enjoyment in any way
you please. Jamie removed the velvet rope and opened the gallery. The
gallery was quiet except for the gasps and the cries of delight as the BBC
members and their young guests viewed the illustrations.

All of it was being recorded so that we could return and enjoy each
member's reaction. The boys wanted to see the police Chief. Martha slipped
over on to the sofa with us and played with Mattie's awesome little
boner. God I loved to watch Martha toy with his hard little cock. In
moments Rik and Mike had been stripped naked in front of the image of me
making love to Martha while the boys rub fucked their boners against
us. The Chief was the next to get naked and he took the bottle of lube from
a nearby stand. He liberally applied it to his hard cock as Stephen and
Jamie watched he bent his youngest son over and began to penetrate him. His
oldest son Rik stood on a chair in front of his dad and his Dad sucked him
while he fucked his beautiful young son. I watched as Martha lovingly took
Mattie's stiff cock to her lips. She worshiped it with her tongue. I took
Josh's awesome boy boner in my mouth. The boys loved the attention and soon
both of them pulled us to the floor where we continued a very sensuous
69. It was spectacular. I was so turned on I could not wait to taste Josh's
wonderful boy seed. He began to buck and thrust as he filled my mouth with
jet after jet of his hot semen.

Josh had me right on the edge and stopped and turned to look at
me. "Dad... shouldn't we stop so that you can fill Mom with your cum?"

Martha had just swallowed a lovely load of Mattie's immature clear boy cum
and licked her lips in enjoyment. "There is no need for that... the test
this morning said you guys are going to be big brothers. Suck as much of
your Dad's cum as you want."

I swept Josh up in my arms. I unashamedly had tears streaming down my
face. I held the beautiful boy tight against me and I kissed him
passionately. When I broke the kiss I told him, "You called me Dad... God I
love that... and I love you!"

Soon I had an arm load of young boys. Both of them kissed and hugged
me. "You don't mind if we call you Daddy?"

"No... I love it more than you could possibly imagine." I kissed both boys
and I hugged them tight to me.

"Daddy... you know what?" Mattie asked me.

"What?" I said.

"You are the best Daddy in the whole wide world!" Matt said. And with that
first Matt and then Josh took a death grip on my neck. "Let's show Daddy
how much we love him!" Mattie told his brother.

I loved the feeling of their hard boners rubbing against my naked body. The
boys were on either side of me and they began to insistently lick the rim
of my cock. I watched as their hot tongues often licked each other as the
met in the center of my cock head. I was in heaven. I looked over as Martha
moaned and watched her as she pinched one awesome nipple while the fingers
of her other hand vigorously stimulated her marvelous clit. She began to
moan uncontrollably as she watched her boys licking their new daddy's cock
and as I watched her pussy began to squirt. It was too much I felt the seed
rise from deep in my loins and the thick creamy semen erupted like a small
volcano. The first jet of cum flew up in the air and then splattered Josh's
beautiful face and the next jet landed on Mattie's face and that continued
until my nuts were completely spent. Both boys leaned up and grinned at me
with their beautiful faces splattered with my cum.

"That was way hot, daddy!" Mattie said as a drop of semen ran down his nose
and dripped on his lips. He grinned and snaked his tongue out and delighted
in licking the seed that had just made him a big brother.

"Whoa... look at that." On the huge flat screen an almost life size Chief
was wildly thrusting his thick cock into his beautiful young blond son
Mike. Mike hair was flopping around as the sound of the Chief's loins
slapping his ass filled the air. A crowd gathered as the Chief groaned and
spewed his load in to his youngest son's ass while he sucked Rik. The
Chief's nose was buried in Rik's pubes when the boy groaned and announced
that he was going to cum. The Chief obviously wanted to savor his oldest
son's cum because he pulled off his cock until he was only sucking the head
and the crowd began to ejaculate all over the Chief and his boys as Rik's
semen exploded into his handsome father's mouth. It must have been a
massive ejaculation because I watched in awe as thick creamy cum leaked
from each corner of the Chief's mouth. The cum ran down the Chief's face as
Rikky face fucked his daddy again and again until his large balls were
emptied into his daddy's seed hungry mouth. The sexy athletic boy jumped
down and into his dad's strong arms. Father and son kissed passionately and
it was obvious that the sexy boy was feasting on his own semen. The Chief
pulled his two beautiful boys tight against his body as the men and boys
around them fired semen salutes coating the father and sons with hot cum.

"Whoa... they are so lucky... can you imagine all of those dudes cumming
all over you?" Josh asked his brother Matt. Matt was wildly jerking his
stiff hairless cock as he watched the scene on the huge flat
screen. Mattie's body strained to squirt two drops of clear boy cum. I
leaned down and licked up that rarest of all semen. My own cock was raging
again as I thought about the possibility of taking both of my boys'
virginity... in front of all of those men... wow!

Martha came over and knelt and played with my raging erection. She
straddled me and I watched as my thick 7" cock disappeared into her warm
wet pussy. She played with my nipples as she rode my aching cock.

"You are thinking about fucking the boys in front of all of those men and
boys... aren't you?"

I nodded yes guiltily. She increased her pace of fucking herself with my

"Nathan asked you to take their virginity in front of this group."

I nodded again.

The boys' naked bodies were both pressed against us and they were rub
fucking us as they listened intently. Moans began to escape Martha's lips.

"And you want to fuck them on stage in front of all of those men really
bad... don't you?"

"I want to bury my cock in their beautiful asses just like the Chief did
Mike. I want to mount them and fuck them wildly... and then I want to watch
them lose their virginity to you. I want them each to fuck a hot load of
cum into your pussy as you take their cherry."

Martha's pussy began to flood as she cried out as my hot cum squirted deep
in her womb. I felt the boys thrusting wildly against us until their bodies
shuddered with the powerful good feelings of orgasm. We lay there in each
other's arms. The room was filled with the wonderful smell of sex.

"You're still fucking hard... real fucking hard," Martha announced. "You're
a fucking sex maniac... "

"Yes and you love it... fuck me again beautiful. The boys nestled in where
they could each suck one of her magnificent breasts. I felt Josh slip his
middle fingers into his mother's pussy with my hard cock. He giggled and
said, "You guys sure cum a lot... it is really gooey in here."

"You keep that up and it will get even gooier in there..." I told him
loving the way his fingers caressed my hard cock as I fucked his mother.

He giggled as he rapidly finger fucked us until both Martha and I had
massive orgasms again. When we had been quiet for a while, Mattie hugged me
around the neck.

"Daddy... I love you and I want you to fuck me." He hugged me and kissed

"Me too... I want you really bad." Josh said as he kissed me. The sexy
little imp slipped his tongue in my mouth and kissed me passionately. When
we broke the kiss he said, "I love you... really, really love you."

I felt his wet soft cheeks against mine. I kissed the tears away. "Why are
you crying?"

"Because I always hoped and prayed for a Daddy... and umm... well... you
are even better than what I prayed for.

I buried my nose in his soft blond hair and I inhaled the wonderful funky
boy scent. I felt Martha's thumb wipe away my tears as I kissed the top of
Josh's head first and then Mattie. We held each other tight for a long

Josh's First Big Trip

I have never really been outside of North Carolina before. When Chip told
Nathan and Stephen that we would do the thing with the Beautiful Boys Club,
Nathan said he would send his jet to pick us up. I was already kind of
nervous about the thing in front of all those guys. Don't get me wrong I am
rock hard thinking about it right now... but I worry what they will think
of me and will they be disappointed about how I really look... Chip made me
look pretty cool in those drawings.

I hear the sound of the approaching jet. I look at my cell phone and see
that it is exactly 6:30 pm... right when Nathan said they would be
here. "Holy crap that thing is so cool the way it swoops out of the sky
like a fighter plane." The sounds of the jet's tires screeching to a stop
on the runway pavement reminded me that this was really real. My palms are
sweaty and my cock is rock hard in my new khaki pants. I feel Chip's hand
on my shoulder. He gave me a reassuring squeeze. Chip leaned his head close
to mine and softly asks me if I am nervous.

I nodded yes.

He chuckled and said he was too. "I have never flown on a private plane

The plane turned off the runway and headed directly for us. God it looks so
sleek and fast. The wind swept my hair in my eyes and I shook my head to
clear it. My heart is pounding with excitement. The small jet taxied up in
front of us and the door dropped down and the pilot dashed down the stairs.

The pilot walks toward me he is confident and good looking. As he walked
toward me I see him glance at the bulge in my pants. I look down and my
boner had my pants totally tented out. We both look up and he smiled.

"Hi! I am Jeff Thompson and I am you pilot. Nancy Taylor is our first
officer. Is this your first flight on a private jet? We all nodded yes.

"It is the first time the boys have ever flown," Mom told Jeff. She
introduced all of us.

"Very cool! It is a pretty exciting experience," Jeff looked at me and
smiled, "you are in good hands. Did you ever see the movie Top Gun?"

We all said yes and grinned.

"Well I am not Tom Cruise, but I was a Top Gun Instructor. I will get you
there and back safely."

Welcome aboard. He stood aside and I climbed aboard. It was small but very
luxurious and smelled of new leather. They had snacks and drinks for
us. Nancy handed us some of her special lemonade. She told us to drink it
up before we took off. She said it would help settle our tummies.

They told us to buckle up. Chip told me later that my eyes were huge. When
the jet began to roll I thought I would piss my pants. We held at the end
of the runway. Jeff turned on to the runway and put on the brakes. I leaned
out and looked up the aisle and I could see out the front window of the jet
down the runway.

The engines were behind me and I could hear them roar as he ran them
up. Jeff released the brakes and we shot down the runway and in seconds the
small jet leaped in to the air. There was a deep rumbling sound. Jeff
turned around and explained those were the normal sounds of the landing
gear and flaps going up. I couldn't believe that my goofy little brother
was going to sleep.

After a little while Jeff pointed at me and waved me up. As I stood up I
noticed that my nuts felt kind of weird... like kind of... well... itchy. I
was all bonered up and I wasn't even thinking about sexy stuff. I walked up
the little aisle to the cockpit door. Jeff began to explain the
instruments. He gave me a headset so that I could listen to them talk to
the tower. It was so cool.

I was totally fascinated. Chip finally came up and asked if I was in the
way. Jeff told Chip no that I was fine.

It seemed like we had only been flying a few minutes, but it was really
almost two hours. Jeff told me that he really shouldn't do it, but asked me
if I wanted to see one of the coolest things ever. I nodded yes
excitedly. He told me to kneel down behind him and hold on.

He told me that we were beginning our descent into West Hampton Airport. It
was now completely dark and I wondered how he would ever find the airport.

Jeff showed me how the instruments were guiding him in. We started going
lower and my stomach was filled with butterflies... about a lot of
things... and I had another pounding boner. Nancy called the tower and got
clearance for final approach. The tower called back and told us where to
turn and that we would land on runway 22. They started through their
landing check list and I watched as the flaps were put down and then the
landing gear. Jeff pointed ahead at a line of strobe lights that pointed to
the runway. In seconds the plane's wheels touched the runway.

We taxied up to the terminal building and Chip and Mattie were the first
ones off the plane and dashed into the men's room. Jeff looked at me and
said that he bet I had to go too.

I nodded and he led me to the pilots lounge. As we were walking my nut felt
weird... like really full and I had a throbbing boner.

We stood side by side at the urinal and he watched me unzip. My cock was
rock hard.

It's cool... guys your age get a lot of boners. As I pulled it out he
looked at it and smiled. It is really cool he told me. He ruffled my hair
and told me I was really hot. I looked up at him and then he asked me if he
could touch my boner. I nodded yes. Jeff rubbed the spongy head of my cock
with his thumb and it only took a few seconds before I jetted a load of cum
into the palm of his hand. Jeff smiled and told me I was a very sexy boy. I
watched as he licked the creamy load of my cum off the palm of his hand
like it was a special treat. As my cock softened, I was able to pee. Jeff
lightly rubbed my back as he watched me piss in the urinal. It was kind of
weird... but really cool at the same time.

We walked out of the bathroom as Nancy walked into the pilot's lounge and
told me she would see me on the way back. When I was walking back out, I
stopped at the drinking fountain outside the pilot's lounge. I heard Nancy
teasing Jeff about not being able to keep his hands off of me. Then it got
quiet for a moment. Jeff you taste like cum. I heard her swat him on the
arm and tell him he was such a pervert and then laughed at him. She told
him that she supposed that he wanted her to take care of his massive boner.

"God, yes... that kid is so fucking hot. I would love to have the chance to
drink gallons of his cum and he has got me totally turned on. You are in
for a really hard night," Jeff told her with a laugh.

I walked outside and there was a black stretch limousine and a driver with
a uniform. He was loading our bags in the trunk. Mom got in first and then
Mattie slid on to the long bench seat along the side of the car. I got in
and then Chip sat next to me. He grinned at me and asked me if Jeff took
care of my little problem.

I turned bright red... Chip and Mom must think I am a real perv.

"It's okay... guys have their needs and Jeff took care of your need," Chip
told me as he hugged me.

I watched Mattie stretch out on the long seat in the limo. I snuggled up
next to Chip and he stroked my cheek and leg during the long drive.

I thought about spending the night with Ronnie the other night. Even though
Chip and mom asked me not to tell anybody... well I had to tell
Ronnie... he is my very best friend. Ronnie got crazy excited when I told
him about all of the men jacking off and stuff looking at the drawing that
Chip had done of me and Mattie. Ronnie was so turned on by that and the
stuff I told him about fucking mom and Chip fucking me. Ronnie was crazy
with lust. We stayed up most of the night sucking and rub fucking each
other... then we would talk some more about the drawings and the trip. I
had drifted off to sleep and I was dreaming of sucking Ronnie when the car
door opened.

Chip said it was 10:30 when we arrived. It was a long, long drive way with
a turnaround in front of the huge house that looked like a castle in the

I got out of the limo and stretched and yawned. Then I saw Nathan and I got
a big smile on my face. He put his arms out and I ran toward him and hugged
him. I felt his boner through his pants and thought about what Chip had
just told me about men's needs. Nathan had a need I thought with a
grin. Mattie ran up and hugged Nathan too. I could tell Mattie really liked
Nathan. We could see that there was a party going on through the
windows. Nathan told us that he wanted us to be a wonderful surprise for
the members of the club in the morning.

He led us to another door that opened into a beautiful suite. Nathan took
Mattie and me into this huge bedroom. The bed was huge and had a top on
it. There was a table and chairs on one side of the room. There were two
huge bottles of water... which looked good because I was really thirsty
after the flight. There were also two big black cock like things on the
table. Looking at them gave me a boner... but... like... everything gives
me a boner... LOL.

"I bet you guys are real thirsty." He opened one of the big bottles of
water for each of us and we both drank a lot of the water. Nathan stroked
my hair and kissed the top of my head as I drank the water.

We each drank about half of the huge big bottle of water. We were both
looking at the black cock thingies... you know... wondering what they were
all about.

Nathan pulled Mattie and me into a hug. He kind of spread his legs and my
arm was at my side. I could feel his hard cock pressed against my
arm... and his dark pants were kind of wet.

"You both know how nice and big your new daddy's cock is. He is going to
make love to Josh tomorrow afternoon and Mattie the next afternoon. His big
beautiful cock is so big that it would hurt you if we did not stretch your
sexy little butts. I have a nice small cock plug for Matt to start with and
a little large one for you Josh. It was then that Stephen rushed into the
room and he showered us with kisses and welcomed us. Nathan told Stephen
that he had explained the cock plugs.

"Marvelous... let me help you get undressed," Stephen told Mattie. I
watched mom moan and put her hand on Chip's hard boner through his pants. I
smiled... those two are so hot together.

I felt Nathan begin to unbuckle my belt and then unbutton my pants. This
was so sexy to be undressed like this in front of Mom and Chip. I could
tell it was turning them on and I loved it. Nathan slipped my navy blue
polo shirt over my head and stroked my bare chest and hard nipples. I
really like it when people play with my nipples. His hand went down the
front of my Tommy Hilfiger knit boxers and he held my hard boner through
the fabric... God it felt so good when he touched me and mom watched me
getting felt up as she undressed Chip. I couldn't wait to see her get so
turned on that she had to have Chip's big cock in her pussy.

Nathan kissed my cheek and told me what a sexy boy I was. He pulled me
closer to him and I felt his need. He slipped his hands in the front and
back of the waist band. I felt his fingers playing with my pubes and kind
of touching my boner.

I looked over and saw that Stephen was sitting on the chair on the other
side of the table and he had my 11 year old brother completely naked. I
watched as he gently turned Mattie over his knees. Mattie's sexy little boy
butt looked so hot sticking up in the air... almost like he was going to
get a spanking. I thought how fun it would be to spank his cute butt. I
watched as Stephen told Mattie to spread his legs further apart and I
thought about the first time I rubbed my cock up and down his crack until I
shot cum all over his back and my tummy.

I watched Stephen pick up a bottle of Adam & Eve Anal Easy and he began to
apply it to Mattie's tightly puckered hole. I watched as he used his finger
to spread it inside Matt's hole. Stephen told him that it had stuff in it
to numb him a little and make all of this easier.

Nathan kissed my cheek again and whispered in my ear as I felt the tip of
his finger touch my hole... it made me shudder. I liked being touched
there. "Are you ready my big boy?" He whispered.

I nodded and I felt his hands sliding my underwear down. He cupped my boner
and balls as he slipped the underwear down and then I felt them land on my
feet. I was completely naked with this man that I really didn't know that
well touching all of my most private places...I loved it.

Mom held the bed and bent over so Chip could stick his boner in from behind
her and she could still watch Mattie and me get finger fucked. Stephen was
slowly sliding his middle finger in and out of Mattie's ass. Nathan lay me
down over his legs and I really couldn't watch Mattie any more. As Nathan
lay me down he told me that he wanted to hold my beautiful cock and
balls. I grinned and kind of pushed my boner against the palm of his hand.

I felt the lubricant squirting down my crack. It felt kind of warm and then
I felt Nathan's thick finger pressing against my puckered ass. It kind of
took my breath away when he eased his big finger into my very tight butt.

That was when mom moaned, "Oh God, Chip they're finger fucking my babies."

At first Nathan's big finger felt kind of uncomfortable... and then it
started feeling real good. He kind of gently rubbed my cock with his
fingers as he fingered my hole. It started felling really awesome and I
told him so. Then I felt him pull out for a second and then I really felt
stretched as he put two fingers in me. I heard Mattie yelp and guessed that
he got the same thing.

"Oh God... Chip... fuck me harder... now... hard... " Mom moaned and the
room was filled with the sound of Chip's slapping against Mom's ass as he
fucked her hard and fast. I really wanted to watch but I was kind of upside

After I got used to his two fingers, Nathan really began to finger fuck my
ass. "You really like being fucked don't you sexy boy?"

His fingers kept hitting this place that felt really good and all I could
do was moan and groan, "Yeah... fuck me... "

A few minutes later when I was right on the edge of unloading a big load of
cum all over his hand, he asked me, "Would you like a nice cock up your ass

All I could do was nod and groan. He pulled his fingers out of my ass and I
felt so empty. I lifted my head up awkwardly and watched as Stephen kissed
the middle of my little brother's back and I could see that he had pulled
his two fingers out of Mattie too. I looked back and saw Nathan pick up the
black plastic cock thingy. I felt my ass tighten... it looked so big to me.

"Dude, I don't know if I can take that... it is so big... " I wanted it but
it scared me.

"Chip pull your cock out of Martha so your sexy boy can see just how big
you are." Nathan told him. Chip walked over to us his thick cock stood
straight up and was slippery with their juices. Nathan slipped his strong
hand up under my chest and lifted me up. "Josh take a good look at that big
slippery cock... I know his cock makes your mouth water doesn't it?"

As I looked up, Chip pulled his rock hard cock down and wiped the slippery
shaft back and forth across my lips. I felt the plastic cock head against
my puckered ass as I began to lick and suck the big thick cock head. Their
combined juices tasted so awesome to me. My mouth was soon full of Chip's
cock and that was when I felt the plastic cock head begin to stretch my
tight pucker. It really hurt as it stretched me. I moaned as I continued to
suck on Chips hard cock.

"Oh my beautiful boy, you are suck a natural cock hound... you just can't
get enough of you new daddy's thick cock. Imagine tomorrow when he fucks
you with that amazing cock and fills you with his hot cum... you will truly
be his boy in every sense. Chip will fuck you until he fills you with the
family semen that made you a big brother... he will thrust again and again
until he has completely unloaded his big nuts into you sweet sexy body." It
was then that I felt my ass invaded by the thick plastic shaft. I gasped
for breath around the thick meat that was in my mouth. We stayed still for
a long moment until I caught my breath. Then Nathan began to push the thick
cock in and out of my ass and it kept hitting that pleasure spot that made
me want to shoot cum. I pumped against Nathan's hand trying to release my
seed as I sucked Chip's cock. I could feel I had Chip on the edge.

I could not see Nathan shake his head no to Chip who pulled out of my seed
hungry mouth. Nathan fucked me hard with the cock plug and I was gasping
for breath and right on the edge of cumming when he shoved it into place
and it felt like it was locked in my butt... that great big cock plugged in

'Beautiful boy you are such a natural bottom... you are going to love your
daddy fucking you in front of all of those people. You will love it when he
rides you like a wild stallion with a horny mare. You are such a little cum
slut you will beg him to fill you with his seed."

I moaned... my nuts ached so bad... I couldn't believe that I had just cum
a few hours ago. "Please I groaned... I gotta cum real bad."

"Me too... I need to cum bad too." Mattie told Stephen... that was
hot... my 11 year old brother was begging to get his rocks off. I didn't
know that Nathan had given mom this stuff that made us really hard all the
time and would make us shoot a lot of cum. They wanted us hard and cumming
like crazy all weekend.

We found out later that it only had one side effect... it made us real
thirsty so we drank a lot of water. Right then I was both really thirsty
and fucking the air trying to rub against Nathan's hand or leg. Nathan
picked me up and stood me on the bed. He stood close enough to me that my
hard cock could rub against his cheek. I could not help myself. I began to
thrusting my boner against his cheek and I felt him begin to fuck me again
with that cock plug. I felt so sexy and nasty rub fucking Nathan's face
while he butt fucked me with that thing. I held his head and rubbed against
him hard and he pounded my ass and gave me an awesome feeling as he kept
hitting that spot again and again. My boner swelled up to the hardest it
has ever been and the thickest creamiest cum shot out of my dick all over
Nathan's face.

It ran down his face and stained his navy blue suit and shirt. Nathan
licked the cum off my dick and then took a finger full and ate it. When we
finished, I looked over and watched as Stephen jacked my little brother's
cum right on to his tongue. It was starting to get a little bit creamier I
noticed. When Mattie finished he jumped down and met me at the table. We
were both so thirsty. We each took our great big bottle of water and drank
down the last of the water. Mattie looked at me when we finished the
water. "Bro... that was hot... so fucking hot... you like jizzed all over
Nathan's face. The dude loved it and ate up all your cum... and dude you
really did cum a lot... I didn't know you could cum that much."

I hugged the little guy against me and I couldn't believe it... he was
still hard... really hard...

"You guys need to stay in here for the night. The door will be locked so
that nobody will bother you. Here is some more water if you want it."
Nathan told us. Chip and Mom were already gone and Stephen left. I saw as
he left that he had all of our clothes. "I will come and get you for
breakfast and take you to the shower room so that you can get ready for
breakfast." I only nodded and Mattie didn't pay much attention either. We
were alone together. I took Mattie in my arms as the door closed. I heard
the door lock but I did not think much about it.

I knelt down in front of Mattie and I examined his cock. "Dude... your
boner is bigger... way bigger... you look very sexy with a big bone." I
told him as I took his cock in my mouth and began to suck him. He pulled me
to the bed until we wrestled around into our favorite 69 position. As soon
as we both came in each other's mouth, we drifted off into a deep
sleep... like we had been drugged. I was so tired. I remember going to
sleep with Mattie's semi hard cock in my mouth. I woke up a couple of times
and I was still sucking on his sexy cock like it was a pacifier.

There was a large gathering room several rooms away where the only light in
the room came from the big flat screen televisions. Everyone was in varying
stages of undress. The boys were laughing and most of their butts were
slippery with lubricant. Some of the 7 and 8 year old boys wiped the cum
off their faces, necks and chests. They were up way past their bed time but
this was a special occasion. The older boys rounded up the younger boys and
herded them off to their bedrooms while the men poured brandy and lit

The room buzzed with conversation about just how sexy the two boys
were. They hit rewind and began to watch the special boys' orgasm
again. There was general agreement that these were two of the sexiest boys
that the Beautiful Boys Club had ever seen... and they had all seen very
sexy boys. Nathan and Stephen came into the room followed by Martha and
Chip. Martha was the first woman to attend a BBC event as a guest. They
were thankful that she was not put off by the naked men... but then she and
Chip were still naked.

Jamie quickly knelt before Nathan and began to unzip his pants. Nathan
laughed and told him there was no need. When that sexy boy shot off on my
face I blew a massive load in my pants.

The Chief of Police came up to Nathan and licked his cheek and was rewarded
with the faint taste of Josh's semen. The Chief kissed Nathan on both
cheeks and told him what a lucky man he was. The membership proposed a
toast to Martha, Chip, Nathan and Stephen. Martha smiled as she sipped her
brandy and looked up at the dimly lit room with her two sexy boys sound
asleep... each with the other brother's flaccid cock in his mouth. Martha
felt a shiver of excitement as she thought about the prospect of taking
each boy's virginity... Chip too was studying the boys and having exactly
the same thought.


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