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Nifty - Bisexual - Incest - Catching Daddy

Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2011 12:41:40 -0800 (PST)
From: Cheri Daniles <>
Subject: Catching Dadddy

Catching Daddy
by Daddysslut (

I came home from school and walked into the quiet
house. No one was supposed to be home and I was going
to take advantage and rub the itch that had been in my
pussy all day at school from teasing my teacher with my
short skit. My name is Cheri and I am 12 years old. I
have a huge crush on my Math teacher and always flash
him views of my panties in class.

I went into my room and began to get undressed. I took
my blouse off and my bra and was working on unzipping
my skirt when I herd a low moan coming from my father's
room down the hall. Since no one was supposed to be
home I walked down the hall and peered in the slightly
open door.

I covered my mouth with my hand when I looked it. Lying
on the bed was my daddy, he was totally naked and his
hard cock was sticking straight up. I had only ever
seen him soft before in the bathroom when he came out
of the shower or was peeing. What really surprised me
was that my 15-year-old brother had his hand wrapped
around my daddy's cock and was moving up and down.

I felt an instant rush to my pussy watching the action
in the room. My hands went right to my budding little
breasts and began rubbing them. In the room, my brother
now had Daddy's cock in his mouth. I could tell that he
had been doing this for a while. Daddy began running
his hands through my brother's hair. I herd him say,
"That's it my little boy slut, make daddy nice and hard
and wet so I can fuck your little sissy boy ass."

I was shocked by his words, but my brother just moaned
and took daddy's cock deeper in his mouth. Daddy guided
my brother head up and down a few more times and then
he had him get up and straddle him. Robert grabbed
daddy's cock and began sitting down on it, working it
into his ass. He was facing away from me, but I could
tell he was wincing in pain.

I was frozen to the spot and watched as my brother sink
down on daddy's cock. I could see how his asshole was
stretched around the cock. I dipped my fingers up my
skirt and under my panties and they were soaked with my
juices. As soon as my finger made contact with my bald
pussy, I let out a moan. Robert hadn't heard me and
started moving slowly up and down on daddy's cock. My
daddy did hear and looked over and saw me. He moaned
out my name and motioned for me to walk in the room. I
walked in the room and stood next to the bed. Robert
moaned when he saw me and started to jerk his cock
while he rode daddy's.

My daddy ran his finger through my hair, "Oh my sweet
angel, you are so pretty baby." You pulled my face
close to him and kissed my lips softly. I started
kissing back and soon he pushed his tongue in my mouth
and was kissing me harder. Daddy dropped his hand to my
chest and began to feel and rub my little breasts. "Let
daddy see all of you." He said.

I backed away a step and unzipped my skirt and pulled
my panties down. Both Daddy and Robert were staring at
my bald slit. "You look just like your mother did at
that age baby," my daddy spoke. I knew my daddy was
older than my mommy, but had no idea that he knew her
when she was my age. Daddy told me to get up on the bed
and straddle his face.

I lowered my pussy to his mouth and he began licking
and sucking my bald little pussy. I was in heaven. I
had only had my pussy licked a few times by one of my
girlfriends, but this was by someone who knew how.
Robert reached forward and began to rub my chest with
one hand as he continued to ride daddy's cock and jerk
his own cock. I felt my daddy's tongue work its way up
into my pussy. I felt so good as he slurped at my
little girl juices.

Robert got off Daddy's cock with a plop. He ran to the
bathroom and came back with a washcloth and cleaned his
ass slime off of daddy's cock. He then took daddy's
cock in back in his mouth and then sucked him for a
bit. I got off of Daddy's face and went to help my
brother suck daddy's cock. Robert got behind me and
started to lick my pussy while I took daddy's cock in
my mouth. It was so huge for my little face; I could
only get it about halfway in my mouth. I sucked for a
few minutes until daddy got up and laid me down. "I am
going to pop your cherry, just like I popped mommy's."
daddy said to me with love in his eyes.

Daddy pushed the tip of his cock in me. I gasped out as
it entered my pussy and pushed against my hymen. I felt
it start to give way and with one push, my cherry was
gone. Tears filled my eyes and daddy bent down and
kissed me and told me I was going to be all right. I
was his slut now, just like Robert.

Daddy started to move in and out of me, slowly at
first, then faster. He started fucking me faster and
harder. "Yes baby, you are a good little slut," he told
me, "daddy's going to fuck you and cum in you and make
new little sluts inside of you for daddy to play with."
I herd him talking, but all I could think about was the
huge cock sliding in and out of my pussy.

Robert was now kneeling at my head and pushed his cock
to my lips. I opened up and took it in and began to
suck him. Daddy was pulling at my nipples as he fucked
me hard and fast. I felt my pussy get hot and then a
blinding light hit me. My body shook in orgasm, my
pussy started contracting around Daddy's cock. This was
too much for him and he slammed into me and deposited
his load into my fertile young pussy.

He pulled his cock out of me and Robert ran to my pussy
and pressed his face into me, drinking all of Daddy's
cum as it spilled out. Then he pushed his own hard cock
in me. Daddy moved to my head so I could lick and suck
his cock clean. Robert pounded my pussy hard and fast.
He was smaller than daddy and I could take him easily.
After a few minutes, Robert slammed his cock deep in me
and added his cum to daddies.

Daddy picked me up and held me tight, tell me how proud
he was of me. I kissed him and told him that I loved
him. I asked how long he and Robert have been playing
and he responded by saying since Robert was 10. It
seems that daddy caught Robert and another little boy
playing with each other's cocks. To punish him, daddy
sent the other boy away and made Robert play with his
huge cock. Robert has been daddy's slut ever since.
Daddy also told me that when I was a baby, whenever he
would change my diaper, he would always feel and lick
my baby pussy.

Listening to daddy, I got excited and was rubbing my
pussy. Daddy laughed and said that I was a horny little
cunt just like my mommy. I asked about her when she was
young. Daddy told me that she was his neighbor when he
was 17 and she was 10. He said that she always wore
skimpy little outfits around the neighborhood, teasing
boys. One day, daddy decided to do something about it
and waited for her and grabbed her and pulled her into
the bushes. He pulled out his cock and made her suck

To his surprise, she was into it and blew him well. He
fucked her after that and everyday since. She got
pregnant at 12 with my brother, so daddy married her. I
was born when she was just 15. Then with sadness in his
eyes he told me that she needed too much cock. Right
after I was born he came home to find her getting
fucked by 8 of the neighborhood kids. My 3-year-old
brother at the time was being made to suck their cocks
while they waited for my mother. A few boys were
playing with me in my crib and putting their cocks in
my baby mouth. I was already covered in cum.

Daddy said he let the boys finish and waited for them
to leave. Mommy said she was leaving to go to
Hollywood. Someone was going to get her a fake birth
certificate and she was going to be a porn star. She
wanted daddy to come with her, but he wouldn't. I
finally understood what happened to mommy now. I hugged
daddy close and kissed him. I promised Daddy I would
never leave him. Robert looked at the clock and said he
had to run, he would see us later. He kissed both of us
and ran out of the house. I stood up and said I was
going to take a shower and Daddy told me, no, he wanted
to give me a bath like when I was a little girl.

I excitedly jumped off the bed and ran to his bathroom.
I sat on the toilet as daddy filled up the bathtub. I
realized I had to pee, so I opened the lid and sat
down. Daddy saw me and knelt at my feet and told me to
let go. I didn't know what to expect. I started peeing
and then Daddy moved his head closer and put his tongue
into the flow of my pee. I giggled and kept going. He
then moved his mouth over my pussy and started drinking
right from me. It felt so good and soon I stopped and
Daddy kept right on licking me. He then stopped and
picked me up and held me in my arms and kissed me. I
could taste my salty pee on his lips as we kissed.

He set me down in the bath and started to soap me up.
He poured water on my hair and washed it. He took his
time washing my tiny breasts and then had me kneel up
and washed my pussy. He worked a finger up inside of me
and left it there as he use his other hand to wash my
backside. He pushed a soapy finger up my backdoor and I
moaned out loud. He started to fuck me with both hands,
working a second finger up my ass and pussy.

I could feel my knees getting weak and he stopped and
washed his hands and let the water out of the tub. He
lifted me up out of the tub and stood me on the floor
and began to dry me off. Once he had me dry, he planted
kisses all over my pussy mound. He stood up and kissed
me and told me to get dressed, he knew I had a slumber
party to go to tonight and I should still go. I told
him I wanted to stay with him, but he told me no, he
will be here all the time; I should still make time for
my friends.

Later that night we were in the car and drive to my
friend's house. I was sitting close to Daddy in the
seat of his truck and I start to rub his crotch while
he drove. He got hard and I unzipped his shorts and
pulled his cock out. Daddy moaned out, "Ohhhh Baby."

I took his cock in my mouth. I started to jerk him fast
and suck him at the same time. Daddy started to tense
up and before long he spurt his cum into my mouth. I
put his cock away as we pull up to my friend's house
and I kiss him deep. I tell him I love him and I will
see him tomorrow when he picks me up. I ran into the

The slumber party went by uneventfully until later in
the night. After the parents went to bed, we were all
in my friend's room and she brought out a videotape.
She told us she stole it from her older sister and did
we want to watch it? We all agreed. All 6 of us
gathered around her TV and the video started. It was a
normal porno flick with a lot of women licking each
other. One girl said that is gross and I replied with;
don't knock it until you have tried it.

All of the other girls started to giggle and asked if I
was serious. I told them I was and I had done it with a
girl before. The next several minutes were filled with
questions and I answered all of them. Then everyone was
quiet as we watched more. I peeked around the room and
every girl was rubbing their pussies over their pj's. I
decided to be bold and put my hand down the front of my
pj's and began to rub my pussy.

One of the girls pointed me out to the others and soon
everyone had their hand inside their underwear. I took
it a step further and removed my bottoms and rubbed my
naked pussy for all to see. Everyone started to watch
me and then followed suit. Soon we were all naked and

I turned to the girl who made the comment about women
being gross, Melissa, and asked her if I could lick her
pussy. She just nodded her head and I lowered my face
to her little pussy and began licking. All the other
girls were watching as I licked all over her bald
pussy. I licked at the top of her little clit and slid
a finger into her. She started bucking right away and
soon came all over my mouth and hand. I pulled away and
kissed her softly. She kissed me back harder and then
pushed me on the ground.

Melissa is normally a very shy girl, but you wouldn't
know it right now. She licked around my budding breasts
and then moved lower and started to lick my pussy. She
had her face shoved into me and was licking me like she
had been doing it forever. I glanced around the room
and saw that the other 4 girls had paired up and we in
a 69 with each other. Melissa raised my legs up and
started to lick around my little asshole. I shivered
with delight and then she moved back to my pussy,
pushing her tongue into me. Her thumb found my clit and
soon I came all over her mouth.

I looked up just in time to see two of the other girls
cum. Everyone was catching their breath when a nasty
idea came into my head. I had everyone lay in a circle
so we could all lick each other's pussies. We were kind
of clumsy about it, but still made each other cum. We
sat for a while and talked, I told the girls that if
they think this was hot, wait until they try it with a
cock. A few girls giggled, but Melissa just nodded her
head. Everyone was tired and we all got into our
sleeping bags. I made sure mine was next to Melissa's

After I noticed everyone was asleep, I got out of mine
and opened Melissa's and got in with her. She woke when
she felt me and we hugged each other close. I whispered
that I had a good time tonight and would love to be
with her again. She just smiled and kissed me. Our
tongues played in each other's mouths and her hand felt
my body. I asked her whom she had slept with and she
told me that her and both her brothers had been having
sex with her. I told her about my Daddy and my brother
and said we would get together later. I kissed her
again passionately and we fell asleep in each other's

In the middle of the night, I got up to pee. I went in
the bathroom and peed and as I left, I herd moans
coming from my friend's sister's room. The door was
part way open. Inside the room was my friend's sister,
she was naked and her father was fucking her. He was on
top of her and pounding her 16 year old pussy. I
stepped into the room and closed the door slowly. I
quietly got undressed and walked to the bed and just
asked if I could have some too. Mr. Wilson took one
look at me playing with my bald little pussy and came
deep in his daughter.

Mr. Wilson rolled off his daughter, Sharon. I climbed
up on the bed and took his cock in my mouth, savoring
both of their juices. As I sucked him, Sharon got
behind me and started to lick my little pussy. She told
her Daddy how wet I was and he moaned and hardened
instantly in my mouth. I got up and straddled him,
taking his cock deep in my pussy.

I started to ride him up and down, moaning with joy.
Sharon got up and straddled her Daddy's face and he ate
her as I rode him. She leaned forward and licked my
budding breasts as we both rode her Daddy. I came real
hard, my tiny pussy squeezing Mr. Wilson's cock. He
pushed me off of him and had Sharon get on her hands
and knees. He slowly worked his slick cock up her
asshole. I got close and watched her asshole get
stretched by his cock and soon he pulled out and shot
cum all over my face. Sharon spun around and kissed me
and licked my face clean.

We all got dressed and I went back to my friend's room
and slept soundly. I woke up late in the morning. All
my friends were gone and there was a note saying they
left to go to the mall and to meet them there later. I
went downstairs still in my pj's and was shocked at
what I found. My Daddy was there on his knees in front
of the couch eating Sharon's pussy.

Mr. Wilson was sitting next to her, jerking his cock as
he watched. Sharon got up and sat down on her father's
cock. My Daddy got up and spread her ass cheeks and
slid his cock into her asshole. Sharon was screaming
her head off. My pussy was gushing watching this. I
walked slowly over to them and put my hand on my
Daddy's back. He smiled and said, "Good morning,
pumpkin." He bend down and kissed me as he pounded
Sharon's ass.

I pulled my pj's off and sat on the couch next to them,
watching the action and rubbing my little pussy. Both
cocks were moving back and forth in Sharon and before
long, she screamed out as she came. Daddy pulled his
cock out and shot cum all over her back. I got up and
ran my tongue all over her, licking my Daddy's cum up.
Daddy bent down and kissed me deep, sharing the taste
of his cum with me. Mr. Wilson grabbed Sharon's hips
and fucked into her hard, screaming out as he emptied
his balls into his daughter.

Sharon and Mr. Wilson asked us to stay for lunch, but
Daddy responded that we had to get back. Robert was
waiting for us. I kissed Mr. Wilson and Sharon goodbye
and thanked them for the lovely time. We hopped in
Daddy's truck and headed home. As we got there and went
inside we heard loud moans from upstairs. We both got
undressed and walked up to Robert's room.

The door was open and Robert was naked and jerking his
cock with one hand while he fingered his ass with the
other. On his TV a porno was playing. A blond was
getting gang banged by 10 guys. I walked right over to
my brother and took his cock in my mouth. Daddy lowered
his cock to Robert's lips and he gobbled it up. I
looked up at the screen as I blew my brother. The bond
had all her holes filled and was jerking off two cocks
as well. The other 5 men were jerking off and slapping
her body with their cocks. Every now and then the men
would shift positions.

Having not cum yet today, I got up and moved to
Robert's head and Daddy pulled his cock away and I
lowered my pussy on his face. My brother licked at my
pussy while Daddy went around and started to suck
Robert. I was still watching the action on the screen
and yelled to Daddy, "That is what I want! I want to be
fucked by a lot of cocks!"

Daddy turned to look at the screen and sat opened
mouthed staring at it. He stuttered out, "That's your
mother." Robert and I stopped what we were doing and
sat up to look more closely. I could see a tear forming
in Daddy's eyes and I hugged him. "I understand Daddy,
but please don't be mad at me, I want to see her."
Daddy nodded and told me, "Okay princess, you can. I
will set up for you to fly out and meet her."

"What about you and Robert?" I asked.

"I wanna go too!" Robert called out.

"Not me this time kids, but you both can go, I'll make
the calls."

We all hugged each other and watched the video end. It
ended with all 10 men standing over Mommy as they all
covered her in cum. She was still the slut that Daddy
described to me and I found myself wishing that I was
next to her getting covered at the same time. I pushed
Daddy down on the bed and sat on his cock and leaned
forward. I told Robert to get behind me. He got the
idea and spread my ass cheeks and started to lick my
asshole. Daddy was pushing his cock up into me and
Robert eased his cock against my asshole.

I cried out as it pushed in deeper. I felt so full of
cock and soon Robert had it all the way in my ass.
Robert yelled out, "Oh wow! She is so fucking tight! I
can feel you cock in her Dad." Daddy just grunted and
began to fuck me. I felt like a cum crazed whore
getting fucked so well by two cocks at once in my tight
little body. I started cumming and cumming. Robert
pulled his cock out of my ass with a loud plop and ran
to my face and jerked himself until he shot his cum all
over my face. I bend down and kissed Daddy as he tensed
up and shot his cum deep in my pussy.

Two weeks later, we all were in the airport. My brother
and I had plane tickets and an address to where Mommy
worked. We wanted it to be a surprise and didn't tell
her we were coming. Daddy arranged for us to stay in a
nice hotel if things didn't work out. We had access to
money and planned a trip to Disneyland if we needed
something to do.

We had about an hour before our flight and I had a
wicked idea. I spotted one of those family restrooms
and took both of their hands and led them to it. I
opened the door and we all walked in and locked it
behind us. I grabbed Daddy and kissed him hard. "Since
we can't say goodbye the way I want out there." I said.
Just then Robert cleared his throat and we turned to
see a young mother nursing her baby, sitting in the
corner watching us.

"I'm sorry, I guess I forgot to lock the door." She
said, "But please, don't let me stop you. I am on my
way home to see my daddy and introduce him to our
baby." With that she held up her darling 6-month-old
little boy. I sat down next to her to see her baby
better. He was very cute and he giggled as I made a
funny face at him.

I turned to the mother. She was a beautiful young woman
of no more than 19. Her breast was still hanging out of
her top, dripping a little milk. She saw me looking and
smiled and nodded. I lowered my head and took the
nipple in my mouth and tasted the sweet milk. I sucked
a bit and was rewarded with a spray of warm milk. I
drank a little and then moved up and kissed her on the
lips. Our mouths parting and our tongues probing each

Daddy and Robert sat on the bench across from us and
both had their cocks out. They were stroking each
other's as they watched us. The young mother moaned
when she saw them and handed the baby to me. She got up
and knelt at their feet and took daddy's cock in her
mouth and jerked Robert's. Then she switched. I sat
holding the baby and rubbing my pussy while I watched.

Robert came in her mouth and she took it in and held
it. Then she walked back over to me and kissed her baby
son, letting Robert's cum drip into his mouth. The baby
licked it all up. She took the baby from me and set him
in his carrier. Then she kneeled at my feet and pulled
my pants down and started to lick my pussy.

This young mother licked pussy better than anyone I had
yet. Robert was now sucking Daddy's cock while they
watched, I came in no time and she came up to kiss me.
She whispered in my ear, "Do you mind if your Daddy
fucks me? I haven't had a cock in so long." I responded
by kissing her hard and then nodding. She slid off of
me and got on her hands and knees in the middle of the

Daddy got up and pulled her panties to the side and
slammed his cock into her. I sat with Robert and
watched as Daddy fucked this girl as hard as he could.
Soon she was screaming in orgasm and Daddy pulled his
cock out and sprayed his cum all over her tits. Robert
and I got down and licked her clean, getting some more
milk on the way.

All of us refreshed ourselves and got dressed. All of
us kissed her goodbye and as we left I saw her put a
card in Daddy's pocket. Daddy walked us to the gate
just as they called for us to board. Both of us kissed
Daddy and told him we loved him and got on the plane.
We promised to call as soon as we landed.

The plane landed in Los Angles a few hours later and
Robert and I went to a pay phone and called Daddy to
tell him we had arrived safely. After that we went
outside and got in a cab and had him take us to our
hotel. It was late in the day and we decided to try
Mommy's work in the morning. The hotel clerk looked at
us a little funny when we checked in, but got us our
room and had the bellboy take our luggage up. Daddy had
got us a suite in a nice hotel and we settled in.

We both unpacked and got undressed and put on the robes
the hotel had provided. We sat close together on the
couch and watched TV for a while. I got hungry and
ordered room service. Robert was checking the channels
and discovered a soft-core porn movie. We sat back to
watch it and I noticed that Robert had gotten hard
watching. I reached my hand into his robe and rubbed
his hard cock while we watched.

Soon there was a knock at the door and I got up to
answer it. It was the waiter with our food. I opened
the door and let him in. He had a surprised look on his
face when he saw these two young kids dressed in only
robes and an adult movie playing. I signed for the food
and as he left I could see his cock was hard in his
slacks. I laughed and brought the food over to Robert.

We ate quickly, as we were both hungry. Robert then
asked if I wanted to go to bed. I agreed and we shut
the TV off and headed to the bedroom. We both took off
our robes and slid into bed. We were both on our sides
facing each other and holding each other close. I could
feel his cock hardening against me. Robert looked
deeply in my eyes and said, "Cheri, I love you. I love
you more than a brother ever could love his sister.
These last few weeks have been amazing and I never want
it to stop." I could feel my eyes tearing up a bit and
I whispered back, "I love you too. Make love to me,

Robert bent his head down and kissed me softly on the
lips. My mouth parted a little and we kissed like
lovers. For the first time, I really felt this was an
act of love, not just sex. My pussy moistened at the
thought of just how much my brother really did love me.
I knew at that moment, he would always be there for me.
We kissed slowly for a bit and then Robert rolled me on
my back and continued to kiss me. He kissed down my
neck and to my breasts. He kissed my nipple and gently
sucked at my little breasts. Then he moved up over me
and kissed my lips. I felt him position his cock at the
entrance of my pussy and he gently pushed forward.

Both of us let out a moan of delight as he slowly slid
into me. He was pulled back a little and we were just
staring in each other's eyes. He moved his cock slowly
in and out of me. "I love you." He whispered. I had
never felt so close to anyone in my life and I started
to cry. He asked what was wrong and I answered, "I just
love you so much." He smiled and kissed me softly and
kept slowly sliding his cock in and out of me. He laid
down on top of me and I wrapped my legs around him and
we kissed harder. We just kept slowly make love.

The moment was so powerful, I felt my body start to
shake. Robert too felt his orgasm coming on and went to
pull away. I reach down and pulled him into me and
said, "Cum in me. Let me feel you shoot your seed in my
body." Robert moaned and pushed in a far as he could
and held it there. I felt his cock get bigger and then
blast after blast of his hot cum shooting into my body.
The feeling of it sent me over the edge and my body
trembled in orgasm. Robert rolled off of me and I
rolled on my side, Robert came up behind me and cuddled
me close and whispered he loved me and we fell asleep
with him holding me.

That night, I dreamt of Robert and I making love. It
felt so real and then I opened my eyes. It was morning
and Robert and I were still in the same position,
except that now Robert was moving his hard cock in and
out of my pussy from behind as I slept. He saw I was
awake and moved a bit faster. I pushed back against him
and soon he was unloading his cum deep in me again. I
pulled away and moved me to my back and opened my legs.

Then he went down and started to lick my pussy. I
moaned out with delight as Robert licked me up and down
and then pushed his tongue deep in my pussy. Before
long, I came all over his face and tongue. He was
lapping up my juices and his own cum as it ram out of
my pussy. Robert moved up and kissed me deep. I tasted
my cum and his on his tongue. Since everything has
started, the two things I have loved are cum and pussy
juice, and tasting them together really got me going. I
savored every drop as I sucked it from his mouth.

We got up and showered together, taking time to wash
each other's bodies. Robert told me he loved my bald
little pussy and asked if I would keep it that way when
my hair started to grow. I assured him I would since I
loved it too. We got out and got dressed and went down
and had a nice breakfast in the hotel restaurant. We
got a few looks as we walked to our table holding
hands. We both agreed we were as ready as we would ever
be and got a cab and gave him the address to Mommy's

Mommy worked for a nice studio, and we were greeted in
the lobby by a huge breasted blonde. We told her we
wanted to see Rebecca. We didn't say who we were since
we wanted to make it a surprise. The lady checked her
book and told us she was filming right now. We could
wait in her dressing room. She led us through the
studio to her dressing room. There was a lady in the
room and the secretary told us this was Tracy, she
shared the room with Rebecca. Tracy was a stunning red
head, with large breasts and was sitting in her chair
smoking and wearing just a bra and panties. The
secretary turned and left.

Tracy got up and said hello and asked why we were here.
I told her we had a surprise for Rebecca. She smiled
and said she was also her roommate and maybe she would
see us around. With that she got up to leave. As she
passed Robert, she saw his cock was hard in his pants
and Tracy grabbed it and said, "Mmmmm, nice one." And
then walked off. Robert sat there blushing for a bit
and I poked him in the ribs playfully.

All of a sudden the door opened and she walked in.
Mommy was prettier than she was on the TV. She had
short blond hair and baby blue eyes. At only 27, she
was still in her prime. She had lovely 36c breasts and
her pussy was completely shaven. She was wiping her
face with a towel and we could see there was cum
dripping all down her body. She stopped when she saw us
and smiled. "That Tracy, I told her when she brought me
young ones to never bring them to work." She said. "How
old are you two?"

I replied, "I'm 12 and my brother is 15."

She gasped when she herd this, "Oh wow! I have never
done a brother and sister before! That is so hot. Will
you two do each other as well, or just me?"

I answered, "We do anybody in our family. We do our
daddy too and are looking to be with Mommy." With that
Mommy fell back in her chair and moaned, her fingers
started to rub her pussy. "I can't wait, come here
little one and taste me."

I walked over and fell to my knees in front of her. I
just looked at her pussy for a minute. I was in awe.
This was the pussy I had come out of! I lowered my face
and licked along her slit. She tasted so good. I dived
right in and licked her all over. Robert didn't want to
be left out, so he walked over and started to lick and
suck Mommy's breasts, like he had done as a baby. He
was licking and sucking the cum that was splashed all
over her. Mommy just loved that, "Ooooh, baby. Do you
love that cum? Are you a cum slut just like your

Robert only moaned and continued to suck at Mommy's
breasts and lap at the cum that dripped from them. With
that, the door opened and Tracy returned, this time she
was naked as well and cum was dripping from her face.
"What is going on here?" she asked. "You tell me, you
brought them." Mommy answered. "No I didn't, they said
they were here to surprise you." Mommy jumped up and
asked, "Ok, what the hell is going on here?"

I stepped forward, "I am sorry we didn't tell you
straight out. We flew out to see you since you are our
Mommy." Both Rebecca and Tracy were shocked and just
stood there with their mouths hanging open. Slowly
Rebecca realized that I was telling the truth and knelt
down and hugged me close. "Oh my darling Cheri!" She
was crying. "I am so sorry, I wanted to come back, I
really did, but I was so scared you wouldn't want me."

She let me go and kissed me and then hugged Robert.
Tracy was just sitting down and shaking her head. "Come
on kids, lets get cleaned up and I will take you to my
house and we will talk more." Mom got up and went into
her shower. Tracy called in saying she has one more
shoot and she would be home later. Mommy quickly got
dressed and we went outside and got into her BMW and
drove to her house.

We drove up to Mommy's house. She had a lovely house up
on a hill overlooking the city. Apparently, she did
very well making movies. We went inside and sat in the
living room and started talking. Mommy started by
telling us about the move out here and the movies she
has made and some of the things she has done. Then she
asked about us and I told her about growing up and then
told her the story of Daddy, Robert and I getting
involved. She was squirming in her seat as I told the
story. Robert filled in the parts when it was just him
and Daddy playing. I could tell she was very turned on
by this.

Mommy then opened up more and told us about her and
Tracy. She met Tracy a few years ago at a party and
they hit it off. Tracy moved in soon after and they
have been lovers ever since. One day she came home a
found Tracy in bed with a young girl of no more than 8.
Tracy explained that she loved my mother, but this was
a desire she had. She just wanted to be with young
children. Mom understood and told Tracy that she had
secret thoughts about young ones too.

After that they spent the rest of the day and night in
bed with the young girl. From then on, Tracy routinely
brought home young boys and girls. Mommy never asked
where she met them, but always enjoyed them. That is
why she thought we were just more kids that Tracy had
found. She looked at both of us and told us it was sot
hot playing with us in her dressing room, and she got
even more excited when she found out who we were.

Robert's cock was rock hard in his pants as Mommy
talked and she noticed. "Oh my darling boy. Let Mommy
see that hard cock that I sucked when you were a baby."
Mommy walked over to Robert and knelt at his feet. He
fumbled with his pants and pulled them down to his
ankles. Mommy grabbed it and jerked it a few times and
opened her mouth and took him in. Robert just laid his
head back and moaned, "Ohhhh, Mommy!"

My pussy was instantly wet and I stood and removed my
clothes. I walked over and knelt next to Mommy and
moved my head in and helped Mommy lick and suck
Robert's cock. At one point, we both pulled away and
shared a passionate kiss. I reached behind Mommy as we
kissed and unzipped her dress. It fell down leaving her
naked. Mommy stood and laid back on the floor. I took
Robert's cock back in my mouth and Mommy watched,
playing with her pussy.

"Are you ready to become a motherfucker, Robert?" Mommy
asked as she rubbed herself. Robert just pushed me off
of him and walked to Mommy and lowered himself on top
of her. He pushed his cock in and moaned out, "Oh god,
mommy! It feels so good to be back in the pussy I came
out of!"

Mommy just moaned out and pulled him to her for a kiss.
Then he sat up and picked her legs up and started to
drive his cock in and out of her. I have never seen
Robert fuck so hard. He was slamming into her, yelling
at her, "Take this you fucking cunt! This is for
leaving us, you fucking whore!" I was so turned on
watching Robert abuse Mommy this way and wanted him to
do it to me too.

Mommy was turned on as well. "Give it to me! Punish my
cunt! Mommy has been a bad slut and deserves it!"
Robert yelled at me, "Cheri, get over her and shut this
whore up!" I knew what he wanted and walked over and
sat my pussy on her face. Mommy grabbed my hips and
pushed her tongue up into my young pussy. I was on fire
watching Robert pound her. He couldn't last much longer
and yelled out, "Take this Mom! Take my cum inside the
same womb I grew in!" With that he slammed into her and
came deep inside his own mother's pussy. Watching that
set me over the edge and I release my cum all over her

Robert and I slumped forward and gave each other a deep
kiss. Then he pulled out of Mommy and sat on the couch.
I got up and sat next to him and bend over and took his
spent cock in my mouth. I was sucking at him savoring
the mixture of Mommy's and his cum. Mommy was still
laying on the floor shaking from her orgasm. "That was
so wonderful kids." She purred. She got up and sat down
in between us. I leaned over and kissed her and then
Robert did the same.

We ordered dinner and sat and ate. When we were
finished Robert and Mommy went into the living room to
talk more and I went to use the phone to call Daddy.
When he answered he seemed out of breath. I started to
tell him about the time we were having when I just flat
out asked him, "What is going on Daddy?" He responded,
"Well pumpkin, the young woman we met at the airport,
Janice, is over here. Her Daddy was out of town and she
called me and asked if she could stay for a few days.
Is that okay with you, sweetheart?"

"Of course it is Daddy" I replied, "She is sucking your
cock right now, isn't she?" He paused for a minute and
then said, "Yes, and she has a finger in my ass right

I felt a twinge of jealousy, but then remembered what I
was doing out here. "It's ok daddy, you go have fun and
I'll call you tomorrow. I love you."

"I love you too princess." Then we hung up.

I was glad Daddy was having fun. I just realized, that
other just what I saw in the last couple of weeks, I
haven't seen him with too many women. I was smiling as
I walked back in the living room. Mommy and Robert were
gone and I went to see where they had gone off to. I
went upstairs and looked in Mommy's room and saw they
were in there. They were both naked and Robert was on
top of Mommy making love to her. I decided to leave
them to some time alone and went back downstairs.

I looked at Mommy and Tracy's video collection and
picked out a home made one and sat back to watch. It
started with Mommy bent over and Tracy was fucking her
from behind with a strap on cock. There were two men
standing next to them watching and jerking off. Tracy
pulled her fake cock out and made one of them men kneel
down and clean it off by sucking it. Then she bent the
man over and worked the cock up his ass. Mommy got up
and put her fake cock on and then started to fuck the
other man. I was so hot watching this, I stripped off
my clothes and started to rub my pussy.

Both of them pulled away and had the men jerk off on
each woman's face. A new scene started and it was just
Mommy this time and she was surrounded by 5 men. They
were all in a circle around her and jerking off as she
went around and sucked one at a time.

I closed my eyes and pictured myself doing that. I
didn't hear the front door open and before I knew it,
Tracy was standing in front of me. "Looks like you are
a hot slut like your mother." She said. Tracy knelt
down and moved my fingers out of the way and pressed
her face into my pussy. I moaned out as she licked all
over me. I pulled at my tiny breasts as she pushed her
tongue up into my hole. She fucked me with her tongue
and then pulled up and kissed me deep, sharing my taste
with me. Tracy stood and removed her clothes. Her long
red hair fell just above her perky 32b breasts. Her
pussy was shaven except for a patch at the top, which
was just as red as her hair.

She sat on the couch with her back to the arm and her
legs spread open. Her fingers rubbed over the shaven
lips of her pussy. I peeked at the TV and saw Mommy
getting fucked from behind and sucking a cock. I laid
down and put my face on Tracy's pussy and started to
lick her slit. She moved her hips around and ran her
fingers through my hair as I licked up and down. I
pushed a finger into her and licked her clit with my
tongue, causing waves of pleasure to run through her.
She pushed me away and laid all the way down on the
couch. I swung my legs over and we got into a 69 and
started to lick each other.

She started by licking around my ass and then moving
back to my pussy. As she tongued me, her finger began
pushing into my ass. I let out a yelp, but the sound
was muffled by her pussy. I licked her clit faster and
faster and soon she was bucking up and down as she was
fucking my ass with her finger. Before long she
screamed and released her cum in my face. I followed
right behind and came all done her face.

We stayed in that position for a few minutes, slowly
licking each other.

She took my hand and led me upstairs. As we passed my
Mother's room, we heard screams. "That's it
motherfucker! Fuck Mommy's ass raw!" We both giggled
and decided to leave them alone for the night and went
to the spare room. We slid into bed and started to kiss
each other, still tasting each other on our tongues.
Tracy pulled away and said, "I want to fuck you. Stay
right here." I nodded and got really excited as I
guessed at what was coming.

Tracy got up and went to the bathroom. She came out a
few minutes later wearing a harness with a long cock
sticking straight out. She got up on the bed and I
jumped up and bent over and took the cock in my mouth.
"Suck my cock you little whore." Tracy growled and then
pulled it from my mouth and slapped my face with it.
Then she grabbed both sides of my face and pushed it in
my mouth. Tracy started to fuck my mouth slow and then
built up speed.

I started to gag a bit and then she slowed down and
pushed me down on the bed. She ripped my legs open and
pushed the cock into me. I screamed out and she just
started to fuck into me harder, "Take this you slut,
take this fucking cock!" She slammed into me for a bit
and then pulled out and rolled me over to my hands and
knees. She worked the cock into my pussy and grabbed my
hips and started to slam into me. I was filled up
deeper than I had even been before and could only grunt
as she fucked me harder.

I felt relief as she pulled it out of me, but all she
did was aim the cock at my ass. I was scared it would
hurt me and I pulled away. Tracy held me and her hand
came down on my ass cheek with a spank that stung.
"Hold still you fucking cunt!" She yelled. "You are
going to learn to take it, just like that whore mother
of yours." She spit on my asshole and then pushed the
cock in. Tears were running down my face as she buried
the cock in my ass.

I felt as I was being ripped open as she fucked my ass.
I was crying, begging for her to stop and that only
served to spur her on more. She grabbed my hair and
pulled it hard as she pounded my ass. I felt something
overcome me and my body started getting hot. I screamed
out and started to cum harder than I ever had before.
The friction of fucking me caused Tracy to cum as well
and she fell on top of me. I was still sobbing under
her and she pulled out and kissed me softly. As we fell
asleep with Tracy on her back and holding me next to
her, I could head my brother's voice in the next room,
"Fuck my ass Mommy! Fuck your little boy's ass!"

I awoke the next morning to an empty house. I called
for anyone, but no one answered. I walked downstairs
naked and found a note in the kitchen. It was from
Mommy and read, "We didn't want to wake you sweetheart.
Tracy and I had a shoot to do and we took Robert with
us. Use the money on the counter and take a cab to this
address." I had some cereal for breakfast and then got
dressed in a tight top and a sort skirt.

I decided to not wear panties. I then called a cab. The
address was for a warehouse and cab driver was shocked
that a young girl would be going there. I told him it
was okay, I was meeting my Mommy. I noticed that he was
adjusting his mirror to look down and me and then
remembered why. The way I was sitting, he could see my
little pussy under my skirt. I decided to be bold and I
spread my legs further and ran my fingers over my

The cab driver cleared his throat and continued to
watch me. I was getting real excited showing off for
him and started to push my finger inside of me. The cab
driver moaned out and I saw him take one hand off the
wheel I assume to rub his cock. I slowly played with my
pussy all the way there and was real worked up by the
time we got there. When we pulled up, the cab driver
turned around and I pulled my fingers out and licked
them clean and then handed him the money.

When I walked in I noticed that the camera crew were
just walking out. I stopped someone and asked where
Rebecca and Tracy were and they told me the actors were
staying behind to play some more. I turned the corner
and saw the scene before me. The big breasted blonde
from the studio was holding a camera and taping

Tracy was kneeling behind a Asian girl, fucking her
with a strap on cock. Mommy was on her knees, sucking a
huge black man off, and Robert was on his hands and
knees getting fucked in the ass by some guy while he
blew another. I walked next to the blond hold the
camera and she saw me and said, "God, you brother is so
fucking hot. Once he found out this was a bi movie, he
was jerking his cock and begging your mom to let him

I was so overcome with lust, I stripped right there and
knelt next to Mommy. She smiled and handed me the huge
black cock to suck. He moaned and told me he had never
had such a young girl before. I smiled and tried to
cram as much of his cock in my mouth. It was so big, I
could only manage of it. The two men pounding my
brother pulled away and walked over to me.

They started waving their cocks in my face and I took
turns sucking each one. My bother got up and slid under
me and had me sit on his cock. It felt so good to be
fucked as I was so hot. Tracy pulled out of the girl
she was fucking and pushed me forward and slide her
fake cock in my ass. I was screaming with delight. One
of the men in front of me shoved his cock back in my
mouth and the other two jerked their cocks right in my

Mom took the camera from the blond and walked close to
me shooting the action. "Oh yes, that is my little slut
of a daughter. You are making Mommy so proud. We will
send this take home to Daddy so he can see how good
Mommy trained you." My pussy spasmed in orgasm,
squeezing Robert's cock in my pussy and Tracy's dildo
in my ass. Robert moaned and came deep in my pussy.
Tracy made him kneel next to me and she bend down and
licked Robert's cum from my pussy.

Robert and I were kneeling next to each other kissing,
with all three men standing over us and jerking off.
They started to all moan, so Robert and I put our faces
together and opened our mouths. Soon, all three cocks
were squirting cum all over our faces and mouths. The
men pulled away and Mommy got a nice close up of Robert
and I kissing and sharing the cum between us.

Mommy put down the camera and kissed us both. She was
telling us how proud of us she was. The black man came
over and laid me down and started to lick and suck my
pussy. He was moaning and say how he wished he could
lick his own little girl. The Asian girl came over and
sat her pussy on my face. I licked at her furry cunt as
the black man licked me. Tracy and the blond were
sucking the other two men, trying to get them hard
again, while Mommy and Robert were in a 69. The black
man knelt up and said, "Time for a piece of little
white cunt." With that, he pushed his huge dark cock
against my tiny pussy. I screamed into the Asian girl's
pussy while he split me open.

Everyone came over to watch me take this huge cock.
There were ooohs and ahhs as he pushed about way into
me. I felt his cock head hit my cervix and there was
still several inches outside my pussy. I was screaming
and thrashing my head from side to side. This caused
the Asian girl on my face to cum, releasing her juices
over me. She got up and I felt a cock tap my lips.

It was the man that Tracy was blowing. I took him in my
mouth and moaned around his cock as the black man
pushed in and out of me. The blond girl started
screaming and we noticed that the other man had her
bent over and was fucking her ass. Mommy was riding
Robert's face while Tracy was riding his cock.

Soon the black man tensed up and pushed deep into me.
He screamed out and shot his cum deep in my pussy. He
pulled away and the man I was sucking took his place
and slid his cock into my sloppy pussy. The man who was
fucking the blonde's ass came over and put his cock in
my mouth. It tasted funny, but I was so out of my mind
with lust, I just sucked him down. The man pounding my
pussy moaned out and added his cum to the black man's.

Then he pulled away and the man I was sucking took his
place. He other two men's cum was being forced out of
my pussy as the third cock fucked me. Robert got up and
put his cock in my mouth and I tasted Tracy's pussy all
over it, which I lapped up hungrily. Mom, Tracy, the
blonde, and the Asian girl were now in a ring licking
each other's pussies. The black man held the camera,
while he played with his soft cock.

Before long the third man to fuck me deposited his load
in my pussy. He pulled away and my brother took his
place. I was so exhausted by that time, I was just
laying there as he fucked me. It didn't take long form
my brother to add his cum to all the other's in my
pussy. The girls broke up and Mommy and Tracy walked to

My pussy was so sore form all the cocks and Mommy knelt
down and licked me gently. Then she sucked my pussy,
taking some of the cum in her mouth. Then she went to
my head and kissed me, pushing the cum in my mouth with
her tongue. While she did this, Tracy sucked out my
pussy and then fed me the cum from her mouth. Mom and
Tracy did this about 3 times each, until my pussy was
free of cum. Robert then kissed me deep, sharing the
taste with me.

Everyone got dressed and the black man handed Mommy the
camera, thanking her for the great time. Everyone
kissed goodbye and we were soon in Mommy's car on the
way back to the house. Robert carried me in the house
and put me in bed and soon I was fast asleep. When I
woke up it was nighttime. I looked at the clock and I
had been asleep for 6 hours. Feeling refreshed, I got
up and went downstairs.

I walked into the dining room and Mommy and Robert were
having dinner. We sat and ate and talked about the
events of the past day and we all had really enjoyed
ourselves. Our flight was due to leave in a few hours
and Mommy loaded us up in the car and we headed off to
the airport. In the terminal, we all hugged and kissed
and Mommy promised us that she would fly out to see us
real soon. Robert and I got on the plane and held each
other close as we flew home.

Daddy greeted us at the airport and we drove home,
telling him about all of our adventures with Mommy.
Daddy seemed very happy that we had a good time. He
told us that he had a surprise for us when we got home.
When we walked in the door, we were greeted by Janice,
the lady from the airport. It seems that her Daddy had
money problems and she and her son were living with
Daddy for a while. Robert and I gave her a hug and we
sat down to chat. The baby started to cry and I was
shocked to see Daddy get up and tend to the baby.
Janice told me how happy she was to find Daddy and he
was such a big help to her.

Daddy brought little Billy out and changed his diaper.
After he cleaned him, Daddy just bent down and started
to suck his little dick. We were all so excited
watching that. Janice got up and knelt at my feet and
pulled my panties down and started to lick my pussy
under my skirt. Robert got undressed and walked over to
Daddy and Billy. He helped Daddy get undressed and then
started to suck Daddy's cock while Daddy sucked the

Watching that action, combined with Janice's licking,
made me cum like a rocket. Janice sat next to me and I
took out her milk filled breasts and started to suck
her while Robert got up and spit on Daddy's ass and
eased his cock into him. He grabbed Daddy's hips and
started to really fuck him. Before long, he pulled out
and Daddy and Robert both got next to little Billy's
face and jerked their cocks until they coved the baby
in cum. Janice got up and licked her son clean.

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