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Nifty - Bisexual - Incest - Cherry Poppin Time - Cherry Poppin Time 1

Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2012 20:11:34 -0800 (PST)
From: Tague Micheals <>
Subject: Cherry Poppin Time

About 95% of this story is true, according to one of my readers, and takes
place in real time. Parts of the dialog were taken directly from emails
with the boy and only the typos cleaned up. Some embellishments have been
made for clarification and/or development of the story. Also some of the
sequences of events have been slightly altered. The story has been read and
approved by the originator. The names have been changed for obvious
reasons. The title may be a little misleading but I assure you, chapter 2
will cover it all. It does contain graphic sexual encounters between
siblings and other minors. All participants engaged in these acts of their
own free will and without coercion from older siblings. In almost all most
cases the younger child initiated the encounters. There are also scenes
with water sports. If such topics offend the reader or are illegal in your
area, now would be the time to leave. For the rest of you N-joi


~~~~~~~              ~~~~~~~              ~~~~~~~              ~~~~~~~              ~~~~~~~

"What does it feel like Jenna; does it hurt? It looks like it might, at
least a little bit. It sure is fun to see though," the 10 year old girl

"It" was the speaker's 13 year old brothers' cock which was buried inside
Jenna's cunt. Jenna was Kaylee's best friend and confidant, the girl whom
Kaylee had learned about sex play from and with. Jenna was also the girl
that had given her virginity to Mark, Kaylee's brother, and who had gotten
the boys' cherry in the process.

"It feels good Kaylee, it feels good getting fucked; it makes my body get
all tingly. I love it and I know you're going to love it when Mark fucks
you too," the adorable preteen informed her friend.

Kaylee loved her brother to bits. At 13 he was one of the cutest boys
in his school. Like Kaylee, Mark was blond haired and blue eyed. His hair
was slightly curly, reached the bottom of his small ears and was almost
shoulder length in the back. A small boy at 5'3 and 100 pounds he was
huggable, kissable, and sexy as hell.

Kaylee watched her adorable brothers' tiny little butt move up and down in
the time honored manner of sexual intercourse, of fucking. The two
youngsters were in the missionary position, that which all kids think is
the only way to actually fuck. Mark had Jenna's legs spread enough so that
Kaylee could easily see her brother's balls as they moved in tandem with
his butt, could barely see his butt hole when he pulled out of Jenna. She
looked closer and could see his hard cock moving in and out of her friend's
cunt, the rim of the opening moving in and out along with Mark's cock. It
gave the 10 year old girl a strange feeling in her belly, a feeling as if
she were missing something. It also gave her a strange feeling in her
smooth hairless pussy. The feeling was just at the edge of being
identifiable but the little girl thought to herself that she wanted her
brother's cock inside of her; she wanted her brother to fuck her too.

Mark had wanted to see his sister's pussy for quite some time and he'd
wanted to fuck her for almost as long. None of those thoughts and feelings
were atypical with siblings, boys especially. As boys became sexually
mature and their hormones became raging, their life was centered between
their legs. Boners, wanted or un, became a constant part of their lives. Of
course they became acutely aware of girls and like it or not, if they had a
sister, boys' eyes and curiosity were certainly drawn to them. After all,
it was a bird in the hand, so to speak. There was always a chance of seeing
a sister in the bathroom, in the tub or shower, in their panties, or
getting dressed or undressed. In many families, underwear was an acceptable
form of clothing around the house, particularly in the early morning or
around bed time or after a bath.

For some boys it was only a desire to look, to see a live pussy and for
others it was more than that. Some boys had an overwhelming desire to
actually do stuff with their sisters; to touch, to lick, to show their
sisters' how their boy bodies were changing. Last but not least, to bury
their hard young cocks inside their sisters' tight cunt and to put their
sperm in there.

For many boys an acceptable outlet was with their best friend. When you've
shared everything with another boy, shared your secrets, your desires and
your fears then sharing your sexuality was a logical step. And why not? For
two boys, whose bodies were changing at close to the same rate, who both
were having the mysteries of life unfold before them in the privacy of
their rooms or even the school showers, who had few clues and lots of
questions about such things, a best friend was the best and most logical
place to explore them.

"Have you," "Do you," are quite possibly the 2 most oft asked questions
even though they're asked with some fear and trepidation. There is always a
fear of rejection, always a fear of being thought of as weird or sick, a
fear of being teased or taunted, a fear that your friend will share your
curiosity with the known universe. But a boy has to ask. A Boys' thirst to
"know" tends to overcome the fears and when the friend utters the most
welcome words a boy needs to hear, "Yeah, me too," their worlds expands
together at a rapid rate. So it was with Mark and his best friend Daryk
whom he had met after moving to town when Mark was 8. It would be another
couple of years before the 2 boys actually played sexy together.

Like many boys Mark messed around with other boys his age, His first
experiences were with a cousin when Mark was 8, and the cousin was 9. The
older boy rubbed cocks with Mark which caused the hot young blond boy to
feel real good. At that age he started noticing some of his friends and
wanting to play with them too. Sometimes Mark played one on one and other
times in groups. He also had experiences with boys as well as counselors at
summer camp. But once he and Daryk started playing sexy, the equally blond
haired boy would become Mark's most frequent partner.

Whether with Daryk or other boys, there were always the pissing contests,
seeing who had the biggest or the hardest dick and other boyhood
games. Sword fighting segued into rubbing cocks against each other,
something all boys liked. All boys pretty much knew about cock sucking at a
young age although they may not necessarily understand it fully or
experience it. He had given and received blow jobs by the time he was
9. Mark discovered right off the bat that not only did he love getting his
cock sucked, he loved sucking another boys' rock hard boner. In fact he
loved everything about boys.

He had tasted sperm at 9 years old as well. Like many of Mark's experiences
it was learned from the older brother of one of his friends. As has been
said, Mark played sexy with many of his friends and like some of his other
friends, Josh had an older brother. Josh and Mark had been taking turns
sucking the 13 year olds' cock and it was while Mark had it in his mouth
that the older boy had squirted. One minute Mark was happily sucking the
kid and the next his mouth was flooded with a warm gooey liquid. Mark had
been startled and began gagging so spit it out onto the boys' naked
belly. Mark knew it was sperm because he'd seen it before when he and Josh
jacked the older boy off.

"It's cool Mark," Josh said, then told Mark that his brother cummed in his
mouth all the time when Josh sucked him. The older boy apologized for not
warning Mark and promised that it would never happen again. As Mark got
older he discovered that he liked having a boy cum in his mouth, he liked
eating boy sperm.

The adorable dark blond cutie learned to jerk off from Josh's brother as
well. The boy showed Mark how to do it and in the process gave Mark his
first dry orgasm. Mark experienced the "good feelings" on a regular basis
from that point on.

Mark started puberty right on schedule. His balls started dropping at 11
years old, his first sandy colored hairs sprouted a few months before his
12th year and the long awaited sperm arrived shortly afterwards. Mark's
friend Daryk was a little ahead of Mark in all departments having gotten
his own light colored hairs first and made sperm about 3 months before
Mark. The blond hottie had his first sperming in the early part of his 12th
year at the hand, or mouth as it were, of an older boy.

Mark had been in his best friend Daryks' bedroom along with the boys' 14
year old brother Ken who had been playing with both boys for some
months. It had been the older boy that provided Mark with the young boys'
first experience with sperm and like every other boy who witnessed his
first cum shot, Mark was dying to reach the age where he too would be able
to experience the phenomenon. Everybody had been sucking each other's cock
and Mark had reveled in having his sweet lips wrapped around the teenager's
large boner.

So Mark was sucking on Daryk and Ken was sucking Mark when the feeling like
he had to pee came, which Mark knew was going to turn into the good
feelings, and a moment later those feelings hit the 12 year old. Less than
half a minute later Ken said in an excited although somewhat garbled voice,

"DUDE, you cummed!!!" Ken opened his mouth and sure enough on his tongue
there were a couple of small blobs of cloudy looking liquid. To say that 12
year old Mark was excited would be a gross understatement. Daryk jacked
Mark off later that night and got more sperm to shoot out. Mark was so
totally pumped especially since he had shot his first sperm into an older
dude's mouth.

Like every other boy on the planet Mark jacked off at least once a day and
sometimes 2 or more times. His personal record was 6 times in a day which
of course left his balls completely dry and aching. As has been said, Mark
had already swallowed a boys' sperm, had loved having a boy shoot his sperm
into his hungry mouth. Having had that experience Mark could see no reason
not to eat his own sperm and did so with regularity.

Mark felt a sense of pride in his circle of friends when it came to having
a circle jerk, not that they were always in a circle by any means. Often it
was a cock sucking fest followed by a jack off unless of course someone had
already squirted. In any case Mark had moved up the ladder of cool when he
started squirting since not all of the boys in his circle of friends had
reached that much desired milestone. Of those that had, Mark had no problem
eating their warm boy cum. The juice was so warm and gooey, like a good
frosting only not as sweet. Mark especially loved Daryk's sperm and ate it
every chance he got.

Through the years Daryk and Mark explored each other's bodies in plenty of
ways although they still had a way to go. They didn't mind cuddling with
each other but so far had not kissed. Nor had they fucked although they
talked about it, wondering what it would feel like. They had not yet
showered together either, nor had they discovered any other forms of ass
play such as rimming and finger fucking but that would come in time and it
would come at the urging of an adult that Mark had met online. But we'll
get to that.

Mark developed a limited interest in girls. It wasn't that he was
specifically attracted to them but he was a boy and he was curious about
what they looked like naked. Sure, he'd seen his younger sister Kaylee
naked when they were younger, just as she had seen Mark naked but that had
been at least a year or more before and his interest had only been
cursory. As Mark rounded his 13th year that interest became more than
casual. Mark wanted to explore a pussy up close, to poke and prod and
investigate its entire workings. And, like most boys, he wanted to fuck a
girl and as his body matured sexually the desire became more intense.

As stated above, Mark was interested in his little sister Kaylee, most
because a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush and a push in the bush is
worth 2 by hand. Knowing that playing sexy with one's sister was highly
frowned upon, Mark's interest also fell toward his sister's best friend

Jenna was a little cutie, shorter than Mark with shoulder length brown hair
that was somewhat curly and was often worn in a ponytail or plaits. Jenna
had a pert little nose, large brown eyes framed by thick brows, her
slightly pink lips were full and very kissable. Like most boys who have
little sisters Mark was attracted to Kaylee's best friend in the whole wide
world. And like most girls Jenna looked up to and flirted with the older
brother of her equally best friend in the whole wide world. Kaylee and
Jenna, like most girl friends, spent plenty of time with their heads
together giggling at their shared thoughts, observations, and secrets. It
seemed to Mark that they did it often if he was close at hand. Mark knew
that Jenna liked him but it took a little while before he found out just
how much.

Mark had been turned on to Nifty by Daryk's older brother, had read a story
of sibling incest and had written to the author to tell him how hot and
boner making his story was. The man was an author of erotic stories and
Mark had written to him about a bi-sexual story of his that he had
read. The boy was surprised when Storyman emailed back and how fast he had
responded. . Mark answered Storyman's email and told him a little about
himself, his thoughts about maybe being gay because he had only played with
boys and sometimes girls at school sort of scared him. Mark thought of
himself as a gay boy although he wasn't 100% certain since he hadn't had
much experience with girls. Like all boys he was interested in fucking, be
it boy or girl, and expressed and interest in both.

Of course Storyman responded to that and an online friendship began to
grow. Mark had a lot of questions about a lot of stuff, mostly sexual of
course. Storyman told Mark from the beginning that boys tended toward a lot
of questions and that he would help the boy out however he could. In the
process of course Mark related his encounters with Jenna. He also confided
that he really wanted to see his sister's pussy bad.

After the 3rd round of emails Storyman told Mark his real name was Jon. Jon
gave Mark some suggestions to let his little sister see his cock. Jon
shared that as a young teen he had shown his younger sister his dick and
that it had been so fucking hot for the young teen standing there fully
naked, his stone hard boner standing straight up in full view of the 9 year
old girl who was "peeking" through the barely opened door where her 13 year
old brother was changing clothes. Jon shared that he was close enough to
the door to see his little sisters eyes as they focused on his raging boy
cock, his loose balls and the little patch of black hair at the base of his
cock. Jon shared that as soon as the little girl left the doorway he closed
the door and jacked off, shooting his young sperm clear up to his neck.

"Kaylee is so cute and sweet. I'm dying to see her pussy. I want to show
her my hard cock too but I don't want to scare her." Shortly after that
Mark said, "Maybe she'd let me fuck her. Oh god it would be so hot to fuck
my little sister," Mark said.

Mark also shared his desire to play with his 9 year old brother Jordyn,
Jordy for short. "I call him a megapest and sometimes he is but he's such a
cute little boy and mostly is really sweet." Mark and Jordy saw each
other's dicks from time to time; after all, when you're sharing a room with
your brother it can be difficult to hide all the time. Of course Jordy was
interested in his brother's cock as any young boy would be. From time to
time Mark could tell that the little had a boner so one afternoon when they
were changing out of school clothes. Mark could see that Jordy was boned up
so he turned toward his little brother and said,

"See I get em too." Jordy could easily see Mark's boner sticking up in his

"Yeah, I been getting them a lot," the little boy said then tugged the
front of his cartoon briefs down to show Mark his hard little cock. It
didn't last long but it sure left Mark hoping for more. Jordy was a darling
cute little boy with long curly blond hair and blue eyes like his
siblings. Mark wanted to teach him all about boners, and jacking off and
maybe even sucking cocks just like his friends' older brothers had done for
them and for Mark.

Mark continued to share his thought about his sister and how bad he wanted
to see her pussy and have Kaylee see his hard cock as well as fuck her or
Jenna. "I really want to feel my hard cock inside a tight warm hole Jon,"
the boy had said. Jon encouraged Mark to keep the faith, that things would
happen but that the horny 13 year old would need some patience. Mark had
told Jon about his playing with Jenna the summer before and the older man
told him that, based on what Mark had told him, Jenna would more than
likely let him fuck her and probably fairly soon. Just reading Jon's email
made Mark as hard as a rock.

Jon had also given Mark some ideas for other sexy fun, both alone and with
Mark. On a weekend overnight at his best friend's house and after plenty of
cock sucking and sperming, Daryk had kissed Mark on the cheek. Mark had
wanted to kiss Daryk back but hadn't out of some fear or the other. Jon
explained that the next time Mark saw Daryk he should just kiss the boy and
apologize for not having kissed him back.

Jon also told Mark about ass play, about finger fucking, prostate glands
and rimming, and frottage, all of which the boy seemed eager to learn about
and try. The older man also told Mark about trying water sports in the
shower and of course Mark's response was predictable so Jon went on to
explain that urine was sterile, perfectly safe and frankly, could be a lot
of fun. Mark said he'd talk to Daryk and see his thought about it but Mark
thought it sounded kinda sexy. Mark googled it and was surprised at how
many things could be done with peeing.

That weekend Mark spent the night at Daryk's watched a DVD and ate
pizza. As soon as the boys' parents went to bed they went to Daryk's
bedroom where they stripped to their briefs to play.

"What do you want to do now," Mark asked. Since they both had boners Daryk
grabbed Mark's dick through his briefs and said,

"I wanna suck your dick". Mark was more than cool with that so told the
cute blond boy to get doing it. Daryk pulled down Mark's briefs so that 5
inches of rock hard dick just popped like straight up. In telling Jon the
story Mark said,

"He like grabbed my boner and started jerking me off. Then he put my dick
in his mouth and started sucking me off. It was awesome to have his mouth
around my dick. I reached for his dick and grabbed it and started playing
with it through his briefs to. He said like, Mark...get my dick out so you
can jerk me off. His boner was so, so stiff he started to leak cum out his
pee hole. All of a sudden I started to that the feeling through my body
like I was going to shoot my cum. I told Daryk that I was about to cum but
he just kept on sucking me. I let go his dick when I started to spurt my
cum right into his mouth. After I shot my cum Daryk asked me to get him off
too so I started sucking his dick and he spurted in my mouth.

We rested a while after that and then got up and turned on his computer to
read some Nifty stories. We read 2 chapters of "Sibling Surprises" about
Devon and Andy. But then we boned up again and decided to suck each others
dicks like doing 69. Daryk was on top of me and sucking me and I sucked his
dick at same time. I felt him touching my butt hole. That felt so good so I
just asked him to put his finger inside me. He started to finger me there
but I must have been too tight cuz his finger didn't go much in me. He said
to wait a minute and he got up and went to Ken's room and got a bottle of
baby oil lotion. He squirted some on my butt and rubbed his finger in it
and then he put his finger way inside my butt hole.

The feeling was like so AWESOME!! My dick got so hard that it like bobbed
up and down and some cum started leaking out my pee hole. Daryk grabbed my
dick and started jerking me off at same time he was fingering me in my
butthole. Then this like so totally incredible feeling happened like my
dick and balls were about to explode. I must have shot like 4 or 5 loads
all over my belly and even some got on Daryk too. I never had cummed like
that before like it was really awesome. Daryk told me to do the same to him
so I squirted some lotion in his butt and then I fingered him and jerked
him off until he also had an awesome cum too. OMG.. Jon, like it was so
totally great feeling when I cummed. Afterward like we just lay there
together and than Daryk leaned over and kissed me. I had this urge to kiss
him back but I didn't, but just hugged him tight. I think like if Daryk
would have asked to fuck me I would have let him. But like right around
that time Daryk's bro came home with 1 of his friends named Tony. I had
seen Tony before but since he is 16 and in high school but I never talked
to him.

Ken and Tony were in Ken's room like half hour and Daryk and me started to
hear like some strange noises coming from the room. Daryk got up and went
into the bathroom and called me to come in. We saw both of them were naked
and Tony was sitting on the bed and Ken was kneeling between his legs
giving Tony a blow job. Then Tony told Ken to stop and he got on the floor
and started giving Ken a blow job. Then they jerked off and shot their cum
on each other. I couldn't help looking at Tony's dick, like, his dick is
real big...bigger than Ken's even. Like I wonder what it would be to suck
Tony's dick if I could but I guess I will never know. we just backed out
the bathroom and went back to bed.

"Daryk and I slept naked all night and we sucked each others dicks in the
morning. Morning blow jobs always feel totally awesome too. Tony and Ken
slept together to but I don't know if they did anything in the morning like
me and Daryk. Daryk and me did hug each other this morning and he did kiss
me again. I told him how wonderful it was when he fingered me in my butt
hole. He said we can do it again if I wanted him to."

In his next email Mark said, "OMG Jon you were so right about having a
finger in my ass. I loved it so much and when I cummed I shot my load clear
up to my chin. It was the best cum ever and I made so much of sperm it was
awesome. Then he told Jon about pissing on himself.

"Oh! Fuck...this water sports deal like blew my mind totally. I was
thinking about that in school all day but mostly when I had to take a piss
in the boy's bathroom. I wanna try doing it to see what it feels like to
piss on yourself. After school I usually piss before riding the bus
home. But today I didn't. During the ride home about half hour I had to
piss but I held it. The traffic was bad so by the time I got off I had to
piss real bad. I have a block to walk to my house and when I got home I was
almost pissing in my pants. In fact I did piss a little bit just enough to
put a big wet spot where my dick goes in my briefs. I ran to the bathroom
and kicked off my pants and briefs. But like instead of standing and peeing
I sat on the can naked and held my dick up instead of down and pissed full
out on my chest and belly. My pee ran up to my chin almost and it was real
warm. I ran down my chest, belly and dick and balls. I even tried tasting
it too. You were right Jon it wasn't bad and like it was kinda
salty. Afterward I was so boned up that I jerked off without ever washing
off. I squirted like 5 or 6 loads of cum and my dick head was so
sensitive. After like 5 minutes I was boned up again. I jerked off a 2nd
time using just my thumb and 2 fingers and shot a couple more loads of
cum. It was totally awesome. I think I'm gonna like pissing. I think Daryk
will like it too and I wonder if maybe I could talk Jordy into doing it
with me to. What u think?"

Mark and Jon continued to email daily with Mark keeping Jon up on his
thoughts and experiences. Some of it had to do with seeing boys at school
that Mark wanted to play sexy with, some was about his wanting to do stuff
with his little brother and some of it was about his desire to do stuff
with his little sister.

Mark had wondered to Jon if Jenna had ever said anything to Kaylee about
her playing with Mark's cock and jacking him off and stuff. Jon's response
was that, given how close the two girls seemed to be, that it was more than
likely that Kaylee knew all about her brother's boner, his sperm and
everything else.

"God I want to see her pussy so bad Jon. I want to put my boner in her
pussy and fuck her too." Two days later Mark would get part of his wish.

"OMG OMG OMG," Mark's next email started. Jon knew of course that something
significant had happened.

"Like I have to tell you what happened last night. I got to flash my boner
at my sis. But like it was totally unplanned like it just happened at the
spur of the moment. It was so cool when I thought about it later. Last
night I took my shower after my sister. After she got out and went to her
room I started to get my stuff together to get in the shower.

While I was in the shower my sister started knocking on the door (it was
locked) and yelling that she had to take a pee real bad. I told her I would
just be a few minutes but she just keep yelling that she was going to do it
on the floor if I didn't hurry and to get out the shower and open the
door. At first I wasn't going to do it and make her pee on the floor. But
then I had a brilliant idea. Like, what if I unlocked the door buck naked
and just let her come in. So like I unlocked the door and just stood there
naked in front of her. She got a good look at my dick. I was half boned to.

She just rushed pass me and pulled down her panties and sat on the toilet
and started to pee. I just stood there and watched her pissing but I
couldn't see hardly any of her pussy cuz her nightgown was covering it.
But I could see a little bit of her slit at the top. Her pussy don't have
hair on it yet. Neither does Jenna. By this time I was totally boned up. My
dick was sticking almost straight up. She just kept staring at it while she
was peeing like 2 minutes. I was like shaking and my head was spinning. My
dick started to bob up and down a little and I felt like I would cum any

Then my sis got off the can and quickly pulled up her panties. As she was
starting to leave I blurted out "can I see yours"? As she was passing me
she said.

"Maybe! Let me think about it!" and ran back to her room. I wanted to shot
my cum right there. My balls ached so bad. I got back in the shower and I
jerked off and shot like 4 squirts of cum on the walls. After I walked back
to my room naked I hope she will let me see her pussy since she got a real
good look at my boner.

"I really wanna see all of her pussy Jon, like when Jenna showed me her
pussy. Oh Man! Like I saw just all of Jenna's pussy cuz she spread her legs
open so I could look at it. That's when she let me feel her pussy slit and
she showed me how to put my finger in. She was so warm and slippery inside
her. Jenna was jerking my dick too and I shot my cum for her. She's really
totally cool. I wanna to fuck her. I would even let my sis watch us doing
it. That would be fuck'n HOT. I dunno, if maybe I was to show my sis my
dick again and ask my sis if she would show me her pussy or just wait for
her to just show it to me. What do you think is the best thing to do?"

The first thing Jon said to Mark was that he had been set up by Kaylee and
most likely Jenna had spurred the 10 year old on. Mark has said before that
the two girls were like peas in a pod. Jon encouraged Mark to let his
sister set the pace. If Mark were too aggressive about his desires he might
scare the little girl off or worse, she might mention it their mother. Jon
also suggested that Mark start doing his own laundry if he wasn't all
ready. The boy didn't need his mom to see cum spots or even blood if he
fucked Kaylee in his bed. It was just safer all the way around. Mark said
it sounded like a good idea.

"You're so awesome for helping me out and answering questions and teaching
me stuff Jon. Thank you so much," the boy ended."

The next day Mark emailed Jon saying that Jordy had climbed into Mark's bed
the night before, something the younger boy did from time to time. Mark
usually slept in just his briefs and a tee shirt and Jordy usually slept
that way too.

"He climbed in and snuggled next to me. I did put my hand close to his dick
and I cupped my hand over his dick in his briefs. He wasn't asleep yet and
he didn't stop me as I touched his dick. He was already boned. I just held
my hand there and he went to sleep. I played with his boner through his
briefs for a while and then I went to sleep. Then early this morning before
dawn I woke up but Jordy was still sleeping next to me. I then cupped my
hand where his dick was and felt him. I was shaking when I lifted up the
waistband of his briefs and slid my hand inside to play with his dick. He
was half boned when I touched his dick. His briefs and dick were a little
damp when I put my hand on it. He don't shoot yet and I figured maybe he
dribble some of his pee out during the night although the bed wasn't
wet. That happened to me sometimes when I was little.

I jerked his dick and went under it and touched where his balls would
be. It was so soft there. I tried to go down there more to touch him on his
asshole but when I tried to get my finger there he started to move. My
boner was hard and I had it against his butt and was moving it on his butt.
I was about to shoot too when I stopped cuz Jordy was beginning to wake
up. I did keep my arm around him and my hand slightly on his dick through
his briefs when he woke up I hugged and kissed him good morning and rubbed
his dick a little. I pretended like it was accidental while I was hugging
and kissing him. He seem to be more embarrassed with me kissing and hugging
him then with my playing with his dick. You think that's a good sign that
he don't care Jon? Like, what should I do next with him so that he don't
freak out if I try to play with his dick again? I really want to try doing
more stuff with him to."

As usual Jon told Mark to err on the side of caution. It was a good sign
that Jordy hadn't moved away or said anything when Mark had his hand on the
little boys' cock, but Mark still needed to go slow with Jordy. Mark
understood but added that he really wanted to keep doing stuff with his
little brother.

"He's so cute and so sweet and his boner is so inviting," Mark relayed.

A couple of days later Mark's email started out with WOW. He had spent the
night at Daryk's and the two boys had tried pissing on each other. They had
taken some porn out of Ken's room and had been reading it then went to
sucking each other's cocks. Mark loved sucking on Daryk and it was clear
that Daryk loved sucking on his best friend. They worked through a 69 lying
on their sides which allowed each boy to fondle and play with the smooth
sac of balls on the other boy. Mark thought his friends' balls were so soft
and tender and he loved playing with them. While he was down there Mark
thought about what Jon had said about rimming, about licking a boys'
asshole. He really wanted to try it but knew that Daryk hadn't showered
since that morning. He didn't mind putting his face in a boys' crotch or
sucking on his dick when it hadn't been washed but an asshole was an
entirely different matter.

The Boys eventually cummed in each other's mouth for a second time that
night, both boys loving the taste of their friends warm sperm. Afterward
Daryk said he had to pee and Mark did too so they both went into the
bathroom to watch each other. Mark asked him if he'd like to try something
new to which his best friend nodded his head. Mark reported it to Jon.

"We went into the bathroom and I sat on the can and leaned back some. Daryk
stood right in front of me and he started to pee like right on my dick and
balls. I started to get a boner while he was peeing on me. It felt awesome
like his warm pee hitting my dick and balls and spraying on my belly and
pubes. After he stopped peeing Daryk then sat on the can and I peed on his
dick and balls. Daryk boned up fast when my pee was hitting his dick. After
I finished peeing I knelt down and started sucking his pissy dick. I didn't
mind that his dick tasted like pee. He sucked my dick too."

The boys took turns sucking on each other's piss soaked cock and neither
one of them had minded a bit. Mark wanted Daryk to add his sperm to the mix
so Mark sucked his friends cock while still on the toilet with Daryk
standing in front of him. When Daryk said he was gonna cum Mark stopped
sucking and went to jacking his friend off, cupping and fondling Daryk's
balls to help things along. Mark stood up quickly so that when his friend
cummed it squirted his sperm onto Mark's cock and his balls, not that there
was a whole lot of sperm left.

It wouldn't do that Daryk had to try it too and even though he was sucking
a cock that was covered in his own piss and sperm it didn't deter the boy
from giving it his best. Of course when Mark spermed it had to go on
Daryk's boy parts. The boys jumped in the shower and cleaned off quickly
but not without plenty of kissing and hugging.

"In the morning we woke up with morning boners and we sucked each other
doing another 69," Mark emailed to Jon. "We did some ass fingering but it
was getting late and his mom would be getting up soon. After we both cummed
we got into the shower together and we held each others dicks and pissed on
each other at same time. Then we jerked each others dicks while we were
tongue kissing until we squirted cum. After we showered Daryk's mom took us
to IHOP for breakfast and they dropped me home. Daryk told me that he had
fun and specially liked to do some more water sports again next time."

Things continued to move along. Mark reported letting more pee out in his
pants on the way home from school and keeping the spot covered with his
books. The young hottie said it was awesome sitting there peeing his pants
without anybody knowing what was going on.

"God it's so fuck'n warm and feels so good Jon," he wrote. "When I get home
I rip my clothes off and jerk off like right away. I want to try lying in
my bed and with my underwear on and just pissing but I don't want to wet
the mattress. That would not be good. Still, I think it would be hot to do
it, just laying there peeing. I know I'd get a boner then I could just jack
off and squirt my sperm in my pissy briefs. Fuck Jon I get a boner just
talking about it. Am I getting whacked out or something?"

Jon assured the boy that he wasn't getting whacked out. He was a young boy
with raging hormones and young boys were experts at creating scenarios that
made them hot and hard. Mark was no exception to that rule at all. Jon then
suggested that Mark get a small sheet of plastic and put towels on it then
pee his bed.

"You know what though," Jon wrote, "You might try overlapping long sheets
of saran wrap then lay 2 or 3 towels out over that. It wouldn't create a
big uncomfortable mound and it would be easy clean up to toss the wrap in
the trash and the towels in the washer since Mark was doing his own
laundry." Mark said he just might give that one a try.

The next night Mark's initial dream came true; his sister showed Mark her
pussy just like she promised she would. His email to Jon was so full of
excitement that Jon could almost feel what Mark had felt the night before.

"OH! MAN!..Jon.. like I got to see Kaylee's pussy last night like she
promised me. She showed all of it to me too even like she opened her legs
so I could see everything. Her pussy kinda looks like Jenna's pussy. Its
kinda pinkish inside of it like and she has these tiny little flaps inside
it just like Jenna has."

Reading Mark's email made Jon chuckle. Clearly the young teen had not been
fully aware that girls all looked almost identical between their thighs. He
explained to Mark that even after they got hair on their pussies they still
looked pretty much alike unlike boys and men whose cocks and balls were as
varied as fingerprints, or close to it.

"With girls," Jon wrote back, "If you stand em on their heads they all look

"I saw her hole too when she opened her legs wide for me to see. The
opening where her hole is looks like real small and I'm wondering if I can
get my boner to go inside her there."

Mark knew when his sister took her bath and so made a point of being in his
bedroom dressed only in his briefs just in case Kaylee decided that was the
night she was going to show her brother her pussy. Mark had been ready
since the night that he showed his little sister his hard cock and each
night he practically prayed to the almighty to make it happen that night.

"When Kaylee called for me to come in the bathroom," Mark had typed, "She
was still in the tub and totally naked. I was just wearing my briefs and I
was so boned up that my boner was sticking almost through the up of my
briefs. I was so hot just looking at Kaylee's pussy that I thought that I
would shoot my cum without even touching my dick. I was so nervous and
shaking. I really didn't want to cum so soon either.

"Kaylee said to pull down my briefs so she could see my boner. I pushed
them down and kicked them away so I was totally naked like her. My dick was
sticking straight up so I stepped up next to the bathtub and I kinda pushed
it down some so Kaylee could see it better."

Mark rubbed on his raging hard cock a little while he stared at his little
sister's smooth hairless pussy. When she opened her legs wide for her
brother Mark said he almost cummed right on her in the tub.

"Jerk off for me Mark, shoot your sperm out; I want to see your sperm
stuff," the little girl commanded. Like any boy with boner, a girl's wish
is his command and Mark started stroking his cock.

"Like, I started stroking my dick but I had to go slow cuz I didn't want to
shoot right away. I mean, I wanted my sister to see my sperm; I wanted her
to watch and see what boys did when they were hot, hot, hot. I wanted her
to see what I was going to shoot into her pussy when I fucked and I knew
right then that I was going to fuck my little sister."

There was no doubt in Mark's 13 year old mind that he was going to fuck his
little sister. He knew it with every fiber of his rapidly beating little
heart. He didn't know when exactly but he knew it would happen and it made
the boy even hotter. As he stood there jacking off for his sister Mark
remembered when he had jerked off for Jenna. He had been so proud when his
cock started shooting out globs of boy sperm for the cute young girl.

"When I was jerking off Kaylee was watching me do it and like she started
rubbing her pussy right in her slit. She like spread the flaps open and
rubbed her clit a little and then she put 1 finger inside her hole. That
just about made me cum which I saw her do that. My dick was leaking cum
like crazy. Kaylee saw that and she then told me to make more white stuff
shoot out."

Mark started jerking faster and that, along with Kaylee rubbing and
fingering her pussy, made his cum start squirting out of his dick, some of
it going into the tub. Mark's stroke slowed and the boy moaned softly as he
coaxed 4 or 5 spurts of boy juice out of cock. Mark felt so fucking hot,
showing his little sister his sperm that he started to get a little dizzy
from it all.

It was finally over and Mark gently nursed his cock, his sperm oozing out
the slit and dropping onto the edge of the tub. Kaylee got out the tub and
dried off and Mark watched her intently while he played with his balls and
rubbed his cock a little bit.

"My dick was still like half hard after I cummed. She asked me if I could
make my dick squirt again. I told her that I could and she told me to sit
on the toilet top. Kaylee watch me play with my dick until it got stiff
again. She said that she wanted to play with it and I told her to just
stroke it up and down. Then she sat across my lap on the can and took my
dick in her hand and started jerking me. She told me I could play with her
pussy if I wanted to. I started feeling her pussy like I had done with
Jenna's pussy. Kaylee like isn't as good as Jenna is at jerking my boner
but it still made me feel good. I asked Kaylee if I could put my finger in
her hole and she said it was cool with her so I fingered her hole as much
as I could while she was jerking my boner. Kaylee's hole was about as warm
and slippery as Jenna's hole. I couldn't get as much of my finger inside
her as I can do with Jenna's hole. Maybe they are different inside their
holes. MAN...Jon, like I really, really .wanted to fuck Kaylee right there
in the bathroom even with mom downstairs and Jordy sleeping in his bed. I
was gonna ask her to let me fuck her but then I thought like maybe that
would freak her out and spoil everything if I asked. It was just too
dangerous and besides I like her jerking my dick. So, like, I didn't ask
her to let me fuck her.

Then some of my cum started leaking out my pee hole and got on Kaylee's
fingers. She said like,

OH! Your stuff is warm and sticky Mark. I told her I was going to cum and
go a little faster. She did and then I squirted like 5 or 6 cum squirts
that hit on both of us. There was cum on her chest and belly and also some
got on her pussy too. She had little globs of cum down there. When we were
about finished and before she got off my lap I rubbed my dick head on her
pussy when we hugged and kissed. She giggled and said that she had alot of
fun. Kaylee said she wants to go it again soon too."

Kaylee asked if their younger brother Jordy could make cum yet. Mark told
her no cuz he is still too little to make any. She wanted to know if Jordy
got boners and of course Mark told her yes; like alot of times. Marks' take
on it was that he thought that Kaylee may like to see Jordy's boner
too. The two kids got cleaned off and kissed again before going back to
their own bedrooms but before they left the bathroom Kaylee kissed the tip
of her brothers' dick and in return Mark kissed her pussy right on her
slit. The hot teen boned up again.

"God Jon I really, really loved doing that with Kaylee. She was so COOL
about it too. I want to get my boner inside her pussy and fuck her so
bad. I thought about doing it all day at school and had to keep my dick
from getting boned too." Jon congratulated the boy on his experiences and,
along with Mark, hoped the boy would get his wish.

Neither Mark nor Jon had an idea that his sexual world was going to be
expanded beyond his wildest dreams much sooner than expected.

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