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Nifty - Bisexual - Incest - Family Camping

Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2011 01:51:47 -0600
From: j h <>
Subject: Family Camping 1

**Authors disclaimer** None of the characters depicted in the following
story are based on real characters, nor do they follow the lives of persons
living or dead. The author of this story does not condone sexual acts
involving children, although the author does support the expression of ones
self in safe ways such as writing and talking about personal desires. This
story was written for the purposes of expression of fantasy and should be
received as such.

Family Camping

Inc, MMF

I could hear my brother masturbating in his bed across the room, the
mattress making muted squeaks, and the sheets making light thumping sounds
when his hand hit them. I knew that he played with himself all the time,
but I had never been in the same room as him when he was doing it. We are
staying in a hotel that night as part of a family vacation my dad had
planned after my mother had passed away the previous spring.

Our trip was to take us across the prairies towards the mountains for a
week of camping, and relaxing. Three nights both ways we planned to stay in
hotels; my brother and I sharing one room, and dad in another. Our family
was fairly close so there were not many secrets between us, but I had never
heard my brother talking about masturbating.

My interaction with boys has been very limited because I would rather work
on biology labs or essays than chase them. I had never been on a date,
never played spin the bottle, but I had straight A's and a few close
friends. Matt my brother was an average guy with average friends, he was an
average athlete and student, I never really saw him be anything but

Hearing the rhythmic patterns of his hand against the sheets I started to
imagine what his penis looked like, it had been ten years since I had seen
it so my curiosity was high. I was lying on my side looking at his bed, and
with the small amount of light coming into the room from the street I could
see his face tense and relax, his legs slowly moving, and the continuous
movement of his hand. My heart rate was increasing as I watched him because
it was so dirty to be secretly watching him play, and I was almost jealous
that I couldn't join. I was bound to my bed to watch him stroke himself to
the inevitable orgasm.

Matt slowed his pace and it looked like he was just lightly stroking when I
decided to get up and use the bathroom as a ploy to see what his reaction
would be. I rolled to the side of the bed and quietly stood up, Matt didn't
move but it looked like he lightly pulled his erection flat against his
body. I walked into the bathroom turned on the light and got myself a drink
of water. I was wearing pajama pants and an oversized tshirt when I went to
bed, wondering what Matt would do if I took them off in the near darkness
and changed into a pair of panties and a tight tank top. I positioned
myself in a spot of the room where the light was a little brighter and
pulled off my sleeping clothes, from the corner of my eye I could see
Matt's head turn slightly towards me as I was completely naked before
putting on the tank and panties. What had came over me that night was
completely new to me, never before had I played with Matt's mind like that
but as he never complained or turned away I thought that he might have
actually liked it.

Back in bed and again on my side looking towards Matt I pretended to go
back to sleep when I saw Matt return to his masturbating with a new vigor,
it looked like he had a battle to win with his penis. His face tensed up
and he slightly lifted his legs off the bed before I heard him puffing and
grunting in barely audible sounds, the apparent reaction that my brother
has to orgasms. He had his eyes open for a few minutes as I saw the tent
that his penis was making go down and I rolled onto my back to fall back

When morning came I didn't get out of bed; I lay beneath the sheet thinking
of the show I gave Matt and planning other ways that I could tease him. I
helped him have an orgasm, justification enough for me. I had been lying
awake for about a half hour on my side facing Matt again when he started to
stir, his back was to me when he sat on the side of the bed and stood up
away from the covers that were hiding what was surprising to me; his naked
body. I thought the show I gave him was daring, but here he was with his
backside towards my eyes, I had my eyes slightly parted to try to conceal
my transfixed gaze. He stretched before turning towards the bathroom and
walking past my bed. His penis was fully erect when he walked past, it
bounced slightly with every step, protruding away from his flat front. I
heard him use the toilet then flush, he walked back in front of me with the
same hardon as before, and then he put on some underwear and the rest of
the clothes for the day. I was shocked because I didn't know if he did that
on purpose or not, I had seen the whole thing through partially opened
eyes, but the whole time he was showing me his penis he never looked at me

We met dad at the hotel restaurant then got back in dads truck and started
down the highway again for another twelve hour drive, taking us a little
closer to the mountains.

I was sitting in the back seat wearing a tight tank to without a bra and
tight white shorts, after about an hour of driving I sat with my back
against the door and stretched myself across the backseat and started
reading a book. Matt looked back at me from time to time and I could feel
him staring at me in a way that I had never seen. With my right leg on the
seat and my left on the floor I was giving him a clear view of all that I
had to show him. With my leg parted he could see all the way up to my
groin, and I noticed him looking back at me more often, sometimes staring
at the `v' of my groin. Dad and him spoke about regular things but I could
hear that Matt was preoccupied with the sight of his little sister giving
him a private show in the back of the truck.

We stopped to eat then took off again, Matt said that he wanted the
backseat for the rest of the days drive, I was a little disappointed that
he wouldn't be staring at my little show anymore. After a few miles Matt
was sitting in the same position I had been in, stretched out with his leg
on the floor. He was wearing cargo shorts and a tshirt and looked to be
sleeping. I glanced back at him a few times as dad and I spoke, until I
started looking more frequently when I saw the obvious bulge of an erection
in Matt's shorts. He had his hand close to it, every now and again he would
lightly grab the material of his shorts making the outline appear more
detailed. This game that we were playing was really getting me excited, but
I had no way of releasing the excitement I was getting at the time.

The sun had set as we pulled into our hotel for the evening, we ate dinner
together then went to our two rooms. I needed to have a bath so as soon as
we got to the room I nabbed the bathroom and started soaking in the hot
water. The images that I had in my head of Matt and his hard young penis
were floating in my head as I rubbed on my soft vagina. I played with my
virgin folds with slippery fingers thinking of the way that his penis had
bounced as he walked by me that morning, and the way he was showing off his
erection to me in the truck. I rubbed quickly causing my head to spin
before I orgasmed in the water still thinking of Matt's hardon.

After towelling off I put on a hotel housecoat and walked into the room,
Matt was watching TV in his boxers as he asked "You done in there?"
"Yah, its all yours." I quickly glanced at his penis, seeing another
hardon didn't surprise me at all.

He walked into the bathroom, turned on the shower and it wasn't five
minutes before he came back out in a housecoat matching my own. "What bed
do you want." I asked.
"Take the window, there is too much light hitting it and I won't be able
to sleep." Matt sat on the bed with the remote flipping through channels as
I pulled back the covers of the bed. It occurred to me right away that I
could use the light that will cast on my bed to my advantage as I tease my
brother once again.

I went back to the bathroom and put on a pair of tight panties and a button
up sleep shirt, I walked back into the room and slipped beneath the covers.

After a few minutes Matt turned the TV off, and pulled some boxers on under
his robe then let the robe fall to the floor. He turned off the lights and
went to bed also. Five or so minutes later I heard the rhythmic thumps of
his hand on the sheets again.

Just like the night before I got out of bed and went to the washroom while
he was playing, I took a drink then took off my shirt. I walked right past
Matt's wide open eyes bare chested, but just lay atop the covers as I
pretended to fall back asleep. I knew the light from the street would
illuminate my young body, but I didn't expect to hear Matt sit up on the
side of his bed and masturbate right beside my own. For fear of what might
happen between us if I looked at him, I kept my eyes lightly shut while
flat on my back listening to my brother moan as he ejaculated. I was
excited because he made no attempt to hide his sounds, but rather directed
them at me with a final whisper of "fuck Meg you have nice tits." Before he
went back under his covers and started snoring almost immediately.

I rolled to my side looking at Matt and I could see the laces of sperm all
over the my bed, I had never seen it before but as I slid my hand across
the cooling trails of it I smiled. The room was warm as I fell asleep still
atop the covers of my bed with the scent of Matt's sperm on my hand and my
naked skin in the soft streetlight.

In the morning I woke up to find myself alone in the room, I sat up and
felt a cool wetness on my neck. Had Matt shot his sperm on me? That was all
that I could think of as I cleaned up, dressed, put on a hat and went to
meet dad and Matt for breakfast. All through the meal I kept looking at
Matt for conformation that he had done what I was thinking, but I was never
once given reason to think it besides the obvious streams of wetness on me
as I awoke. Dad asked us how we slept, and we both had slight smiles as we
said `great' almost in unison.

The drive to the next and last hotel for a week was quite the same as the
previous day. Matt and I exchanged glimpses of ourselves in secret, but
this time I couldn't stop thinking of what was going to happen once we were
again in a room alone. I didn't know if I wanted to take our teasing any
further, it seemed too wrong especially with Matt sneaking an alleged shot
of sperm onto my neck and chest while I slept. I had it coming though with
myself on the covers in the light of day almost completely naked, and my
brother waking up with what I had already seen as a daily morning hardon.

After dinner we settled into our room, but our room was different than
others had been. Our room just had a single king sized bed. All of my
thoughts of the day were thrown out the window as this new plot twist
entered our games, we both looked each other without speaking the look in
our eyes was the same as when we were about to open childhood presents. The
intrigue of the unknown was powerful.

"You take the window again, I'm going to go shower." Matt dropped his
bags, and stripped to just his boxers before going to the bathroom, he left
to door open as I heard the shower turn on and see his reflection in the
mirror of him getting behind the curtain.

I sat on the lone bed thinking of what the night was to hold, but I was
unable to think of anything because there was no base to start from. This
was all new and I was going to have to either go with the events that were
to follow, or sleep on the floor. I changed while Matt was showering into a
tshirt and panties then slid between the cool covers of the bed, keeping
myself as close to the edge of the bed as I could. Matt walked back in the
room and immediately jumped into the bed beside me. I could feel his warmth
radiating under the covers as I layed with my back to him thinking of our
situation. "Night Meg" quietly I replied "Night Matt". Maybe nothing was
going to happen.

I must have dozed off because I was waken with Matt lightly feeling my
breasts as I lay on my back, he was lightly caressing each with soft hands
over the material of my shirt. I made a slight noise that made him pull his
hand back and slowly lay back on the bed. To calm my nerves I slipped out
of bed and went to the bathroom, trying to not lead on that I felt him
touching me I just turned on the light and took a drink, then as I had the
last two nights I took off my shirt and got back into bed. I was closer to
Matt this time lying on my back with my hands at my sides. Matt was on his
side facing me and I could feel his eyes on me, slowly taking in my chest
before he resumed his touching. He felt all over my chest before he moved
his hands to my stomach then down to my panty covered vagina. He played
with the hem of them for a few seconds before sliding his hand beneath and
lightly touching my mound. He stopped with his hand under my panties for a
few moments before playing gently with me, he slowly brushed his had across
my hairless groin as my folds shot sparks of pleasure up my body. He
eventually layed on his back and started to play with his hardon when I met
his hands and took over the task, he didn't complain at all as I stroked
him silently under our incestuous covers. I had never held a penis before
so I had no comparison to give, but it was bigger than I had expected it to
be, with my hand holding it in a fist at the base there was a few inches
not covered by my hand. Matt put his hands behind his head as he enjoyed
the pleasures of his sister pulling on his hardon, then I sensed his body
tense before I felt him sperm all over my hand and arm. He twitched a lot
as I kept pulling on him before he brushed my wet hand away and whispered
`thanks'. I got out of bed to wash his spent sperm off myself feeling
dirty, but excited all the while. Looking in the mirror with my mid-sized
breasts bare before me I couldn't believe what had just happened. I Meg the
quiet mousy girl just let her brother feel her body before stroking him to
an orgasm, something that I never thought I would ever do.

I returned under the covers to a snoring Matt, he was on his side with his
front to me I put my back to his chest, my bum to his limp penis and felt
his warmth as he embraced me. We fell asleep like this after crossing a
plateau we could never return from.

When morning came we were both in the same position as last, I could feel
Matt's body embracing me, and his morning hardon was between my buttcheeks,
the thin material of my panties brushing it slightly. I felt so safe in
this position that I didn't want to move or let it end. Eventually Matt
woke up and kissed the back of my head before going to the bathroom still
as nude as he had been while we were sleeping. I sat up against the
headboard wiping the sleep from my eyes as he joined me again under the
covers. He looked at me and smiled, I smiled back. Then in unrehearsed
unison we moved our head towards each other's and kissed passionately, our
hands exploring bodies once more. I felt his chest and the few hairs that
had started growing before tracing my hand down to his hardon, he was
kissing my neck and feeling my breasts. I stroked him once more as he
positioned himself so I could kneel on the bed and give his member my full
attention. I could see it on his face that he was enjoying his little
sister's new games, and I would lie to say that I wasn't having fun too.

As I was stroking him my face was right over his waist, Matt was playing
with my nipples before he pushed my head towards my stroking efforts. I had
heard of blowjobs but never did I think that I would give one to my
brother, I certainly didn't think that I would give my first to him that
morning. I gave little resistance before I had the tip of him against my
lips; I licked at it before it passed across my lips and into my mouth. I
sucked on the tip while slowly circling my tongue on it, Matt was thrusting
his hips towards my face while keeping a hand on the back of my head. I
didn't know the logistics of having a penis in my mouth but I did get the
idea quickly as more and more was pushed in my mouth, I wrapped my lips
around my teeth and let him thrust into my face while sucking as hard as I
could. It wasn't long that we were like this before he said `Meg baby, I'm
gonna shoot', at first it didn't click in my head the shoot meant ejaculate
fluids, but I was still figuring it out when he shot his sperm in my
mouth. I wasn't prepared so most of it leaked from my lips and down my
chin, but I did get the taste of it and Matt thanked me for it.

I looked at him and smiled before getting out of bed to wash my face and
rinse my mouth, then I jumped in the shower to cool down from what we had
just done.

Matt had packed all my things as I got out of the shower, and still with
only Matt's few words about his sperm going in my mouth we dressed and went
for breakfast with dad.

"Hey kids, how was your night? They gave me a room with two beds I was
going to ask if you Meg, if you wanted Matt to sleep in my room to give you
more privacy, but I fell asleep too soon". Dad looked chipper and happy, we
were only a few hours from our camping area, and I think the freakish
outdoorsman in him was starting to gear up.
"No its alright dad, Matt falls asleep watching Sports almost as soon as
we get in our own beds" I tried to not include that he had our room, and
that I had the taste of Matt's sperm on my tongue as I ordered an orange

The drive to the area of wilderness that we were going to spend the next
week in was only two hours away. Matt and I had little time to flirt as my
outdoorsy dad went on-and-on about all the stuff that we were going to do
and all the things we were to see. From the look on Matt's face I could
tell that he was just thinking of when his next blowjob would be, and I was
thinking of how far Matt and I were going to go this week. Would it stop at
blowjobs or was I going to be mounted and rode by my older brother?

We drove down poorly maintained roads at the foot of the Mountains, we had
a trailer with three ATV's or `quads' behind us that were going to be our
rides as we traversed the wilderness, a happy little family with a really
big secret. Dad stopped at a clearing where a few other people had left
pickup trucks before wandering the foothills as we were about to do, so dad
parked and we all set out to unload all of our gear and strap them to the
quads. With tents, food, clothes, various survival tools, and all the basic
supplies we felt we needed our family caravan set off on a trail leading
west to find a spot to camp for the evening.

The spot we found was near a river and there was a nice view of the snow
capped mountains, dad set up his tent that looked like a bastard child of
the space program. It was a one man tent with a built in sleeping bag that
looked like a sarcophagus, the tent was only about a foot and a half off
the ground and the intricate pole system looked like modern art. My dad is
outdoors a lot with the guys from his lodge, they go hunting all throughout
the fall so he was well prepared. Matt and I were to spend the week in the
same tent, it was a dome style that was much easier to set up in comparison
to dads. To me it looked like a normal sized tent, but as I got inside I
realized that Matt and I were going to be awfully close on our little air
mattress. When I folded out the sleeping bags they were right beside each
other `this should be interesting' I thought as I zipped the tent closed
before eating dinner.

None of us said too much over dinner after our exhausting ride that
afternoon, and after we washed and put away our dishes we all retired to
our tents for the evening. Matt was already inside ours completely naked,
he whispered to me `we will be warmer if we sleep together' before winking
and lightly rubbing his soft penis. I wasn't sure if I was up to the idea,
but as I thought of how sound travels out here there was no way that Matt
and I would do anything drastic if we slept nude. I dressed down nude and
snuggled up against Matt under a sleeping bag, he was really warm against
my body as he hugged me close.
"How did you like this morning?" he was speaking so low I could barely
hear him.
"I never thought my sister would suck my dick, fuck Meg that felt good."
As he spoke I could feel his `dick' hardening against my backside. My heart
fluttered when I realized that he was in the mood too.
"We cant do much now, dad will hear us Matt, but I cant wait to be in a
hotel again." I moved my bum a bit against his hot dick and felt his body
"Meg, as soon as we get a chance you can suck me off." He had his arm
over me playing with my breasts "I want to cum in your mouth again." Matt
kissed my shoulder as I remembered his sperm in my mouth that morning, and
knew that he was going to do all he could to do it again.

We layed there sharing our heat as sleep took over, his right arm was
cupping my right breast and his hard penis was between my buttcheeks, every
now and again I would tense them around his cock then wiggle my bum; he
twitched every time.

It was still dark when I woke up alone, I had heard the last of the zipper
closing on the tent and heard Matt walking off. From a distance I could
hear him urinating then footsteps back towards the tent. It was mid summer
and the air was cool but tolerable as he came back in still in the nude, I
was lying on my back looking up at him in the near darkness he knelt
between my legs and drove his face down in my groin. I opened my legs to
let him start lapping his tongue on my sensitive skin; he licked all around
and in my folds like a dog at water. With only the sound of the sleeping
bags moving and my heavy breathing I fell into a rhythm of lifting my hips
to his face as he ate me out with vigor and patience. The orgasm that came
over me was like none that I had given myself, I had to put a pillow over
my face to stifle my screams as Matt continued to suck on the juices that I
was covering his face with. He never stopped until my spasms subsided, and
I started caressing his hair. Matt crawled back atop me and we fell asleep
once again under the covers a tangle of limbs and orgasm.

When day breaks and you're sleeping in a tent the dew and birds are an
instant alarm clock, I could still hear dad snoring across the campsite,
and Matt was doing the same beside me. I could feel his hardon against my
thigh as we layed still in an embrace. He was on his back as I slowly put
my lips to the head of his dick, I kissed it sweetly before twirling my
tongue on the head. Matt stirred a little but continued snoring when I
began bobbing my head silently up and down feeling his hot hard skin
against my lips and throat. I felt the same tenseness in his legs as he
said `good morning' and held my head on him shooting cum in my willing
mouth. I was ready this time and I was able to keep it all in before making
a show of swallowing it all in front of him in the low light of dawn.

I layed back down on top of him with my head on his chest and our legs
mingled together, I could feel his softening cock under my belly as I
shivered before pulling the blanket on me again. His breathing was fast and
I could hear his heart pounding, the taste of Matt was lingering on my
tongue and I had little to complain about; besides Matt had gave me an
amazing orgasm the night before.

It wasn't long after that we heard dad get up and start tearing down his
sleeping contraption when we decided to get dressed. We had put on our
pants and socks kneeling in front of each other when we made out
passionately in our little love tent, Matt was holding me close as our
tongues met. We finished dressing and stepped out to meet the morning and
find a meal.

We ate and tore down camp before setting out again to find trails and
treasures. The scenery was splendid and we were taking it easy today
because the terrain was rough. We rode along streams on our quads, and ate
lunch on a hill that overlooked endless forests, Matt and I exchanged
glances from time to time but few words were spoken. If I was to pick out
one thing about Matt and I through all of this is that very few words were
ever spoken, we did what we did without messing it up with words. Sure Matt
had his way with the basics while we were exploring each other (dick,
pussy, fuck, cum, and cunt), but all in all we never did speak about what
we were going to do, it just happened.

Our camp spot for the night was close to a hunting cabin that one of my
dads friends kept so when we were near we stopped to make our own
camp. After the three of us were settled dad said that he was going to go
let his friend know that we were around, and we were to start dinner. Dad
had been gone for a while and the sun had set on the far side of the
mountains, leaving us with a pink and purple sky to look at. We gave up on
dad showing up when the sun had completely left our sky so we ate our meal
and sat by the fire in an embrace seldom seen with siblings. Matt was
behind me and I was between his legs leaning my back against his chest, he
was kissing my neck and feeling my chest. The feeling of it all in front of
the fire took me to a new place, a place where all my thoughts were gone,
and only the sensations of pleasure and ecstasy filled my brain. Matt was
excited too, he had long since exposed his hardon to the night air and I
could feel it against my back.

The headlights of dads quad shining along the trail gave us time to
separate before we were caught, he showed up at camp very drunk and barely
said hi to us before crashing to sleep in his cocoon tent.

"Well... dads home." Matt said to me as he kinda laughed. We were both
shocked and confused with the entrance of our father, but as his snoring
erupted from his tent it became clear to me that we weren't going to have
to worry about waking dad up from our tent.
"Lets clean up and head to bed too." Matt was zipping up dad's tent and
turning off his quad as I said this; he picked up his pace a little

The night was warm as we disrobed in our tent, the moon was sending an
orange glow into our tent shining just enough to let us see each others
curves. Matt said "I want you tonight" before kissing me all over my chest
and neck.

He held me in his arms as my back touched the cool mattress we had, still
kissing and fondling each other's bodies. Matt put a hand on my pussy and
started playing with it, slowly putting his fingers inside me caressing my
insides. His breathing was slow and our eyes were locked when I felt him
pull his fingers out and position himself between my spread legs. When the
tip of his cock touched the outer parts of my wetness he thrust his hips in
and we both moaned together, he kissed me again before starting to slowly
fuck my virginity away. I felt pain, but the heat of our union was so
strong that all I could do is wrap my legs around him as his pace quickened
and he began pushing all of himself into me. Matt's stamina was short and
after only close to a minute I felt him cum inside me as his body began
twitching, he stopped moving and laid on me spent. We met in a passionate
kiss before he rolled off of me and fell asleep.

I had to pee, and wanted to wipe the leaking cum off me so I listened to
hear dad's snoring before I unzipped our tent and walked out in the
night. It was cooling off and the air against my bare sweaty skin was
refreshing. I squatted down and felt the thick remnants of Matt on my
thighs as I peed in the bushes and wiped clean. Dad was still snoring away,
and I could faintly hear Matt's as well when I went back to our tent, I
cuddled with Matt and fell asleep myself.

The sun had yet to rise when I stirred and felt for Matt's hardon which was
standing straight up, I listened to hear dad's snoring before I positioned
my legs on either side of Matt. With no light in our tent I didn't know if
he was awake but as soon as I slid my deflowered pussy around Matt's hot
cock his hands were caressing my hips, enticing me to grind myself on
him. I wanted to cum so I slowly used his invasion to touch every spot that
needed to be touched, Matt lay beneath me letting me use him any way I
needed. After a few minutes of gyrating on him I felt the first echoes of
orgasm hit my pelvis and picked up the speed of my movements to a fast
hump. Our bodies were making a soft slapping sound as I lifted and set
myself on my brother. His hands were exploring my entire body, feeling my
tits, squeezing my ass and nipples, he stroked my clit, and held my hips. I
was cumming on top of him but having so much trouble keeping quiet as Matt
pulled me to him and embraced me in a passionate kiss as the throws of my
orgasm hit my little body. I rolled off him but he wanted to keep going so
in a spooning position Matt entered me again and fucked me hard and quick
before he shot a second load into me before we both fell asleep breathing
in deep shallow breaths.

"Fuck Meg that was amazing." Matt was almost panting as he spoke into my
ear from behind me.
"Matt I cant believe what we are do-"
"Shh, lets go to sleep". And we did.

The singing birds woke me up early in the morning and soon after I heard
dad `get up you kids'. Matt was soundly sleeping beside me with what seemed
to be a perpetual hardon. I leaned in and kissed him before giving him a
fast and hard blowjob with the taste of our mixed fluids still on his young
cock. Matt grabbed my head and started violently fucking my face and I was
starting to worry that dad would hear him when he let a morning spurt of
his cum slide across my tongue and into my belly.

Dad had made a small breakfast and packed up most of camp when we left our
tent. All the secrecy that we had been keeping was really starting to wear
on me and I think I was only getting a few hours of sleep a night. We ate
before setting our again on the trails but we left our camp, I was pretty
sure that dad wanted to go back and drink that night.

With much the same to see that day Matt and I were becoming increasingly
bored, the fun we could have was far greater than any quad ride. Dad
finally got sick of our complaining and said that we could go back to camp
early. Before returning to camp we all stopped at the river near our camp
to wash, the lack of facilities out in the wilderness meant that we had to
wear our underwear into the frigid mountain runoff river and wash the grime
of outback camping off our bodies. Dad was first to undress then Matt, I
was hesitant because I had grown accustomed to nice hot showers at home,
but the rustic situation made me disrobe down to my underwear and walk
slowly into the still water of the bank. I was wearing white panties and a
white sports bra, initially I didn't clue in as to what the materials were
going to do once I submerged myself in the water. Matt and dad quietly
washed their hair and bodies as I started swimming towards them, I was
still able to stand up on the bed of the river, when I did I was out of the
water up to my waist. I saw Matt and dad stare at me right away, neither of
them alluded to my now see through bra while I was washing my hair, they
kept quiet when I soaped my body. I realized the show that I was giving
once I soaped my chest, and saw that my bra was practically invisible, the
guys were both staring at my breast and I could see Matt pushing a hardon
against his boxers. I finished quickly and went back to the shore to towel
off and dress. As I was pulling a shirt over my head I saw my dad looking
at my transparent panties with a sly smile, I had the same feeling that
came over me when Matt first ogled me in the truck. I was fully dressed
sitting on my bike watching the two guys in the water, they washed
themselves and splashed a bit but as they were walking back towards shore I
could see both Matt and my dad had tents in the front of their boxers. I
was stunned that I had turned dad on like that.

We rode back a little slower than the usual pace we had been going the last
two days, small chit-chat between us along the trails was made until we
arrived. Dad said, "I'm going over to the cabin to have a drink, make
yourselves something to eat and don't wait up".
"Ok dad" we said as he drove off to drink with his buddies.

Matt and I made a small dinner together, all the while he couldn't keep his
hands off of me. Even when I was rinsing off the plates he was crouched
behind me playing with my chest, I was really starting to enjoy his
fascination with my body and the way that he showed me his passion with a
constant boner.

I sat in front of the fire with Matt and we started kissing all over each
other when he pulled his dick out and said "give me a suck Meg", I was
kinda surprised that he was being so bold but with the privacy of our camp
I knelt down in front of him and suckled on his cock. I tried to make it
nice and wet for him using a lot of saliva that made me slurp and pop on
him while he caressed the back of my head. Matt was still having a hard
time not cumming within a minute so my job was quick and easy, and he
dropped another load in my waiting mouth. We sat and cuddled in front of
the fire before going to the tent for some more family fucking that I had
been looking forward to all day.

Matt took no time at all to undress us both, then lay on top of me with his
hard cock again plunging into me. I could feel his breath on my neck and
the sweat on his chest, we were barely making a sound but from outside the
tent I could hear the low grumble of dads quad returning to camp. It was
early for him to be back, we didn't think that he would be back until much
later. Matt pulled out of me and we both quietly pulled on some clothes as
dad said "Meg... Matt are you two here?"
"Uhh, yah dad were in the tent. Just about to go to sleep". Matt was
pulling on a shirt saying this.
"Oh, Ok. I'm back then, Ill see you guys in the morning then". I didn't
want him to be back, Matt was in a mood that made me sure that he was going
to make me cum, I could feel it in his movements that he was paying
attention to my movements and my responses.
"Ok dad, good night". I sputtered as calm as I could.

We could hear dad start snoring from across the camp before Matt told me to
go on my hands and knees, he slid himself into my hot pussy again and
finished the hot fucking that he started. Matt was like a train engine
inside me, his pounding was fast and hard making our thighs slap and my
voice let out little uhhs and ohhs at every thrust. He put his hands on my
shoulders and picked up the pace of his onslaught, this was the first time
that Matt had really pounded me like this, he was on a mission to make us
cum and all I could do was ride along. The spasms and twitches that course
through my body came suddenly unlike before, I had no warning before I let
out a low moan and my body was electrified with all of the waves of
pleasure that he was giving me. With every entry I arched my back more in
an orgasmic trance, my brother was still going hard long after his usual
limits as I came down from my high but when he said that he was going to
cum I felt his body twitch and shake like mine did. He kept his hard cock
in me as he went soft and in the low light of the tent I could see it
glistening with our juices, we laid down in the tent and I set my head in
his lap sucking his marvelous cock clean; tasting the fluid that we had

I woke up in an awkward state with my head still on Matt's lap, and his
soft penis under my cheek but my entire body was covered in blankets. When
I woke up I was really hot from being so covered and I really needed to get
a drink. I crawled out of the nest of blankets and wrapped one around
myself then slipped on a pair of sandals; I unzipped the tent and walked
over to one of our coolers to grab a water. There was a fire still burning
in the pit we had made so as I walked towards it I was planning to douse it
in water. "Hey sweetie, can't sleep?"
"Holy shit! DAD! You scared me half to death!" I didn't see him near the
cooler that I was headed for in the blackness of night, I really should
have known better because we were always careful to not have fires going
when not around; someone must have been up.
"Sorry Meg, I was having trouble sleeping so I thought id have some
drinks by the fire. Come sit down." He sat down on a big log that we had
been using as a bench and patted his knee. I was in an awkward position
because I was nude under the small fleece blanket that I was wrapped in.
"I just came to get a drink, I should get back to sleep." I tried to
sound as tired as I could but dad said "Come on over we can share this
blanket, we haven't had much time to talk yet."
"Ok dad." I sat down on his lap and he enveloped us in a big warm wool
blanket. I could smell whiskey on his breath with our heads so close.
"Are you having fun with us guys? I know that this trip wasn't really
your kind of thing, but it looks like you and Matt are getting alone fairly
"Yah we are, its kind of weird being around him all the time but I sort
of like it." Dad was stroking my back as we both looked at the fire `throw
some more wood on there Meg' dad said to me. I grabbed some chunks of wood
and set them on the embers but the blanket I was wrapped in kept falling
from my shoulders, I knew that dad could see that I was nude but hoped that
he was turning a blind eye.
"Thanks hon. That should keep you warm." Dad welcomed me back to his knee
under his blanket and I curled up again, it wasn't long before I felt his
cock pressing against my bum but he didn't do anything about it. I was
regretting the show I had given him at the river but I didn't know how
much. I sat on his lap thinking of all the ways that I teased Matt and
wondered if I was doing the same to dad without knowing. I showed him my
chest at the river but did he see the shows that I was giving my brother in
the truck, did he hear us having sex before, did he know what we were doing
at the hotel?

We sat quietly drinking our drinks and watching the fire but I couldn't
stop feeling the twitching manhood that was poking at my bum. Dads hands
were slowly exploring my covered flesh before I threw away my reserve and
let the material separating our flesh loosen and gave him access to my
young body. I had always liked the way my dad looked, is a strong man with
a large build but he carries a happy persona. He has well kept salt and
pepper hair and always dresses nicely, he works in an office so he is
usually well mannered and cordial. I had never thought of him in this way
before but with his hands exploring my fair skin and female curves I wanted
him as much as I wanted Matt, as much as I have ever wanted anything. He
softly squeezed both my breasts and let his hands wander between my legs,
he felt my thighs and kissed my neck. I held him wanting to feel his body
under his clothes; I wanted to release the penis that was pressing at my
bum the invader at wait.

Dad was kissing my neck when I stood up from his grasp and let the fleece
covering I had fall, he stared at me when my entire bare figure was in
front of him with the flickers of the flame illuminating me from behind. I
moved closer to him to see the bulge in his pants, he was wearing cargo
pants that didn't hide the beast from me at all but rather gave me a clear
indication of what I was in for. Matt was young and still developing, but
daddy was in his forties and full grown, he was a lot bigger than my
brother was and I wasn't sure if I could take him. My mind was made up that
my dad was going to walk the path that my brother had the night before,
this need for sex was taking me by storm and I was lucky enough to be alone
with two horny guys all week.

Dad took off his pants and shirt before I re-joined him under the warm
blanket, our embrace was strong with nothing but flesh under our cover. Dad
sucked on my breasts and rubbed my legs as I felt his dick poking at my
groin, I didn't want to fuck him right away but rather just explore as we
were doing. Dad had other ideas for his little daughter, with my legs
spread eagle on the outside of his he spread his own and guided his large
cock into me. I wasn't prepared for the invasion and I shivered all over my
body, he pushed into me until I was full of every inch that he had for
me. Dad was ravaging my little hole with every thrust, he invaded what was
days ago a tight virgin hole with his huge fuck tool, and all I could do
was bounce on his lap and hold the blanket around us. His breath beside my
head was still strong and I could feel every muscle in his body ripple as
he thrust into my tiny little body. Dad sped up and slowed down a few times
before he charged into a full assault on my pussy and let a hot sticky load
shoot deep inside me, he was holding me so tight that I couldn't do
anything but enjoy the ride he was giving me. Dad was kissing my neck and
squeezing my nipples as he panted and fucked. Pure extacy flowed through me
as I felt him glide between my legs, our sweat was mixing and the air under
the blanket was steaming hot. He whispered into my ear "Meg, daddy is going
to cum deep inside your hot little pussy". He started to shiver and his
thrusts became somewhat erratic as he tensed up and shot his hot seed deep
inside me. He sat there with his softening cock inside me as we snuggled
together as lovers enjoying the fire and the passion of a hard fuck, I got
off his strong legs and wrapped him in the blanket again, I could feel the
wetness between my legs as some leaked from me but I was glowing with
lust. After he came he said "Fuck Meg that was great, give daddy a kiss now
and go to sleep".

I turned around and sunk my tongue in his mouth as we embraced as new
lovers. Walking back to the tent my legs were shaking so much that I almost
gave up and slept on the dirt, dad grabbed my arm and helped me to the
door. He grabbed my ass as I was bending over to return to the arms of Matt
for the night.

I had fallen asleep when I felt a sharp pain in my ass, when I looked
around I didn't see Matt, but I did know that he had found my ass. The pain
was so intense that I started blacking out not able to defend the last
virginity that I had from my own brother, I was now well fucked in all
holes but hadn't the chance to enjoy the last. "I had to get this one
before dad did lil' sis." Were the last words I heard from Matt before
exhaustion and pain sent me into a deep sleep.

The morning was in full bloom when I opened my eyes, I could hear both guys
snoring and my body ached all over. Matt had really torn into me after
daddy had and I had trouble sitting up in the tent, as usual Matt had a big
hard morning cock waving at me when I nestled onto it with my mouth. I
closed my eyes and envisioned all the sex that I had been given over the
last few nights, this was just an a.m. showing of gratitude to Matt for
being the first guy to want me, the first guy to have me. He woke up with
my sleepy head on him for the second morning, but let me do all the work
"How's the family fuck doll this morning, I bet dad really stuck it to you
hey? I've seen that thing he carries around and I`ll tell you one thing, if
I get that big I'm going to one lucky guy". I smiled from around his rod
and continued until I got what I started out for, he shot gooey streams of
cum I'm my mouth.

My inhibitions were right out the window when I left the tent naked, I
needed to have a drink so I opened a water and walked towards dad's tent,
he was still sleeping when I opened the door and saw his naked figure atop
the sleeping bags. His awkward little tent didn't give me much room to
maneuver but I was able to crawl into it far enough to get what I wanted. I
had either hand to the side of dad when I used my lips to suck his sticky
cock into my used mouth, in comparison it was more than twice the size of
Matt's and I could hardly deep throat it like my brothers, but when daddy
lifted his head to see his little girl sucking him off, he smiled greatly
and I knew that I was doing good by his cock.

Dad was holding the sides of my head while furiously fucking my mouth with
all he had. My gagging and slurping filled the air as I tried to take all
that I could from daddy. With my mouth attached to his cock and my abused
little ass sticking out of the tent I felt a pair of hands roaming my back,
they felt the curves and details before roaming to my swollen pussy. I was
moaning and gagging, somewhere in between dad's thrusts I started begging
for Matt to fuck me again, to fuck me hard. I felt a hard cock explore my
slit before it was lodged deep inside me, it hit bottom just as dad was
entering my throat and my two me hit a rhythm of fucking me that drove me
wild. They were like machines and I was just here as a warm soft hole. Dad
had found the right angle to push his entire cock down my throat as Matt
started to alternate between furiously pounding me and giving my long soft
strokes deep inside. Dad pulled my mouth off his cock and told me to get
out of the tent, with a big pouty face I crawled backwards out of the tent,
all the while Matt was still pounding me as hard as he could. Dad pulled me
to my feet and I felt Matt's cock pop out of me, he embraced me in a long
passionate kiss before turning me around so I could do the same to my big

"Well it looks like this trip is going to get a whole lot more interesting
now that I know that my kids are dirty little whores". Dad said as he
groped my ass.

He walked towards the fire pit and started to gather wood for a breakfast
fire, we joined him but to be honest I was a little sad that our morning
threesome was done for the time being.

We stayed naked as breakfast was prepared. My two beautiful men took care
of everything as I sat back watching their long cocks swaying as they
walked. We ate mostly in silence but they were both eyeing me like a second
meal and it was making me so wet I could barely contain myself. I could
smell the last twelve hours of whoring on my skin and really needed to wash
up so I finished my meal and let them know that I was going to the creek to
have a bath.

I really thought they were going to join me but I rode a quad to the creek
and back without seeing my sexy family. I didn't know why they weren't
there, they couldn't keep their hands off me a few hours ago, now they were
totally absent. 'Whatever' I thought, maybe they just needed a little
break. I slowly made my way back to camp where I found both of my beautiful
men tearing down camp in just pairs of shorts. I stopped for a bit and just
watched them thinking of the last few days and how thoroughly fucked they
had left me and just how much fun we might be having in the days to come.

*** If anyone would like to read a continuation and ending to the saga of
Meg and her men, please e-mail me at and I will sit down
and write it. Until then I will put some thought towards where I want to
take her and the trip.

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