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Nifty - Bisexual - Incest - Father Daughter - Father Daughter 1

Date: Sat, 2 Jun 2012 03:53:21 +0200
From: Amy Redek <>
Subject: Father, daughter. Part One.

This story is for persons of eighteen years or over. All comments,
good or bad, are welcome and all will be answered.

Part One

`Paula? This is dad,' I said when the phone was answered at my daughter's
house. `Hello. Yes I'm fine, and you? Great,' I replied to her
answer. `Look, I'm coming up to London in two days time. Can you put me up
for a couple of days? Yes. The gallery is putting on a show of my
paintings. Of course you are invited. I wouldn't go without you. Yes, the
pictures were sent over a week ago. Fine. Yes, I ring you with the time my
plane lands. No. You don't have to meet me. What? Okay, okay. I'll see you
then. Yes, and I love you too,' and I broke the connection.

So you will have gathered from my phone call to my daughter that I am a
painter. I will not say an artist yet, for this is the first exhibition of
my paintings and if they sell well, then I will call myself an artist. Four
months ago, I had an old college friend call at my villa in Southern France
and he fairly gushed when he saw my paintings and said that he would like
to have them in his gallery to sell. He had been at the Art College with me
as a student but realised that he didn't really have the skill to make a
living out it. Painting that is, for he made his money by opening an art
gallery and was now well known at finding new and talented artists and make
them household names. He promised to make me one too if I would agree to
this exhibition that was shortly to open in London. Hence the call to my
daughter in respect of accommodation.

Let me give you a little of my history to put you in the picture. Haha, a
pun! I had two friends at college, one being Bernard Christian who now
owned this gallery in London, and Sheila who became my wife. We had two
children, a boy named Richard and a daughter Paula. We had a nice five
bedroom house in Bedford Square for twelve years before we parted on
friendly terms with us getting a divorce. I was left with the two children
who were growing up fast and it wasn't long before Richard got married and
moved out. He now has a daughter called Maria, his wife being half
Italian. It wasn't long after this that Paula went and got married and she
had two boys Peter and Paul.

With me now alone in my big house and getting on in years, felt I needed
a change of scenery and so I sold up and moved to the South of France where
I bought a nice villa on the edge of a small village. There I settled down
and began to really get serious in my painting. I was financially okay with
having made a big profit between the selling and buying of where I now
lived, so I didn't really have to worry about that side of living. Mind
you, with me doing quite a few paintings of the village locals meant that I
was quite often given food and such things as payment for those that I did.

I'm now sixty years of age and shipped off to London the same number of
my paintings as my age hence the phone call. Paula too between the years
had finished up getting divorced and the two boys going off to live with
their father leaving her alone in her two bedroom house in South London.

I told the locals at my village that I would be away for a week or two
and to keep an eye on the house for me as I had now booked my flight to
London and gave Paula another ring to give her the time of my arrival. She
had hired a taxi rather than us bother with the train from Gatwick and then
another taxi which worked out cheaper when all was done. I was greeted with
a big hug and a kiss and with my one suitcase, we were soon in the taxi and
off to her house in Merton.

She was more excited than me I think at her father having some of his
work being shown in a London gallery and didn't stop talking the whole way
to her home. I paid off the taxi and finished up in the bedroom that had
been the boys and it still had the two beds there for me to take a choice
of which one I could sleep in. She always had been a fabulous cook and we
had a lovely dinner as well as a great breakfast the next morning before I
took her along to the art gallery for her to be introduced to Bernard and
see my paintings on display. She ooh and aahed over each and every one and
gave me a big hug after seeing them all.

`You are going to be famous dad,' she gushed, giving me a kiss and
Bernard got a kiss too as she thanked him for giving me the chance of
having them on display to be sold. Bernard was pleased at them too and said
that he expected them to all to be sold and estimated that we should get at
least a quarter of a million pounds which sounded very nice indeed to both
me and Paula.


The next day was a huge success with all sixty picture being sold. The
cheapest going for nine thousand pounds and the best for sixty
thousand. Bernard was as delighted as Paula and myself were at them all
going in just under five hours of the gallery opening. Bernard being
delighted at the commission he earned and helping his gallery move up
several notches in the business. Me, with having more money than I'd ever
had before and Paula was just happy for me. There were many people who told
Bernard that they wished they had arrived earlier and that all that they
saw had already been sold, which boosted my ego. So much so, that when the
gallery finally closed, I took him and Paula out to have a terrific dinner

We ate well and had quite a few bottles of champagne to drink and so were
a bit on the tipsy side when Paula and I said our goodnights to Bernard and
had a taxi take us home. We'd had enough to drink when we got there and so
it was straight to bed. Now I've not worn pyjamas since I was eleven years
old and so I always slept in the raw, and had been in bed for about half an
hour looking back over the day when the door to the bedroom opened and in
came Paula.

`Are you awake dad?' she asked in a soft voice.

`Yes Paula,' I replied, sitting up. `What is it? Something wrong?'

`No...nothing's wrong. Well not really,' she said moving over to where I
was in the room. `It''s just, oh dad! Can I get into bed with you for
a cuddle,' and I could hear tears in her voice. `I've not had a cuddle for
years now.'

`Of course you can Paula,' I said, moving over and lifting the cover
up. In the dark gloom of the room, I saw her slip off her dressing gown and
realised that she was as naked as I was as she got in beside me. Snuggling
down with her back towards me, nestling herself up against my body.

`Hold and cuddle me dad,' she said in a soft voice, her head lifted up
for my arm to move beneath so that I could bring that arm round her front
and put my other arm round her and gave her the cuddle she wanted. She gave
out a big sigh. `It's been such a long time since a man held me In his
arms,' she said as she pulled up my right hand and put it up and onto her
naked breast, her own hand pressing mine against if, feeling the nipple
rise under my palm.

It had also been a long time since I had had my hand on a woman's tit and
with me feeling the nipple harden, my cock which was between us, started to
rise up until I had a full erection pressed up tight against her back. My
breathing became heavy as I felt I had become aroused at holding a naked
woman's body up to mine albeit my own daughter, but I was a man and she was
a woman. My breathing got worse as she wiggled her bum against me, moving
my cock with a sideways movement.

`You're still a big man dad,' she said softly. Now nudity had not been a
thing to hide in our family and both her and Richard had quite often seen
me naked in the past and a couple of times with me having a full
erection. Her hand came round and between us and I felt her fingers touch
and move round my now throbbing cock and give it a squeeze. She suddenly
moved her body and turned round in the bed, still holding my cock in her

`Oh dad. It's been a long time since I've had a man. Would you let me
have this,' giving it another squeeze. I could feel one breast pressing
against my chest and I was at a loss as what to say in reply and began to

`But Paula! You're my daughter!' I managed to get out.

`When was the last time you used this?' she asked giving me another
squeeze. `I bet it was years.' She was right. It had been years since I
last fucked her mother. `I think you need the release as much as I
do. Please dad. Be the man that I've been craving for a long time
now. Please.'

I was lost. Having a naked woman in my arms and her holding my throbbing
cock wanted her. Wanted her on her back for me to once again have my erect
cock up inside the body heat of a woman. To move myself in and out of the
hot interior. To feel the muscles flex themselves round the shaft as I
moved and relieve the ache I now had in both my cock and balls.

`Oh Paula,' I breathed out, reaching up and pulling her head to me and
kissing her on the lips. Her hand left my cock and came round my back as
she pulled me over on top of her, squashing her breasts to my chest, my
cock now on her stomach. Her legs had already opened for my lower body to
fall in between them as we kissed and I now really wanted to fuck her and
have the pleasure of once again having a woman to fuck instead of

I lifted my lower body up and felt my cock slide down through her pubic
hair and position itself at the entrance to her sex. It knew where to go
and she was so wet down there that the head had no trouble in moving inside
as I lowered my body back down as my cock smoothly moved into that hot
inside of her body until our pubes met and I could go no further.

`Oh dad, I love you, love you, love you,' she sighed as her legs came up,
pushing the covers off to bare my ass to the night air.

`I love you too Paula,' I managed to get out, my mind screaming out that
it was all wrong with me fucking my daughter. That was one half as the
other half was saying that it was a woman and you needed it as much as she
did. `But wait,' I said, coming to a stop, my cock still pulsating inside
and feeling her muscles move round the shaft. `I'll have to pull out. We
can't get you pregnant.'

`I had a hysterectomy dad just after Paul was born, so you can cum in me
without any problem,' she panted.

`Oh, I forgot,' I said and began moving myself once again in the fucking
of my own kin. In spite of the misgivings I had had at the beginning, I was
now enjoying what I was doing. I was having my first fuck for years and it
was getting better and better as I moved inside the heated orifice that was
giving me pleasure. She too seemed to be enjoying it as she began to buck
herself under me and knew that she was reaching an orgasm and now began to
really ram myself into her, getting little cries of delight as I too was
now ready to let go but managed to hang on until she went rigid and really
bounced me up and down on her body. She gave out a small scream in her
convulsions and I let go and began shooting my cum up inside her, managing
to stay there while her fingers dug into my shoulder blades as she
shuddered in her orgasmic throes.

All of a sudden she went slack and seemed to deflate like a rubber doll,
her chest heaving up so much that I felt the hardened nipples touch my
chest with each intake of breath. But I then went and squashed them as I
collapsed on top of her only to have my head pulled down for her to kiss
me. That was some fierce kiss I got that I almost ran out of air and had to
break it off to be able to take in a big gulp of life giving air.

`Oh dad I love you. I really needed that. It was tremendous and much
better than I've ever had before. I love you,' and kissed me again as she
held me tight to her body which felt as sweaty as mine did. `Let me suck on
that wonderful cock you've got,' she said as she pushed me off of her,
giving a little cry as my cock slipped out of her, falling over onto my
back, still striving to get more air into my lungs.

She quickly moved down the bed and with one tit pressed against my
stomach, her hand lifted my cock up and almost took the whole length inside
her mouth which felt as hot as her vagina. She didn't just suck but really
slobbered over my cock as she sucked, chewed and squeezed it until there
wasn't a trace of cum left inside the tube. The wife had only sucked on me
twice in our whole marriage and it was nothing like the vacuum cleaner that
was now affixed to the head of my cock. Paula was an expert at this and
pulled all and any cum left in the tube of my cock and even licked round
the head before kissing it and coming up into my arms.

`Better than sliced bread,' she breathed as she lay on top of me as she
kissed me. `I love you dad and hoped that you're not ashamed of me for
asking us to have sex?'

`No, for I too love you Paula. Always have and always will,' I replied as
I kissed her back, liking to have her body on top of mine, feeling her
breasts getting squashed against my chest. `It's many a father that sees
his daughter grow up to be a woman and has incestuous thoughts. Even I, as
you grew up to be beautiful, had the same fantasy but resisted and
masturbated instead.'

`Well your fantasy has finally come true. I only wish that I could have
married you instead of him,' she said. For whatever reason, she'd always
spoken of her ex husband as "him", not ever mentioning his name, but never
had the courage to ask her why as it might upset her in the telling.

`I wouldn't have minded that if I could have had you...' I began.

`Well you've had me now,' she interrupted me with a giggle.

`...for a wife,' I continued, ignoring the comment which was fact,' but
we can't.'

`We could still be lovers daddy,' she said in a soft and shy
voice. `Can't we?'

`Yes, I suppose we could, but there we have a problem with me living in
France and you living and working here,' I said, having many thoughts
running through my mind, sex being the most prominent, thinking it would be
nice having a woman to fuck as much as I liked. `Besides, I'm getting old
and you wouldn't want to tie yourself to an old man.'

`You're not an old man!' she exclaimed, lifting herself up to look down
at me in the gloom of the room. I could see that there was a sparkle in her
eyes. `You're still strong and virile! You've just proved that.'

`Well let give it some thought for it's time we got some sleep for I've
got to be at the gallery in the morning and you've got your job to go to,'
I said.

`No I haven't. When you phoned and said you were coming over, I then
phoned in sick and said I would be off for a week at least. But why have
you got to go to the gallery? You've sold all your paintings?' she said.

`It's a trick that Bernard pulls. Even though they've all been sold,
people still wander round the gallery, and to see the artist, well it gives
them some kind of thrill and if I do another show, they will turn up and
maybe buy one or two having met the artist. Do you know, I've never called
myself an artist before? I've always used the word "painter", leaving off
the "and decorator" part.'

`Well you really are an artist. My dad the artist, and lover,' she added
on as she leaned down and kissed me again. It was so erotic having that
kiss and feeling her breasts come back down on my chest that I began to
become aroused again. She felt this too with my cock being squashed between
our naked bodies.

`See!' she began, though I couldn't in the dark and her on top of
me. `You are as I said, virile and ready for some more. You do want me
again, don't you daddy?' she asked in that wheedling voice she used to use
when she was just a chit of a girl that wanted a treat. I gave out a

`You know that I do with what you can feel,' I said.

`I can feel it against me, but I want to feel it inside of me. It's big,
it's hard and it's what I want daddy, lover,' she added giving me another
kiss. `Fuck me lover,' she breathed before she rolled off me and onto her
back. I know it was morally wrong to want and fuck your own daughter, but I
gave up having morals years ago and I did want to fuck her. So I rolled
towards her and do what a lover should do prior to sticking my cock inside
her and that was to suck on the nearest nipple and massaged the other tit
with my hand as I sucked and nibbled on that nipple and hear her give out
little groans of pleasure as she stroked the hair on my head.

I didn't do this for long as my cock was now really throbbing and I had
an ache in my balls, so I moved to be completely on top of her as her legs
opened for me to get in between them and for the second time, had the
pleasure of pushing my cock up into the hot passage of her vagina. Sliding
in as smooth as a well oiled piston with her being quite wet in
anticipation of me being inside her. Her legs came up and gripped my waist
as I began to move in the fucking of my daughter.

I was resting my elbows on the bed either side of her body as her fingers
got a grip on my shoulders as I began to move with that lovely motion of my
cock sliding back and forth in that heated interior. That it was my
daughter was out of my mind now for it was a woman that I was fucking,
giving her pleasure and pleasuring myself at the same time, loving the
feeling that was being transmitted throughout my body from my pulsating
cock as well as the flexing of her muscles as it moved with ease inside
her. There were small grunts from me and little cries of pleasure from her
as we fucked, her now beginning to lift her hips upwards to my downward

`I'm cumming daddy, I'm coming,' she cried and really now bucked herself
beneath me and gave out a cry at the release of her orgasm. I had stopped
moving myself, my body now raised up on my straightened arms as she worked
her way through the orgasmic pleasure she was having. I felt the extra
fluids move round the head and shaft of my cock as she came, me still not
having had my orgasm and waited until her rigid body then began to relax
and had her legs slip down from my sides.

As I began to move again in sliding my now wet cock inside her she began
to croon out an old song.

"That was a lovely one, let's have another one, let's have another one

`I'll do what I can,' I grunted as I continued to shaft her, with her
legs coming back up to give me as much room as possible to get as much of
my cock inside her as possible. I was now grunting and she was panting as I
pushed into her as hard as I could and felt the sweat now beginning to drip
off my forehead and onto her chest as I had raised myself up to plough her

`Yes daddy, yes, yes, yes!' She cried out. `I'm cumming!' and her body
went rigid for the second time and I then shot my load. Pumping away with
my thighs. My cock moving in time with my thrusts as I gave her the
contents of my balls. `Fucking heaven!' she shouted out, almost a scream as
she bucked beneath me in the throes of her second orgasm.

As she relaxed, so did I, falling down on top of her, feeling her sweaty
breasts being mashed with my sweaty chest. Both of us breathing hard,
panting away and I could feel her chest heaving as she took in the life
giving oxygen her lungs needed. I was in the same state. An exhausted man
on top and still inside his daughter, loving her more than I did the woman
that gave her birth for I'd never had such a glorious fuck in all of my

You fucking incestuous man one half of my brain cried out only to have
the second half retort that we fucking well loved it as much as Paula has
as I came to a stop. My chest was heaving too and she pulled my head down
and gave me a fierce kiss.

`By Christ!' she panted. `You are a man above men daddy. You've just
blown my fucking mind!' I didn't have the breath or strength to either talk
or lift myself up from her I was that drained in all senses of the
word. `My dad! My lover! The best man in the world has just taken me beyond
heaven and I'm floating in a world of euphoria.' I had no answer to this
with my cock still throbbing inside her and having my full weight on top of
her, feeling her muscles going mad around the length that was there. I too
now felt that I was in heaven and I was being given another chance of
having someone to love in this fashion. Even though it's your daughter that
one side of my brain was saying. Yes, cried the other half, for I love her
better than life itself.

I was now feeling my age at having fucked her twice in the space of an
hour and found it difficult to raise myself up and pull out from that
lovely heated pussy that I'd just fucked. But I managed, and out I came and
rolled over onto my back with a cry from her at losing what had just given
her such pleasure. She rolled with me and kissed me with abandon and could
feel her tears dropping onto my face as our mouths opened for out tongues
to collide and play with each other in her frantic kisses.

I didn't realise that I had released a tiger from its cage such was her
attack on my body. Not only the kissing and the fuck we'd just had, but the
way she moved down the bed and attached herself like a limpet to my cock to
suck for all she was worth. I didn't have the strength to stop her, not
that I really wanted to, having her hot mouth round the head of my steaming
hard cock head, having it sucked and chewed, though she was gentle in
respect of the latter. But she finally gave up as it had started to deflate
despite her ministrations and let me go to move up and kiss me again.

`My daddy and my lover. God what I have missed at not having us do this
earlier,' she breathed into my ear as I held her in an embrace, again
leaving me at a loss for words for I had enjoyed fucking her and had the
same thoughts of all those years on my own in France. These thoughts had
now planted a seed in my mind that took a couple of days to sprout and give
me the answer.

But with us both now really feeling fucked, lay together in each other's
arms and slowly with some fondling and stroking of each other, fell asleep.


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Nifty - Bisexual - Incest - Father Daughter - Father Daughter 1