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Nifty - Bisexual - Incest - First With - First With Mom And Dad

Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2013 08:24:38 -0700
From: A M <>
Subject: First with Mom and Dad

First Time with Mom and Dad

About 1,000 words

After the "get-together" with Brad and his parents and his sister, he
wanted to try a threesome with just him and his parents. It was getting
easier to talk about sex and to be open about his desires, and to have sex
casually. His sister Cindy liked to go out and do stuff with her
girlfriends as much as possible on weekends, and so after she left one day
and it was just Brad and his parents in the house, he took off his shirt,
pulled down his pants and removed his underwear.

He put on elastic waist gym shorts with no underwear underneath,
brushed his short hair and grinned at himself in the mirror, rubbing his
cock. "I'm gonna get some pussy," he said to his image, "and some cock."

Still grinning, he walked around the house looking for his
parents. It was early afternoon and they were both in the backyard, sitting
under the patio cover sipping drinks. His mother had on a bikini, though
they didn't have a pool, and his father had on short shorts that fit him
pretty tightly and a tank top T-shirt. He was fiddling with the BBQ grill,
cleaning it.

Brad stepped out onto the patio. He walked over to where his mother
sat with her legs stretched out on the lounger, bent over and kissed her on
the lips. She touched his back lightly and let the kiss linger, using her
tongue gently inside her son's mouth. "Feeling frisky?" she asked, blinking
her eyes and patting him on the butt.

"You bet," Brad said, rubbing the bulge in his pants.

"Well, let's see it," his mother said. Their back yard was screened
all around with a high stucco wall and the patio had a large overhang, so
no prying eyes could spy them.

Brad dropped his shorts and stepped out of them. His cock was already
at attention as he moved toward his mother's side. She kept her sunglasses
on and reached a hand behind him, placing it on his butt cheeks and pulling
him toward her.

She started sucking on his cock and playing with her pussy at the
same time, working her fingers under the bikini bottom. She slurped at her
son's cock and dug the fingers of one hand between his butt cheeks. She
moved that hand to his cock, holding it between her fingers and looked over
at her husband. He had put down his tools and shed his tank top and shorts
and was walking toward them, his cock in his hand.

"Brad wants some cock, Phil. Don't you honey?" She looked up at her
horny young son.

He grinned and nodded and his father stretched out on another patio
lounger, spreading his legs and stroking his already hard cock. "Come and
get it son," he said.

Brad moved to his father's lounger, spread a towel under his knees,
leaned over and began sucking his father's cock, taking his time with it,
feeling it going deep inside his mouth and touching his tight throat. His
father's fingers played in his hair and then his mother was behind him, her
fingers probing at his asshole. She spread some suntan stuff on her fingers
and they slid into Brad's ass smoothly.

She began fucking his ass while he sucked his father's cock, and the
fingers in his hair pulled him deeper and deeper onto the bulging organ in
his mouth. He found himself choking, but he relaxed his mouth, took a
breath through his nose and plunged back down, closing his eyes and just
concentrating on sucking cock, his father's beautiful, meaty, delicious
cock, and it popped into his throat and he was deep throating his father
and getting fucked in the ass by his mother.

Brad's lust grew the more sex he had, and the more sex he had, the
more he wanted. Right now he was just concentrating on sucking cock, using
his lips and tongue and wrapping his fingers around the big hard organ and
playing with his father's balls, and as he sucked and gulped the cock into
his mouth and down his throat, the finger going into his asshole was joined
by another, and he wriggled his hips at his mother as she finger fucked him
with two fingers and kneaded his ass cheeks.

Brad lifted his lips from his father's cock and wiped his mouth with
the back of his hand. He looked right into the older man's eyes. "Cum for
me Dad," he said quietly. "Cum in my mouth."

"Oh yes, baby, oh yes, suck that cock. Suck me all the way off," his
father said, running his fingers through his son's hair and pulling him
back onto his tumescent cock. His hips began pistoning up as he pulled his
son's mouth down and Brad was making loud slurping noises as he hungrily
attacked the big cock and felt it barreling down his throat. His mother was
now playing with his balls with one hand and finger fucking him with the
other, and Brad closed his eyes and just drank in the sensations.

He wanted his mouth to be filled up with cum and he wanted to fuck
his mother's pussy and it was a race to the finish, and his father shouted
something and began cumming, holding Brad's face tight against his belly
and pumping his cock deep into his son's throat as spurts of cum throbbed
out of his bulging cock and down into the depths of Brad's stomach. He made
groans and his fingers dug into the flesh at the back of Brad's neck as he
expended his passion in his son's mouth.

Finally, his cumming was finished, and he released his son's head.
Brad took a deep breath and he turned to look at his mother, whose fingers
were still in his asshole. She let them slide out wetly and moved beside
him and kissed him, her tongue probing into his mouth so she could taste
the good cum taste there.

"Such a honey," she said. "Such a cute little fucking honey." She
patted her son's cheeks and kissed him again lightly. "I want you to fuck
me in the ass while Phil fucks you in the ass. After he's rested up, of
course," she said with a smile.

She lay back down on her lounger, spreading the sunning lotion over
her body, not putting her bikini back on. A smile crept over her face as
she put her sunglasses back on.

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Nifty - Bisexual - Incest - First With - First With Mom And Dad