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Nifty - Bisexual - Incest - Her Special Family - Her Special Family 4

Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2012 05:50:37 -0700
Subject: Her Special Family IV

A Special Family - Part IV

Disclaimer: Writing a story like this, in today's climate, is always tough.
On the one hand if you're reading this story you're turned on by the taboo
and forbidden. On the other hand, we know we cannot act on our
feelings. Like recovered alcoholics, we think about it every day but can't
act on these feelings. Don't do anything described in this purely
fictional story. If you can't separate fantasy from fact or you can't
control yourself, seek professional help immediately. This story does not
condone the acts described herein. Please email comments to Thank you.

Her Special Family - Part IV

Summary: The gentle reader will remember that our story involves the
following central characters:

Sean Hamilton: 41 year old college professor, pedophile and bisexual. Has
a 10' cock.

Susan Bradford: 38 year old single mother. 5',5" tall, 120 pounds, 26,
34C, 34 measurements. Wealthy, fit, happy. In an incest relationship with
her sister (age 35) and her son (age 12).

Jason Bradford: 12 year old boy. Gets sexy with his Mom, her friend Sean
and his friend Barry (age 12). Good student, athlete and son. He's got a
6" cock.

Wendy Bradford-Lewis (35 year old mother of twin 9 year old girls). 5'6",
115 pounds, 24, 34C, 32. (Thank you Laura for the help). Newly divorced
stay at home Mom.

Michelle and Mindy Bradford (twin sisters, 9 years old). Have discovered
the joys of self pleasure and thanks to the internet, sister/sister sex.
Precocious, intelligent, and highly sexed.

Barry Lyndon: 12 year old friend and lover of Jason.

I very much appreciate the kind notes of support, and the helpful critiques
regarding my humble story. Human sexuality, specifically fetishes, is
incredibly diverse and expansive. I cannot hope to incorporate each
person's pet fetish or fantasy into my stories. It's hard to do and can be
awkward. Apologies if your fetish or fantasy isn't incorporated into the
story. A technique to get your fetish, kink, fantasy into the story is to
send a well written and friendly email asking me to write a scene that
you'll use to orgasm. A sure way to NOT get your fetish into my stories is
to be rude, illiterate, and demanding. Another way to make sure I ignore
you is to suggest violence, scat, or BDSM. I'm not into those things and
neither are my diehard fans nor the person for whom I've written this
story. I don't believe in violence towards woman and children and only
believe men should use violence to protect life and property (Am not so
sure about property). If you're into those things, there is much erotica
out there for you, I'm not your guy and I'm not Burger King, you don't get
it your way.

Part IV, Chapter I: Jason Joins In

Following Susan's wild night with her Sister and Nieces, the weather broke
and she made her way home to the Wrigglyville neighborhood of Chicago.
Jason stayed with Barry's family and had had a great time. Jason shared
with his Mom the details of his wild time with Barry who apparently is
becoming a more inventive and exciting partner for Jason.

That night Jason and Susan made love. Susan was a bit 'spent' from her
session with her sister and nieces so she was secretly pleased when Jason
came quickly (Sometimes he wanted to go at for a while). After Susan came,
the two of them cuddled in her king size bed.

"How is Aunt Wendy?" Jason asked stroking his Mom's hair as she lay across
his chest.

"She's fine. We had a lot of fun." Susan replied playfully.

"Oh? I'd love to see what you two do. Barry and I watched a video on his
computer of two girls and it was very hot." Jason said shyly.

"Yeah? What part did you like best?" Susan said looking up at her son.

"I liked it when they licked each other. Do you do that to Aunt Wendy?"
Jason queried.

"Sure do. I lick her everywhere." Susan said playfully.


"Sure, she loves it when I suck her nipples, lick behind her knees, lick
her pussy."

"Do you lick her ass?"

"Sure, she likes that a lot." Susan said calmly. "She likes me to use
toys on her too."

"Really?!" Jason said excitedly. "Are hers like yours?"

"Yes, they're like mine. She has one toy that she puts up her butt that

"Oh my, I think I might like that."

"You might indeed."

Susan could feel Jason's erection pushing against her thigh. She knew this
was turning him on but she wanted him to talk, to see where he went with

For her part, the re-hash of the night prior was turning her on too.

"Does Aunt Wendy know about us?"

"She does now."

"Really!?, what did she say?

"It turned her on." Susan said. "How do you feel about that?"

"It's cool. I mean she's hot like you and well?"


"I wouldn't mind being with her."

"You mean you'd like to fuck my sister."

"OK, sure I would."

"How 'bout this weekend?"

"Really?!" Jason exclaimed. "Could I?"

"Sure, Uncle Tom is out of her life so she'd like to be with you too. I
told her about your big thick cock. She wants to try it on for size."
Susan joked as she stroked her son's 6" cock.

"What about the twins?" Jason asked, his breathing growing more rapid as
his Mom jerked him off. "Where will they be?"

"Where should they be?" Susan asked now moving down to her son's cock,
taking him into her mouth. "Shouldn't they learn about love too?"

Jason pulled his Mom off her cock. "Are you kidding?" He said
incredulously. "They're only eight years old!"

"So, they're old enough and they're already fooling around with each
other." Susan said. "Plus they're nine now."

"Oh my!" Jason said. "That's pretty wild. What will happen?"

"Aunt Wendy doesn't want you to fuck the twins. They are too young for
that. They are, however, very interested in you. Aunt Wendy wants you to
be naked and hard for them. To let them look at you, touch you, learn how
boys are put together and how your cock works. Do you think you could do
that?" Susan asked.

"Sure, I guess." Jason said demurely.

"Would you masturbate for them? Make yourself cum?" Susan asked.

"Sure, I don't mind."

"You can fool around with them if you want, just no fucking. Do you
understand?" Susan asked sternly.

"Sure but I don't know if I'm that interested in them. I'd rather fool
around with you and Aunt Wendy." Jason said pleadingly.

"You'll be able to fuck her all you want. I think you might change your
mind when you get there. The twins are very sexy." Susan said.

"Are you sexy with them?" Jason asked his eyebrow cocked up.

"As of yesterday, yes." Susan said coyly. "It was an amazing day."

"Will you tell what you did?" Jason asked now stroking his cock.

Susan realized that Jason wanted to cum again and would the story of last
night's all girl orgy to get himself off.

Susan then lapsed into a graphic description of the night before. She too
masturbated while she told the tale and before she finished, Jason's cock
erupted with a healthy load of boycum.

The mother and son soon after asleep.

The rest of the week passed uneventfully as Susan and Jason went about
their day to day existence.

On Friday, after Jason got home from school, they each packed a small
overnight bag and made their way by cab to Union Station. From their they
took the train to the western suburb where Wendy and the Twins lived.
Along the route, they made numerous stops at all the famous and not so
famous small towns that comprise the "Chicagoland" area.

It was after 7 PM when they arrived at the station to be picked up by Wendy
in her sturdy late model Yukon Denali.

They got the house and were greeted by the wonderful smells coming from the
huge, well appointed kitchen. Wendy had a prepared a feast: A standing
roast, roasted potatoes, fresh green beans, and for desert, two naked nine
year old girls?wait, wait? that's not wasn't officially desert, officially
it was homemade brownies.

The twins were very excited to see their older cousin. They dotted after
him making Susan slightly concerned he'd develop an attitude or that his
swelled head wouldn't fit through the door. In reality, Jason was very
gracious and took the attention being paid him in stride. Much to Susan's
motherly pride.

The girls were dressed in short little dresses. Their feet in patent
leather Mary Jane's with white ankle socks. Their hair done in pony tails.
They both looked as if they were ready for Sunday worship. Unknown to
Jason, neither of his young cousins wore panties.

Wendy chooses a slightly sexier outfit. She wore a knee length off the
shoulder black dress, no jewelry and simple back pumps. It was obvious the
way her boobs and ass moved under her dress that she too went without any

Susan went upstairs as planned and changed from her clunky winter clothes
into a simple dress that, without underwear, showed off her breasts
obscenely. Her erect nipples were obvious. It was a fashion disaster for
this time of year but for an 11 year old boy, it was delightful.

The twins, for their part, smiled in delight at the sight of their sexy
Aunt. Susan, like her sister, wore little make-up.

Jason was in sensory overload. His pre-pubescent brain was overwhelmed by
the two grown, very sexy woman paying all this attention to him. He was
totally unprepared to be the center of attention and shocked beyond words
at his role as the 'man' of the evening. The twins took turns feeding him
little hors d'oeuvres Wendy and the girls had made. As they fed him, they
made a little show of flashing their bare pussies. Their little show had
the intended effect as Jason soon grew hard as a rock.

Wendy and Susan giggled in the kitchen watching the scene unfold before

"Do you think he's OK with all this?" Wendy asked as she pulled the roast
from the oven.

"Oh sure. You should have seen him the other night when I told him about
all this. He came like crazy shot his boy stuff everywhere." Susan

"Oh? I hope he's up for tonight." Wendy said nastily.

"Oh he'll be ready. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if he's 'up' already
considering the show the girls are giving him." Susan laughed.

The two sisters looked over and while Mindy was feeding Jason a bacon
wrapped scallop, Michelle bent over to pick up something she'd
"accidentally" dropped. As she did so, her little dress rode up over her
small butt exposing her bare buttocks and giving Jason a view of his
cousin's naked vagina.

Susan and Wendy laughed at the crude seduction being carried out by the two
twins and by Jason's obviously enthralled reaction.

"Kids, wash up, dinner is ready." Susan called out from the kitchen.

Dinner was uneventful and passed quickly. Not only was everyone anxious to
the night's 'festivities' but after a long day of work and school, everyone
was hungry too!

After dinner, Susan and Wendy cleaned up while the girls took Jason up to
show them their room.

After cleaning up, the two women made their way upstairs and called Jason
to Wendy's bedroom. In the bedroom, Susan said: "Jason, time to strip."

Jason smiled and took off his clothes. In moments he was standing naked
before his Aunt, his cock pointing straight up, hard as a rock.

"Oh my, Susan, you didn't lie. Jason you have a wonderful cock."

"Thank you." Jason said blushing ten shades of red.

"I want you to lie on the bed. I'll bring the twins in and let them look at
you, touch you, whatever they want. Your mom and I will answer any
questions they have. If you to jerk off for them, that's OK but you can't
fuck them, understand?" Wendy said.

"Sure Aunt Wendy, Mom's already told me I can't. Can I touch them back?"
Jason asked earnestly.

"Sure you can. You can lick their pussies and they can suck your cock if
you want." Wendy replied.

After lay the ground rules, Jason lay down on the bed on his back. His
erection pointed at his face and was raised up against his body. Susan,
thinking it would be fun to revel her son's cock to his cousins, lay the
sheet across his lower body. While it covered his coklet, it couldn't hide
the tent made by his erection.

Wendy brought the girls in. Both twins were naked. Their nine year old
bodies were a source of wonder to Jason. Although he'd seen his Mom naked
many times, and seen hundreds of images on line, he'd never seen girls this
age nude.

The girls walked up to the side of the bed where Jason lay. They were
giggling and smiling.

"I'm going to pull the sheet down now." Susan said.

As she did the twins both said in unison: "Wow! It's so big!"

This caused Jason to beam in pride. Having been with Sean, whose cock is
nearly twice his size, Jason appreciated the compliment.

The girls stood side-by-side as Susan reviewed the part of Jason's anatomy
that differed from their own. They were surprised at how delicate Jason's
balls were and momentarily grossed out by the pre-cum leaking from his
head. They first thought it was urine until Susan and Wendy explained
pre-cum and its purpose.

"Jason, you ready to cum for your cousins?" Susan asked.

"Oh yeah!" Jason replied as he grabbed his shaft and began to stroke.

Many readers will find it odd or surprising that an 11 year old boy would
be so open about performing such a private, intimate act in front of 4
people. It wasn't that Jason was an exhibitionist or enjoyed being naked in
front of women, instead it was really a function of him being horny and
needing release and the free, open, and uninhibited way that Susan
interacted with him. At home, he and his Mom were often nude or barely
dressed around each other. Susan encouraged Jason to masturbate freely
since she couldn't keep up with his libido and she liked to watch him.

The twins, for their part, were more fascinated than anything. Interested
in the male anatomy and at how hard he stroked himself.

"Aren't you hurting your penis?" Michelle asked.

"No, it feels really good." Jason replied breathlessly looking his cousin
in the eye.

"Men's penises are pretty durable." Wendy replied. "A boy can rub himself
raw if he doesn't use a lube."

Jason kept looking at his cousins and the two older women. Despite his
arousal and his intense stroking, his orgasm wasn't building as everyone
hoped. He was turned on, but like a kid in a candy store, he wanted more.

"Can I see their pussies?" Jason asked his Aunt as his stroking slowed a

"Girls, do you want to show your pussies to your cousin?" Wendy asked.

"OK!" they said in unison.

The twins jumped on to the bed and positioned themselves next to each other
spreading their legs wide to give Jason a perfect view of their young,
hairless, pussies. Pussies that glistened with female juices.

Jason's masturbation increased and then again when both sisters began to
play with each other. Starting with a kiss and then rubbing the other's
pussy, they too were getting more and more aroused.

"Tell us when you're gonna cum." Mindy said as she rubbed her sister's

"I'm cumming!" Jason yelled.

Both the twins stopped pleasuring each other and scooted up next to Jason
on their knees and watched as Jason's cock erupted in a series of spurts
shooting ejaculate all over. The first shot landed on his chin, subsequent
shots landed on his chest, stomach. I was more cum than Susan could
remember seeing him produce and she wondered if it was just that he was so
aroused or that he was growing up!

Michelle reached over to his chest and put some of Jason's ejaculate on her
finger. She brought it to her nose and smelled.

"Some women like the taste. When you get older a boy will want you to
swallow it." Susan said laughingly.

"Eww!" both twins said. "It smells sort of funny." Michelle said.

"Just taste a little." Wendy said quietly.

Michelle put her finger in her mouth to taste. Her face indicated it
wasn't the best thing she'd ever tried.

Mindy, not be outdone by her older sister (23 minutes older) scooped up a
dollop of cum and put it into her mouth. She too, didn't express rapture
at the taste.

"Do boys really want you to swallow it?" Mindy asked. "How do you do

"You put the boys cock in your mouth and you lick and suck on it till he
cums and shoots it into your mouth. Many men like to shoot it on to a
girl's face or her breasts." Susan explained.

'You put that in your mouth?" Michelle said incredulously. "It's too
big." She added making Jason smile with pride.

Jason's cock was still hard despite his orgasm and throbbed in concert with
his heartbeat.

"Let me show you." Susan said.

She leaned down and took Jason's cock in her mouth. She made a show of
licking the length of his shaft and then putting the whole thing in her
mouth. Deep Throating him.

She pulled off her son's cock leaving it wet.

"So, who wants to try?"

"I don't know Susan. They may not be ready for that just yet." Wendy said

"I wanna try Mom. I've seen it done on the internet." Mindy said.

"Me too." Michelle said not wanting to be upstaged and genuinely curious.

"Will you cum in my mouth?" Michelle said a look of concern on her face.

"I don't think I can cum again right away." Jason said. "I'll warn you if
I do and you can stop, OK?" He added reasonably.

"Can we?" Both girls asked in unison.

Susan smiled at her sister's discomfiture and folded her arms across her
naked breasts and cocked an eyebrow as if to say: 'Well?'

"Oh, I guess so." Wendy said resigning herself to reality.

"Jason, just don't cum in their mouths. OK?" Wendy added.

"OK Aunt Wendy." Jason said honestly.

Michelle and Mindy had a momentary 'battle' over who would suck Jason's
cock first. Michelle pulled the throbbing shaft toward her and went down
on her cousin. His cock looked bigger in the nine year girls hand and

Jason, while highly aroused, was somewhat disappointed. Sean and Barry
sucked him with a lot more intensity and even his mom was better than his
two young cousins. He attributed their lack of skill to being novices and
to being very young so he didn't get too upset but given their irregular
rhythm and the lack of pressure applied to his glands, he knew he wouldn't
be able to cum. He couldn't help but think, however, how tight their little
pink pussies would be.

The girls tired quickly. While Jason was average in size by adult
standards, he was huge for his age and the girls jaws and mouths got sore
quickly having something so thick, so long, and so hard in their mouths.

"Can we stop?" Mindy asked instinctively rubbing her jaw.

"Yes girls, that's enough." Wendy said in a motherly tone.

"Plus you're not going to make Jason cum like that." Wendy said, an
authority on the subject.

"Why not Mommy?" Mindy asked.

"Boys need you to suck their dicks hard. Suck like you're drinking a thick
milk shake. Let me show you." Wendy said moving to her nephews cock.

Wendy began to suck his cock and used her hand to stroke his shaft. In
moments, Jason's hip began to buck, his eyes closed, and his breathing
intensified. Wendy was giving Jason a world class blow job, not for his
benefit but for her daughters. Showing them how to pleasure a man while
simultaneously hoping it would be sometime before they practiced on a real

The girls watched as their mom sucked and stroked their big dicked cousin.
Susan watched mildly amused at the display knowing how much her son was
enjoying it and how much Wendy enjoyed 'showing off' for her girls.

Having just cum, Jason took a few minutes but soon announced that he was
going to cum.

Wendy pulled off his shaft and then climbed onto of the 11 year old. She
reached behind herself and guided his cock into her wet, warm, pussy.

Wendy really wanted Jason's cock in her and decided that after
demonstrating the art of the blowjob, she would show her girls how to
properly ride a cock.

Wendy ground herself against Jason's lower abdomen and rode up and down on
his cock. Susan moved the girls behind their Mother to show them how
Jason's cock was inside her.

The girls watched as their mother rode their cousin's cock. On the 'up'
stroke, they could see his cock slick with their mother's pussy juices.

Susan, knowing the girls would watch a bit, moved so she could fondle her
sister's heaving breasts and kiss her as she fucked her son.

The twins watched and then Mindy looked up to see her mom and her aunt
kissing passionately. She looked at her sister and the two of them
giggled. They continued to watch Jason fuck their mother. The sexual
tension was strong and both twins were now highly aroused. They were
rubbing their pussies as they watched.

"Can Jason fuck me next?" Mindy asked as she lay on the best unabashedly
rubbing her own pussy. "I wanna see what it's like." She added.

"Me too!" Michelle added.

Windy, who was really into riding Jason's thick cock, stopped herself and
looked at her twin daughters openly masturbating on the big bed.

"Girls, I thought we talked about this. You're too young for that. You
need to wait." Wendy said impatiently.

"But Mom, it looks so good." Mindy whined. "I want that in my pussy."

"Yeah, me too." Michelle added. "Will it hurt?" She asked.

"Sure it will hurt. It hurts every girl her first time. It's best to wait
till your older and your hips flare out. It won't hurt as much. In the
meantime, if you want to feel what's it like, we can find something to put
inside you. Something small. It will still hurt." Wendy said.

"I bet I know just the thing." Susan said raising from the bed.

Susan made her way to the bathroom and found a hair brush. As girls, she
and Wendy used to use a hair brush handle to fuck each other (they broke
each other's hymen's with it). It was short (about 4") and narrow.
Smaller and thinner than Jason.

"If you want, we can use this." Susan said to Wendy (who was still astride
Jason, his hard cock still buried in her). "Remember?" She smiled.

Wendy laughed out loud. "Yeah I remember. It was my first toy."

"So? You want to deflower your daughters?" Susan asked lightheartedly.

Wendy looked pensive and pulled off Jason, his hard, wet cock sliding out
of his Aunt with an audible 'pop'.

"Let's talk." Wendy said to Susan and they walked out of the room leaving
3 naked children in their bed.

The two sisters, both naked, stood at the top of the stairs facing one

"I'm just not sure I want to take the girls' virginity with a hair brush
handle with their cousin watching. We did it but I regret no losing it to
a boy who I felt something for. Someone special to share it and certainly
not this young. " Wendy said.

Susan looked at her Sister and thought about their times growing up. She
and Wendy had started off masturbating together and after a period of time,
progressed to more advanced sexual activity thanks in large part to their
Dad's collection of Penthouse and Hustler magazines. The magazines,
particularly Penthouse Letters, introduced the two sisters to the ways in
which women made love to each other. They honed their skills having many
afternoons and weekends to themselves since both parents worked. Unlike
boys who are always horny, Susan and Wendy didn't fool around every day but
they did have sex several times a week. Sometimes it was rushed mutual
masturbation and sometimes hours of sweating lesbian sex resulting in both
girls having multiple orgasms.

Both girls were good in school, were accomplished athletes (Susan played
soccer and basketball, Wendy Volleyball and ran track), and had numerous
friends and dated boys. Unlike their friends, however, they had a
reliable, safe, and loving partner to have sex with whenever they
wanted. They felt, and still do, that it was a harmless and fulfilling
situation that neither would trade.

Wendy, lost her virginity to a boy when she was 15. He was a jock, popular,
and handsome. He was also, was the reader was informed in Part III, an
inexperienced and inattentive lover who failed utterly to satisfy his more
experienced girlfriend. Wendy, ever mindful of the need for discretion and
her own reputation, played the role of teenage prom queen to the hilt. The
boy, his name forgotten to history, has his fragile teen ego boosted to
breaking point as Wendy heaped compliments upon him as to his prowess as a
lover and to the size of male organ (actually a bit below average). Wendy
broke off her relationship with him after a time and subsequently found
herself dating a bit older boy who, while not expert lovers, were
nonetheless enthusiastic and committed lovers who succeeded in satisfying

After losing her virginity, Wendy wanted to be penetrated so she and Susan
expanded their loving making repertoire to include penetration with objects
around the house (Carrots, cucumbers, and of course, the hairbrush
handle). In one of their most daring moves, the girls purchased a 8" dildo
through the mail. Their caper was timed when their parents would be gone
for a weekend. They used a check over the phone and had it shipped to a
vacant house on their street. One night they went to the house and
successfully recovered the plain brown wrapped package from the home's
mailbox feeling a bit like secret agents. Once home, Susan delighted in
pushing the phallus into her Sister's wet pussy and enjoyed making her cum.

Susan, on the other hand, remained a virgin for a time. Unlike Wendy,
Susan found boys boring and the idea of giving herself to one,
unappealing. While by no means a lesbian, she simply wasn't attracted to
boys her own age. Her fantasies ran to older men. Sean Connery for example,
filled her mind with masturbatory fantasies. Susan, like her sister,
wanted to feel a man inside her and one afternoon took the plunge (pun
intended) and bit her lower lip in pain as her sister pushed their dildo
into her pussy. After her cherry was broken, she regularly enjoyed fucking
herself or having Wendy fuck her with the large rubber phallus. As

Contemplating the present, Susan found herself in agreement with her
sister. The twins were too young and too immature for intercourse.
Although highly aroused by the prospect (as a woman she knows how good it
feels to have a hard cock inside you) she understood and agreed with her
Sister's rationale.

She and Wendy agreed and then walked back in the room. There they found
the kids giggling. The girls were under the covers and Jason was standing
on the side of the bed flopping his now flaccid cock in circles. His hands
on hips.

"Who knew he was so talented?" Wendy joked as they re-entered the room.

"Amazing penis tricks" Susan agreed.

"So? Can Jason fuck us?" Michelle asked as the bed sheet dropped exposing
her naked chest.

"Let's have a talk." Wendy said.

"Jason, let's go get something to drink downstairs, OK." Susan said.

She and Jason left the room while Wendy explained to her daughters why they
wouldn't be losing their virginity just yet.

Downstairs, Susan fixed them both a cup of hot cocoa and they cuddled under
a warm blanket in front of the remote control gas fire place.

"What do you think of your cousins?" Susan asked.

"They're cool. They like my dick." Jason said sipping his coca. "Is my
dick really that big?" He continued.

"It's not huge or anything but for a boy your age, it's bigger than normal.
You're a lot bigger than Barry aren't you?" Susan replied.

"Yeah I guess. How big was my Dad?"

"I never measured it. Size isn't that big to women. I'll tell you his was
a bit longer and maybe a bit thicker. I have a feeling you'll get bigger
as you get older. I hope you don't get too big." She added.

"Like Sean?"

"Yeah, I mean his is almost too big. It sort of hurts." Susan said. "It's
hard to suck too." She added.

"Yep. It's really big alright. Pretty amazing he could fit that inside
me." Jason said.

"Yes, it was pretty amazing. It didn't seem to hurt you too much." Susan
asked concerned.

"No, it didn't hurt a lot. After I got used to it, it felt great."

Susan felt Jason's cock grow and get hard against her leg. She smiled as
she realized that talking about the older man's giant cock would have that
effect on her son. She knew that most boys had same sex experiences and
that boys were obsessed with penis size. In porn, actors were chosen for
their size not to arouse women but for men.

"Feels like he's waking up?" Susan said.

"Yeah, sorry he just has a mind of his own." Jason said sheepishly.

"Nothing to be ashamed of. I like it when 'he's' hard." Susan said quietly.

"Wanna fuck me?" Susan asked.

"Here?" Jason asked.

"Sure, why not? It's also fun to fuck by a roaring fire." Susan added.

She then positioned Jason on the floor near the fire. The oriental rug
covered the hard wood floors. She then straddled her son and reached
behind her pulling his cock into her.

"Oh yes!" Susan exclaimed as her son's hard cock entered her warm, wet

Jason grabbed his mom's hips and began to fuck her with long, hard strokes.

"Oh yeah! Fuck my pussy good!" Susan exclaimed really getting turned on.

Jason grunted in agreement as he slammed his cock into his mother's pussy.

Susan came pretty quickly. Jason followed a few moments later flooding his
mom's pussy with his juvenile load.

Afterwards, they lay sweating the glow of the afternoon fire.

The rest of the evening passed lazily. Jason and his cousins spent most of
the time upstairs in the twin's room playing video games and with toys.
Jason put on a pair of shorts while Michelle wore simple white cotton
panties. Mindy wore a t-shirt and nothing else.

They ate Dinner upstairs while Susan and Wendy snuggled up by the fire in
the den and watched "Bridesmaid's" on pay per view.

Up in the twin's room Jason was playing a fantasy video game against Mindy
while Michelle was on her bed watching a movie on her laptop.

"Where is your bathroom?" Jason asked.

"Do you havta pee?" Mindy asked.

"Yeah. Gotta go bad." Jason replied anxiously.

"It's right there." Mindy said pointing to their bathroom.

Jason stood and pulled his shorts down and began to relieve the pressure in
his bladder. He looked up as he peed to see his cousins standing in the
doorway watching.

"You gotta watch?" He asked slightly embarrassed.

"We've never seen a boy pee before." Michelle replied. "We wanted to see
what you do. It's no fair you get to stand." She added.

Jason, proud to show off his masculine skills, leaned back allow the girls
to see the powerful stream splash into the bowl.

Finished, he flushed and washed his hands.

"Well?" He said looking at his young cousins.

"It's interesting but I know why Mom used to yell at our Dad. You pee like
it comes out of a hose." Mindy said.

"Yeah a big hose." Michelle added.

"Thanks." Jason said shyly.

"Can we see you play with it again?" Mindy asked.

"Sure, I guess." Jason replied feeling his cock swell at the prospect.

By the time he pulled his shorts off and crawled into the twins bed, his
cock was hard. He lay on the bed, legs apart and began to pull on his cock.
He was looking at Mindy to see if he could see her pussy.

"You wanna see my pussy?" She asked.

"Sure, can I?" He replied.

Mindy then lay back and opened her legs giving her older cousin an
unobstructed view of her warm, pink 9 year old pussy.

Michelle smiled and watched the older boy masturbate.

"My mom says you have a friend that you fool around with." She asked.

"Yeah, his name is Barry." Jason said slightly out of breath from his

"What do two boys do?" Mindy asked as she played with herself.

"I suck him, he sucks me. We fuck." Jason said cautiously. He had never
talked about him and Barry with anyone but his mom.

"How do you fuck?" Mindy asked.

"In their butts silly." Michelle replied. "You remember what we looked at
that time?"

"Oh yeah." Mindy said remembering the gay porn site they'd visited.

"Do you suck his cock?" She added.

"Sure, all the time." Jason replied.

"Mom said you were also with Aunt Susan's boyfriend." Mindy queried.

"Sure was." Jason said proudly. "His cock is huge, twice the size of

"Oh my, I can't imagine that. What did you two do?" She asked.

"I sucked him, as much as I could anyway and I fucked him. He also fucked
me." Jason said. "He shoots huge loads of cum!" Jason said still in awe
of the older man's orgasms.

"Did it hurt when you put it inside you?" Michelle asked.

"A little but I'm used to having something back there and Sean used a lot
of lube and was very patient." Jason said fondly remembering being deep
dicked by the 10" monster cock.

"What's lube?" Mindy asked.

"It's this slippery stuff that people use when they have sex in the butt."
Jason said authoritatively. "I used it when I'm with Barry or Sean and I
use it when I do my Mom back there." He added naturally.

"You do that to Aunt Susan?" Mindy exclaimed.

"Sure, she likes it back there. She says most women do." Jason added.

"I don't know, I mean that's where you poop." Mindy said. "I don't think
I'd like it."

"You'll get to try it I'm sure." Jason said reasonably.

"I'd like to try it." Michelle said reasonably.

"Don't you guys fool around with each other?" Jason asked.

He'd seen the girls earlier when her first jerked off for them but it ended
too soon. Like any red-blooded male, watching two girls fool around was a
huge turn on.

"Mom said you'd wanna watch us." Mindy said smiling seductively.

The two twins wordlessly stripped of what little clothing they were wearing
and lay next to each other. Jason propped himself up on his elbow and
watched as his twin cousins began to kiss. The girls French kissed each
other and as their arousal grew, they naturally, without a word, began to
play with one another's pussies.

Jason, for his part, was enthralled watching, for the first time in his
life, two girls have sex. He masturbated as he watched.

After a few minutes of finger fun. Mindy moved down her sister's body and
positioned herself to lick her sister's pussy. Michelle's hips bucked up
and down and she moaned in delight at the oral pleasure she was receiving
from her sister.

Michelle's orgasm took several minutes to build and when release, her head
flopped back and forth, her hair flailing about as she pulled her sister
into her.

After coming down from her orgasm, she moved between her sister's legs and
began to reciprocate.

Looking up from her sister's wet, pinky, pussy she asked: "You wanna try?
Mom said it was OK."

Jason nodded his head and moved into to lick his younger cousins' pussy.

Mindy's body reacted to the boys oral ministrations. Her hips moved, her
breathing quickened and her flash and body flushed. Her sister moved down
to Jason's hard cock and took the throbbing flesh pole into her mouth.

Mindy's orgasm took a couple minutes to build and when she came, she cried
out loudly reveling in the freedom that the new openness in the house
provided. In the past, before their Mom found out about their activities,
they had to be really quiet when they 'played'. Now they could be as open
as they liked.

Jason, enjoyed licking pussy and having his dicked sucked. It was hard,
however, to focus on Mindy so when she came, he rolled over and let both
girls work on his cock.

"Mom says boys like to cum on girls' faces. You can cum on Mindy's"
Michelle said, her lips wet with his pre-cum and saliva.

"Why does he have to cum on my face?" Mindy objected. "Let him cum on

"Because I'm older and I want to see what happens. He'll cum on mine next
time." Michelle replied fairly.

The girls sucked and stroked him until he felt the familiar birth of his

He moved to his knees and positioned himself over Mindy's face. Michelle
watched intently as Jason's cock erupted. The first shot flew past Mindy's
face hitting the bed sheet. The next couples of bursts hit Mindy on her
forehead, cheeks and onto her lips. His orgasm was less than earlier but
still substantial.

Part IV, Chapter Two: The Return of Sean

After Susan and Jason spent that first weekend with Wendy, Michelle, and
Mindy, it became commonplace for either one group or the other to spend the
weekends together. When Jason had a game (he played hockey in the winter
and soccer in the spring) Wendy and the twins would come to town.

As winter passed from January to February it grew closer to Sean's promised
return. The plan was for Sean to fly to Chicago and spend about 10-days
with Susan and Jason.

Now that Wendy's and the girls had 'joined' their sexual adventures, Susan
wanted Sean to get intimate with her sister and the twins (NO intercourse
of course but it made her very hot to think about her nine year old nieces
holding Sean's giant cock.).

Sean, during a recent phone call, brought up another option which was
coming together nicely. His plan was to have Susan, Jason, Wendy, and
twins come down to Texas. A wealthy benefactor of the university offered
faculty use of a ranch in deep south Texas. According to Sean, the ranch
wasn't that big but it was very remote and private and would offer them a
warm place to get naked and fuck. The ranch had a large home, pool, ponds
(called 'tanks' in Texas), and fronted a river. It also had wild animals
and wasn't too far from San Antonio where they might put clothes on one day
and see the sights.

Susan approached Wendy with the idea and Wendy really liked it. Not only
would it give them all a chance to engage in some really hot sexual
activity but it would get them out of the cold Chicago Winter and would let
the kids see San Antonio a really neat and fun city.

Back in Texas, Sean was busy at the university. He lived a simple life.
He owed a small, 65-year old home in a trendy neighborhood not too far from
campus but in an area not populated with students. He could ride his
mountain bike to campus, walk to restaurants and shops and lived a very
urban, low impact, and low key lifestyle.

Despite his very taboo and kinky experiences with Susan and Jason, Sean's
sex life was pretty tame. He dated but not often. Being bisexual, Sean
didn't have any romantic relationships with men. Since retirement, Sean
had dated a few women but it had never gotten serious. He had hooked up
with a few men but had some bad experiences. One guy turned out to be
married and Sean wanted nothing to do with being party to an
affair. Another guy turned out to be into pain and discipline and this
simply wasn't a turn on for him. The last guy he'd been with was a great
guy but was in financial trouble and moved in with Sean. The sex was great
(often) and having a roommate was fun?at first. After a while the guy
resented being financially dependent on Sean and Sean didn't like
supporting someone who seemed to lack ambition and while the sex was great,
they both never 'bonded' and soon Sean asked him to move out.

Since then, aside from his week with Susan and Jason (A week he'd never
forget) Sean's sex life was non-existent. He masturbated daily. Sometimes
2-3 times a day and on weekends would indulge in lengthy sessions using
toys and auto-fellatio.

The highlight of his week was the video chat with Susan and Jason that was
not only sexually very satisfying but also warmed him as he truly had
strong feelings for both.

One day, in his small, cramped office in the academic hall in which he
worked, he was checking his personal email. He was used to getting a few
emails a week from fans of his stories on Nifty. Sean always wrote back to
each person who took the time to write him and most often it ended there.
There were times when he took things further exchanging emails, chatting
online, and on a few occasions, progressed to phone sex. Susan was the
first 'fan' he'd ever met face to face and had ever engaged in sex with.

He'd learned that most of the people writing him were men, older, and often
married. A few female 'fans' who'd written him turned out to be men. He
was always polite and kind in his email replies but he knew pretty soon
into an exchange of emails if the person was who they purported to be.

On this occasion, Sean opened and read an email from someone claiming to be
a 19 year old female student at his same university. She claimed to have
been in a long-term incest relationship with her older brother and younger
sister. She claimed to be into all sorts of kinky, taboo, and erotic things
and Sean's cock grew hard reading 'her' email.

Sean replied saying that he taught at her school and was prohibited from
having a sexual encounter. Despite this, he'd like to meet her for coffee.
Sean had used this technique before with success. He appeared eager to meet
the person and in taking their email at face value. If the person was
pretending to be something they weren't they would pretend to be unable to
meet and would put off meeting him and continue to do so until the person
grew tired of the fašade, owned up to their true identify or Sean broke it

So Sean was surprised when less than a half hour later, he got a reply
saying she'd love to meet him for coffee at an off campus coffee house,
today! She described herself and promised to be very discreet. She stated
she wasn't looking for a sexual encounter but rather a chance to talk to
someone about a shared experience.

Now Sean was alarmed. On the rare occasion some called his bluff and
wanted to meet, he took extreme measures to protect himself (such as those
described in Part I, Chapter 1). The first thing he did was access this
person's profile in the campus directory. Sure enough, there was a 19-year
old Freshmen who looked like the person in the email described themselves.
From the same home town, same age, major, etc? Sean then accessed a series
of sites to see if this same name/profile had been used to snare people
like Sean. Nothing.

Finally Sean called a friend in federal law enforcement who he'd been
sexual with while on active duty. This friend knew about Sean's stories and
shared a similar tastes. This friend lived in Washington DC and was a
former operator who, after being wounded in Iraq, was in a wheel chair.
He'd lost his wife to divorce after battling depression and post-traumatic
stress. This friend had beaten booze and addiction to pills and worked in
the IT department of a major federal law enforcement agency. Sean had met
up with him during a school trip to Washington DC. Sean sucked him off and
fucked him and then they spent the night talking and catching up. Sean
trusted him completely and knew that he'd have access to a data base that
listed the names and faces of every law enforcement officer in the US
(Author's note: There is no such database. This is what's known as a plot

His friend ran her photo and name and came up with nothing. That wasn't
100% proof that she wasn't trying to entrap him but it was a pretty good
indication that she wasn't peace officer for any city, county, state, or
federal entity.

Sean walked the few blocks to the coffee shop arriving 20 minutes before
their scheduled rendezvous. His 'reconnaissance' of the area detected
nothing out of sort and he detected no one in the shop who appeared to be
an undercover agent. He sat across the street from the shop in a position
to watch her and the surrounding area. He used his phone to clandestinely
monitor her actions inside the store.

Five minutes early, a young lady entered the shop. She was about 5'4" tall
with dark brown hair. She was thin with prominent breasts. She was wearing
a pleated grey skirt that came to mid thigh. A black sweater over a white
shirt and black leather boots to her knees. Her legs were bare. She had a
diamond stud in her nose and multiple piercings in her ears. Her hair was
short and was cut in a 'page boy'. While she wasn't a knock out, she was
cute, pleasant looking. From her profile, he knew she'd gotten straight
'A's' last semester and lived in an on-campus dorm. Sean's instincts,
honed after 24 years of service in special operations, told him this girl
was exactly what she appeared to be.

Sean watched her sit down in a corner table away from the afternoon
crowd. She looked around the room but nothing in her actions seemed to
indicate she was a professional.

Outside he knew she wasn't followed.

Sean carried a small device he'd purchased that would alert him if a radio
signal was being transmitted. It was designed for anyone who suspected they
were being recorded. He set it on vibrate and made his way across the
street and entered the shop.

"Emily?" He asked approaching the girl.

"Sean?" She replied nervously.

Holding out his hand, "In the flesh, pleased to meet you. May I sit down?"
Sean asked.

"Sure." She replied.

As soon as he sat down a waitress took their orders (a mocha latte for
Emily and Soy Decaf Latte for Sean).

"I can't believe I'm doing this." Emily said quietly. "I've never done
anything like this before."

"You've never met a man for coffee before?" Sean asked innocently.

"No, I mean yes, I mean not someone like you." Emily said flustered.

"I know what you mean. I was just teasing you." Sean replied.

"I feel the same way." He added careful not to make her think he was
trying to get her alone.

"Is there somewhere private where we can talk?" Emily asked quietly.

"Not sure. I guess we take a walk, find someplace." Sean replied warily.

"How about the park?" Emily said.

"Sure. Sounds good to me." Sean said. Emily looked at him closely as if
trying to ascertain something.

"I know, you're a professor, I'm a student. I get it." Emily said
intensely. "I want to go to your place, and I think we will soon but I
want to get to know you first and I don't feel comfortable yet being alone
yet." She continued.

Sean said. "You can't come over, you must understand that not only would I
lose my job, but I couldn't teach anywhere, anyplace, ever again." He
added: "Can you agree that you won't come to my home or compromise me in

Emily nodded in agreement. "I don't know you at all but I've read your
stories and I'm very intrigued by you. I'm also very turned on by this
subject matter. I guess I can behave.

"I need to know you'll understand my limits." Sean pressed.

"I understand. I'll bet you'll feel differently after we talk." Emily
replied teasingly.

The two of them got up and began to walk down the university's 'drag' to a
city park. There they found a bench in a quiet area, near a playground
empty of children given the time of day.

"Why do you write your stories?" Emily asked immediately getting into the
subject at hand. "Did you have an incest relationship when you were

"I did." Sean said simply. "With my younger brother, for four years."

"When did you start?" Emily asked.

"I was 13, he was 11." Sean said.

"How did you two start?" Emily queried. "Do you do it with him now?"

""He caught me playing with myself and things sort of progressed from
there. We don't do anything together anymore. In college he fell in love
with and married a Mormon." Sean said simply. "He converted to her
faith. He lives in Salt Lake City now. He's a lawyer and big in the
Church. I'll tell you this: He loved everything we did. I never forced him
or manipulated him." Sean said smiling.

Part IV, Chapter Three: Emily's Story

I caught my brother jerking off one day. My parents work all the time so
the 3 of us had a lot of time at home alone. I watched him from out in the
hall. His dick looked so big to me. I was really curious. I wouldn't say
I was turned on but man was I fascinated by what he was doing. I mean it
looked like it hurt. Then all of a sudden this stuff shot out, I was
hooked. It was all I could think about. Then one day, when I knew he'd be
doing it I 'caught' him and made him let me watch. This went on for
several months. I would watch him and he could do it. We never spoke. I'd
walk into his room. He'd pull it out, jerk it off, cum and then I'd leave.

One day he asked me if I wanted to help him do it. I didn't know what he
meant so he explained that he liked to look at naked girls on the internet
when he did it and asked if he could look at me. It took me a minute to
figure out he wanted me to look at me naked. I agreed and took off my
clothes and let him look at me. It didn't occur to me that he wanted to
see my pussy open. He was looking at me and jerking his cock. I was
curious and asked him what he looked at online. He opened up his laptop
and pulled up his favorite sites. I was really interested. I was shocked
at first that girls would do that but then it made me excited. It was then
I figured he would want me to pose like the girls online so I lay on the
bed and opened my legs for him. This did the trick and he shot almost

After that first time, I got naked or let him look up my skirt. I also
took his laptop to my room and spent hours looking at various sites. I was
really fascinated by gay and lesbian sites and I found one on girls
masturbating. I hadn't started yet but it prompted me to do so. I started
doing it all the time but didn't know how to cum so it was just sort of
making me feel good. One day I watched this video on the web of a woman
teaching other women how to masturbate. A step by step guide if you will.
I watched the video and went along until I was cumming. It scared me. I
realized what I'd done and then started doing it even more. You have to
remember I was 10 years old. I soon spent almost all my free time
masturbating looking at porn. My brother must have figured out that
something was happening because he was upset with me that I wasn't there
for him to look at.

One day he asked me if anything was wrong. I didn't think to be discreet
and instead told him that I started doing it too and really liked look at
the stuff on the internet. He asked me if we could watch me do it. I
didn't want him to at first but after thinking about it, I went to his room
and let me watch me. He did it too and seemed to like it.

It wasn't too much after that that we started touching each other, doing
oral and then he took my virginity. After we started fucking, I got
interested in doing it with a girl and my brother really wanted me to do it
with a girl too."

"Did your brother use protection?" Sean asked speaking for the first time
in minutes.

"Nope, he'd cum in me or sometimes on me. I wasn't menstruating yet so we
figured I couldn't get pregnant. I got my first period at 12 so my mom put
me on the pill so I had easier periods. So he always came in me. I loved
it when he came. He'd cum inside me and I'd wear panties or a panty shield
to soak up his cum. I also let him cum on me. On my face or my breasts."

"How did you start with girls?" Sean asked quietly. He was hard as a rock
and his face felt flushed.

"That's where it gets interesting. I also have a younger sister. At that
time she was 10 years old. I didn't have a girlfriend I felt I could
seduce. My brother was obsessed with seeing me and another girl and I was
pretty anxious to try it also. The stuff I saw on the internet really
turned me on but I didn't know what to do. Then one day after we finished
fucking, my brother suggested our sister. I was pretty shocked at first.
He convinced me to feel her out on her thoughts about sex. My sister was
pretty innocent and I really hadn't had too many interactions with her
where the subject of sex or our bodies came up. She once asked me where
babies come from and I told her that Mom would have to answer.

One rainy day after school, when I knew she'd be around, I made sure I was
masturbating when she came in. I was on my bed, legs apart, rubbing
myself. I knew she came into the room but pretended not to notice.

She asked me what I was doing. I pretended to be upset about her not
knocking and I covered up. To my relief, she was obviously curious. She
wanted to see what I was doing. I asked her if she touched herself and she
said she did but always stopped because it made her pee. I laughed and
told her that was an orgasm. She didn't know what that was so I offered to
let her watch me. I masturbated for her and came hard. She was really
impressed and she took off her panties and I helped her play with herself
until she had her own, little cum.

After that first time she began to do it all the time. She was totally
open about it with me but knew enough to keep her activities away from our
parents. One day I joking told her that she did it almost as much as our

I also let her catch me watching girl/girl porn and naturally her curiosity
was peaked. It was a rainy and cold Saturday. Our parents were out of
town at some type of trade show. I told her I'd never done anything with
another girl but wanted to. I acted embarrassed. She was equally curious.
She asked what I wanted to do and I told her I wanted to lick another girl
down there and she giggled. We looked at an online video together and I
think it clicked in her mind what two girls could do. I took a laid back
approach fearful of pushing her away. Instead it was her idea for us to
fool around. Her rationale was that we could 'practice' with each other and
see if we liked it. I her told that us having sex was incest and she
smiled said 'so what you and tommy (my brother) do it all the time!"

I was flabbergasted. I had no idea that she knew about us. I found out
that she despite our absolute certainty that our activities were completely
private, my sister had learned numerous ways to watch us. She would hide
in his closet watching through the wood louvers of this closet doors or she
would go outside and look through an opening in his window. She confessed
to be being jealous that we didn't include her in our 'play' (as she put
it) but understood we likely didn't think she was old enough.

I think to 'prove' her maturity; she then proceeded to kiss me, full on the
mouth, inserting her tongue into my mouth. After passionately kissing for
several minutes, her small hands roamed down to my naked breasts where she
began to squeeze them and rub my nipples.

After a few minutes, I lay her down on the bed and proceeded to open her
legs. I looked at her perfectly pink, hairless pussy and noticed it
glistened with her arousal.

Her hymen covered her clitoris but I was able to lick through it and probed
her vagina with my tongue. Her hips bucked up and down as I licked. She'd
learned how to orgasm from masturbation so it wasn't a stretch for her to
cum from my oral actions. Within a few minutes, she cried out in orgasm.

She then turned her attention to me and although somewhat clumsy, my
sister's oral sex turned out to be very pleasurable and I came hard as her
hard little tongue danced across my very wet pussy.

In the afterglow of our incestuous lovemaking, she asked me if our brother
would be interested in her.

"Sure he would. Know what he really wants to see?" I asked.

"No, what?" She replied.

"He wants to watch me and another girl have sex." I said trying to sound
non-committal in the event the idea didn't click with her. "Trouble is
I've got no one to do it with." I added.

It was a transparent attempt to get her to agree to let him watch the two
of us having sex but it worked like a charm.

"Can I do it with you while he watches?" She asked excitedly. "Will he
play with his big cock?" She continued.

"You can bet on it." I laughed relieved that she was so enthusiastic. "He
plays with himself all the time."

"But you two do it all time. Don't you satisfy him?" She asked.

"I do but boys like to play with their cocks. Not sure why they like to so
much but he can fuck me and cum and a few minutes later he'll be hard again
and if I can't do it, he'll just play with it himself."

The two of us giggled and talked a few more minutes. We were both naked
and laying on my bed.

Then a knock came at the door. We were both startled and then looked at
each other knowing only our brother could be knocking.

"Well, you wanna do it?" I asked.

"Will he fuck me?" She asked nervously.

"Do you want him to?" I replied.

"Will it hurt? I heard it hurts."

"It will for a moment, I think I know how to do it so it won't hurt that

Our discussion was cut short by another round of knocking.

I rose from the bed, naked and opened the door. My brother got a 'kid on
Christmas' look on his face as he peered in seeing me nude and our little
sister on the bed, the sheets pulled up to her neck.

"What's up?" He asked lamely. No one could help but notice that his cock
was rapidly growing hard in the gym shorts he was wearing. He must have
just woken up as he had that 'I just woke up' look.

"We're just talking about you." I replied coyly, totally unashamed of my

I looked at my sister and told her to put on her robe and come to his
bedroom. He had a queen size bed (a hand me down from our parents) and I
felt we'd be more comfortable on this bed.

Moments after walking into his room, our sister joined us. I was on my
knees, still naked, pulling my brother's swollen cock out from his shorts.

"What do you think?" I asked holding the throbbing piece of male flesh for
her to see.

"Its big." She replied

"Yeah it is." I said.

My brother, for his part, was beside himself. His cock was leaking pre-cum
like crazy and I'd rarely seen him this aroused. I knew he was excited
about seeing his sister's having sex but I would later realize he liked
young girls.

I began to suck his cock knowing that he'd blow his load quickly given his
level of arousal.

I stopped.

"I bet your wondering what we were doing in bed naked?" I asked my brother
looking up at him, his swollen glands in my hand.

"I guess." He said lamely. I was amused at how the testosterone raging
through his body rendered an ordinarily articulate young man into a
monosyllabic cretin.

I then stood and took the robe off my 11 year old sister revealing to my
lecherous brother her beautiful, naked body.

I lay her in the bed where she modestly kept her legs closed. I then lay
next to her and gently turned her fact towards mine. Our mouths opened and
we began to kiss. As we kissed, her hand went to my breast and my hand
gently opened her legs and began to rub her clit.

She became wet as my fingers danced across her pussy and her breathing grew
erratic. Our kissing was intense.

I looked out of one eye to see my brother holding his cock and jerking it.
I knew he'd shoot cum everywhere in moments but I also knew he'd get hard
again so I decided to give my sister hand's on exposure to the male orgasm.

We parted and had my brother stand next to me. I then put my face directly
under his cock and told my sister to rub my pussy and told her to watch his

Within seconds, my brother's cock shot forth a fountain of ejaculate which
sprayed all over my tits and face. It was a bigger load than I was used to
from him which is saying a lot since I think he came more than any boy I've
ever known.

Needless to say, my sister was very impressed with his orgasm. She took a
small dab of his cum and smelled it and rolled it around her fingers.

"Its sticky." She said.

"Yeah, and tastes good." I said putting a finger of cum into my mouth. (PS
I love cum, the smell of it, the taste, the feel of it shooting down my
throat, onto my face or tits or ass!).

After I cleaned his cum off me, I moved between my sister's legs and began
to eat her pussy as my brother watching pulling on rapidly inflating
cock. After a few minutes, I asked if he wanted a go at her. He took my
place while I went up to my sister and began to kiss her and suck on her
puffy little girl nipples.

I whispered in her ear, "Do you want to suck his cock?"

She looked at me, my brother still buried in her pussy. "Will he shoot out
his white stuff?"

"Probably but you won't have to swallow it. Just let it shoot out." I

"Do you want him to put his cock inside you?" I asked knowing that would
get his attention.

"Can I?" He asked looking up from his 11 year old sister wet pussy.

"I don't know. Will it hurt?" She asked looking at our brother's throbbing
erection. I was pointing up the ceiling.

"Why don't you look at us and see." I said.

I then lay on my back, legs spread open wide as he moved in between. His
hard cock entered me easily as I was very aroused.

"Get behind him." I instructed.

Our sister moved behind him and watched as his muscular ass pumped up and
down into my wet, warm, pussy. She could clearly see his cock going in and
out of me and see how wet I was.

"Well?" I asked looking over his shoulder. "Do you wanna try?"

"I don't know." She said nervously.

"You seem like you like the idea." I said still with him on top of me.

My sister was rubbing her pussy. When I said that she stopped.

Over the next several minutes, my sister sucked his cock and then lay on
her back. I put her up on some pillows and spread her legs apart and back.
My brother positioned himself between her legs, his cock was at the perfect

I then moved into a 69 position with my sister and began to lick her clit
as he pushed against her 11 year old hymen. Her hips were bucking as he
pushed. As he broke through (remember he took my cherry a few years
earlier so this was his second time to deflower an 11 year old girl) she
cried out in pain and bit her lower lip. I continued to lick but the
sensation was too much for her. She pushed me away and grabbed his hips
pulling him into her. As he fucked her hard, she began to cum and as she
did, his long cock pushed on her bladder causing her to pee.

The smell of urine and sex permeated his room. He announced: "I'm gonna

"Cum in her!" I cried out (I was still poised over my sister's face but
she wasn't licking me, instead I was fingering myself.

He shot his load in her and after he pulled out, I dove in on her freshly
fucked pussy full of cum , piss and a small amount of blood. Looking back
on it, it was gross but I was so excited. As I licked the perverse mixture
from her pussy, she grabbed my ears and pulled me into her cumming hard.

In the weeks that followed that first time, the three of us followed around
often. Sometimes we all fucked sometimes we wouldn't have time for him to
fuck us both so my sister and I would finish each other off in our room
(Much to his consternation, knowing what was going on in the room).

Our sex together was very satisfying and continued throughout his high
school years despite a steady stream of girlfriends.

My sister and I grew very close and rarely fought. If we did fight, the
'make-up' sex was thrilling. My brother introduced us to anal sex at some
point and that transferred to our girl/girl activities as annalingus and
putting toys up each other's butts became a favorite form of sex for us.

After our brother went off to college, we kept having sex but with both of
us at different points in high school, with different friends, activities,
schedules, etc? our sex play dropped off. By the time I was a senior, we
fooled around only about once a week and then sometimes it was just
masturbating with the other in the room (sometimes doing it too, sometimes

When our brother came home from college, we three would find time to
re-connect sexually and it was always fun but the excitement was often off
set by the presses of real life (parents, parties, sporting events, his
girlfriends, etc? so we were often rushed or my sister and I might have our
periods. Regardless, we stayed close and shared the details of our lives
with each other.

I went off to college last year leaving my sister behind at home where she
excels in sports and in school. She's planning to attend this university in
two years so we'll overlap while I'm here. My brother graduated last year
and is getting marries. He's very much in love with his finance but that
doesn't stop him from fucking my sister or me whenever he gets the chance."

Her story took over an hour to tell and I was hard as rock

Part IV, Chapter Four: After Emily's Story

It took for Emily just over an hour to tell her story. Of course Sean was
hard as a rock and leaking pre-cum throughout. He was afraid a couple
times he'd cum in his pants. Instead he listened attentively and
interrupted her a few times only to get clarification on a part of her
story. After telling her story, both Sean and Emily were extremely turned
on. After a brief discussion where Sean confirmed Emily wasn't enrolled at
the University that semester, they went to a downtown hotel where they
spent the night together. Sparing the reader from the details (to get back
to bisexual/incest) it was given their first night of passion was mutually
satisfying and very pleasurable. Sean enjoyed being with a very sexual and
nubile young woman and Emily enjoyed being with a tall, handsome, muscular
and well endowed man. Sean was, by far, the biggest cock she'd ever had
inside her. Her brother, at 7 inches, was big by her standards but Sean?
let's put it this way, she was slightly sore the next day.

Sean called Susan a few days after his night with Emily and needless to say
Susan was both excited and slightly jealous. Although she kept her feelings
to herself, Susan felt a pang of jealousy having developed strong feelings
for the well hung pervert.

Susan put the thought from her mind. Rationally she knew that Sean was
just fooling around with this college girl and that he was emotionally
committed to her and Jason. Emotionally, however, it was hard for her not
to feel jealous.

As they spoke they agreed to meet at a remote ranch in south Texas.
Hundreds of miles from prying eyes. The ranch (see chapter 1) was very
private and had plenty of room. Sean suggested that Emily, her sister and
brother might join them. The ranch was only about 80 miles from Emily's

They agreed on the dates and Sean promised to be in touch.

They pleasured themselves as they discussed the incredible 10-days of sex
that lay before them.

End Part Four.

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