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Nifty - Bisexual - Incest - Impregnating Robby - Impregnating Robby 1

Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2013 04:31:54 +0200 (CEST)
From: Patrick Summers <>
Subject: Impregnating Robby part 1

A/N: Yes, this story has a 12y/o getting pregnant, as in this world, it's
perfectly normal. Don't like, don't read! ;)

"What do you mean, you can't help him?" I stared at the doctor in total
disbelief. "That's my son in there and he's in pain. Please, isn't there
something you can give him?"

Dr. Morisson shook his head. "Your son is going through the Transition
right now, Mr. Roberts. You knew there was a fifty percent chance of him
becoming a breeder because of your family history, right?"

I nodded, a little dumbly. My father had been my birthing parent, but since
I didn't become a breeder myself, I had harbored high hopes that my son
Liam would be spared that fate as well.

"So, what does that mean?" I asked, even though I probably knew better than
the Doctor himself. I'd gone to the special classes that had prepared me
for the Transition and what was to follow, even though, ultimately, they'd
be redundant. Due to my wishes, my son had not and I would regret that
oversight for a long time to come.

Dr. Morisson sighed. "As you know, after the Transition is done, a rather
painful process, I'm afraid, Liam's body will ready itself for its first
cycle. He will be ready to procreate then and in order for his brain
chemistry to develop right, he will need to be bred on that very first
cycle. It's absolutely imperative that this happens right away, or the
consequences will be dire."

"For everything there's a pill, but my son has to have sex and be knocked
up in order to grow up healthy," I muttered darkly. It wasn't the first
time I cursed the tricky biology of breeders. "Jesus, he's so young."

Dr. Morisson didn't answer. He couldn't have said anything to make me feel
better anyway. Giving me a moment, the Doctor rifled around in the drawers
of his desk and handed me a stack of brochures. "You probably don't need
them, given your background, but take them anyway. They'll help with
explaining things to Liam."

The one thing I dreaded more than the actual act.

"I fear there's nothing else to be done here for Liam," the Doc continued,
seemingly not bothered by my silence. "He needs rest and familiar
surroundings right now, not the sterile atmosphere of a hospital."

I nodded, somewhat resigned. "How long since the process is done?"

"A couple of days. He's progressing wonderfully, Mr. Roberts. I know it's
no consolidation right now, but Liam seems to be doing extraordinarily

"Yeah, that's great," I murmured absently, still a little numb. "Doc. Are
you sure that this the only way?"

He looked at me with pity in his eyes. "Yes. I'm sorry, Mr. Roberts, but if
your son doesn't get impregnated on his first cycle, there's a very real
possibility that he may die. Or live the rest of his life with permanent
brain damage. The Transition changes his body chemistry, and his own
natural pregnancy hormones are the only thing that will help him adjust."

Of course I'd known that. My Dad had been exactly 12 years and ten months
older than me and had been one of the few Breeders that kept the result of
their first impregnation. Most Breeders either decided to end the
pregnancy that had been forced on them at such a young age, or gave the
child up for adoption.

Despite his young age, my Dad had always been exactly that, even though his
parents had helped out a lot. I'd never met my other biological father
because, as was customary, my Dad had been taken and inseminated by one of
the Breeder Centre's anonymous volunteers and didn't even know his name.

"Why don't you go and collect your son, Mr. Roberts? I'll have the papers
ready as soon as you're done."

I managed to nod at the Doctor and slowly walked to the children's ward,
not sure what I'd find when I got there. Robby was fast asleep when I
slipped into his room. He looked so small lying in that huge hospital bed,
so fragile, that all I wanted was to gather him up and hide him away from
the world so that no-one and nothing would ever be able to touch him.

Shrugging out of my coat, I contented myself with wrapping him gently in it
and hoisting him into my arms. He wasn't heavy, so I easily took the bag
with his clothes and few belongings in it as well and maneuvered us out
into the hall.

Robby didn't stir much, exhausted from the pain and panic of feeling his
small body change so much in so short a time. It seemed like a lifetime ago
that I'd found him curled up on the bathroom floor, writhing in pain and
whimpering out my name over and over again.

Dr. Roberts met us at the nurses' station, handing me the papers and
basically just wishing us good luck. "I made an appointment for him at the
Breeder Centre for next Wednesday," he said by way of goodbye, and again,
all I could do was nod at him.

We made it home without incident and it was only when I settled him into
his bed that Robby's eyes opened and he blinked up me blearily. "Dad?"

"Shh, Robby," I whispered gently. "I'm here and you will be alright, okay?
You need to sleep now."

"What. What's going on?"

I swallowed hard. "Why don't you get some rest and I will tell you
everything in the morning, huh? You must be exhausted."

He looked at me for a moment and then his face fell. "It's the Transition,
isn't it."

There was no use in lying. "Yes. I'm so sorry, Rob."

He gave me a watery smile and whispered, "It's okay. I mean, I wanted kids
anyway, right?"

I bit back a sob in the face of his braveness. "Yeah. And when it's the
right time you'll love the experience, Liam. Dad always got this dreamy
expression on his face when he talked about his pregnancy."

Liam looked up at me and sighed. "I wish I could have met him."

I pressed a gentle kiss on his forehead and another on his temple. "So do
I, peanut. So do I."

I stayed with him until he fell asleep, his little body curled towards me
in a trusting gesture that broke my heart. I'd failed him, had made him
face this situation totally unprepared. If only I hadn't been so arrogant
and made him go to his Breeder classes, at least he'd have a proper support
system right now.

Suddenly, I needed some air. Stumbling down the stairs, I fell more than
walked out the front door. Stopping on the front steps, I heaved in large
gulps of breath to fight back the rising panic. Slowly and laboriously, I
got myself back under control.

I stared up at the grey winter sky and sighed deeply, my breath fogging up
in front of my mouth. Somehow, I would make this right.

* *

The next morning, we had a long talk where I tried to make my young son
understand what was about to happen to him. The pain was slowly receding,
the occasional flare up still making him gasp and double over, but they
were a far cry from the way I'd found him the day before.

Nobody could predict how long it would take his body to fully ripen, it was
different for every Breeder. Some could go years between cycles and I hoped
against hope that Liam would have some more time before the demands of his
body would change his life drastically.

For a while, we fell into a normal routine, sometimes even almost
forgetting what had happened and what we'd talked about. He went to the
weekly Transition sessions at the Breeder center and learned everything he
needed to know in a special sort of class that had been developed for
surprise Transitioners like him, but he never really wanted to tell me what
he learned there.

There were no differences in him that I could see. He was still my
boisterous son, who liked soccer and hockey and wanted to become a
neurosurgeon when he grew up. No matter what happened, I would make sure
that my son had everything that he ever needed and wanted in his life. I
owed him that at least, after screwing up the rest of his childhood so

So I held him when the tears came after a rough session at the Centre and I
cooked his favorite meals and let him get away with practically
anything. He soaked up the attention like a sponge, especially when I quit
my job at a big Software company and started working from home as a

It actually paid better that what I'd done before, and I'd taken to working
at night after Liam had fallen asleep and in the mornings when he was at
school. That left me free to spend as much time with my son as he wished
and a lot of afternoons found us cuddling on the couch as I told him
stories about his granddad that had died almost a year after Liam had been

My son's existence was a total fluke. After a drunken threesome with
another couple, I was stunned when they suddenly stood on my doorstep, the
girl claiming to be pregnant and to be unsure who the father was. I balked
at the notion, but went through with the paternity test after the child was
born, just to shut them up.

When I came to visit the new parents at the hospital, I was greeted by an
empty room and a squalling little baby in the bassinet. There was a piece
of paper lying on the bed. It was the paternity test that proved the baby
to me mine.

I wanted to take him home right away, a fierce wave of protectiveness and
love washing over me as I leaned over the crying, red-faced baby and it
stopped its protest instantly, looking up at me with big, deep-blue eyes.

I learned later that all newborns eyes had that color and it would change
to a light green as Liam got older, but that didn't matter much right in
that moment. I had fallen in love, irrevocably.

With the help of my Dad's lawyers and my personal friendship with the son
of a family judge, I was able to take Liam home with me that same day,
signing sole custody papers only two months later. Apparently, his birth
mother had given up her rights without a fuss. I was both glad and dismayed
at that fact, but if Liam was ever bothered by his mother's disinterest, he
never showed it.

It wasn't easy, at first. I was only 22 at the time and had just finished
college. I'd been a bit of a wiz kid and had made quite a bit of money
during my years at college, so money wasn't that big of a problem. Of
course, when my Dad passed away in a car accident almost a year later, all
money issues went out the window due to the inheritance. My Dad had been
loaded, but thought that kids should make their own way in life.

Still, trying to juggle building a career and raising a small kid as an
only parent was hard, especially after the accident. But Liam was such a
delight that seeing him grow up to be a happy, outgoing boy was enough
reward to offset all the hardships.

"Do you think your Dad would have liked me being a Breeder?" Liam asked
now, fidgeting a little as he tried to get comfortable on my lap.

I sighed in contentment. His clean smell filled my senses and I loved to
hold him like this, his warm weight resting on me so trustingly. "Yes,
peanut, he'd have loved it. I always got the sense that he was a bit
disappointed that I didn't have the Transition, even if it did make things
easier for me. I just wish you had someone beside myself to talk about this
stuff." I paused. "Well, other than the other Breeders at the Centre, I

Liam huffed out an annoyed breath. "I don't like them. They're arrogant
little bitches, most of them have no desire to be anything other than
trophy Breeders, as soon as they're of age."

"Liam," I chortled, unable to bite back laughter at his blunt
assessment. "Watch your language."

"But Dad," he protested with a giggle. "It's true! Teacher Sullivan said so

"Oh?" I said, surprised to hear a teacher resort that kind of language
around his students.

Liam reddened. "Not to us directly, I mean. I kind of, um, overheard him
talking to another teacher."

"Right," I grinned, but let it go. With another deep-rooted sigh, I wrapped
my arms around my little boy and breathed in again. He smelled so good
tonight, like wild-flowers and salt-breeze, a warm homey odor that made me
bury my nose into his hair and scent him. Liam moved slightly and I sniffed
down to his neck, filling my lungs with that delicious scent, letting my
son's musk stir my lust just as it was supposed to be...

Wait, what?

"Liam," I gasped, pulling back from him as I suddenly noticed the way he
moved into me, sensual and arousing. "Oh god, Liam, stop."

"Dad," he breathed, turning so that we were crotch to crotch and started
undulating on top of me. "Feels so good."

It really, really did. "No," I grunted, fighting for control. His sudden
sharp, ripe scent drove me to the brink of insanity as desire rose
swiftly. "You need to stop, Li. It's, it's your cycle."

"Uh," he moaned, continuing with what he was doing. "Yeah. Huh?"

With almost superhuman effort, I pulled back and moved Liam bodily off my
lap. I plopped him on the couch and practically ran to the other side of
the room, desperate to get some distance between us. With every step, I
could feel the haze of desire recede a little more.

I'd never understood how the volunteers at the Centre managed to do it, to
take and seed young boys like that. I'd figured that most of them were
Pedophiles, but knew that there was a limit to the times every volunteer
was allowed to conduct the service. I had wondered more than once how the
Centre managed to get enough men for all the young Breeders.

Now I knew. I had no idea how that little tidbit of information had escaped
my knowledge, but if every man reacted like I had, with instant and
overwhelming desire prompted by a Breeders changing scent as soon as he
went fertile, then there would be no shortage of volunteers, I was sure.

I was also pretty sure though that as a parent, I should be exempt from
reacting like this. I had always considered myself to be heterosexual,
with a slight bi tendency, but all of a sudden, my young son looked so sexy
to me that I could barely hold myself back.

Once again, I'd failed my son in this whole miserable mess and it rankled

"Dad," Liam whispered. He sat on the couch, his knees pulled up to his
chest, looking like a picture of misery. He'd calmed down the second I'd
left his immediate proximity, but he still looked flushed and more than a
little uncomfortable.

"It's alright, peanut," I murmured, wishing nothing more than to be able to
hold him right now. "Just stay calm, okay? This is perfectly natural,
nothing to worry about.

"It burns," he moaned and curled into a ball, mindless from the strange
pain that my Dad had once described as `the literal fire in the loins'. I
was across the room and kneeling down in front of him before I could think
better of it.

"Shush, peanut," I tried to sooth my ailing son, stroking a hand through
his sweat-damp fringe. "We'll get you to the Breeder Centre right away,
yeah? They'll help you there, make the pain go away."

"Please," he gasped, moving into my hand in a most distracting way, wafts
of his inviting scent rising up and making me dizzy.

With a silent moan, I grabbed the extension from the coffee table beside
the couch, glad I'd memorized the number. Dialing quickly, I glanced at the
clock and prayed that there'd still be somebody at the Centre to take my

"Lake Chelan Breeder Centre, Tiffany speaking."

I almost groaned in relief. "Yeah, hi," I stammered. "Uh, I'm on Sullivan
Rd, and, uh, my son Liam just entered his fertility phase. Can someone come
and pick him up, as soon as possible?"

There was a lengthy pause on the other end and he heard the woman clicking
away on a keyboard. "Liam Roberts?" the receptionist asked and I started to
breathe through my mouth.

"Yeah," I said.

"Hm, that's odd. I can see no Grounding marker in his files."

"Yeah, well," I mumbled vaguely, having no idea what she was talking
about. "When can the emergency vehicle be here?"

Again, there was a pause. "Mr. Roberts," Tiffany finally said. "Have you
looked outside sometime in the last few hours?"

I froze. "Uh, no. Why?"

"It's a blizzard out there. I'm sorry but there's just no way we can send
anyone to you right now. Look, here's what we'll do, you--"

Peep. Peep. Peep.

In shock, I stared at the phone as the connection was so suddenly
interrupted. A second later, all the lights in the house flickered and it
was abruptly, completely dark. I could feel Liam's rapid heartbeat under
the hand that I'd pressed to his chest and in the total darkness, his
little whimpers seemed even more heartbreaking.

Without the other senses, his allure was even stronger and with a harsh
groan, I wrenched myself away. Stumbling in the almost complete darkness, I
finally found my cell phone. It showed a blinking `No Service' message, but
at least it provided me with some light.

I made it to the cabinet on the other side of the room and grabbed a few of
the thick candles that my old colleagues had loved to give to me. They sure
came in handy now.

When the room shone in the warm light of dozens of candles, I turned back
to my see how my son was doing.

Big mistake.

Liam had taken the opportunity to get naked and was stroking his cock. Even
from a distance I could see the dark place just underneath his balls, and
his scent was getting stronger by the minute. I was painfully hard and
fighting the instinct to take the fertile Breeder with every ounce of my

And then, Liam shifted and a soft "Daddy," left his lips and I was done
in. Striding over, I plopped down between his raised knees.

"Please, please, please," Liam chanted and spread his legs, pushing his
hips up so that his little hole was on full display. It twitched and opened
under my gaze, looking as inviting as any pussy I'd ever laid eyes on. The
scent was even stronger there and with an animalistic growl, I dove down
and shoved my tongue into the puckered opening.

Liam let out a loud keen at the first touch of my wet tongue and warm mouth
on him. He shook and his hole clenched around me as another burst of that
sweet smell had me scramble with the awkward position to get my pants off
as quick as possible.

I just had to be in there, had to take the Breeder and fill him up with my
seed. I fucked the little hole with my tongue, relishing the broken cries
of the fertile young bitch I was about to take. My cock was long past
ready, pre-cum trickling into my boxers as my arousal grew.

Another whiff of that tangy smell reached my nose and I lost it. Shoving
down my pants in one quick motion, I grabbed the Breeder's legs at the knee
and shoved them down towards his head, opening up his perky little
ass. Getting in position, I rubbed my sticky- wet helmet over the twitching
hole and echoed the resulting groan.

With a deep sigh of pure pleasure and relief, I broke through the tight
ring. The little Breeder moaned in pain but his needy hip-jerks told me how
much he wanted this and so I sank in deep right away. It felt heavenly,
tight and hot, and I was already so close.

I began to fuck him with long, deep strokes, cum churning in my balls. I
needed to cum inside so badly, needed to spill my seed as deep as it could
go. I could sense that the Breeder was at his most fertile, could smell it
in his scent and feel it in the way his body accepted me so readily.

Suddenly, the little Breeder cried out and clenched around me in a sudden
internal orgasm and I yelled and blasted him with my cum, shooting deep as
my cock burned with the release. I spilled my potent seed into him, the
thought of impregnating him foremost in my sex-hazy mind.

It was only when my cock began to soften that I realized what I'd
done. "Oh, god," I moaned in dismay. Pulling out gently, I checked my son's
tiny hole for injuries. There were none, only a glob of white cum that
bubbled out despite him trying to keep it all in.

Robby was crooning softly, shuddering every now and then and he didn't
react to me at all. I got us both to lie down side by side and I held my
son as he shivered and moaned his way through his cycle. In the early hours
of the morning, when the candles had long since burned out, he climbed on
top of me and took me inside again, riding me to a screaming orgasm that
had me fill him up to the brim again.

This time, the shivers where more pronounced and at one time, my son cried
out and his hands flew to his lower belly in shock. "Oh," he gasped in
pained amazement and then he gave me a slow, soft smile.

When the snow had been cleared away enough for a Centre vehicle to reach
us, Robby was a relaxed little boy again, no sign of distress in him. The
driver gave me an understanding half-smile as I bundled my son up and got
him into the car, but there was also a hint of pity to it that hit me right
in the gut.

I sighed and held my son as close as I could.

* *

"Congratulations," Dr. Morisson said softly, a little while later. I stared
through the little window at my glowing, healthy son that was laughing as
the nurse handed him a piece of chocolate. I couldn't look at the Doctor,
mortified by what had happened, by what I'd done.

I startled a bit as a hand landed on my shoulder. "Don't beat yourself up
over this, Mr. Roberts," the Doc said softly. "Think about it this way,
you did what you had to do to spare your son more pain, to make sure that
he would be able to grow up safe and sound in body and mind. Besides,
impregnating a fertile Breeder is a biological imperative and very hard to
fight." He handed me a piece of paper. Glancing at it, I saw a kind of
chart on it that didn't make much sense to me.

"This is Liam's cycle chart. See that huge spike? That's from the last
reading we took here just now. There were no indications that he would
become fertile so quickly beforehand, or he'd have stayed at the Centre for
the duration of the fertility phase."

I stared at the chart and tried very hard to work through the deep-seated
guilt I still felt. "I guess you're right," I murmured finally.

"Of course I am," the Doc said with a dead-pan face that had me snort out a
half-laugh. "There is something else we have to talk about, though."

My heart sank. That didn't sound good.

"I checked your blood work and cross-referenced it with Liam's. I'm sorry
to tell you, but there is no way that Liam is your biological son."

I felt like the ground had been pulled from under my feet. "What?"

Dr. Morisson grimaced. "I know you had a paternity test done, but something
had to have gone wrong there, or maybe it's been manipulated, I don't
know. But these results don't lie. I'm so sorry."


My heart sank to my boots. Turning around at Liam's voice, I ignored
Dr. Morisson's horrified apology and just focused on my son. I was dismayed
to see him in tears, looking at me with all the pained disbelief I felt

"Come here, peanut," I croaked and held my arms open. He flew into my
embrace, burying into me like he was trying to get under my skin. "It's
alright," I said into his curls. "It doesn't matter, Liam, none of it
does. You're my son, always have, always will be. It's just blood, it
doesn't mean anything."

"It does," he moaned. "It means something, everybody says so."

"What it means," I said, taking his face between my hands, "is that what
we have comes from the heart, rather than biology. I love you more than
anything, Li, and nothing will ever change that."

"I love you too," he whispered and for a long time, we just held each

Suddenly, Liam pulled back and rubbed a hand vigorously over his face. "I'm
going to keep it," he said, matter of fact.

For a long moment I had no idea what he was talking about and then I
noticed his other hand that lay protectively over his belly. Oh, please,

"Liam," I said, but he didn't even let me finish.

"No, Dad," he said earnestly. "I wanted it from the start and even more so
now that I know it's, that it's yours. It's not an, an incest baby, not
really and it's not fathered by a stranger. The law says that I get to
decide because that's my right as a Breeder."

I sighed, because of course he was right. "Oh, peanut. You're so youngÉ"
I didn't even try to deny that our relationship had been irrevocably
changed by his unexpected cycle. Even now, a low-simmering arousal pulsed
through my veins when I looked at him. I had never felt anything like this
before, and I could only guess that it had something to do with him being a
Breeder and me not being his biological father.

I looked at the Doctor, hoping that the man had something to say that would
change my boy's mind. Naturally, it wasn't that easy.

"Everything looks great, Mr. Roberts," Morisson said, almost
apologetically. "From what you told me, conception has been achieved very
quickly, that's a good sign. The impregnation spasms have stopped already,
the womb is fully developed and it's thickening to accommodate the embryo."

He gently had Liam move his hand and lifted his shirt. He was right. Where
only hours before, Liam's belly had been slightly concave, it was now
swollen a little, a tiny bump showing where his body was readying itself
for the pregnancy. I stared at this very obvious sign that my little son
was indeed very much pregnant.

"His hormone levels are through the roof," Dr. Morisson continued, "and
it's been a while since I've seen a Breeder up and about after not even
twelve hours. He is very much ready, Mr. Roberts."

Swallowing hard, I took a step towards Liam and without looking into his
pleading eyes, I reached out and laid a had over the exposed skin of his
belly. It was a lot firmer than I had expected and warm under my
touch. Liam gasped and after a moment, he put his own smaller hands on top
of mine.

"Our baby," he whispered softly, and that was the moment I gave in.

"Our baby," I repeated.

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