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Nifty - Bisexual - Incest - Keeping It In The Family Series - Keeping It In The Family 1

Date: Fri, 15 May 2009 17:49:41 +0100
From: Nick <>
Subject: Keeping it in the family - Part 1

WARNING: The following story contains descriptions of Bisexual/Incestuous
activity between Adult Relatives. Please do not read further if you are
likely to be offended by its content!

Let me start this true story by putting some context around our close-knit
family. We come from a remote area, at least by British standards, of the
mountainous borderlands between England and Wales with few of our forebears
ever having ventured far from their homeland on the Celtic fringes. We led
a safe and comfortable, if somewhat sheltered, life with few 'mod cons' but
nevertheless were happy with our lot. Most of our relatives lived, and
still live, within twenty miles of the family home. Everyone knows everyone
and for that reason, the names of those referred to in the story have been
changed. Even so, some people living around Y Fenni or Y Gelli Ganderyll
(to use the Welsh place names, though I won't attempt to explain the
pronunciations!) may recognise some of the characters! My parents were
childhood friends who married in their early twenties and carried on the
family traditions of sheep and beef farming. Neither of my parents ever
left Great Britain!

With remarkable precision, I came along some fourteen months after they were
married, my brother Robert arrived fourteen months later and my sister
Hannah fourteen months after that! We are all on the short side, of
moderate build with pale skin and black hair, all reflecting the purity of
our Celtic origins. Rob and I were often mistaken for each other in our
teens; now in our late twenties, we are still very much alike and both about
68 inches tall and weigh about 145lbs. We all did well at school and
eventually became the first of our family, and perhaps the first from the
district, ever to go to university. I qualified in electronics and
telecommunications, my brother as an accountant, whilst my sister took a
degree in economics at an agricultural college and has since carried on the
family business having married the son of a neighbouring farmer herself.

In fact all three of us married in the same year, all to partners we had met
at university, all of whom came from far afield, bringing some new blood
into our Celtic clan. I was 26 when I married Sarah, a marketing graduate
who was 25; we planned to wait awhile before starting a family. Rob was 24
and married Alison a 23 year-old architect, who wanted to start a family
just as soon as they could. Unlike Sarah and me, I always suspected that
they had been practising hard for quite some time! Hannah married David
when she was 22 and he was 27.
Hannah and David were comfortably ensconced in the family home and had
quickly produced a son and heir. Sarah and I lived a hundred miles away
near her parents in the English Midlands whilst Rob and Alison had returned
to her roots in the Northeast. In spite of the distances, we saw quite a
lot of each other particularly as Rob, Alison, Sarah and I all travelled
around the country quite frequently on our various work assignments and we
often stayed with each other. As couples we also shared holidays together
several times. All six of us were very close with few secrets between us.

It was on one of my business trips about three years after we were married
that the story really begins; it all happened about six years ago. I had
taken the dawn flight from Birmingham one Monday morning in summer to spend
a couple of days with a major customer in Newcastle. I was staying with Rob
in Consett, formerly the grimiest of steel towns but now a somewhat upmarket
dormitory town for the northeast conurbation. He had a four bedroom
detached house on a smart new estate on the site of an old rolling mill,
overlooking a wide valley. Alison had flown down to London on business
early that morning and was staying with her sister; Sarah was at home in our
modernised 1950s four bedroom house in leafy Solihull, just south of
Birmingham. The space as a great benefit since both the girls did most of
their work at home. This was still unusual in 2002 since although the
technology existed in the twentieth century the 'work at home' concept
didn't really catch on in Britain until several years into the new

I had taken a taxi from Newcastle airport to my client's offices but they
were quite close to where Rob worked and he had picked me up after work. We
had a quick pub meal before going back to the house, intending to have a
drink and an early night after our early morning starts. We decided to get
out of our business attire first; it was a warm summer evening so I just put
on cargo shorts and a tee-shirt. I called Sarah and had a long and smoochy
chat with her. In spite of - or maybe because of - a couple of rumpy-pumpy
sessions over the weekend I think both of us were a bit horny; I was
certainly pleased I had discarded my rather tight briefs! She was
definitely getting broody these days! Rob had disappeared somewhere,
probably to call Alison and was similarly dressed when he eventually

I had brought a couple of bottles of red wine from a stash that I had picked
up on a recent business trip by car through the Eurotunnel to northern
France. It was only about eight o'clock we decided to sit out on the raised
decking in the privacy of Rob's back garden and share one. Having put the
world to rights for an hour or so and watched the sun setting over the
distant hills, the conversation turned to family matters, he was worried
that Alison's parents were aging, both her sister and Hannah were expecting
babies, etc. All this gave me the cue I didn't really need, to ask him
about their own plans for starting a family.

He was dumbstruck; I thought he was going to burst into tears. They had
been so determined to have a baby soon after their marriage, preferably with
a couple more in short order thereafter but it was not to be, he said. I
hadn't known before, but when nothing happened they had been for all sorts
of investigations and tests. The outcome was that in spite of all the
'mechanics' working fine, Rob's semen was almost devoid of viable sperm.
They had considered the alternatives; in-vitrio fertilisation was not an
option, they were not keen to use donor sperm and even less happy about

Although I had touched a raw nerve, Rob was obviously pleased to be able to
open his heart and we talked about the problem for half an hour or more.
His sex life with Alison had been great; he had never had any other partner,
before or after they met. Remember we came from a very sheltered and
religious background! They had shagged themselves silly on honeymoon and
even had a false alarm when they returned home after two weeks in Spain. I
must admit that Sarah and I had our fair share of conjugal fun during the
two weeks we spent in Italy, but conversely we hoped that we had not broken
the duck, in spite of not always being as careful as we might!

I reminded Rob that we had decided to put off having a family for a while
after our marriage but mentioned that Sarah seemed to be getting pretty
broody lately. There wasn't much of a response but as we were well down the
second bottle of red by now, I put this contemplative mood down to a
combination of the rather nice Chateau Maurine and the relief of having been
able at last to talk within the family about the problem. After a few
minutes' silence, he quietly mentioned that he had another fear - that I
might be similarly challenged. That was a like bolt from the blue to me,
perhaps I couldn't father the children Sarah and I both wanted. Rob was
frank, open and honest with me but spoke with true compassion; he said the
specialist he had seen suggested that his lack of sperm might well be

At that stage both of us burst into tears, then stood up and hugged each
other for several minutes until we had calmed down a little. Rob suggested
that I might like to see his specialist and perhaps have some tests to find
out the real situation. With that, we finished the wine, cleared up outside
and went indoors. After a good night hug, we went upstairs to get ready for
bed. As I was coming out of the bathroom, naked as the day I was born, I
met Rob on the landing and couldn't help noticing his glance down towards my
wedding tackle. We had seen each other undressed plenty of times before,
from two small boys sharing the bath to teenage frolics in the showers after
school Rugby matches so I thought little of it, passed some brief remark and
went to the guest room.

Not being one for pyjamas, I got into their king-size guest bed clad only as
nature intended but lay awake pondering the bombshell that Rob had
delivered, remembering that Sarah had told me that the time would be right
when I got home on Wednesday. She knew that I sometimes wanked when I was
away and promised me a good shagging when I got back on the strict
understanding there would be no hand jobs in the meantime! After five or
ten minutes, my bedroom door opened and in the light from the landing I
could see Rob peeping in. Very quietly he said, "Nick, are you still

I answered him and he came in, closed the door and slid into bed beside me.
Quickly realising that I was stark, bollock naked, he threw off his boxer
shorts and snuggled up behind me, saying how sorry he was to have to break
the news to me. I could feel his flaccid cock and balls nestling just below
my ass cheeks as we both again burst into tears for each other. No more was
said, we just lay there and eventually must have drifted off to sleep, two
grown men still snuggled together with absolutely no sexual implications or
desires, just comforting each other in their mutual distress.

My alarm clock went at six forty-five and woke us both from our slumbers,
neither having moved an inch during the night. I could feel Rob's morning
glory against my legs, my own was just peeping out from under the sheet. We
joked about men's appendages always liking to make themselves felt, had a
good laugh at the unintended pun and were altogether much more relaxed after
a good sleep. I detected a twinkle in Rob's eyes, as he reminded me that
Alison would be coming home that afternoon.

We shaved, showered and whatever, Rob in their en-suite bathroom and me in
the 'family' bathroom. By the time I was down, Rob had the coffee and toast
all ready, with a fine selection of cereals and fruit on the breakfast
table. By eight o'clock we were ready to go, picking up one of his
neighbours from the bus stop at the end of their road. We all chatted
together during the fifteen minute trip and Rob dropped me near my client's
office saying he would pick me up about five o'clock.

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Nifty - Bisexual - Incest - Keeping It In The Family Series - Keeping It In The Family 1