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Nifty - Bisexual - Incest - Learning From Grandpa

Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2012 17:07:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tague Micheals <>
Subject: Learning From Grandpa

This story came about from a fan that sent me a link to some photos on the
internet. They were clearly naturist images taken of naturists so my
assumption was that they were legal. Amongst the people milling about was a
young boy exactly as I describe him here. I was amazed at the length of his
uncut dick as well as how low his sac hung. It was just plain unusual, to
me at least. And in all that, I didn't detect a single solitary hair and at
least one of the images was fairly close up although I don't think the boy
was the primary subject. In any case, the story contains graphic sexual
contact between a grandparent and children under 18 as well as step brother
and sister. If it is illegal for you to read such material or you are
underage then be warned.


~~~~~~~~~~                     ~~~~~~~~~~                     ~~~~~~~~~~

I was staying with my son and his family for a week and since I wasn't
around kids all that much it was a pretty big change in my life because
they had 6 kids. The boys were 9 & 12 and there were 2 girls under 4 years
old, 1 9 going on 10 and one 11 going on 12. The boys were my sons' from a
previous relationship while the 2 oldest girls were his wife's from her
previous relationship and the 2 youngest were their together.

My oldest grandson, Izaiah, didn't get along well with the oldest girl,
Rebecca, probably because they were close to the same age. Izaiah did seem
to get along well with the next oldest girl, 9 year old Taylor. Therein
lays the crux of the story.

I knew that Izaiah had already started puberty because during one of our
weekly phone conversations about 4 months before my visit Darien had said
the boy had come to him one morning and wanted to talk in private. It turns
out that there were spots in my grandson's underwear that hadn't been there
when he'd put them on before bed the night before. Darien explained it to
the boy and that was the end of that.

So by the second day of my visit it seemed to me that my grandson was doing
a little flirty grooming behavior with his 9 year old step sister. Taylor
was a very cute little thing with long blonde hair and pale skin turned
golden from the Albuquerque sun. She had a cute little button nose and
pretty blue eyes framed by long lashes. Izaiah was blonde as well although
his hair was darker than Taylor's and like the girl he also had blue
eyes. He was cute as all hell to boot, much like his father had been at
that age.

I was using Taylor's bedroom while I visited and she was bunking with
Rebecca in her room. When I went into the bedroom after my morning shower I
closed the door and as I turned I immediately noticed that the door to
Taylor's closet was closed to only a slight crack. It had been open about a
third of the way when I went into the shower. I positioned myself so that
when I took my towel from my waist I was facing in that direction. I went
about toweling my hair some more and then my upper body always keeping my
crotch open to view. I knew damn well someone was in there watching me so
gave them a little show.

I still look pretty good for a 55 year old man. I stay trim and fit and
still keep my moss trimmed down, my balls and my hole completely shaved. I
sport a solid 8 inches of cock which by then had started to harden
slightly at the thrill of exposing myself to one of the children whether it
be girl or boy. I tenderly wiped at my balls as well as my cock then
paraded around the room a little bit before digging into my back and
pulling out a pair of boxers and taking my time getting into them. I put
shorts and a T on and went downstairs. When Taylor showed up a few minutes
later her face was visibly flushed.

My son and his wife both worked so I was at home with the Izaiah and Taylor
while Rebecca was staying with friends and the two youngest were being
watched by a friend of my daughter in law. I wasn't used to the hot
weather, got headaches fairly easily, so had lay down every afternoon for a
nap after lunch. I had found that I couldn't sleep about the 3rd day I was
there and had gotten up to get an aspirin. The house was quiet and I
supposed that the 2 kids that were home were trapped in front of the TV, a
not uncommon occurrence. I padded quietly down the hall, and as I passed
Izaiah's room I heard whispering so I stopped and listened.

"You can touch it, it's okay Taylor," I heard my grandson say. He hadn't
closed the door completely so I very slowly got to where I could see

"It's so hard Izaiah," I heard the young preteen say as I looked through
the crack. "I wonder of grandpa's gets this hard." I couldn't see them but
I could see their reflection in the mirror on the wall across the
room. Izaiah was standing still, his jeans and underwear down below his
knees with Taylor squeezing and playing with his cock. Because her hand was
in the way I didn't see much but as soon as she took it away I did and to
say that I was surprised was an understatement. My grandson was hung just
like his father had been at that age.

I had wandered into the bathroom one night while Darien was taking a
bath. He was on his knees facing the door so I got a full on view of his
rock hard cock and his balls from less than 5 feet away. Four months shy of
13, Darien was sporting an easy 6 inches of stone hard preteen cock. Below
that his balls hung extremely low, much lower than I would have ever
guessed. I could barely make out some black strands of hair poking out
around his boyhood pride and joy but his balls were completely smooth and

I apologized immediately and backed out of the room, still stunned at what
I'd witnessed. I was also hard as a rock. I went into the master bathroom
and tugged my clothes off and jacked off at the memory of seeing my hot
young son in a state of hotness. While I had never had any particular
desire to be with my son, I certainly did love boys to death. It had been
more than a few years since I'd been with a boy when I came it was an
incredibly powerful orgasm.

I cleaned up then went out and back down the hall to Darien's bedroom and
since the door was open I walked in. He had just a second foot into a pair
of briefs and stood up. His cock was totally soft but still a long narrow
tube and his balls still hung quite low which continued to surprise me. I
also saw clearly the handful of black strands that were growing at the base
of all that made him boy.

"Oh, hi dad," he said as he pulled his underwear into place then adjusted
himself. I apologized again and Darien waved it off. "It's no big deal
dad," he said. "It's just us guys; you're my dad so really it's no big
deal. I've seen you naked before." That was true but it had been a few

"So, do I dare ask what exactly you were doing son." He said he'd just been
goofing around and got hard and wanted to look at himself out of the
water. I nodded my head. "I don't mean to pry Darien but, umm, are you,
masturbating yet?"

"Ewww dad, that's an adult word. Try using jacking off or something but
yeah, I found out about it a month ago or so."

"Okay jacking off it is then," I said. "Do we need to have a talk of any
kind now that you've become a young adult?" He wanted to know about what
and I said anything along those lines, any sexual questions. He shook his
head then stopped and said he did have a few questions.

"You know my friend Leo? Well he and another friend, Jason, have been doing
stuff together and I wondered if that's okay. I don't mean for me
necessarily but in general." I asked what kind of things and he said you
know like jacking each other off or sucking each other's dicks and stuff.

"Well Darien, boys at your age do a lot of that kind of stuff and is it
okay, yeah I think it is okay as long as someone isn't forced to do it." He
wanted to know if I'd ever done anything like that when I was his age and I
admitted that I had, quite a bit actually although I didn't tell him that
my friends and I had also fucked each other all through middle and most of
high school. He didn't need to know that.

"Did you like it, was it fun dad?" I told him of course it was; that almost
any kind of sex at that age is fun. He asked if I still jacked off since I
hadn't dated for some years and I was honest with him and told him that
yes, I did.

"Cool dad. Hey, maybe we could do it together some time." I said that I
wasn't sure that was okay and he wanted to know why. "Jason's dad jacks off
with him all the time, so does his older brother." That got my attention
and we talked a little bit about it and ended the conversation with the
possibility that maybe, if circumstances were right, if all the planets
were aligned then maybe.

"You're funny dad but serious, it's no big deal to do it. I bet Leo would
like to do it with us."

"So, have you done anything with your friends?" he shook his head but said
that Leo and he had talked about it they just hadn't done anything."

Leo was a very good friend of Darien's who, like my son, was cute as all
hell. He wore his black hair long, past his shoulders, and he had the most
amazing eyes with lashes that any girl in the world would die for. His nose
was one of those little button things and his lips were red toned, very
sensuous and perfectly kissable. I would have loved to spend some time with
the boy and as it turned out I did, but that is another story.

My dick went full on hard the second I saw Izaiah. "Can I see your pussy
now Taylor," he asked and I watched as the little girl pulled her dress up
to waist. While I couldn't see her hairless little slit I could her bare
naked butt so clearly she wasn't wearing panties. I watched my grandson get
to his knees in front of her and poke and prod.

"Gosh that feels good Izaiah," she said softly. I was dying to get in close
and watch them but didn't know how that was going to be possible.

"Let's take our clothes off," my grandson said, standing up. Taylor was
concerned about me waking up but Izaiah said that I'd be asleep for an hour
at least. Taylor said okay and I watched their reflection in the mirror as
they both stripped their clothes off and stood naked in front of each

"Did you want to touch grandpas' cock," Izaiah asked and the little girl
nodded her head which caused my belly to flip flop again. "Well let's get
on the bed and you can touch mine all you want."

I ducked down the hall back into Taylor's bedroom then into the bathroom
that the 2 shared. I wondered if they had been playing with each other at
all but based on the way the dialog had gone so far they hadn't or at least
hadn't very much. I peeked through the crack in the door and saw Izaiah
sitting on the bed and leaned over poking and feeling Taylor's pussy. He
stood up, grasped onto his raging boner for a second then got back on the
bed, lying down between her legs and used both hands to fiddle and probe
over the uncharted territory. The boy was gently grinding his hips and
mashing his cock into the mattress.

"It feels good when you touch me down there Izaiah," she said, her voice
seeming to be slightly deeper. I watched as my grandson moved his head
closer then started licking at the little girl's smooth little pussy
causing her to moan. "Oohhh gosh Izaiah what are you doing to me?" Her
talking encouraged the boy and he began licking her with more vigor. After
a bit he moved and sat up facing me but looking at Taylor. The boy's nuts
hung down onto the bed cover and his cock seemed to stretch to his outtie
belly button. He fondled himself and said that it was her turn.

Taylor got up and Izaiah lay down and she got between his legs and played
with his balls a little bit. "Gosh they hang so low Izaiah, almost lower
than grandpa's, but his are much bigger than yours." She then took hold of
his cock causing him to groan audibly, and stroked it a little bit.

"If you keep doing that it's gonna make my sperm shoot out," he said.

"I want to see that Izaiah, I want to see stuff come out of your penis."

"It's a cock Taylor, just like yours is a pussy and maybe you can if you
put it in your mouth first," the boy said.

"I don't know how to do it," Taylor told him. Fuck this, I thought to
myself and walked through the door.

"I can show you how sweetie," I said which startled the shit out of the
both of them.

"Oh my God grandpa," my grandson said trying to cover his raging boy
boner. Taylor jumped over the side of the bed with only her head sticking

"Don't worry kids," I said in my most soothing tone, "You aren't going to
get in trouble."

"You're not going to tell on us," Taylor asked and I shook my head.

"Would you like me to show Taylor how to suck your cock Izaiah," I
asked. The boy thought about it for a half second then nodded his head and
uncovered himself. I sat next to him and admired his boyhood charms from up
close. His cock was hanging in the air above his flat belly and quivering
with each beat of his little heart. His incredible balls hung between pale
hairless thighs and were waiting to be licked and sucked. I took hold of
his cock and held it up and then squeezed it causing him to moan. I could
see a slight bit of shininess at the slit, clear evidence that the boy was
producing precum. I gazed over his pubic bone and saw the beginnings of a
half dozen pale strands of pubic hair.

"When you're going to suck a boy's cock Taylor you have to cover your teeth
or you'll scrape his cock head, this part," I said pointing to it. "It's
very sensitive and you can hurt a boy." I showed her how to cover her teeth
then lowered my head and put my mouth over Izaiah's cock and began sucking
him. It had been at least 5 years since I'd had a boys cock in my mouth and
the feelings were almost overwhelming. I bobbed my head, taking the entire
thing into my mouth causing the boy to gasp. I reached between his thighs
and scooped up his balls with my fingers and cupped and fondled the eggs
causing him to sigh again.

Taylor got up off the floor and sat on the other side so I got a good
glimpse of her smooth hairless little slit although her legs were together
so I didn't get much. I finally stopped.

"Gosh grandpa that was fantastic," Izaiah said. I said I knew that it was
then offered Taylor a chance to try it. The little beauty took hold of her
step brothers rampant cock, held it upright, covered her teeth and began
sucking his cock. I reached back down between his legs and played with his
balls while she suckled and looked up at Izaiah's face. His eyes were
closed, his mouth was about half way open and his breathing was becoming
faster as his favorite toy was being worked on by his little step sister.

She finally stopped and sat up then Izaiah propped himself up on his
elbows. "How was that Izaiah," I asked. The boys were half closed but his
grin was full on as he said it had been awesome. Taylor said she had liked
it okay but it wasn't great.

"Well then Taylor, how about if I show Izaiah how to lick your little
pussy?" the girl nodded her head and the two traded places. I spread the
little girl's legs and started pointing out the parts, opening her lips so
he could see her little hole.

"This is where a boy puts his cock in order to make babies," I explained
and my grandson said,

"Yeah her cunt and that's when you fuck her." I said that was correct then
explained the sensitivity of the clit and how it was a good place to
concentrate on when preparing a girl to get fucked. Or anytime for that
matter. I said it usually worked best if you were between her legs so that
your tongue could get at everything much easier.

I did as I said, got in close and began licking at the girls' smooth
pussy. I truly loved a young girls' pussy because they were smooth, soft
and everything was a miniature of a matured pussy. In some cased, smaller
is better. I peeled her lips apart and began licking up and down then
concentrated on her little clit and ended by sucking it like a
noodle. Taylor moaned heavily at the attention. I moved my tongue down and
worked at her tiny cunt hole, licking all around the rim of it then trying
to push my tongue inside of her. I then rolled out of the way and told
Izaiah that it was his turn.

The youngster got into place and did what I did and I could hear him moan
softly as he worshipped a pussy in one of the best ways possible. He
finally stopped and rolled off to the side his hand working at his raging
boner as well as those magnificent balls. I simply stared for a moment
admiring the set, the smoothness, the softness and the glory of their sex
unblemished by hair. I didn't really count Izaiah's' little strands in that

"There you go kids," I said to which Izaiah asked what they should do
now. "Anything you want. Keep playing with each other and if you want to go
all the way then Izaiah, you have to fuck Taylor." The grin on my
grandson's face could have lit up a room for clearly he was on board with
that part of it. Fucking was the goal of any boy. Taylor wasn't so sure of

"Well I want to see the sperm stuff." Then she added, "Can we see your cock
grandpa?" Izaiah jumped on that bandwagon right away, agreeing with his
step sister. For my part I'd been hoping that one of them would ask.

"Sure," I said lying on the bed, "go ahead and take my pants down. Izaiah
immediately crawled over Taylor and me and I couldn't help but fondle his
balls as he went by. Christ those things hung. Once settle on the other
side of me both kids went about unbuttoning my shorts and tugging at them
and my boxers. I lifted my butt up off the bed in order to facilitate the
process. They got the clothing down below my balls and stopped, open

"My god grandpa it's huge," Izaiah said in awe.

"And look at his balls Izaiah, look how big they are," Taylor added. They
asked if they could touch it and I said they could but to take my clothes
off first, which they did. I peeled my shirt off and lay naked before the 2
preteens, proud of my body and thrilled that they wanted to play with
me. And they did.

It was always great having a child play with your stuff but having 2 of
them doing it at the same time was amazing. The touched everything. They
fondled, they stroked they commented.

"How come you don't have very much hairs grandpa," Izaiah asked, being more
familiar with adult males that his step sister. I explained that I kept
everything trimmed up, they wanted to know why and I said because it looks
better and it feels better, telling them to notice how soft my balls
were. They both felt me up, hefting and cupping my heavy sac and I reveled
in the feelings.

"Can you make the sperm," Taylor asked and of course the boy stepped in by
saying that he bet I made a ton of the stuff.

"Why don't you guys jack me off," I said, mostly to Izaiah. Taylor wanted
to know what that meant so her step brother explained it then showed
her. They each put a hand on my cock and began stroking it. I suggested
that they turn so that I could play with their stuff and they did. So there
I lay with a 12 year old boy and a 9 year old girl jacking me off, playing
with my balls while I had a cock in one hand and a pussy in the other. It
doesn't get much better than that.

I suggested that they take turns sucking my cock while they stroked and so
they did. Taylor commented on the sticky stuff and Izaiah explained it to
her, said it wouldn't hurt her. They finally got me to the cum stage and
just before I was there I told them to stop sucking and why.

"Watch this Taylor, it's amazing," Izaiah said.

"Oohhh fuck," I finally said. I didn't generally have cum shots like I had
when I was younger but every once in a while my body surprised me. The
first shot went clear up to my chest between my nipples leaving a 5 inch
trail of sperm as well as various droplets that had fallen away from the
main glob that dotted my lower belly. The second shot was much lower and
after that it was globs that more or less burped and the oozed out. Still
there was quite a bit of liquid.

"Jeez grandpa that's a lot of cum," my grandson said, clearly in awe of the
show. Taylor's observation was somewhat different.

"All that would go in a woman's cunt?" Both Izaiah and I looked at her with
wonder. She then put her finger in the goo, rubbed it between two fingers
then sniffed it. Izaiah observed that she could even swallow it if she
wanted that it wouldn't hurt her but of course she wrinkled her pert little
nose at the idea. Despite what porn films showed, most women didn't really
want to have anything to do with a guy's cum.

I asked for a wash cloth or something and got it then suggest that I jack
off Izaiah which earned me an enthusiastic response. I lay alongside of the
boy and started sucking his cock and stroking it, earning plenty of
sighs. He started moving his hips up and down, the urge to breed running
through his virgin young body. It didn't take long and I knew I'd get no
warning so I pulled my head away and simply licked at his cock head. He
finally groaned, I felt his cock thicken against my fingers and all three
of us watched a little glob of sperm shoot out and hit his neck. His cock
continued to pulse but only a few drop eased their way out of his piss
slit. I kept on stroking him trying to coax something more from his young
balls but there wasn't any. I leaned down and licked his cock head,
cleaning of his sperm and savoring the almost sweet taste of it.

Taylor wanted to know if girls did that and I explained that sometimes
women actually squirted out a liquid but generally no, but the feelings
were still there. She wanted me to make her cum so I explained what that
would entail and she agreed to it and lay back on the bed with her legs
spread wide open. I told Izaiah to slip a finger inside her cunt and
pretend that he was fucking her with it and to concentrate on the upper
part of it. While he did that I rubbed her clit, up and down, sideways and
in circles. The little girl was soon panting and moaning at the double
action. I moved my upper body alongside her and leaned down and began
sucking on her nipple which earned even more responses including holding my
head in place. It took a while but between us we got Taylor off. She
started shaking and moaning and practically crying as her body experienced
her first orgasm.

When I figured it was over for the girl I signaled for her step brother to
gently pull his finger out of her cunt and I did the same.

"Gosh grandpa her pussy got all wet," Izaiah observed. I nodded my head and
explained that process to the boy who was clearly amazed at all that he was
learning. Taylor finally came around and literally hugged and kissed me
fiercely. She didn't oblige Izaiah in that manner and I think the boy was
somewhat grateful for that. We talked about it, I answered questions then
the biggest of all came.

"Now what do we do," Taylor asked. It was really quite hot lying around
naked with 2 naked children and the least bit concerned about it.

"There are lots of things you and do, we can do," I said, my hand gently
playing with my balls. The wanted to know what. I explained the process of
doing a 69 either side by side on one atop each other. I elected to be the
bottom and show each one in turn how to do it.

As Izaiah climbed above me I asked when he's showered last and it had been
couple hours before. I gazed up and his rigid cock and pulled it down and
began sucking him while he did the same to me. The boy started to move his
hips, gently fucking my mouth while I suckled him. My hands were wrapped
around his narrow little butt, squeezing and pulling. I finally took my
mouth away, managed to get him to move forward then started at the puckered
muscle of his boy hole as well as his balls hanging in the air above me. I
licked along the underside of his smooth sac causing him to wiggle and moan
then moved my head up and started licking his hole.

"Oh my god grandpa," he moaned. Taylor was what I was doing and offered a
comment stating her thoughts on the topic. "Oh man Taylor you can't imagine
how good it feels though," the boy said then went back to sucking my cock
with even more enthusiasm. Reluctantly I had him move and asked Taylor if
she wanted to give it a try. She said she was as long as she didn't have to
lick my butthole. She didn't mention anything about me licking hers.

She climbed above me and I got to look at her smooth little pussy from a
new angle. It was so edible. I reached up and pulled the lips open and
stared at the inner workings before letting my tongue swipe across it
all. At the other end she took my cock into her mouth then I heard Izaiah
stay he'd hold it up for her. He did so but used his other hand to play
with my balls. I licked all over my step granddaughter's smooth little
pussy, shoved my tongue into her cunt hole, licked and sucked on her little
clit as she and Izaiah worked my cock and balls over.

I wondered if the little girl was going to let her step brother fuck
her. That would be hot to watch; 2 young people experiencing fucking for
the time, watching my grandson bury his stone hard young cock inside a
tight cunt and the wonderful feelings that come from having your hard cock
in a tight warm hole. I wondered too if she'd allow me to fuck her.

I wasn't all that enamored of girls, preferring a young boy to just about
anything. But I'd had a few young girls before. I spent a couple weeks in
Thailand when I was in the service and in that country finding children for
sex was as easy as walking out the front door or your hotel. I'd also had
plenty of young boys on that trip and at one point spent an entire day and
one night with 5 children aged 7-14, 3 boys and 2 girls. We had all sucked
and fucked our brains out the entire time and by the end of the trip my
balls were barely giving up a drop of liquid. It had been an amazing
adventure, one I jacked off to even in my later years.

Yeah, I could fuck Taylor if she'd let me and love every thrust of my cock
into her tight young cunt. But would she let me; that was the
question. There was also the question of fucking my grandson which I would
have preferred over all things.

Taylor finally rolled away from me saying her mouth was getting tired but
she really loved me licking her pussy. "Now what grandpa," Izaiah asked.

"Well, there are still plenty of things to do but I think the ultimate, the
best one and the primary reason for doing all this other stuff is to have
actual sex." Taylor wasn't sure just what that implied so Izaiah explained
it in no uncertain terms.

"It means that either grandpa or me put our cock inside your cunt. It means
that one of us fucks you Taylor." The little girl considered that for a
moment then said,

"Wouldn't that hurt a lot if grandpa put his cock in me?" Both Izaiah and I
nodded our heads.

"Honestly it would hurt a lot less if Izaiah fucked you Taylor." I
explained. She thought about that some more then said,

"Okay Izaiah, you can fuck me." The expression on my grandson's face was of
extreme excitement, typical of any young boy on the cusp of fucking his
first cunt, of losing his virginity. I was pretty excited too. Watching a
young boy fuck a young girl is pretty rare but being present when a boy has
his first fuck is incredibly rare.

"What do I have to do grandpa," he asked.

"Well, a young girl needs to be hot, to be all sexed up and feeling sexy
before you plug her cunt Izaiah so you need to get her in the mood." Taylor
opined that she was in the mood, she was ready for her step brother to
stuff his cock inside her cunt, although those weren't the words that she
used. I insisted and had the little girl lie back on the bed. I explained
foreplay to the youngsters and what that might entail.

"I don't want to kiss Izaiah grandpa but I liked it when he licked my pussy
and put his finger in my cunt and pretended to fuck me with it." So that's
what we did. The boy got down between her legs and proceeded to eat her out
like there was no tomorrow. I asked her if she'd like to suck on my cock
while he did her and she nodded her head. I crawled up and straddled her
then leaned over her head and Taylor took hold of my cock, pulled it down
and started by licking all over the head and cleaning off the precum before
sucking on me.

"Can you play with my balls too sweetie," asked her and a moment later my
sac was resting in her small hand. She cupped and tugged on my sac and
continued to suck my dick. I heard her gasp slightly then Izaiah say that
he had his finger inside of her.

"That looks hot grandpa with Taylor playing with your balls like that. I
loved it when you played with mine, do you like it too?" I said that I
did. Then Taylor surprised me. She took my cock out of her mouth and rubbed
it against her smooth cheek for a moment. Done with that, she pulled my nut
sac forward and licked my balls and kissed them. I felt like spurting on
her face. When she finished with that she said, panting heavily,

"I think I'm ready for Izaiah to fuck me grandpa." I had her pull her legs
back so her step brother could get to her cunt.

"You have to help out honey," I told her. Looking down on her smooth pussy,
the lips opened up to expose her clit and her little tiny cunt hole beneath
it, made me want to top her right then and there. Having my big cock shoved
up such a tight little hole would be amazing, as I well knew. One of the
little girls that I'd fucked in Thailand all those years ago had been 8
years old and I still remembered every detail of the experience; her smooth
young body, the tightness of her cunt as it gripped my rock hard 20 year
old cock, and the enthusiasm with which she engaged in sex.

Izaiah got into position and asked me what to do. I pointed out her cunt
hole and told him to get his cock head into it. He said that he thought
that his cock was too big to fit in there and I smiled inwardly at the
innocence of young virgin boys.

"Trust me sweet boy, Taylor's cunt could stretch to fit my cock if she'd
let me fuck her. Don't worry about it, your cock will fit just nicely."
That being said the preteen leaned forward and touched the shiny tip of his
cock to his step sister's flesh and pushed. "It's too tight it won't let me
in," he said. I told him to push harder and he did and then, as always, the
muscle gave way and the boys' cock head disappeared into the warm folds of
a cunt for the first time. Taylor yelped and I asked her if she was
okay. She nodded her head and said that it just felt strange having
something inside her cunt.

I watched as my grandson pushed his wonderful young cock all the way inside
of his step sister's cunt then lay gently on her. "Am I too heavy Taylor,"
Izaiah asked in a voice deepened by lust. She said no that it was okay. He
then began to fuck her, moving his butt up and down in the classic boy
getting his first fuck motion. I suggested that he try to get back on his
knees while keeping his cock deep inside of Taylor and he managed to do it.

"Now what grandpa?" I told him to hold her legs back and lean forward
slightly. I wanted to be able to watch the boy actually fuck his little
sister; I wanted to actually see his cock slide in and out of her cunt, to
watch his balls swaying with the motion of his tender little ass. I wanted
to get behind him and watch him fuck her from that angle, again, seeing his
balls hanging then resting against her crotch, his butt cheeks opening to
reveal his most secret spot then closing again as he drove his boner back
inside the liquid warmth of her cunt.

"Go ahead sweet boy, fuck her." I watched him do the deed. I got to see the
expressions on his smooth face as he did what all boys his age longed to
do, got to watch the feelings rise and fall in his body as he shoved his
boyhood pride and joy in and out of a cunt, got to actually watch my 12
year old grandson fuck a girl.

I loved watching young boys fuck. They were so focused on what they were
doing and because it was all new to them every feeling was
intense. Taylor's hands were beside her on the bed but one of them sneaked
between her legs and began rubbing her clit. Then she rubbed on Izaiah's
belly and put her fingers on his cock as it moved in and out of her. The
expressions on the little girl's face told me that she was way up in a fog
of hotness, that she was experiencing the pleasure of having a boys' cock
shoved up her cunt, pleasure at feeling his balls as they gently whacked
against her body.

"Is Izaiah going to put his sperm in me grandpa," the young girl asked
me. "

"Do you want his sperm in your little cunt baby girl?" She nodded her
head. I leaned over and started sucking on her nipple which earned another
gasp from my granddaughter. I didn't stay there long but moved back away so
I could see the children's face. I knew that the boy wouldn't last that
long and I wanted to watch his face as he shot his sweet young sperm deep
into his step sisters' cunt.

"Oh shit," Izaiah blurted out ad I knew that the boy was cumming. The
expression on his face was one of pleasure and pain, the exquisite feelings
of sperm rushing up a hard cock and exploding into the world. Taylor was
grunting each time her brother rammed his cock into her but I doubted that
she was going to cum from her first fuck.

Izaiah finally slowed down then stopped, his breathing coming fast. He
started to pull out but I stopped him. "Does it feel good having Izaiah's
cock inside your pussy baby girl." She said that it did so I told the boy
that whenever he fucked anybody whether it was a girl or another boy to
never just pull his cock out after he spermed. "You need to let people come
down a little bit afterwards sweet boy.

I finally let him pull out, saw the shiny residue of sex on the head of his
cock. When he was clear we looked down at Taylor's crotch, saw that the
hole was no longer tiny. Izaiah asked if it would go back to normal and I
assured him it would. I then brought him close to me and put his cock in
mouth and tasted his sister's cunt along with the remnants of his sperm.

"You're still way hard grandpa, are you gonna jack off and make the sperm
come out again," my granddaughter asked. I said that I would and asked if
she minded if I tried something and told her what I had in mind. She said I
could so lay back down with her legs pulled back and I got between her
legs. I really wanted to fuck her but didn't want to press my luck. Instead
I got in close and poked my cock at her clit and at her hole while I
stroked myself. I rubbed my cock up and down her hairless slit, massaging
my leaking precum into her flesh. I could manage the very tip of my cock
into the hole but that's as far as I would go. I eventually felt myself
getting close and told the kids that. Taylor wanted to watch too so propped
herself up on her hands. It didn't take long before my dick was spurting
out wads of white goo. I made sure that her clit got coated with my love
juice and managed to get a squirt to shoot into her cunt hole then onto her
lower belly. When I was finished I wiped the residue on her pale inner
thighs as if anointing her. After I pulled away Taylor began rubbing my
sperm into her skin which only made my dick want to stay hard.

We finally broke it up and Taylor went to take a shower while Izaiah and I
went into his bedroom and lay on his bed, still naked. We talked about the
experience, what it had been like for him and what else he might like to do
someday. He said he liked every part of it, even the stuff with me.

"What did you mean about me fucking a boy grandpa," he asked. I explained
that boys his age often experimented with each other, sucking each other
cocks, jacking off together or doing each other and that included
fucking. Izaiah seemed to find that interesting then asked if I'd ever done
that when I was a boy and of course I told him the truth.

"Did you ever do anything with a boy when you were an adult," he asked and
again, I told him the truth. "Well I sure liked it when you sucked me and
played with my balls and stuff," he admitted. I felt my heart lurch at the
notion that my grandson might just spend some quality time with me.

We finally got dressed, the parents eventually came home with the rest of
the kids in tow and the house turned into a noisy place to be. The kids
went down at their usual time and by 11 the entire house was quiet.

I undressed in my room with a small light on. I considered getting into my
laptop and looking at some porn and was just doing so when a light tap at
me door got my attention but before I could do anything about it the door
opened and Izaiah slipped in then closed it.

"What's up sweet boy," I asked, not bothering to cover my naked body. The
boy was wearing boxers but I could see that the front was already tenting

"Well, I thought about today and what we talked about and stuff and well, I
want to sleep with you and do all that stuff with just you and me and
nobody else. My dick started to rise, then he said please grandpa, and
pulled his boxers down to reveal his rapidly rising young cock. What could
I say to that. I opened my arms and my grandson melted into them.

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