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Nifty - Bisexual - Incest - Mother And Daughter

Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2004 19:54:59 -0000
From: TS
Subject: Mother and Daughter

Several years ago I had just moved out from living with
my girlfriend. It was not really an acrimonious split,
just going nowhere, but it was my decision, done on the
usual excuse of having some time and space to see what we
wanted, knowing that we would never get back together
again. After finding some rented accommodation in a new
area and getting used to being on my own I was looking
for a casual physical relationship and so started
exploring some avenues to meet women. One such avenue was
to respond to some friendship adverts in the local paper.
I had drinks with a few but all were disasters, not worth
pursuing. About the fourth attempt I met Elizabeth. She
was Scottish, small but quite good looking, about mid
forties and rather conservative. Certainly worth a second
look. On the first date I picked her up at a bus stop
near her home, we had a pleasant enough dinner and I
dropped her back at the bus stop. There was no suggestion
of anything physical at all.

This continued for a couple of dates, until I invited her
over to my house for dinner. She arrived and we had a few
drinks and then dinner. Afterwards we talked and I kissed
her (after 4 dates the first kiss!!). It was pretty good
but I had to make the running, opening my mouth and
slipping my tongue in her mouth. She responded pretty
well and used her tongue back in a similar way. During
this kiss I moved my hand over small left breast, felt
her flinch a little but not stop. I could feel her nipple
harden through her dress and bra (large nipple) and
pushed my hardening cock against her body. This was fine
until I tried to undo her dress and get my hand under her
dress and bra. She stopped me and said she was not ready
-- I ask you at 45 years old.

This now became a challenge. We had a few more dates with
similar outcome -- I kept trying and did eventually get my
hand into her dress but not under her bra. She also
started inviting me to her house for dinner and to watch
TV or listen to music. It turns out she had a 20 year old
daughter who lived at home and a 13 year old son in
boarding school. The daughter, Debbie, was very abusive
to her mother in the way that teenagers are, swearing and
basically refusing to do anything asked of her. She was
tall and very pretty with short black hair, although she
wore jeans and bovver boots with tight tops (larger
breasts than her mother). She also had a nose ring and
stud in her belly button. I hardly said more than a
couple of words to her and she pretty much ignored me.
One evening when the daughter was out (now about 3 months
into this) we were on the sofa listening to music, I was
kissing Elizabeth and managed to get my hand under her
bra and rub her nipple. It was large and hard, I moved my
mouth over her nipple and started sucking it. She moaned
a bit and I was trying to move my hand up her dress to
her crotch when she heard a key in the lock and pushed me
off. Her daughter came in and raised her eyebrows and
said, "I'll fuck off upstairs then". It was getting very
frustrating!! We chatted a while and I suggested we go on
holiday together. I didn't know how she would react but
she agreed.

We had a few more dates to plan the holiday but she
barely let me kiss her, and certainly stopped my hand
touching her even through her clothes. I felt an
impending disaster. The weekend before we were due to go
away she came round to my house on the Friday for dinner.
She had a bag with her and said she was going to stay the
night. I didn't quite know what to make of this -- I was
getting quite worried that there was some terrible
problem that I had not figured out. Anyway we had dinner
and a bit more wine than usual and I started to kiss her
but she pushed me away and said she was going upstairs
and I could come up in a few minutes. OK. She went
upstairs and I cleaned up a bit and followed her up,
where I found her tucked up in my bed. I didn't say
anything, not quite sure of what was intended but took
all my clothes off, watching her eyes look at my
hardening cock -- I am quite big and she looked with
interest. I slipped under the covers and put my arm
around her to discover that she was completely naked. I
rolled over and kissed her and put my hand over her small
tits with large hard nipples -- no word was spoken. I
rubbed and squeezed her tits and nipples and kissed her
deeply with my tongue -- she responded but did not try to
touch me. After a while I moved down a bit and took her
nipples in my mouth and played with them with my tongue --
she moaned and moved around. I knelt up, still kissing
her breasts and moved her hand to my cock which she
grabbed and played with gently -- it was very erotic after
such a long time. I moved my hand down to her bush, which
was quite large and down to her cunt, which was very wet.
I rubbed her clit and slipped my finger into her hole.
She moaned and moved in time with my movement.

I then moved down so I could get my mouth around her wet
cunt. She tasted very good and I got her juices all over
my face. I had my finger in her hole and was licking her
clit. She moaned and squirmed and came after just a few
minutes, with juices squirting out and her whole body
tensing. I kept her going by licking her clit for a while
and then moved around and lifted her legs over my
shoulder and rammed my hard cock into her cunt. She was
very wet but still quite tight -- a nice fit. I could feel
myself hitting the back of her hole as I pumped into her.
I came quite quickly with a lot of cum squirting out deep
inside her. It rated quite high in my list of first
fucks, maybe because it had been almost 4 months and it
was unexpected. We talked a bit and fucked again without
the oral before going to sleep.

We both woke quite early and I got up and made some tea,
I washed myself off and heard her doing the same. We had
tea I bed and I kissed her and pulled the covers back to
look at her in the morning light. She had small but well
formed breasts, with large nipples that almost covered
half of them. Her bush was dark and quite full -- I kissed
her briefly and sucked her very inviting tits before
pushing her head down towards my semi hard cock. To my
surprise she didn't mind and took me in her mouth --gentle
and warm -- delicious! She licked me and got me hard and
then asked what I liked - I said take as much as you can
into your mouth and move your tongue around the head. I
expected her to pull back when I came so I didn't give
her any warning, but she kept going and made me cum,
looking up at me with creamy cum dribbling from the
corners of her mouth -- she took me out of her mouth and
swallowed the mouthful and licked her lips before filling
her mouth with my cock to suck me till I went soft. It
was as good a blow job as I have ever had. What a

We had our weekend and started fucking pretty much every
weekend after that. She was quite passive and never tried
anything new but seldom refused anything. She never let
me stay at her house and we never fucked there -- an
unwritten rule. I got her to suck me, finger my balls, I
sucked her with one finger in her cunt and the other up
her arse -- which she seemed to like a lot. She would
never discuss sex before after or during but it was
pretty good anyway. I had a couple of hard core mags with
a lot of anal sex in them that I had kept out of site but
one day when I had to go out and leave her alone in my
house. I knew she would look around to try and find any
signs of other women or previous relationships -- I would
have as well. She didn't say anything but I knew the mags
had been moved. Next time she came over we again had some
wine and started kissing, sucking, fingering and
generally enjoying each other. I rolled her over and was
about to fuck her doggy style when she reached around and
guided my cock to her arsehole. I didn't say anything and
pushed gently at her hole. It was very tight but as I
pushed it slowly she relaxed to the point where I was
able to pop through her sphincter and had my cock right
up her arse. It was very tight and I only pumped a few
times before cumming in spectacular fashion. It was not
the first anal sex I had had but it was certainly the
best. Afterwards she just said, "Well that was

Things just got better physically and worse from a trust
point of view. The more fucking we did in all holes the
more suspicious she became of every contact I had with
any woman. I would have broken it off if the fucking had
not been so fantastic.

I hardly saw the daughter but gathered that things had
deteriorated to the point that Elizabeth had kicked her
out -- she moved into a room in the next town. Finally she
ran out of money and asked to come back home. Elizabeth
was working and asked me if I could go and pick her and
her things up and bring her home -- sure. It was early
afternoon when I went around to the room and helped
Debbie load up her clothes and hi-fi into my car and
started driving back. She looked pretty down and I asked
her why she gave her mother such a hard time. She said
that her mother didn't understand her and was so old
fashioned and fucking Victorian, "I don't know what you
see in her" she said. I looked at her and said maybe her
mother wasn't as conservative as she thought. She looked
at me and said, "Bullshit, she would have a fit if she
knew I was fucking anyone, she wouldn't know what to do
with a cock if it was right in front of her. What do you
do wank off at home?".

"You would be surprised", I said. "She is one of the
better fucks I have had in a long while".

"You must be hard up", but I could tell she was
interested, "what makes her so good?".

"Well, she gives great head, takes me really deep, and I
am not small, swallows the cum and sometimes takes it up
the arse. I would think that she is probably a much
better fuck than you -- she has hidden talents".

"I don't believe you".

"What don't you believe, that she is a better fuck than
you or that she takes it up the arse?"

Debbie just looked at me and said, "I don't believe that
you have a big cock, and I know I am better than my

"Only one way to decide that", I said. "Oh", she said,
"so you want to fuck me, fine lets go". So I diverted my
route to my house. When we got there I locked the car and
we went inside. I was pretty sure she would not go
through with it but was not about to let her get off

As we got through the door I turned her around and kissed
her on the mouth, pushing my tongue as far into hers as I
could -- she pushed back and had her tongue half way down
my throat. I moved both hands down her body and up under
her top pushing it over her breasts and lifting it over
her head. She had slightly larger tits than her mother
but with smaller nipples, firmer and with the nipples
slightly higher. She had her hand over the bulge in my
jeans and was struggling with the zip. I pushed her
upstairs and undid her jeans before pushing her down on
the bed -- I pulled off her jeans but left her panties on
which surprisingly were a frilly thong. I took off my
shirt and pants letting my cock spring free -- she just
looked and said "Ummm".

From the foot of the bed I moved my face into her crotch
licking her thong and working my tongue around and under
it. She smelt and tasted delicious as I pushed her thong
into her hole and rubbed the rough cloth against her
clit. With my hand I pulled the thong up so it pulled
tight and hard against her cunt. She was squirming now so
I moved back and pulled it off to reveal a semi shaved
bush and swollen red cunt. I soon had my face back in
there and was licking her for all I was worth. I moved
around slightly so I could get my fingers in her cunt and
touching her arsehole. It didn't take long for her to cum
and she squirted much like her mother but not as much -- I
licked up every drop and then moved up to kiss her on the
lips so she could taste herself. She licked my lips and
around the inside of my mouth, enjoying the taste. She
then pushed me on my back and took me in her mouth, not
as deep as her mother but much more active. I stopped her
before I came and she swung over me and guided my cock
into her tight swollen cunt. It was a much tighter fit
than her mother and she only had to move up and down a
few times before sitting hard down on me so I bottomed
out and exploded inside her. She just looked at me and
said, "So what is the verdict". "Pretty good", I said
"but once is not enough to tell". She grinned and said
"Well you are pretty big but don't last long, and I don't
believe what you said about my mother. Anyway we had
better get back -- are you going to tell her?". "You have
to be kidding? Anyway I still have to figure out how I am
going to get my house cleaned up and rejuvenated so I can
give a convincing performance tonight". "That's your
problem", Debbie said.

I went and washed and so did Debbie, I could hardly
believe what had just happened. Anyway I tidied up the
house and took Debbie home, her mother was waiting and I
don't know how she didn't pick up on anything -- perhaps
it was just so way out she did not even think of it. That
evening we went back to my house and I halfway through
the evening went upstairs and checked that the bedroom
looked ok. I pumped up the pillows and noticed a small
frilly thong tucked under one of them. I pulled out
Debbie's thong but could not resist smelling it and felt
myself get hard all over again. Before I got carried away
I hid it in a safe place and went downstairs. I needn't
have worried about performing. Fucking the daughter in
the afternoon and mother in the evening made me very
excited -- I was hard and big and lasted a long time. It
was as good a fuck as we had had in a while. I fucked her
hard in her cunt but didn't cum and then slipped into her
now more relaxed arse and fucked her hard and deep, right
to the end of my shaft, for longer than I have ever been
able to last. Debbie should see this I was thinking and
fucked her mother harder.

As it turned out Debbie wasn't a regular fuck but we
found a way about once a month to have a few hours
together. She would not let me fuck her in the arse and
said she didn't believe that her mother did that. One day
I said why didn't she watch, so we devised a plan where
Debbie would be in my house when we got back one night,
quite late and went straight to bed to fuck. I organised
it so she could be in the spare room and if I left the
bedroom door open she could watch us reflected in the
hall mirror. Great she said but I need to see you fuck
her in the arse. I said I would arrange things so she
could see. It nearly all went wrong when Elizabeth wanted
to get a spare pillow from the spare room but I said I
would and walked in naked with my hard cock right in
front of Debbie who was fingering herself in the spare
room. I pulled the covers right down and after sucking
Elisabeth's cunt till she came pushed her head down over
my shaft -- I couldn't help but look at the mirror in the
hall and swore I could see Debbie there. After a while I
pushed Elizabeth off and turned her sideways onto the
door doggy style and first slid into her cunt to get wet
and then hesitated with the head of my cock up against
her arsehole and glanced at the door -- I say Debbie
peering around the door not looking at the mirror but
directly in at us. I pushed so I forced my cock into
Elizabeth's arse and heard her gasp as I went in deep. It
was too much for me and I didn't last long before
exploding inside her. We both flopped down and closed our

A few minutes later I felt a hand and lips on my cock
that had so recently been up Elizabeths arse. There was
little response and I was about to push her off when I
looked down and saw Debbie with my cock in her mouth and
her mother eyes closed but not asleep next to me. I froze
but Debbie just said "Shhhhh" and started fingering her
mothers cunt. Her mother opened her eyes and looked down,
"Hi mom" Debbie said innocently. I expected an explosion
but all Elizabeth said was "What are you doing here?".
Debbie just smiled and said "Well me and Tony have been
fucking for several months now so I thought it was about
time we got together". I still couldn't believe this but
despite everything my cock was getting hard, both Debbie
and her mother noticed it. Debbie just said "Are you
going to do something about this or shall I?" With that
Elizabeth sat up and they both started sucking and
licking my very hard and swollen cock. Debbie stopped and
looked at her mother and said "I never believed Tony when
he said you fucked him up the arse, I guess I will have
to now as well". And with that she knelt up and asked her
mother to please guide me into her arse, and if she could
lubricate her with her mouth first. Elizabeth did this
and it was almost as much as I could take to see
Elizabeth licking her daughters arsehole. So for the
second time in about 2 hours I positioned my cock up
against an arsehole. This time a virgin one. Elizabeth
said relax, it will hurt a bit but feels like nothing
else when he gets right in. With that I felt her loosen
up a bit and pushed hard at her hole. With a pop, much
like the first time I arse fucked her mother I slipped
inside Debbie. I didn't go that deep and didn't last very
long but it was rather special.

Things changed a bit after that but not much. I still
fucked Elizabeth often and well, but we started fucking
at her house as well. If Debbie was around she would
sometimes come in and the three of us would fuck all
night. I still sometimes fucked Debbie by herself but
Elizabeth was not keen on this so we seldom told her.

Debbie eventually found a new boyfriend and moved some
distance away. Elizabeth and I continued to see each
other for a while but it was never the same and we
eventually split up but remained friends. We hadn't seen
each other for about six months -- I was dating someone
else and so was Elizabeth. Debbie phoned to invite us
both for a re-union at her house as her boyfriend was on
an extended trip abroad. I can't wait.
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Nifty - Bisexual - Incest - Mother And Daughter