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Nifty - Bisexual - Incest - My Three Sons

Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2013 20:25:13 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tague Micheals <>
Subject: My Three Sons

A story of a mother, her 3 sons and various other minor children. If this
offends, is illegal where you live then move on to something
else. Otherwise pull up a cleanup cloth and N-joi.


~~~~~~~              ~~~~~~~~~~              ~~~~~~~~~~              ~~~~~~~~~~

Goddamn but I loved watching my sons fuck little girls. Or little boys. Or
each other. Or me when we fucked in front of a mirror. Of course I loved it
when they fucked me in any position but many of those didn't provide
opportunity for quality viewing.

Tavin, just a few months shy of 14, had little Gina on her back with her
legs spread wide open and was driving almost 7 inches of fat cock in
and out of the 8 year old girls' cunt. From where I was kneeling behind
them I could see every bit of the action as could Tazen, my just turned 13
year old. Yes, I had gotten knocked up immediately after my first son was
born and at the time I wasn't too happy about it but now that I had 2 sons
shooting sperm it was more than worth the hassle it had been back then.

At the moment I was straddling Tazen's waist and riding his hard boner
while he sucked 11 year old Taylan's hairless boner. I say hairless but
actually a very small sprinkling of very short black hairs had begun
appearing at the base of Tay's cock in the past few months. He had actually
had his first bubble of cum a few months before and I had reveled in the
notion of having 3 sperm shooting boys at my disposal 24/7. God I loved
watching boys shoot cum.

Taylan was my little bi-racial boy. Where my other 2 boys were straight up
white, Taylan's father had been a mix of each Egyptian and Swede so my
boy was a beautiful milk chocolate. He had never had his hair cut; split
ends trimmed only, kept it corn rowed. Taylan had blue eyes, rare for
darker skinned people, so right off the bat he attracted admirers of both
sexes in droves. Taylan had had his little cheeks pinched since he was
born. It was Taylan who attracted most of the little girls my sons got to
play with. Well, not just my sons.

To top everything off my youngest sported a cock that was the envy of
plenty of boys, not the least of which was my middle son Tazen-which by the
way is pronounced with a hard A like Tazer. His father had been hung like a
stud horse and his son took after him in that regard. At 11 Tazen was just
shy of 6 inches long when fully soft but not much different when hard. His
balls would eventually catch up with his dick but for now tended toward a
little small in comparison but they did hang nicely. Tazen was also uncut
which was a curiosity for many people.

"I can taste Gina's cunt on your cock Taylan," his brother said, his voice
still the high pitch of a preteen. Taylie was bent over Taze and gently
fucking his mouth while his eyes were focused on Tavin's ass and balls and
Gina's split open cunt.

"How did we get to where we were at," you might ask. I think my boys came
to it naturally considering that I had been a little slut from the age of
about 8 year old. My brother Jamie was 3 years older than me and started
messing around with me when he was 11. It was mostly I'll show you mine
sort of stuff which of course progressed to touching, then licking and
sucking and jacking him off. Jamie started sperming when he was 12 which
was the first time he fucked me.

I loved cock from the get go. I loved how it looked and felt; I loved how
it would go from soft and hanging to full on hard and standing up against a
boys' flat belly. I loved boys' balls, especially boys' my brother age. The
sac was soft and hairless and hung down. I also liked pussy.

After Jamie started playing with me I engaged my best friend Tracy in
mutual pussy rubbing which lead of course to licking and finger
fucking. Tracy loved it as much as I did. I didn't tell Jamie that I was
playing with her however because he would have tried to talk me into
getting the 3 of us together and I wanted him to myself, at least for the
time being.

The first time my brother fucked me I was in heaven. It never hurt a bit
and the feeling of his cock spreading my cunt open, of sliding back and
forth inside of me, and his balls smacking against me when he fucked me
hard, was incredible. We didn't get a chance to fuck very often during the
school year but when summer hit we fucked every single day. A week after
school got out, Jamie asked if I would be interested in letting his best
friend Adam fuck me. Adam was a really cute blond boy and I flirted with
him as shamelessly as only a 9 year old can. I readily agreed so we went to
Adam's house. He was 13 and his parents let him stay home alone.

We stripped down right off the bat and I saw that Adam's cock was bigger
than Jamie's, he had more hairs on it, and his balls hung lower. I was the
first naked girl other than a baby that Adam had seen so of course his cock
was as hard as any boys' cock could be. We played around some because he
wanted to explore my pussy. I sucked his cock which about sent him through
the roof.

"Fuck Amy you suck better than your brother does," he moaned. I took my
mouth off his cock and said,

"My brother sucks your dick?" Jamie turned to Adam and said thanks a lot
but admitted that they did suck each other off regularly. It wouldn't do
but I had to see that so Jamie got between Adam's legs and sucked his
cock. I straddled Adam's face so I could watch and the boy wasted no time
licking my pussy and fingering me.

Adam ended up fucking me first and being as how I was the boys' first fuck
he did it the usual way by laying on top of me and drilling my cunt. "Oh
man I'm gonna cum. Should I shoot my sperm in her Jamie?" Jamie said to go
ahead and a moment later Adam grunted and I felt his sperm shoot into
me. He must have made way more than my brother did.

Adam climbed off as soon as he was done and Jamie got between my legs,
pushed them back and began licking my pussy and cleaning up Adam's leaking
cum. "Wow that's pretty hot Jamie," his friend said. I loved it when Jamie
ate my pussy after fucking me. Jamie fucked me from a kneeling position
with my legs draped across his thighs. My brother had gotten pretty good at
it too, often moving his slender little butt from side to side while he
fucked me and sometimes pressing his boner all the way inside me, then
stopping and grinding his butt. I cummed while Jamie was fucking me which
surprised Adam. Like many boys he didn't know that girls could cum. As
soon as Jamie got off of me Adam got down and ate my brother's sperm
causing me to cum again.

The boys each fucked me twice that day then Jamie fucked Adam which I
thought was pretty amazing. That summer I got Tracy to go with us and the
four of us fucked sucked and licked for almost 7 hours. We stopped for
lunch, didn't bother to get dressed and fucked again as soon as it was

Jamie turned 13 in July so he could legally babysit me so on a Friday night
my parents said they were going out on a date and wouldn't be back until
late. Not telling my parents, Jamie invited 4 of his friends over, all 12 &
13 year old boys and all of them fucked me, one after another. They fucked
and sucked each other as well and at the very beginning they all jacked off
for me so I got to see 5 boys shoot their sperm out and since they shot it
onto my body it was even hotter. Everybody's cocks were about the same so
there wasn't anything real special other than the fact that I got fucked
about 8 times that night and loved every single one of them. The boys all
took turns licking each other's sperm out of me too so that was pretty fun
to watch and to feel.

Jamie and Adam were the first boys to double fuck me which made me cum like
crazy. They took turns switching holes so we did it a couple of
times. Jamie continued to fuck me until he got a girlfriend when he was
16. Of course his friends were fucking me from time to time as well so I
got to experience some fairly big cocks by the time I was 12. One of his
friends was a blonde boy named Rodney who had a huge cock and when he
fucked me I really felt fucked. He made a ton of sperm too and I could feel
it flooding my cunt when he came. Rodney always ate my pussy after he
fucked me saying he loved eating his own used sperm out of my pussy.

There are plenty more tales to tell about my life before I became a
teenager but that, as they say is another story. As much as I was
interested in playing with my boys, I didn't until about 9 months earlier
when I came home at noon instead of 5pm to find my 2 youngest boys in their
bedroom with a little girl. I assumed that Tavin must be in his bedroom.

The boys' bedroom door was opened a crack which was either a mistake or
their older brother was aware of what they were doing. Within an hour I
would discover the answer to that. I heard the girls voice first which
signaled to me that I needed to be quiet. Peeking through the crack I saw
the little girl sprawled out on the bed naked as were my 2 youngest sons,
both sporting boners.

Up until that time most of the boners that I saw were inside briefs, which
all the boys wore around the house with regularity, especially in the
morning before getting dressed for school. I had run into Tavin as he was
headed to the bathroom one morning, without underwear and fully hard. He
had been 12 at the time. He was clearly embarrassed and I was fine with
it. I also walked by his room and saw him on his bed stroking his 13 year
old cock with a fury that young boys typically have. Tavin's door was about
half way open so it wasn't like I was barging in on him or anything.

I had also caught Tazen and Taylan lying on their bed stroking each other's
boners. They were embarrassed and I explained that kind of behavior was
normal and not to worry about it. The next time that happened they didn't
even bother to cover up, stop or anything else. The both grinned at me and
kept on doing what they were doing.

So, there they were, naked and hard with an equally naked little girl.

"Maybe Taylan should fuck me first to show you how to do it," the little
girl said. It sounded to me like my youngest was already banging beaver, if
such a young girl can be considered to actually have a beaver. That being
said my youngest got between her spread out legs and maneuvered his cock
into her cunt then leaned forward a little and proceeded to fuck her. My
pussy started dripping at the sight my young sons' happy brown ass moving
to and fro and to top it off I could actually see his cock going in and out
of her cunt.

"You always fuck me so good Taylan," the little girl said. I slipped a hand
up under my skirt and began rubbing my pussy with a vengeance as I watched
my boy pick up speed.

"I'm gonna cum Crystal," he said then he grunted and moaned. Jesus the kid
even knew all the terms. After a minute he rolled off. "See that's how you
do it Taze," his little brother said. Tazen got between her legs and about
that time I heard Tavin's bedroom door open. I jerked my hand out of my
skirt and turned in that direction and as soon as he came out I had my
finger to my mouth shushing him. His eyes were still the size of saucers. I
wiggled a finger and he came toward me, his erection clearly evident since
he was only wearing briefs and of course he tried to hide it. In his ear I

"I suppose you knew all about this and in fact were coming down to fuck the
little girl yourself." My son knew better than to lie to me so he nodded
his head. I kissed him on the cheek and said it was okay. From the room I
heard Tazen say he couldn't get it in. That being said I decided that it
was time to intervene. I went into the room and was alongside the bed
before anyone knew I was there. Tazen quickly started to move.

"No son; stay where you are, get back into position. He did and I reached
down and took hold of his raging boner which caused another flood of juice
in my pussy. With my other hand I opened the little girl up. "Move in
closer Tazen," I said and he did. Once his cock head was in I told him to
push it all the way in. Once he was there I said, "Okay, now you can fuck
her." He was a little reluctant needless to say.

"Look, you guys aren't in trouble at all, okay? Yes we'll talk about it
but for now you need to fuck this little girl." Tazen did his duty and
properly fucked Crystal. I asked her how she was doing and while scared
initially she seemed to be fine.

"Does Taylan fuck you pretty good honey," I asked her and she grinned and
nodded her head. I saw that Taylan was busy stroking his still hard cock
while Tavin was roughly fondling his through his briefs. I looked to my
oldest son and asked if he had fucked and he said not today which gave me
even more information not the least of which that this appeared to be
Tazen's first time.

"Fuck I'm gonna cum can I shoot my sperm in you Crystal?"

"Of course you can silly; I don't even have my period yet." Tazen picked
up speed then he grunted and I knew he was cumming. I was curious as to how
much sperm the boy made. When he was done he gently pulled out so I had the
little girl moved to the edge of the bed and spread her legs for me. I got
to my knees and investigated her pussy and her cunt hole, detecting a
little redness but not much. Then to my boys, and Crystal's complete
surprise I put my face in and began licking her smooth young pussy, working
my tongue into her hole to clean up any cum my son might have left there
and working her little clit. After a minute the little shivered and shook
and I knew I'd made her cum.

"Oh gosh Mrs. Matson that feels so good," she moaned. When I was done I
stood up and looked at my sons, all of which had a slight grin on their
faces. They were also still rock hard.

"You need to get dressed and go home now honey, you can play again
tomorrow. She got dressed and as she headed out I looked that the boys.
"Living room, 5 minutes and no clothes, including you Tavin," I said look
at my oldest boy. "I'm going to take a shower and will see you
there. "Five," I said holding up my hand, "minutes." And left.

I took a quick shower, made sure my holes were all spic and span and got
out and dried off. I wrapped the towel around me, just above my tits and it
just barely covered my pussy which had been recently waxed and trimmed so
the hair, which was short, and was mostly along my gash. I walked out of my
bedroom to find the boys standing in my bedroom, as directed, fully naked
although Tavin's hands were clasped on front of his stuff but didn't do
that good a job of hiding it.

"A little shy are you Tavin," I asked with a grin and his response was,

"Yeah, Kinda." I nodded my head in understanding.

"Well, does this help," and I tugged the towel off and stood bare ass naked
in front of my sons. All 3 jaws dropped wide open and all six eyes were
glued mostly to my pussy. I was only standing about 6 feet from them. Tavin
grinned and let his hands fall to his sides and I admired a nicely hung
boy. Easily 6 inches soft, my oldest son had a nice little patch of sandy
colored hair growing at the base of his pride and joy. His balls hung
nicely too, one lower than the other and while there was hair at the top of
the sac, the rest of it looked pretty smooth. And his cock was its rise to
glory. But then, so were the other two.

I plopped my ass down in my easy chair. "So, how long have you been
sexually active Taylan." My little brown skinned boy grinned and in his
high pitched voice shrugged his shoulders and said,

"I dunno; a year." I asked if that was playing doctor or fucking.

"Well, mostly fucking." Even Tavin looked at him with a bit of a shocked
expression on his smooth face.

"Same girl, a few girls or what?" He seemed to give that some thought then

"Maybe 15, I'd have to sit down and make a list."

"You've fucked 15 different girls in the past year?" I'm sure my voice had
a sound of incredulity about it.

"Yeah, but it might be more than that, I'm not sure." I shook my head in
amazement then asked Tazen the same question and he said that today was his
first time while Tavin had fucked Crystal a couple days before and that was
his first time. It appeared that my youngest son, 10 year old Taylan was a
super cocksman. So was his father so there's no surprise there. Besides he
was an incredibly beautiful boy with a dynamic and outgoing personality.

"What about boys? Have you played with boys too?" All 3 of my sons admitted
that they had and when asked they said that they had all played with each
other too, which I expected.

"So, I said coyly, "How do you feel about all of us playing together?" I
swear that all 3 boners wagged in the air when I said it.

"Do you mean like, fucking and everything," Taylan asked. I nodded my
head. "Oh wow mom," Taylan said as he stepped up to the chair, "I would
love to fuck you. You are so hot mom. I want to suck on your titties like
when I was a baby and I want to put my boner in your pussy." The openness
of youngsters can be amazing sometimes. The two older boys were shocked
that their little brown skinned brother actually said it. I reached out and
took hold of Taylan's boner and stroked it a couple times.

"I would love to have your boner in my pussy baby boy." Taylan beamed his
signature smile then Tazen piped up.

"What about me mom, can I fuck you too?"

"All of you can, if you want too." I looked at my oldest son whose cock
head was literally a cherry red.

"What about you Tavin? Do you want to fuck me too?"

"More than you will ever know mom. I've wanted to fuck you since I knew
what fucking was. Tay's right mom; you're smoking hot, all my friends think
so too and all their fathers." I beckoned Tavin to come stand next to the
chair which put his hard young cock and tender balls right in my face. I
could see precum seeping out of his piss slit. I turned slightly and took
hold of his cock and pulled it down then licked all over the head before
putting it my mouth. I could smell the fragrance of boy emanating from his
crotch and felt my heart lurch a little bit. I heard my son sigh heavily,
felt movement at my other side then a small hand fondling my tit and before
I knew it Taylan-I knew it was Tay without looking, began nursing. I put my
hand out for Taze and when he took it I pulled him toward my other
tit. Mind you I still had Tavin's cock in my mouth. Tazen crawled up onto
my lap and nestled in and began nursing right off the bat.

Life couldn't get much better than that; a young boy on each breast and the
cock of healthy 14 year old in my mouth. "Fuck mom I'm gonna cum pretty
fast," my oldest reported. I took my mouth off his cock and tugged him down
and when his face was level with mine I pulled him to me and planted my
mouth against his. Tavin was a little taken aback by that but quickly
responded by opening his mouth and engaging with me including using his
tongue when I used mine.

"I really like having your cock in my mouth Tavin," I said when I broke the
kiss, "but I really want it in my cunt and I want your sperm in my cunt

"Okay," he croaked. I maneuvered the 2 leeches away from my tits then
kissed each one of them in the same manner I had kissed their
brother. Tazen didn't really know what he was doing but Taylan sure as hell
did. That boy put a hand behind my head and held it while pressing his
mouth to mine, mouth it around as we kissed and initiating the tongue
action by shoving his into my mouth first.

"Goddamn boy," I exclaimed when we broke the kiss, "You've been getting
some experience somewhere." Taylan shot me a huge smile and nodded his
head. That said I got up and invited my sons to the sofa.

"So, I said as I spread my legs, "Tell me what you know about a girl's
pussy." Tazen was pretty much clueless, Tavin had a bit more knowledge and
of course Taylan knew almost as much as I did and began explain he various
parts, what they were for, and how a boy was supposed to treat them.

"Well then Tay would you liked to show your brothers how it's done." The
boy beamed again, moved between my legs, then pushed them back a little
further so it opened me up and my then 10 year old went to town. That boy
licked and slurped like there was no tomorrow. He worked my clit over,
sucking it into his mouth then letting it go and doing it again. It felt so
good that I put a hand on the back of his head.

"Goddamn Taylan what a pussy licker you are." The other two stood there
stroking their boners and watching their little brother. Taylan worked a
finger up inside my cunt and fingered me while he worked but after a bit
stopped, backed away and smiled at all of us, his face a little shiny from
my pussy juices. I beckoned him to me and as he moved I asked if anyone
else wanted to get down there and explore around and both the older boys
did so they explored while I engaged Taylan in a deep throated kiss,
tasting my cunt on him. I commented about that he grinned again and asked
if I liked tasting my cunt on his mouth and I assured him that I did.

Tazen wasn't ready to eat my pussy quite yet but he did want to suck on a
tit some more so I let him do that while I sucked on Taylan's hard cock. My
almost 14 year old son got between my legs, looked around and fingered
around then began eating my pussy out. He didn't do as good a job as his
little brother but it still felt good. Besides, it was his first real pussy

"Can I suck your cock Tazen," his younger brother asked as he rolled his
lower body away from me and my beautiful long blonde haired son nodded his
head. The younger boy got down between his brother legs and began sucking
his cock, taking a majority of the shaft into his mouth. Clearly Taylan had
plenty of experience with sucking cock. Tazen moaned as his brother
worshipped him, clearly having had experience with being on the receiving

"Fuck mom I'm gonna cum pretty fast," Tazen moaned. I wanted to see my son
shoot his sperm but I also wanted his teenaged cock in my cunt.

"Well maybe I should have you boys all fuck me then we play some more, how
does that sound?" They were all in agreement. I was calling the shots so I
elected lay back with my legs spread. That way we could all watch the cocks
sliding in and out of my cunt, which I knew all boys loved, hell so did
it. While one boy was fucking me the other 2 could do blow jobs on each
other, or one could get his cock sucked while he nursed on me, or there
were any number of combinations we could try. I elected to go from youngest
to oldest so Taylan was the first to get between my thighs.

Tazen lay on the sofa and went for a tit while his older brother proceeded
to suck his young pubertal brother. Taze had clearly started getting hair
about5-6 months before so the sandy colored strands were fairly sparse. I
pinched on my other nipple for a moment as Taylan got into position and,
like an expert cocksman, rubbed the tip of his boner up and down my slit,
teasing my clit and my hole with it. He finally stopped, used a finger top
open my gash a little more then slipped his cock inside of me causing my
body to explode with feelings. My youngest son was fucking me, sliding his
cock in and out of my cunt. I wasn't his first pussy but I was his first
woman, at least as far as I knew. My two oldest were engaged alongside me
and clearly Tavin was no novice to sucking cock. His eyes were closed and
he fondled his brother balls as his head moved up and down in Tazen's
lap. Taylan began fucking me, sliding his young cock in and out of me.

"Gosh mom you're so wet and slippery in your cunnny; I love having my boner
in you." I was very surprised to hear him use the word cunny since that was
a term that most girls used at one time or another. Clearly he learned it
from girls, plenty of girls. I looked down to see the look of rapture on
Taylan's light brown face and I watched his boner moving in and out of me,
fucking me. God I was in heaven.

"I'm gonna cum Tavin," his brother said so the older boy backed off and
they traded places, Tavin on my breast and Tazen on his cock and at once I
saw that Tazen was no novice to cock sucking either. I wondered how much of
their experience came from being with each other and if so how I had I
missed the cues.

"God mom I love fucking your pussy," Taylan moaned. My youngest picked up a
little speed and was slamming his young boner in me and then all of a
sudden his body vibrated and shook. "Oh fuck mom oh fuck," he groaned as he
came. I was about ready to cum too. I had my hands on his tender little
butt reveling in the fleshy orbs.

"I know girls don't like me to come out of them too fast mom but since
you're gonna get fucked again right away should I take my cock out of you?"
I told him to go ahead. Of course the other two were vying for second so
they broke away from me and each other. I elected to have Tazen go second,
saving my oldest for last since he was larger and I was hoping that he'd
make me cum.

Tazen got between my legs and I took hold of his cock and guided it to my
hole. Once there, my boy sunk in up to his young smooth balls, which I
could feel resting against me. "Go ahead baby boy, fuck your mama." He did
as I asked and began the process. Being a novice he was laying on top of me
and that was okay. I would teach the boys much better ways to fuck as time
went on. Taylan was busy snuggling against me so Tavin asked to suck his
little brother's cock, got permission, then he went to town.

"Gosh I can taste your cunt mom," he said then went back at it. Yeah, I
know but hey, he was still a boy. It didn't take long before Tazen said he
was going to cum and should he shoot his sperm in me. I gave him the go
ahead and a moment later he groaned. I didn't feel it though.

Once Tazen pulled out of me I had Tavin get into position. "I want you to
stay on your knees Tavin and fuck me that way. I think it will be better
for both of us and besides you'll be able to actually watch your cock going
in and out of my cunt." My son groped his raging hard cock in response. His
face was a mask of concentration as he went about his task. I felt a little
shiver through my body as his swollen, precum seeping cock head touched my
hole and then slipped inside. His eyes were glued to my pussy, seemingly
mesmerized as his cock disappeared inside my cunt. God it felt good to have
a healthy young boy inside me again.

"Shit mom that feels so fucking good." I could feel his smooth young balls
resting against my ass for just a brief moment before he started to pull
out of me.

"You cock feels wonderful inside me Tavin," I cooed. My 13 year old began
the process, sliding his boner in and out of me, moving his tender little
ass just like a boy is supposed to; a boy breeding a cunt.

"Wow mom, seeing Tavin's cock fucking you is awesome," Tazen said. Taylan
meanwhile had stood up and was bending over me, offering me his uncut cock
to suck. Unlike his brothers, who would take a while before becoming
assertive, my youngest boy was a complete opposite. Taylan knew what he
wanted but also I think he knew what girls wanted. He knew that girls got
just as hot as boys and since boys were open and enjoyed multiple
stimulations it followed that girls would too. Of course that may have been
based on his experiences thus far. I would look forward to hearing about my
young son's exploits. So, there I was with my oldest son fucking my hungry
cunt and my youngest son fucking my face. The only thing that might have
made it better would have been for my middle son to be buried inside my

I felt Tavin pick up speed so had Taylan move away from me so I could
concentrate. I reached down and began mauling my clit which caused Tavin to
look up at me and grin. I could see the feelings that were ripping through
his body reflected on his smooth face. I was thrilled that I was my sons'
first woman. I wished I could have been his first pussy but that couldn't
be helped.

"I'm gonna cum mom," he said.

"Pull out and jack off on Tavin, shoot your sperm on me, okay?" He nodded
his head, kept on fucking me for about 15 seconds then did as I asked. His
boner was hanging in the air above my pussy but he grabbed it and began
stroking himself, his other hand between his thighs. I loved watching boys
jack off almost more than having them fuck me. Tavin's stroke slowed, and
he groaned just a second before a stream of sperm shot out onto my lower
belly, the tail end of it landing at the top of my slit.

"Fuck I love watching Tavin shoot his sperm," Taylan exclaimed as he
rapidly stroked his own boner. A second squirt didn't go real far and from
there it started to ooze so I told him to get it back inside my cunt and
get back to fucking me, which he did.

"Do you want to fuck me Taylan," Tazen asked his brother, to my total
surprise. Even Tavin seemed surprised at that question because he stopped
fucking me for a second. Taylan grinned, grabbed the lube and slathered his
still hard young cock then tossed the bottle to Tazen who smeared his
puckered little hole. Done, my middle son got on his hands and knees on the
sofa next to me and Taylan stepped up behind him. holding his beautiful
cock down he touched the tip to Tazen's hole and pushed. Before we knew it
the tip slipped inside and Tazen yelped.

Taylan was no virgin; he knew what his brother was going through so stopped
moving. "Breathe Tazey," he said, using a pet nickname for his
brother. "Push down like you're trying to take a shit." I was amazed at my
youngest sons' knowledge and would become more so over the next few
days. The kid could have taught a class.

Tavin continue to move his cock in and out of my cunt and I used his sperm
to work on my clit, rubbing it with a vengeance. We watched Taylan begin to
move and a moment later his cock was fully inserted into his brother's

"Gosh I love fucking boys," my youngest son exclaimed. "Their holes are so
tight. Of course a girls' asshole is tight too," he observed which caused
Tavin to chuckle at his brother's audacity. Taylan started to fuck Tazen,
holding on to his brother's hips for leverage. I switched hands on my clit
and reached under Tazen and began stroking his boner which caused him to
moan softly.

"Do you like getting fucked Tazey," his brother asked. "Do you like having
my boner in your butt hole?" Tazen looked toward me and grinned then said
that he didn't mind it at all. Tavin had continued to slide his teen cock
in and out of me and announced that he was still hard.

"Can you fuck me again baby," I asked my oldest son and he nodded his head
in response. I told him to put the leg closest to his brother on his
shoulder then I draped the other one over the arm of the sofa. "You can
play with one of my titties if you want to Tavin." He wanted, and as he
started to pick up speed again he reached up and began fondling my tit.

"Oh man that's starting to feel really good Taylan," Tazen said. Next to us
Taylan was working his brother's asshole in a strong steady rhythm. At one
point Taylan reach over and began fondling Tavin's butt cheek which made my
oldest son smile. I can't tell you much more than that other than both boys
began fucking faster and harder and in a moment the sound of bodies
slapping together was the primary sound in the room. I felt the tension in
my body starting to build and knew that I was going to cum. My 13 year old
son was going to make me cum.

"Give it to me harder Tavin, fuck me harder." I was rubbing my clit with a
fury and stroking Tazen's boner almost as quickly. The boy was moaning
loudly as his brother fucked his tight little ass. Clearly Taylan was
caught up in a fog of hotness as well, the telltale signs being the fact
that his eye were partially closed, his mouth slightly open and his tongue
kept running along his lips.

"I'm gonna cum again mom; do you want me to pull out?"

"No baby, I want your sperm inside my cunt so fuck your sperm into me." My
son's balls were whacking against my ass as he picked up speed. Mother
Nature had taken over and Tavin was entering me from different angles,
working to provide different pressures on his cock, not knowing that it
created different pressures for me as well. Next to us Taylan was doing the
same thing and like his older brother, the boy would press his body against
Tazen's lily white butt and grind his hips a little then go back to

"Oh fuck mom," Tavin cried out as he began pumping his young sperm into his
mama's cunt and it started me cumming too. Next to us Taylan said that he
was gonna cum and Tazen didn't say anything but I felt the liquid from his
balls seep out onto my wrist. I felt my cunt constrict from my orgasm and
apparently Tavin felt it too because he moaned softly.

Taylan pulled out of Tazen's ass and waited for Tavin to pull out of my
cunt and as soon as Tavin did my youngest son got to his knees and began
licking my pussy, lapping up his brother's leaking sperm.

"God Tay, don't stop doing that," I moaned and put my hands on his head as
if to keep him in place. A second later I cummed again, the feelings
rippling through my body while my other two boys just stood there and
watched while gently playing with their boy stuff.

I felt Taylan start to move so took my hands away and my little baby boy
raised his head and grinned at me, his face wet from sperm and pussy

"Your pussy squirted on me mama," he said as he wiped his mouth with the
back of his hand. I explained that sometimes women's pussy actually
squirted out juice when we had an orgasm although it hadn't been that
frequent with me in recent years.

"Now what are we gonna do," Tazen asked as he tugged on his nuts.

"Well, I'm pretty hungry, how about you guys?" I got 3 head nods. I
suggested we order in Pizza and that way we could stay naked. They all
loved that idea so we made some decisions, placed an order. We lounged
around and talked as we waited for the Pizza. I found out that all of my
boys had been playing with each other and other boys for some time which
came as no surprise. Taylan had fucked his first little girl about a year
before, the 7 year old sister of another boy, 11 years old. Taylan said the
boy had been fucking her for a while but didn't know any more than that. He
said that the boy had fucked him too and Taylan had really liked it. From
there things just seemed to happen and typically it was the girls that
approached my son. There were times when friends of his were fucking their
sisters or neighbor girls and Tay was invited to join, and did. He said
that one time he was the only boy with 4 girls. They had wanted to see his
"thingy" but he insisted they show their first, which they did. Taylan had
spent the better part of an afternoon with them, fucking all 4, getting his
cock sucked, eating their young pussy's and watching them do the same to
each other.

Another time he and 2 other boys got involved with the sister of one of the
boys and her friend, all of them having spent the night at one child's
home. My son related that he had fucked the girls and the boys, gotten
fucked by a boy, watched the other 2 boys fuck and everything else you can

"Damn Tay you're getting more action than me," Tavin exclaimed then related
some of his stories which were tame by comparison. Tavin had been with boys
before, sometimes a group of them. He had gotten his cock sucked by the
older sister of one of the boys but she wouldn't let them fuck her because
she was on her period. Tazen was the least experienced of my boys having
played with other boys a little bit, which was limited to cock sucking. He
seemed to be holding something back and when I asked him he sheepishly

"Some of my friends like to pee on each other, even on their face and in
their mouth." Clearly he was embarrassed by it. Taylan save him.

"Fuckin awesome Tazey, my friends and I do that too. We all love it. I love
warm piss on my body and even my face." When asked if he drank piss Taylan
said yes without hesitation. Clearly my little guy was going to be leading
the pack. Even I hadn't gotten into watersports.

"Well, I guess all 3 of you are fine with what just happened, is that
right?" I got hell yes, fuck yes, damn straight and lots of head nods.

"Are we gonna keep doing stuff mom," Tazen asked. I put it back on him, on
them and again got plenty of positive response.

"Did you like eating Crystal's pussy mama?" The question was asked by
Taylan of course. I decided that the best course was going to be for me to
be up front and honest with the boys, that is, if I wanted to continue
playing with them.

"Yes I did Taylan; I enjoy playing with girls almost as I do with boys,
just like you." My youngest shot me a grin to end all grins. Then the
doorbell rang. I grabbed my purse while Tavin ran his room and came back
wearing his cutoff jeans. I gave him the cash and he went to the door, paid
the guy then came back and we all headed to the dining room table. Tavin
took a moment to stop and unsnap his jeans and let them fall to the floor
before coming forward.

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