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Nifty - Bisexual - Incest - My Wife Her Dad And Me

Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2011 19:39:09 -0600
From: Frank DePeri <>
Subject: "My Wife, Her Dad, And Me"

This is a total work of fiction.

                      My Wife, Her Dad, And Me

My wife, Mary, was holding hands with her father who was visiting us for
two weeks. They didn't notice me looking at them, and they went on
talking, sitting close together on the couch, and smiling while making very
intimate eye contact. They looked more like lovers than father and
daughter. While I found the sight curiously uncomfortable, I was also
getting some sexual stirrings from it. I actually became sexually aroused.

It was early morning and we'd all arisen just 30 or so minutes before. Her
dad was still in his pajamas, and she still in her night gown with a robe
over it. He was bare foot, and she wore slippers. They seemed oblivious
to their surroundings....just focused on each other. He was 57, and she
28, and we'd been married for 2 years. We'd had a very good sex life thus
far, and no children by choice. She taught high school, and I taught
college. She was 5'4" tall, 110lbs, very slender, blue eyes, wore glasses,
dark shoulder-length blond hair, fair complexion, and had very model-like
legs....slender and very feminine. My name is Frank, and I was 30, also
5'4" tall, 135 lbs, black hair, wore glasses, had brown eyes, and medium
dark complexion.

Her dad, Ernest, was 5'10" tall, 150lbs, gray hair, blue eyes, wore
glasses, and had a very fair complexion. He was very thin, and almost
frail, and I always had some sort of sexual fantasy attraction for him even
though I'd never had any sexual contact with any man. I also had been
struck by the way he'd been looking at his eldest daughter, my wife
Mary. His looks were not just of pride and admiration for a beautiful young
woman in her prime, but looks of lust...yearning and desire, I thought, to
possess, know, and get as close to her as a man can to woman....totally
bonding with her through sexual intimacy and knowledge of her body and

Later in the day, when I was able to talk to Mary alone, which hadn't been
the usual since her dad had come to visit, I asked her straight out "What's
with you and your dad? I've never seen you behave like that with him. Is
there something going on between you two.....something physical?" Her face
reddened and she lowered her eyes and nervously wrung her hands and said
"I've been having some very different feelings and thoughts about daddy
lately. I don't know why, or what started it, but lately I get and bothered....when I'm near him, and especially when we
touch in any way. It's very wierd, I know, but it's true. Right now it's
only been emotional with me....maybe with us. But I think it could get to
be physical with us. I know with me it could, but I'm not sure
about daddy." I said "good grief, Mary, do you want to have sex with Him?
Is that what you're saying?" She nervously in a low voice responded "yes,
I think so. Am I bad or terrible for feeling these things? I'm so
frustrated by it. I think I want daddy to love me more than he ever
has....more than I've ever felt love from him before, and I guess sex with
him is the way I feel he could do that for me. I so want to please him and
make him happy and proud of me....all of me, in every way. And if my body
could bring him pleasure and satisfy him, then I think he will love me so
much more, and I will truly feel closer to him than I could ever be without
that happening. I hope you're not upset with me, Frank."

Strangely enough, I wasn't upset with her, and I told her so. She was
relieved and hugged me with seeming joy. It was as though I was giving her
permission to make love with her dad....and I guess I was doing just
that. I asked "what's next, Mary? What are you going to do?" She said "I
think we will just see where all the feelings going on between us take
us. Please don't stop us, Frank. I need this. Make like you don't notice,
and daddy will probably continue on with us getting
know....close." She looked sexier than ever as she told me she wanted sex
with her dad. It made me want sex with her right then....and with her dad,
too. It was all so strange and erotic.

Her dad was in the guest bedroom, and we were in the living room. He was
only a door thickness away from hearing us, but I was now wanting Mary then
and there. She was wearing a sun dress,and some sandals, I took her hand
and moved her to the couch and just pushed her onto it and down on her
back. "Frank, what are you doing?" She asked. "I need it now, honey. I
need you. I need to get inside you and cum in you." She blurted out
"Frank, I don't have my diaphram birth control." I said "I don't
care," and I lifted her dress, grasped her panties, and pulled them off her
sliding them quickly over her beautiful thighs and legs. Her legs were
closed in reluctance to what I was doing, but I went ahead and dropped my
short pants, slid out of my briefs, and got on top of her wedging her legs
apart with my body. I was hard, leaking, and needing her now, and she then
let her legs fall apart as I mounted her and quickly found her slit with my
penis and gave a push that gave me the prize of her beauty. I was inside my
reluctant, but sexy wife, and it only took less than a minute.....about 20
or 30 slow thrusts to make me cum in her......."aaaahhhhh, ooohhhhhh,
ooohhhhhh, I bellowed out to her with my mouth all over her neck, lips, and
face, as I spurted my seed in her vagina to possess my wife. Instinctively
and dutifully she wrapped her legs and arms around me tightly to allow me
my rights to her as her husband. I buried my mouth in her
neck and kissed her to leave my passion mark on her to prove my claim on
her. I loved her so. And thoughts of sharing her with her father made me so
very horny. I continued kissing her mouth gently, and intimately, as my
cock softened inside her. She hadn't cum, and she wasn't really wanting to
continue, so I then withdrew my cock from her pussy and got up to clean up.
I looked back at her on the couch....her long hair tusseled, no make-up,
eyes half closed, legs relaxed and opened to air out, unsmiling, and
sexually used, full of my semen, and I thought she was now the sexiest I've
ever seen her. I almost wanted another go at her. I saw her get up as I
left the room, and she seemed to be concerned about my semen running down
her thighs and legs as she headed for the bathroom. I was sure she was
concerned about becoming pregnant as well.

She was now excited, for sure, unsatisfied by a husband who just merely
"took" her for his pleasure, and I could see renewed interest in her dad
emerging from her. She now knew that I wasn't going to interfere in her
developing relationhship with her father, so she increasingly flirted with
him, touched his arm, his leg, his back and shoulders, wherever she could
touch whenever she was close enough to him. It became plain for me to see
that he was responding more and more to her in kind, resting his hand on
her knee and thigh, and sometimes even stroking her leg as she closed her
eyes and seemed to sigh......maybe even shudder at her father's touch. It
was just a matter of time before they'd start making out and fall in love
as man and woman.....a woman who was her man's daughter.

The next night while we were in bed I awoke after about an hour of sleep
and noticed that Mary wasn't beside me. I got up and quietly walked down
the hall to the living room unseen. I heard the tv sound coming from the
dimly lamp-lit room, and I silently moved to the partially open door
leading to that room. Ernest and Mary were sitting on the couch dressed in
their night clothes. Mary had on a nighty, and Ernest was wearing shorty
pajamas. They were both barefoot, and Ernest's shirt was open while Mary
was in his arms rubbing his bare chest as they looked into each other's
eyes, smiled, and kissed softly over and over again. They were making
love! Ernest began to kiss his daughters neck as Mary sighed "oh daddy,
mmmmm," and she returned his kiss with a deeply passionate open mouth kiss.
It was a very hot scene to watch, and I had a very hard erection from the
sight of Mary's father making passionate love to his
wife. Mary looked so sexy in her father's arms as she responded to his
passion with hers. She wore no makeup, no eye glasses, her shoulder-length
blond hair was in a mess....the mess from her dad's running his hands
passionately through her hair and scalp as he loved on his daughter.

Ernest had her eating out of his hand. His hands moved underneath her
nighty and prompted her to spread her legs as he explored the beauty that
lay between her thighs. I could see her shudder and tremble with pleasure
and excitement as he felt her most deeply beautiful parts. I watched as his
hand moved up to her breasts unerneath the nighty which was now being
lifted revealing her slender thighs and torso. I could see that she wore
no panties......her blond pubic hair appeared wet and very tussled by her
dad's fingers. He was knowing his daughter more and more by the second,
and she was eagerly submitting her body to him for both their
pleasures. Ernest's pajama shorts had a hugh tenting bulge from his
erection, and a large wet spot covered the top of it.

As the kissing and caressing of Mary by her dad continued, Mary's hands
roamed her father's face, neck, and chest. Finally she began to feel his
erection through his wet spot on the tenting pajamas. He moaned, "oh, Mary,
little girl, don't stop, please." Mary continued to fondle his penis, and
then she unsnapped the fly of his shorts revealing a nicely shaped 6+" cut
penis that was copiously leaking precum. She let her index finger tickle
and circle the wet head and slit of his throbbing erection, and she then
repeatedly licked the precum off her finger as she intently looked into her
father's eyes with apparent lust and longing. Suddenly she lowered her head
to his penis and enveloped the head of her dad's manhood with her pretty
lips and mouth. Ernest gave out a loud moan and began rubbing her back and
the back of her neck. after about a minute of his daughter pleasuring her
father orally, Mary lifted off her dad's cock and looked deeply into her
father's eyes with such longing and desire that I'd never seen from her
before.....certainly not for me.

"Oh, daddy," she sighed. "Put it inside me, please. I want it.....I want
you, daddy." He whispered barely audibly for me to hear "I want you too,
honey. I can't believe these thoughts and feelings I have for you,
sweetie. I love you very much......more than ever, so much that I need you
like I needed your mother for so many years. I want to make love to you
like I did your mother when we first got married, honey. Is that all right
with you?" Mary held him close to her and kissed his face and mouth
repeatedly as she stammered, "oh yes, yes. I need you, too daddy. I want
to give you all my love, all my body, everything you want from me. I'm all
yours. Just take me, daddy. Love me. I love you more than anything, more
than ever, more than Frank. I want you to take me more than I ever wanted
my own husband."

Hearing and seeing all of this was for me both overwhelmingly exciting and
disconcerting all at the same time. My wife, Mary, was having an
extramarital affair with her own father! It was both infidelity and incest,
at that! Then I saw her dad get up from the couch, drop his pj shorts,lift
Mary's nighty over her head, remove it, and lay his daugter out on the
couch. As she lay on the couch she spread her legs and opened her arms
invitingly, as she made intimate eye contact with her father. "Daddy," she
implored, "come inside me. I want you to fill me up. Do it all inside me."
Ernest then lowered himself over his daughter and mounted her. Mary's legs
were spread wide for him, and she eagerly reached out to him to merge with
her. This he did quickly and passionately. He nestled himself between her
beautiful slenderlegs and thighs, and Mary reached down between her legs to
grasp his erect penis and guided him into her body quickly and smoothly. As
he entered her both she and her dad sighed and then groaned in unison. They
looked deeply into each other's eyes as the realization of the depth of
their father-daughter intimacy hit them. It was parent-offspring-lover
that were in the depths of sexual love and lust, searching for the ultimate
intimacy between a man and woman, and the ultimate pleasure when that
intimacy is known to them. And it was to be so much deeper, sacred, erotic,
and intense because it was a loving father and his daughter who were
experiencing and enjoying that moment to becoming as one.

Ernest and his daughteer embraced, and kissed deeply and often as they
remained coupled with his penis deep inside her. He didn't move much at
all.....allowing them to savour the intimacy of being so physically close
to each other, and emotionally so deeply feeling the love for each
other. They just looked into each other's eyes.....eyes that said for her
"I love you, daddy, oh so, so much," and for him "I love you, Mary, more
than I ever have......more than I ever loved your mother."

Then her dad began to thrust his torso to move his penis in and out of his
lovely daugther's vagina. Mary's arms held tightly to her father, and her
legs wrapped ever more warmly and passionately around his waist as he
became more and more excited from her incredibly delicate and fragile
beauty, and as she fell more and more in love and lust with her handsome
aging father who with her mother had created her 28 years earlier. It was
such an incredible and overwhelmingly erotic sight to see. I felt
privileged to be a witness to such pure love and passion between a man an special a relationship because a daughter and her father
were is such a rapture of intimacy, pleasure, and deeply sacred love.

Mary's mouth was wide open to her fathers probing tongue, and the wet
kissing allowed them to drink each other's saliva with abandon. The kisses
were noisily erotic and I could see them swallowing each other's spit in
between gasps for breath and cries of passion and pleasure. They just
couldn't seem to get enough of each other through their deeply intimate
kissing, so they bit each other's necks and left passion marks on
themselves. Mary's breasts were being sucked and kissed with abandon, as
she tightly held her dad's face to her nipples to be sucked. Throughout all
of their passionate physical exchange of love, they continually murmered
and cried out their love for one another...."Mary, Mary, my little girl,
your daddy loves you and needs you so much, so much. You're so
beautiful....too beautiful to resist, honey. I'm making you
mine....specially mine, sweetheart." Mary was saying, over and over again
"daddy, I love you, love you, I'm all yours now. Cum inside me, daddy. I
want to feel it happen. I want to know how happy I've made you that way. I
don't care what happens. Do it. You can even make a baby in me,
father. It's ok. I want that." It was all so wonderful to be seeing and
hearing. Mary wasn't using her birth control diaphram, and she was about to
be exposed to her father's seed. That was so taboo, and so erotic. I was
actually wanting her dad to knock up my wife! How crazy was that?

Then it began to happen. Mary's eyes began to open wider as she felt her
fathers penis expanding inside her as his thrust became harder and faster,
and his breathing became more labored and erratic. She knew what was about
to happen to her and her daddy. They were about to share orgasms and truly
become as one. Ernest stammered out, out of breath, "Mary, Mary, I love
you, baby. I'm going to cum now, honey. Ohhhhh, ohhhhhh, aaahhhhhh,
sweeeetieeee, I'm cummiiinnnngggg." and his daughter tightly gripped him
with her arms and legs, and she then let out a cry of joy and
pleasure. "Daddy, daddy, I love you so much, so much. I'm cumming, cumming,
too. Ohhhhhh, daddy, daddy. aaaahhhhhh, aaaahhhhh. My God, my God,
daddyyyyyy, daddyyyyyy." They held ever tightly to each other's
bodies....trembling, shuddering, as Ernest spurted his semen into his
daughter's vagina, and she climaxed to the deeply intimate and sacred
insemination of her body by her beloved father. He had spasmed into her 5
times, and her orgasm lasted throughout his entire climax and beyond. Then
there was silence, but for the breathing and the sound of gentle kissing.
They clung to each other in the afterglow which lasted at least 5 minutes.
Ernest finally withdrew his penis from his daughter's vagina, and they lay
side by side holding hands in the silent afterglow of their intense
experience of true and deeply sacred love.

After another 10 minutes went by, they both sat up, smiled at each other,
kissed again, and then Mary said "wow, we did it." Ernest said "yes,
honey, we did. I've never loved a woman more than I now love you,
sweetheart." Mary said "I feel the same way about you daddy. You're my
only true love now." I want to sleep with you.....really sleep with you
while you're here. I think Frank will let me, too." Ernest said "I hope
so, because I need you now more than ever. I've fallen in love with you as
a woman and a daughter, now." She then said "I know, daddy. I feel the
same as you do. I'm in love with you as a man...not just as a
father. Crazy as it sounds, I hope you've gotten me pregnant." Ernest
smiled at hearing that from his loving little girl. It didn't seem like
such an awful thing to him now. He felt so very close to her, and she to
him. They were now deeply bonded in a new and beautiful way as father and

As they got off the couch I hustled back to the bedroom so that Mary
wouldn't see me in the hallway. I got into bed and waited for my wife who'd just been fucked and inseminated by her own
father. I wanted to taste him on her. I called out to her....'Mary, come in
here now." I wanted her in our bed before she could clean up. She quickly
came to our room. "What is it? I was just going to the bathroom." I said
get into bed....right now. She was taken aback by my tone of voice, but
she obeyed. As soon as she lay on the bed I lifted up her nighty, spread
her legs, and pressed my mouth to her genitals. She was wet, messy, smelled
of sex, her father's semen, her juices, and I love her so much. I sucked
on her vaginal opening and told her "push," which she instictively did. Her
father's semen oozed out and I lapped it up. She seemed to know what I was
up to, and she acted embarrassed and shy. "you know, don't you?" she asked.
"yes," I said. I saw and heard it all, and I love you, Mary." It's all
right for you to love your father like you both want. Just let me share you
with him." She said "yes, I'll be happy to do that. You are still my
husband, after all. He's my father, and my lover, and we'll get along
fine, I think."

Mary then got up and said, "I'm going to spend the rest of the night
sleeping with daddy, Frank. I'll see you in the morning. I love you." "I
love you too," I said.

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Nifty - Bisexual - Incest - My Wife Her Dad And Me