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Nifty - Bisexual - Incest - Poolside With Sis - Poolside With Sis 1

Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 10:43:12 -0700 (PDT)
From: Rob Hoek <>
Subject: Poolside with Sis

Sixteen year old Eric sank deeply into the plush cushion of the
expensive chaise lounge, and stretched the taut muscles of his lithe
body. He held the flex for a moment, and then relaxed, savoring the warmth
of the afternoon sun on his bare skin. As was typical to his home climate
it had been another long and frigid winter, and Eric was thankful that it
had finally turned Spring, and with the arrival of that long awaited season
the warmth had also returned to the sun. He had been spending every
afternoon of the past week in this way, letting his body soak up the heat
of the sun as it's intense rays slowly turned his flawless skin a golden
tone, something similar to a perfectly roasted marshmallow.

In truth Eric's well toned body required little assistance in being
worthy of the adjective "perfect," but the added feature of a great tan
enhanced his natural good looks, and provided a healthy glow to his smooth
skin and the sun's warming rays seemed to thaw the lingering winter cold
from his bones. At an even six feet, Eric was blessed with the type of
frame that is most frequently described as the "swimmer" look, lean and
solid without being garishly muscular like a body builder would look. His
longish hair was a very light brown, nearly blond in the summertime, and it
framed his angular face in soft waves. His somewhat heavy eyebrows were the
same shade as his hair, and they painted wide hash marks above his clear
blue eyes. He had inherited the family trait of a graceful nose that had a
tendency to freckle somewhat after hours in the sun, and his mouth was well
formed, and seemed to fit his face perfectly with rather lush lips, and
perfectly even rows of stunning white teeth flashed when he spread them in

Eric's chest was hairless, with nicely defined pectorals and small brown
nipples. His taut torso was equally smooth with a tight set of abs that
exhibited a washboard look when he flexed them, and his navel was a tiny
indentation in the very center of his firm stomach, and a faint and narrow
treasure trail descended below it to disappear under the waist band of his
swim trunks. The brightly flowered board shorts he wore today offered
intriguing bulges at the crotch, ample evidence of his advanced development
in those things that made him all boy, and below the hems of the legs
opening his shapely and lightly haired legs descended to trim ankles, and
size eleven feet. In short, Eric was indeed a fine example of teen boyhood,
and as he walked the halls of his high school many a girl would pause to
ogle his passing as they felt a strange tingling between their thighs.

Some of those same young girls were at this very moment occupying Eric's
thoughts as he dozed in the warm sunshine at poolside in his back yard, and
as he recalled some of his earlier conquests and near-misses with them, he
felt a definite stirring in his balls. He unconsciously reached into his
lap and adjusted his thickening penis, and then gave the solid tube of
flesh a firm squeeze as his mind conjured up clear images of his first
experience with a quite adventurous little hottie named Tanya White. They
had both been freshmen in high school at the time, and had hooked up while
dancing repeatedly at a party. The frantic gyrations of the fast dances had
stirred their young blood, and that was added to by their close coupling
during the long slow dances, and as the evening had progressed their
youthful passions had bubbled over, and eventually they had found
themselves alone in a back bedroom of the house hosting the party.

One thing had rapidly led to another, and in short order the lust filled
couple was writhing on the bed, their hands frantically exploring each
others secret places as their trembling fingers fumbled awkwardly with
various buttons, zippers, and for Eric, the very unfamiliar little clasps
that connected Tanya's 32b bra cups. He had finally succeeded in opening
the cursed thing, and as Tanya's pert little breasts had spilled free, he
had gasped loudly, suddenly breathless as he settled his hungry gaze on the
first ever set of naked female tits he had ever seen in his young
life. Instantly smitten, Eric had plunged in, burying his face into the
soft-yet-firm pillows as he hungrily lapped her cherry tipped
nipples. Tanya relished Eric's eagerness regarding her breasts as she
arched her back and pushed the firm mounds back at him as he feasted wetly
on her puffy nipples. Not to be one sided in the pleasure Eric was
providing her as he suckled her sensitive mounds while his hand feverishly
probed between her smooth thighs and prodded the very wet and swollen lips
of her young pussy, Tanya had wrestled with the fly of Eric's shorts,
finally managing to get the small button undone and finally dragging down
the zipper. She plunged her delicate hand into the opening, and then forced
it under the elastic of his boxers and gripped his rigidly erect penis, her
narrow fingers closing around the pulsing organ as she deftly pumped it up
and down, sensing the flowing wetness that seemed to cover the knob-like
head of the warm, smooth column of rigid flesh.

As it turned out, that particular maneuver had sadly proved a bit much
for the highly aroused Eric, and, culminating with what couldn't have been
more than the fourth stroke, he had forcefully ejaculated a rather massive
amount of very creamy, and very warm boy-honey all over her small fist, his
boxers, and much of the expensive bedspread under them. Tanya had freaked,
the copious discharge being her first experience with the amazing energy
normally associated with a fourteen year old boy who is for the first time
ever being coaxed to orgasm at the hand of one other than himself. With a
high pitched squealing sound, she had jerked her well slimed hand from
Eric's undies, and stared at it as though it had suddenly encountered the
most evil substance on the planet, and then quickly drug it backward across
the spendy bedspread several times, thereby adding greatly to the ruination
of the spread as well as leaving behind sufficient DNA to easily
incriminate the very stunned Eric.

As she had managed to eradicate the majority of the bleach-scented
substance from her hand, Tanya had immediately rolled out from under the
still stunned Eric, and stood up as she fumbled with refastening her bra,
and tugging down her top before hurrying to the door, through which she
immediately disappeared, leaving a very confused and frustrated Eric in her
wake. Mortified at his lack of control, Eric had quickly regrouped his own
clothing, and then beat a hasty retreat from both the bedroom, and the
party itself without so much as a word to his host, or anyone else.

Eric sighed, again adjusting his partial erection in his trunks, and he
shook his head slowly, really wishing that his mind would let that
particular episode die, at least the final few moments of it. Another sigh
of regret at what easily might have been his first opportunity to extricate
himself from the dreaded virgin status, he got up, and walked over to the
pool, and then dove in. he swam several laps, the cool water helping him to
shake off the memory of his unseemly premature ejaculation at the hand of
the fair Tanya. Climbing out of the pool, he toweled off, and then returned
to his lounge, once again stretching out in the warm sunshine.

His mind wandered once more, ticking off a chronological recall of his
half-dozen near sexual conquests, and his frustration mounted as he
considered the various moments that the events had, one by one, resulted in
one type of failure of the mission or another, leaving him equally as
virgin today as he had been back at that party with Tanya. Another loud
sigh swelled his chest as he chided himself for his lingering lack of
suaveness with the fair sex, and he began to wonder if the day would ever
arrive when he would finally be able to muster the necessary confidence
with girls that would at last allow him to experience dipping his wick into
that buttery softness he had so often heard described.

His reverie was disturbed then as he sensed a soft noise to his left,
and he opened his eyes to look in that direction, and he saw his eleven
year old sister Shelby step through the sliding door, and out onto the
patio. His eyes squinted behind the dark glasses he wore, and he watched
her walk across to the umbrella table where she deposited her towel, and a
bottle of suntan lotion. Eric watched his sister, keeping his head still
against the cushion and just rolling his eyes behind the shaded lens of his
glasses so that Shelby was unaware of her big brothers attentions as she
peeled a tee shirt over her head, and then dropped it on the table. She
stood with her back toward Eric, and he watched closely as her hands went
to the elastic at the bottom of her small bikini to adjust the tiny swatch
of cloth where her firm little butt cheeks had escaped the material
slightly. Eric felt his penis stir as he eyed his sisters pert little ass,
and he wondered just when that portion of her girlish anatomy had suddenly
gone from a rather non-descript flatness to the nearly perfectly shaped
little bubble that he now gazed upon. Shit, he thought, that is one great
little ass!

Shelby turned then, her petite little body now facing Eric full front,
and he quickly scanned the young girl, and the variety of attractive curves
that he had somehow never before noticed. The bright bikini Shelby wore was
indeed tiny, the top nothing more than small triangles of thin material
that snugly molded to the small but definitely defined little mounds of her
budding breasts, and as he focused tightly on the pert bumps he could have
sworn he saw the impressions of a pair of seriously interesting nipples
poking at the clinging cloth. Wow, he thought, his penis thickening behind
his shorts, what the hell happened to that perfectly flat chested kid that
used to run around topless half of the time? Dropping his gaze, Eric took
in the long expanse of his sister's flat tummy, and what seemed about an
acre of creamy and flat skin that ran from her little "inny" button down to
the top of her barely-there bikini bottom. Holy shit, Eric thought, look at
that damn bottom piece...shit...I have stamps in my collection that are
bigger than that!

His eyes bored in on the startlingly tiny swatch of bright cloth that
hugged his sisters nether region, and he gulped as he realized that the
satin-like material was actually wedged between the lips of her little
pussy so that the tender slit was totally defined, and presented to his
suddenly very hungry gaze. Eyeing the vertical slit, he gulped the sudden
flow of saliva that filled his mouth, and he nearly groaned out loud as
Shelby dropped her hands, and inserted a narrow finger under the leg
opening of the micro-bikini, adjusting the leg opening as she had done at
her pretty little ass before. A quick flash of much whiter skin exposed as
she tugged at the bottom, and Eric had a sudden mental image of his little
sister naked, her seemingly overnight developed body on full display for
his lust filled appreciation. His penis was fully erect now, and it bulged
nearly painfully at his snug fitting trunks, and he resisted the compelling
urge to reach for it, sensing that Shelby was looking directly at him. She
turned then, and walked over to extend a foot into the pool as she tested
the water temperature. Eric sucked in a deep breath as he eyed her little
bubbly butt again and the shapeliness of her slender and oh-so-smooth
legs. Jeez, thought Eric, I can just imagine those incredible legs wrapped
around my back as I pound that hot little pussy with my throbbing cock...oh

Shelby walked carefully down the pool steps then, and when she reached
the bottom, she took the plunge, diving face first into the water as she
began doing laps of the pool. Eric seized the opportunity to get up, and
then adjust his thick erection into the liner of his swim trunks, hoping
that the confining position might help hide the thick appendage that
throbbed strongly, and then he walked over to sit down on the edge of the
pool, his feet dangled into the water as he watched his sister perform
strong laps of the pool. After several laps Shelby stood up at the shallow
end of the pool, and shook her shoulder length hair as a cascade of small
water drops flew everywhere. She tipped her head to one side, apparently
attempting to shake water from her ear, and Eric let his eyes settle on the
small swellings behind her tiny bikini top. This time there was no doubt
that her nipples were erected, and poking saucily at the thin material, and
Eric swallowed again as he vividly imagined placing his lips over the
swollen nubbins as he sucked them.

Satisfied that her ear was clear, Shelby straightened, and looked over
at Eric and smiled. He smiled back, thankful for the dark tinted glasses
that hid the fact that he was once more staring hungrily at the small mound
of his sister's young pussy, and that maddening way the skimpy bottom rode
up into her narrow slit.

"Is it okay that I came out to swim Eric...?...I know sometimes you
don't like me hanging around you." She asked, her voice suddenly sounding
so much more mature, and intriguing than Eric could ever remember it

Gathering himself, Eric smiled back, and nodded, as he said, his voice
seeming to catch slightly in his parched throat,

"Sure Squirt...not a problem for's your pool too you know."

Shelby grinned widely, and for the first time ever it suddenly occurred
to Eric that his little sister was actually very
certainly...and he wondered why he had never before seemed to notice how
sensual her oval shaped mouth was, or how lush and full her cherry red lips
were. Damn, he thought for maybe the tenth time in the last few minutes,
when did Shelby get to be so...HOT!

His cock pulsed behind his trunks, and he almost reached for it without
thinking, barely catching himself as he realized that his sister seemed to
be looking directly at his swollen crotch, a tiny smile turning up the
corners of her very kissable little mouth. She turned then, and climbed the
pool steps as Eric bored holes in that sweet little ass with his eyes, and
she walked to the table where she picked up her towel. As she worked her
wet hair with the towel, she dropped it, and Eric all but dumped his load
into his shorts when she bent from the waist to retrieve it, that sumptuous
little ass pointing right at him. She dabbed at her slender little body
with the towel, and then spread it out across a lounge chair, and then
stretched out on it face down. Eric swallowed hard as she reached her arms
behind her, and effortlessly released the narrow tie that held the skimpy
top in place, and then lay back down with her arms stretched forward beside
her head. Eric stared hard at the shapely mounds of he ass, and at the
creamy smoothness of her inner thighs, and then at the narrow furrow of her
pussy where the wet suit had wedged up into it, and he felt his rigid cock
throb once more as he imagined sinking it into that warm secret
place. Jesus dude, he mentally chided himself, she is both eleven fucking
years old, well, almost twelve actually, AND your freaking SISTER, so chill
dude...just fucking chill!

In an effort to quell his sinister thoughts regarding his half naked
little sister, Eric slipped into the pool, and swam several more laps. The
effort seemed to at least partly tame his rampant penis, and he eventually
climbed out of the pool. He walked over to the umbrella table and picked up
a towel, dabbing at his wet body as he subtly checked out his sister's trim
little body once more. With the thin ribbon that tied the bikini top undone
and tucked into her sides she appeared to only be wearing the miniscule
bottom piece, and Eric felt his cock thicken once more, completely
nullifying his lap efforts. If that wasn't bad enough, Shelby wiped away
the final vestiges of his attempts to control his rapidly growing erection
when she suddenly flattened her hands on the lounge, and lifted the upper
part of her trim body up off the lounge as she looked at Eric.

The movement very nearly exposed all of her pert little tits to Eric's
stunned view, the tiny triangles of thin material barely concealing her
nipples as the pale and creamy smooth flesh of her tea-cup sized tits all
but spilled out. Eric swallowed, his eyes boring onto the succulent mounds
that rose from his sister's chest, and he was suddenly very aware of his
pulsing erection that he was certain was plainly visible as it poked
angrily at the front of his wet shorts. Forcing himself to tear his hungry
gaze away from Shelby's delicious looking little mounds, he looked into her
eyes, and realized with horror that her gaze was fixated on his bulging
shorts. He was sure he saw a wicked little smile cross her face for just an
instant before he whirled, turning his back to her as he mimed toweling his
front side, using the towel to conceal his excitement as best he could. As
he then made his way back to his lounge he made steely effort to look
anywhere in the back yard other than in Shelby's direction, and when he
reached the relative safety of his lounge, he plunged onto it face down,
burying his face in his arms as he resisted the urge to grind his aching
erection into the pad.

Even though his eyes were tightly clamped shut, and he purposely faced
away from his suddenly very sexy little sister, Eric's brain was awash with
replays of the brief moment his gaze had feasted upon Shelby's nearly
exposed little tits, and with vivid images of the way the clinging little
bikini bottom wedged into the folds of her little pussy, and how it clung
to her saucy little ass, and none of this was having any good effect on his
hard on. He tried mentally solving math problems, and failed badly, so he
switched his thinking back to the daunting experience he had undergone at
the party with Tanya, but all to no avail. His rigid cock continued to
throb under his body weight, and his suddenly sinister and certainly impure
thoughts regarding his little sister simply would not be denied. He sighed,
grinding his teeth in frustration, and he had nearly decided to cave in to
his lust and go to his room where he could take matters in hand, and
relieve the unending pressure in his balls when he heard Shelby's recently
turned oh-so-sexy little voice call his name. Inhaling a deep breath, he
lifted his head off his arms, and turned to look at her.

"Awwww fuck...he heard his inner voice say, there's those sweet little
tits again...fuck...even more exposed than before too, shit...she has GOT
to be showing me on purpose...ya think??

Shelby smiled sweetly at him, seemingly oblivious to the exposure of
most of her stark white little mounds as she asked sweetly,

"I think I'm burning Eric...could you put some oil on my back for

Eric felt his rampant cock spasm as he registered her request, and he
briefly wondered if she was fucking with him with her little Ms. Innocent
act as she all but showed him her highly intriguing tits while her barely
concealed little ass seemed to kind of grind against her lounge cushion. If
she is trying to tease me, it's fucking well working, he told himself as he
muttered an affirmative reply, and then rolled over, and stood up. Fuck it,
he decided, let her see my boner, who cares, I only got it because of her
suddenly hot little bod in the first place. Trying to maintain some degree
of cool, he walked over to Shelby's lounge, and took the bottle of sun oil
from her delicate hand. It may have been his little head doing the
thinking, but Eric could have sworn that Shelby was staring hungrily at his
very obvious erection as he stood right in front of her before she again
dropped her head on the lounge. With a deep sigh, he went to a knee as he
unscrewed the cap on the oil, and then raised it as he drizzled a thin line
of the stuff along her smooth back from the narrow shoulders to her thin

Placing his palms flat on her back near her thin neck, Eric began
massaging the fragrant and slippery oil into his sister's creamy smooth
skin, his senses keen to the soft smoothness under his fingers. Working his
hands in small circles, he spread the oil all over her back, moving
steadily lower until his fingers slid along the edge of the tiny bikini
bottom as his eyes feasted on the delectable rise of her pretty ass. He
salivated as he focused on the cleft of her butt where the bikini was
wedged between the silken mounds, and he longed to just jam his hands under
the tiny garment so that he might grip those perfect little mounds, and let
his fingers explore that very inviting crease, and it's hidden
treasures. His erection throbbed, and he felt the gathering wetness at it's
smooth head as his excitement oozed into his shorts, and he knew he needed
to get away from her, and right now, or suffer whatever punishment might be
appropriate for a brother who rapes his young sister.

He backed away, muttering something inane about her being safely oiled
up, just as she sat up again, this time making no attempt whatever to hold
her skimpy top in place, and the result of that very nearly sent Eric over
the orgasmic edge. Her pert little boobs hung free beneath her, the pear
shaped globes so perfect in their symmetry that Eric actually groaned in
lust. Shelby turned to look at her brother, her sweet face a mask of pure
innocence as her eyebrows rose in inquiry to his choked sounding groan. She
smiled, as Eric struggled mightily to avert his hungry gaze from the
stunning sight of her perfect little breasts and their cherry-like tips as
Shelby said sweetly,

"You didn't do my legs Eric...would you please...?"

Eric was simply lost, his passions boiling over as he hungrily eyed his
young sister's delicious little mounds, and he simply nodded dumbly, as he
shifted his position, and this time openly reached for his throbbing
erection. He gripped the steel-like rod, and surrendered to the impulse to
stroke it as Shelby calmly watched, that maddening little smile curling her
lush mouth. She made a soft giggling sound, and then dropped her head back
down as she said very softly,

"You're such a good brother, Eric...I hate sunburns a lot."

My ass, thought Eric, there is no real reason that a person would be
unable to apply oil to their own legs, front to back, but fuck it, she
knows damn well she has me about ready to blow a spontaneous load in my
shorts so I might as well just see where this is going...what the fuck, the
worst that can happen is I rip that tiny fucking rag off her, and fuck her
until neither one of us can walk! Moving to his right, Eric again upended
the oil, and drizzled a long trail along the backs of her very shapely and
incredibly smooth legs from upper thigh to trim ankle. Using both of his
hands, he gripped her left leg high on the thigh, his fingertips just
touching the satiny bikini bottom where it hugged her perfect little ass
and began massaging the slick fluid into her creamy skin. He sensed the
taut muscles beneath the silky skin, and he worked the length of her leg
down to the ankle, and then began at the top of the other leg, once more
working down to the ankle. He could actually smell her, he was sure, as his
head hung scant inches above her pretty butt, and when he had completed
oiling the left leg, he purposely ran his fingers lightly along the well
formed leg until his fingertips made gentle contact with the bikini bottom
where it pushed into the folds of her pussy. He dragged his finger across
the crease of material, and Shelby made a sound, her muscles tensing as he
carefully probed her core. She shuddered slightly, then turned her head to
the side as she said, her words somewhat muffled against the cushion,

"Oh gosh Eric...that makes me feel really tingly all over...that's
really nice...and wonder if maybe you could put oil on
my...front side, too...?"

Another pearl of precum oozed wetly into Eric's shorts, and his cock
pulsed strongly as he briefly wondered if had actually heard her say what
he thought he had heard, or if it was his little head doing the thinking
again. Unsure exactly what he should say, or do, he muttered a simple,

"Sure Sis..."

Giggling with a mix of nervousness and excitement, Shelby quickly
flipped over on her back; the miniscule top of her bikini abandoned on the
lounge pad, and arranged her lithe body on the plush cushion. Her small but
perfectly formed breasts rose off her chest proudly, and Eric drooled as he
savored their perfection, and hungrily ogled the pointy nipples and the
dark pink areola that circled them. He let his gaze travel the length of
her torso, drinking in every little nuance of her creamy smoothness. Her
body was flawless, not a single blemish or mark marred her perfect skin,
and Eric again marveled at the long expanse of her flat and creamy tummy
between her tiny navel and the waist of the small bikini bottom. His saliva
flooded his mouth as he gazed upon his nearly naked sister, and his cock
was nearly painless in its hardness, and he swallowed hard, as he rolled
his eyes to meet Shelby's nervous gaze. He smiled broadly, suddenly
immensely grateful to her for sharing her stunning beauty with him, and he
gulped again, then managed to stammer,

"God're really beautiful...!"

She blushed furiously, struggling to keep her arms flat at her sides as
she resisted the natural instinct to hide her exposed breast behind her
hands. Her young mind raced, part of her brain yelling how wrong this was,
allowing her won brother to see her this way, while at the same time a
different part of her brain told her how badly she had wanted this with
him, and how very much she longed for his strong hands to touch her, touch

Tentatively, Eric lifted the oil bottle above her, and she noticed the
tremble of his hand. She watched him through half closed eyes as he upended
the bottle, and then drizzled the sweet smelling liquid over her pert
breasts, and then trailed it down over her smooth tummy. He set the bottle
down then, and moved his shaking hands over her chest. She unconsciously
arched her back a little, her chest lifting slightly as she wordlessly
offered her young breasts to her brothers touches, and Eric groaned again,
as he slowly eased his hands downward until they rested lightly on the
front of her shoulders, slightly above her pretty little tits. Their eyes
met briefly, and exchanged a final look of question, as if to silently ask
permission to continue, and Shelby gave a small nod of her head. Eric
smiled once more, and then began gently smearing the oil over her silky
skin with nervous little circular motions.

Barely breathing at all, Eric explored outward from the center, his
fingers moving in opposite directions as he savored the amazing softness of
her warm skin, and his eyes were locked onto the small conical mounds
rising off her chest, and the rigid points of her excited nipples. Unable
to resist any longer, he began to bring his hands toward each other, his
fingers gliding smoothly through the slippery oil until his fingertips
brushed against the outsides of the firm swellings. Shelby made a soft
cooing sound, and her eyes closed, as Eric walked his fingertips up the
rise of her breasts, and then his fingertips traced the circular outline of
each areola several times. Shelby gasped, her breath catching in her throat
with a small choking sound, and the startled Eric quickly jerked his hands
back, unsure if he had somehow hurt her. Shelby opened her eyes, and
settled her excitement as best she could muster as she smiled at her
brother, and again nodded, as she said breathlessly,

"Touch them Eric...I want you to...please Eric...touch my...breasts!"

His heart hammering in his chest and his throbbing cock drooling inside
his shorts, Eric once more reached out his trembling hands, and ever so
gently cupped a firm mound in each hand as he carefully began kneading the
spongy flesh and muscle. He sensed the hard nipples poking at his palms,
and he was totally aware of his little sister gasping as he carefully
worked her tits, his confidence rapidly growing as he began a steady
squeezing and relaxing of his hands.

"Oh wow Eric...gosh...I really like feels so awesome...!"
Shelby hissed.

Boldened by her obvious excitement and her expression of pleasure, Eric
kneaded the perfect little melons as he teased the rigid nipple tips with
his fingertips. Without being fully aware of his action, he suddenly leaned
down, and extended his tongue to lap at each firm nipple in turn, and then
opened his mouth to capture one entire bud with his lips and mouth, sucking
on it as his tongue tip flicked at the pointy center. He moved between
them, licking and sucking as Shelby uttered a cadence of soft noises, her
hands coming up to thread her fingers into her brothers soft hair as he
suckled her breasts and sensitive nipples. She gaped loudly, her lithe body
jumping strongly in reaction to the sudden presence of Eric's hand covering
the tiny "V" under her tiny bikini bottom, and she quickly recovered from
the mild shock, and let her legs fall open, as she splayed then widely to
enhance his exploration of her most secret places.

Eric felt Shelby's legs open, and he realized that she was actually
lifting her little ass up to press her firm pubic mound against his hand,
and he lifted his head off her succulent breasts, and began licking
downward over her soft smooth torso. He paused on reaching her cute little
navel, and he dipped his tongue tip inside the little cave, causing Shelby
to giggle softly. Moving lower, he savored the scents of her skin mixed
with the fragrant oil he had drizzled on her earlier, and his fingers now
explored more boldly between her creamy thighs. His index finger found its
way between the easily defined lips of her swollen labia, and as he worked
it toward the top of the snug slit, she gasped again, her hips bucking
under his movements. His mouth and tongue reached the bikini bottom, and he
rose up again, turning his head to look up at his sister in question, his
eyebrows lifting in small arches. Shelby met his gaze, her cheeks flushed
with deep red, and she again gave a curt nod, and gasped,

"Oh Eric...yes...hurry... just take them off...and...touch me...just
keep touching me... everywhere...please!"

Eric worried he was going to unload in his shorts, so abject was his
excitement, but without hesitation or further thought he bolted, dropping
to both knees as his hands went to the waist of Shelby's tiny bikini
bottom. He gripped the elastic band with trembling fingers, and tugged it
downward as Shelby lifted her sweet butt off the cushion. He worked the
miniscule cloth past her knees, and then to her feet, where she quickly
kicked it away, leaving her completely naked and exposed to her brothers
incredulous gaze. Settling back on the cushion, she let her legs fall to
the sides again, and she looked shyly at Eric, who's jaw had dropped to his
chest as he stared hungrily at his little sisters fully exposed little

"Oh Jesus Shel...oh''s...oh're so
beautiful!" panted Eric, nearly dizzy at the stunning sight before him.

Her own lust at a level she had never before experienced, a breathless
Shelby arched her hips slightly, lifting and offering her most precious and
prized portion of anatomy to her brother as wantonly as she could muster,
and she hissed through her tightly clenched teeth,

"Touch me Eric...please...ohhh God...!"

Any shred of remaining thought that this kind of behavior with his own
sister was just wrong evaporated like fine mist the second Eric heard her
pleading tone, and he quickly maneuvered himself between her widely splayed
thighs. His flushed face scant inches from Shelby's gapping pussy, Eric
inhaled deeply of her heady aromas, as he visually catalogued every small
detail of her secret treasure while his saliva drooled from his widely
gapping mouth. She was indeed beautiful, breath-takingly so. Her pubic
mound was prominent, a definite rise of bone and succulent flesh that rose
off her flat belly, the pink slit glistening with wetness as the swollen
lips parted in their excitement and blood engorgement, and Eric noted the
barley emerged scant wisps of silky hair at the very top of her slit. The
erect little button of her clitoris peeked from her soft folds, seeming to
seek attention, and Eric thought he had never in his life seen anything
quite so inviting, and beautiful. He put his hand on her smooth inner
thigh, his knees trembling under his weight, and slowly advanced it toward
her core as his cock throbbed in his shorts. His fingers touched her
wetness, and he groaned, extending his middle finger to glide though her
slipperiness and incredible warmth as he began to explore her soft
folds. Running his finger to the top, he grazed it over her clit, and she
gasped loudly, calling out,

"ERIC...ohhh GOD...there...right there...!"

His head spinning and his breath rapid and shallow, Eric moved his
finger over the firm little nubbin again and again, and her already flowing
juices became a small river that gushed over his fingers. Her scent was
dizzying, and Eric dropped his fingers lower, seeking to enter between her
silky folds, and after a slightly awkward few seconds, he found her narrow
opening, and slipped his middle finger inside her. Her inner muscles seemed
to clamp down on his finger and draw it deeper into her heat and slickness,
and Eric, guided by some unknown instinct dipped his head, and then washed
his tongue over the hard little button of her clit, as he worked his finger
in and out of her squishy tightness again and again.

"OHhh...OHhhh...OHhhhh...! panted Shelby, her little ass rocking in
sync with his probing finger and tongue.

Overcome with lust, Eric tongued her gushing pussy and sucked at her
swollen button, her sweet flowing juices smearing his face as he tongued
her with abandon. Shelby's cry's of pleasure and excitement grew in both
volume and intensity as her rapidly approaching orgasm built to it's
crescendo in her quivering young body, and when it finally crested, Eric
feared that the neighbors might come running to investigate the source of
the high pitched wails that streamed from the wildly writhing girl as she
came with the force of a 757 jumbo jet flying into a mountainside. Her
thighs clamped down on Eric's head so firmly that he could hardly breath as
her sweet little butt bucked and thrashed on the lounge cushion, and, as
the orgasm peaked, and began to wane, she equally as suddenly released her
vise like leg grip on his head, as she sagged weakly back onto the cushion
beneath her. Eric reluctantly withdrew, and sat back on his haunches, his
face glistening in the sunlight from her copious juices, and he gazed
hungrily at the sight of his sisters wide open pussy, a sense of pride
filling him that he had indeed succeeded in provided her with an obviously
intense pleasure in spite of his highly limited knowledge of the foreign
terrain he had just orally and digitally explored for the very first time.

His cock was so hard that it ached like a bad tooth ache in his snug
fitting shorts, and he decided that the need for further modesty between
brother and sister had definitely past, so he stood, and quickly shucked
his shorts, freeing his thick and pulsing erection to the light of day, and
to Shelby's astonished and wide eyed gaze as she stared languidly up at him
from her lounge. Her eyes locked onto Eric's solid six-plus inches of thick
teen cock, and the heavy pouch of balls that dangled below, and her
eyebrows shot up in high arches as her lush mouth formed an oval of
astonishment, and she squeaked,

"Eric...oh wow Eric...your SO BIG!"

That, of course, is pretty much the desired reaction that any male would
hope for when revealing his pride and joy to another, and it is doubtless
even more vital to a teenage boy, most of whom are fraught with
insecurities regarding how their manhood might measure up as compared to
others. Shelby's wide-eyed reaction to his unveiling, and her gasping
comment went a long way indeed in taking the edge off Eric's nervousness.

Not the least bit embarrassed now, Eric thrust his hips forward, proudly
displaying his rigid boyhood for his little sister, and he stepped close to
her, looking down lustily into her pretty face, as he said,

"Your turn now, Sis...touch it...hold
something...anything...please...or I swear it's gonna explode!"

That extracted a small giggle from Shelby, and she then she sobered, as
she extended her thing arm toward her brother's rock hard penis. Carefully,
as though afraid of hurting him, she wrapped her delicate fingers around
the thickness of his pulsing shaft, and squeezed it as Eric's eyes rolled
back into his head and he groaned so loudly and deeply that it scared her,
and she jerked her hand back as if it had been burned.

inched closer to her, his hips bucking back and forth as his cock jutted
forcefully from his groin at a nearly perfect ninety degree angel.

Shelby was confused now, and so very nervous she was gulping air in
small fast swallows as she stared at her brother's erection, and eyed the
plump pouch that swayed below as he worked his hips. Summoning her courage,
she once more brought her hand up, and grasped the thick stalk as Eric
groaned again, this time with far less volume, his pleasure clearly coming
across on the low, throaty tones. She worked her fist up and down his
length, and watched in awe as some clear fluid oozed through the tiny slit
at the center of the wide knob, and without thinking she brought her thumb
up to swipe across the wetness. Eric shuddered, his knees nearly buckling
with the sensation that washed over him, and he instinctively thrust
forward, the drooling head of his cock bumping against his sisters pouty
little mouth, leaving a thin streak of his fluid on her lush lips. She
senses the contact, and the wetness on her mouth, and she rolled her eyes
upward, meeting Eric's, and his pleading expression as he told her, barely
more than a whisper,

"Shel...babe...oh God...please Shel...please...suck it for

Recalling vividly the immense pleasure that Eric had visited on her
writhing body as he had licked her most special place, and how she had
nearly passed out from pleasure overload when he had licked and sucked on
her little hot button, she suddenly wanted very much to be able to return
the favor, to provide her big brother with a pleasure equal to that he had
given her, and without further thought, she rose up a little, and opened
her mouth, and then took her brother's thick erection inside. She closed
her soft lips around its thickness, and moved her tongue along the bottom
of the wide shaft as Eric groaned loudly again, and then mumbled her name
over and over. She adjusted quickly to the wide thickness filling her
mouth, and she realized with some measure of relief that it really had no
taste to speak of, certainly not the flavor she had worried it might have,
given its normal function. In another moment she had actually warmed to her
task, and she fell into a steady rhythm of bobbing over the throbbing shaft
as Eric matched her pace with his thrusting hips. Curious, she brought her
other hand to his dangling balls, and gently cupped the gently swinging sac
in her palm, and then carefully closed her fingers around it, sensing the
heft of his balls. That elicited another low groan from Eric, followed by
his proclamation, actually more of a low hiss as he uttered,

"OHhhh shit Sis...I'm gonna...fuck...CUM...!"

No sooner did Shelby fathom his meaning than Eric suddenly thrust
strongly into her mouth as his hand clamped firmly on the back of her head,
holding her in place, as he leaped off the edge of the cliff. His cock
seemed to swell inside her mouth, and in the next instant her already very
full mouth was flooded with a warm, thick fluid. Her eyes filled with
tears, and she made a small gagging sound in her throat, and she
instinctively swallowed as another strong burst of the tart fluid jetted
into her mouth as Eric choked out a series of grunts. She gulped it all
down once more, barely in time for the next eruption which was nearly
immediately followed by another, and then one more weaker spewing before it
all seemed to end, and the bucking shaft began to show signs of shrinking,
and softening as she continued to suck on it.

Eric was suddenly very still, save for his very ragged and irregular
breathing, and as she swiped her tongue over the still drooling knob of his
cock, he shuddered strongly, and backed away, his wilting cock slipping
from her soft mouth. Shelby ran her tongue through her mouth, savoring the
tart flavor that lingered there, and she rolled her eyes up to meet Eric's
stunned gaze. A smile spread over his face, and he suddenly dropped down
onto the lounge along side her. He wrapped his strong arms around her much
smaller body, and pulled her close against him, holding her, as he nibbled
at her ear, and nuzzled her neck. Eventually, he regained more normal
breathing, and he lifted his head to look deeply into her eyes for a moment
before he lowered his head, and very softly placed his mouth on hers. His
tongue invaded her mouth, and their soft lips worked against each other for
most of a minute. Finally, Eric broke it off, and again looked deeply into
his sisters eyes, and then he told her,

"Oh God,'re just so damn beautiful, and so sexy
God...this...all of just made me feel
awesome, little Sis...totally awesome!"

Shelby sighed contentedly, and gave him a dazzling little smile, as she
firmly nodded her head, and replied,

"So did you Eric...make me feel awesome, I mean...I really, really
liked...all of this...!"

Eric hugged his little sister again, and then adjusted his position
slightly so that they lay more comfortably side by side on the wide lounge,
and he put his hand on her soft little tummy, idly stroking her silky
skin. She reached over and grasped his flaccid penis, holding it gently as
she explored it with her slender fingers, silently marveling at how
different it was in repose. Eric shuddered under her tender touches, and he
trailed his fingers lower, crossing that incredible patch of creamy skin
between her little navel and her firm pubic mound. She gave a little gasp
as he dipped a finger into her still wet slit, and he tenderly prodded her
tiny clitoris with a fingertip, and she let out a low moan then as she
tightened her grip on his rapidly thickening penis, and began moving up and
down on it. Eric worked his fingers between her slippery folds, and wormed
his middle finger into her snug slit as he savored her tightness, and
warmth. She worked her small hips, and took in a deep breath, and she
giggled softly as Eric's cock returned to full erection in her grasp. She
squeezed it firmly, causing Eric to groan softly, and she suddenly asked,

"Eric...will it...I mean...could

"What Shel...?...could we...what?" Eric said softly.

She worked her small hand over his rigid erection, gripping the thick
shaft firmly as she inhaled again, seeming to make up her mind. Finally,
she exhaled the breath, and tried again, as she said,

"I we it...put this inside me, I

Eric's heart leapt in his chest, and his cock throbbed mightily as he
listened to her stunning words, and he knew in a second that he was going
to actually fuck his little sister...right here, and right now! While he
was unsure of the mechanics, some instinct that was imbedded in his brain
surfaced, and compelled him so rise to his knees as he positioned himself
between his little sisters splayed legs. She watched him, a nervous
expression on her cute face, and her eyes went wide as she dropped her gaze
to his renewed erection which Eric held at its wide base as he aimed it at
her core. She flinched, and made a soft noise when Eric pressed the
knob-like head of his burgeoning erection between the puffy lips of her
pussy and moved it over her swollen clit. His lust pushing him to the
ragged edge of self control, Eric thrust against her tender folds, each
contact with her sensitive bud causing her to shudder, and when Eric swore
under his breath that it wouldn't go inside her, she realized that his aim
was too high. In a frantic move, she shoved her hand between them, and
grasped her brother's rigid cock, pushing down on it so that the flared
head lined up with her tiny opening. She tugged on it, urging Eric to push
forward, and he responded nearly instantly, the searing heat of her very
wet pussy suddenly surrounding the head of his cock.

"Oh shit, feels're so
hot...and...tight!" Eric blurted.

Her excitement matching his, Shelby lifted her slim legs, and wrapped
them around her brother's back, rocking her little butt upward to meet his
urgent pressing into her silky slit.

"Right there Eric...oh gosh...push in Eric...harder...oh...oh...!"

Feeling as though the top of his head might simply blow off, Eric
desperately tried to comply with his sister's urgings as he wiggled his
hips around, seeking her center. He found it then, and his hips drove
forward, seemingly of their own volition. His cock slipped between the
slippery folds of her pussy, and Eric felt as though he had pushed his
pulsing cock into softest and juiciest fresh fruit on the planet. Shelby
grunted, and tightened her legs around his back, and she let out a wail of
pain as her brother's cock pushed firmly against her hymen. Eric sensed the
resistance at the same moment that Shelby shrieked, and he forced himself
to stop cold, fear of hurting his little sister suddenly filling his
ravaged mind.

"NO ERIC...don't stop...push some more...I'm okay!" Shelby hissed
through clenched teeth.

Almost as if he knew what he was doing, Eric pulled back, withdrawing
his rampant erection an inch or so, and then he added power to his lower
body as he once more plunged forward. Shelby all but screamed, her
fingernails digging into the skin of his back as Eric sensed another brief
resistance to his forward progress. He thrust again, and suddenly the
resistance disappeared entirely, and the full length of his cock tore
through his sister's hymen, and slid deep inside her gripping young pussy.

As his cock buried itself fully into the slippery sheath of his sisters
pussy, Eric felt that he might just instantly erupt and spew his molten cum
inside the incredibly tight and hot envelope of sodden flesh that
surrounded him, but he forced himself to freeze, letting the nearly
overwhelming need to cum pass. He focused on the tightness that gripped his
throbbing penis, and he looked down into Shelby's sweet face, seeing the
deep furrows that lined her brow, and the grimacing expression on her
face. He was panting, and emitting little grunting noises as he forced
himself to stay still, hoping that she would adjust to his thick cock
filling her virgin canal. It took most of a minute, and to Eric it seemed
like eternity itself, but finally her expression softened, and her grimace
became a look of wonder. Her eyes opened, and she blinked several times
before a smile crossed her lush little mouth, and she looked into his eyes,
and said, more like a whisper,

"Eric...oh Eric...we did inside me...oh Eric...oh
golly...sort of hurts...but's!"

Relieved at seeing the pain and the tension wash away from his sister's
face, Eric sucked in a deep breath, and as slowly as he could muster, her
pulled back, his steely hard erection withdrawing until only the head was
inside her. He sensed the abject wetness of her clinging folds, and when
she flexed someplace inside, he nearly exploded again. Exercising every
ounce of self control he had left, he eased into her again, sliding fully
back into her amazing tightness and warmth once more.

"God feels so amazing...oh God tight, and
wet...oh Baby...!"

Shelby felt like her brothers huge cock might poke right through her
back it felt so big, so long and thick, and she instinctively tightened her
inner muscles, causing the slippery walls of her pussy to tightly grip the
wide shaft of Eric's cock as he again slid it most of the way out before
once more plunging fully into her sodden wetness. He found his rhythm then,
and she matched it perfectly, her shapely legs wrapped tightly around his
pumping middle as her nails raked the smooth skin of his back. In and out
Eric moved, totally lost now to the myriad of breath-taking sensations that
threatened his very consciousness as he drove steadily toward the brink as
he steadily fucked his little sister. The squishing sounds of his thick
cock invading her wet pussy coupled with their combined grunts and groans
filled his senses, and he struggled to hold off the orgasm that boiled
deeply in his swinging balls. Sweat dripped from his forehead, the small
droplets falling onto Shelby beneath him, and he savored the tightness of
her inner muscles as she seemed to milk his pounding cock, drawing him
deeper into her buttery softness, and he felt her small hips bucking and
rolling under his onslaught.

As he continued driving his cock in and out of her, he heard Shelby
gasping, and he heard her steady chanting of soft noises, and he suddenly
sensed her muscles gripping his plunging shaft as though she wanted to
dislodge it at its root. Her hips bucked under him, and then rose straight
up, her bony pelvis pushing firmly against his thrusts, and she let out a
shrill wailing sound, as she panted,

"I'm cumming...oh Eric...oh gosh...faster Eric...oh...oh...OH..!"

Eric struggled to stay aboard, driving his rampant cock fully into his
bucking little sister as she rode out the powerful orgasm that racked her
frail little body for a full minute. At last she settled, her breath coming
in rapid and shallow inhalations as she peaked, and then started back down
from orgasmic bliss. Eric's balls had boiled over by then and he resumed
his rampant pumping of his sister's tight little pussy as he let himself go
to the edge of the cliff. One final powerful thrust as he felt his cock
swell and spasm, and he let out a deep growling noise as his molten semen
began jetting into his little sisters gripping pussy in powerful spurts,
seemingly endless.

It was over then, brother and sister each gasping for breath as the
stunning heat of the moment began to wane and the reality of what they had
just done began to creep into their minds. Eric pushed himself up on his
arms, and looked down to where they remained joined, and he shuddered,
still not quite believing that he had just fucked his little
sister. Lifting his gaze, their eyes met, and after a few seconds, Shelby
broke into a smile, and said, breathlessly, as her slender arms tugged at
his back,


Eric couldn't hold back his own smile, and he sagged forward, burying
his face between his sister's pert little breasts as he held her slender
body. His wilted cock slipped put of her soaked little slit, and he spent a
moment teasing her stiff little nipples with his mouth before rolling onto
his side next to her. She rolled over, facing him, as his arms went around
her, and he told her,

"Wow for sure, Sis...definitely wow...that are...amazing!"

She giggled softly, her small hand moving between their sweat damp
bodies to gently grasp his very spent penis, as she replied,

"So are you Eric...and so it this...oh Eric...we have to do this some
more...a lot more...!"

Eric chuckled, and nuzzled into his little sisters soft, warm naked
body, and he felt his still slippery cock respond to the touch of his
little sister's delicate hand as he nodded his head, and said, meaning
every syllable,

"Roger that, little Sis...any time you want...anytime at all...!"

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