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Nifty - Bisexual - Incest - Rocky And Her Son

Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2010 05:59:43 -0800 (PST)
From: Joe H <>
Subject: Rocky and her son

Life had been a bit of a pisser for 38 year old Rocky, no husband to
support her and her 13 year old son Jack, and an old cabin by a sluggish
river in Alabama.

She wasn't bad looking at 5'6" and a trim 120 pounds but boyfriends were
inclinded to be over bearing red neck ass holes. Her son Jack was a
blessing in her life. A good looking friendly kid who was very open and
shared cigarettes and beer with her.

Her boy Jack didn't seem to mind wearing old throw away shorts with no
underware to save laundry. He spent a lot of time by the muddy river
catching catfish. She was proud of him, the way he supported her way of
life and didn't complain. She didn't know who his father was and he never

He would come up the hill muddy and would drop his shorts so she could hose
him off. He had little pubic hair but a very nice 7" hanging cock that she
teased by squirting it with the spray. He just giggled. She knew that his
hormons were kicking in because some mornings in their one and only bed
there would be cum from a wet dream. She hadn't mentioned it and neighter
did he.

One summer evening they sat outside and smoked and got a little loaded on
beer. She said she had to pee and he said he did too. She watched him
hang his cock out of his baggy shorts and take a piss right under his chair
getting his bare feet muddy.

Because of the laundary problem she didn't wear a bra or panties. Usually
an old long man's work shirt or long t-shirt that mostly covered her bush.
This evening he helped her off the chair and steadied her as she squatted
and pissed so much she got her bare feet muddy too. They both thought that
was funny.

They walked hand in hand down to the river to wash off. He dropped his
shorts off and she removed her t-shirt. They had slept in the same bed
since he was a baby so nudity wasn't uncommon.

She was squatted down in front of him washing his legs and she noticed that
his hanging cock started to react when she got to his upper thighs. She
looked up at him and said it looked like he was about to enter manhood. To
herself she wished her looser boyfriend had a cock like that instead of his
little shorty. But a bigger cock wouldn't help because he was a piss poor

Jack said actually he heard boys talking about girls and kissing and
fucking and jerking off and he didn't know what that meant. He said lately
when he though about girls his cock got stiff and it was embarrasing, like
right now.

Rocky stood up and said she loved him and he was perfect and the little ass
hole friends of his didn't know shit about pleasing a girl or a woman. She
said men grew up pretty much just satisfying themselves and leaving the
woman frustrated. She asked if he would like her to help him understand
and he said he would. She felt herself getting very wet and wondered about

They picked up their clothes and went back to the cabin and sat side by
side nude on an old couch. She ran her finger tips down his chest to his
thigh and explained that women loved what is called fore play and a man
needed go slow to wait to climax until the woman did.

She gently turned his head and kissed him. She showed him how to French
kiss and feel the intimacy of their tongues fucking as she took his hand
and let his finger tips gently feel her neck and down to her hard nipples.
She was breathing hard as she broke the kiss and told him he was a
marvelous kisser and she loved the gentle exploring of his finger tips on
her skin and on her nipples, hard with excitement.

She smiled and assured him that he was catching on about slowly bringing a
woman into heat. She spread her legs and took his hand and let him feel
how wet her cunt was. She said that made it slippery for a man's cock to
enter her.

She told him that they needed to do something about his cock before
continuing. It was huge and pre cum was running down between his legs to
the couch. She asked if any boys had shown him how to jack off. He said
no and he didn't know what that was. She said masturbation was very fun
and satisfying. She did it all the time.

He watched as she leaned back, spread her legs and opened her very wet cunt
lips. She took his hand and with his finger showed him how to finger fuck
her hard little clit that was hiding there. She suddenly came with such
force that it scared him. She said a hard cock would do the same thing if
the man wasn't a self centered idiot.

She said now they would take care of him. She leaned over and ran her
tongue around his flowing prick head and then pulled off. She said most
woman and some men loved to suck cock and drink the cum but now she was
going to show him how to jack off and releive himself. Cock sucking would
cum later.

His cock was streaming and so big and hard as she took the cock shaft in
her hand. He gasped and said that felt wonderful. She ran her hand around
the wet head and got her hand coated with pre cum and then started to
slowly stroke up and down, rubbing his leaking cock head with her thumb on
the upstroke.

She picked up speed and he cried out and cum shot into the air and splashed
his pubic area and flat belly. She leaned over and licked some cum and
then kissed her son on his lips. She asked if he liked the taste and he
said he did. She said she did too.

She got up to get beer and cigarettes for them and she noticed that Jack
was stroking his limp spent prick. Good boy.

By the time she got back his cock was recovering and she leaned over and
gave the head a little kiss and suck. She said he knew how to get a woman
hot. Her cunt was so wet she needed a hard fucking. He told her he was
ready to learn. His cock was so hard it was jerking.

She came back with beer and straddled Jack's rigid fuck meat facing him.
She felt his big prick slowly slide into her needy cunt, to the hilt, deep
into her very soul. They both took a long drink of cold beer as she
started to slowly ride him. After the beer they lit up. This was fucking
great, he still hadn't cum.

She stared to ride faster and her smallish tits were bouncing. She about
came with delight as he started to suck on her hard nipples. Faster and
faster until they both cried out as they came.

He stood up with his cock still deep in his mother. He carried her to
their bed and lay her down. He spread her legs and knelt between them and
kissed her well fucked cunt and sucked the cum and cunt juices until she
came again.

As they lay there with their sweaty bodies touching his mother looked at
him and smiled and told him he was the best fuck yet and she had had a lot
of cock.

He told her he loved her and hoped she wanted his love on a regular basis
and didn't mind if she fucked other cock or cunt. She said she loved him
and he could also fuck other cunt or suck cock. He kissed his mom and told
her that she was the only one he wanted to fuck but he would like to try
sucking cock.

Rocky told her son that she needed another drink and then she had to get
ready for a date with a new guy she met in the sleezy bar just down the
road. She said he seemed kind of hot but others had too and and were a

By eight o'clock Rocky looked nice cleaned up. Jack was still horny and
wanted to fuck her again but she said there wasn't time. Her date Bill
drove up in a nice pick up truck and came to the door like a gentleman.
Jack was sitting at the table dressed in just low riding old shorts, bare
foot and empty beer cans infront of him and smoking a cigarette.

Bill handed Rocky a bottle of expensive Vodka instead of flowers which gave
him major points. Plus he was tall, well built and anout 42 years old.
She reached up and gave him a little kiss and invited him in. Jack noticed
that, as usual, his mom didn't wear a bra and her nipples were hard. Bill
noticed that too.

Jack got up and Rocky introduced him to Bill as her 13 year old little man
of the house. Jack's hanging cock bulge was obvious. Bill smiled and said
he didn't look too little.

Rocky laughed and said she and Jack had been drinking beer because it was
hot and they were both a little ripped but she would be ok in a bit. Bill
said he didn't have any big plans and maybe they should just stay in and
open the bottle. Rocky and Jack both noticed a rather large cock bulge
growing down his pant legs. Rocky said that would be fine. She didn't
tell him her cunt was wet for that big bulge in his pants.

And Bill didn't tell her that he was travelling because he left a boy's
camp in Arizona as he had been caught fucking several pre teen boys in the
ass. When he had met Rocky he had her figured as an easy fuck but her son
Jack looked like a possible bonus. He liked it all.

Bill opened the bottle and poured drinks for all after Rocky told him that
Jack drank too and it was ok. After a few drinks it was obvious to Bill
that both Rocky and Jack were getting drunk and Jack wasn't trying to hide
the boner in his shorts.

Rocky leaned over and gave Bill a boozy kiss and said her fucking dress was
uncomfortable and she was going to change as long as they were staying in.
She told Bill she hoped he didn't mind her language but after a few drinks
she got a little horny. After she left the table Jack sat next to Bill and
told him that it looked like his mom liked him. Jack added that he liked
him too because most of the guys around here were fat ass holes that just
wanted to fuck his mom and please themselves. Bill put his arm around him
and his hand fell over Jack's nipples. Jack's cock took a jerk.

Just then they heard something and it was Rocky coming out of the bedroom,
tripping and falling to the floor, drunk. She was wearing a long cotton
t-shirt and as she sat up her t-shirt pulled up and Jack and Bill both saw
her hairy cunt bush and fuck slit.

She giggled that she was a drunk motherfucker and it was time for more
drinks and staggered to the table and sat next to her new date. She said
she loved drinking with a man like Bill. Bill put his other arm around
Rocky and let his hand slide under her neck opening and rest on her bare
braless tit and told her he was glad she liked him.

Rocky told Bill that she thought he was fine and knew how to treat a girl
and his hand felt nice and warm on her tit and giggled drunkenly. Jack
poured more drinks and asked if he should leave so they could have a
private time. As he stood his shorts were so low his soft thin pubic hair
showed a little and his fucking hard cock was leaking pre cum in his

Both Rocky and Bill asked that he stay, no problem. They both helped move
Rocky to the couch, horny and wasted. She spread her legs, looked down and
said it looks like I forgot panties and my cunt is wet. Should I get my
dildo or do you boys have an idea.

They were all beyound drunk and Jack patted Bill's wet spot and told him
his mom really needed fucked and it was ok with him. He thought it would
be hot watching him fuck his mom. He said his mom was a wild piece of ass
and giggled knowingly.

Jack got up and dropped his shorts and started stroking his dripping cock
and told Bill to hurry before his mom passed out. They could both fuck

Bill was fumbling with his zipper and Jack leaned over and unbuckled his
belt and unzipped his pants and pulled his large cock out and told his mom
to look what he found. She didn't answer and was asleep.

Bill and Jack were both naked. Bill was a good looking well built man,
flat stomach and a heavy 8" stiff prick. Jack a sort of skinny 13 year old
boy squeezing his 7" cock. Bill asked Jack if he ever messed around with
other boys or girls. Jack said just his mom. She would kill him if he
told anyone that he fucked her but he wanted Bill to know. He asked if
that was ok and Bill told him that was a wonderful thing to do with his

Jack also said that his mom told him that he really knew how to satisfy a
woman and he was a fantastic fuck. She also told him that she was bi and
loved fucking other women and that it was ok with her if Jack wanted to try

Bill said he was so fucking horny that he would love to show Jack cock
sucking. Bill leaned back and spread his muscular legs and pulled Jack's
head down on his big cock head. Bill started slowly fucking Jack's mouth.
As his big cock was fucking his mouth Jack eased a finger into Bill's ass

Suddenly Jack's mouth was full of shooting cum. After Bill was dry Jack
pulled off and said he loved cock sucking, his mother was right. He told
Bill that he was going to fuck his mom and slid his cock into her wet hairy
cunt. She only moaned. He felt something hard and wet between his ass
cheeks as Bill grabbed his bare hips with his hands. Jack stopped fucking
his mom as Bill entered his virgin ass hole with his rigid cock.

Jack shot his load into his mom's cunt just as Bill exploded in Jack's boy
ass hole.

It was suddenly morning and they were all in bed, nude together. The bed
was shaking as Bill pounded his big cock in Rocky's wide open cunt. After
Bill pulled his slimey spent cock out Rocky told Jack it was his turn. As
Jack pulled his spent cock out of his mom's flowing cunt Bill was back with
drinks to start the day.

Jack kissed his fucked mom and told her she was right, he loved sucking
cock and even got his virgin ass fucked. His mom told him that Bill had
admitted getting in trouble fucking boys and she had invited him to stay
with them, fucking both of them and buying all the booze they needed.

Life was grand.

I would love comments. All
emails answered. Thanks...Charlie

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Nifty - Bisexual - Incest - Rocky And Her Son