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Nifty - Bisexual - Incest - Take My Knickers Off Daddy

Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2012 15:56:28 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tony Williams <>
Subject: Take my Knickers off, Daddy

"Take my knickers off, Daddy," are the words I wait to hear every day.
I'm seldom disappointed. This is the best time of the day for me. My two
daughters are home from school and I'm sitting on one of the twin beds in
their room, waiting to watch them change out of their school uniforms.
Moments earlier, as we came into the house, I'd peeled off my jeans and
shirt and dropped them into the hamper in the utility room. The weather's
far too hot to stay fully clothed and anyway, I hate pants. I'm much
happier in just my blue silk boxers.
I love seeing my girls getting undressed, who wouldn't? Mind you, if
I had a preteen son who was as attractive as they are, I'd like to watch
him undress, too. Little boys can be as sexy as little girls, but I only
have daughters. I do have a cute nephew whom I'd like to get my hands on,
but so far, there hasn't been an opportunity. Until recently, my being in
their bedroom while they changed was just an "accident" but they've caught
on to the fact that I get excited as I watch them take their clothes off.
One might expect them to be indignant with their daddy as he invades their
private space but, on the contrary, they've been playing along with my
obsession with their underwear and now I get invited in to watch them.
They're growing into a pair of precocious cock-teasers.
My girls' uniforms are quite attractive, comprising light blue short
sleeved cotton dresses which button down the front. A school blazer is
optional, but during the current heat wave, they're hanging in the closet.
White ankle socks give a finishing touch. Little Mo, the younger girl, is
sitting across my thighs, her arm round my neck. She's just turned eleven,
still an innocent, virginal little girl, and we both look at Jo as she sits
on the other bed taking her shoes and socks off. This is a routine
performance that I never tire of watching. She lifts one leg at a time,
giving us a wonderful view of her white nylon knickers. She takes her
time, knowing how much I love to look up her skirt. She's more than a year
older than her sister, just on the cusp of puberty, her sexuality growing
with each passing day. She likes to show off, and not just to me. Any
male guest in my house will be treated to the sight of two little girls,
sitting carelessly with their legs widespread.
"Isn't she beautiful?" I whisper to Mo.
"Mmm," she says.
"And sexy, too," I add.
"Am I sexy, Daddy?" asks Mo.
"Absolutely! You're both hot chicks, each prettier than the other."
Mo tries to puzzle this out, then gives up and we continue to stare at Jo,
who stands up and slowly unbuttons her dress from the bottom up. When the
last button is unfastened, she spread her dress wide open, letting us see
her little training bra and panties, then lets the dress fall to the floor.
"Her tits are growing," says Mo to me.
"Really?" I say, with mock surprise, pretending that I hadn't noticed.
"Can we see them, Jo?"
She grins at me. "I thought you'd never ask," she says, unfastening
her bra and letting it slide down her arms. She puts her hands behind her
head and steps close to us, her chest on display. I can just detect the
beginnings of two tiny budding breasts.
"They're fantastic, Jo. You're becoming a real woman." There's a
hidden note of regret in my voice as I figure her period will start any day
now and she'll lose her girlishness. I want to make the most of her before
she grows out of my reach, before her darling daddy becomes just an
annoying adult. "Are your tits growing yet, Mo?" I ask.
"Of course not. You know that, Daddy."
"Nevertheless, I'd better check." She grins, knowing what's coming.
I lift up her dress, revealing white knickers just like Jo's, pull the
bottom of her cami top out of them and slide my hand up inside, running my
fingers over her nipples. Her arm tightens round my neck and she leans
into me. "Mmm," I say, "I'm not sure." I caress her flat chest for a few
seconds more. "I'm afraid not. We'll have to check again soon. Do you
have any pubic hair yet?" Jo is still grinning, having seen this little
act before. Mo obligingly pulls the front of her kickers out and I peer
down inside. "I can't see. Let me feel." I put my hand down her panties
and run my fingers between her legs. She parts her thighs to accommodate
me. As I well know, her mound is totally hairless, but I take my time,
running my middle finger up and down her slit, then side it into her, just
up to the first knuckle. She sighs. I pull my finger out and remove my
hand, letting the elastic of her knickers snap back. "No hair yet,
Sweetheart. Maybe soon."
"Jo has pubic hair," says Mo.
"No! Really?"
"Wanna see it?" asks Jo.
"Yes, please," I answer eagerly. Then she say what I've been waiting
all day to hear.
"Take my knickes off, Daddy." My heart races as I reach out, hook my
fingers into the elastic waist and slide her knickers down to her thighs.
We stare at her pussy which has developed to more than just a little girl's
slit. It now has distinct lips and a little bud of a clit. There's an
faint whisp of blond hair above it, barely perceptible.
"Wow! You have got hair," I say, reaching out and brushing her mound
with the backs of my fingers. "We'll have to shave that off."
"Why?" asks Mo.
"Men don't like pubic hair," I tell her. "They want their women to
look like little girls, like you two. Little girls are much sexier than
grown women, much more loveable."
"You're a fucking pervert, Daddy," says Jo, pulling her knickers back
"Guilty as charged," I say with a grin and start to unbutton Mo's
dress. I slide it off her shoulders and lift her cami up over her head,
and she shakes her blond ponytail free.
"I want a back rub," say Jo.
"Oh, let me do it, please," begs Mo.
"Okay, in the living room on the couch." Mo slides off my knees and I
stand up. Seeing my little girls undress, groping Mo's chest and fingering
her slit has got my cock hard and it's tenting my boxers. The girls look
at me and they both grin. They're perfectly accustomed to seeing me with a
hard on. With all that sexual stimulation that goes on all the time, all
the upskirt teasing, all the striptease acts and the nakedness in the
bathroom, it would be difficult to conceal my almost constant erections, so
I don't bother to hide it. They're don't seem to be threatened by it at
"Daddy's got a stiffy again," says Mo.
"So what's new?" asks Jo.
"You girls would be disappointed if I didn't." Neigher girl denies
it. We go into the living room and Mo sits on the counch. Jo lies face
down across her thighs and I sit on the floor, as close to them as I can
get. In our house, a back rub isn't like a massage, it's more like a
prolonged caress with the finger tips, long up and down feather-like
strokes, just a bit firmer than a tickle. The girls like to do it to each
other, but the one time they did it to me, my reflexes kicked in and I kept
tensing up, so they gave up on me. Mo starts on Jo's upper back, then
works her way slowly down to her waist. Jo, with her eyes closed, is
making a contented humming noise. Mo then strokes Jo's bum with her palms,
her hands moving lightly in a circular motion over the silky white nylon.
Then Jo utters the same five words that arouse me more than any other
in the English language. "Take my knickers off, Daddy." Every time she
says it, my heart starts to pound. As I reach out and hook my fingers into
the elastic waist, she lifts her hips, letting me slide them down, over her
thighs, past her knees, down her shins and over her feet. I hold them up
to my face and inhale. There's a mixture of fresh girl sweat, with the
slightly bitter aroma of sex, mostly masked by the fresh laundry smell. Mo
grins at me. She's seen me sniffing her own knickers before, which hardly
smell at all. She starts to work on Jo's bum, her fingers gently caressing
her sisters cheeks, as I gaze at them, enthralled, my cock still rock hard.
On previous occasions, I've taken photos of them doing this, and later,
when they're not around, I look at them on my computer and wank myself off.
Then Jo says, "Do my front." She rolls on to her back, her bum now on
Mo's thighs, her arms up above her head. Mo's magic fingers start at her
shoulders and run down over her tits, making circular motions round her
nipples, then down to her stomach, gently fingering her belly button, and
then Mo looks at me. I look back at her, then down at Jo's pussy, then
back up at Mo. I give her a little nod, and her hand moves down to Jo's
thighs and slide up until her fingers brush her sister's pussy. I give Mo
a big smile to let her know that I approve, and push my own hand inside the
waistband of my boxers and grip my dick. I have to be carefull here
because I don't want to cum in my underpants just yet. I reach my other
hand out and place it on Jo's thigh. Her humming noises have now become
little gasps and faint groans. Her eyes stay shut. My hand moves up her
thigh and Mo obligingly moves her hand away to make room for mine. I brush
my fingertips up and down Jo's pussy, then put my finger and thumb either
side of her clit. It's too small to actually grip, so I just rub up and
down, gently squeezing her bud. Her hips move up and down and her thighs
spread as wide as they can go. Mo's it staring at her sister's pussy,
enthralled. Then I lean in and plant a kiss on Jo's pussy lips, then
gently push my tongue in. I feel her hands on the back of my head, pushing
me into her as I stretch my tongue as far as it will go. Suddenly, she
lets out a cry and her hips buck upwards and from the corner of my eye I
can see her toes curl. Then she goes limp, and I lift my head to look at
her. Her eyes are still closed and there's a huge smile on her face.
"You made her cum, Daddy," says Mo, her voice filled with awe.
Jo faint voice whispers from the end of the couch, "Thank you, Daddy.
I love you so much."
"And I love you too, Sweetheart. I love you both."
"What's it like, cumming?" asks Mo.
"You'll find out, soon enough," says Jo, swinging her legs to the
floor and sittingup. She finds her knickers and pulls them on, then sits
down. I get to my feet and stand in front of them. "Oh, look what we've
done to Daddy," Jo says, looking at the bulge in my underpants.
I parrot Jo's words back to her. "Take my knickers down, darling."
Mo laughs. "You're not wearing knickers."
"Not today," I reply, "Though I have on occasions. Sometimes I wear
your mum's." Mo's eyes grow big. Their mum died two years ago and the
girls are still grieving. "It kinda makes me feel close to her, wearing
her intimate things. I know she wouldn't mind." Mo looks sad for a few
seconds, but then brightens up and giggles. "Jo's right," she says, "you
are a pervert."
"I'd wear yours, Mo, but they're way too small." She grins, then
leans forward, grips the hems of my boxers and pulls them down to my
ankles. I step out of them, proudly showing off my rigid cock to my two
daughters. As I've said, they're not strangers to it. "It's awesome!"
says Mo, staring at it.
"It's beautiful," says Jo. "I wish I had a dick."
"What would you do with it?" I ask her.
"Wank it, like you do. I've seen you."
"Several times, through your bedroom window." The house is a bungalow
and now that I think about it, my bedroom curtains don't quite meet at the
middle. She's probable peeped in and seen me wanking after my afternoon
nap, as is my habit.
"You naughty girl, peeping at your Dad!" My anger is entirely faked
as they both know. In truth, the thought of my daughter watching me have a
wank is quite exciting. "I should spank you."
"Later, Daddy."
"Okay. I'll owe you one spanking." We both know that this is just
another game, and excuse to pull her knickers down and fondle her bum.
"Can I watch?" asks Mo.
"Of course. Maybe I'll let you spank her." Mo gives me a grateful
look. I sit on the couch between them and lie back, my fingers interlaced
behind my neck, my cock pointing at the ceiling.
"Can I touch it?" asks Mo, looking right into my eyes. In many ways,
my younger daughter is more sexually provocative than her sister. For an
eleven year old, she's unsusually precocious and like her sister, is fully
educated in all the nuts and bolts of sex, having devoured the several
sex-ed books that I've bought for them. She knows just exactly what turns
me on, and is, if anything, more eager to let me look up her skirt, to let
me watch her undress and let me touch her in intimate ways, than her big
sister, who's no slouch in that department, either.
"Go on, Mo," says Jo, "Wank him off."
There's not even the slightest possibility that I can say "no" to my
darling little girl. She so obviously wants to do it, her eagerness clear
on her face. I take hold of her wrist and bring her hand to my cock. An
electric thrill runs through me as she takes hold of the shaft and slides
my foreskin back. The aroma of hot cock fills the air. Jo leans in for a
close look. Mo's hand slides up and down my cock and I put my arm round
her shoulder and pull her to me, so that her cheek is resting on my chest,
no more that a foot from the end of my cock. Giving all the excitement of
the last hour, I know I'm not going to last very long.
"Christ! That feels so fuckin' good," I groan. "Slow down, nice long
strokes, just like that. Oh, yes, you're good at this, Sweetheart. Oh,
shit! I'm gonna cum! Oh, fuck! Fuck! Yes, here it cums!" The head of
my cock swells up and it feels like the whole of my guts are rushing out of
my cock as I shoot my load, some of which lands on Mo's face, some on my
chest and several big drips fall on to her hand as she milks me dry. When
I'm totally spent, I take hold of her wrist and take her hand away. She
wipes it on her knickers.
"Oh, Daddy! I made you cum! That was amazing!"
When I've caught my breath I say, "Sorry that I came on your face. I
couldn't help myself."
"I don't mind. I'll do anything to make you happy." She finds my
underpants on the floor and wipes her face on them and hands them to me. I
pull them on, lifting my hips and sliding them up to my waist. My cock
begins to soften. Jo is grinning at us.
"Thank you, my darling. That was much nicer than when I do it
"I can vouch for that," says Jo. "When Daddy licked me just now, it
was much better than when I finger myself."
"She masturbates," says Mo to me.
"Of course she does. All girls do. Don't you, Mo?"
"Not yet."
"I'll show you how, tonight, when we go to bed," says Jo. I'd love to
be around to see that. She stands up. "I'm gonna get dressed."
"What're you gonna wear?" asks Mo.
"Something very short, or see-through," I suggest.
"I mighta guessed," says Jo, with a grin and goes into their bedroom.
"Come on, Mo, let's go cook dinner."


"When did you first start wanking?" asks Jo during dinner. She's
wearing a transparent top that belonged to my wife, which is long enough to
serve as a dress, coming down to her thighs. It's made of expensive silk,
utterly transparent and makes her look as though she's wrapped in a cloud
of mist. Underneath it her white knickers are clearly visible. Mo is
still in her knickers and socks, her front covered by an apron.
"When I was Mo's age, about eleven. My brother showed me how." Jo
leans forward, her chin on her hand, her elbow on the table.
"What? You mean he just pulled his cock out and started wanking?"
"No. He asked me to let him show me how, then he took my pants off
and pulled my underpants down. Then he stroked my cock until it got hard,
then just did what Mo did to me earlier. It it was fantastic. It was my
first orgasm and it felt marvelous. It was a while before I started
shooting cum, though."
"Did you wank him off?" ask Mo.
"Of course. It was thrilling. I used to love undressing him and
pulling his briefs down. I couldn't keep my hands off him and I'd wank him
several times a day. Later he sucked me off. That was even better."
"And you sucked him, of course," says Jo.
"Naturally. That was even more thrilling."
"Spit or swallow?" asks Jo.
"Swallow of course."
"What's it taste like?" asks little Mo.
"Not bad, kinda creamy. Sucking cock is one of the most exciting
things I've ever done, until I got married, that is, and your Mum and I
made two gorgeous babies."
"Did Mum know about you and your brother."
"Yes, and she was cool about it. She didn't worry about my gay
history as long as I stayed faithful to her, which I was." The girls don't
seem to be surprised to discover that I used to be a cocksucker. These
days, kids regard being bi or gay as perfectly normal and acceptable.
"Jo," I ask, "if you had a cock, like earlier you said you wanted,
would you let me suck you off?'
She laughs. "Of course I would. I'd cum in your mouth, you fuckin'
pervert." I love it when she calls me that.
"Okay, Mo, let's go and shave Jo's pussy. Are you cool with this,
"Sure," she says, casually, as though it were something we did every
day. Mo collects the dishes, puts them in the sink, takes off her apron,
hangs it on its hook and accompanies us into the bathroom, where I pick up
my shaving brush, a can of foam, a safety razor and a small towel.
"Let's do it in my room," I say and we go into my bedroom. Jo sits on
the end of the bed and I spread the towel beside her and put all the
shaving stuff on it.
"Say the magic words," I tell her.
"No," interrupts Mo, "let me take 'em off. Ask me."
"Take my knickers off, Mo," says Jo, lifting her hips. Mo kneels
down, lifts her sister's dress up and pulls her knickers down. My cock
becomes rock hard again, whatching one little girl undress the other. In
imitation of me, Mo sniffs the undergarment and hands it to me. It smells
just as before, the aroma of sex perhaps a little stronger. I kneel beside
Mo, between Jo's widespread legs and spray shaving cream onto her pussy,
spreading it around with my fingers. Then I start to shave her, putting
one finger of my other hand on her clit to protect it. It only takes a few
seconds, then I wipe the remaining cream off with the towel. I rub my hand
over the whole area.
"Feel how smooth it is, Mo," I say, taking my hand away. Mo's little
hand reaches up and strokes her sister's cunt as Jo lies there, letting us
do whatever we want to her. More than anything, I want to pull my cock out
of my boxers and push it into her, but resist the urge. I know she
wouldn't reject me, but when she loses her virginity I want it to be at her
invitation, at a time and place of her own choosing. I just sit back and
watch her sister rub her hand up and down her crack. "Here," I say,
pointing at Jo's clit. "Touch her here, on that bump. She likes that."
Mo does as she's told. "Why don't you kiss her?" Jo, who's holding her
head up with her interlaced fingers, looking down at her little sister,
smiles at us.
"Lick me, kiddo," she says. "Lick me like Daddy did. It's time you
learned how to lick my cunt and make me cum." I'm thrilled to hear her
refer to her vagina as her "cunt". It has a nice lewd sound to it.
"Have you ever licked a girl's cunt" I ask Jo.
She hesitates. This isn't a question that most dads ask their
daughters about. We've had some pretty intimate conversations, but nothing
quite as personal as this. "It's a secret," she finally says. "I've
promised never to tell." Mo's eyes go big when she hears this. Her sister
is not denying it, so she figures it must be true.
"Sorry, I shouldn't have asked," I say. "It's not really any of my
business." Mo lowers her head and kisses her sisters pussy lips, then
starts to lick her. Jo is making humming noises again. I sit back on my
heels, watching, then put my hand on Mo's nylon covered bum and start to
fondle it. This is nothing new for her, as fonling her bum is one of my
favourite pastimes. I put my hand up her skirt all the time and cop a feel
at every opportunity and Mo loves it. Then I slide my hand down over the
smooth material and feel between her legs, rubbing back and forth between
her pussy and her arsehole. Why should Jo have all the fun? Mo comes up
for air.
"It tastes of soap," she says.
"We could all go shower together and wash the soap away completely," I
"No," says Mo, "I don't wanna stop." She goes back to licking her
sister enthusiastically and I take my other hand, reach under Mo's tummy,
and slide it down the inside the front of her knickers, pushing my finger
into her. With my other hand I pull the back of her knickers down until I
can get to her little hole again and start to finger it. I try to push my
digit in but she hasn't yet learned how to relax and let her bum be
finger-fucked. Never mind, I'll teach her later. Mo is now humming with
pleasure, and wiggles her bum in appreciation. She comes up for air again
and says the magic words to me. "Take my knickers off, Daddy." As I slide
them down her legs as far as her knees, she says, "I love to be naked for
you, Daddy. You can take my knickers off any time you like." Oh, I will,
my darling, I think, I will! I'll be pulling your knickers off every
chance I get.
Jo's grunting and groaning, saying, "Oh yes, yes, yes, that's so
fuckin' good. Lick me, you little slut, yes, just like that. Oh, don't
stop, just keep sucking on my clit. Oh, Mo, you're making me feel so
good." Her hips are moving up and down and she lifts her knees up into her
chest, giving me a perfect view of her sister's tongue working on her
pussy. Then she lets out a huge groan and her toes curl once more and I
know she's cum again. I take Mo by the shoulders and pull her aside and Jo
lowers her legs and lies there, gasping for air.
"You did it, Mo," I say. "You made her cum. I'm proud of you. First
you make me cum then your sister. We both love you so much, don't we, Jo."
"We do," Jo says. "Thank you, Sis. Let me do it to you. You've got
me all worked up and I want you to know how good you made me feel." Mo is
sprawled on the floor, still naked except for her white socks and her
knickers which are now bunched round her ankles, her knees spread, a huge
smile of satisfaction on her hace. She pulls her knickers off, tosses them
to me and climbs up beside her sister. "Kiss me," says Jo and their arms
go round each other as their lips meet. I get the impression this is not
the first time they've kissed. There's no hesitation, just a hot hard kiss
with a lot of tongue involved. I get up from my knees and sit on the edge
of the bed, watching them as they grind their bodies together, each with a
thigh between the other's legs. They break apart and Jo tells Mo to lie
with her body the other way round, head to tail. I watch enthralled as my
daughters each put their head between the spread legs of the other and
start to eat each other out. They're oblivious of me, lost in the pure joy
of arousing and satisfying each other. Jo is obviously experienced at
this, reinforcing my guess that she no stranger to eating pussy and Mo is
learning fast, her face and chest flushed with excitement. She can't seem
to get enough of her sister's cunt, licking furiously. Jo licks and
fingers her little sister, pushing two fingers deep inside her, clearly not
meeting any resistance. I wonder what happened to their hymens. Right
now, who cares?
Then it's Mo's turn to cry out, her body shuddering as her first
orgasm explodes in her. She lifts her head, her face streaked with Jo's
pussy juice, then falls back on the bed, her eyes bright with joy. "Oh my
God!" she says. "I've never felt anything like that in my life. It was
awesome, Jo, awesome!" She lifts her head and looks at me as I stand at
the foot of the bed. "She made me cum, Daddy, she made me cum!"
"You're a big girl now, Mo," I say as she gets up on her knees and
lies back down with her head up at the top of the bed. "Now you know how
good sex can be."
"I want to do it again, as often as I can," she says, bubbling with
Jo looks up at me. "Poor Daddy," she says, "we've been neglecting
"Oh, I've been having fun," I tell her, "enjoying the show."
"It's more fun for us when you watch, Daddy. It feels like we're
being especially naughty, doing all these forbidden things."
"I like being naughty, too," says Mo.
"Naughty girls have their knickers pulled down and their bums
spanked," I say.
"That's why I like being naughty," she says, coquettishly, looking up
at me from below her long lashes.
"Come here, Daddy," says Jo. "It's my turn to wank you off." On my
hands and knees, I walk up the bed between them, and sit on my heels.
"Straddle me, Daddy," she says and I swing one leg across her and sit on
her tummy. She reaches into my boxers and pulls out my cock which is like
an iron bar. She starts to stroke it, slowly like Mo did earlier. Having
cum not so many minutes earlier, I'm not ready to explode as quickly as
before and I know I can make it last. Then Jo reaches behind me with both
hands on my bum and pushes me towards her face. I know what she wants.
"Are you ready for this?" I ask. "You wanna suck my cock?"
"I've wanted to suck it for ages," she says. "Every time I see you
with a hard-on, I wanna suck it."
"You should've told me, my darling." She grips my cock and opens her
mouth and I lean forward as she engulfs the head with her lips. Mo lifts
herself up on one elbow and brings her face in close, just inches away,
staring intently, utterly fascinated. Jo holds my foreskin forward with
her hand and runs her tongue under it, round the head of my cock, driving
me crazy. The she starts masturbating me with her lips, her head bobbing
back and forth, then she takes her mouth off me and puts her head back on
the pillow.
"Fuck my face," she says, and forms her lips into a big 'O'. I lean
even further forward, my hand on the backboard supporting my weight and
push my dick into her mouth, then thrust back and forth with my hips,
fucking her beautiful face, careful not to touch the back of her throat.
"Holy shit!" gasps Mo, eyes like saucers. "What's it taste like?" Jo
can only grunt.
"Cock tastes like pussy," I say to Mo. "I think you'll like it."
"Then I definitely will," she says. "Jo's cunt tasted wonderful."
Finally, the stimulation is more than I can bear, and I feel my cum
rushing up my cock and into her mouth. She strokes my shaft rapidly,
squeezing the last drops out and then lets me pull my cock from her face
and sit upright. She opens her mouth, letting me see the not
inconsiderable load of cum I've deposited there, then turns her head to let
Mo see. Then she swallows, and licks her lips.
"Delicious!" she says, and Mo laughs. I climb off Jo's body and lie
down between them, my arms round their shoulders. We're all sexually sated
and I feel blissfully happy.
"Can I suck it next time,Daddy?" Mo asks me.
"You're gonna like it, Mo," says her sister.
Mo snuggles up to me. "I'm gonna love it!"
I know I should feel guilty, having sexually molested my two preteen
daughters, but I'm don't. As long as they're willing, I'll do whatever
they want me to, and they're more than willing. They're eager. I'm
blissfully happy. I haven't felt this good since the first time I sucked
my brother's cock and learned how wonderful it can be to make another
person cum.


It's the afternoon of the following day and I'm at the other end of
the village at my brother Mike's house, sitting on a bench on his back
porch, drinking my third can of beer. It's still blazing hot and he's
wearing a pair of jogging shorts. I can just see the edge of his white
briefs up the leg. His upper torso is naked, showing off his hairless
chest. "I need a favour, Tony," he says. "My wife is away on business all
week and I have to go to Brussels. I'm flying out tonight and will be back
tomorrow, probably late morning. Can Don stay overnight at your place?"
Don is his thirteen year old son, the nephew who has piqued my interest.
"It'll be my pleasure," I tell him. "The girls will be glad to see
him. He can sleep on the couch." My house only has two bedrooms. I am
delighted at this turn of events, because young Don is a junior image of
his father, painfully handsome, with the big blue eyes of our family and
the same long slender legs that my girls have. "It's time Jo and Mo got to
hang with boys of their own age." I say this for form's sake. I really
want my girls to hang with only me, at least for a year or two. "Does Don
have a girl friend?"
"He hasn't shown any interest in girls yet. He's probably doing what
we did at his age, too busy sucking dicks to bother with girls."
I laugh. "Those were the days, huh, Mike?"
He smiles. "We sure had a lot of fun. I don't think you ever knew,
but you weren't the only one sucking my cock. Dad used to do it, too.
Then he abruptly stopped. I thought it might be because he started on you.
Was I right?"
"He did, when I was thirteen. He used to give great blow jobs. He
make me swear never to tell anyone." Our dad has been dead for a long
time, now, so I can reveal his secret.
"Did he gross you out?"
"Hell, no. I loved the attention."
"Me too."
"You were always better looking than I was, Tony," he says. "You
still haven't lost your boyish good looks."
I protest. "No, you're much more of a stud than I. You always were.
That's why I couldn't keep my hands off you. Plus I was jealous of your
big dick. Tell me, do you think Don is gonna turn out to be gay?"
"Who knows? Probably. Not that I mind." He grins. "I liked being
gay at his age."
"Me too. There's plenty of time for him to be straight later in life,
like we were."
"You're girls will straighten him out. Are they still doing that
upskirt show-off thing, you know, sitting with their legs spread?"
"You don't know the half of it. They're both cock teasers." I laugh
just to let him know that this isn't a problem for me. "I noticed that
you've never been afraid to look."
He gives me a sheepish grin. "I can never resist a look up a skirt."
"I'm glad to hear it. I get turned on when guys oggle my girls. You
can look all you like. I'm proud of them."
"I wonder if incest runs in families," he says, leaning close to me.
"I mean . . ." He's whispering, even though there's no one around to hear
us. ". . . have you ever been tempted to, you know. . .?" He gives me a
meaningful look. "I wouldn't blame you if you had."
I hesitate. "If I answer your question, I'd have to ask you, have you
ever been tempted to, you know. . . with Don?"
It's his turn to hesitate. "I've made promises never to tell."
"And so have I." There, it's out now. Neither of us has denied doing
inappropriate stuff with our offspring. We look at each other and smile.
"Mind you," I say, "if Don were my son, I'm not sure that I'd be able to
keep my hands off him."
Rather than be offended by my remark he seems eager to reply, "If your
two little girls were mine, flashing their knickers at me all day long, I'm
not sure I'd be responsible for my actions either."
"Christ, it's fuckin' hot," I say, peeling off my shirt and taking a
long pull on my beer.
"Do you still wear those cute white briefs?" he asks.
"No, I'm into silk boxers these days. I find they're much more
comfortable to sleep in."
"I still think there's nothing sexier than white briefs, but one of
the advantages of boxers is that it's easier for a guy to get his hand
inside them."
"His own hand?" I ask, grinning.
"Preferably someone else's."
"Of course. Silly me."
"What colour?" he asks.
"My boxers? Electric pink with white trim," I say proudly. "Wanna
"Stand up, you fuckin' slut." That's what he used to call me when, as
a young boy on his knees in front of him, I'd sucked his gorgeous cock.
He's just sent me a signal. I obligingly stand in front of him and he
unfastens the top button of my pants, pulls my zipper down and spreads the
fly open.
"Holy shit!" he says, staring at the blaze of colour of my underpants.
"They're a bit gay, aren't they?"
"What's wrong with gay?"
"Absolutley nothing."
I let my pants fall round my ankles and step out of them. He looks at
me, his eyes running over my body, and my cock begins to harden. He's
almost drooling. "My turn," I say. "Stand up. Let me get those shorts
off you and see if you look as delicious in your white briefs as you used
to all those years ago." We switch positions and I slowly tug his shorts
over his hips, down to his knees and let them drop. Just as I'd hoped, the
years have not diminished his incredible sexiness. I can see his cock is
hard beneath the white cotton of his briefs. He thrusts his hips forward
invitingly and I hook my fingers in his waistband and pull the elastic out
at the front, peering down inside his underpants. "There it is," I say,
"that gorgeous cock that's been waiting for me all these years. Christ,
I've missed it!" I slide his briefs down his thighs and he kicks them
clear of his feet. "Put that beauty where it belongs, in my mouth," I say,
looking up at him. "I wanna taste your cum again. Fuck my face!" I take
his cock between my lips and pull on his hips until he reaches the back of
my throat. A flood of memories washes through me, the feel and taste of
his cock reminding me of all those wonderful times when, as a boy, I'd
first learned the joy of cocksucking.
"Suck my fuckin' dick, you slut," he says. "You little fuckin' whore!
You dirty cocksucking faggot!" I always loved it when he verbally abused
me in this way. I let him pump his cock in and out of my mouth, fondling
his balls with one hand and reaching underneath to push a finger up his bum
hole with the other. It slides right in. "Yeah, finger fuck me, you
little bitch. Stick another finger in. Make it three, yeah, like that.
Fuck, it feels good, just like Dad used to do. He fucked me with his cock,
too. I never told you. Did he fuck you?" That's a secret I thought I'd
take to the grave, but now I want my brother to know it's true. I nod my
head, vigourously. He lets out a few deep groans, then pulls his cock from
my mouth and steps back. "I wanna suck yours before I cum," he says,
dropping to his knees and pulling my rigid cock from the fly of my boxers.
"Oh, yeah, look at that! Just like I remember it, except that it's bigger
now, even bigger than mine. I bet a lot of guys have sucked it." I lift
my hips and let him slide my underpants off.
"No, Mike, you're the only guy I ever had sex with, apart from Dad.
After I married, I stayed straight."
"Well I've just corrupted you again."
"And I'm just as grateful as the first time." He laughs and takes my
cock in his mouth. His cocksucking skill hasn't diminished over the years
and he gives me a world class blow job until I'm right on the edge and I
pull his head off me.
"One of us has to cum first," I say. "I want it to be you, I want you
to cum on my face, just like you used to, and smear your cum all over my
face with your cock. I love the humiliation. And then I want to put your
briefs on and wank in them and go home in your cum soaked underpants."
"Then I'll have to wear your boxers." He bends down, picks them up
and pulls them on, his cock poking out of the fly. I reach for his briefs
and pull them up my legs, lifting my hips and pulling them up. "Shit, you
look just as sexy as you did when you were thirteen," he says.
"You too. Silk boxers suit you." I run my hand over his bum. The
smooth silk feels just has sexy as when I caress the bums of my little
girls, but they're far from my thoughts at the moment. I take hold of his
cock and pull him towards me so that the tip is just inches from my face
and start to stroke him. "Cum for me, Bro. Shoot your load on my face.
God, I love your dick!" I speed up my strokes, knowing he's about to
shoot, and open my mouth as wide as it will go. Then I feel the end of his
dick swell and he start to squirt his cum. The first big blob lands on my
cheek, the second goes right in my mouth and the third lands on my nose, a
long string of it falling across my mouth and chin. I use milking strokes
to make sure I get it all out, then briefly take his cock in my mouth again
to clean him up, then, gripping his shaft, wipe my face with his still hard
dick, spreading his cum around.
"Oh, yeah, you love that, you fuckin' slut," he says with a grin and
steps back. I reluctantly let go of his dick. "Go ahead, finish yourself
off." I put my hand down the front of the briefs and start to stroke my
dick. He disappears indoors and comes back moments later with a camera in
his hand. As I lean back on the bench, furiously wanking, he snaps pic
after pic, from several different angles. The thought that he's gonna be
wanking off to these pics later sends me over the top and I shoot a huge
load into his briefs, soaking the whole of the front. I take my hand out
of the briefs and wipe it on his boxers.
"We should do this more often." I tell him. "Get back into the swing
of things. I've been neglecting my gay urges, but you've got me going
"When I get back from Brussel, I want to fuck you up the arse."
"I'd like that. You can savagely molest me. But you'll have to let
me fuck you too,"
"It'll be my pleasure. By the way, I don't think my son has ever been
fucked up the arse. He's not ready for it. I remember how much it hurt
the first time Dad did it to me."
"Oh, I wouldn't dream of fucking him."
He looks at me disbelievingly. "Yeah, right," he says sarcastically.
"On the other hand, a little grope here and there or a quick . . .know what
I mean?" It seems he's just invited me to do stuff with his son. "Would
you be pissed if I copped a feel from Jo or Mo?"
"A quick fondle, just to let them know you love them? I guess not.
Not as long as I got to watch. I know they'd like it."
"So you have . . .?"
I interrrupt him. "Secrets, remember?"
"Sorry," he says. "I shouldn't ask. Let's get dressed. Drop me at
the airport, then swing by the school and pick Don up. I'll pack some
overnight stuff for him, toothbrush, clean underpants, etc."
"White briefs?" I ask.
"I guess you're gonna find out."


I've dropped Mike at Gatwick Airport and picked Don up from his
school, a different one from my girls' posh establishment. As usual, as
soon as we get into the house, I drop my pants and shirt into the laundry,
go to the fridge and get two cans of beer. Back in the living room he
looks at my briefs, the cum stain faintly visible, having not quite dried.
I look down to where he's staring. "Ah, yes," I say. "These are your
dad's. He had a sudden urge to wear my hot pink silk boxers so I had to
borrow his. I guess your dad won't mind if you have a beer," I tell him.
"There's nothing quite so good when it's this fucking hot. The girls will
be home any minute now. Maybe you wanna get out of those clothes into
something cooler. You can use my bedroom." He takes his bag and goes into
my room and a minute later comes out, dressed in a pair of very brief,
loose blue shorts and a yellow tank. His bare shoulders give him a "little
boy" look that's very attractive. He sits down and takes a pull on his
beer. I feel a strong urge to put my arm round him and slide my hand up
his shorts, but I'd probably scare him off.
Then the front door bangs open and I hear he girls call, "We're home,
"Don's here," I reply. "He's gonna stay the night."
"Hi, Don," they say, sitting down on the couch opposite him. Just as
I expected, they sit in a most unlady-like way, legs splayed, one heel up
on the couch, giving us that "accidental" look up their skirts.
"Where's he gonna sleep?" asks Jo.
"On the couch, or in my bed. Take your pick, Don."
"Er. . .I'll think about it." He's looking at the girls, but I don't
see that wide-eyed look that most visitors have when they see the upskirt
show. For a while they chat, having not seen each other for several weeks.
Don begins to relax a bit.
"You're all soaked with sweat," I say to the girls. "You need to get
changed out of your uniforms. What're you gonna wear?"
"Come and help us choose, Daddy," says Jo, predicably. She takes hold
of Mo's hand and pulls her to her feet. "You can come too, Don." Now
there's an invitation I never got when I was thirteen. If I had, I might
have been hetero for the rest of my life.
"Come on, Don, you're gonna like this." He stands up and we follow
the girls into their room. "Sit on the bed," I tell him, and I sit beside
him. "Girls, why don't you undress each other?"
"Like a little lez show?" asks Jo.
"I wanna be a lesbian when I grow up," says Mo, sounding serious. I
"You can be whatever you wanna be," I tell her.
The girls unbutton each others dresses as we watch, but Don doesn't
seem to be very excited. My own cock is already half hard. Then Mo stands
behind Jo, unfastens her bra, letting it fall, then puts her arms round Jo
and caresses her little boobs.
"Fuck me!" I say, "isn't that a sexy sight?"
"I guess so," mumbles Don.
"Daddy shaved Jo's cunt yesterday, didn't you, Daddy?"
"I did. D'you wanna show us, Jo?" Without waiting for a response, Mo
pulls Jo's knickers down far enough to expose her pussy. Jo stands there
on display, letting us look at her freshly shaved pubis. "It feels nice
and smooth." Mo runs her hand down Jo's stomach and strokes her mound.
"I don't think you need to wait until you grow up, Mo," I say. "It
looks like you're a lesbian aleady. Congratulations!" The girls grin at
me. Jo spins round and pulls Mo's cami over her head, then pulls her own
knickers back up. Now my daughters are dressed just exactly as I like
them, including the white ankle socks.
"Aren't my girls gorgeous," I ask Don.
"They are," he agrees. I look down at his crotch, expecting to see
his cock as hard as mine is, but it just looks normal. "Do you think Don's
handsome?" I ask the girls.
"Not bad," says Jo.
"He looks like a girl," says Mo, with less tact. She has a habit of
coming right to the point.
"We should dress him as a girl," says Jo. "He could wear my pink
party dress. He'd look fabulous." I look at Don and he seems to be
perking up.
"And a bra and a pair of knickers," says Mo. Don begins to smile.
"We should get those clothes off him." I'd dearly love to undress him
myself but the girls have taken charge. Mo pulls him to his feet then
kneels and takes his shorts down, revealing his tight white briefs, while
Jo pulls the tank over his head. He looks just like I imagined, still a
little boy, not yet fully matured, just like his dad looked all those years
ago. "Show time!" calls Mo and she slides the briefs down his legs. His
cock is halfway hard, quite a nice size for a boy of his age, with a long
"Nice cock," I say, admiringly.
"I like cocks," says Jo, taking hold of it. He flinches and she lets
go. "Let's find you a pair of knickers," she says and rummages through her
dresser drawer. "What colour?"
"White," I say, "definitely white." She produces two pairs, one
nylon, like the ones she has on, and one cotton. "Cotton would be best," I
tell them. "If he gets a hard-on, they will contain it better." His dick
is now fully erect. Jo kneels and pulls the knickers up his legs and over
his hips. He looks at himself in the mirror. I step up behind him and
place a hand on his shoulder. "You look fuckin' gorgeous," I murmur,
reaching with my other hand and stroking the front of his knickers. This
time he doesn't flinch, just stands there and lets me do it. Finally he
has a real smile on his face. Mo is watching intently.
Suddenly she says, "Daddy likes dicks. Yesterday he told us he'd
sucked . . ." I let go of Don and clap my hand over her mouth. Her eyes
look up at me, fearfully.
I take my hand away. "That's a secret, remember?"
"Sorry, Daddy." I put my arms round her to let her know that I'm not
really angry, slide my hand down the back of her knickers and caress her
cute little bum.
"It's okay, darling, we just have to be careful."
Don is grinning. "Sucked?" he says. "Sucked who?"
"Whom," I say, correcting his grammar. "As I said, it's a secret. If
you sucked someone off, would you want everyone to know?"
He thinks about it. "It depends," he says.
"Well, I won't deny that I've sucked a few dicks in my time, but I
have to respect their confidence."
Jo takes her pink party dress from the closet and holds it up against
Don's body. It consists of multi layers of some flimsly see-through
material with a lacey hem and short sleeves. "It's a bit short," she says.
"Nonsense," I say. "There's no such thing as too short. How are we
gonna look up it if it's long." Mo giggles and produces one of Jo's
training bras from the dresser drawer and helps Don put it on. We admire
him in the mirror, a cute little boy in bra and knickers. I could eat him
with a spoon. He could be a girl if it weren't for the bulge in the front
of his knickers. The girls put the dress on him and fuss around, zipping
up the back and adjusting it.
"We need a ribbon to tie your hair in a pony tail," says Jo, "and some
eye liner for those blond lashes. They look nice on a boy, but girls look
better with dark lashes." She sits him down. When they've finished with
him, there's no way anyone could possible tell that he's really a boy.
He's just simply adorable. He stands and looks at me and sways his hips
"Bravo! We have another girl in the family. Welcome, Don."
"Donna," Jo corrects me.
"Donna," echoes Don. "I like it."
"We should go out," I say. "we can have dinner at the pub in the
village and show him off. We can tell people he's my niece from out of
"What if someone recognises me?"
"They won't. They'll see a girl and they'll believe their eyes. Even
people who know you won't catch on, I guarantee it."
"Shoes?" asks Jo, ever the practical one. "I know, sandals." She
finds a pair of gold sandals which fit him perfectly. He doesn't even have
to shave his legs. I inspect the finished product.
"Perfect. I could kiss you." He blushes.
"Kiss me, Daddy," says Mo, reaching her arms up round my neck. I
press my lips to hers and her mouth opens a little. I push my tongue in
about half an inch as I fondle her bum again. We hold the kiss so that she
knows it's not just a fatherly peck. Then we break apart.
"I love you, my darling," I tell her. "You too, Jo."
"Do you love Donna?" asks Mo.
I smile. "I think I'm falling for her."


Dinner is a huge success. We've walked into the village and taken a
table outside the pub, sitting under a huge old oak in the warmth of the
still summer evening. It doesn't get dark until about nine o'clock at this
time of year. Lots of people come and go, looking at the guy with the
three beautiful girls enjoying their evening out. Some look for longer
than others, especially single men, trying not to get caught peering up the
skirts of three little girls. I pretend nonchalence, observing them from
the corner of my eye, seeing their furtive glances, my cock proudly
stirring in my pants as it always does when guys lust after my girls.
Their excitement turns me on. The girls are smart enough not to make a too
obvious display and Donna is hesitant at first, but soon gets into the
action, allowing brief glimpses of her white cotton knickers. By the time
we're ready to leave, I feel that I've made a lot of lonely men happy for
an evening.
Back home, we go into the girls' room and Donna and I watch as the
girls get ready for bed, provocatively taking their clothes off until
they're entirely naked. "You girls can shower first," I say. "We'll
follow later." They go to shower, leaving the bathroom door open, and we
can hear their giggles over the sound of the running water. They often
shower together and I love watching them as they soap each other all over,
but Donna seems to be more interested in looking at himself in the mirror.
I can hardly blame him. We go into my bedroom and I turn the sheet down.
"This will be more comfortable than the couch, if you don't mind sleeping
with me," I say to Donna. As long as she has that dress on, I'll think of
her as a girl.
"Sure," he says. "No problem. Can you unzip me?" I help him
undress, laying the pink dress carefully on a chair and unclipping his bra.
I take my pants down and pull my shirt off. He looks agains at the stain
of the front of my briefs and smiles. "Is that a cum stain?" he asks.
"It is, and I'm not gonna tell you how it got there."
"But they're my dad's underpants."
"Yes, and I'll just have to leave it to your imagination." I can hear
the girls leaving the bathroom and I follow them into their room to kiss
them goodnight. It's too hot for them to wear nighties and I tuck them in
naked and give each of them a long loving kiss.
"Are you gonna suck Don's cock?" asks Mo, eagerly.
"That's between us guys," I say
"I bet he'd like to suck yours. He sure likes being a girl."
"Could he be a lesbian, like me?"
I think about this. It's complicated. "Perhaps. But you're not a
total lez. You like my dick too much. You can be a lez later after you've
grown up. Go to sleep, darling."
"I'm gonna dream of you, Daddy, dream of your beautiful big dick as
Don wanks you off."
"You bad girl!" I say and flip her on to her stomach and land a few
playful slaps on her bum. She rolls on to her back, grinning, and spread
her thighs invitingly. I give her a quick kiss on her cunt and pull the
sheet up over her before I get too carried away.
Jo grins at us. "Goodnight, Daddy. I love you," she says. I leave,
close the door and come back into my bedroom with my cock like iron bar.
"Jesus," I say to Donna, who still wearing the knickers. "Those two
little teases sure get me going. Let's go shower." He follows me into the
bathroom and looks at me as I take his dad's briefs off.
"Wow, your cock's even bigger than my dad's," he says, pulling his
knickers off. His cock is hard too. I grab an extra bar of soap from the
washbasin, step into the shower and adjust the water, cool but not too
chilly. "I'll soap your back and you can do mine, okay?"
"Soap me all over," he says and I feel a thrill run through me. I
lather his back and then his bum, then reach round and soap his chest, down
to his stomach, then his legs starting at his ankles and coming up to the
top of his thighs, then I spin him around and look in his eyes. "What
about my cock?" he asks. I get my hand thoroughly soaped up and grasp his
rigid cock. He lets out a huge sigh. The feel of his cock in my hand
reminds me of those glorious days when I wanked and sucked his father, and
thrills run through me. I wash it vigourously, pulling his foreskin back
to clean his glans, then gently wash his balls, then run my hand between
his legs and finger his hole. I feel him relax and push my finger in,
meeting no resistance. I push it all the way in and start to finger fuck
"I have to get you nice and clean," I say, as though I needed an
excuse. I give him several dozen thrusts with my finger, many more than is
needed, then pull it out.
"Let me do you," he says, spinning me round and starting on my back.
He soaps me all over, just as I did to him, leaving my cock until last. He
drops to his knees and takes hold of my dick, his other hand between my
legs, his finger on my hole. "Your dick's exactly like my dad's" he say,
"just a bit bigger."
"You seem to be familiar with your dad's dick when it's hard," I say.
"Aren't you? Yes, I do like my dad's dick, just as he likes mine, but
I'm still wondering where that cum stain came from. I think it's his cum."
"Actually, it's mine. He watched me as I wanked myself off into his
briefs, after. . ."
"After what?"
"After we'd sucked each other. I told my girls that your dad taught
me how to wank when we were kids, and how he sucked my dick and how much I
loved to wank and suck him. Mo nearly blurted it out. Then this
afternoon, your dad and I took up again where we left off as teenagers."
He looks at me with awe. "Fuckin' wicked!"
"You cool with this?" I ask him.
"Totally. I know my dad likes to suck dick. He sucks me, though you
mustn't tell him I told you. He swore me to secrecy."
"I hope you return the favour to him."
"Of couse I do. I love sucking his dick. Can I suck yours?" He
doesn't wait for a reply, just takes my dick in his mouth. It hasn't been
washed since early morning and it must taste pretty ripe. He doesn't seem
to mind, running his tongue under my foreskin as his finger plunges up my
bum as deep as it will go. The combination of a finger fuck and a blow job
brings me close to the edge and I pull away from him.
"I wannna save it until we're in bed," I say, and he finally soaps my
cock and rinses it off.
"You taste awesome," he says, "Real nice cock flavour." We step out
of the shower and I wrap him in a bath towel and rub him all over, paying
special attention to his genital area. His cock stays rock hard, as is my
own. I dry myself and we go into my bedroom. I sit on the end of my bed
and look at his naked body, his littly boyish figure with narrow hips and
slender thighs, just tiny tufts of hair under his arms and round his cock,
and my heart swells. He pushes me back on to the bed and climbs on top of
me, head to tail, his cock poised just above my mouth.
"Fuck my face," I tell him. "Put your cock where it belongs, in my
mouth, just like your dad did. And suck my fuckin' cock." He needs no
urging, his cock going right to the back of my throat, his mouth engulfing
my throbbing dick and we enthusiasically fellate each other. I'm so
aroused that I cum almost immediately, filling his mouth with my cream, and
at this point I would normally stop sucking him, but I let him continue
until, just a few seconds later, he cums for me, a nice big load of hot
cum. Spent though I am, I'm still able to enjoy the taste and the thrill
of swallowing it. He climbs off me, grinning and wiping his mouth with the
back of his hand.
"Fucking delicious," he says, lying down beside me. I put my arm
under his neck and round his shoulder.
"You're a fuckin' slut, which is what your dad calls me."
"I am. I'm a little girly slut. I loved sucking you off, but the
best part of today was dressing up as a girl. I wanna do that again. It's
incredibly exciting."
"Now I have thee little girls to fondle," I say, giving him a hug.


It's the following morning and I climb out of bed and put on a pair of
electric blue silk boxers. Then I wake Don and go into the bathroom to
collect the dirty underpants from the night before, then go into the girls
room and pick up their knickers off the floor. I look at them as they lie
naked on their backs, the sheets haing been pushed down in the hot night.
My morning boner becomes even harder and I imagine what it would be like to
have a wank and splatter their sleeping bodies with cum, but I decide to
wake them before I get carried away. Jo jumps out of bed. "I gotta pee
real bad," she says and runs into the bathroom. I follow her, being in
dire need of a pee myself. She sits naked on the toilet, spreads her legs,
leans back and lets her pee flow. I pull my hard cock out of the fly of my
"I can't wait," I say. I aim my cock down between her legs and let
fly. My aim is perfect and my piss stream mixes with hers.
"Careful, Daddy," she says, looking up at me. "Don't pee on me."
"Would that be so bad?" I ask. "I'd let you pee on me if you wanted
to. I'd love a golden shower."
She laughs. "I bet you would, you pervert." My aim wavers and my pee
stream hits her pussy and I expect her to slide back out of the way, but
she doesn't."
"Oops, sorry," I say.
"I guess a little pee won't hurt me," she says.
"Nor me, Sweetheart. Next time we shower together, I'll let you pee
on my cock."
"Daddy!" calls Mo, now standing in the doorway. It seems she's heard
the conversation. "That's REALLY naughty. I'll have to spank you." Any
excuse to get my underpants down, I suppose.
"Later, my darling," I say and turn away to wipe my dick on a towel
hanging on its rail. Jo wipes herself with toilet paper and stands up. Mo
takes her place and we watch as she pees. "I love watching girls pee," I
"You just like looking at our cunts," says Mo. She's right, as usual.
Minutes later, we're sitting at the breakfast bar, the girls in white
knickers and T shirts, Don in his little shorts and tank top. For once, my
dick isn't hard which is a relief. Sometimes I'm hard for so long that it
aches. I look at Don, remembering how mindblowing he looked dressed as a
girl, and then I have an idea. "Girls, up in the attic there are some
boxes of your mother's stuff. I'll get them down later and you can look
through them and find some outfits for Don to wear."
"Donna," Mo corrects me. He smiles.
"There's lots of undies, dresses and stuff. I don't think your mum
would have minded. She never used to mind when I wore her knickers."
Don's eyes go big. "You wore knickers?" he says, a smile breaking out
on his face.
"I still do, occasionally, thought they're a bit small for me." My
late wife was petite.
"I'd love to see that," he says. The girls giggle but don't seem
surprised. It's pretty hard to shock them.
"Let's do it now," says Jo, getting to her feet. I pull the loft
ladder down from the ceiling, climb up and pass half a dozen cardboard
boxes down to Don and the girls. They chatter and giggle as they take them
into their room and close the door.
An hour later, I'm sitting on the back porch trying to muster the
enthusiasm to mow the back lawn, but it's way too fucking hot, and anyway,
I'd have to put shorts on because I can be seen from my neighbour's house.
On second thoughts, let him see me, I don't care. Mike likes me in my
undepants, so why shouldn't the guy nextdoor? Then again, it's not getting
any cooler. The lawn can wait. Then Jo steps out on to the porch.
"Daddy, you've got to see this." As I look up, Donna comes into view and
my jaw drops. He, or should I say "she", is wearing a tiny lacey bra which
shows off her nipples, a suspender belt and white stockings. A pair of
skimpy, see-through white knickers are scarcely big enough to contain his
rigid cock and there's even a visible wet spot where the end of his dick
presses against the transparent material. I feel my own cock hardening
rapidly as I stand up. If my neighbour's out in his back garden, he'll be
able to see all of us, two girls in their knickers, a third dressed like
something from a porn site and me with a huge boner.
"Dah, dah!" Donna sings, her arms spread, revelling in the attention
she's getting. Now I can only think of her as a girl with a beautiful
"Isn't she sexy?" says Mo.
"Holy fucking shit! You look incredible!"
Jo's looking at me. "From limp to rock hard in less than three
seconds! That must be some kind of record, Daddy." Donna is smiling and
does a pirouette.
"Oh, come here, you gorgeous sexy thing," I say to him and he steps up
to me, right into my open arms. I grip him round the waist, pulling his
body hard against my own, my cock grinding against his. He tilts his head
back, puts his hand on the back of my neck and pulls me into a kiss, his
mouth wide open to receive my tongue. My head is spinning, my heart
pounding and I sense that the girls are looking at us, awestruck. I'm
breathing hard through my nose, intensely aroused. Suddenly, without
warning, my orgasm explodes and I cum into my boxers, squirt after squirt.
I break the kiss and let go of Donna and look down at my underpants, wet
with cum across the entire front, some of it having soaked on to Donna's
litttle knickers. "Oh, fuck!" I say. "Jesus! I couldn't help myself.
Sorry, guys, but this gorgeous girl has got me out of control."
"Fucking awesome," says Mo, then adds, reproachfully, "but you don't
cum in your pants when you kiss me."
"I might, if you're dressed like Donna is."
Jo is laughing. "Don't worry, Mo. All you have to do to make Daddy
cum is suck his cock. Right, Donna?" Donna smiles.
I look at my watch. "Shit, I've got to pick Mike up at Gatwick.
You'd better get changed into guy stuff, Don, if you're coming."
"Can we come," the girls ask.
"There's not enough room in the car for all of us."
"Let's find a dress for Donna and he can go as he is," says Jo.
"Uncle Mike will be blown away!" We go inside and I start looking for my


We wait to meet Mike in the coffee bar in the greeting area at the
airport. He's delayed, probably by all that immigration nonsense. I'm
looking at Donna who's arrayed in a pale blue dress that comes down to just
above his knees. His bra has a couple of tissues stuffed in it to give the
impression of little boobs. Finally Mike comes through, waves to me and
walks up to our table. Then he sees Donna.
"I don't fuckin' believe it! What the hell have you done to my son?"
"Donna. We call him 'Donna' now."
"What do you think, Dad?"
"They've turned you into my daughter," he says, incredulously.
"You always said you wanted a little girl, Mike, " I say. "Now you
have one."
He laughs. "If I passed you in the street I wouldn't recognise you.
You look stunning."
"So you approve?" I ask.
"They've given me lots of stuff to dress up in," says Donna.
"Well, I can't wait to see you in it."
In the car, Mike turns round in his seat to look at his son who splays
his legs to let his dad see his stocking tops and knickers. Mike is
clearly delighted. "See-through knickers, a nice touch. You'll have to
keep you knees together in public," he says, with a laugh. I tell him
about our outing to the pub with Donna in a pink party dress.
"So this is gonna be a regular thing," he observes.
"Every chance I get," says Donna.
"I guess you've found your vocation," says Mike.
Vocation? That's like a "calling". Who's calling? Well me for a
start, and my daughters, and his dad and probably the whole fucking world.
"Come and see the girls, Mike," I say. "They haven't seen you in
"Sure," he replies, eagerly.
"Can you drop me at our house first, Tony," asks Donna. "I wanna sort
through my new stuff." I drop him at his house and drive Mike over to my
place. As we come in the door, the girls whoop with delight and Jo jumps
up into his arms, wrapping her legs round his waist. She wearing a halter
top with is almost long enough to serve as a dress, only just covering her
white knickers, as as Mike releases her and she slides down his body, he
looks in the mirror as her top rides up, getting a nice view of her nylon
covered bum. I give him a conspiratorial smile. He bends down and gives
Mo, who's still in her knickers and short T shirt, a hug, his hands on her
little bum.
"I really need to shower," he says. "I haven't had a chance since
last night. And I'll need some clean underpants."
"What colour?" I ask.
"Surprise me," he says and disappears into the bathroom. I sit on the
couch with the girls and tell them how delighted Mike was to see Donna in
all her glory and how he seemed to share his son's enthusiasm for cross
dressing. Then I go into my bedroom and select a pair of vivid turquoise
silk boxers for Mike, take off my pants and shirt and look at myself in the
mirror. The big cum stain is clearly visible. I could smell the cum while
I was driving to and from the airport and I wonder if Donna or Mike
noticed. I decide to leave these underpants on. Cum stains are a good
thing, right? Back in the living room, Mo and I sit side by side on the
couch and Jo sits opposite in the armchair. We wait until Mike comes out
of the bathroom with a small towel wrapped round his waist. He looks at
me, sprawled out on the couch, my stained boxers on display. "Is that a
cum stain?" he asks.
"It is."
Mo, ever irrepressible, pipes up, "Daddy came in his pants when he was
kissing Donna. It was a French kiss."
"You dirty old dog, Tony," he says. "Mind you, I'm not that
surprised, given how sexy he looks dressed as a girl." I hand him the
turquoise boxers and he drops the towel, and holds the underpants by the
waist, figuring out which is the front and which is the back. The girls
are gazing at his cock, more than half hard. He looks at me and I give him
a reassuring smile. He pulls the boxers on and sits down on the couch
beside me. "You girls are growing up fast," he says.
"Jo's got tits now," says Mo.
"Wanna see them?" I ask him. Without waiting for him to reply, Jo
lifts up the front of her top and shows off her budding breasts. Mike lets
out a little whistle.
"Perfect!" he says. "I like little tits."
"And Daddy shaved her cunt yesterday," says Mo. She just can't keep a
secret. "Show Uncle Mike your cunt, Jo," she adds.
Jo looks at me and says the magic words. "Take my knickers off,
I look at Mike. He's practically drooling. "Why don't you let Uncle
Mike take them off?"
"Okay," she says and Mike slides off the couch and crosses over to her
on his knees. We can see that his cock is rock hard. Jo lifts her hips as
Mike slides her knickers down to her ankles and takes them off her feet.
She spreads her legs for him and he gazes at her hairless pussy.
"Feel how smooth it is," I say to Mike. I can feel my excitement
mounting, knowing that he's about to molest my sweet little girl. He
reaches his hand out and strokes her mound, then brings his finger tips
down to her cunt lips. Her legs spread even more and my own cock feels
like it's going to burst. Jo is gazing into his eyes, excitement written
all over her face. Mo, sitting beside me, leans against me and I put my
arm round her. I don't want her to feel left out. She looks down at my
cock which had been down the leg of my boxers, but has now poked its way
out of the end and is pointing up at the ceiling. She leans down and
plants a little kiss on its tip. "Look at them," I tell her, "You're
missing all the fun." Mike has now put his middle finger onto the opening
of Jo's cunt and turns to look at me. His eyebrows go up in an unspoken
question. "Do it, Mike," I say, "finger fuck her." His finger goes in all
the way and she lets out a little gasp.
"Did I hurt you?" asks Mike. She shakes her head vigourously from
side to side then lets her head fall back, her eyes closed. Mike starts to
push his finger in and out. Mo and I are leaning forward so as to not miss
any of the action, and I feel her arm tighten round my waist. I lean back,
pulling her with me and slide my free hand down the front of her knickers.
"Can I finger fuck you, my darling. Why should Jo have all the fun?"
"Yes, yes, please, Daddy," she says eagerly. "Do it to me." Her
skinny little legs part and I push my finger gently into her. She's
surprisingly wet and it goes in easily and she lets out a big whoosh of
air. I lean down and press my lips to hers and her mouth opens, her tongue
probing mine. We hold the kiss for several long beats, then I break away
so we can to see what Mike's doing to my other girl. Two of his fingers
are pumping in and out rapidly and his thumb is on her clit. She making
little moaning noises. Mo looks across at them. "Is he gonna fuck her?"
she whispers.
"That's entirely up to Jo," I say so that everyone can hear me. "If
you want to stay a virgin, Jo, just say so." She continues to moan, but
doesn't say anything. Mike looks over his shoulder at me. Should I let
him be the first to fuck my daughter and pop her cherry? That was
something that I'd wanted to do myself for a long time now, but the idea of
watching another man, my own sexy brother, put his cock, which I so
recently sucked, up her cunt is overwhelmingly exciting.
"It should be you, Daddy," says Mo, reading my thoughts. "You should
be the first with Jo, and the first with me, too." I know she's right, but
there's a faint trace of guilt floating round my brain. I know I grope and
fondle my girls and do all sorts of forbidden stuff with them and that Jo
has gone so far as to suck me off, but as to actually fucking her? That
would be totally incestuous. Would it adversely affect her later in life
when she looked back on it? I'd rather she resented my brother than hate
me. I get up from the couch and kneel beside him, reaching underneath and
taking hold of his cock. I can feel it pulsing. I give it a couple of
strokes, just to let him know I care and then I say, "I think you're
seconds away from cumming."
"Fuckin' right," he groans, "any minute now."
"Wanna cum in my mouth or in my daughter?" I ask him. How many men
get an invitation like that?
"In Jo," he gasps. I grip his dick at the bottom end of his shaft and
guide it to Jo's cunt, the tip touching her lips.
"Do it, Mike! Fuck her, fuck my little girl, you fuckin' brute!" Mo
jumps up and kneels by his other side to watch the action. He pushes his
hips forward and we can clearly see his cock slide into her, two or three
inches. She spreads her legs even wider, welcoming his penetration. He
thrusts again and the whole length of it disappears up her cunt.
"Fuckin' awesome," whispers Mo.
"Do it, Mike! Fuck her brains out! Ram your cock in her as deep and
hard as you can," I croak, my voice hoarse with lust. Jo's hips are
lifting to meet his lunges and she grips his upper arms, his flesh going
white where she squeezes. He's gasping and groaning, clearly right on the
"Daddy," Jo moans and I lift my self up until I can look down at her
"Are you alright?" I ask, anxiously.
"Yes, Daddy, but I want you. I want your cock inside me." I bend
down and kiss her and her mouth opens, letting my tongue probe inside.
After a few seconds she runs out of air and pushes my face away. I can see
Mo's hands, on her other side, playing with Jo's little breasts, tweaking
her nipples and kissing them.
Then Mike lets out a yell. "Fuck! Oh fuck! I'm cumming, you
gorgeous little girl, I'm cumming!" He makes a dozen more violent thrusts
and then collapses on her chest. I jump to my feet, grab him by the waist
and pull him off. He collapses on his back on the floor, his hard cock
poking up, dripping with moisture. I'd love to take it in my mouth to suck
him clean, or better yet, lick his cum from my daughter's cunt, but I have
to make sure that Jo is satisfied, so I kneel between her legs, take hold
of my iron hard cock and push it into her. My brother's slimey cum is the
prefect lubricant and my cock slides in smoothly, all the way in a single
I hear Mo give a little gasp. "My daddy's fucking my sister!" she
murmurs, her voice filled with amazement. Jo opens her eyes and looks at
me, and even though her face is contorted with lust, I can see she's loving
it. I slide my cock in and out, trying to make it last for her so that
she'll cum before it do.
"I love you, Daddy," she pants. "I love your cock inside me. Fuck
me, fuck me, yes, do it harder. Oh, Jesus, I'm in heaven." Her face and
upper chest are bright red and Mo resumes caressing her little tits. I'm
lost in a total world of uninhibited lust, fucking my own daughter as her
little sister watches. Jo calls out, "Oh, oh, oh, oh!" and her arms reach
up and go round my neck, pulling my upper body down on her, just as my
whole insides rush down to my crotch and up my dick and spurt into her.
She's still lunging back up at me as I empty myself and after a dozen my
thrusts, I stop and lie on top of her body, my cock still inside her,
gasping for breath.
"Wow!" I hear Mo say. "That was wicked!"
Finally I have breath enough to say, "Did you cum, darling?"
"Twice. You were too far gone to notice. I came twice, Daddy. It
was incredible." I lift my body and let my cock slide out of her. It's
dripping with my cum and her juice. I fall back on the floor and watch
with amazement as Mo jumps between her sister's legs and starts furiously
licking her cunt. The she lifts her head and looks over her shoulder,
smiling at me, licking her lips. Her cheeks and chin are shiny wet.
Mike staggers to his feet. "Holy fucking shit! What an evening! I
think I've fallen in love with your daughter, Tony. She's blown my fucking
"I love her too, Mike. I always have and I always will. Thank you my
darling." Mike is polite enough to add thanks of his own and wipes his
cock with the towel he'd discarded earlier. He hands it to me and I clean
my own cock. Mo finishes cleaning up her sister and sits back on the
floor, a shit-eating grin on her face.
"I gotta run," says Mike, "I wanna find out what my son's been getting
up to and what he's dressed in, the little fucking pervert." He goes into
the bathroom for his shirt and pants. Jo is still lying there, her legs
now together, her eyes shut, her face wet with sweat. I pick her up, on
arm behind her back, the other arm under her knees and carry her into her
bedroom and lie her down on the bed. I pull her halter top off and pull
the sheet up to her waist. "I love you, Jo," I say, giving her a lingering
kiss on the lips.
"I love you too," she says and closes her eyes. "I think Mo might be
feeling left out. Take care of her, Daddy." Does she mean what I think
she means?
"I will. Goodnight, darling." I give her a final kiss and leave,
closing the door behind me. Back in the living room, Mo is now sitting on
the couch still in her knickers, looking forlorn.
"Mike's just left," she says. "He said he'd call you tomorrow." I
pick her up in the same way as I carried Jo, cradling her in my arms and go
into my bedroom, kicking the door shut behind me.
"I want you to sleep in my bed with me tonight, Sweetheart. I don't
want you to feel neglected." I lower her to the bed and stand looking as
she lies there in her white knickers. My heart swells with love for my
cute little child.
"Thank you, Daddy. I wish I could sleep with you every night."
"We'll see, but I've gotta go take a shower. I'm all sweaty." I go
into the bathroom and take a nice long cool shower, washing all traces of
sexual activity from my cock and sticking a well soaped finger up my arse.
I can feel my horniness beginning to return as I pretend that my finger is
my brother's cock, fucking me senseless. I finger fuck myself for a minute
or so, my cock getting stiff again, then remembering that my little girl is
waiting for me, I rinse myself all over, towel off and step back into my
bedroom. I stand at the foot of the bed. Mo is still lying there on her
back, her legs parted invitingly, her feet still in little white socks, but
her facial expression is a little woeful. She looks so vulnerable. She
seems utterly innocent, despite her constant use of the word "cunt" and her
delight in licking her sister's pussy. She's still only eleven, still a
little girl, a year or more away from puberty, and I know that it's her
apparent innocence that's turning me on.
"I know that Jo got all the attention tonight, my sweet," I tell her,
"but now I want you to know that I love you just as much as I love her.
You're both equally precious to me."
She looks at me, as my cock points at her like the arrow of a compass
finding North. "You're hard again, Daddy," she says.
"You know that every time I see you in your knickers, I lose control
of my dick. You've known that for ages, haven't you?"
"Yes, I have, it's the best thing about you. It's why I love you."
Then she says the magic words. "Take my knickers off, Daddy." I kneel on
the end of the bed and she lifts her hips and lets my slide her knickers
off. I take her socks too, and admire her as she lies completely naked,
waiting for me.
"Your pussy is so pretty," I say, lying down with my face between her
"My cunt? The cunt you like to look at? The cunt you like to put
your finger in? It's all yours, Daddy. You can do what you like to me."
Now my lust has come raging back in all its fury. Yes, she's only a child,
her hips narrow, her figure slender, her legs skinny and her chest as flat
as a little boy's, but that's exactly what's driving me crazy. I was never
this aroused by an adult woman, even my wife, though I loved her dearly. I
think I want to fuck Mo more than I wanted to fuck her sister, incredible
though it seems. All the hugs and kisses, all the fondling and fingering,
all the suggestive adult conversation, all my confessions about sucking
dicks, have lead up to this evening, culminating in the violation of her
big sister, willing though she was. I bury my face between her thighs,
thrusing my tongue into her cunt, then dragging it up to where her clit has
not yet developed, then pushing it back inside her again. I can smell the
aroma of her sex, faint, but there nevertheless. She grips my hair,
pulling my face into her. I run out of air and lift my head to look at
her. She's flushed and there's a big smile on her face. "You're gonna
fuck me, aren't you, Daddy?"
"I'll do whatever you want, but first, before I cum inside you, would
you like to see what sucking a dick is like?"
"Oooh, yes please, yes please!" I scootch up beside her and she leans
over and takes my cock in her hand and pulls my foreskin back. My glans
swells as she stares at it. "Will it fit inside me?" she asks.
"It'll go in your mouth, just a few inches, if you open it wide
"Will it go inside my cunt?"
"If you're fully aroused."
"I am, I am!" She lowers her head and takes my cock in her mouth, her
lips closing round it. I let out a big sigh of contentment. I feel her
tongue licking the head of my cock.
"Oh, you're so good at this, Mo. Somehow I knew you would be. Oh,
yes, that feels fuckin' marvelous. Yes, yes, just like that. Oh, my God,
you little fuckin' tease, you're driving me crazy. You'd better stop
before I cum in your mouth."
She lifts her head off me and turns to look at me. "I wouldn't mind
if you did, Daddy. I'd swallow it just like you say you do."
"Sit on my hips, sweetheart. Straddle me. Rub your cunt on my cock."
She climbs on to me and positions herself, then moves her hips back and
forth, her wet pussy sliding over my hard cock. I reach up and run my
palms over her chest and tweak her nipples with my fingers and thumbs.
"I love your cock, Daddy. It tasted good. I made you squirm when I
sucked it. I wanna suck it again, like every day."
"And so you will, you gorgeous little slut. Are you ready for it,
ready to give your virginity to me?"
"I've been ready for ages. Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me like you fucked
Jo!" She lifts her body and reaches between her legs and takes hold of my
dick. She puts the tip against her little girl's slit and looks in my eyes
as she lowers herself down on it. Her mouth opens in a big 'O' and her
eyes are big as saucers. My cock begins to enter her. It's a tight fit,
but she's very wet from all the evening's activity and from the good
licking I just gave her. It slides in and she gasps.
"Am I hurting you?"
"No, no! It's. . .it's. . ." She's lost for words, carried away by
her first experience of a stiff cock up her cunt. Her face is all screwed
up in a way that expresses ecstacy. "Yes, yes, do it, Daddy! Fuck me, oh
fuck me!" Her little body bounces up and down and my hips lift to meet
her. Then I misstime my thrust and my cock slips out. She grabs for it
frantically and pushes it back in her cunt. I lie still, letting her do
all the work, allowing her to fuck herself on my cock, knowing that because
I came less than an hour ago, I can last as long as she wants. She's
soaked in sweat, gasping and groaning so loudly that if Jo is awake in the
next room, she'll hear us. Somehow I don't think she'll mind. The she
lets out a loud "Oooooh," and falls on to my chest. I know she's cum. My
heart swells with love. My darling little girl is now fully initiated into
the world of straight sex, and well on her way to learning all about
lesbian sex. I feel proud of her and proud of myself for making her happy.
When she's recovered her breath, she climbs off me and lies beside me. I
put my arm under her neck and hug her. She looks down at my gistening cock
which points at the ceiling. "Did you cum, Daddy?"
"No, darling, but it's okay. I can cum later. I can always have a
"Can I watch. I wanna see you wank off."
"Perhaps I should save it for the morning."
"No way. I'm gonna wank you off now." She slides down the bed until
her head is lying on my stomach and takes hold of my cock, stroking it
slowly. Even though I've just had my cock in her mouth and up her cunt, a
hand job is not to be sniffed at. I'm extremely excited, lying there,
letting my daughter please me. I reach my hand down and fondle her little
bum. She speeds up her strokes and soon my cock pulses and I shoot my load
right on to her face. She carries on pumping me until I tell her to stop,
then she sits up and looks at me. Her face is streaked with my cum.
"Some of it went in my mouth, Daddy. It tastes awesome, just as good
as when I licked it from Jo's cunt." She licks her lips where my cum has
streaked across her mouth, and smiles, then rubs her hands over her face,
spreading my cum everywhere. "I like the smell of it, too."
I pull her down beside me, reach out and turn off the bedside light
and fold her in my arms. I'm totally awash in love for my two little
girls. "Go to sleep, my darling. I love you so much."
I lie there, thinking about the events of the last couple of days.
It's all so incredibly marvelous. Tomorrow I'll go over to Mike' house and
see how Donna looks in her new outfits. I don't think Mike will mind if I
fondle his son's cock though his knickers. He'll probably like to join in.
He'll probably still be wearing my underpants. He might ask me to take
them off him. "Take my knickers off, Tony," I imagine him saying. His
cock with be stiff and I'll get to suck it. He'll probably fuck me up the
arse, which will be fantastic, especially if Donna's watching. Then I'll
fuck him and perhaps he'll let Donna fuck me too. Or even, though I hardly
dare to think it, let me fuck Donna.
Then I'll come home to my two little girls, and wait to hear them say,
"Take my knickers off, Daddy."

The End.

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