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Nifty - Bisexual - Incest - Teaching Their Sons - Teaching Their Sons 1

Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2012 09:16:18 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tague Micheals <>
Subject: Teaching their Sons

This story depicts minor boys engaging in sexual acts with each other and
adult female family members. If you find this topic distasteful or it is
illegal where you reside please leave this page now. For those who stay,
enjoy with the understanding that not one word of it is based on any facts
as they relate to my life or anyone I know.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"They're perfect specimens at the perfect age, you know that don't you,"
The blonde woman said to the other blonde woman sitting next to her.

"I know CiCi, you've said that before," her companion said with a sigh.

"Well Dede we've got to do something about it. Christ, every twat within
100 miles is sniffing after them. I don't want to lose them to some cheap
tramp," CiCi replied, "and I know that you don't either." Neither woman
spoke for a moment.

"Christ, look at them. They're gorgeous and honestly, I don't think they
even realize it. That's another thing that makes them so special," CiCi

"They certainly take after their father," Dede responded with a smile.

"In more ways than one," CiCi countered. "Jesus, look how they fill out
those speedos. Tell me that doesn't bring back some memories." Dede looked
at her twin and smiled again as her brain went back to those 2 weeks that
the two of them had spent fucking Adan and draining his overly large balls
of every possible sperm cell that his magnificent body could produce. That
boy never knew what hit him and had reveled in the twins' bodies as much as
they had reveled in his.

The boys that the two women were talking about were their sons, products of
those 2 weeks with Adan. Both women had gotten pregnant, not by intention,
and had given birth within 24 hours of each other; CiCi first with Braden
then Dede with Bryden.

"Do you think we should tell them Dede?" Her twin shook her head

"Never," she responded quickly and fiercely. "There is no need to tell them
that they are half-brothers and not first cousins." No one but the twins
and of course Adan knew that he was the father of both boys and even Adan
didn't know they were boys. People assumed that the reason the 2 hot young
teens looked so much alike was because their mothers were identical twins
and the boys' fathers were brothers. The story was that the fathers were US
military and were killed overseas before they could marry the twins which
also explained in part where their money came from; insurance and a
grateful government.

The reality was that beautifully gorgeous Adan was an only son of a South
American zillionaire who happened to be engaged to the daughter of an
equally wealthy European industrialist, none of which the twins knew when
they took him to their bed. There was no way in hell that the twin's
careless pregnancy was going to interfere with that union and there was no
way in hell that Adan's father was going to recognize the children as
family. In keeping with the secret, Adan's father set up a 5 million dollar
trust fund for each of the boys as well as support for their mothers at a
quarter million dollars a year each, new home every 5 years if they chose
to accept the offer, private school for the boys along with full medical
dental vision, and full college tuition up to 8 years for the 4 of
them. The twins also got full custody that was irrevocable. Adan's father
doted on his boy but recognized his sons' often soft side and didn't want
Adan changing his mind some time later.

The twins were no dummies however, far from it. Both had high IQ's, both
obtained master's degrees in the business arena and put them to good
use. By the time the boys hit puberty their trust fund's value had doubled,
not that the boys were even remotely aware that the trusts existed. The
twins had accepted new homes in keeping with their upwardly mobile status
and lived within 3 houses of each other or in this case, next door to each

"Tell me your cunt isn't hungry for either one of them," CiCi said and
again, Dede sighed and admitted that taking the boys to bed and showing
them the secrets of love and loving was on her mind although not a great

"Have you seen Bryden au'naturel," CiCi asked her sister who shook her

"No, but he's pretty casual around the house so I see him in briefs almost
every day." CiCi responded in kind saying that Braden was the same way
although she did catch a full frontal glimpse of her son once about a year

"It made my cunt itch I'll tell you that Dede. The boy is hung like his
father, or soon will be. As both women said, their sons wandered around the
house in underwear, often without a t-shirt on, almost all the time and
seemed completely unconscious about the image they presented which was
considerable. At 14 years old they were any photographer's dream and, one
could add, practically anyone else whether they liked boys or not.

The both stood about 5'6" and weighed in at 120, give or take a pound
depending on the season, and were a perfect combination of both
parents. The twin's Scandinavian genes had watered down their father's
darker coloring so the boys were a nice brown color similar to an Italian,
or even someone who spend a great deal of time in the sun. Their hair was
black with a great deal of body to it. When they were younger they wore it
quite long and were often mistaken for girls because of the degree of
curl. Both boys got their parents large eyes, thick brows and long thick
eyelashes, said eyes being a very unusual color of blue grey. Perfect
cheekbones, narrow but not thin noses and the most kissable red tinged lips
imaginable and perfect crystal white teeth rounded out the boys stunning
looks. Athletics and genetics did the rest.

The boys had naturally athletic bodies to start with but swimming and
diving since they were 5, martial arts and gymnastics since age 7 and
wrestling starting at age 10 had toned them to a point of perfection. Every
muscle in their young bodies was developed better than boys 2-3 years older
that they were which meant that every crease was deeper and more defined
than normal as well. The definition at their waists and lower bodies was a
curve that followed the abs muscles, curving inward then straight down,
meeting with the inner abdominal muscles and then dropping into the classic
V and culminating in all that made them boys. As stated, they were beyond
perfect; they were the epitome of boyhood body development. They were what
any athletic boy and many adults aspired to be.

In speedos their physique caught the attention of anyone who wasn't
blind. Both twins had seen the hungry expressions on the faces of everyone
who was close enough to see the long thick tube that rested toward their
left hips, the tip at times touching the elastic of the leg or the seam at
the sides. Below was the bulge of their young balls, significant all by
itself. Members of both sexes practically stared at the boys and when they
stood side by side, which was often, it could make both sexes over the age
of 11 swoon with desire, curiosity and hunger. Their asses were as nice as
their fronts; slender and firm as well as ever so slightly rounded outward.

It was the same at wrestling meets with the boys in their singlets. Both
mothers had seen the looks and the expressions on the faces of other team
coaches, players, referees and spectators. Their boy parts seemed even more
highlighted in the wrestling togs and once again were long thick tubes
pointed off to the side generally. Sometimes they were pointed upward and
even soft seemed to reach about where their flat outtie belly buttons
were. Both boys had experienced being felt up by an opponent during a match
and both boys had been told after a match that they had almost been
suffocated when their own faces and been pressed against the boys'
crotch. It was all good natured boy play.

Their boyhood team members or boys in their gym classes called them the
cock brothers, again, all good naturedly of course. Their endowment was the
envy of every single boy, and most men, who had ever seen them naked. Being
uncircumcised added to the rarity. The boys were not only long but they
were thick as well. Their magnificent cocks, unless shrunk from the cold,
hung an easy 7 inches long, perhaps more. In all honesty the boys had
never measured themselves. The accompanying balls were equally large and
because the boys kept their groins trimmed into small bushes at the base of
their cocks, or no hair at all, everything appeared even larger and of
course was much smoother.

When hard, they were simply incredible but no one knew that because they
had never been hard in front of anyone except each other. Plenty of boys
asked them how big they got when they were boned up but the
cousins/half-brothers simply smiled and said "big enough". They had been
presented with plenty of opportunities to engage in the typical boyhood
sexual play but had always refused, good naturedly of course, and because
they were so sweet nobody took it badly. They didn't feel like they needed
to engage in that kind of behavior with other boys. They had each other.

Braden and Bryden were best friends. They had spent the first 4 years of
their lives living in the same house and as stated, after that, within a
few houses of each other. They were bonded as closely as twins, which for
all practical purposes they were and which is how others perceived
them. They operated on the same wave length, one able to finish a sentence
started by the other. They rarely fought and on those rare occasions that
they did, it was never violent and was over quickly. Unlike twins, where
one is often a leader and the other one a follower, the boys believed and
acted as complete equals. Even in bed.

The boys discovered sex and sexuality together. They had their first
sperming together at age 12. Either one was willing to suck the other's
large hard cock and either one was willing to fuck or be fucked by the
other. Fucking had been discovered at age 8 and unlike most 8 year old
boys, their equipment was, you should pardon the expression, up to the
task. Like their mothers, the boys had high IQ's and had easily navigated
around the parental controls on their computers so had learned and
practiced the ways of gay love from an early age. Both boys loved having a
cock in their mouths as well as their asses as much as they loved being
buried deep in the others' mouth or ass.

"You know that they're doing each other, right," CiCi stated rather than
asked and her twin responded with a nod of the head. Both women had heard
the sounds coming from their sons' bedrooms, the typical "oohhh's and
aahhh's" along with the moans and groans and grunts, and the shower running
more than once after they'd gone to bed. The boys rarely slept alone,
spending an equal amount of time in each one's room and consequently each
other's arms. They would have kept clothes in each other's room if it
weren't for the fact that they wore each other's clothing. It had gotten to
a point where neither really knew whose mother had purchased what for
whom. Nor did it matter one little iota.

That Braden and Bryden were as sexually active as they were wouldn't come
as a shock or surprise to anyone who had known their mother's, although few
had, other than the boys they'd bedded. Their father had taken their
cherries at age 8 and stopped fucking them at the first sign of
puberty. Prior to that, he'd been eating their smooth young pussies and
cumming in their mouths since they were 6. By age 7 they were intimately
acquainted with every aspect of the male body as well as their own bodies
since he's also made them act out sexually with each other and sometimes
teenage boys that he brought home. Their father enjoyed watching a young
teen get see his first naked girl, get his first blow job as well as his
first piece of ass. He often fucked the boy after the boy had fucked one or
both of the girls. Many was the time that the girls heard a boy whimpering
in their father's bedroom. That made it all the more strange when he had
disowned them for getting pregnant out of wedlock and not had contact with
the girls since then.

"Remember the Johnson twins," CiCi asked her sister.

"How could I forget them," Dede responded. The twins had been at a
regionals swimming tournament and had made friends with a set of boy twins
from another school. They had managed to get the boys into their room after
lights out and had extracted a promise that the boys would never say a word
to anyone about the incident. To secure their word they got cell phone
pictures of the boys sucking each other's cocks and fucking each
other. Forcing the boys to have sex with each other was part of their
losing their virginity to the girls although the girls hadn't needed to
coerce the boys. They had been fucking and sucking each other for 2 years.

The girls were 14 and the boys were 13 and as cute as the girls. They
hadn't developed as well as the girls but still, 5 inches of boy cock had
gotten the job done. The girls had admired the boy's bodies for they
preferred boys to men. Blondes, the boys had a small smattering of hair at
the base of their young cocks, and nice smooth balls which the girls both
loved playing with almost as much as the boys liked them too.

They made the boys jack off in front of them at the very beginning. The
wanted to see boy sperm shoot out so sat at the edge of the bed fingering
their pussies while the boys lay naked side by side, loving
themselves. They made the boys kiss each other, something the boys already
loved doing as well as sucking each other's cocks. The girls had insisted
on a king sized bed and not separate beds so the 4 of them lay side by
side, kissing, hugging, sucking cocks and tits, eating pussy and fucking
each other. At times it was like a multi-headed monster, one of them
working on the partner of the other while engaged with their own partner.
Of course the boys came way to fast the first time they fucked the girls
side by side so on the second go around they swapped partners and did it

The girls kissed and ate each other out which the boys thought was
incredibly awesome. They played until almost 4 in the morning before the
boys snuck, exhausted, back to their room for a few hours sleep. On the
last night of the tournament the girls snagged a pair of 15 year old boys
and brought them back to their room. They made the boys go through the same
sort of rituals that they'd had the twins go through which the boys were
more than willing to do. Although they had both messed around with other
boys before, they would have done it gladly in order to lose their
virginity to the beautiful young twin girls.

The older boys were hung better than the twins had been so the girls' cunt
has been stretched farther. There balls were larger; they felt different
when they whacked against the girl's crotches and they made much more sperm
which the girls drank up much to the boys' delight. Like they had done with
the twins, they swapped partners multiple times and send the boys back to
their rooms drained the following morning.

"So what do you propose to do sweet sister," Dede asked her twin to which
the answer was I don't know but I'm going to give it considerable
thought. The women got up and dove into the pool then swam a little and
interacted with their sons in an appropriate manner. As scantily dressed as
the boys were, their mother's bikini's left little to the imagination and
if they thought that their son's/nephew's hadn't noticed, they were sadly
mistaken. In fact had they known that the boys had noticed and what they
thought, the women would have bedded them long before they did.

"We're gonna get out mom," Bryden said and they climbed out at the edge of
the pool. Both women stared at the delicious boy butts as that started at
them along with the bulges that were visible below. They tried not to pay
attention as the boys dried off then slipped their speedos off before
pulling towels around their waists. This wasn't an uncommon occurrence but
the boys were always faced away from their mother's totally unaware of the
effect they had on the women. While they always kept their naked fronts
covered, they didn't feel it was necessary to do the same for their
butts. To the boys, they were only two globs of fat and muscle separated by
a crack, nothing more. Apparently they didn't realize that from time to
time they were bent over far enough that their balls showed giving their
mothers a quick glimpse of part of their boyhood charms.

Upstairs in Braden's bedroom they pulled the towels off then headed into
his bathroom to shower. "God your mother is so hot Braden," the other boy
said, "'I'd really love to fuck her."

Braden laughed at the old joke. Plenty of their friends had commented on
the twins, making the same comments which the boys took in stride. They
were both healthy boys, they both knew that their moms were hot as all hell
just as they found a few other boys' mother' hot and made similar
comments. Most other boys would crinkle their noses at the notion of
stuffing their hard young cock inside their own mothers but the Bray and
Bry didn't really feel that way. Because their mothers were identical
twins, saying that they wanted to fuck the other boys' mother was
tantamount to say they wanted to fuck their own mothers'. To them, the
notion of fucking their own mothers' didn't carry the same negativity as
other boys.

"Well I guess you'll have to fuck me then," Braden said reaching for his
half-brothers' still soft cock. Braden squeezed and stroked, bringing the
soft flesh to an action state in a very short order. Bryden allowed his
cousin/half-brother the liberty and didn't move when the other boy dropped
to his knees and began sucking his cock. Braden tugged on Brydens' hairless
heavy sac and stroked the boy as he suckled. He didn't stay there long
because he knew that Bryden was dying to return the favor which the boy
did, treating his best friend the same way that he'd been treated.

"We don't really have time to fuck you know," Braden said, "We have
training to attend to." Bryden agreed so the boys washed quickly then
stepped out of shower spray and smeared conditioner all over their belly's
and their cocks. They then embraced and began kissing furiously while
pressing their bodies together and gently humping against each other. They
had discovered frottage a couple years before and resorted to it often to
get off. Clutching each other's back or butt they rested their heads
together and ground hard against each other, mashing their big young cocks
together or against their hard stomachs.

"Fuck I love you so much Bry," Braden said. "I want you in my life
forever." Braden fed that back to his partner and finally they reached
orgasm together, both boys groaning in ecstasy as their sperm oozed out
between their bodies and mixed together in the conditioner. As their
sperming subsided they kissed again, this time with more tenderness. They
finally broke away from each other and looked down at the gooey mess on
their bellies.

"How much sperm to you reckon we make together Bray," Bryden asked. The
response was, "a lot." In fact, if one measured it, they would have
discovered that each boy unloaded an average of just short of a half cup of
creamy white liquid. Sure, it diminished with each sperming in the same day
but give them a rest of say 12 hours or more between spermings and that's
what you'd get.

The issue of bedding their sons/nephews resolved itself for the twins a few
days later and for everyone's benefit it was accidental. About once a month
the twins took a weekend trip out of town or to another part of the large
metropolitan city where they lived. In whatever big city they happened to
be in they would find a teenage boy or young college student, lure the
unsuspecting lad to their hotel room, and give him a lifetime of memories
in less than 24 hours. Sometimes they would pick up 2 or more boys who
seemed to be friends and have the boy's gang bang them all night long. When
they chose to treat a group, the boys were always younger, 16 or under
because they were much more eager, inexperienced, willing to please and
thus easier to control.

And, as always, if there was more than one male, they were required to
engage with each other so the twins could watch. One night they had the
pleasure of entertaining a group of middle school boys aged 13 & 14 who
were on a school trip. After getting the boys all hot and bothered by
prancing around them in skimpy bikini's the twins had coerced them into
coming up to their suite. The women stood watching fully naked and
fingering their pussies while the group of 7 equally naked boys all jacked
off in a group in front of them. This was done for 2 reasons; controlling
the boys and getting them to cum once before they fucked the women and
hopefully getting more than 3 minutes of fucking out of them.

The boys all learned how to eat pussy, got to suck on tits to their hearts
content, two boys to a woman of course, and of course they all got to dip
their hard young cocks into a cunt for the first time, as well as the
second and third times. Both women had a cock in their assholes as well as
their cunts and their mouths more than once before the night was out. There
had been a 13 year old black kid in the group who had been hung like a
horse and provided a great deal of entertainment for the women and his

So it was that the girls were supposed to go on a trip and left the
house. Less than an hour into the trip they developed car trouble and
returned to the house to call the dealership and have CiCi's McLaren towed
to the shop. The house was quiet and as CiCi called the dealer Dede
wandered over the door that led out to the patio and pool and got one hell
of a surprise. She watched for a moment then backtracked and got to her
twin just as she was hanging up the phone.

"Better come see this," she said and turned around. The twins stood side by
side and watched the boys as they romped around the pool tossing a nerf
football back and forth to each other. The boys were stark naked, their
fully softened cocks swaying and bouncing as they moved.

"Jesus H Christ they are truly magnificent specimens of boys," CiCi said,
awe in her voice.

"Look at those butts too," Dede said as her nephew turned away from
her. With their body tone and coloring they were like Greek gods or at the
very least the epitome of what the Greeks called beautiful boys. They were
in their adolescent prime right there.

"Tell me that getting mounted by either one of them wouldn't be a life time
experience Deidre," CiCi said. Dede looked at her sister for rarely did
either one of them use the other's actual birth name.

"It makes my pussy itch," Dede said by way of response then turned back to
watch the boys, who had no idea that their mothers were watching them. CiCi
had no doubt that it did because her pussy started getting wet just looking
at the boys. Then, to the twin's surprise, the boys flopped down on the
lawn and wrestled. It was incredible to watch them work, both being
wrestlers but it soon became very obvious that domination was not the
goal. They watched as Braden moved away from his half brother, revealing
that Bryden was getting hard. To the twins further surprise Braden leaned
down, took Bryden's cock and held it upright, stroked it a few time then
lowered his head put his mouth over it and began sucking. Bryden's legs
were spread open and the women could see his large balls in full hang
between his dusky thighs. They were completely shaved, in fact everything
was shaved except a small patch of hair at the base of each incredible boy

From the amount of cock that CiCi's son was taking into his mouth and
throat it was quite clear that the boy had plenty of experience. Braden
moved, turning to face sideways to the twins and they saw clearly that he
was as hard as any boy could ever be, his large cock jutting out from his
flat torso like a limb on a tree. The boy leaned over and kissed his
cousin/half-brother and it was equally obvious to their mother's that the
boys had plenty of experience in that arena as well. He then straddled his
partner and lay down on top of him, Bryden's hard cock sticking up between
Braden's legs and resting against the crack of the boys' ass, his balls
hanging down along side the pole and almost touching Bryden's. They kissed
for a moment then Braden got up and said something to Bryden, turned to
head toward the house then stopped again because apparently Braden had said
something to him. The twins moved back out of sight so when the boy came
through the door he wouldn't see them right off the bat. So it was that he
entered the house, his incredible cock standing tall, proud, and thick in
front of an incredible torso. He looked up and saw his aunt and his mother
looking right at him, amused expressions on their beautiful faces.

"Let me guess," CiCi said to her fully tumescent son. "You're going up to
your room to get some lube." Braden was shocked on a multitude of
levels. Seeing his mother and his aunt, them seeing him fully naked and
hard as a rock, and then his mother guessing his intention caused the boy
to just stop and stare at the women, which of course they had zero problem

In reality neither boy was concerned about their mother's seeing their
maturing bodies, they were proud of their bodies. Also, their mothers were
hot and in all likelihood not that many boys would be concerned about their
mothers seeing them thusly. They were family after all, it wasn't a huge
deal which was why it didn't bother them to wander around their houses in
briefs. Both boys had seen their mothers in bra and panties and it just
wasn't a big deal. It was however a huge enough deal that neither boy made
a plan for that to happen.

"I think perhaps it's time we all had a talk don't you Bray," CiCi said to
her son. It was hard to keep eye contact with the boy considering there was
so much to look at. Braden could only nod his head. He turned and headed
back outside, the twins right behind him and ogling his incredible ass.

"That was quick," Bryden said, still lying on the grass gently fondling his
large smooth sac of balls.

"Quicker than you can imagine son," Dede said. The boy sat bolt upright,
saw his aunt and mother standing there alongside his cousin whose cock
hadn't diminished in the least. The expression on Braden's face was one of
mild amusement.

"I think we all need to sit down and chat," CiCi said, delivering the same
message to her nephew as her own son. "Shall we move to the shade," she
suggested. Bryden got up and the four of them moved to lawn chairs, the
boys on chaise lounges barely reclined, out of the hot sun. To their credit
neither boy asked if they could get dressed but simply plopped down in the
lounge chairs, their hard cocks resting against their incredible torsos.

"Well to begin with I'd say that it's a safe guess that you two have been
in flagrante delicto," CiCi started. Braden looked at Bryden who said,

"Having sex." Both boys simply nodded their heads. There was no reason to
lie considering the circumstances besides, they had always been honest as
well as mostly open with their mothers.

"How long," Dede asked and the answer "awhile" was provided by Braden. To
the question of what that entailed the answer was everything. When asked if
they had ever had sex with other boys, the answer was no and the answer
regarding sex with girls was of course the same.

"Are you interested in having sex with a girl?" the boys looked at each
other, shrugged their shoulders and Bryden answered,

"Maybe; some day. Girls are too complicated for us right now what with
sports and everything." Both mothers uttered a sigh of relief which didn't
escape their sons' attention.

"Are you guys afraid we're like, gay or something," Braden asked them.

"I don't think afraid is the word I would choose," CiCi said, "but
certainly most mothers look toward the time when their children have kids
and thus they have grandkids to spoil and we're no different in that
respect, we just don't want them right now. Aside from that we both would
love you no matter what your sexual orientation was Braden."

"Like most parents we also worry about teenage pregnancy and the negative
fallout from that. Let's face it boys, you guys are about the hottest thing
on two feet and I'm surprised that you don't have girls throwing themselves
at your feet. Trust us, when a girl decides she wants to bed a certain boy
she pretty much gets what she wants and there aren't many boys your age
that will turn down a piece of ass when its lying there in front of them."

The boys looked at each other and grinned. They admitted that they had
gotten plenty of offers and a lot of them were for the two of them
together. Their mother both nodded their heads in understanding. What the
boys didn't say was that they found their mothers' appraisals of them
surprising and pleasing. They thought the boys were hot. How many mothers
would say that to their teenage sons?

Both boys had finally softened, the novelty of being stark naked in front
of their mothers and aunts having worn off, and their cocks rested against
their balls or alongside them as they sat, partially reclined in chaise
lounges. Bradens' foreskin was pulled back about halfway over his cock head
while Brydens' was almost completely covering his. Both boys' balls rested
against the seat in a puddle of loose hairless skin. Braden said he was
thirsty and got up to head for the kitchen, stopped and turned and asked if
anyone else wanted something. Nobody said anything and the twins watched
him walk away while Bryden watched them. When his cousin came back their
mothers watched him and again, their expression and body language didn't
escape the youth's attention. He thanked Braden when the boy handed him a

"So is that what you wanted to talk about," he asked. The twins looked at
each other and something passed between them. Both boys, because of the
closeness of their own relationship caught it, whatever "it" was.

"Well," CiCi started, not sure how she wanted to present the main
topic. "We got to thinking that in the event that you guys decided that you
wanted to experiment with girls and the risk of pregnancy and other dangers
then perhaps we could come to some mutually acceptable agreement." Braden
looked at Bryden and something passed between them

"Are you saying that you both want to have sex with us mom," Braden asked.

"And is that nephew auntie as opposed to mom and son," Bryden added.

"Yes," CiCi answered, "and not necessarily," she added.

"While both acts are illegal they're not uncommon and while often times
coerced they are often mutual as well as healthy," Dede said.

"Of course we would not ever expect you to do something that completely
opposed to your belief systems," CiCi added.

"But we firmly belief that such an arrangement would be mutually beneficial
to all four of us," Dede said. Braden looked at his cousin/half-brother who
nodded his head in a manner that indicated they needed to talk
privately. Both boys got out of their lounge chairs and walked out onto the
lawn about 15 feet from where their mothers sat.

"What do you think cuz," Braden asked.

"It's a compelling argument and very tempting," Bryden stated.

"Agreed. And they are hot, and we've both made the jokes about fucking them
but now it's not a joke, it's real," Braden said.

"True. I'll bet we could learn a whole lot about sex and women and I have
to believe that they would be much, much better than any of the middle and
high school twats that keep offering themselves to us."

"Auntie or mom," Braden asked.

"You first," Bryden said. Braden went on to say that the idea of having sex
with his mother sounded weird and felt sort of weird but also pointed out
that both boys had said that fucking their aunts would be almost the same
as fucking their mother's since they were identical twins who most of the
time dressed alike, wore identical hair styles and applied their makeup
similar if not exactly the same, a feat the boys didn't understand since
they lived in separate houses. Of course the boys could always tell which
woman was their own mother but the facts were the facts.

"That is what I was thinking too," Bryden said. "I say let's give it a try
and see how it works." He paused for a moment then said, "You know that
they most likely will want us to do stuff in front of them don't you?"

Braden didn't hesitate but said, "I know but I don't care, I love being
with you Bry and really, I think it might be hot as fuck doing stuff with
them watching us and besides, that's a 2-way street." His cousin grinned at
the images that were popping up in his minds eyes.

"Christ look at them." CiCi whispered to her sister. "They are a pair of
stud gods. It makes my pussy wet and my cunt itch just looking at them.

"I know," her sister whispered back. "I can almost feel either cock
stretching my cunt out."

"If they agree do you want to start in the usual way?" Dede nodded her
head. It was highly likely that her cunt was going to get plugged before
the sun set and she wanted the boy, whichever boy it was, to last more than
5 minutes. Besides, watching a boy love himself, watching his young cum
shoot out and the expressions on his face when it happened was an
incredible turn on for both women. Yes, having the boys jack off first
would be hot as fuck.

"Here they come," CiCi whispered. The watched their sons/nephews approach
them, the boys cocks seeming a little longer now, probably reacting to the
possibilities that loomed in their paths. They were indeed magnificent
specimens of boyhood and hopefully before the day was out they would be
accomplishing a boys' primary goal in life; dipping their hard young cocks
into a cunt; breeding in order to carry on the species.

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