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Nifty - Bisexual - Incest - The Illustrator - The Illustrator 5

Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2010 08:21:14 -0400
From: Mack Mack <>
Subject: The Illustrator 5


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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Keywords: anal, bisexual, consensual, exhibitionism, feet, first time, gay,
high school, incest, masturbation (boy), masturbation (man), oral sex,
pedophilia, pre-teen, pregnant/impregnation, reluctant, teenagers, twink,
voyeurism, mother, son, brother, father, Fmb, mb, MMm, Mmb, Mm, Mb, MF, bb.


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Chip Shelton is a 25 year old commercially successful illustrator. After a
very successful one man show in one of the top New York art galleries, Chip
decides it is time to find a new home. He discovers that the house he
bought is next to a pubescent 13 year old with nudist tendencies. Chip
meets Martha, Josh and his11 year old brother Matt. After just a few
minutes with Martha in her coffee shop, Chip felt like he had known her for
years. Chip found that he was incredibly attracted to Martha. Her body was
a thing of beauty.

Chip had never been attracted to guys until he saw this sexy kid naked. As
he looked at this boy he found that he was so hard that his cock ached. But
that couldn't be... could it? And then he saw Matt naked too... Chip's
boner just wouldn't go down. But there was something going on between the

Martha and Chip sensed tension between Josh and his little brother
Matt. Josh tried to teach his 11 year old brother about the joys of
masturbation and scared the crap out of him. Martha asked Chip to see what
was going on and make sure that both boys knew everything they needed to
know about sex. Chip finds that not only his he head over heels in love
with the entire family... he is attracted sexually to all of them.

Chip begins to do explicit sexual illustrations of the family and the
sketches open up some interesting possibilities... Martha is torn about
other people seeing and owning explicit sketches of her sons...

We hope you enjoy... THE ILLUSTRATOR 5.

As always, if you are not supposed to be reading this story... then please
don't... please practice safe sex.

This story is a total fantasy. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to
write me. Your encouragement, ideas, fantasies and personal experiences are
very much appreciated. Your thoughts and ideas are always welcome at

Chip Shelton              25
Martha Stewart        30
Josh Stewart              13
Matthew Stewart       11

Ronnie Carter               13
Tommy Carter               15
Jamie McCoy              33
Stephen Kross              52
Nathan       Wolfe              53
Tony Wolfe              47
Phil Shipe              55

Martha's Thoughts about the Illustrations

I was awake half the night thinking about Chip's sketches. This was a huge
opportunity, but an unusual one... On the one hand, it scared me having
explicit artwork of my boys in other people's hands. But then Chip said
these people were willing to pay almost anything for an original nude
illustration of them... particularly with the suggestion of sexual

Josh and Mattie woke up when they heard Chip leave to shower and shave at
his house. They slept last night in Josh's bed. I heard their bare feet
padding down the hall when they heard the screen door slam downstairs then
the naked imps ran into my room. I love watching their naked bodies and
their cute bare butts. I do have to admit that my pussy tingles when I look
at Josh with his erection and pubic hair. I have had fantasies...

They dove under the covers and hugged their naked bodies against mine. Both
of them had rock hard boners that were pressed against my sides. They began
to dry hump against me. I thumped the back of both of their cute little
heads and told them that surely they had enough sex last night and this

"Nope... no sex this morning... does that mean I can squirt off all over
you... I loved that when we did it with you and Chip," Josh told me. His
little brother nodded along.

"Not right now, you little sex maniac," I told him. "I need to have a
serious talk with you both."

"Whoa, cool," Josh said jumping to a conclusion about our talk. "Chip got
you pregnant. That is so cool." The two of them started to celebrate and
that involved more boner rubbing.

"No doofus... not that... at least not that I know of yet... Although it
would be wonderful... it is still too early to tell. I want to talk to you
about the illustrations. I did not sleep much last night thinking about
them." I felt both boys become still against my body. "It is exciting that
the illustrations could pay for your entire college educations. I want you
boys to have the chance to go to the best schools and I have no way to pay
for it." I lovingly stroked their hair. "On the other hand, it just seems
so wrong to put your bodies on display for these men who want to look at
your pictures and masturbate. And what if they ended up on the
internet... "

Josh looked up at me with his big blue eyes. He shyly told me how much it
excited him to know that Chip was looking at him and drawing him. "I love
it mom... more than anything." His fingers absently toyed with my
nipples. It was one thing when Chip was having intercourse with me and the
boys were touching us... but this... this was much more intimate. Josh was
telling me how hard it made him when Chip looked at him and had him pose
for the drawings. As he was telling me that I was relieved that his hand
left my breast and settled on my abdomen. My pussy was beginning to really
tingle and get wet. Matt wasn't saying much. He leaned over and began to
suck my nipple. I combed the back of his head with my fingers as bolts of
pleasure raced from my nipples to my pussy.

Josh went on to tell me that he really liked it the afternoon that Chip
drew he and Mattie doing sex stuff. Josh's hand was sliding down my abdomen
and I felt his fingers begin to play with my pubic hair. Matt was nursing
like a baby and Josh was playing with my pubic hair... oh God his hand was
sliding lower. His middle finger touched the top of my slit. I suddenly
couldn't catch my breath. My sons were feeling me up and I loved every
second of it. My pussy was flooding with my juices and my clit was so hard
it felt like it might explode. I could feel that I was so excited that my
inner lips were swollen with lust and protruded slightly from my
labia. Josh's finger was sliding down the outside of my crack to the point
that I felt him touch my inner lips and I gasped. I felt his hot breath on
my neck as his excitement increased.

"God, mom you are so hot and wet," Josh said as he examined the pad of his
index finger now slippery with my juices. "Mom, that is awesome... so
slippery." Mattie did not know what his brother had been doing. He assumed
that his fingers had been in my vagina from his comment because Mattie's
fingers went to my pussy like a laser guided missile and he slipped his
fingers into my pussy. My baby boy was feeling up my pussy and I was
shocked, but my pussy had a mind of its own and it tilted up and opened so
that the beautiful boy could go deeper in to my pleasure place. Mattie
looked up startled.

"Mom... ummm... is that Chip's cum in there?" My little boy asked me very
seriously. I cradled his face against my breast and told him that yes, Chip
had made love to me twice this morning. Josh looked down to watch his
little brother's fingers buried in my pussy.

"No way dude... you are fingering Mom and feeling Chip's sperm in
her... .way cool!" Josh said as he slipped his middle fingers in the other
side of my pussy. "Man that dude can cum," Josh said as he pulled his
fingers out to look at them now that they were coated with Chip's
semen. "Mom... ummm... do you think he... ummm... knocked... ummmm... I
mean made you pregnant," the beautiful boy asked me as he licked his index
finger. I hugged both of them tight to me as I felt his fingers penetrate
me again.

"My period should start about a week from Saturday. If it doesn't start
that is a good sign that I am pregnant." I paused then asked, "Are the two
of you both sure you are comfortable selling those illustrations... all of
them... to this man?" I felt both of their heads nodding vigorously. They
were convincing me.

Josh leaned up resting his weight on his elbow and looked at me. "Maybe it
is weird... but I... ummm... like stripping naked in front of people. I
really like for them to look at my body and now that I know about all the
sex stuff... I really like knowing they get bonered up looking at me... ya
know what I mean?"

I leaned up and kissed Josh on the lips tenderly and then turned and gave
Mattie a kiss. "Well, I don't get bonered up when I see you naked... but it
does make my pussy tingle. And ummm... well I like it when you two touch
me... I like it a lot."

Josh slipped his fingers deep inside me and then began to slide them in and
out. Matt picked up his rhythm and resumed sucking my nipple. I felt the
wave of pleasure building and could only ride along with it. It was a
powerful surge of pleasure that raced through my body. Josh kissed me and
our lips parted and I tasted his tongue. His boner began to rub against my
hip and he groaned into our mouths as his pleasure built. Matt was also
rubbing his boy boner against me and I was amazed that they were
synchronized in their thrusting. Their fingers in my pussy were so
wonderful and insistent. Mattie sucking on my nipple and flicking it with
his tongue sent bolts of pleasure through my body. I felt the wave of
pleasure crest and knew that I had passed the point of no return. I was
gasping for breath as the first intense wave of pleasure hit me and I felt
my body convulse as the intensity rocked my body. Wave after wave hit me
and the pleasure was so intense that it was almost painful.

"No... no... no more," I cried out.It all was too much... but they kept up
again and again and then I felt Mattie's body stiffen and he groaned. I
hugged the beautiful 11 year old body against me tight and was rewarded
with his boy semen squirting all over my side. Josh's breathing became
ragged and his thrusting was intense and then I felt the hot jets of his
semen squirting all over me. It was amazing that his balls could make that
much semen. I cried out again as the last intense wave a pleasure washed
over me.

We lay there in each other's arms and I lightly stroked their backs and
hips. It was blissfully quiet for a long time. I think both boys drifted
off to sleep and I thought about how lucky I was.

Their fingers were still in my pussy and I felt Josh ease them out and
examine them. His hand was covered with my ejaculation. I have squirted
before, but never like that.

He giggled as he held up his hand for his brother. Mattie looked and
giggled saying , "me too." He held up his hand which was a smaller version
of his big brother and it too was soaked. "I think we need a shower guys,"
I said with finality and we all got up and went to the bathroom
together. We tenderly washed the night away from each other and I washed
both boys' hair. I loved how they both became erect at my touch. Knowing
that I was turning on my own sons, arousing them with my gentle caresses,
it was just so erotic. But then, there's no bond quite like a mother and
her children. I toweled off their stiffness and realized how perfectly
natural it felt.

We went down stairs and as I fixed them breakfast, I asked them again if
they were cool with having people see pictures of them naked. They looked
at each other and grinned and then looked at me and nodded yes.

All of the sex helped the boy work up a huge appetite. I put the eggs on
their plates and looked out the window at Chip's house. I could only think
about my boys being naked in front of a man who was wildly stroking his
penis. I shuddered as a wave a pleasure went through me as I fantasized
about the scene. I imagined it wasn't a drawing of the boys that caused the
man to masturbate... they were live and I had stripped them naked in front
of him... what was I thinking?

Later that afternoon when I got home from work, I saw the car in Chip's
driveway. I had an idea that made me smile. I called to Josh who was doing
his summer reading and I asked him to go over and invite Chip and his
friend to dinner.

Josh's thoughts

Mattie and I sucked each other when we first woke up even though we told
Mom that we didn't ... I don't want her to think we are like pervs or
something... Matt's little boner is so cool. He is still only shooting
clear cum. It tastes really good... kind of sweet.

I am so thankful that Chip helped us fix our relationship.

Mattie is such a cool little brother. We sleep together in my bed every
night... naked of course. He loves to snuggle which is really cool. I love
holding him tight and feeling his hard little boner pressed against me. I
like to bury my nose in his hair and breath him in... he always smells good
to me.

We were lying on my bed that afternoon. We were both naked and he was
leaning back against the foot board of the bed and I was leaning against
the head board. I had my legs spread wide and he had his feet and legs
between mine. We were doing our summer reading and he started playing with
my balls and boner with his toes. It was so cool and it made us both
giggle. Mattie looked up from his book and grinned at me as he began to
grip my boner with his toes. He was trying to jack me off using his
toes. We both laughed so hard. I don't think it is what our teachers wanted
us to learn from our summer reading.

Mom called me downstairs and shook her head when she saw I was naked and
had a boner. She wanted to know if Mattie and I were messing
around... LOL... of course... I told her. She kissed my forehead and hugged
me against her. I thought back on Mattie and I being in bed with her this
morning... that was really awesome.

She told me she wanted me to invite Chip and his friend over for dinner and
asked if she meant the dude from the gallery.

She smiled and said, "Yes." She wanted the dude to see me and get more
turned on about the pictures.

I grinned and asked if I should go ... you know... naked.

She laughed and told me I was a pervert. She told me to put on some nice
shorts and a polo shirt.

I went upstairs and found a white polo shirt in my drawer and pulled it
over my head and then pulled a pair of cargo shorts over my nakedness. I
slipped my bare feet into leather flip flops and told Mattie what I was
doing. He tilted his head deep in thought as I slipped on my sandals.

"Do you think we'll get naked for him?" Mattie asked me pensively.

"I dunno... what do you think? Would you be okay with it... because I won't
if you are uncomfortable?" I told my little brother.

He looked up at me. "If it would pay for your college... would
you... ummm... suck his dick?"

"Sure... that would be the best deal ever! I mean if he is not gross and
stuff." I said with a laugh.

"What if he wanted to fuck your ass with his huge big dick?" Mattie asked

I laughed again. "Naw... .I'd tell him your cute little ass would be a much
sweeter fuck."

He threw his pillow at me and chased me down the hall calling me nasty
names. I laughed all the way out the back door. God, I loved that sexy
kid. I would do anything for him... anything!

I felt kind of weird meeting this guy... but like turned on at the same
time. I was pretty sexed up when I walked in Chip's back screen door. The
back door was open and I heard them talking so I closed the screen door
quietly so I wouldn't disturb them. I walked quietly into the kitchen and I
could see them in the dining room but they had their backs mostly to me. I
was shocked that they were both naked. The dude from the gallery was pretty
good looking and his boner was as big as Chips... cool!

OMG... Chip was showing him the illustrations. The dude's cock was bobbing
up and down he was so hard... that must be good, I thought... if they
turned him on that much... wow this could be really cool!

Then Chip told him that this was the last illustration. When he held it up
I almost gasped... but I put my hand over my mouth. I was of me sitting on
the side of swimming pool and I was jacking my cock. It was the one chip
did of the jet of cum landing in the pool and making rings in the water. I
was so hard standing there... I grabbed my boner through my shorts. I
watched the dude... he like started breathing hard and got kind of red in
the face and then his cock swelled up even more. He never touched it and I
was shocked when a big glob of cum flew out of the tip of his boner and
landed on Chip. The dude just kept squirting his jizz all over
Chip. Shit... Chip was a mess. Right as the dude was cumming all over Chip,
Chip saw me. He gave me a little nod.

I walked into the dining room. "Holy shit dude, that was awesome." I said
as my voice cracked and changed tones a couple of time. "Whoa Chip, did you
see that... way cool... well I guess you did see it because it's all over
you. Dude you're a mess." I said and then just cracked up laughing.

I could not believe that I was standing here with two hot older dudes that
were totally naked. Chip looked like he had taken a cum shower. As I walked
into the house, I was wondering what I was going to have to do... and here
I was with them... doing all the stuff.

I could not take my eyes off of the Jamie's cock. It was big and thick
like Chip's but it did not have the thingy on the end. It looked more like
mine... well the end of mine. I could not take my eyes off of it.

They stood there facing each other and without thinking I reached out and
put my hand around both of their cocks and started talking stupid shit
about how they were about the same size. I kind of pulled them together and
before I knew it I had their cocks touching each other's abs. I realized
that I was holding their cock shafts together... they didn't seem to mind
and I loved it.

Their cocks were so hot and hard. Gallery dude moaned when I took hold of
his cock... I realized that I did not know his name and I told him as I
continued to hold his hot hard cock that I was Josh. He told me his name
was Jamie and put out his hand for me to shake it. I let go of his cock and
shook his hand.

I giggled because my hand was all gooey from his cum and told him that. He
didn't seem to care Jamie kept looking at me with... well I don't know... a
faraway look.

Ummm... is it okay... you know... if I touch it again... it is so cool... I
asked him.

He just kept studying me and my body... it was cool because he let me feel
his cock... it was awesome. I was messing with the spongy part of the head
of his cock and he moaned and some clear stuff came out. I thought his
knees were going to give out. He eyes kind of rolled up in his head.

We talked about stuff... but I don't remember... I just remember him like
combing hair out of my eyes and then he kind of stroked my face. I liked
the way it felt when he touched me.

I remember looking up at him and asking him if he liked young guys... you
know like me.

He told me he did... a lot. I got the hardest boner ever. I had to ask him.

"Did you like sperm off when you looked at my picture a lot?"

He waited a second before he answered me... like he was thinking about not
telling the truth... then he said he did jack off a lot looking at my

I told him that was very cool and I looked down at his big cock in my hand
I rubbed my thumb over the spongy head of his cock and made him moan
again... more of the clear stuff came out. I love the idea that Jamie and
this other dude thought I was really hot and just thinking about me could
make them shoot cum. As I thought about it I felt my own cock swell in my
shorts and my left hand grasped it and held it. I could not move my left
hand or I would squirt cum in my shorts. I was really hot to cum.

I remembered that I was supposed to invite Chip and Jamie to dinner and I
told them that Mom wanted them to come for dinner.

Jamie suddenly had to call Nathan about his jet being here longer. Jamie
combed my hair with one hand and stroked my face with the other hand. He
looked me in the eye and told me that I was the most special boy he had
ever met. He kissed my forehead.

Fuck... I needed to cum so bad... As Jamie walked in the living room to
make his phone call, Chip put his arm around me. We walked to the back
door. Chip took my face in his hands and he told me in a soft voice that I
was awesome. He looked at me and told me that tonight I did not have to do
anything that I didn't want to do... just be myself.

When I went home Mattie and Mom wanted to know all about it. I told them
everything. Mattie was amazed that he shot off without touching himself
while looking at the illustration of me jacking into the swimming pool. I
told Mattie how cool Jamie's dick was and that I got to touch it. It was
huge like Chips... but no thingy on the end... you know foreskin.

Mom told me I did a great job and she hugged me. When she hugged me I loved
it and I got so hard because she had that sexy smell she gets when we are
doing stuff... I love that smell. She kissed me on the lips and I opened my
mouth and her tongue slipped into my mouth. I was so hard that my nuts

She told us to take a quick shower... no sexy stuff... put on some clean
shorts and a clean shirt and get down here as quick as you can. When we
came downstairs after the shower, Chip and Jamie were arriving. Mom got
them a glass of wine and then began to put dinner on the table.

Jamie kept looking at the swimming pool and I watched the front of his
pants bulge. Mom saw it too.

Mom put dinner on the table and we ate and talked about a possible trip to
New York to see the gallery. After everyone helped clear the table and put
the dishes in the dishwasher, we went outside. Mom brought a bottle of wine
and she, Jamie and Chip settled into the chairs behind the diving
board. She looked at Mattie and me and told us that we could swim if we
wanted to... and of course we did. We stood beside the diving board and
Mattie giggled as we turned away from them and Mattie and I slipped off our
shirts. We unbuttoned and unzipped our shorts and let them fall to the
patio. We both giggled as we wiggled our bare butts at the adults and then
dove in.

Mom told me later that Jamie just sat there with his mouth hanging
open. All he could talk about was what great boys we were and how handsome
he thought we were. She said he never took his eyes off of us. He watched
our every move.

It was funny. Once we were in the pool we just swam around and played like
normal. We dove underwater and swam between each other's legs for a while
and then we threw the foot ball around. Mattie threw me a pass when I was
in the shallow end of the pool. It must have slipped off his wet fingers
because it went high and I had to jump up to catch it. I had to stretch
high enough that I was only in the water from the knees down.

Jamie grasped his lust swollen cock as he mumbled that I was exquisitely
beautiful. He said he had never seen anything as beautiful as that moment
catching the football.

Chip had left a sketch pad on the table the day before and he started to
illustrate catching the pass.

Mom walked down to the shallow end of the pool with two towels and asked if
we wanted to get out for a few minutes and rest. Mattie and I climbed the
steps in the shallow end of the pool and Mom held out and unfolded towel
for Mattie and wrapped it around his waist as he walked toward her. And
then she did the same thing for me.

The towel covered us but did not hide the fact that we both had boners.

Chip told us the next day that Jamie that when he watched us climb the
stairs and Jamie grabbed his hard boner through his shorts and just
moaned. He kept saying over and over... "oh fuck... they are so
beautiful... so fucking beautiful... .never seen anything like it."

We sat down with Mom, Chip and Jamie with the towels around our waist and
our hair dripping wet. Mattie started to giggle shyly and Jamie asked him
what was so funny.

"Josh has got a super hard boner and it looks funny sticking up in his
towel," Mattie told him.

"I noticed that too." Jamie said. "Is it really as big and cool as it is in
Chip's drawings?"

Mattie nodded yes. "It looks really cool... he... ummm... .lets me touch
it... I love that."

"Do you get to touch it a lot?" Jamie asked Mattie as if they were the only
two people on the patio.

"Yeah... almost every night... we sleep in Josh's bed most nights... Josh
likes us to sleep naked and he hugs me every night and rubs his boner
against me... 'til... well you know," Mattie explained.

"Does he squirt his sperm all over you?" Jamie asked clutching his hard

Mattie nodded and said, "He has big boy balls that squirt a lot of seed. He
told me that he squirts on me because he loves me so much."

'You are really lucky to have such a cool big brother. Do you squirt on him
too?" Jamie asked the boy.

"Yeah, but I don't shoot big boy cum yet. Mine is just clear. I can't wait
until my cum is like Chip's. It is so thick and creamy... and there is so
much of it... It goes all over the place when he cums," Mattie said as he
giggled. "Josh said you have a really cool boner... can I see it?"

"If it is okay with your mom and Chip, I will show you."

Both of them grinned and nodded. I was glad Mom was so cool with all this.

I watched as Jamie stood up in front of my little brother. His shorts were
all tented out by his boner and they were real wet from his cock
slobber... I noticed earlier when I was touching his cock at Chip's house
how it leaked a lot of that precum stuff. Chip's cock leaks a lot of that
stuff too... I like the tasted of it and lick it off of Chip's boner every
chance I get.

It was like Jamie was unbuttoning and unzipping his shorts in slow
motion. I realized I was holding my breath. Then his awesome cock came into
view. He had really cool thick dark brown curly pubic hair. His big cock
stood straight out from his body and his big balls hung down below his
cock. I grabbed my boner through the towel. Man... I needed to cum... real

"Whoa... Josh... you were right... his boner is awesome," Mattie said as he
stood up and the white towel slipped from his waist. We all just watched as
it drifted to the concrete patio. My 11 year old brother was standing naked
and boned up in front of this dude.

"Oh my sweet Jesus... you are even more beautiful than I imagined. Your
body is perfect and your boner... well I cannot begin to describe how
magnificent it is. So cute and so hairless, it is absolute perfection."

I had to admit that I was kind of jealous that my little brother was
getting all of the attention... but, like Jamie said, he is a really hot
little dude.

Then I stood up and my towel fell away. I went to Mattie and kissed him for

"Oh, holy shit... your body is amazing, too. The two of you are so
perfectly matched. We all watched in amazement as Jamie began to stroke his
hard boner. "Oh... God I am sorry... I can't help it they are just
exquisite. Oh shit... I can't hold back."

We watched as a thick glob of cum flew struck me on my forehead. I felt it
trickle down the side of my nose. Mattie's face lit up to see Jamie
cum. The next jet of hot semen erupted from Jamie's cock and landed on
Mattie's boner and nuts. Mattie and I laughed and hugged as jet after jet
of Jamie's cum squirted all over us. It was so sexy. Even Mom and Chip
laughed as we danced and rubbed the cum all over. We were both really,
really hard and we rubbed boners using his semen to make our cocks slide
easy. I was so turned on that it did not take long for the powerful good
feelings to start. My nuts ached to release their seed and I wanted Jamie
to see me squirt all over my little brother. It was like I wanted to show
Jamie that Mattie was mine and he would do anything for me.

I felt Mattie grasp my hips and pull me tight against him and I groaned
loudly as the first wave of pleasure bolts raced through my body. Chip
stood up to get a better view of our sex show for Jamie. I ground my hard
boner against Mattie and watched as the hot cum flew from the tip of my
cock and splattered under his chin. The intoxicating smell of hot cum drove
me even wilder as I rub fucked my little brother and shot cum all over his
chest and belly.

As my orgasm subsided, I knew that Mattie had not cum yet and I led him to
a lounge chair and pulled him down on top of me. I pulled him tight against
me and he began to thrust wildly and his voice cracked as he cried out with
a powerful orgasm that rocked his young body. I felt my awesome little
brother squirt his clear cum all over me.

I was still rock hard and his wild orgasm only made me harder. I kissed him
passionately and thrust against him again and again. I told Mattie that I
needed to go again. We rolled over and I began to rub against him roughly
using cum as my lubricant and I thrust wildly until after a few minutes I
exploded another hot load of cum all over him as soon as I shot my last jet
my little brother cried out and began to thrust his boy cock up at me and I
felt his body tense and convulse as he had another powerful orgasm. That
was when I felt my back and hips get showered with hot cum. I looked up to
see Chip and Jamie cumming all over us. I guess we put on a good
show. Mattie and I hugged tight and he whispered he loved me as their sperm
rained down on us.

I saw mom had stripped naked and ran over to us. She hugged our cum covered
bodies against her and pulled us tight. All the while she kept saying how
sexy we looked soaked with jism and what good boys we were. She shared a
knowing smile with Jamie and Chip and led Mattie and me to the outdoor

I teased Mattie and told him he looked like a "cumsicle," while the water
was warming up. "I may just put you in the freezer and have you as a frozen
treat later."

"You would probably want to put your stick up my ass too," Mattie replied
as he fondled my half hard cock.

"You boys... haven't... you know... done that," our mom asked us?

Mattie said, "No mom... we haven't... but Josh likes to touch it and feel
it all the time... he has... you know... put his finger in a little... but
that is all."

She was washing Matt's hair when he said, "Ummm... I would let him do
me... if he really wanted to ... I'd let Josh do anything to me... he is
awesome. Mattie pulled me against his wet body and we kissed as mom washed
his hair. Then she started washing all the cum out of my hair too. One at a
time, she raised our arms and gently spun us under the showerhead. I felt
like a little boy again getting a bath in the sink. When she had our torsos
clean she knelt beside us and washed our butts and legs and feet to get all
of the cum off of us. I giggled as she washed my toes... it tickled. The
she kissed each of our boners and stood up. I loved it when she kissed my
boner and I wanted it to go on... I started to imagine what it would be
like to make love to my mom. I was so hard.

We were still dripping wet from the shower as mom led us back over to
Jamie. He sat on the end of a padded lounge chair and smiled at us. She
told him that it was time for us to say good night.

Mattie complained that he didn't get to see and touch Jamie's boner like I
did. Jamie stood up and his thick 7" cut cock was presented to my little

There was something beautiful about watching Mattie touch and fondle that
huge cock with his small 11 year old hands. Like me, Matt was fascinated by
the spongy head of the cock and he rubbed it with his thumbs. Mom just
smiled as she watched him play.

Jamie gasped and his cock started ejaculating again and he begged Mattie
not to stop.

Oh, no! The hot cum splattered all over Mattie's clean wet chest. When his
orgasm subsided, Jamie bent down and as he apologized for cumming all over
Matt, he began to lick his hot cum off my brother's body. Jamie had cum so
many times that there was not much cum and it was pretty watery.

I watched as he worked his way down toward Matt's hard boner. His tongue
licked around the boner and he spread Matt's legs. Jamie licked along
either side of Matt's balls. We all watched as Jamie licked his way back up
and then suddenly took all of Matt's cock in his mouth.

My little brother groaned at the intense pleasure. His hips rocked back and
forth and the look on his face confirmed his sexual bliss.

Mom looked for a moment like she wanted to stop it, but then her fingers
slipped into her own shorts and her eyes rolled up as she pleasured

Mattie groaned and held on to Jamie's head as he began to fuck the gallery
owner's face. Mattie cried out, "oh fuck... so good" and then his hips
began to thrust wildly.

Jamie groaned too as he tasted his first load of clear boy cum. Jamie
kissed and licked the small boner until it became too sensitive. He
reluctantly let it slip from his mouth. He leaned up and kissed Mattie on
the cheek and thanked him for his sperm.

Then he turned and looked at me. He held out his hands for me to come to
him. Jamie looked up at me. "Seeing you naked is a treat beyond my wildest
imagination. I would love to touch your balls and penis if you will let
me... and then if it is okay... I would love to suck the sperm out of your
hard boner."

I could only nod breathlessly.

As I stepped closer I felt electric shocks of pleasure race through my body
as Jamie touched my balls and then my penis. I gasped with pleasure as his
fingers explored my balls... first one and then the other... so
gently... felt awesome.

Then the pad of his index finger ever so lightly traced a path from the
notch in the ridge on the underside of my boner down to the ball
sack. There was one spot about half way down that felt so good I thought I
was going to shoot off right them. Then he started kissing the top of my
leg and he kissed his way up to my belly button and slowly licked it. He
showered my abdomen with quick tiny kisses that led him down toward my

I was sure he was going to suck me when he pulled my rock hard boner away
from my belly and kissed and licked his way into my pubes. For what seemed
like a long time he just played with my pubic hair with his tongue. I
couldn't breathe the pleasure was so intense. Jamie would lick the base of
my boner and a little way up the shaft and then go back to the pubes and
stiffen his tongue and play with them again.

I was like constantly moaning... it all felt so good... I wanted him to get
me off but I also wanted this to last forever. I looked at the tip of my
boner... I didn't think it could get this hard... and there it was my first
drop of precum. My fingers were holding his hair as I gasped for
breath. When I was sure that I was going to cum, Jamie must have sensed it
too because he took hold of one of my pubic hairs with his teeth and he
pulled it. I yelped when he pulled the hair.

He looked up at me and told me he was sorry but I was too close to the edge
and we needed to make this last. He picked me up and carried me to a lounge
chair and set me on the end so that my legs dangled over.

Jamie knelt between my legs and he began to slowly lap my balls with his
tongue. Then he sucked one ball and then the other. While he sucked my
balls his finger tips lightly stroked the underside of my thighs.

Ever time his fingertips found one of the white blond hairs on the back of
my legs my body jerked with a bolt of pleasure that was breathtaking. He
licked the crack on either side of my ball sack and up alongside the base
of my boner. I started to beg him to please suck me... I needed him to suck
me so bad.

It was like an out of body experience. I watched Chip bend Mom over and he
slipped his big thick cock in her pussy from behind. Neither of them could
take their eyes off Jamie's every movement.

Mattie was all bonered up again. He held on to Jamie's shoulders and began
to rub his naked boner all over Jamie's back.

Jamie took my aching boner between his thumbs and index fingers and held it
down close to his lips. "Oh my god... that is so awesome that you make
precum." I watched as he tongue snaked out and licked the clear drop of
fluid that had collected at the tip of my boner. "Oh my that is better than
the finest Champagne."

"Oh beautiful boy I can't wait any longer... I need to taste your precious
semen." With that said he began to lap the shaft of my cock from the base
to the tip very very slowly. "Oh God you taste delicious. Your skin tastes
so sweet. Oh baby you have to give me your sperm... "

He took my boner into his mouth. He only took about half of it and I was
disappointed until his hot tongue crushed my cockhead against the roof of
his mouth. With very small but intense motions he ground the spongy head of
my cock and the rim around it against the rough ridges in the top of his
mouth. The pleasure was beyond anything that I had experienced. In seconds
he had me gasping with pleasure.

Mom was really turned on and told him to suck me hard. "Suck my boy... Make
him cum good... "

With his one hand he stroked the back of my thigh and those nerve endings
literally made my body jerk with the intense jolts of pleasure.

Then I felt the tip of his finger touch my asshole. I loved the feeling of
his finger tip rubbing my most private place and I was literally whimpering
with the intense pleasure he caused me until my nuts gave up their creamy
semen. The wild feelings were so intense that I thought the semen was
rushing up from the tip of my toes.

I watched Chip and mom get rocked by powerful orgasms as they watched me
shoot off in Jamie's mouth. And Mattie groaned as he watched me too. He was
wildly grinding against Jamie's back as Jamie knelt and sucked my cock.

I realized then how much I liked have people get off while they watched me
climax. Having a stranger see me naked and then suck me off really rocked
my world. My whole body was limp when the feelings subsided. I fell back on
the lounge chair and I vaguely remember Chip and Jamie talking about
savoring my semen. I know that there was other conversation but it was just
a buzz in my ears as I drifted off to sleep. The next thing I remember was
Chip laying me down in my bed. He leaned over and kissed my lips and told
me I was awesome. Then I remember Chip licking and sucking my soft
penis. He licked my balls and then kissed my cheek and whispered that I
tasted awesome.

Jamie calls Stephen and Nathan

That may have been the most erotic thing that ever happened to me and I was
never what you might call a "shrinking violet." Chip walked me back to his
house and I have to admit I was a bit unsteady on my feet. We walked up to
his studio and he turned back the bed. This guy that seemed so straight
hugged me and told me that he thought it was an awesome evening. He kissed
my cheek and told me how awesome it was that I connected so well with the
boys and Martha.

He said, "I am going back to Martha's house. I know it sounds impossible
but I am crazy in love with both Martha and her boys. I never thought love
at first sight was possible until I met her... and wow... I am totally head
over heels in love with her."

He told me he never had a hesitation with Martha... the first time he had
intercourse with her he wanted to fill her belly with his baby and grow old
with this amazing woman."

"I know your balls must ache after your adventures with the boys and I
would like to stay here and suck the cum out of your cock... and I have
never sucked another grown man in my life... but I want to fill Martha's
womb with my baby. I hope you don't mind, but I want to go fuck her until
the sun rises tomorrow morning." I felt Chip's hard cock pressed against my
pelvis and then he kissed me... a deep passionate kiss. Our tongues danced
in each other's mouth until he broke the kiss.

"Oh fuck, you're hot... I would so like to stay here and pleasure you all
night." Chip moaned. Who the fuck knew another guy could be this hot. He
kissed me again quickly and was out the door.

I looked out the window of the study and saw Chip naked as he ran toward
her house. I smiled and rubbed my crotch. Looking at my iPhone, I saw that
it was 11:45 pm. I knew it was late... but I also knew it probably didn't
make a difference. I dialed Nathan's cell phone and he answered it on the
first ring. In one continuous gush of breath, he pummeled me with

The Phone Rang... It was Jamie

A million questions ran through my mind as the phone rang and I saw it was
Jamie in my iPhone caller ID. I nodded to Nathan and put Jamie on

"What was it like... what did they look like... were they hot... did you
see them naked ... did anything sexual happen... did you cum?" I asked
Jamie breathlessly.

And he answered... "Awesome, HOT, God yes... yes... yes... no! Knowing that
I would have no w ay of understanding what happened.

I was still for a moment... "Oh God... please tell me every detail... leave
nothing out!!!" I begged and activated the speaker phone so that Stephen
could hear too.

Jamie started the story with his first viewing of the sketches. He repeated
the story of how Josh walked in mid-orgasm as he was looking at the amazing
illustrations. For Stephen's benefit Jamie repeated the part about how the
boy had held his erection and held it together with Chip's boner to be able
to compare them.

As Jamie began to describe first Josh and then Mattie, I began
masturbating... and Jamie was describing them fully clothed. Jamie
described their hair, their face and their lips. Just visualizing their
beautiful faces was too much for me... I know that Jamie heard the
unmistakable sounds of a powerful orgasm.

Jamie described diner and how he had stroked Josh's face and hair.

I emitted a low sexual growl.

Jamie told us how Martha told the boys they could swim. The boys stripped
with their backs toward Jamie and then dove in the deep end of the
pool. Jamie knew just how to tantalize me with the details.

As Jamie began to describe the glimpses of the boys naked bodies, I
trembled. I tried to imagine what it was like at that swimming pool as the
boys frolicked around naked. Jamie described their beautiful bare butts as
they dove under the water.

The description of their mother viewing their beautiful penises as she
wrapped them in towels was almost too much. When Jamie described cumming
all over the boys when he saw them naked for the first time, I lost it. I
spewed sperm all over Stephen and myself. Then he described sucking the
exquisite boy's 11 year old cock. Stephen knelt before me an d began to
worship my cock and it only took a few moments as I visualized Jamie on his
knees sucking on that bare 11 year old boner. Jamie was describing the
sweet taste of the immature boy cum and that only intensified my orgasm. I
was in heaven imagining Jamie sucking an amazing looking 11 year old.

Then he began to tell me how he held out his hands for Josh to come to
him. I held my breath as I hung on every word. He told us that he asked
Josh if he could touch his penis and balls... and if it was okay... he
would love to suck the semen out of his amazing boner. Jamie told us how he
ever so lightly fingered the hard 13 year old boner. When he had the boy on
the verge, he began to shower his legs with butterfly kisses. Jamie told us
how he gave the sexy boy exquisite pleasure until he was sure he was going
to explode semen all over Jamie... and when the boy hung on the
verge... Jamie pulled a pubic hair with his teeth. By this time I was deep
in Stephen's amazing ass and stroking his hard cock in rhythm with my
fucking. Stephen begged me to fuck him harder and I did until the carnal
slapping of flesh drown out Jamie. Stephen cried out as his penis erupted
all over the hardwood floor in the living room and I filled his marvelous
ass with my hot semen... jet after jet of hot cum.

As we were in the throes of powerful orgasms, Jamie took a moment to look
around the converted bedroom that was now Chip's studio. As he waited for
us to come down from our orgasmic high he noticed a closet with what
appeared to be a new lock. But the door was not completely latched. Jamie
tested the door and found it would open. On the floor of the closet was a
stack of what looked like 20 illustrations.

Jamie told us what he had found. He set the phone down on the dresser and
picked up the stack of illustrations.

I couldn't breathe because my excitement was so great. He told us he was
lifting the stack and setting it reverently on the bed. He turned the first
illustration over. Jamie gasped. He told us that It was entitled first
orgasm and was an illustration of Mattie with tiny clear pools of cum on
his belly. His facial expression perfectly captured the afterglow of
orgasm. Both Nathan and I hugged each other tightly. This was beyond our
wildest dreams. The next meeting of the BBC would be fabulous.

The next illustration was called first oral. It was an exquisite drawing of
Josh pleasuring his little brother with the stiff tip of his tongue on the
glans of Mattie's boy boner. Each drawing was more erotic and more
beautiful than the one before it.

It was unbelievable and we were all fully erect again. We heard Jamie's
shorts hit the floor and his groans as he began to masturbate. He described
what he was looking at as he looked from one incredibly beautiful drawing
to the next. Then at the bottom of the pile was a beautiful illustration of
Josh that was stained with Chip's semen. Jamie hung on the edge of
ejaculation for several moments as he told us what he had found.

I began to wildly flog my now tender cock as Nathan did the same thing.

Jamie told us later that he considered the possibility of adding his own
semen to Chip's cum on the illustration and at the last possible second
aimed his erection away and powerfully ejaculated all over the cream
colored chenille bedspread. Nathan and I ejaculated moments later. Jamie
told us that he quickly knelt and licked his semen off of the spread and
hoped it would not leave a stain.

I knew at that moment I would pay a King's ransom to have those
illustrations and to have a brief peak at those beautiful boys... I
couldn't begin to comprehend what I would do to make that happen.

Nathan reflects on Jamie's call

Stephen and I had been totally nervous and distracted after we hung up with
Jamie. We were both madly in love with the "bare butt" illustration. My
mind had been feverishly trying to visualize what that boy really looks
like. I have had so many orgasms looking at the picture.

Stephen loved the picture as much as I did. We both madly love boys. For
me, the joy comes from studying their beautiful naked bodies and imagining
what I would like to do sexually to them. I find that much more stimulating
than the actual act. Stephen loves looking at boys or artwork of boys as
much as I do. He also loves touching a naked boy. When we were young lovers
and Jamie's family moved in next door, it was close to Nirvana for both of

I found Jamie's 10 year old boy beauty breathtaking. Stephen and I could
not talk about the sweet boy enough. Each sighting was an opportunity for
us to drink in his boy beauty and then we would regale our partner for
hours about the details of the sighting while we made passionate love.

Our schedules became difficult when Stephen got his big break on Broadway
and landed a juicy role in a hot new musical. I had a 9 to 5 investment
banking job and he was at the theatre until 10:30 most nights.

Jamie and his parents had a bocce ball court in their back yard and played
a lot on hot summer evenings. Jamie usually wore running shorts and flip
flops. I would stand in our darkened kitchen naked and masturbating into
the sink as I watched his sexy little body contort, playing the game. Then
I would go upstairs and lie on the bed naked and masturbate again thinking
about how I would like to kiss every square inch of his body. Seeing that
half naked boy in the backyard only heightened my interest in boys. I
didn't know it then, but I was on the verge of entering the world of boy

It started, oddly enough, over appetizers at a business lunch.

It was the summer of 1985 and I had lunch with a friend who was a top
computer consultant. He told me about the things that were going on with
some tech companies. There were a couple of companies that we were looking
to invest in and he was teaching me a lot about what was going on. I
remember that it was 2:30 that afternoon when my life changed. We had a
long lunch with several drinks and the restaurant was starting to clear

My friend Jeffery leaned over in conspiratal way after a group of people
next to us left and he said in a low voice that the hottest area on the
online bulletin boards was pornography. I asked him if he meant the kind of
stuff you find in an adult book store. He grinned and nodded. "That and a
LOT more."

I quickly flagged down our waiter and we ordered another drink. After the
waiter left, I asked what he meant about there being a lot more.

"If you know where to look there is stuff out there that is so hot they
can't sell it in an adult book store."

"Oh, wow," I said as I took a gulp of my drink, "that sounds amazing... I
mean... like... you have seen this stuff," I asked? I thought the front of
my pant would split out from the incredible erection that I had. My finger
nails were almost clawing at the snow white table cloth.

"If you want to continue your research at my loft, I can show you." Jeffery
told me. We gulped down the last of our drink as the waiter brought the
check. A few minutes later we were in a cab heading from midtown Manhattan
to SoHo.

When we got to his loft, I saw that one side of looked like NASA's mission
control. He sat down and I watched as his fingers flew over the key
board. Jeffery paused for a moment as asked if I was sure that I would not
be grossed out by what I was about to see. He looked down at the wet spot
on my pants and my very obvious erection. He continued to type then placed
a phone into a modem cradle. The ear-piercing whines were the computers
talking apparently. The screen came to life with a black and white image of
what looked like a 13 year old boy with his penis in what was almost surely
his 11 year old sister. Both kids were grinning at the camera. I could not
take my eyes off the beautiful boy boner and imagined kneeling before the
boy and worshiping his cock. It was incredible.

He saw that I was holding my erection through my pants and he brought up
the next image of a beautiful little girl of twelve with beautiful
developing breast buds and a small triangle of pubic hair. Even though I am
not attracted to women, this beautiful girl made my cock tingle. The next
image was of a 10 year old girl standing there grinning as she spread her
pussy lips for the camera.

When the next image came up it was of a 12 year old boy uncut and rock hard
with the cutest little bit of light color pubic hair. I could not help
myself. I groaned. "He is magnificent!" I blurted out.

Jeffery turned to me and smiled broadly and said as he reached out to
fondle my erection, "so you like the boys too!"

His index finger traced the underside of my erection through my suit pants
and his touch sent electric shocks of pleasure through my body as I stared
at the image of the beautiful naked and erect boy. "Oh God, yes... I can't
help it... I love them... " Jeffery's finger started at the tip of my cock
and was only half way down when my nuts gave up their seed.

I groaned and shuddered as jet after jet of hot semen flooded into my
Brooks Brothers boxer shorts and I felt the semen running like a small
river down my left leg. I thrust against his fingers as my seed erupted
until I was completely soaked. Jeffery hugged me and told me he was sorry
that he didn't mean to make me cum in my pants. He slowly stripped me naked
and then knelt before me and licked the remainder of the semen off my cock
and leg. He looked up at me and told me I tasted lovely.

He had me sit down and then began to show me more pictures. We had to stop
several times and we sucked each other to some amazing orgasms. After we
had each had 4 orgasms and consumed what seemed like gallons of each
other's cum, we sat and talked.

Jeffery told me that he and his brother who is a professional photographer
liked to take his nephews camping. They had a wonderfully private farm
where they could all romp through the woods naked. The boys ranged in age
from 8 to 16.

Jeffery said that first time at the farm he watched in amazement when his 8
year old nephew Tim knelt between his 16 year old brother Randy's knees and
began to stroke Randy's hard cock in front of all of in front of his dad,
uncle and brothers. Jeffery said that his brother just shrugged and said
that the 4 boys could not keep their hands off of each other or
him. Jeffery watched as his 12 year nephew old hugged his naked Dad and
asked him if it was okay to sex stuff with Uncle Jeff here. Jeffery said
his brother just nodded slowly and the boy grinned and began to kiss and
lick his dad's rapidly growing erection.

Jeffery said he was in shock and then his 10 year old and 14 year old
nephews raced over to him and hugged their naked bodies against his. Tommy,
the 14 year old, said that they could have a great time. Jeffery told me
that this amazing boy looked up at him so innocently and asked him if he
could suck his cock.

Jeffery said he could only nod... he was so completely overwhelmed. Then he
heard the 16 year old groan as his nuts unleashed a torrent of hot semen
all over his little brother's chest and face. Then Jeffery said he watched
his brother as he began to face fuck his 12 year old son and then felt the
small mouth sucking his own hard cock.

Jeffery's brother cried out as he filled his pubescent boy's mouth with hot
semen. The boy began to cough and gag as the load of cum overwhelmed his
throat. He pulled off his daddy's hard cock and was rewarded with jet after
jet of hot cum all over his face and body.

"I am sorry daddy... it was just too much... I will learn how... I

Jeffery said that his brother smiled gently and picked the boy up in his
strong arms and kissed his cummy face and told him how much he loved
him. Jeffery said that they spent the weekend taking pictures of naked boys
pleasuring each other and their dad and Uncle.

"Even after 4 orgasms in pretty quick succession, I was rock hard again and
asked tons of questions about the boys their names, what they looked like
and what seemed like hundreds of other questions."

Jeffery told me he would answer all of my questions, but first he wanted to
know when I realized that I was becoming a boy lover.

I thought about it and said that I had never thought about it that
way... but I guess I was always attracted to younger boys. I told him that
when I was 6, I loved watching my baby brother get changed.

When no one was around I would take off his diaper and study his awesome
little penis. Sometimes he squirted me in the face when I did that. I
didn't care. Sometimes when he was three or four and I was 10, mom asked me
to give Tony a bath. The first few times I knelt beside the tub and washed
him... I washed his penis until I got him hard... Tony giggled a lot when I
did that. Mom would come in and check on us and she saw Tony's boner and
mine. She never said anything.

Then I started taking baths with Tony and he sat between my legs. Dad
started coming in and he would wash our backs. He always stared at our
boners but almost never touched them. Some times when he washed Tony's back
the back of his hand would graze my boner.

Then Tony wanted to start sleeping with me when I was 11 and he was 6. We
would get out of the bath and dry off and then run and jump in my double
bed. That was when I learned to have the good feeling. I loved the feeling
of his naked body against mine and then I taught him about how to get the
good feeling too. My parents often came in while we were rubbing off
against each other. I told them we were wrestling and they smiled a knowing
smile. Six months later I masturbated to my first wet orgasm. I was in the
bathroom every chance after that that I got... jacking off.

I was afraid to shoot cum all over my little brother.

Tony was disappointed that I didn't want to rub off on each other and
wanted us to rub together again. He knew my body was different. He asked
about why my cock was bigger and why I had pubic hair. He wanted to rub
together one night and I told him okay... but I could not have the good
feeling with him. Tony was determined that things would go back to the way
that they were. He got me right to the edge and I told him we had to
stop. My cum ached to be released... and the vision of squirting semen all
over my little brother's naked body was trying desperately to sweep me over
the edge.

Tony would not stop and kept grinding his little boner against mine. I
vividly remember the rim of his boner raking down my glans and when the two
rims rubbed together it was too much for me. Hot semen began to spew all
over Tony's sexy body. I squirted all over him. It was so sexy to squirt my
cum on him and the orgasmic feelings as each jet of cum was ejaculated was
twice as intense as it used to be.

Tony was grossed out thinking that I peed on him. He made a fuss and then
mom and dad came in and there we were... Tony and me covered in my cum and
I was still hard. Dad got a towel from the bathroom and as he explained
what semen was to Tony as he was cleaning us up.

He wiped the hot cum off of Tony's belly first and then he wiped my belly
clean. He took hold of my hard penis and gently cleaned the semen off my
shaft and balls. He seemed to pay special attention to cleaning the head of
my hard cock. I looked over and saw that his hard boner was sticking out of
his boxer shorts. He saw that I was looking at it but did nothing to hide
it. His cock looked huge to me and it was leaking precum all over his

He stood up with his cock still sticking out and we heard them go back to
their room and could hear them making love.

I recall it was a few months later, my friend Rick had me spend the
night. We talked about all of this stuff and he asked me if I had ever had
a blow job. His big brother, Robert, showed him how to do this really cool
thing. At first I thought it was really gross and then we tried it and the
feelings were so intense. I shot off pretty quickly in Rick's mouth and a
couple of seconds later I got my first taste of cum. It was so awesome.

Tony and I tried it. He could not get enough of my cum. He would suck me in
the morning, and then again when we got home from school and when we went
to bed.

I loved the taste of his little boy boner in my mouth. And nothing was as
intense as squirting hot semen in his cute mouth. Jeffery and I shared a
quiet smile as I finished my story.

He asked me if Tony and I continued to have sex.

"Yes," I told him. "Our sex only intensified as his body matured. I did my
undergraduate work at Columbia and lived at home. When Tony started to have
wet orgasms, he would go naked around the house... like he really loved
having everyone look at his growing body.

One night when the whole family was watching a movie, he got naked in the
family room. It was a pretty sexy movie and he pulled me down on the floor
with him and pressed his hard boner against my lips. I started to suck him
right in front of mom and dad. By that point, we just had sex openly
whenever the mood struck us. When Tony shot off in my mouth, I heard a
groan from behind me. I turned and saw Dad cumming in Mom's mouth.

It all lasted until Tony turned 15 and fell madly in love with girl named
Mary Kate. I was disappointed but I realized it would probably happen

I was totally hooked on boys of any age after that. I found I got more and
more like Dad. I liked to look at them more than anything.

Jeffery listened intently as he slowly stroked his hard cock. When I
finished the story, he took his keys out of his pants pocket and then
walked me upstairs naked. He unlocked a room. It was a large room and it
was filled with the most amazing and explicit pictures of boy and men
having sex. I realized it was Jeffery and his brother on the camping
trip. They boys were his nephews. I fell to my knees and began worshiping
Jeffery's cock as I looked around the room at the amazing photos. There was
one of two very sexy young blond brothers with a stream of urine arching
out of their hard cock and landing on their brother. A boy of about 14 was
sucking his 8 year old brother. There was a close up of a young boy sucking
what must have been his own Dad's cock. Each photo was more intense than
the one before it. I wildly sucked Jeffery until he filled my mouth with
his hot cum.

As I got to my feet I was still savoring his thick creamy cum as I reveled
in the photographs. I couldn't imagine anything better than Jeffery's
gallery. I checked the time and needed to meet Stephen at the theater and
quickly dressed. I told Jeffery that I wanted my lover Stephen to see his
magnificent photography. He grinned and said he would have some
refreshments ready for Stephen's gallery tour.

I took a cab to 44th street to the Shubert Theater and dashed to the stage
door. Harvey the guard waved me in and told me that Stephen was in his
dressing room. I told him I had a marvelous surprise.

When we arrived at Jeffery's loft in SoHo he had some light refreshments
waiting for us. We took him up to the gallery with a glass of wine. Stephen
almost split out the front of his shorts when he saw all of the beautiful
naked boys.

I knelt before my handsome man and I took his thick cock in my
hand. Jeffery watched as I devoured his cock while Stephen drank in the
beauty of the boys on the walls around him. I was quickly rewarded with the
taste of his thick creamy cum... which I just adore.

We went down stairs and Jeffery began to show us his digital collection of
boy images. They were spectacular. He got us another glass of wine and
began to tell us about the BBC... Beautiful Boy Club. It is a group of men
in Manhattan that love boys. He began to tell us about their wonderful
events. He told us at the next event there would be a live showing. A man
and his sons would be putting themselves on view for the club members. That
began our whirlwind immersion into the wonderful world of boy love.

Note to our readers...

Thank you so much for all of your emails. I have heard from so many people
with so many wonderful ideas over the last 2 weeks. Vic and I appreciate
how many of you described so graphically the aspects of the story you find
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people have shared their personal experiences and ideas for the
story. Sharing that kind of information with us will only make future
stories that much hotter.

Thanks again and please let us know what you think of the current chapter.

Mack ( ) and Vic ( )

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