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Nifty - Bisexual - Incest - When Mom Walked In

Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2011 14:06:49 -0500
From: Danni girl <>
Subject: When Mom Walked In

       My name is Brenda and I'm a 19-year-old high school graduate who
still lives at home with my Mom, Daddy, Pa-pa Ma-ma and little 14-year-old
sister Jenny. We have been an incestuous family for as long as I can
remember. It ain't that uncommon up here in the Kentucky backwoods as some
might think. I can't really remember a time when there wasn't some kinda'
sex shit happenin' It don't none really matter who fuck comes over whether
it be uncles, aunts, cousins friends or neighbors. You can count on the
fact that there's gonna be some kinda' fuckin' or suckin' goin' on! Always
has been like that and I reckon always will be like that!

I was speechless when Mom walked into my bedroom. Of course this was mainly
due to the fact that my Pa-pa's 9-inch cock was stuffed in the back of my
throat at that moment. "Oh you little fucking slut! She yelled. You just
couldn't fucking wait for me could you?"

"Hey don't yell at me Mom, when I walk in on a sexy guy stroking his sexy
cock, I'm gonna come on in and offer to help him with it! I vividly
remember walking in on you with my boyfriends cock in your cunt just last
week! I sure as fuck don't remember you running to get me before shoving it
into your mouth!"

"Well he was here to pick you up for your date at 8:00 and you weren't
ready, so I figured he needed entertained until you were ready. So I
offered to suck his cock for the 5 minutes until you came down. "Yeah, well
a blowjob ain't fuckin', and you were fuckin' him!"

"So my darling daughter, how do you explain your torn g-string under your
father's pillow when I came home from work yesterday morning, huh?" Mom
countered. "Oh for God's sake, would the two of you quit bitchin' `bout who
fucked who and just fuckin' fuck me already! Pa-pa roared.

       Pa-pa lay back on the bed and pulled Mom over to his face and that
left me to handle his beautiful cock. I straddled his cock while Mom rode
his talented tongue. Mom placed Pa-pa's cock at the entrance of my slippery
wet slit and I settled down onto it. I leaned in and kissed Mom on the
lips, "I love you Mom, thanks for sharing Pa-pa with me."

"You know you can fuck him anytime you want baby. Hell he sleeps in your
fuckin' bed more than mine anyway! Fuck I'm only one woman and I can only
take getting' DP'd by him and your Dad so much before I gotta let someone
else take him for a while." Mom conceded. "Yeah Daddy just about wore out
my ass that night. After you left for work we watched an all-anal movie on
DVD so when I went in to kiss Daddy goodnight he pulled me onto the bed
ripped my g-string off and proceeded to give my ass the royal treatment
three times during the night. I was needless to say a little tender back
there. Hell I still am." Between Pa-pa's 9-inch cock and Mom rubbin' my
clit and suckin' on my nipples I was gonna cum soon. I came about
10-seconds after I felt the powerful spurts of Pa-pa's cum jetting deep
into my pussy. It was a powerful orgasm and I squirted girl juice all over
Pa-pa's belly and Mom's fingers. I climbed off of Pa-pa's cock and Mom
immediately bent down and took his 9-inches into her mouth and sucked him
dry and clean. But she didn't stop there. I watch as she continued to suck
his cock right through her own climax, until he came yet again. That was
some fuckin' amazing shit to watch.

       As Pa-pa, Mom and I lay there on my bed sweating and resting from
over an hour of fuckin' and suckin', Daddy walked into the room. He was
already naked as he sat on the edge of the bed next to Pa-pa and lifted his
still slightly swollen cock up then leaned in and sucked a couple of
droplets of cum off of the tip. "Mmm, that's some good stuff Pa-pa."

"Son, Pa-pa moaned, I can't go again right now."

"I know Pa-pa, I was just doin' a little after fuckin' clean-up. Daddy
leaned over Pa-pa as he turned me sideways on the bed and spread my
legs. The way he was on his hands and knees over Pa-pa put his cock right
in Pa-pa's face. "Pa-pa, Daddy said, you don't need a fuckin' boner to suck
my dick do ya?"

"No son, I surely fuckin' don't!" Daddy plunged his thick hard 8-inch cock
into Pa-pa's mouth at the same time he plunged his tongue into my pussy to
suck up Pa-pa's creampie that was starting to leak out. God I was tender
down there between my legs, but I could never turn down Daddy even if I
wanted to. He lifted his shiny face from my cunt and said, "I may have
missed the party, but that don't mean I can't still play!" Mom slipped
behind Daddy and started lickin' his asshole while Pa-pa was suckin his

       Mom opened up my nightstand drawer and pulled out my Feeldoe dildo
and lube. She greased up the dildo and Daddy's asshole then slipped the
Horsy end of the dildo into her pussy and pressed the important end against
Daddy's backdoor. I felt the vibration from Daddy's throat from him moaning
into my cunt as Mom filled his ass with my Feeldoe dildo. It is the 7-inch
thick model. It will fill an asshole quite nicely. Trust me I know from
experience. I gotta give Daddy credit for stickin' to eatin' my cunt and
getting' me off despite having his ass fucked and dick sucked. I squirted
yet again but this time on Daddy's face. Then within moments, Daddy came in
Pa-pa's mouth as Mom came from the fuckin' she was givin' him!

       The four of us fell asleep on the bed a naked sweaty mess of
tangled limbs. There were tits, cunts and dicks everywhere. My Feeldoe was
even still stickin' outta' Mom's pussy. Mom and I were in the middle with
Daddy and Pa-pa on either side of us. I sure hope Ma-ma and my younger
sister Jenny can fend for themselves, `cause the rest of us will be pretty
useless sexually for quite a while! LOL

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Nifty - Bisexual - Incest - When Mom Walked In