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Nifty - Bisexual - Interracial - Boys And Girls In Sri Lanka - Boys And Girls In Sri Lanka 1

Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2011 20:16:06 +0100
From: Penelope Silversmith <>
Subject: Boys and Girls in Sri Lanka Chapter 1

Boys and Girls in Sri Lanka Chapter 1
By Penelope

Warning: If your under 18 or it is illegal to read this, then don't--go

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Copyright 2011 Penelope, All rights reserved

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This story is written in the first person but is not my own experience. I
met the narrator, Nigel, in Vietnam a few years ago. He was on holiday
there and I was working for an NGO (Non Governmental Organization or
International Charity). We were the only two ex-pats living in our town at
the time, and we naturally gravitated to each other. We soon discovered we
had a mutual interest - sex with pre-pubescents. We spent several evenings
together swapping stories about our different experiences in the countries
we had visited. And being a writer I found this story worth telling. I hope
you it. -- Penny


I left the cold drizzly winter of London and arrived in Columbo after a 9
hour flight. I took a taxi to Bentota beach and found the small bungalow
the agency had rented for me. It was perfect - clean and well kept. After a
shower and a beer I headed into town in search of some boys. I found a bar
I had heard about and ordered a beer on the terrace. There were several
cute looking boys about and I could tell I had caught their attention.

I should describe myself. I am 52, 5'10" and I am in pretty good shape for
my age. I keep fit and my grey hair is cut short. I have been told I look a
bit like Gary Linnaker - the ex-football player who reports on a lot of the
matches on telly. For most of the year I am an estate agent, and a pretty
good one too. Each year I treat myself to a holiday where I can indulge in
my desire for younger sex partners. I get plenty of meat and veg sex at
home, but when I am on holiday I do like a bit of dessert. And that was my
reason for being in Bentota. I should also add that I have a nice seven
inch cock, cut, and I regularly shave all the hair on my body.

There were four boys sitting together at a table, ages probably between 10
and 16, but these boys always look younger than really are. The boys were
all quite slim, not very dark and good looking. They peered at me shyly,
interested, but trying not to be too obvious. Since the scandals in the
late 90s everyone has had to be more discreet about child sex in Sri Lanka.
It is still pretty relaxed, but if you are not careful, you can end up
looking your own photo on the cover of News Of The World with the headline:
Pedophile Arrested!

I looked the boys over carefully and found one I fancied. I waved to him
and he joined me at my table. I invited him to sit down, shook his hand and
introduced myself. He said his name was Joseph. He looked maybe 10 or 11,
about 5'3" with black hair and fairly light brown skin. He had very cute
large eyes and full lips, but otherwise he looked like a pretty ordinary
local boy, with baggy shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops. He had a
beautifully shy smile and large white teeth that almost seemed too big for
his mouth.

We exchanged idle chit chat: where are you from, how long are you staying,
etc. His English was quite good and I knew almost immediately I had found
what I was seeking. I asked him if he would like to spend some time with
me, and he smiled shyly and said OK. I said lets go to my place and he
agreed. I got on my rented scooter and he hopped on the back. He put his
arms around me and sat close behind. I thought it was going pretty well and
my stiff cock thought so too.

At my bungalow I fetched him a cold coke from my fridge and another beer
for me and invited him to sit beside me on the couch. We chatted some more
and I told him I liked him. I asked him if he would like to stay with me
for the whole month. He said that was OK. I reached over to him and began
to stroke his thin brown leg. He just smiled shyly at me and opened his
legs invitingly. My hand strayed up into the leg of his shorts. He wasn't
wearing underpants. I cupped his little uncut penis in my hand and stroked
it. I put my fist around his shaft and used my thumb to stroke the ragged
skin on the tip. It was lovely, his little cock was less than two inches at
rest. It soon became engorged, thickening to about four and a half inches.
The head of his little cock poked out of its foreskin sheath as he reacted
to my touch.

I smiled at him and said: "Joseph I want you to be my boyfriend. We are
going to have fun together."

"Yes please!" He answered. "I will do all you say Mister. Please give me
only a little money for my family."

I agreed to pay him a sum per day which is less than I spend for a latte
and muffin on my way to work at home in London. Our business out of the
way, I leaned over and kissed him on the lips. He leaned into me and put
his slight young boyish form into my arms. He had that lovely young boy
smell, tinged with local curry spices. I kissed him, gently pushing my
tongue into his mouth. Joseph responded and we exchanged saliva for a few

I broke of the kiss after a few moments. I wanted to see what I had
rented. I pulled his t-shirt over his head and admired his naked torso --
slim and beautiful -- only a hint of muscle. I then had Joseph stand up and
pulled his shorts to the ground. He stepped out of them. His little cock
was erect, its' very dark shiny head poked out from the lighter foreskin.
His little balls were dark brown and hairless. Joseph had not a trace of
hair anywhere on his body except on his head. He was so cute! I could not
resist taking that sweet little cock in my mouth and sucking on it. Again
that man-boy taste that I love so much with its hint of spice. He gasped
slightly as I ran my tongue over his little cock. I sucked his hard little
penis all the way into my mouth -- it went in easily. I caressed his balls
and ran my finger underneath to find his back entrance. Slipping my index
finger between his cheeks I pushed into his anus. The muscle of his
sphincter gripped my finger as it made its way up his channel. Nice and
tight, but not virgin -- I thought to myself, pleased. He passively let me
lick and probe his body -- surrendering entirely to me as I had expected he

All this activity had given me a massive hard-on and my prick was straining
for release in my shorts. I hadn't cum since I had wanked the night before
leaving England, thinking about the pleasures which in store for me here. I
stood up and took off my shirt. Then I unbuttoned my shorts and dropped
them to the ground. My undies were next and I stepped out of both -- I was
now standing in front of Joseph, my large pink cock rigid and pointing
upwards. "Suck me now." I ordered.

Joseph kneeled in front of me. My crotch was now level with his face and I
held my prick down with one hand and pushed the back of his head with my
other. I was too excited to be gentle as I pushed his head so that my seven
inches slid into his mouth and throat. I was very pleased to discover he
knew how to open his throat and take in all of me. I eased up on his head
and it took on a life of its own -- he began to bob in and out,
deep-throating my hard prick with evident experience. What a lovely little
cock-sucker -- one of the best I had ever experienced. He knew exactly how
to use his throat muscles on the most sensitive part of my prick -- just
below the head. Over and over. Within a minute or two I was in the throes
of a massive mind-blowing orgasm and I pushed in as deep as I could and
pumped my hot jism into his throat. Joseph sucked it down and swallowed
every drop of what must have been half a cup. He continued to suck until I
became too sensitive and had to pull out.

I pushed Joseph down onto the couch and lay on top of him. His small body
felt nice underneath me, and gave me a wonderful feeling of control and
power. This was what I had been working all year for -- to spend time with
a beautiful little toy like Joseph. I could not keep my hands off him -- I
stroked his beautiful pre-pubescent body, his lovely face. Pushing myself
down on him I rubbed my cock against his lovely young equipment and we both
started to get hard again. It was hot and humid as my bungalow was not
air-conditioned. I got off the couch and pulled the young boy to his feet
and took him to the shower. There I soaped and cleaned his young body,
exploring every inch of it with my eager hands. His little brown cock was
erect again and I lathered it with soap and stroked it eagerly. Then with
my soapy fingers I penetrated his bum, pushing a finger deep into his
arse. He did not flinch but pushed himself onto me, impaling himself on my
soapy finger.

I didn't need another invitation. We rinsed each other off and I dried him
with a towel and led Joseph to the bedroom. A large double bed came with
the bungalow and I pushed him naked on to it. He gave me a sweet smile as
he lay on his back with his legs up and spread apart. His little brown
penis was still stiff and he stroked it for me. I could not imagine a more
inviting sight. I lay down on the bed between his legs and put his cock in
my mouth. It tasted clean and soapy and I sucked it for a while probing his
pee-hole with my tongue. Then I took his two small brown little balls in my
mouth, and sucked on them. Joseph's breathing quickened but he did not
otherwise react. I loved his submissiveness -- he was my toy to do with
whatever I pleased. I pushed his legs back further and began licking his
bum. It tasted clean and like soap also. I rimmed his little asshole with
my tongue making sure I applied lots of saliva as I had forgotten to buy
lubricant. Satisfied with the result -- I then put a large gob of saliva on
my hand and applied it to the head of my cock. I moved forward so my body
was on top of his and I used my weight to push his legs back. With one hand
I directed the head of my cock against the puckered opening of his

Joseph just lay there for me waiting to be used. I kissed him on the mouth
and said to him:

"Now I am going to fuck your little pussy."

"Yes please Nigel. I am yours. Please fuck me." He said in his cute Sri
Lankan English accent.

I pushed forward and my cock slid inside his tight little arsehole without
much resistance. It was beautifully tight and gripped my cock wonderfully.
I knew it would not take me long to cum. Another thrust of my hips and my
7" cock was buried to its' hilt. So sweet was the sensation. It drove me
wild to be fucking this beautiful little brown boy who was mine. I did not
hold anything back and started to pound his little boy pussy with my big
prick. The little bloke could take it. He did not exhibit any sign of pain,
he only breathed a little more quickly and he took his own little penis in
his hand and began to pump it. After 30 seconds or so of furious pumping I
knew I would cum and I buried my shaft deep inside him as my cock shot gobs
of spunk into the young boys' tight arsehole. I must have jizzd about five
or six times. What a beautiful fuck! Joseph continued to pump his little
prick while mine was still buried in his bum, now softening. After a
minute or so he groaned as he climaxed, and a couple of small streams of
very thin milky cum ejected from his cock. I gathered some on my finger and
licked it. It tasted OK and I fed some to him. He liked that so I stood up
and ordered him to clean off my cock. He knelt on the bed and carefully
licked my prick and balls clean. I started to stiffen and Joseph started to
suck me off again, but I stopped him. I led him to the shower and we
cleaned each other.

- to be continued -

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Nifty - Bisexual - Interracial - Boys And Girls In Sri Lanka - Boys And Girls In Sri Lanka 1