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Nifty - Bisexual - Rural - Mom Raped

Date: 3 Jan 2002 11:08:03 -0000
From: Alisha Mathew A <>
Subject: Bi- Mom Raped by Alisha

                      Mom Raped! By Alisha

Soon after the death of my father we had left our city life and
migrated to a alien countryside. The greenery and pastures were great
and I began to love the change from city life to a village life. We
purchased a big estate, which was abandoned by an immigrant when his
family members all were killed due to yellow fever. He had adopted the
life of a saint and sold his property to a comparatively paltry amount
to us. We thus started to live a life of our own, away from our
relatives. We had bought some cows, goats and within a year we had
developed a good cattle farm and began supplying milk for the whole
village. We had earned a considerable good amount from our cattle

The only problem we had to face in our new life was that of our
neighbors. There was a small portion of our land belonging to one
family who were the owners of the whole property long past. They sold
the property to the immigrants and never bothered to work on their
property. The present owners of the land were the last remaining
members of an old dynasty. Their family consists of a widow aged about
45 years and her daughter who was a spinster and five of her brothers.
The brothers were all drunkards and they never went for any work. They
often earned a living by illicit liquor trading and money extracted
from poor villagers by threatening to damage their crops and property.
They were also the collectors of the countryside shylocks. They would
beat up poor folks who make default in payments. The women were also
very nasty. They had some machinery installed in their house to
produce illicit liquor out of jaggery, spirit, and other ingredients
like spiders, black centipedes to increase the kick of the liquor.
They sold the liquor in cycle tubes, which were tied around their
waste, and on market days they dared to sell it in the market
premises. There was no police etc. on the village. They had to come
from cities, which never happened. The vicar of the church was the
magistrate of the countryside. But even he did not dare to warn the
family for fearing attacks physically.

I used to go to the town to sell our rubber, spices, coconuts and buy
back cattle feed, provisions. I had to travel about 30 kilometers from
our farm, so we had bought a old car. I usually go on Friday and come
back on Saturday. I would stay at an aunty's house in the city. It was
on one such trips the incident which I am going to narrate happened.
t had changed my life in a big way. I was returning from the city
there that Saturday morning last summer, as usual, and went into the
house to my mother. But my mother was not there. I knew that she
was in the barn so I went down there. I frowned as I neared the
door because I could hear the sounds of masculine laughter and some
filthy words.

Men? In our barn?

I crept silently into the barn and peeked between the boards of an
unused horse stall. My mouth fell open at what I saw. There were five
of them; the middle aged woman and her four grown up sons. For years
they had lived in the old shack in their property but adjacent to
our farm. I had not seen them so close earlier. I never visited
them. She and her daughter had come to our houses on many
occasions and tried to make friendships with us. But we did not
entertain them much and they soon got our point and did not bother
to visit us again. But they were somehow prying on us. When my
mother and me both were away from our property they would trespass
and steal banana, tapioca etc. The folks around the village
considered the whole family as trash, and there had been whispers of
incest between the woman and the sons with their sister. According to
the village gossip, the boys fucked both the mother and
sister., and the mother and the boys. Also, talk of lesbianism
between the woman and her daughter, but I don't know if that was
true or not. I did know that they were a family of thieves,
sneaking here and there to steal from people, and nobody liked

Apparently Mother had caught them in our barn and had
challenged them, whereupon they had turned the tables on her.
There were laughing and chortling, holding the furious lady's
arms and ankles, their hands running all over her helpless body.
A funny little feeling ran through me as I saw. a hand glide over
one of her big tits. I knew I should go to the house and call
the sheriff, but some morbid thing held me there, my eyes to
the wide crack between the boards. The mother of the boys was
attacking my mother. My mother was helpless to prevent the
attacks from all sides.
I saw the neighbor lady's hand snaked under my mother's long skirt,
and my Mother stiffened, trying to kick, her face flaming. The lady
was laughing and gave a nod with her eyes to her sons. They laughed
again, and the hand continued to fondle my mother's cunt under her
skirt, regardless of her struggles her arms and legs still held

"Stop it, you bitch!" my mother gasped, squirming
helplessly, the hand groping under her skirt. But our
neighbour lady had already torn my mother's blouse showing
a big chunk of her milky white breast meat. Then I heard
more giggling and chortling. I heard another sharp rip, and my
Mother choked out something as her blouse and bra were torn
away. Her huge-tits tumbled into view, blue veins running here
and there just under the milky skin, the big light brown nipples
already erect and puckered from being pressed by the other old
A thrill streaked through my tummy as I watched, I had not
seen Mother's breasts before. The nudity of my mother was
exciting me in an uncivilized way. Her milky white breasts
looked so lovely to me as they were starting dangling in the
commotion in that morning. My mother was wearing red panties
under her skirt. I saw the lady inserting her hand into my
mother's panties and trying to yank it away. There was a
second sharp tearing sound, and suddenly my mother was stark
naked, her skirt and panties having been torn away.

More whoops and laughter as the helpless woman blushed
painfully, choking and twisting in their grip. I was staring,
my heart pounding. I never knew that my mother looked like
that, even though I had seen her nude a number of times. She
was simply magnificent.

My mother was nothing but a bundle of curves and dimples. Her
thighs and hips looked like they were made of cream-colored
velvet. I saw her pussy swelling forward, nestled there at
the juncture of her big thighs. Good grief, she had a lot of
hair on that thing!. There was a big, wide patch of thick,
tangled fur, at least twice as much as I have on mine. She was
turned this way and that, giving me a view of all her charms,
her plump ass with the long, deep cleft between the cheeks.

They were not hurting her at all. On the contrary, they were
acting very gentle and careful with her even though Mother was
furious and embarrassed. But, it was plain that they intended to
have, some fun with the poor woman. There were hands roaming all
over her naked body; up and down her thighs, across her belly,
squeezing her big tits, tugging at her nipples, petting her
back, her buttocks, gripping her pussy, fondling, fondling,
fondling, Mother choked and twisted.

I saw the neighbour woman laughing and pulling my mother's legs
apart. She was trying to make my mother lay on the floor. Her
eyes were glittering like an animal who just saw its prey.Then
I saw it happened, my mother suddenly lifted head high, her big
legs forced apart, and a face was hidden between them. "Aaaaghaaa."
Mother whimpered softly, stiffening again, squirming, her thick pubic
hair curled about the nose.
The elderly woman was eating my mother's pussy! How nice and
efficient of her to do that!. Her mouth seemed permanently fixed
to my mother's hairy cunt. I could imagine how much suffocating
it would be for that lady to munch such a hairy lunch. Mother
sure did not approve of it, though. She was still choking and
gasping, trying to kick the older woman away. But, the happy
mouth continued to do its work in her crotch. She was probably
running her tongue in arid out of mother's vagina, much to her
dismay. But I could not be any help to her. I had enjoyed my
pussy eaten by my friends and a servant long back. I could
almost feel it myself! My husband does that to me now and then
and I adore it. I knew that it was my mother's the first time. My
dear mother had gotten a godsend opportunity her pussy eaten.
If you knew my dad you could realize that he had not been a
cunt-lapper, and Mother had been virginal on her wedding night.
'So, she had never been eaten before. My father was a puritan by
nature and he could never do suck my mother's pussy.

The elderly lady lowered my mother to the barn floor, placing
her on her back, her feet toward me. Her knees were forced wide
apart again, and pushed high into her chest, her huge tits
wobbling heavily over her chest. I could see every feminine
secret she had; her hairy big cunt, long rose colored lips, the
long crack between them, tightly parted because of her spread
attitude, all that dark hair covering her mound and extending
down either side of her slit and spread wild into the cleft of
her bottom. I could see her puckered little asshole peeking out
at me, a few dark hairs surrounding it, too.

Dimly, I could hear the laughing and chortling as the attacking
woman, too, mired her beauty, her hands continuing to roam all over
my mother's big tits here and there, caressing her thighs and
munching her big pussy. She started her fingers sliding in and out
of my helpless mother's cunthole. I then saw she giving a signal to
her sons to proceed and I looked at them. With fear, I noticed that
the men were getting undressed, too. Unknown thrills quivered
through me as I saw the long, thick cocks appearing out of their
pants into view, already erect and skinned back, mats of hair
surrounded founding the roots, great wrinkled balls swinging

Poor Mother saw them too. "No! No..." she choked, her twisting
helplessly, her eyes on stems, her big tits again were swinging.
The old lady still was licking her asshole. Her face was
completely coated with my mother's cunt juice. She appeared like
just having a facial with gum. She was making more room for her
boys to assault my mother. My mother understood that they were not
going to harm her, she was not frightened. She was very pissed-off
and indeed angry... that they were doing this, though. She knew
she was going get fucked, and there was nothing she could do
about it. None was there to help her, even her daughter was
voyeuring on her.

"Fuck her!" I breathed to myself without realizing it, my eyes glued
to the crack between the boards. "Please! Fuck her!". What was I
thinking? That was my mother in there! And, she was being raped!
Whose side was I on?

As though hearing my whispered request the eldest son of our
neighbor lady lay down on top of my mother, settling his naked
body between her wide open thighs, his massive cock aimed at her
helpless vagina, great hairy halls jiggling heavy with semen.
Mother saw it and knew what was in store for her. She sobbed softly
continuing to twist and squirm.

"Don't! Please don't..." she whimpered softly. There was mo re
giggling laughter as they watched her discomfort, her awe and
humiliation. The golf-ball sized head touched the parted slit a
pushed gently, experimentally. I saw my mother stiffen yet again
she felt it, too. The lady was still busy sucking my mother's
anus and she was helping her son to fuck my mother by grabbing
his pulsating cock and inducing it into my mother's pussy with

"Nooooo..." my mother cried in a small voice.But, her big cunt
opened itself like a flower opening itself the morning sun. My
mouth fell open again as I saw the big red top disappear into the
tight looking hole, saw the lips stretched near to the tearing
point to accept him, her asshole twitching slight. The lady was now
putting her finger into my mother's asshole. "Aaaggg..." Mother
whimpered again as she felt the huge balls sliding into her, her
hips pressed firmly against the floor in pitiful attempt to
escape the penetration.

But, he went sliding right down into her, and she took in one
long gulp. I heard her sob as she felt a round red ring conforming
itself to the size and shape of its master, glutted with a cock
for the first time in years. His monster penis was buried to the
root in her. His big nuts were resting on the lower cheeks of her
twisting ass, his mat of hair pressing hers. The lady behind was
inserting another finger into my mother's ass.

My God, that head was clear up under her tits! It had to be!
I somehow became aware that I was dribbling small amounts of warm
pee in my panties and I could not seem to stop it. I wanted to
scream or something! I had never seen people fuck before my eyes
and I was learning that it was a beautiful thing to see. I was a
terrible creature, I know. My poor mother was being raped just a
feet away from me and I was enjoying it. But, what could I do to
help her? If I had gone over there, they would have had two
pussies instead of one. I have no doubt at all that they would
have gotten me down and fucked me too. Besides, she was not being
harmed. She was just being screwed. Everybody likes to fuck, don't
they? Even mothers.

My nipples were tingling as I Watched him pumping her, my own twat
was quivering and wet. He was poking the long, deep strokes which
are so dear to the feminine cunt, withdrawing until only its great
head was between the stretching lips, then driving all the way back
into her belly again. All I could see of poor Mother 'as her plump
ass and the twitching puckered hole peeking out, her wide spread
legs being held in tight grips, and her gulping pussy as it
swallowed the length again and again—not that it had my choice in
the matter.
I could see his huge balls thudding silently against her rear end
each time he plunged into her. My mother's naked body was being
rocked by the violence of his downward lunges, the creamy flesh
of her thighs jiggling firmly in rhythm. Occasionally, I could hear
his belly smacking against her soft me, her whimpering sounds
filtering through the excited jabbering around her. "Here I go!"
the man banged and he was looking at his own mother to
appreciate his rape as he rammed faster. "NOOooo..." Mother
cried softly, hearing him too.

My eyes were on stems as I watched him climax into her body. I saw
Mother go rigid under himr me muscles trembling in her Dimly, I
could hear the laughing and chortling as they, silently admired her
beauty, hands continuing to roam all over her body. The mother of those
rascals was now sucking her own son's spent cock, right before the
other sons. I saw her big tits moving here and there, caressing her
thighs and I could not believe to see her big pussy getting wider and
she was not having any underwear. Her raw pussy was not having any
hairs, she was moving her fingers sliding in and out of her own pussy
while sucking the cock. I looked at the other sons.

Then, I noticed that the men were getting undressed, too. My mother
was obviously stunned at the wild sucking going on before her eyes. The
shameless lady was giving us thrills. Desires quivered through me as I
saw the long, thick cocks , fating into view, already erect and skinned
back, mats of hair founding the roots, great wrinkled balls swinging
saw Mother go rigid under her muscles trembling in her
thighs, goose pimples crawling over her flesh. A younger boy was
now taking his big penis in his hand and was moving to my
mother. Without waiting for any moment he plunged that big penis
into my mother and she could feel it, too. For the first time in
years a second man was starting to fuck into her deep sparely
used vagina, and she could not help reacting to it. Her inner mind
may be filled with hatred what was being done to her, but she was
human and her body was enjoying it. She could not help it.
Mother was a lady, a decent woman, but she was warm and human
beings cannot be deprived of sex for a long time. She was feeling
a man shooting into her for the second time in the day since my
Daddy's death. She was crying softly as he withdrew his wilting
cock, a drop of hot cum dripping on her belly, her vagina a
gaping hole slowly closing itself. The boy could not take much
time and he was spent within five minutes.

My mother saw again My God, they were overflowing her! She was
utterly full of semen, and could not hold anymore! Could she feel
herself flowing over? Could she feel the hot cum flowing down her
ass crack? I do not know, but it was a wondrous thing to watch.
a third man mounted her, ignoring her pleas, his dick as huge
as the first. He, too, went sliding deeply into her,the full muscles
bulging in his thighs. Mother was moaning 'Ooho, OOHo "The
third guy pounded in and out faster and faster, his cock as
great as telephone pole, his nuts banging against her ass each
time soft flesh shaking firmly. My mother went again rigid as
she felt him squirting into her, her anus twitching once

Again and again they went to her, taking turns pumping he
savagely, keeping her flesh jiggling. I have no idea how long the
held her there and took turns penetrating her poor body and
shooting. I looked at the mother of those thieves. She was
sitting on the muddy floor with all her thighs wide and her
hands busy masturbating seeing my mother being raped by her
sons. Did she know what crime she was committing to an innocent

oadly as I stared at her
At some point my hand crept into my panties and my index
finger was tickling my hard clit. Mother had fallen silent, She
had accepted her fate, waiting for them to fuck themselves ot
on her, her naked body continuing to rock gently from the fore
of the wild plunges. I have no way of knowing, of course, but
she must be a terribly good piece of ass because none of them
could seem to last long with her, even on their second go around
They pumped and gasped and smacked against her, shooting again
and again into her warm, receptive belly. The boys were queuing
behind the others when their second erections were made.

I exploded into my own hand, chewing my knuckles to suppress
my screams enjoying my luck to view the scenes, my eyes glued
to the spectacle going on before my eyes. Then I saw a drop of
pearly semen slip past the driving cock an and she had done it
a total of twelve times. The vicious phallus slided warmly down
the crack of her jerking ass. It paused for a moment. Then my
mother sat up, her legs folded her arm across her breasts to
cover her nudity. Then I saw white semen falling to the mud
floor from her pussy. A second drop oozed out and my mother's
head down. The men were laughing and were showing their
penises to their mother who was busy fingering into her. My
mother kept her head down. She did not look around, then
brushed back a wisp of hair on her cunt. She reached down and gingerly
felt her cunt still alright. She heaved a long sigh, and rose stiffly
to her feet, red splotches all over her nude body, both nipples still
erect, her pubic hair mussed and fluffy from all the fingers which
had played with it. She bent and picked up her torn clothing, trying
to wrap it around her, then turned away toward the house, one tit
hanging out and jiggling heavily.

I watched the way her dimpled buttocks undulated in her stride as
the ripped skirt slipped aside more and more. How could she walk
after all that fucking? How could she possibly get her to moving
right? God, how they had fucked her! How they pumped and panted!
She would feel those things going in out for weeks to come, I
knew. I crept out of the barn and to my car in the driveway,
Mother having gone to the back door. I waited five minutes for
her to clean herself up, then knocked on the door. In moments
she opened it, smiling at me.

Instantly I could again see that big bare ass twitching and
jerking, the tight puckered asshole, the wide spread legs, the
glutted, gulping pussy, the gushing semen. I smiled back and
embraced her.

"Where were you, Mother?" I said, still holding the freshly fucks
ed woman. "I was here a while ago and knocked?
"You're shaking like a leaf, Mother. What's wrong? I asked her.
"Oh... nothing, darling. I am fine" she said. "I just slipped
on the floor of the barn and a cow kicked me". I was proud of
her she had been fucked by four persons and a lady was sucking
her for the first time. Still she was able to stand up and
hide the truth from her daughter.

Mother still hasn't admitted it even to herself, but she liked
it. My God, she is human, and she was fucked some 12 times that
summer morning, and she could not help but fed something, even
though she would be the last one to admit it. That does not make
her a tramp!. She was going to the bathroom. She prepared some
hot water and took it in a bucket to the bathroom. When she came
to the room after bath she was afresh and happy. There was a deep
crimson on her face. Sex made her happy.

That night I was lying close to her. She was crying in her
sleep. I hugged her when I heard her sob in her sleep. I was
surprised to find her body so warm and she had nothing on her.
She was sleeping in nude. She was shivering occasionally. Perhaps
she was dreaming about her assault. But she was able to withstand
four men fucking her. Then I heard her calling 'Martha', 'Martha'
in her sleep. Who was Martha?, I wondered. Then it came to my
senses that the name of our neighbour was Martha. So my mother
was calling her name in her sleep. A tremor went through my mind.
That meant she had liked what Martha did to her. I put on the
light and looked at her. She was in her deep sleep, but once in a
while she jerked and sobbed. I guessed she was in a delirium
condition. Then she moved violently and changed her side. She was
sleeping on her front. The blanket had moved and I saw her nudity
from behind. She was murmuring again. Her plump ass and fleshy
back was shining in the light. Her nudity was making temptations
to me. She moved again, this time she was sleeping on her back
again, but there was nothing on her. The blanket was moved away
and she was sleeping like a child with her hands between her
creamy thighs. Oh!, what a beauty was she in her sleep. I looked
closely at her breasts. There were red marks all over her
breasts, her nipples were having long stray hairs around them. I
switched off the light and lay close to her. She jerked again and
this time I held her close. I hugged her from behind. She became
calm. I enclosed her globes of breast meat in my trembling hands.
'Martha', she was calling again. I pinched her nipples. She
became obedient again. I began massaging her big breasts. She was
getting warmer, I could feel the sweat aroma of her body. I could
not resist the temptation anymore. I took those dear nipples in
my mouth and began to suck them. I wanted to sooth her, the
brutality she suffered had to be compensated by my tender moves.
I felt guilty of not helping her when she was raped. Now I had to
pay for it. I kissed her on her full lips. Her lips were warm. I
became bolder. I removed my nightie away and became nude. I began
kissing her more passionately. Slowly I took her lips fully
between my lips and moved to her body. She was keeping her hands
between her thighs, but I wanted to feel her hairy cunt. I took
her hands away and placed my hands on her big bush. I felt her
blood becoming warmer. She could not be sleeping. I moved my
thighs and put it between her bigger thighs. I began to move it
between her thighs. She was pressing her legs close to my thighs,
her cunt hair was rubbing me like a fur. I moved downwards and
kissed her hairy cunny."Martha", she said and forced my head
between her legs. I started sucking her clit. It was getting
hard. I lapped it and she was spreading her thighs to give more
access to me. "Martha", she was putting her hands into my hairs
and forced me to suck more closely more harder. I began
tonguefucking her. I imagined the huge penises violated my
mother. I have to sooth her using my wet slippery tongue. She was
spreading her legs and finally she took her legs into her hands
and was lying before me like a frog. Her pussy smelt of cunt
juice and semen.The night was long and never ending.

When I was awake my mother had already awaken. She was looking
at my nude body sitting at the other edge of the cot. She was
sipping coffee. She smiled at me. From that day we became lovers,
our relations continued even after my marriage. But that's
another story.

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Nifty - Bisexual - Rural - Mom Raped